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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 26, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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you can now enjoy it through halloween. right now at 6:00, staying or leaving? a big vote planned today on the state of the oakland's new stadium. plus, are state vaccination rates working? a look at how state agencies are failing to meet governor newsom's guidelines. and then paid sick leave for the domestic workers, and the bay area city hoping to make it happen and what needs to be done, next. this is "today in the bay." we're broadcasting to your tv and streaming live on good morning. it's tuesday. i am cierra johnson. >> i am kris sanchez. laura and marcus are back off. by the way, we are also broadcasting on facebook live if you want to join us for behind the scenes stuff.
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take a look at how much rain fell. i know a lot of people are still looking at this in amazement, and i am, too. in the course of a week we had five times our normal amount of monthly rain in santa rosa and napa, measuring over 10 inches of rain in some of those spots. most of us had anywhere from 3 to 9 inches of rain, and we have one last chance, one more weak system coming in that could bring north bay showers by late morning and early into the afternoon. spotty light showers may not add up to much, but the ground is already wet and we'll talk more about this and what is ahead in our forecast coming up in a few minutes. happening today, a vote that may determine if alameda county is all in when it comes to keeping the a's in oakland. you might say oakland leaders are cheering on the sidelines. bob redell is live. what kind of decisions are we talking about here? >> reporter: good morning,
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cierra. at noon the alameda county board of supervisors will vote on a nonbinding resolution saying it's our intention to help the oakland a's pay for parks, affordable housing and other structures at the terminal. the a's want to move out of the coliseum where they are now at because it's old and detear eighting. while mayor libby schaaf is confident there will be a "yes" vote, she thinks inaction or a no vote will indicate to major league baseball that there is not a path forward for the a's in oakland. the mayor says without the
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county's participation, they cannot layout the agreement. labor activist will protest against the resolution and what they say is a transfer of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to help the billionaire owner of the a's, to help him pay for the infrastructure cost of the proposed billion-dollar stadium. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." it's 6:03 right now. all new this morning, a new report indicates california is lagging behind in testing unvaccinated state workers for covid. today in the bay's, chris pallone, is live in washington. there's new information after months of the governor putting this mandate in place. >> yeah, kris, that's right. governor newsom, of course, a few months ago said all state employees had to be vaccinated against covid-19 or face weekly
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testing and that's simply not happening according to the report by "los angeles times." 59,000 state workers are still unvaccinated, and only half were tested in the first week of october. a little more than half of the state's 10,000 california highway patrol employees provided proof they are vaccinated. a chp spokesman said they completed about 2,100 tests but is declining to comment on how many are being tested weekly. some state departments are failing to report vaccination rates or testing information altogether. meanwhile over in florida, that state's governor, ron desantis, wants to recruit out-of-state law enforcement officers, many whom are fighting vaccination mandates in their own state. his plan would provide $5,000 bonuses to officers that
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relocate including those that face termination for refusing to get the shot. thousands marched in new york city to protest the vaccination mandate. several union leaders, including the uniformed firefighters association are fighting back against the rules, however the city at this point is not changing course and the mandate for now remains in place. now back in california, the paper reports that california has averaged about 5,200 new cases and 105 deaths per day. covid-19 has killed more than 70,000 people in california. back to you. >> thank you. san francisco looking to make history as the first city in the country to mandate sick lead for domestic workers, and that includes nannies and domestic workers. there will be a rally to push
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for the change. supervisors say there's already a law in the book that needs to be followed. >> many times, i think definitely more than 30 times, having pain from the physical labor of domestic work, and it would be so important to have actual paid time off. >> the proposal includes the creation of an app to keep track for the hours worked. if signed and passed by the mayor, it would likely go into effect next year. and then the marin ij reports that they are ditching the idea of plans but if this is another dry winter, some fear marin could run out of water
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next summer. this is a live look at the bay bridge. you see the lights twinkling, san francisco in the background. conditions are looking better compared to yesterday with the storm. we'll check in with mike, but first let's get to meteorologist, kari hall. this is mainly in the north bay where we will be focusing on the chance of more showers coming in. by tomorrow it's all dry. warmer and sunny. the rest of the week looking good as we head to halloween. we still have the high waves near the coast and the high surf warning continues up until 12:00 where the breakers could reach 20 to 30 feet, so dangerous out there along the coastline for us today. taking a look at temperatures, much cooler than normal. concord ten degrees cooler than where we should be this time in
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october. all of us staying in the 60s for today. mike, you have an alert for some driving across the peninsula. >> yeah, if you know where alice's restaurant is, this is an issue from that point down to williams, it's closed. highway 84 is closed. look at the slowing starting coming out of the lahonda area. you have to go all the way to the coast up towards half moon bay and 92. that's the easiest recommended route, although locals have secret ways to get you around. i don't want to walk you through those areas because it's dark. back to you. when it comes to holiday shopping, you may have to sit down for this one. next on "today in the bay," thanksgiving may cost more than
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ever. on the other hand, tesla's may be getting cheaper. i'll explain why. let's take you out to the futures this morning where it looks like we will gain about 100 points on the dow with the open coming up in about 22 minutes. first, covid cases are declining in children, but there are troubling indicators including the onset of cold weather which sends people indoors where the virus could spread more easily. on, you could find out how covid cases could impact our children. we'll be right back.
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right now at 6:12, we are watching one last chance of rain moving across far northern california. may clip the north bay as we go into the next few hours. this is our last chance of getting anymore wet weather before an extended stretch of some dry days. we'll talk more about this and how climate change may affect atmospheric rivers coming up next. your chances are good if you are in the backup on the bay bridge. the slow something starting to form all over the place. good morning. very happy tuesday to you, as well. shares in tesla rose above
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$1,000 on monday after news the car company would start supply hertz rent a carr with teslas. tesla joins apple, google, amazon and microsoft in the trillion-dollar club. the deal will provide hertz with 100,000 new electric cars. there are so many interesting angles to this. it will give more people a taste of what it's like to drive electric. it will make teslas much more affordable a few years on because rental fleets turnover their cars quickly turning them into used cars. this is bad news maybe if you own a tesla. good news if you are in the market for a used tesla a few years down the road. the stock price spike
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surprising, because tesla's problem was not demand. even elon musk tweeting strange that moved valuation as tesla is a production ramp problem, not a demand problem. speaking of musk, he's now more worth as a person than exxon. he is worth more than the company that owns this tv station. he's worth more than united airlines. actually this is not the full story. he's not just more than united airlines, he's worth more than 19 times the market cap of united airlines. and mark zuckerburg spoke with reporters on monday. zuckerberg noting fewer people are using facebook and instagram
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saying to investors, there will be a new focus on young adults, quote, we are retooling. facebook said it would buy back billions dollars worth of shares. when a company buys back shares, they cease to exist. we'll be listening to what they say about the supply chain today, and you may wonder what does twitter need with the supply chain because they don't make anything? it goes to advertising. for us it causes higher prices, and for twitter it costs them advertising. >> we are talking about inflation, and also about hyperinflation because of twitter's ceo. >> yeah, he said hyperinflation
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is happening right now. he is wrong about this, by the way, in the sense of hyperinflation is an economic term that we can define very carefully. this is when prices go up, say, 50% overnight or within a couple days or at least a week, and people, you have heard about it in some companies where they had to mint some -- >> piles of -- >> yeah, people would take piles of currency to buy lunch. that's hyperinflation. >> why did he say that? >> what is that? >> why did he say that? >> he was exaggerating to make a point. we think this is temporary and may resolve itself after the supply chain thing, but he made that statement and he's wrong. >> thank you. supply chain issues will be sitting with you at the
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thanksgiving day table. "the new york times" reports holiday food items may be the most expensive in history. from the center of the table, the average-sized turkey will cost 25% more per pound than last year because in part the corn prices doubled that they gobble up. cierra said she is serving lean cuisines as her house. hopefully those prices did not go up. >> i'm telling you. trending this morning, if you thought "halloween kills" was the death of the franchise, well, you could be in for a surprise. >> for me there's life in the old girl yet. like, it just feels to me
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hopeful even though the end of "halloween kills" is so shocking that it's hard to imagine any hope. the truth is, the end of "halloween end" is going to make people crazy. >> all right, make you crazy. just a reminder you can watch "halloween kills" on peacock. >> i want to know if you have seen the latest "halloween" movie, and i don't watch them because i'm chicken but i want to know what you think. >> chicken, that's good for thanksgiving, too. sorry, focussing on a couple stories. >> it's whatever is important to you, right, mike? >> what is important to us is getting folks on the road. >> it's important to me, too. let's share. kari, we'll get to you in a
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second with the climate information, and let's get to the roadways and -- sorry, kari, i took your spot. thank you. now, green over here on the east bay. a calmer situation. over here, the tree is down and we don't know what caused the eucalyptus tree to go down. it was closed between 35 skyline boulevard. folks were traveling away from the area, and they were getting reoriented. locals to the area know that when there is a tree down near alice's takeout, there's a problem. everything else moving smoothly. there's a pattern through contra costa county. a nice drive. the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a backup, drier roads and
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even spacing there. yeah, we are starting out with scattered showers further to the north. this will make its way into the bay area later this morning, but looks like the north bay will have the highest chance of getting one more round of showers coming in. this is early in the afternoon where we see light rain moving into santa rosa, approaching napa, but the chances will be slighter there as we move into the rest of the day. it's going to be hit or miss with the rain chances with the focus further to the north. we will all see a partly cloudy sky. looking at the rainfall totals and how we are doing this month. santa rosa measuring over 10 inches of rain so far, and that's a surplus of 9 inches. we have seen a nice start to our water year because of the big atmospheric river. a lot of the rainfall totals are extremely high even for this point and well above where we should be.
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we will break this down a little more coming up in about 15 minutes. let's get to our high temperatures today. reaching in the mid to upper 60s. we'll see mid-60s for the east bay as well as near the coastline. not a lot of big change in temperatures today. we are going to see the highs staying on the cool side today, low 50s and mid-60s across the bay area. tomorrow, we will dry out and warm up and temperatures in the 70s. halloween with highs in the upper 60s midland, and 60s near the coast. we have one last chance of rain for today. as we talk about our climate in crisis, we're focusing on something we are all thinking about now, atmospheric rivers. this could change how atmospheric rivers behave. there's usually about 11 on earth at one time. these rivers in the sky, as they are known as, or "pineapple
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express"s, and they are transporting the humidity from one region to another. they are about 300 miles wide, and can be as long as 2,000 miles long. this brings about half of our yearly rainfall. nasa scientists project in the future atmospheric rivers will be less common, but the ones that do form will be longer and wider and could bring as much as 50% more rain at a time. that could mean that we could have large extremes from flooding to droughts. coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> we have seen flooding, so are you covered if the waters flow toward your home.
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i am chris chmura. we have some answers, next.
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for most people the bottom line answer is no, your typical homeowners or renters insurance policy does not cover flood damage. if you want protection from flooding you must buy a separate policy that the government's national insurance sells.
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only 200,000 california properties currently carry a flood insurance policy out of over 14 million housing. that's 98.5% that do not. do research at uncle sam sets the rates so every agent should quote you the same price. >> it's important to do it right away because policies generally don't take effect until 30 days, so you want to get that coverage in place as soon as possible. >> if you have questions or concerns, let us know by calling us or going to our website.
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parents everywhere are watching a very important meeting by the fda. >> the fda panel meeting right now, possible approval for vaccines for the youngest school-aged children. what that means as far as how soon they can get their shot. another hurdle cleared that comes with a whole new set of questions.
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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millions of parents across the united states should be able to breathe a sigh of relief. >> it's 6:30. one step closer to approving vaccinations for children. it could green light shots for kids as young as five, and a timeline for that final vote. then the new questions emerging about the project's overall costs. as the bay area starts to ring out, dry out, rain may be ready for a return appearance in some neighborhoods. meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking it and adding up the rain totals from the historic atmospheric river. "today in the bay" continues right now. good tuesday morning to you. i am kris sanchez.
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>> i am cierra johnson. conditions looking different outside compared to yesterday's downpours. >> we will get to meteorologist, kari hall. who has to carry an umbrella? >> i think it's the north bay where we will have the highest chance of seeing more scattered showers. one last system will be dipping in as we go into the next few hours. right now it's further to the north and moving up around eureka and redding and will finally make its way up into the bay area later this morning. we are starting out with drier conditions, and spotty showers moving into the north bay, and we will see if it makes it into san francisco and the peninsula. but it's looking good for the rest of the week, especially with the halloween plans. we'll talk about the rainfall totals and how that impacts the bay area's drought. a panel is meeting right now
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to consider approving pfizer's vaccine for children over the age of 5, which pfizer says it's 90% effective. the first vaccinations may start in a matter of weeks. thom jensen is aside of a marin elementary school. >> reporter: good morning. this is a day that a lot of parents, and even a lot of kids have been waiting for because this panel that just started meeting earlier this morning, this is the final vote. they will give their final approval if they do give approval for kids as young as five years old. this panel makes the decision on the last group of school-aged kids that could get vaccinated. a lot of people waiting for this meeting and to find out what they have to say, this area, marin county, even more so than most, 90% of eligible adults
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here are vaccinated. one of the highest vaccination rates in the country here in marin county. there are still skeptics out here, and it's obvious vaccines are working where rates are high, and it could mean 30 million additional schoolchildren are eligible across the nation, and could get shots possibly before thanksgiving. the lead investigator for pfizer's clinical trials at stanford said she encourages parents to get their kids vaccinated as soon as possible. >> let's just remember, this is not a new vaccine anymore. it has been around almost a year. over 1 billion doses of the vaccines have been given around the world. hundreds of millions of doses here in the united states. they are very safe. >> moderna also is releasing new clinical trial data for its
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vaccine's use in 5 to 11-year-olds. a final decision on the pfizer vaccine for the younger kids could come as early as next week. we're live in mill valley. thom jensen for "today in the bay." the u.s. is averaging about 73,000 new cases of covid cases per day down from 173,000 new cases per day recorded back in september. holmes criminal fraud trial resumes with drama inside and outside the courtroom. the testimony concluded with a pfizer scientists, and prosecutors presented what they suggested was a forged report sent to walgreens indicating pfizer's support for the blood testing technology. meanwhile another juror was dismissed leaving the number of alternates at two. that juror was let go because she was playing sudoku in her
6:35 am
court-issued notebook for testimony. there are concerns growing about a mistrial if more jurors are removed. meanwhile jurors are still deliberating the fate of a danville police officer accused of killing an unarmed man in 2018. andrew hall never took the witness stand in his manslaughter trial. he shot and killed a man when police tried to shot his car as he drove around a roadblock. jurors received the case last thursday. new this morning, another hurdle cleared in bart's expansion into san josé. the vta locked in $2.5 billion in federal funding. this phase of the project includes four new stations and five miles of underground track. the announcement suggests the costs has grown to $9 billion, far higher than vta's nearly $7 billion estimate.
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the vta does not address the discrepancy. cleanup continues after the historic bay area rainfalls, and this was the biggest storm since 1950. we saw just about everything, including police assisting evacuees with a raft. right now there are scattered power outages remaining across the bay area and a couple thousand customers still have no power. we are learning some mill valley schools are closed, but mill valley middle school is still closed because there's flooding in 35 of their classrooms there. meteorologist, kari hall, is here, and it was a lot of rain in a short amount of time, and it was shocking. >> yeah, it was. this, on many levels, was a historic storm. it set a lot of records. for it to be so early in the season, it was extremely
6:37 am
powerful. look at some of the rainfall totals. santa rosa, 10.5 inches of rain. that's the surplus of 9 inches for normal. this is the comparison for the water year. then we look at the percentage of normal. >> we don't want to see that. >> you look at santa rosa, and that's 967% of normal for the rainfall for the water year. it's early. we're 26 days into the water year. this is not the drought. the drought does not reset with the calendar. on thursday, we get the drought update, and we will see if we made some progress. overall, the thinking is that we will see a little bit of change, but not a lot because it's more long term in looking at the overall picture in terms of the drought. >> i say we don't want to see this because of the way it compares with all of the reservoirs, and because they were so empty it doesn't matter it was that high, right?
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>> yeah, and it's two totally different things. >> if we could just time it out that would be nice. maybe not during the morning commute, because that makes mike a little busy. >> yeah, those numbers, i believe it from what we saw on the roadway. this morning traffic is flowing and there's not flooding on the roadways. here's the walnut creek interchange, a smooth drive. highway 4, typical. richmond bridge, right there. it's a gradual build through the maze. 880 is open this morning, which is different than yesterday. south bay peninsula and also, remember, that closure for 84 just south of alice's is because of a tree down. back to you. it's no secret hate crimes have been on the rise. we reported on it, and coming up
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next we break down new numbers from the fbi. alameda county to decide whether or not to help fund a new ballpark for the oakland a's. the impact a no vote could have on the future of the team here on the bay area. will america be funding new preschool for children. it's something president biden wants but he's running out of time. plus, when you are scrolling on instagram, stop by our page and check out abby fernandez, and she's gathered all the best rain and storm video. be sure and follow nbc bay area on instagram. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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good tuesday morning. we're coming up on 6:42. we will still have highways-- high waves near the coast today. breakers could reach 20 to 30 feet. watch out for that. and where we could see rain, coming up in a few minutes. you will see this through your windshield, a lot more traffic for the richmond bridge. we will show you the rest of the build and the patterns developing, coming up. the fbi data is revealing anti-asian hate crimes are up 73% in 2020. the fbi reposted the data yesterday when an error was reported in ohio's reporting
6:43 am
system. there were 500 more cases counted in ohio. president biden is headed overseas at the end of the week. >> he would like to see progress on his build back better before he goes. >> it's surprising how slowly this is going. democrats really running out of time, not just with president biden headed to that big climate change summit on thursday, but in midterms as well, republicans could take back control in congress. he was at a school in new jersey on monday. new funds in his proposed bill would help communities pay for more schooling for preschoolers. >> the earlier our children begin to learn, the better for themselves, their families and for the nation. studies show that children who have attended high quality preschool are more likely to finish high school and get a two
6:44 am
to four-year degree, after high school. >> the white house had to pair back a lot of what they wanted to do, but the white house is having trouble with democrats, a few of them. congressional budget experts say the bill won't add to the debt if we raise taxes on the rich and corporations, but arizona's democrat, kyrsten sinema. some democrats want to keep the taxes even though taxing the rich and corporations will leave regular americans alone is democratic dogma. joe manchin is coming up a lot. democrats have 50 senators in the 50 plus the vice president, and that's 51. sinema and manchin hold all the
6:45 am
power. dotting is and crossing ts, he said, but he's against parts of the bill calling for a cleaner environment. and then biden expected to appoint this woman, roesenworcel. she was appointed to the commission by president obama, but her term was renewed by trump, so bottom line, both sides like her. we will be on twitter watching for something to happen. you will find me on twitter @scottmcgrew. state lawmakers are getting an update on the much maligned employment department and it's fraudulent claims since the
6:46 am
start of the pandemic. there are now nearly 140,000 backlogged claims. the edd said it made about 60% of the recommendations made by the office, and that includes a fraud unit although staffers have not been hired yet. and then you might say oakland leaders are hoping the a's don't get shutout. >> reporter: they are expected to vote on a nonbinding resolution, nonbinding meaning them saying it's our intent to do this, earmarking tax dollars for the team's proposed new
6:47 am
stadium at howard terminal. the a's want to move out of the coliseum where they are currently at because it's old and deteriorating, and they have indicated they are willing to move out of the bay area if terms are not agreed on. while oakland mayor, libby schaaf, is confident there will be a yes vote today, she thinks inaction or a no vote will indicate to major league baseball there is not a path forward for the a's organization. before today's meeting, labor activist will protest against the resolution. they say the proposed of hundreds of millions of tax dollars to the billionaire owner of the a's is wrong and they
6:48 am
don't want to pay for the infrastructure costs of his proposed billion-dollar stadium. bob redell reporting for "today in the bay." the stage is set tonight for baseball's fall classic. the first two games will be played in houston's minute maid park. maybe giants fans can root for dusty baker. let's talk about our weather forecast. we have no baseball going on here anymore, but that's okay because we can still go out and play ball with the kids. >> absolutely. we have had such wet weather, and we thought about going to the park yesterday and we thought it's pretty soggy out there and we thought today could be a little bigger. we are getting ready for a nice
6:49 am
sunrise. this is ahead of one more chance of rain as this storm comes in, and it's maybe for the north bay. santa rosa, napa, ukiah seeing the rain chances going up and it may also bring showers to san francisco and near the coastline. very hit or miss rain. it really could fall anywhere across the bay area, but the highest chance will be in the north bay. looking back at the storm and how much snow we had in the sierra. mt. rose, 42 inches of snow. that is impressive. kirkwood about 20 inches. a foot 1/2 at palisades. as we go into the next several days, unfortunately not a lot of snow here. maybe a dusting going into next week. that's always a concern when you have a big rainfall early in the season is what else is behind that? we looked at the reservoir levels and whether or not it will change with all of the
6:50 am
rainfall. before we were seeing the levels at about 67% at east bay mud. down to 8% at guadalupe reservoir. then when we looked at after the storm, we are at 70% for east bay mud. that went up 3%. for marin water it went up 10%. for the south bay, it was less than 1%. we only saw the water levels come up slightly even with all of the rain. today we are going to see slight rain chances and cool temperatures reaching into the mid and upper 60s. 63 in san mateo. low 60s for the mission district. sonoma and santa rosa reaching 53. after this we will see more sunshine. temperatures are warming up. we are headed for the low 70s for the end of the week. if you are making plans, outdoor for halloween weekend, we will see more clouds as the storm passes to the north and slightly
6:51 am
cooler upper 60s. we will see that in san francisco. developments for -- it was already an alert because of the closure for highway 84, and it has been extended. highway 35 and 84, just fine but closed south of there. that will be a factor for folks in the lahonda area. we have some crews on scene but they are waiting for the pg&e because they think the tree may have taken down live power wires, and to be safe they have to make sure everybody working on the scene is also safe. typical spots through contra costa county and the bay bridge. back to you. happening now, someone in the bay area can go crazy with the holiday turkey.
6:52 am
>> a fantasy 5 lottery ticket sold at a 7-eleven near albany drive in san josé and it was not me or cierra. next, a quick look at our top stories including the meeting under way right now that may green light covid vaccinations for young children. when parents everywhere should expect the final vote. plus, the message supporters plan to send today to make one bill happen. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. we're moving you forward with a look at the top stories on "today in the bay," including a pivotal meeting happening right now to green light covid vaccinations for your younger children. >> so many families are waiting to hear what happens. thom jensen is live. your family is one of these? >> a lot of parents have been waiting for this day. this fda advisory panel meeting happening right now, and it's an important day because if the panel gives its approval for the pfizer vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds, it means 30 million children across the nation could be getting shots
6:56 am
within weeks. there are still skeptics, but it's obvious the vaccine is working. a lead investigators for the pfizer clinical trials at stanford said she approves the vaccine eligibility. this advisory panel could come back with a decision as early as next week and shots could begin with a couple weeks after that. live in mill valley, thom jensen, "today in the bay." an all-new report today indicates california is lagging behind in testing unvaccinated state workers for covid despite governor newsom's mandate. only about half unvaccinated employs were tested in the month of october. a little more than half of the state's 10,000 california highway patrol employees have
6:57 am
provided proof they are vaccinated. the chp has completed 2,100 tests. in some cases agencies are not updating their numbers. san francisco is looking to make history as the first city in the country to mandate paid sick leave for domestic workers. later this morning supporters will hold a rally and news conference saying there's already a law in the books that needs to be followed. that proposal includes a creation of an app to keep track of hours worked. if approved that ordinance could go into affect next year. jurors are deliberating the fate of an former police officer. prosecutors say the officer shot and killed a man when police tried to stop his car as he drove around a roadblock. jurors received the case last thursday. and then elizabeth holmes
6:58 am
fraud trial continues today. inside the courtroom testimony last week concluded with a pfizer scientists talking about a report he wrote blasting the idea of a partnership with theranos. meanwhile another juror was dismissed leaving the number of alternates at two, raising concerns that more dismissals could lead to a mistrial. another hurdle cleared in bart's expansion locked in nearly $2.5 billion in federal funding. it includes four new stations along five miles of the under ground track to the diridon station. the costs has grown to $9 billion, far more than the $7 billion estimate. the vta did not address the
6:59 am
discrepancies. i do definitely like this a little better than yesterday. we will see spotty showers moving in especially for the north bay today. temperatures reaching into the mid-60s. the rest of the week is dry and our highs will reach in the low 70s. the weekend is looking nice, just a little cooler with upper 60s. san francisco will also have that chance of rain today but the rest of the forecast is looking pretty dry here. it does stay quiet into next week. >> mike? >> we have a highway closure but it's just highway 54 between this area, and we are looking at a tree down and wires have to be assessed, cable, internet or electrical, and that's your alternate along the coast. meanwhile over here on the peninsula as well, here's the volume of traffic. light and dry roadways, and also
7:00 am
caught a glimpse of the sunrise. >> that's what we like to see. that's what is happening on "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a local news update. have a great day. good morning. storm alert. states of emergency declared along the east coast as a powerful nor'easter slams the region with heavy rain and high wis. the midwest bracing for another round of tornados. >> can opener ripped the lid off the house. >> while out west, that historic bomb cyclone unleashes new misery on millions. al's full forecast for a busy day of weather, straight ahead. dose of hope? a key fda meeting today on pfizer's covid vaccine for younger childrs amoderna announces its shot is


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