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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  October 26, 2021 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- anderson cooper, from "impeachment: american crime story," actress cobie smulders an all new "closer look, featuring the 8g band with atom willard ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're doing well tonight. and now, if you don't mind, we're going to get to the news president biden visited an elementary school in new jersey today and spoke about his build back better agenda, though honestly build back better is
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the worst phrase to say around a bunch of unvaccinated kids [ laughter ] "we have to build back better! "whoa. [ laughter ] a group of u.s. news organizations last week began publishing a series of stories based on internal facebook documents showing that the social media platform spreads misinformation, incites violence, and facilitates human trafficking. even worse, it gives people from high school a way to get in touch with you [ laughter ] facebook is reportedly planning to change its name amid increased scrutiny of the social media platform's harmful effects. "hey, it worked for me," said standup comedian phil jenkins. [ laughter ] i knew that was him! [ laughter ] remember the whole show i was saying i've seen this phil jenkins somewhere [ laughter ] politico published a report last week detailing president biden's extensive use of profanity in private conversations with
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aides. i'm sorry, did they think the last guy didn't curse? [ laughter ] he's from queens, he worked in construction and he's a terrible golfer that's the cursing hat trick [ light laughter ] if they ever got the tapes from his meetings, hbo couldn't air them [ laughter ] during a "get out to vote" rally over the weekend in new york, senate majority leader chuck schumer posed for a picture with a tuba. or more likely, it just follows him everywhere he goes ♪ [ sad tuba ] [ laughter ] "we're making progress on negotiations." ♪ [ laughter ] actor brad pitt recently announced that his winery will release a new rose champagne, though women are more interested in his pino. [ laughter ] oh don't you -- no no
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[ cheers and applause there is a man named mike scollins who wrote that joke [ laughter ] and if we start rewarding him, he will multiply [ laughter ] royal caribbean recently announced that it will offer the longest cruise ever, which will sail for nine months and visit all seven continents, 65 countries and 11 great wonders of the world and will feature at least two new covids [ laughter ] "did you get me anything grandma? "the zeta. [ laughter ] mcdonald's has announced that next month it will begin testing its new meatless mcplant burger. "in that case, just the cash in the register," said the hamburglar [ laughter ] "go over to wendy's. [ laughter ] according to a new report published by "rolling stone magazine," multiple members of congress may have been involved in the planning of the january attack on the capitol. and i, for one, am shocked that congress had anything to do with it, because it nearly worked [ laughter ]
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and finally, amid global supply chain delays, toy makers are reportedly planning to release more small squishy toys this holiday season because more can fit in shipping containers it's the same strategy united airlines uses for economy class. [ laughter ] and that was the monologue, everybody. we got -- yeah [ cheers and applause we got a great show for you tonight. he is an emmy and peabody award winning journalist and, of course, host of "anderson cooper 360. his book "vanderbilt: the rise and fall of an american dynasty" is out now anderson cooper will be here in studio [ cheers and applause and you know her from "how i met your mother" and pretty much every marvel film. she's playing ann coulter in "impeachment: american crime story" on fx our friend cobie smulders will be here. but before - [ cheers and applause -- we get to all that, a bombshell new report alleges that gop members of congress and trump administration staffers had planning sessions with organizers ahead of the january 6th rally that led to the insurrection at the capitol. meanwhile, human insurrection
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marjorie taylor greene got into yet another shouting match with colleagues on the house floor. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: after four years of trump, i feel like our barometer for what counts as a scandal is a little off trump generated too many controversies to count, so we just moved on. for example, no one seems to remember or care that on top of everything else he did, when trump was president, the white house accepted at least 83 separate gifts from saudi arabia, including artwork featuring picture of president trump, multiple swords, daggers, leather ammo holders and holsters tiger and cheetah fur robes and a dagger made of pure silver a mother of pearl sheathe. i guess that means they hacked his amazon wish list [ laughter ] were they under the impression that our president was the drug dealer from "boogie nights?" [ laughter ] my only regret is trump never showed up to a rally wearing it all of it at once.
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[ laughter ] "i killed -- i killed this cheetah myself oh, she was fast, but i was faster ran him down ran him down and skinned him, of course my favorite cheetah chester. we love chester cheetah, don't we folks with the high tapped sneaker and the cool sunglasses. first time -- first time i met chester was in '89 at cbgbs. [ laughter ] "and he walked up to me and he lowered those shades he lowered them down to the tip of his cheetah nose and he said to me, 'sir' -- i'll never forget what he said to me. he said, 'sir, it's not easy being cheesy.' truer words. [ laughter and applause and seriously, who thought -- who thought giving donald trump a dagger was a good idea [ laughter ] the second he unwrapped it i bet he started running around the white house rose garden like this >> let me see what you have. >> a knife >> no! [ laughter ] >> seth: melania had to call up whoever it was that was dumb enough to send it. "yup, no yup, melania, we understand now that was not a smart gift to send the president."
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[ laughter ] "look, we're just glad everyone is okay. we promise that next time we will be best is that right? [ laughter ] so all kinds of crazy [ bleep ] flew under the radar during trump's presidency meanwhile, here's a very real story about president biden that politico thought qualified as news last week he swears a lot. "when he get's going, he definitely get's going," said one white house official [ laughter ] in meetings with aides, biden's vulgarities include but are not limited to "[ bleep ] them," "what the [ bleep ] are we doing? why the [ bleep ] isn't this happening? bull[ bleep ], dammit or just simply [ bleep ] [ laughter and applause the man -- the man is 78 i think he's old enough to curse. i'm in my 40s and i curse that much just getting out of a chair. [ laughter ] and are we in high school? was this gossip delivered next to an open locker. "did you hear? joe biden said the word -- [ laughter ] of course -- of course joe biden curses nobody says malarkey unless they're trying really hard not to say go get [ bleep ].
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[ laughter ] the guy's from scranton which is a place where people not fancy enough for philly. [ laughter ] scranton even sounds like a curse word hey, get off your ass and do some work, ya scranton dip[ bleep ] [ laughter ] he lives in delaware have you ever been to delaware when you get off the amtrak in wilmington, it's almost impossible not to say, "oh [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] i have cousins in delaware and we have multiple delawareans on our staff. so i can make those jokes knowing full well the next time i see them, they will tell me to [ bleep ] off. [ laughter ] it's like how they express love. [ light laughter ] i do wish we'd see more of this version of joe biden though. sometimes the soft talking joe can be a little unnerving. he's like a grandpa in a dystopian y-a movie who won't admit how bad things are "that's okay we're going to be fine we're out of food, but i think i can talk some sense to the council of authorium no one here is going to have to compete in the death olympics. no one!" [ laughter ] i'd rather joe just came out guns blazing, flipping people off at town halls, challenging jake tapper to an arm wrestling match.
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just be the grandpa who goes to lowe's and finds out the cost of propane went up $1.50. that's the first time i ever heard the words horse[ bleep ] and kiss my wrinkly old ass in the same sentence. [ laughter ] but i get his frustration. everyone's frustrated with everything you can just feel it people are mad and tired after a year and a half of being cooped up inside and republicans being nut jobs and corporate democrats making things difficult just because they can everyone's exhausted, everything's exhausting. former president obama made that point during a rally in virginia for democratic gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe over the weekend. >> look, i know a lot of people are tired of politics right now. i -- listen, i'll make a confession i never watch political shows. michelle and i when we're at home, you know, i'm reading, she's watching hgtv, maybe the food channel >> seth: only obama could get away with a joke like that [ light laughter ] if i ever said that about my wife, i'd get an icy stare so haunting it would stay with me the rest of my life. [ laughter ] i'd have to change stream mid conversation
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"well, i'm the reader in the family this one's always -- this one's always watching 'keeping up with the -- dow jones.' [ laughter ] "she's very good with money. i just spend it. but she makes sure we save for the kids' future." [ laughter ] but i guess obama's just working on some new material, because ever since he left the white house he's always peppered some standup comedy into his speeches and he did this in virginia references the fact that the gop candidate for governor, glenn youngkin, has refused to say if he personally supports same-sex marriage. >> i mean, i understand why people just feel like "oh, when's this going to -- going end? and sometimes politics in washington feels that way, right? it's like, "aww, are we still arguing about gay marriage, really i thought that ship had sailed." [ laughter ] i thought that was pretty clearly the right thing to do. i thought -- we've got republicans across the country who said, "yeah, of course."
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[ laughter ] we're going to reopen that can of -- what [ laughter ] >> seth: i love when standup obama comes back someone get that man a brick wall and a cordless mike [ cheers and applause he must be working on material for his new netflix special "barack: oh no you didn't. [ laughter ] "what's the deal with cell phones on airplanes? [ laughter ] "you're telling me i could call beijing from air force one, but jetblue won't let me play candy crush? [ laughter ] "i guess the only thing they want crushed is my kneecaps -- when the dummy in front of me leans his seat back. [ laughter ] "let's see, what else? [ laughter ] "what else." all right. obama's in virginia because the race for governor is tight there and republicans are already preparing to call any democratic victory in that state stolen just like they did with the 2020 election.
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in fact, former trump aide, steve bannon, has already said as much. and last week he invited my pillow ceo mike lindell back on his podcast to float yet another weird claim about supposed voter fraud. you can find fraudulent votes in parking lots >> either mcauliffe is going to lose or it's going to be so tight, right and you got this thing in fairfax where they're going to steal it already because the biden administration has collapsed. >> the really interesting part is you can pull a household. if you pull a household that has five people or below, it's usually very accurate, about almost 100%. you go there, yes, all five voted, all five live there you get up to six up to -- it can go all the way as high as 300 but let's say you had 20 people living in this household and you look, or this house, and you look on google maps, because the computer pulls it up it's a little single dwelling. now oh you go out there and you find out only two people live there, but they used all the other 18 people's names that they pulled there. empty parking lots i mean, you name it, it's on there.
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>> seth: you know, i'm starting to worry that mike lindell is neglecting his pillow business [ laughter ] "no i'm sorry, mr. lindell isn't in right now he's on his hands and knees in the parking lot looking for votes. [ laughter ] "but yeah, sure i can take a message. okay, lumpy, smells wet, got it. anything else? scratching sound coming from the inside." [ laughter ] also, i love how long his explanation is and all it comes down to is "you go on google maps." it would be like your doctor saying, "we're going to take blood, run a full set of tests, get you the mri and then when we have all the data, we ask jeeves." [ laughter ] seriously, what the hell is lindell talking about? does he think people are committing voter fraud because they're getting mail for old tenants? because if you live in new york, that's just how it works [ laughter ] i didn't vote 18 times but i still get mail at my apartment for 18 different people. i just got a telegram addressed to someone named lois pearlmutter inviting them to a "save penn station" fundraiser [ laughter ]
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joke for the jane jacobs fans. [ light laughter ] they are not abandoning trump's war on democracy they're embracing it, which is why it's important to get to the bottom of what happened after the last election before republicans try to steal the next one, especially after bombshell new allegations supported by "rolling stone" yesterday in which several gop members of congress are accused of holding dozens of planning sessions with the organizers in the january 6th rallies that ultimately, led to the violent insurrection at the capitol. >> a january 6th bombshell "rolling stone magazine" reporting that organizers of the capitol rally that day had been promised a, quote, "blanket pardon by a u.s. congressman." >> "rolling stone" reports arizona congressman paul gosar gave protest organizers the impression that he had spoken to then president trump about the pardons for an unrelated investigation. >> the organizers said they allegedly spoke to, quote, "a dozen u.s. representatives or their teams. they named representative paul gosar and representative andy biggs of arizona, representative marjorie taylor greene of
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georgia, representative lauren boebert of colorado, madison cawthorn of north carolina, louis gohmert of texas, and mo brooks of alabama, all republican congressmen and women. right now, we don't know what was discussed which each representative by those planners but the organizers gave "rolling stone" an example with representative gosar, who's saying he offered them the possibility of receiving a, quote, "blanket pardon, to motivate them to plan the rallies. >> seth: geez, everyone was in on this. was lindell there too? "i found a fake ballot in the parking lot of a cvs this guy voted three times for someone named trojan magnum. [ laughter ] blanket pardon sounds like the kind of made up fake legal thing these doofuses would say it's a weird feature of our politics that the most sinister characters are also the biggest morons you could imagine paul gosar or marjorie taylor greene on the phone with the january 6th idiots huddled in their weird little militia hideout/tree house promising them all kinds of crazy [ bleep ]
12:53 am
"you didn't hear it from me, but i spoke to the chief wizard of the supreme court and he said there's a secret provision written by benjamin franklin's ghost. [ laughter ] "and it says you can have a blanket pardon, a private plane, and a $100 gift card to golden corral [ laughter ] and if you don't remember paul gosar, he's the guy who's so crazy, six of his siblings famously endorsed his opponent, and he recently claimed that secret sources inside something called the "cia fraud department" told him the election was stolen. >> here's what he said about two weeks before republicans in his state announced they had found nothing but additional votes for joe biden in their bogus and expensive audit of election results in arizona's most populace county. >> if we can do that and follow through on this audit. folks, if it's what i've been told and i had people come to me early hours of the day after from the security exchange fraud department to the cia fraud department that between 450 and 700,000 ballots were altered in the state of arizona >> first, the cia fraud department, not a thing, doesn't exist.
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>> seth: exactly the greatest trick the cia fraud department ever pulled was convincing the world they didn't exist. [ laughter ] gosar does seem like the kind of guy who's on the phone with other fraud departments a fair amount "well, the thing is, someone from your bank e-mailed me for my social security number so i do think you're possible for my identity being stolen. who from your bank your mascot chaseter cheetah." [ laughter ] "he's not your mascot? again, this is the fun thing of, right? like when there's no audience you're like, "yeahm chester cheetah is going to kill we'll call it back they'll carry me on the shows. [ laughter ] and then the show ends and we go back in the dressing room and we're like, "that call back worked." and they're like, "yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] now -- now we're finding out, you guys [ cheers and applause we're finding out in a way -- in a way you are the cia fraud department [ laughter ] and you just exposed that joke [ laughter ] and it also wouldn't surprise me if marjorie taylor greene was
12:55 am
involved in all this she, of course, was a vocal backer of trump's big lie and then ensuing attempt ot overthrow the election results and last week, when the house voted to hold steve bannon in contempt for refusing to comply with the subpoena, she got into yet another shouting match with some of her colleagues >> yesterday we saw conspiracy theorist and republican congresswoman marjorie taylor greene, republican of georgia, approach and accost congresswoman liz cheney >> this happened during the debate over the criminal contempt referral of steve bannon and taylor greene walked behind congresswoman liz cheney and congressman jamie raskin during that debate and basically accused them of making too much out of this and saying that they were focused on the wrong things it delved into a shouting match on some level between the three of them. and liz cheney actually calling marjorie taylor greene a joke and bringing up the fact she had talked about jewish space lasers at one point, a claim that greene very much denies.
12:56 am
>> greene yelled back she never said that and called cheney a joke >> seth: it's not great when you start a confrontation with someone and have to end it by saying you never claimed wildfires were started by jewish space lasers [ light laughter ] it's getting harder and harder to articulate just how unhinged the right has become they're now claiming they're vindicated by everything from secret sources inside fake cia fraud departments, to proof of voter fraud found in empty parking lots and they're not going to stop. they're doubling down. and new reporting continues to link them directly to attempts to overthrow our democracy these people need to be told no on certain terms - >> no! [ laughter and applause >> seth: didn't see that one coming this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with our friend anderson cooper [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: give it up for the fantastic "8g band." you guys, this is very exciting. [ cheers and applause not only is the "8g band" back in the studio with us, but our rotating drummer program has started up again too this week -- this week's drummer, excuse me, has played in iconic bands like "against me," "angels and airwaves," "social distortion" and now "plosivs." their debut single, "hit the brakes," is available now and
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their self-titled album will be out in february. atom willard is here [ cheers and applause >> great to be back. great to be back >> seth: thank you, atom our first guest tonight is an emmy and peabody award-winning journalist who hosts "anderson cooper 360" weeknights on cnn. his "new york times" bestselling book, "vanderbilt: the rise and fall of an american dynasty" is out now. please welcome back to the show, our friend, anderson cooper. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome back. >> i'm -- how are we doing >> seth: i'm doing really well i feel like this is -- i'm very happy you're here. >> thank you >> seth: this is, maybe, a byproduct of the fact that i see you on tv all the time i did not realize you had not been here since 2017 >> i had no idea >> seth: that's a long break >> i see you on tv all the time. >> seth: there you go. >> it's better that way, really. >> seth: it's better that way, yeah [ laughter ] this is all ready awkward, yeah. [ laughter ] but congratulations.
1:02 am
you have had a baby boy since i last saw you >> i have, yes >> seth: here's wyatt right there. look at this guy [ cheers and applause 18 -- 18 months. >> he's 18-months-old. >> seth: pretty good time. >> it's the best thing ever. >> seth: talking, chatting >> yeah, lots of, you know, shoes is his favorite word and paintings. he says, "au revoir. >> seth: oh, he says "au revoir?" >> that latest thing he -- just yesterday, we taught him, "where did it go? [ laughter ] and -- so he just goes around going, "where did it go? [ laughter ] he doesn't know what it means, but -- [ laughter ] >> seth: he knows -- he knows it's like a button [ laughter ] he's like -- >> and it goes up. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: halloween, what are you guys going to do >> i -- halloween seems to be like -- it's like an arms race with these kids and -- >> seth: yeah. >> the halloween costumes, especially with, like, well known people's children. they seem to put pictures of them out on -- >> seth: yeah. >> it's like a -- yeah >> seth: and if you haven't planned in advance, it's all ready too late >> oh, my god. >> seth: supply chains are down. >> it's totally -- yes, i know [ laughter ] >> seth: it's too late >> a friend of mine named chip kidd, who actually did the book cover of "vanderbilt" and -- and is an old friend of my mom's, he is a batman-obsessed and has an
1:03 am
amazing batman collection. he gave me -- or he gave wyatt a costume his mom made for him when he was a kid probably in the early '70s >> seth: wow >> it's a homemade cape -- batman cape with, like, a cheap plastic -- do you remember those -- i don't know how old you are, but those halloween costumes when i was a kid were just, like, a weird one dimensional mask and a tiny piece of elastic >> seth: yeah. >> just go around it [ laughter ] >> seth: it was, like, back when people thought a really healthy thing to breathe all night was plastic. >> yes, exactly. [ laughter ] it was completely flammable. >> seth: yeah, all right >> so that's when i bought -- i have - >> seth: there you go. >> a very flammable costume. >> seth: it's very interesting, like -- i feel like vintage fashion is - like -- like the highest end where as vintage halloween is, like, very low end [ laughter ] like, that is not -- >> i'm trying to bring that back >> seth: yeah, probably a low end -- >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> seth: cheap halloween >> i tried it on him and he wasn't really thrilled with the whole mask yet >> seth: yeah, he'll get used to it if he wants his cape - >> i think it's the kind of thing he'll look back on and think, "oh, that's cool. i was wearing a vintage -- >> seth: yeah. >> batman costume. >> seth: i love that you are now, officially, a parent because your logic is, "you will look back on this and like it. [ laughter ]
1:04 am
it's not my fault you can't appreciate the present." [ laughter ] what about, "i have heard this." i -- we're -- we're, kind of, the same, i'll admit try to limit screen time >> yes, i'm obsessed with limiting screen time all though it's hard because, you know, if i'm at work, i -- i'll occasionally in between commercial breaks, whenever, i'll just call to check on how he's doing and he -- he's not allowed to like have -- look at a screen were you know -- i'll allow it i mean, try to avoid it. but he will now grab the screen while i am facetiming with benjamin, my former partner. and he will run with it like a crazy albino monkey. [ laughter ] and it's the greatest thing ever i don't -- like, i love it because it -- it's like his point-of-view of the world >> seth: yeah. >> and he's not -- he's just like -- and it's -- yeah, i love it >> seth: i haven't been able to -- you know, i'm trying to impress this upon my boys. which is when they facetime with my parents, they do that and i want to -- like, i can tell my parents just need to get off the phone because they're like, old and it's giving them a headache.
1:05 am
[ laughter ] that's like -- for them, that's a roller coaster of, like, "let me show you what i've been doing. and they're like -- i'm totally like, "well, you know what send us a still photo. [ laughter ] you -- as a young man -- >> yes >> seth: you dressed up a lot. >> i - >> seth: i mean, i guess this is very in line with a vanderbilt upbringing >> yeah, i -- i look back and all the photo -- i sense them because all the photos of my childhood, i'm wearing costumes and this isn't for halloween >> seth: this is not halloween this is just -- this is just around the house that's normal. that's normal. [ audience aws ] >> yeah, that -- that was -- that was my knight outfit. >> seth: you're doing a very good job here of not smiling [ laughter ] >> yeah, i'm in my theater outfit no, my brother wearing my knight outfit - >> seth: yeah. >> also. [ laughter ] yeah >> seth: so there you go so that was all ways part of it. >> yeah, it was. you know, it was the '70s. this was the early '70s, and - >> seth: kids wore -- kids dressed up like knights in the '70s [ laughter ] >> yes >> seth: what was -- what was trick-or-treating growing up in new york city -- what was trick-or-treating in new york like in the -- >> i -- i would -- my friend, michael youckto lived across the street in a high-rise. and -- so we would -- i would go over there and trick-or-treat. and it was great because the elevator -- that was back when -- like, buildings then had
1:06 am
elevator operators and they would put up a list in the elevator of who wanted to be bothered and who didn't want to be bothered. [ laughter ] so you knew your success rate was, like, 100%. [ laughter ] because you wouldn't bother with, like, the old lady who didn't want to, you know - >> seth: right >> when you come to the door >> seth: was it about 50-50? like, at what percentage of new yorkers in the '70s were cool with kids in costumes coming to their door >> you know, i -- in the building i went in, it was fine. >> seth: all right >> but, yeah, you know >> seth: were you nervous? i mean, i feel like everybody talks -- >> like, 20% of the time you got blades in the apples [ laughter ] >> seth: right, that's fine. that's fine. >> but it was totally -- no one thought about it then. like, it was just -- it was unwrapped candies. it was just -- >> seth: yeah. just like -- yeah, likely -- >> marathon bars [ laughter ] remember those long marathon bars >> seth: yeah. oh, you got a marathon bar that's a day maker [ laughter ] i have a lot to ask you about. >> okay. >> seth: especially the book we'll be right back with more from anderson cooper [ cheers and applause ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back to "late night. we're here with anderson cooper. so this book is about your mom's side of the family >> you know, i was told that you guys didn't have a copy of the book so i actually stopped at barnes and noble down the block as i was coming here [ laughter ] ran in, bought a copy and then came here. >> seth: that's so embarrassing. you bought your own book >> yes, i did. yes. [ laughter ] i -- i got a text on the way, like, " do you have a copy of the book with you because they don't have one?" i'm like, "what? like, i walk around with my book like a schmuck." [ laughter ] >> seth: did you -- did you find it right away? or do you have - >> i just happen to walk around the city like, "hey, anderson cooper's got a new book." >> seth: the worst would be if you walked around like this. [ laughter ] just, like, to make sure people saw it was you [ laughter ] this is your mom's side of the family >> yes >> seth: the vanderbilts >> yes >> seth: for those who don't know the history >> yeah, they -- this guy, commodore cornelius vanderbilt,
1:12 am
made a ton of money in the late 1800s. he started with nothing and built a steamship empire and then a railroad empire you can see a statue of him outside grand central station, which, by the way, he built for himself. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's very nice. when you got a little extra scratch lying around, why not? >> it wasn't like a grateful city built a statue for him. he was like, "you know what? i'll do it myself. don't worry about it i got it [ laughter ] i got this." >> seth: much like you, he actually went to the statue store and bought it. [ laughter and applause do you have a -- do you have a cornelius? carried it out, walking around >> the book is really just about this -- i mean, when he died, he was the richest man in the world. he had 1 out of every $20. it was in circulation. it was his and, yeah. now i'm wondering where it went. [ laughter ] but that's what the book is really about it's about -- i never wanted anything to do with that side of the family i -- i -- i felt like no good could come with it and i was really interested in, sort of, how the pathology, his money obsession, how it infected subsequent generations in the family >> seth: your mother lived a long interesting life.
1:13 am
>> yes >> seth: she recently passed away >> yes >> seth: but you -- as a very good son, you helped her have a social media footprint >> well, my mom would have died when she was 95. but, like, around the time she was 91, she was getting a little depressed. a lot of her friends were dying. and she wasn't -- she works as an artist as well and she wasn't painting so i thought, "how am i going to, like, get her motivated again? so i introduced her to instagram, which she thought was, like, magic >> seth: yeah. >> and she -- at first, she was really, "sheesh, like, why would anyone want to follow me?" i was like, "trust me, there are some people. and i got her on instagram and then i created an account for her artwork to, like, get her out of bed and paint and she was like, "well, who's going to deal with the customers? and there really wasn't anyone to deal with the customers so i was like, "i know what you're asking, i'll do it. [ laughter ] so i -- my mom was like, "well, you should invent a character. you can't do it as yourself. because you can't be like, "hi, i'm anderson what size frame do you want? [ laughter ] >> seth: right, right. >> so my mom -- we -- my mom took great pleasure in this and she was like, "okay, why don't we invent a lady of a certain
1:14 am
age named monica and who's a long time trusted assistant and you be monica and you answer all the dms on instagram to buy my artwork. [ laughter ] and that's what i did for three years. >> seth: wow >> yeah, i would be -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> seth: very well done. [ cheers and applause >> i would be -- literally, i'd be in baghdad, and, you know -- in between things i'd be like, "would you like a laminated white frame? [ laughter ] yeah as monica. people would be like, "what's it like working for ms. vanderbilt?" i was like, "oh, she's so lovely." [ laughter ] i don't know why she picked the name i don't know who -- yeah, i like, "it couldn't it be a guy?" but apparently, it couldn't have been >> seth: i like -- as soon as she got involved with social media, she realized it was a good platform to lie on. [ laughter ] >> yes >> seth: i'm -- actually, i'll use that as a transition you've done something fascinating. you have actually interacted with some people who got very deep in this qanon world >> yes >> seth: to the point that they had and embraced conspiracy
1:15 am
theories about you like, some really horrifying things >> yeah. >> seth: and how did you end up reaching out and -- and talking to one >> well, one of them -- there was a person in a documentary that's, you know, was doing about qanon. and there's this guy, i think he was in australia, who believed that i ate babies. >> seth: yeah. >> and -- currently. [ laughter ] and -- yeah, and that was just one of the qanon beliefs you know it's insane. it's based on age old, like, anti-semitic tropes and anti-catholic tropes the whole thing of, like, you know, blood liable jews eating the blood -- you know, drinking the blood of children. the nazis said that. that's what qanon believes as well but it's all celebrities and people on television and, yeah, so i interviewed the guy. i -- 'cause he's now -- the first guy had now renounced his beliefs. and i wanted to know, like, did you genuinely believe this that i, like, was eating babies? and he was like, "yeah yeah, i did. and he was like, "i'm sorry. you seem like a nice guy." i was like, "well, thanks. [ laughter ] i was like, "you know, don't -- don't make any definite
1:16 am
decisions. see how -- you know. >> seth: i mean, those moments must be nice, but, obviously, they're few and far between, right? >> yes >> seth: like this, we'd -- i feel like there's not a wave of people renouncing qanon. >> no, no, no. i did. i've interviewed another guy who reached out to me on direct message to tell me that i was going to be executed i think it was last march in washington and i was like, "does he really think this?" and so, i actually reached out i was like, "you know, how do you -- why that date?" i was just, sort of, curious >> seth: yeah. >> and anyway, we started talking. and he seemed interested in talking and i ended up interviewing him and -- and it was fascinating. you know, he had a family. he had a life. and he believes the vatican has fallen and the pope has been arrested and that joe biden is not president but it's somebody in a costume that looks like joe biden. [ laughter ] i -- yeah. >> seth: well, i'm looking forward to finding out which one of you guys is right [ laughter ] hey, thanks for being here congrats on the book >> thanks. >> seth: it's all ways nice to see you. [ cheers and applause "anderson cooper 360" airs weeknights on cnn and "vanderbilt: the rise and fall of an american dynasty" is out now. we'll be right back with cobie smulders [ cheers and applause ♪
1:17 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is a talented actress you know from shows like "how i met your mother" and "the avengers" films. she stars as ann coulter in the limited series "impeachment: american crime story." which airs tuesdays only on fx let's take a look. >> george, we're celebrating these tapes are going to be in the smithsonian one day. we're living a page in a u.s. history book >> i'm just saying maybe we should hold off on celebrating until we know for sure there's something usable on those tapes. >> this is a coup d'etat and we're the coup do you know how rare that is if there was ever a night to crack open something [ bleep ] decent it's now. we're starting ♪ >> seth: please welcome back to the show, our friend, cobie smulders, everyone
1:23 am
[ cheers and applause cobie. >> hey, buddy. >> seth: cobie, i just want to say, it is an excellent -- you have an excellent ann coulter. >> oh, thank you, thank you. it's been a journey, my friend >> seth: do you find it's an effective voice to use around the house with your husband and children >> oh gosh, i wouldn't bring it anywhere near taran, but -- um, i will say when i was in production i would read to my daughters a lot at night with the ann coulter voice. and i would always ask first because it already makes every character in the book really sarcastic. [ laughter ] which you don't find a lot of really sarcastic characters in children's books you know, you'd be surprised um, but, yeah, i'd be reading like, "he would climb up her trunk, and swing from her branches, and eat her apples." [ laughter ] "mom, can we go back to your voice, please?
1:24 am
>> seth: you had helped -- you were helping out, i should say, with some child care, not your children you have three new nieces, nephews, what are they >> i have two new nieces and two new nephews, but there is a set of triplets in there so i was just up in canada there they are >> seth: it's kind of stunning [ audience aws ] i know triplets exist, but it's really stunning to see them all at once. [ laughter ] >> and it's really something else to try to hold them all in your lap i mean, that was a terrifying moment for me. but yeah, so it's like every family member decided to have babies at the same time and my brother really outdid everyone [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. i know your husband, taran killam, to be someone who is highly invested in the holiday of halloween he is a man who loves a good costume. do you share this passion? >> you know, they say opposites attract. [ laughter ] and that'd be our case
1:25 am
i literally have nothing i have no costume. my husband is set. our kids are set you can see our house from outer space. [ laughter ] it has so many lights on it. but i am like, i think the other day i was like, "i know what i'll be. we got a kitten a couple months ago. i'll be a crazy cat lady that makes sense." my whole family is like, "okay, mom. >> seth: do you feel like the children resent you for not taking it as seriously as taran, or do you think they're fine >> i mean, i think they resent me for a lot more. [ laughter ] i think we could put it on the list for sure, um, yeah. so, i mean, i'm more about, like, i'm going to help you get that candy i'm going to chart the route i'm going to tell you beforehand what to grab out of that bowl if you show up at the door, and there's just a bowl there. we're going to strategize together am i going to look like me with
1:26 am
maybe, you know, a funky little cat ears on my head? that's what we have to do. [ light laughter ] what's more important? >> seth: they will learn to value that as they get older and i think once they hit their mid to late teens they're going to really hate taran for taking it so seriously. [ laughter ] >> you're right. realy being imaginative and creative i think so i think so that's my hope >> seth: um, taran is also in "impeachment." >> yes >> seth: and i would imagine one of the most fun things about doing a show like this is getting to sit back and watch the other wonderful performances by this great cast >> yeah, for sure. he actually got hired on the project first. and because of him, i was able -- he felt that the tone of the set, and he was having such a great time the crew was amazing on this one, and he was having such a blast that it made me not, you know, totally terrified to play ann coulter. um, he -- it was a little bit more exciting after that we didn't have any scenes together, but i think that our
1:27 am
scenes sometimes line up where his scene ends, and then i'm in the next one, which is interesting and new for us >> seth: what was it like growing up in canada while this was all going down was the impeachment scandal and drama something that you all were watching the same way we were here? >> i mean, we certainly got the news up north for sure, but i was, you know, 16, 17 and very self-involved. [ laughter ] and so i was just kind of focused on, you know, my own stuff. but i do remember broad strokes. i do remember a lot of it is actually "snl" sketches. i mean, a lot of those kind of jokey references i definitely -- >> seth: deeply unfortunate way to learn history it should be known [ laughter ] >> absolutely. somewhat inaccurate. somewhat inaccurate. um, but, so i did know sort of the moments, but it has been an education. and i'm in -- you know, i'm not
1:28 am
in every one of these episodes, so i'm kind of learning as i go a lot. and also did a lot of research beforehand so it was like i learned a lot about this time in history, so - >> seth: do you get to keep the wig at least it's a very iconic wig >> oh, i mean, it would have been at least something for halloween, yeah. [ laughter ] um, no, no, i didn't that wig, there was so much work done for that look it was like a prized possession of that hair department. so, no, i didn't get to keep it. >> seth: i got to be honest, if i was a neighborhood kid and i knew you to be an integral part of the marvel universe, i'd be pretty bummed out if you walked out as weird cat lady. [ laughter ] >> okay, we got to get some spandex. we got to figure it out. [ cheers ] >> seth: just something. just some effort >> it's coming >> seth: it's always wonderful to see you loved your family, and i look forward to next time >> definitely, seth. take care. [ cheers and applause >> seth: "impeachment: american crime story" airs tuesdays only on fx. we'll be right back with more
1:29 am
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1:37 am
stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. the audience, everyone [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tonight assessing the damage, making repairs after one of the strongest storms in decades. did all that rainfall make a


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