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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  October 27, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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we all have young kids here. they're going to love the new zone. they won't want to get on the flight. >> that looks fun. welcome to the team. >> thank you. >> welcome back home. >> feels good. the. >> and janelle, look at this all three of us went to high school 10 to 15 miles apart from each other. i'm way ahead of you. >> way ahead. >> way ahead of you. >> i love it. >> we all grew up on the peninsula. so nice to have you here. >> nice to have you back home. here is what is coming up at 5:30. another day and new heat for facebook. the country lit on fire in the days from the controversial post from then president trump. >> it is predicated on the model you need to spend as much time on the platform for them to make money. >> so why does facebook go from here? we get expert analysis from those that know the social network best. >> plus, president trump's battle against twitter. the reason a judge says he has to am come to california to get
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at her. >> and will charges be filed? investigators release new detaulz in that movie set shooting that killed a cinematographer and wounded a director from the bay area. >> no one is ruled out at this point. >> the amount of amo found on the set of alec baldwin's movie. what investigators are saying about how the weapons were handled. >> the news at 5:30 starts right now. good wednesday. thank you for joining us. >> we've been hit by the leaks facebook papers, the internal documents and data that suggests facebook employees are very concerned about their own company and its roll in disinformation. but it's no the just facebook. that's how we're moving on from the story now. youtube and tiktok also feeling the heat. let's bring in our business and tech reporter. scott, this is just like we said, no the facebook. this is the silicon valley ush u now. >> it's true. people are saying less about it
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than government officials but young people are sure using social media a lot more to stay in touch to keep up with friends and, yes, to get their news. the facebook papers are notorious. many teens we spoke to said they can take care of their own business. >> chelsea and anna know what is cool these days. >> instagram. >> i would say probably unsta gram. >> the santa clara university students say facebook's for old people. instagram is where it's at for them. >> parents in america cannot trust these apps. >> but in a week of just about everyone lashing out at instagram, you may have missed this. hearings looking at tiktok and snap chat and youtube. >> we can't quit this. >> social media of all kinds is in the spotlight as capitol hill worries about fake news.
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>> i think everyone is concerned about the power that these various platforms have. whether it is facebook or tiktok or whatever. people are concerned because it actually can damage our kids. >> and while part of the now unfaumous facebook papers focus on the afraud relationship between teens and social media and another part focuses on parent company facebook's relentless push for profit, facebook's business is predicated on this model. you need to spend as much time on the platform as possible for them to make money. they show you a motive content. things that make you happy or sad or angry. >> chelsea and anna say the kids, or in this case the teens, are all right. >> i think it's just, you know, if i feel social media like i'm not going to be that is true. i spoke to facebook about this. they said yes, they're a for profit buzz but not at the
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extent of people's safety and well-being. they're addressing social media concerns by spending five million dollars this year on safety and security measures to keep people safe on the platforms. raj? >> thank you. >> today a florida judge told president trump's legal team it was in the wrong court. back in july mr. trump sued twuter to get his account restored but told the miami federal judge but today a judge said the lawsuit must be heard here in northern california. the judge rejected mr. trump's claim that because the twitter account was suspended during the last days of president, the requirement to file lawsuits again twitter in california where it's based didn't apply to him. twitter banned trump from the platform two days after the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. >> it looks like president biden's build back better bill is not going include a major expansion of medicare. with key norz saying the bill is
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too expensive, coverage may be sacrificed. the holdup hinges on two moderate democrats. sinema is balking at how much money is needed. senator sinema scrapped the first idea to raise taxes on corporations. she is requiring a minimum tax on corporations with a bouillon dollars in profit. also on the table, a proposed tax on the assets of individual billionaires. >> i believe that highest income americans can afford to pay little bit more. in order to make hiss tore uk investmentes in our workforce and economy. >> senator mansion is signalling open stoigs a major clean energy provision. that puts the president in a bund as he asks for leaders for their own ambitious commitments at the upcoming climate summit. >> we're hearing from investigators now for the first time following that shooting
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death on the seth of the alec baldwin movie in north carolina. the movie industry is shaken after he pulled the trigger wounding a director from fremont. jay gray has the latest. >> investigators have recovered at least three weapons from the set of the movie "rust" with 500 rounds of ammunition. a mixture of blanks, dummy rounds and likely live ammo. >> we're going to determine how they got there. why they were there. because they shouldn't have been there. >> new mexico officials speaking publicly today for the first time since cinematographer was shot and killed director joel wounded. actor alec baldwin was rehearsing a scene that included pointing a gun at the camera. first assistant director dave hall handed the gun to bald one and told him it was cold meaning it was safe n an affidavit from the report told deputies he should have thoroughly checked the fire arm but didn't. >> i think there was some
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complaisancy on this set. >> the district attorney says it is still too early to determine any complaisancy reaches the level of a crime. as the investigation continues, much of focus is on the production on reid, working on adjustment the second feature film as the person that overseas gun safety on set. >> it's a huge red flag. qualifications, experience, let me say that again, experience is the biggest safety factor to know what is going to happen before it happens. >> there are growing calls within the industry to adopt strict are safety protocols during scenes that involve weapons. jay gray, nbc news. >> not wasting in ti time. they wait for the fibl go ahead from the cdc board's covid vaccine for kids. the company is already busy making pediatric doses. that way they're ready to be shipped out. they give the final stamp after principle of law that could come
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as soon as next week. >> pfizer's doses for kids contain one-third of the adult dosage. and are specifically marked with orange lids to avoid confusion. the biden administration said previously they bout 65 million doses for kids. the rollout of a covid-19 vaccine and some parents are anxiously waiting, some could hold off. they're a little hesitant. dr. monica and you saw today that they're withdrawing the support of governor new so many's covid-19 vaccine mandate for kids. why is that? >> for a couple reasons, actually. when we look at vaccinating children, and the way that i think about it is if i had a vaccine that would prevent any cause of any problem in children, i would give it.
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so meaning childhood cancer or child car accidents. if you had a safe and effective vaccine, you would give it in a minute. i think that it's the right thing to do. there are reasons to reduce transmission to others. which is true. we give vaccines to protect others and the third reason is for children to get back to normal life. and there has been no promise from the governor or from the california cph that children will be getting back to normal life actually we have metrics for vaccined adults going to be eight weeks after the availability of the vaccine and the california cph responded to a letter saying they have no more checks for children. all that be tested, not normal and they're the ones that are the least likely to, you know, get severe disease. i can't support them until we have the met republics. >> so you are supportive of getting kids vaccinated but you are more hesitant and
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unsupportive of just all the mandates or reinstructions kids have to go through, staying masks at school all day? >> yes. you don't think that should happen? >> no. if you want to mote vaut vaccines because you just said that one third of parents are on fence, one-third of paurnts said no for right now, paurnts are waiting to get it. if you want to motivate parents, tell them that just like adults are in the chase center all crowded in watching games and in bars and restaurants, so do children get to have a normal life. they haven't had normal lives until now. and california was 50 out of 50 in opening schools. i think they need a positive way to motivate vaccine and say that they're going to have normal regular schools. >> i think that is a very good point. i think a lot of paurnts are saying what is the point? they're going to stay masked up. but if they know that the younger kids could start taking off their masks at school and be back to normal, playing outside,
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it might convince parents that aren o the fence. what about combining? i know some parents i talked to don't want to give their kids a shot because it's the shot kids freak out. do you think that would convince them to get the kids vaccinated? >> it's a great point. i you this everyone getting the flu vaccine, it really important. unfortunately, the way that they happen, they're not going to certainly be combined. not yet. maybe in another year. it will be here like quick shots at one time. you know, with two different administrators which is how they often get childhood vaccines. and then the fact that it is a third of a dose, i think that really has to be stressed like you just said. it really should be safe we are that third of the dose.
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that makes it more effective and more safety. i'm really recommending that as well. >> all right. our infectious disease expert, we always appreciate your perspective. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> up next, 100 days and counting. what the ioc president is saying about the beijing olympics, is it ready to host the games next february? and what organizers say is the buggest challenge. and from beijing, here to san francisco. we'll introduce you to the ice to a skater training in the bay area with a chance to head to the games. >> and i'm jeff ranieri. i'll show what you the weather could look like here for the start of the games. plus when rain returns to the bay, i'm back with that in about eight minutes.
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100 days and counting. the winter olympics get under way in february.
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it seems like the summer olympics just ended because they just did. the number one priority is dealing with the covid-19 virus. tickets will be sold only to people that live in mainland china. vaccinated athletes and participants are able to move around freely but only in the areas that are closed off to them. those who are unvaccinated must quarantine for 21 days ahead of the games. >> plans are going very, very well. now test events are under way with international participation. >> in february beijing will be the first city to host the summer and winter olympics. the opening ceremony february 4th. you can watch it all here on nbc bay area. >> we're excited. early mornings, long days of practice. just ask our bay area gold mest medalists. it's the life of any olympic
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hopeful. we introduce you to one skater who hopes we'll all know her name come february. >> hours before the sun made the appearance and the masses have yet to down a cup of coffee. kate wong is already on the ice. >> i've been waking up very easterly you for quite a few years now. >> early is 4:30 a.m. to make the 5:30 skating session at san francisco ice rink. >> i've been skating in total 12 years. >> how about this? >> she's done this routine so long it's now ritual. >> i tell myself, even though i'm waking up at 4:00 in the morning, it is all worth it in the end. >> already in her young life, that work is paid off in travels and podiums and as a member of the u.s. skating team. just the last month she competed in nationals in rush yashgs austria, italy. >> i just feel very lucky to be able to have these experiences.
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>> luck may not have a lot to do with it. wong rises before most teams to practice before heading to a full day of high school. she dreams of making it to the olympics one day. but there is another goal that comes first. >> just keep enjoying it throughout. i never want to skate where i'm not having fun. >> really the reason for success is her consistency. she shows up and trains. she doesn't miss lessons or scheduled sessions. >> you're going to go into a spin, spin, and spin. >> like many young san francisco skaters -- >> six, seven, go. the. >> she came up through the year of the ice rinks junior skating program. >> and up. >> with teachers like paige scott who is also the rink's general manager. >> we have several skaters that have become national level. >> not bad. >> the one thing missing on the wall of honor, an ee limpian banner zblment has my hope for the kids that they reach the
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absolute potential. >> before 1998, san francisco was without a ice rink for two decades. >> so many people don't even know there is an ice skating rink in san francisco. >> good. center. but these kids know it. >> i want to represent at the olympics. you have to work hard. train very hard. and just have self-confidence. >> it's a philosophy wong knows very well. >> if i try to express myself freely on the ice. >> the pandemic shut down the rink and wong's practice sessions for months. but there was a bright spot. >> not having to wake up felt really good. >> but now it's back to work. back to the business of chasing dreams. nbc bay area news. >> you know kate wong, we had an he stroent day in union square. she performed.
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i was amazed by her grace. with the very kate, alyssa lou and karen chen. we have three bay area athletes team usa in beijing for figure skating. >> and you're going, right? >> yes, i'm going. i can't wait to watch. >> they need to go in your suitcase or them in yours? >> they're for sure going. i know they're going to qualify. >> all right. i got to go in their suitcase. >> that's three months away. 100 days. >> you just got back. >> it's amazing. we're packing. what is janelle going to look forward to. >> i was there in 2008 anticipate hot and hue mud. >> it was summer. >> the culture. it's just so amazing. best peking duck i ever had. you cannot top it. >> we hope. wear layers. high of 42, low of 22. there say chance that we could get a little bit of light snow.
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so again, yeah, those suitcases are going to be full with scarves, gloves, you name it. we'll be your source for beijing olympics. we'll have more coverage as we get closer. back here at home, a lot different as we head to the next two days. a lot of have really enjoyed the twoernlg day. we got more coming our way tomorrow. if you have a lot of that storm cleanup to do, just know we're confident that this area of high pressure is going to continue to move over california. keeping it mild and also dry. let's get you ready to go for that thursday forecast. looks good, right? we're coming in with more of those 50s over the east bay and san francisco. the north bay chilly. they're looking really spectacular. down here in the south bay, up to 77 in gillroy. and you notice as we head through the climate, lots of
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sunshine, winds, no the too gusty. 73 in martinez. right to the peninsula, 71 in san mateo. san francisco getting in on a few 70s right around the mission. let's move it to the north bay and lots of those mid 07's here from santa rosa back into napa. there is more rain on the way next monday and tuesday. we're looking at a quarter to a half inch. might get to three quarters of an inch for the north bay. dry right throughal wean. we'll go down to lower 60s. and right through the unland valleys. we do have 70 aechlt next two days. halloween comes. cooler 67 that is awesome. then that rain as we move through early next week. so you have started packing? >> no. i know it's going to be cold. i've been to beijing. >> it's really cold? >> the coldest i've ever been. bone chilling cold. >> this is winter olympics. that's what we need. >> i know.
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it's like the snow was melting. in problem in beijing. >> true winter. >> 100 days. the you're on the clock. zblpt thank you. >> i can't wait. >> up next, the reason baguette prices are on the rise in france. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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okay, baguette lovers. bakeries are warning customer that's the crunchy staup will could be going up in price by about 5 cents to about $1. the price for a baguette has gone up only 25 cents in the last two decades. bad wheat harvest and rising energy prices to operate ovens are partly to blame. >> okay. up next, what is the deal with the 49ers? they haven't won game in more than a month. what happens today and some interesting notes from jimmy garoppolo about this sunday's game. anthony flores joins us next.
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or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto okay. what's wrong with the 49ers? that is what the team is trying to figure out right now. >> jimmy g still the starting quarterback. he has extra motivation for this sunday's game in chicago. here is the bay area anthony floor frez team h request. in instanta claira. >> moving on, jimmy garoppolo says that is what he is moving on after the worst performance of the season and the 49ers loss to the colts. >> it is never, you know, the best feeling that we had on
5:58 pm
sunday night. and you have to use that to motivate you. >> jimmy g will have a lull extra motivation this sunday. garoppolo says more than 100 family and friends will be at the game when he returns home to the windy city. chicago is where he made his favorite start as a 49ers. but a lot changed since 2017. >> with a 2-4 record, he is no longer the fan favorite he used to be in the bay area. when you lost four in a row, you can't lose to ur as a team and as a player in particular. i think that swagger that we had is going to come back out when we start playing well. we have to execute. >> he says he on the same page as the ownership when it comes to the team's quarterback situation. >> there is a chance tray lance who returned to practice in a limited role today for the first time since spraining his knee in week five could play against the bears. but shanahan said he is not going to rush his rookie quarterback back on to the field. >> we didn't draft trey to just
5:59 pm
fix this year. we drafted him to be the quarterback of the future. we're not playing him just because of what our record s just because of how the last four games have gone. that doesn't raemy affect whether we're playing trey or not. >> the bears are facing their own challenges. matt nagy tested positive for covid-19. he's no the sure if he'll be able to play sunday. >> a one on sunday would send the niners four game losing streak and put them back in the hunt for the last nfc play-off spot n santa clara, anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> they're going to turn it around on sunday. they're going to beat the bears. >> and then motivation and the umf to fin sh the season strong. >> glass is half full. >> coming up, preparing for a new rush on shots. how health leaders in the south bay are et setting things up for -year-olds to get the vaccine.
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>> the rauts of the disease are much worse than the vaccine side effects. >> and what about the mask mandate in schools? we've got answers. >> and no more in door dining at in and out burger. the drive through and payout only in one county. why in and out pulled the plug on us own in defiance of the county. >> i think that's crazy. we should not have vaccine mandates. >> the new fallout as in and out continues to take a stand against covid-19 protocols. >> and we're 100 days out weechlt show you how san francisco celebrated the upcoming winter games in beijing. >> news at 6:00 starts right now. thank you for being with us. >> it could happen as early as next week. kids ages 5-11 may be able to get covid shots. county health leaders say they ordered thousands of doses of pfizer's


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