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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 27, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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pfizer clears another hurdle getting one step closer to getting kids vaccinated. what state officials will unveil today. and then how one north bay county is saying good-bye to mandates. is big tech doing enough to protect younger users in the wake of the massive facebook leak, top executives from other social media giants are answering questions about child safety on their platforms. this is "today in the bay." here we go on this hump day wednesday for you. we are broadcasting on your television as well as we are streaming online at i am marcus washington. >> i am kris sanchez. laura has the day off. we will look at weather and traffic in a moment but first we want to get right to the top story, and that's pfizer's
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smaller dose of the vaccine that is now being recommended for emergency use authorization in children ages 5 to 11. a lot of agencies are starting to discuss how that rollout is starting to look. >> cierra johnson is live with how parents are reacting to this. >> reporter: the emergency authorization was approved 17-0, and some communities have begun planning their next steps. this school will serve as a vaccination site for the youngest students ages 5 to 11. this will be one of the sites where members of the community can vaccine their community, and it's not just local health agencies but state agencies also making plans. the california department of health will host a meeting to
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discuss vaccinating children 5 to 11. how receptive will parents be to their children even receiving a vaccine? this is from kaiser family foundation. they found in september of this year, 34% of parents said they would vaccinate right now, and 32% said they would wait and see, and 7% said they would only vaccinate their children if it's required, and 24% said they would definitely not vaccinate their children. two smaller doses of the vaccine were more than 90% effective in preventing symptomatic covid in ages 5 to 11 and it was well tolerated. in regards to the rare heart condition, they found that the
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fact that children can get the vaccine in their own doctor's office should help. >> this disease can cause hospitalizations, children on ventilators. the risk is lower than in adults. >> reporter: back out here live again, local communities planning their next step for those children, and also education departments are planning their next steps. there will be an announcement of pop-up vaccination sites. this could be the ground work for what we could see throughout the state in terms of
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vaccinating those children 5 to 11. everybody is eligible for a vaccine except for 4 years old and under. >> cierra, thank you. happening today, oakland unified will be laying out requirements for its new vaccine mandate. the board recently voted to require all students 5 and up to get vaccinated by january 1st. unvaccinated students without an exemption can transfer to the district's independent studies, and they can't anticipate in activities such as sports, prom, nor in-person activities.
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the county is at moderate transmission rate in march reupb. earlier this month the county set guidelines for when they would lift those mask restrictions. new this morning, the south bay could soon join the list of hospitals creating a specialized clinic for those who have long-term covid symptoms. as "the mercury news" reports, valley medical center is looking on how to help patients with long hauler syndrome, as it's called. they are treating patience with long-term covid symptoms, and they are waiting for recommendations before moving forward. developing right now, youtube, the world's biggest social media platform revealed
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it has removed more than 120,000 sexually exsplicit videos. executives all face a lot of really tough questions. >> kris, that's right. top executives from the platforms which are hugely popular with young teen defended their practices along with youtube arguing they protect kids and tried to separate themselves from facebook. >> snapchat was a decidedly different platform where people could come and talk to the friends they have in real life. we do not support features such as comments or live chat.
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>> experts say congress could do more to protect teens like implementing stricter privacy laws and other protections for kids and teens like banning "like" buttons and auto play, preventing websites from promoting influencer ads. some were looking for a strong commitment from the social media sites to support specific legislation. >> facebook, twitter, instagram, those are the ones we usually talk about because they have the most users, but we know a lot of the younger users especially use tiktok and snapchat, too. >> yeah, that's right. tiktok boasts 1 billion monthly users. facebook has 3 billion users a month. today law enforcement
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expected to answer questions about the shooting surrounding alec baldwin. so far no criminal charges have been filed but the district attorney says they have not yet ruled that out. court records say that an assistant director grabbed the gun and handed it to baldwin indicating the weapon was safe when it was loaded to live rounds. and then on to the state's on going drought. the marin municipal water district seven reservoirs increased capacity in total by 17%. before the downpour on friday, the reservoirs in the mount tamalpais reservoirs were just
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32%. the powerful storm brought back to life an iconic landmark in northern california. take a look at that. this is the waterfall in yosemite falls over the weekend. the falls dried up over the summer. beautiful sight there. i was there earlier this year. >> didn't look like that? >> not that much water. no, not at all. meteorologist, kari hall, has been monitoring what we could expect throughout the region. how are things looking? >> so much better, and it's nice to get rain and take a break and then see more rain in the forecast. it will be warmer today and tomorrow we have more sunshine in the forecast. there's so much going on in the bay area this weekend with halloween and all of the events coming back, and the weather is looking good. after that is when we will see the showers. as you are heading out for work this morning in oakland, a light
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jacket needed for the start of the day. we are going from the mid-50s to mid-60s, and we will see upper 60s there today for a high will coming up. vianey, any problems in the commute? >> i did look at the incident that popped up on the map on the bay bridge, and it was an overnight fender bender, and it's clearing there. this one here on 580 just popped up and i'll look into that. the south bay is clear along the peninsula as well. let's look at the southbound drive times are doing. 101 from highway 85, 18 minutes. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights on just yet. i'll send it back to you. >> thanks, vianey. next here on "today in the
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bay" -- >> you know who doesn't like the tax on the super rich? >> the super rich? >> we are 100 days away from the beijing winter olympics. and beijing will be vincent zhou. don't forget, you can watch the games live right here on nbc bay area. we'll be right back.
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good wednesday morning. right now at 5:14, we're waking up and heading out the door to mild weather and dry conditions. right now in san josé it's 54 degrees. there will be a slow warm-up in temperatures and we will see a mix of sun and clouds today. overall it's dry for now and the next few days. we'll talk about when that rain returns coming up in a few minutes. a live look right now at the san mateo bridge. things are moving along. you see the headlights and taillights, and we are seeing an increase in traffic. i'll tell you all about how your drive times are doing, coming up. happy wednesday to you. a judge told southwest airlines it has the right to demand that its pilots get vaccinated. if they don't, they don't fly. southwest is a federal contractor in that it carries not just you and your luggage,
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but mail and troops at times. the pilot's union sued saying the company should not make rules without negotiating with the union first, and a judge disagreed. now, as we think about air travel, remember the u.s. will start letting foreign travelers into the country with proof of vaccination in just a few weeks. now that's great for san francisco tourism, but it will also increase the number of people flying by a lot. keep that in mind as you make your holiday plans. the democrats in washington have a new tax plan to tax companies that pay very little in taxes, sometimes less than your family pays and put a big, big tax on billionaires by changing what is considering income. right now income is generally your paycheck. you pay income tax. some very rich people, however, they don't get a paycheck. they don't have income. or maybe they get paid a dollar
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for being the ceo. their riches come from things like stock, which they are not taxed on until they sell it. a new proposal would tax on what super rich people own like art. one way or the other, this is a radical new way of thinking of the world income. there are a lot of down sides to this, complications, and we'll get into them if and when this gets voted on. a billionaire, elon musk is the richest person to ever walk the earth is speaking out against it, and he said eventually they run out of other people's money and then they come for you. tesla took a loan from taxpayers to get back on its feet and they paid the money back and paid it
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back early, in fact. it may be more common that the uber ride you get is going to be a tesla model 3. >> that will be cool. i have never been in a tesla. >> me neither. >> it's fun how quiet they are. >> i have a few friends with them, but never been in their car. >> get a ride with your friends. >> i will call them to come and pick me up. don't say good-bye to your white claw yet. the "today" show is reporting that millions of cases of truly were thrown out as hard seltzer fades. you might have noticed seeing a lot more hard seltzers on
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grocery store shelves. "snl" did a skit about it. trending this morning, if you have not gotten enough of planet ruckus -- did i say that right? >> i don't know. we're told yes. >> tell us about it. >> it's a sequel to the popular movie "dune." it's already in the works. take a look. >> okay. so actor timothy sal saw sraeu consrurpbz part 2 is in the works. "dune" grossed more than $41 million in the u.s. during opening weekend. it already brought in 350 million globally. >> it's obvious our producers
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are going to the movies more than we are. >> yeah. one thing conditions we saw the movie, we don't have to worry about here, it's not that dry. >> maybe it would be a good weekend to check that movie out. we're waking up, heading out the door, time to go to work so maybe grab a nice and warm jacket. napa right now, 56 degrees. milder than what we typically see. as we go into this afternoon, a nice warm-up. we're headed for the low 70s in milpitas and downtown san josé. 72 in walnut creek. oakland headed for 68 degrees. we will see upper 60s in redwood city. low 60s in daly city. up to 62 for a high in sunset.
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72 degrees in santa rosa, and 71 in napa. what we have been follow something how much rain we have measured and how much of a surplus we have now. it was amazing to see that even though it's the start of the water year we have a surplus of nine inches of rain in santa rosa. in san francisco we measured over five inches of rain, and that's a surplus of 5.25 inches. in concord we had over four inches of rain, and it's a great start to the season. we don't want it to end, right? we do have a few days to let the water soak in and let the reservoirs continue to rise and we will track the next storm system, a few days out.
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by early next week we will see this storm system coming in on monday. we will fine tune how much rain we will see. we are looking at highs in the 70s inland the next few days. upper 60s for highs, and then next week when the rain comes in it will be slightly cooler. vianey, you were looking at the east bay. any problems out there for the commute? >> yeah, i saw an incident pop up on my traffic maps earlier here along 580, and then it cleared out so it looks like it was on a surface street. in the south bay, we're doing well. we're looking at slowing but for the most part, moving along nicely. 11 minutes from southbound 101 to sfo. and then to highway 22, just
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five minutes. >> thanks, vianey. next here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> has the wet weather left its mark on your ceiling? i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next. halloween is just a few days away, and we want to see your babies and fur babies in their costumes. this is my guy. we love to put them on the air and make somebody smile. you're watching "today in the bay."
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take a look at next door. here are folks in the east bay already posting pictures and asking questions, what do we do here and who do you hire? we have a couple reasons to fix a leaky roof, and some are obvious but some raised eyebrows. one, you don't want it to spread. and you don't want mold to grow there. three, dragging your feet might jeopardize whether homeowners
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insurance might pay for repairs. >> water is one of the difficult losses where if you let it sit for too long, mold can set it and it would create a more expensive cost, and if you leave it for months and months and suddenly you have mold issues, those become more of a coverage issue for you. >> you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars at that point. if you see a brown spot forming on your ceiling, make two phone calls today and not tomorrow, one to your insurance company and then to a licensed contract. look up the contractor. do not prepay them more than $1,000. state law caps contractor
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deposits at 10% of the cost of the job or $1,000, whichever is less. if a contractor demands more they are breaking the law and that is a sure sign of picking somebody else. >> thanks, chris. next here on "today in the bay," the top stories we are following, including preparing for the big one. the funding california homeowners can apply for to make sure their home is earthquake safe. a popular fast-food restaurant shutdown in the east bay for repeated covid-related violations. the c
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right now at 5:30, more beef with in-n-out. a live report on another bay area location shutdown over covid concerns and health vie -- violations. and then the fate of the a's future. there could be more curveballs ahead. i'm tracking the changes in our weather. details on a slight warm-up expected over the next few days, and how your weekend is shaping up. this is "today in the bay." first, this morning we are
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counting down the days until the beijing winter olympics. the final stages of preparation under way right now with just 100 days to go until the big games. ahead, thom will introduce us to athletes. can't wait for that. >> nice to see you back. >> good to be back. >> had to leave puerto rico, and they were sad i had to leave but i had to come back. >> you were in the ocean as we were here in the flood. >> good to have you here. we have top stories for you this morning, and it's news many parents have been waiting to hear. an fda advisory committee approving a smaller dose for the covid vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. >> the panel concluded the
5:32 am
benefits of vaccinating nearly 30 million children in the age group outweigh any risks. the institute of health highlighting the impact covid has had on children. >> children can get the long-covid consequences, and it turns out some of them don't seem to recover. >> the cdc has two days of meetings planned for next tuesday and wednesday. if the cdc director ultimately signs off, children 5 and older could be getting vaccinated by the end of next week. happening today governor gavin newsom will be in the bay area. he's going to visit the alameda county health clinic to encourage covid vaccinations and booster shots. everybody 65 and older, adults with underlying health conditions and people at higher risk from covid exposure like
5:33 am
people that work in schools and grocery stores are eligible. and then another in-n-out is closed down. bob, talk to us about what the restaurant did or did not do in this case? >> reporter: contra costa health services says this in-n-out behind me in pleasant hill repeatedly refused to confirm the indoor customers were vaccinated. the commercial food permit was suspended and they were forced to shut down. the county cited this location
5:34 am
four times in recent weeks for fines totally $1,750. they notified the one in pinole, and they were not checking indoor customers' vaxx status. they call it government overreach. quote, we refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. this is not the first beef in-n-out has had with local government. the in-n-out was shutdown on fisherman's. they are looking into whether or not indoor dining has resumed
5:35 am
after they were ordered not to. now the overnight progress on the a's howard terminal ball project. the oakland mayor and a's fans are celebrating, and the yes vote means money for the a's meaning the county intends to commit some of the funding. oakland mayor pointing out to the board that that revenue the county would give only exists if the project gets done. >> we're not asking you to be in the sports business but asking you to be in the affordable housing and public parks business. >> after the meeting the mayor
5:36 am
tweeted, tonight's support makes it clear to major league baseball, our region is all in to keep our beloved athletics in oakland. that decision is not binding. it's not a legal or binding contract and the county can step away from anytime. several shelter employees have been cited for animal cruelty. seven puppies died on their way from central valley to the bay area this summer. seven pit bull and labrador puppies were picked up and the employees did not give those animals any water, and on top of that the van had no air-conditioning. the three employees were cited for animal cruelty and negligent. they have a statement on their website, and it says we recognize the trust placed in pets in need by our donors,
5:37 am
staff and volunteers and supporters and appreciate the community's support at this time. the trial of elizabeth holmes continues today. in some interviews she defended herself and the company from charges of fraud. this is important to note that the prosecution's case actually talked about being in charge and responsible for how things went at theranos. as we all know the big one could hit the bay area at any moment. we have fault lines that are overdue, and state leaders plan to gather to discuss $6 million in grants for the program for homeowners in high-risk areas to help offset a seismic retro fit of their homes. the grants include $1 million
5:38 am
for low income homeowners. now to video from the sierra, and an update that may have you rethinking your weekend plans thanks to the weekend storm there, the newly renamed palisades tahoe ski resorts opening this friday. kari, it's not even november, so how unusual is this? >> i don't know. that was a nice one to spring on me. i don't know when they usually open, but you know, we'll see. it's nice to get the early snowstorm. for us we are cleaning up and drying out in santa rosa with temperatures in the mid-50s this morning. we will see clouds and then clearing out for sunshine as we go into later today. our temperatures today headed for the low 70s. this is going to be a little warmer compared to yesterday. about five to eight degrees warmer compared to yesterday. san josé will reach 72 degrees
5:39 am
and 71 in napa and 68 today in oakland. vianey, you're watching the roads. any problems popping up for the morning commute? >> we have one that looks to be a fender bender in san francisco, so i will get right to, right along southbound 101 near the alameda exit -- that's in spanish, that's how i read it. we start to slow on southbound 580 from grant line road, about 23 minutes. westbound 84 to 680, 13 minutes. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. next on "today in the bay," we are counting down the days until the beijing winter olympics. >> definitely the year after the
5:40 am
olympics i thought about stepping away from the sport. e the winter olympics, and coming up we will talk to one skater that has decided to go for gold one more time. don't forget, when you are scrolling on instagram, stop by our page and check out the next episode of "synced in." follow her on instagram, and that's where you will find "synced in." we'll be right back. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community.
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good wednesday morning. it's 5:43. as you are heading out the door in the tri-valley, a nice cool start to the morning. we are in the 50s and the roads are dry. we will see more sunshine today and a slow warm-up in our temperatures at lunchtime. take it outside. we'll be in the mid-60s. we'll talk more ahead as we lead up to the weekend. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's 5:43, and still no metering lights. we'll see how long that holds over. bridge drive times, coming up. president biden is in virginia. >> the governor's race is important to both sides. >> virginia, one of those states
5:44 am
that can go either way as formerly red states, georgia, arizona, and it's an indication of which party will perform well. biden was across the river from washington in virginia to support the democratic candidate, mcauliffe. he has been governor before, a popular governor before, but you can't run for governor there in consecutive terms. >> so virginia, show up like you did for barack and me. show up like you did for me and camilla! and show up for a proven leader like terry mcauliffe. >> the last time virginia had a gubernatorial race after a
5:45 am
presidential race was in 2008 and 2009. it's worth the sleepless nights and long weekends. this is our job. this is a moment -- it may be a moment that doesn't come back again. >> again, because mid-term elections are next year. democrats control the house and more or less the senate right now, but that may not last. historically the party with the president in the white house gets whacked in the midterms. as for that trip to europe for a climate summit, president biden will also meet one-on-one with the pope. some catholic bishops say biden should not be allowed to take communion because of his pro choice stance on abortion. biden says he opposes abortion and is not willing to force his
5:46 am
belief on other people. we're tracking everything that is happening in washington and will be doing so on social media. you see my social media right there, mostly on twitter @scottmcgrew. more relief is on the way for some californians. anybody in the state that has not received their stimulus in the past few months will soon get checks this week for $600 up to $1,000. they roll out every two to three weeks. to qualify you must have had your 2020 taxes filed by october 15th of this year. so if you are a fan of the olympics, this has been a great year for you. the winter olympics in beijing, just 100 days away.
5:47 am
>> many have had that date circled on their calendar for years. >> garvin thomas joining us to re-introduce us to one athlete. >> the then 18-year-old figure skater did not feel like she put on her best performance in the previous games and that's what motivated her to try and make the team four years later. i traveled to the usa's national training center in colorado springs because that's where karen has been living for the past few years to be with her coach and to be close to the best facilities and training staff that you can find anywhere. right after the 2018 games, she was not sure she would continue in the sport and spent a year in college at cornell university in new york. she decided her window as an elite skater would not be open forever and school would be, so she is preparing for beijing.
5:48 am
she's older, more mature and more sure of herself. >> i had this mentality where -- i am still a people pleasure, but back then i was more so so if a judge said i don't like this program, i would, be, oh, i have to change it. i was constantly trying to please everybody and i lost the sense of myself and what i wanted to do, and this time around i feel like i have that behind me and so i am a different person. >> karen said living on her own first in college and now in colorado is what helped her grow as a person and figure out who she is. we were going to show video of her in colorado. when i was there her mother was visiting and her mother had come there to deliver her skating costume, which her mother sews herself. >> that is really sweet. >> just in time, because karen is heading to canada to skate.
5:49 am
if your girls were skaters, you would be that type of mom. >> yeah, now these days i just am making curtains and stuff because they have out grown me. but, thank you, it's always nice to hear from the athletes in their own words. >> what was so fun about this is having covered karen in 2018 and coming back four years later, she talks about being a different person and i can see that in talking with her, how we all mature from 18 to 22, and how she has matured over the years, and she feels wiser as well. >> and hopefully faster, taller and stronger. >> yeah. >> thanks, garvin. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you, kris. we are counting down to the beijing olympics all day long. they start friday, february 4th.
5:50 am
you can only watch the winter olympics, where? right here on nbc bay area. i am hoping the powers that be at nbc hear us and follow-through with this. okay. so talk about an employee perk. the founder of spanx gave employees an incredible surprise to celebrate the company's $1.2 billion deal with the company blackstone. >> she shared this on her facebook wage. >> i have bought each one of you two first-class tickets to anywhere in the world. >> right? so not only are the employees getting two first-class plane tickets to anywhere in the world, she also announced they will be getting $10,000, because you have to have spending money when you get there. that's a lot of spanx. >> anywhere in the world.
5:51 am
>> yeah, anywhere in the world. i would be so torn. >> i don't know where i would go, kris. i have never gone first class. that's for sure. >> i know who you two would take -- >> yeah. >> send me a little note and we will figure out who i am taking. mind you, we have not gotten that. >> yeah, it's like this is all hypothetical, right? >> we have free tickets to go to lunch in campbell. >> we get to go to universal studios. but you have to buy your own sodas. >> just take your nbc mug. >> we have perks, too. >> we love our job and the company we work for. >> absolutely. let's head over to weather and talk about what we have going on now. we are getting a chance to dry
5:52 am
out after all of that rain. now our temperatures are coming up. we will see a bit more sunshine between today and tomorrow, and the weekend is looking good. we know there's halloween parties, and of course trick-or-treating. it's going to be nice for that. looking at our temperatures today heading for 73 in east san josé, and compared to yesterday when we were in the upper 60s, this is going to feel much warmer. reaching 73 in danville. upper 60s in oakland today. 67 for a high today in san mateo. 62 in the marina district. north bay temperatures mostly in the low 70s. we will see more sunshine. we have been focusing on the north bay because we know before all of the rain, the reservoirs were low. only add one-third of the capacity for many reservoirs in the north bay and a lot less for our south bay reservoirs. after all that rain we are seeing the capacity of the
5:53 am
reservoirs in the north bay at about 50%, and it's 70% for east bay mud. we did see rises there. less than a 1% rise for our south bay reservoir, so we are hoping for more. there's another storm system out there. this is way out in the pacific right now, and it's going to take a few days before it gets here. we are going to see our rain chances going up after the weekend. we could see fog because of all the humidity soak into the ground. by sunday into monday we'll see this system passing by that could bring decent amounts of rain. go into the out look for the next couple of weeks, it does show northern california will have above-normal chances of rain. it looking good for us as we are trying to dig our way out of this drought. in terms of temperatures, we will see low 70s for the next few days. for the weekend, slightly cooler. showers are coming back on monday as a lot of people will
5:54 am
be heading back to work. speaking of work, vianey, how is it looking for this morning's drive? >> the speed sensors show a ton of green and a little yellow, which is typical. westbound 82 to the bay bridge, ten minutes. i want to take a live look at the san mateo bridge. you can see it's slowing through that area. i'll have another update coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, vianey. happening now, a new study showing teens are turning to vaping pens to invest marijuana. that research revealed 8.4% of teens admit they vaped marijuana. it could pose serious health dangers for one teen, and the overall percentage for high school seniors that admitted to
5:55 am
using marijuana is hovering around 10%. and then a dramatic rescue of one swimmer in northern california, and hear from the sailor that found him. a giant hurdle cleared in getting school-aged children the covid shot. how local and state agencies are getting ready for that rollout. you are watching "today in the bay." [ eerie music playing ] trick or treat! ♪ ♪ he is coming for me... but i'm coming for him. happy halloween michael.
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5:58 am
we are now seeing video of a daring rescue in southern california. last month a group of people were out boating and watching a pod of dolphins when a hand surfaced in the choppy water in the san mateo bay. it was a woman with no clothes trying to stay afloat in the water. the group pulled her on the boat and covered her in blanks, and the woman said she went for a late night swim in venus beach and the waves swept her out. >> she was slippery and had no clothes on. she could have drown any second. >> the woman was taken to the hospital and she was treated for hypothermia and then released three days later. turning to our climate in crisis, after this weekend's historic downpour, yesterday's
5:59 am
storm in the northeast, climate experts are stressing the fact that extreme weather is getting more extreme. that means more extreme floods, droughts. >> the track we are on globally between now and 2030 is that our emissions will be higher in 2030 under the current plan and even the current pledges that countries have made, and what we should do is cut emissions in half over the next decade. that's a big gap between we're not just getting worse, we're nowhere near the amount of better we need to get away from the global disaster we will be facing eventually. >> you can see more of that report on
6:00 am
now at 6:00, one step closer. >> i think, anything to keep our kids safer. >> pfizer vaccine clears a crucial hurdle to help get kids vaccinated. what is next? more on what state officials are unveiling later today. ditching masks? one north bay county says it will be a while before people can say good-bye to the mandates. and then in the wake of the massive facebook leak, top executives from other social media giants are facing tough questions about child safety on their platforms. the changes lawmakers could soon request. good wednesday morning. thank you for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington.
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