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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 27, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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much worse than the vaccine side effects. >> and what about the mask mandate in schools? we've got answers. >> and no more in door dining at in and out burger. the drive through and payout only in one county. why in and out pulled the plug on us own in defiance of the county. >> i think that's crazy. we should not have vaccine mandates. >> the new fallout as in and out continues to take a stand against covid-19 protocols. >> and we're 100 days out weechlt show you how san francisco celebrated the upcoming winter games in beijing. >> news at 6:00 starts right now. thank you for being with us. >> it could happen as early as next week. kids ages 5-11 may be able to get covid shots. county health leaders say they ordered thousands of doses of pfizer's vaccine for kids.
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we are at the fair grounds with kids vaccination clinic is set up and ready to go. >> this is where hundreds of kids ages 5-11 will come to get their covid-19 shots as early as next week. and the county plans to offer a xaf efrpger hunt and coloring book to make the experience a little less scary. >> the pfizer vaccine for kids, a third of the dose of the adult vaccine, is already on the production line. this week advisors to the fda recommended authorization of the vaccine for kids ages 5-11. next the fda and cdc must also authorize the shots for that age-group. as soon as the vak seen gets the green light, 167,000 more kids in santa clara county will be eligible to come here to the county faur grounds, roll up their sleeves and get a covid shot. >> vaccines will be arriving in our county next week. and in the coming weeks. we don't anticipate any shortage
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of vaccine this time around. in the first week we do expect over 55,000 doses of the pediatric formulation of this vaccine. >> during the pandemic, 1.9 million children nationwide have been diagnosed with covid-19 and more than 8,000 hospitalized. today county health leaders urged parents to get their young children vaccinated as soon as the shot is available. it's a ben fut to get the vaccine for the churn because the risk of the disease are much worse than the vaccine sued effects which are minimal. >> county vaccine control officer dr. marty says the most common side effects observed during the trials are headaches and muscle aches. here at the fair grounds, county plans to try to ease kids' fears about getting a shot by offering a scavenger hunt, stickers and more. >> we're thinking about the
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privacy screens and trying to ease the churn when coming in. you know, a vush you'llization of the vaccine is terrifying for those that are little. >> a lot of parents have questions when it comes to vaccines and kids and we've got answers. go to and click on the faq and trending bar at the top. that will take you to a story with five questions parents have and answers to the top questions. >> get the covid-19 boost brer the holidays. it's okay to mix and match. that is the message today from governor newsomn april he got j&j. he opted for moderna today. he gauff him that shot and said sut common tore doctors to mix and match vaccines. this was the govern dwror day getting his booster in oakland. if you're 65 and older or have any underlug medical conditions, you're eligible to get the moderna or pfizer booster shot. what if you got the j & jk
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vaccine. if you did that, everyone is he will jubl two months after you got that original shot. >> we all want to be past this pandemic. we know the ticket out of this pandemic is getting the booster shots and getting unvak sun ated vaccinated. >> i think it's a good idea. there are going to be a lot of people gathering. as they say, i'm going to get mine in november. >> the holidays are almost here. the governor wants to avoid a repeat of last year's covid spike. this time last year the state had 6,000 cases by november. and by late december, cases tripled again. hitting 54,000 positive cases. in and out is getting a lot of attention after violating local health orders in the bay area. first it was san francisco and then all five locations ended undoor dining rather they require customers to show vak sun ated before they could eat inside. the bay area is live in pleasant
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hill. one location was shut down altogether before reopening this morning. but it is a partial reopening, right? >> that's right. only open for outdoor dining. takeout duning. and drive through dining. a group here ends up showing support for in and out right now against the county health orders. you're seeing a lot of outdoor duners here. but count you health officials say that 90% of businesses are in compliance and in and out should be in compliance as well. >> iconic restaurant chain getting attention for refusal to ask indoor duners to see vaccination cards. calls on twitter to boycott the company are muchled with others playeding in and out. the governor weighed in today but sat square will you on the fence in the debate. >> i encourage everybody to take seriously local health orders and i encourage everybody to support businesses that support
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this state. >> the supervisor is more direct. >> there is no attempt to single anyone out. it is in and out that wants the special treatment. >> the health department has warned and then fined other businesses for violations like thissed if you ruckers and two other restaurants. but in and out received mult um warnings and $2500 in fines before the county finally ordered it to shut down undoor dining. >> if it were to excuse in and out, they have to refuse burger king, mcdonald's and the other restaurants that are currently cooperating and following the rules. >> in fact, the owner of 32 bau area mcdonald's fran chewses maud the decision to stick with only drive through and takeout and avoid the whole vak sunation issue. but some customers told us they support in and out's position. >> i back them 100%. you will eat dunner here lawsuiter today. >> i'm against mandate police. >> rallies against the health records planned at two in and
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out bau area location this is weekend. >> demonstrations like this one, we understand that public california restaurant association, the staut's largest restaurant lobbying arm is not taking a stance on this particular debate. the president has taken a similar stance in an opinion piece and making the same statement on the website saying that restaurant employees should not be forced to enforce public health orders like this, especially contentious ones. and force people to show vaccine cards. they say the county should supply the funding for security or their own health officers to do that. we're live in pleasant hill. >> thank you, tom. we just finished with the covid delayed tokyo summer olympics. and now the countdown is on for the winter games. yes, 100 days until beijing. today we hosted an event to celebrate this 100-day mark with local olympians and community leaders.
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let's bring in christy smith in san francisco. christy? >> there is certainly a lot of excitement out here today seeing olympians and performers. at the center of it all, community leaders who really stepped up during the pandemic. they were honored for commitment and effort during a very challenging time as we all look forward to the olympics. dancer set the tone at san francisco's holiday ice rink in union square. nbc bay area marking 100 days until the olympic winter games in beijing. >> it is so exciting. the clock is really ticking. i know the athletes are more than stoked to be going to beijing. >> figure skater was one of three bay area olympian onz hand to lend support in honoring elected and community leaders who made a real difference during the pan dem iblg. >> we shifted our work to support those seeking unploument insurance. and what we found is that was not language accessible. and so we had step up to provide
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hundreds of community members in making sure they had money to pay rent. >> i had helped neighborhoods like china town. some caused a rues in violence to the asian community. all stepped up in their own way in challenging times. >> at the beginningst pandemic, i started patrolling the streets of san francisco's china town to keep an eye out on the elderly and make sure that they were safe. >> nbc bay area anchor janelle wang was master of sauer moanies. kate wong treated p tomorrow a performance on ice. a dau to celebrate olympic spirit and the spirit of true leadership. christy smith. >> very exciting. the games may not start for 100
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days. beijing would be ready to dau if they lit the flames today. most cities hustle to get everything finished. they hosted the summer games in 2008. so the city has a lot of the infrastructure needed to host the olympics. the international olympic committee president said all the venue finished. athletes from other areas are testing the venues. it's no the just the it is dwla is ready, so are some of team usa's biggest stars. >> you want to do really well. i want to try my best. i want to, you know, show people that nobody is really cool and we only really get that opportunity once every four years at the olympics. like reaching the big audience of people who want to watch. >> born and raised in america. my parents were born and raised in china. myself was born and raised in beijing. so i still have some family in beijing. it is really amazing that i'm so
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close to, you know, where sort of must parents grew up and so much history of my family is based where in this competent tugs will be. >> tickets for the olympics will be sold to only people that live in mainland china. unvaccinated clients must spend 21 days in quarantine before being able to participate. they will be in a closed loop management system. basically, once they aruf they can move around freely but in a bubble. that bubble covers all the games related areas, stadium as well as accommodations. catering and there will be a dedicated transport system. >> a lot to digest there. up next, what is life like after your olympic run is over? the bay area bobsledder who found a new way to fuel his passion. and another ski resort ready to open up early. boarders and skiers get ready. it's a matter of days. >> i'll take a look at that unusual snow and check out this
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view. if you're cooking dinner, come to the tv and really nice sunset across the bay. i'll talk more about how long it lasts before our next chance of rain hohn n. about seven minutes.
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100 days until beijing. once an olympian, you're always an olympian. kind of like a marine. >> so true. what is life like an olympian who no longer competes? what do you do next? we asked just those questions of a 2018 olympian from northern california. i follow this guy on instagram. i've been following him since the games. >> he's a great follow. >> yeah. >> of all the olympians i ever had the pleasure of meeting, i can't recall anyone who ever wearing the team usa gear with more pride than monterey's nick cunningham. perhaps it was his military service or surprising route to suck cease making the bobsled team just 18 months after trying the board for the first time. nick loved every minute of his experience. he seems happy with what came
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next. >> not long after his final run, piloting a bobsled in the 2018 olympics, monterey's nick cunningham faced the question every olympian must answer. what's next? go for another shot at gold or find another line of work? i put everything on the table now. i'm at a cross roads do i fin or hang up the spikes? >> i was able to. >> four years later, and nick couldn't be happier with the choice he made. >> i can tell you right now i'm getting a lot more sleep now than i did four years ago going into an olympic year. i'm happy. >> you no he exactly who you're lining up against. >> he passed on what could have been the fourth olympic games for his first job in what he hopes is a long career in coaching. nick is now the head track and cross country coach at his alma mater and assistant football
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coach at carmel high school. >> i loved, loved, loved competing for team usa. i loved my team. i loved it. but i needed to do something that was for the next 50 years of my life, not the next four. >> watch the chain! >> it's not just longevity of coaching that is better than that of an olympic bobsledder, it is more satisfying this in other ways too. >> we have to go. >> nick says the joy he would get only from a race day gone well, he now gets any time, one of his athletes shaved a few seconds off their best time. >> good work out there. >> and finds their way to the next level of competition. >> i get more fired up when the athletes do well than i think i ever did when i did well. and i think that's why i know i'm going in the right direction. i know that i found my true passion, my true calling. >> he said i had to ask nick. you're around you will the young
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people. what do they think become coached by a three time olympian. he said it comes up once in a while what they care about is the blue check mark. he said that means so much more to them than the fact that he has olympian in his title. >> he is lijt. >> yes. >> he is the real deal. >> he is teaching them really good less sons on and off the field. >> he says being a pilot in bobsled, you're like the coach of that team. he said walking into it, he had a lot of coaching experience and that helped him make the trants igs now into coaching these kids. >> olympic spirit. thank you. >> i love it. thank you. >> all right. let's talk about snow now. for get trick or treating. what about skiing? on halloween? yep. following last weekend's big storm, two ski resorts are opening on friday. like this friday. >> wow. usually it's after thanks giving. >> they got more than three feet of snow which allowed them to open early. just the third time in the
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72-year history that resort is open in october. you know what? encouraging everyone to come this costume this weekend. >> that is hard to do. >> come in costume. >> wow. >> yeah. feel like the woolly mammoth or something. >> so many people are excited about this, jeff. >> yeah. we're talking about some super unusual snow as we know. but we did take a look at the talleys and how things rank. and that weekend storm brought 33.1 inches of snow. the october snow total, 47.7 inches from the uc berkeley snow lap. so we're real close to the snowiest october on record. a little snow in the forecast, with he could break this record. again, second snowiest october on record f you're headed to the sierra as we move through the weekend for any spot that is opening up, we have mount rose
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at 22 inches. palisades, 36. kirkwood also at 20. have a great time. we want to see your pictures in and the costumes. wouldn't that be good? let's bring it back to the bay area. we did have those warmer 70s today. dropping to 69. and plenty of 60s over the next couple of hours with clear skies. bring your jacket where you're headed to night. the next two days we're confident we're going to see very similar weather moving in. that is beautiful weather we had, right? light winds. a little warmer for that area of weather. the high pressure is moving across california. dry weather and overall pretty mild here. still as we move through tomorrow morning, we're going to start it off with widespread 50s here. south bay and the peninsula. right through san francisco. i'll have you come in at 55. the north bay at 53. day time highs tomorrow do warm up. i think in the south bay it's going to be super comfortable. 73. east san jose, 75. morgan hills, 76. we'll see temperatures just like
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this over towards the east bay. don't feel left out. 74 in livermore. even near the bay, oakland, hayward coming in with low 70s. i have it at 74 in palo alto. san francisco, a few 70s right there around the mission. we'll stay in the 60s. for the north bay, any storm damage you're still working on cleaning up. we know a lot of the creeks, rivers, and streams are starting to recede. you need to get that cleanup under way. you have to get on a ladder eshgs check out the roof, gutters, what not. 74 in napa. now more rain son the forecast next monday and tuesday. we're good for a quarter to half unch. on the seven day forecast, we'll keep it dry through halloween. a lot of folks head into san francisco for halloween. low 60s here. rain chances for early part of the week. 70s as we move through the next two days. then drops to the weekend.
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not too cold. we're getting a little bit of everything. thank you for keeping the rain away until after halloween. >> you know, i do what i can. i made that special call for all the kids and parents. at adultery parties or whatever -- the adult party or whatever you want to call it. >> a delay in the elizabeth holmes trial. we'll show what you postponed the testimony. stay with us.
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shoot. what's wrong? i think i'm down to my last inhaler. don't worry. you can refill it and get it delivered using the kaiser permanente app. smart. refill most prescriptions online and get delivery for no cost. an odd day in court. an abrupt end to today's testimony in the truly in san jose. no one was talking about the kmchlt it was about water. the trial of the former ceo had to be postponed when a water main broke just three blocks from the courthouse in downtown san jose. you can see it was wet there. the courthouse and a nearby starbucks is without water. so everyone left the courthouse.
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the trial resumes next tuesday. >> sfo is about to do something no other u.s. does, installed sound proofing. not at the airport, at nearby homes. sfo originally installed residential noise installations at house located nearest the runways in the 80s and early 90s. now to bring that work up today. they're expected to improvement work on some 200 homes over the next few years. >> and we will be right back.
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snifrment. tonight at 7:00, hamburgers and politics is not a good mix. in and out's decision to close indoor dining at several of the east bay locations, in & out said they will not ask for vaccination status. that is coming up at 7:00. >> up next on nbc "nightly news," new guidance from the cdc. why some americans may need a fourth shot. what that means for your familiarly. lester holt joins us right now from new york. tonight, the major new developments on the deadly movie set shooting involving alec baldwin investigators now saying it was a live round fired from the gun baldwin was given that wounded the cinematographer and wounded the director the evidence seized from set, including three guns and 500
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rounds of ammunition and growing scrutiny on the assistant director who handled the gun. what he admitted he failed to do according to a new search warrant. also tonight, severe weather on the move the tornado outbreak in the south video of a twister crossing the highway in the northeast, the bomb cyclone bringing hurricane force winds. hundreds of thousands without power. al roker standing by. the covid vaccine and new word from the cdc that some americans could need a fourth shot. and states preparing to vaccinate kids as soon as the cdc gives the green light. what parents need to know racing for a deal. democrats dropping major components of president biden's agenda can they reach an agreement just hours before he leaves for europe the pentagon's new terror warning how soon could isis in afghanistan launch an attack on u.s. soil. our correspondent's deeply personal journey with fellow survivors inspiring america. this is nbc


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