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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 25, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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for most bay area cities, this is now one of the top five wettest storms we have seen in history. so look at this. in san rafael, in 24 hours on sunday, we picked up 5.92 inches of rainfall, your fifth wettest day ever. in napa, 5.35 inches. oakland with the second strongest storm system ranked by rainfall with 4.28 inches. and livermore, now with the wettest day in history, with 3.57 inches there. shattering the old 24-hour rain record of 2.76 inches setback in 2002. now, as i just showed you, things are moving out. storm ranger, showers across the bay. and very high creeks and streams. from sebastopol, water is
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receding, but be very careful in this location if you're near any of those creeks, rivers and streams. i'm tracking a chance of showers tomorrow. i'm back with that in about 18 minutes. >> same deal in the peninsula. flooded roads. downed power lines, rain, a heavy toll there. marianne favro joins us from burlingame. they had a lot of issues, even though the storm has passed, marianne, just a lot to deal with now. >> reporter: absolutely, jess. i'm standing on stanton road, which was closed most of the day because of severe flooding. right now i am standing in about four to five inches of water. this is one of many streets that flooded in the peninsula today a section of east millbray avenue remains shut down today because of flooding. this is what it looked like last night when jonathan adome tried
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to cross. hess honda civic died in the middle of what looks like a river. a lyft and uber driver also tried to cross here last night. >> there was sign that it is flood, but it was so dark, so i thought it's little bit water. >> reporter: he quickly realized his mistake. >> when it was halfway, i realize it was a bad decision. it was water all over everywhere. >> reporter: his car also died and had to be towed. it prevented some from making it to the nearby b.a.r.t. station. flooding forced other streets off old bay shore highway in burlingame to close. now it's a waiting game as the water slowly drains. standing water wasn't the only issue. crews replaced this power pole in san mateo after the last one fell, hit a building and caused
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an outage at popular creek golf course. >> what made it all hands on deck for us was the wind that came with the atmospheric river storm and the outages we saw over the last 36 hours. >> reporter: as of noon, 3 36,000 people were without power. including 18,000 on the peninsula. about 16,000 customers remain without power here on the peninsula, and they're hoping to restore electricity to those folks by midnight tomorrow night. reporting live in burlingame, marianne favro. >> that is hard core when you have to wait that long. san francisco fire department tweeted this out showing people pitching in trying to push away the water. a number of people grabbing brooms, trying to help out any way they can.
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let's stay in san francisco, apart from flooding, what are you seeing there? >> reporter: we've seen a lot of fallen trees and branches. we've seen flooding just like you mentioned. more than eight hours after the storm has passed, some of the flooding still has to be cleared, but none of that flooding looks quite like this huge puddle behind me. take a look at that. you can see a dog right now having some fun with that. it is just an idea how much rain we got here in san francisco. it was a record-setting storm that left a mark on san francisco's streets. sf public works says the wind and rain left behind some 700 downed trees and limbs, some blocking roads, compromising power line or damaging parked cars like this one on pierce street. surprisingly, the neighbors didn't hear a thing. >> i slept through it. my neighbors slept through it. i'm amazed that something, a
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tree that large could fall over and no one notice it is. >> reporter: in the light of a new day the damage can definitely be seen. crews are working hard to clean up flooding in different parts of the city. this area in north beach still waiting to be cleared. some restaurants in the area, like the italian homemade were harder hit and will need to stay closed for days while they clean up. >> i haven't seen anything in six, seven years. >> reporter: he showed the damage a falling tree did to his restaurant. >> we had a roof damage. see that everything is fixed for everybody. >> reporter: other businesses are already planning for what to do when the next storms hit later in the week. >> i'm here by myself, i will close and go home. >> reporter: sf park and rec. says their crews have been working hard all day to clear the flooding, clear the fallen trees that have been all over here at golden gate park.
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we talked to san francisco fire, who says they got a record number of calls over the weekend. 988 emergency calls to be exact. over 600 of those were storm-related. nbc bay area news. >> that kept them busy for sure. most of us woke up and had to deal with some sort of our own storm damage. we want to show you a couple pictures that really showed how much rain we really got. these are photos taken a day apart at the guadalupe river. you can see how much it filled that river after getting a couple inches of rain during that storm. at the height of the storm, the california office of emergency services tweeted out it was keeping an eye on the burn scars throughout the state, especially in the santa cruz mountains. rob mayeda joins us, and the issue with the burn scar areas is there's nothing to hold that water back, and then it turns into a river of mud.
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>> and that burned material can act like a barrier. the scenario was playing out yesterday, which is a top concern after a major wildfire. the czu complex where the burn material helps to repel the water that's coming down. it's the intense rain over the santa cruz mountains. you see the areas of orange showing up on the radar, the threshold of about a half inch of rain per hour can be enough to get debris floes moving. it slides off and many times it can move as fast as 30 miles per hour. that's the reason why when you've had a recent wildfire, you know big rains coming in, you have to get people out of these communities, those speeds can overwhelm a community in a short amount of time. we had rainfall rates for hours at a time. it is something we saw to the east around the caldor fire and dixie fire. we'll have to watch the
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hillsides over the next coming days to see if there's any movement, but right now things looking okay. >> that was a great explanation. you've certainly heard about singing in the rain. how about whistling in the rain? that's actually the bridge. the golden gate bridge produces a whistling sound. started ever since the suicide barriers were put in place. during the storm the bridge was really making that whistling strong. it was super strong winds whipping right through the iconic bridge making that noise. kind of freaky, i know. we want you to send in your pictures and videos from the latest storm. you can e-mail us at isee it's super important, it's such a great situation for you. our nbc bay area app. you can get tailored weather
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forecasts to your phone even when we're not on the air. you can get up to the minute updates by tracking the storm where can you use our live radar, super simple. just put in your zip code. we're falling breaking news from san luis yoe business poe. an earthquake struck this afternoon, then a 3.6 quake. it is near where the hearst castle is located. we're going to continue to monitor the story online. if anything changes, we'll bring it to you immediately. a facebook whistle-blower testifying across the pond. today frances haugen answered questions from members of parliament in london weeks after her testimony on capitol hill. she's urging lawmakers to investigate. she said she has inside
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information she believes facebook prioritizes profit over safety. >> the current system is biassed toward bad actors and biassed. >> she provided thousands of internal documents and research to congress and the securities and exchange commission. coming up, a facebook executive defending the company and details how it's trying to improve. we're continuing to follow the dramatic situation between richmond's police chief, her husband and a 18-year-old female relative, whom the victim believes is a victim of sex trafficking. they can't reach out to the teen or her partner. the couple believes mcnair is a
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pimp who's turned their teenage relative into a prostitute. they confronted the mother which led to the police officers being put on paid leave. the ruling against the frenchs has no impact on their law enforcement duties. his home heavily flooded during last night's storm, but today it's a different story. we koth caught up with this man in contra costa county for an update. i'm scott budman in the south bay with stories of rescue and repair after sunday's big storm. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll have an update on what all this rain has meant for the rainfall season. the numbers are probably going to astound you. back with that in about nine minutes.
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next year, san francisco voters will decide whether to oust chesa boudin. signatures have been gathered to force a recall election in june 2022, joining the effort, two prosecutor whose recently resigned from boudin's office. i'm sorry, we're going to bring you those in a little bit. unfortunately, the prosecutors say boudin is making it difficult to prosecute case. 51 attorneys have quit or become fired since boudin became district attorney. our investigative unit broke the story about the issue in his office.
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we will have more details at 6:00. let's take you back to storm and drenching that unleashed on the bay area. in the south bay, the heavy rain had creeks rising fast while high winds brought down tree limbs and caused wide spread damage. they're still cleaning up after that big storm, scott. >> reporter: yeah, we're live at lee high school in san jose, and they're rapidly putting back together one of their annual fundraisers, the haunted house, one of many things turned upside down by yesterday's big storm. the storm sent the long, flaccid guadalupe river swelling, swallowing up homeless encampments and reportedly trapping two people in the current. san jose firefighters rushed to
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the scene. >> one subject was located and rescued. they were located in the creek clinging to a tree. they were safely rescued from the creek. the second subject was not located. >> reporter: they say the coast guard is still searching. in another part of san jose, the storm ripped through leigh high school haunted house, one of the school's significant fundraisers. >> and then came in this morning, and it was, we only had about a third of the original structure still standing. >> reporter: but thanks to students who picked up tools, boards and nails, it will live to scare another day. >> but at this point, between the two class periods we've pulled out pretty much all the debris. we're going to get some adult support tonight in order to get the heavier balls re-screwed and we can start rebuilding the
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original haunt. >> reporter: leigh says it plans to work through this evening to get things repaired. the goal, reopen the haunted house thursday night. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, scott. lots of damage everywhere. last night we showed you a backward in pleasant hill that basically turned into a lake during the flooding. isaac castillo said he looked outside and looked like he had a swimming pool he neff had. it was so bad water was starting to pour into the house. he lives near the contra costa canal. flash forward, here's how it looks today. we caught up with him about how it happened. the flood happened right after he had done work on the yard, so he's totally bummed about that. >> came all the way to the first step right there, so it was past my ankles. so it was just a real dire situation, because we didn't
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know when if was going to stop. have it didn't stop for a while. we showed you this last night. about 11:00 last night, isaac looked again and said the back yard had receded. the next time there's a storm on the horizon he's going to get sandbags just in case. we're seeing that all over the place. people's back yards really, really flooded. if there's any kind of indentation in the yard you get that water piling up. >> it's going to happen, too, when you get a storm system like we had last night which we said was powerful and historic on so many levels. we picked up two to three months of rain in just 24 hours in some areas. that's why we're seeing all that damage. i wanted to start off with mobile doppler radar. this system is moving off to the south. the atmospheric river is breaking up and again weakening. when it comes to our rain season
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we are running a massive surplus right now. putting the damage aside, is there good news to report on this level, 9.19 inches above normal in santa rosa. we're up 4.23 inches in oakland. san francisco, 4.99 inches, and san jose, just up one and a quarter inches. for the rainfall season, check this out. we are 967% of normal in santa rosa. san francisco, 1,141% of normal. and san jose running 466% of normal. it also looks like as we head into november we could have another strong storm as we hit the mid part of the month. more on that as we get closer. snowfall also a very early and strong start. a lot of the ski resorts picking up anywhere from one to close to four feet. mt. rose with some of the highest totals here, 42 inches. as we move on from here, what you're going to see is cloud the returning. it's going to be chilly, bot to
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have your jacket. i'm seeing some low 50s. even the chance of spotty showers from san francisco to north bay. it is nothing compared to what we just went through. a little spotty shower activity. you can see it here at 8:30. the best chances remain off to the north as we head through tomorrow. overall totals. maybe two tenths of an inch. i don't see any problems out of this as we roll through tomorrow. let's go ahead and move it into our temperatures. across the south bay it stays cool for the afternoon. lots of widespread 60s. 66 in morgan hill, east baerks 65 in antioch. san francisco, 59 in the marina, and right off to the north bay, 59 in ukiah, also a chilly 63 in mill valley. on my seven-day forecast, once
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we get over the spotty shower chance tomorrow, the good news, we do have a break in the forecast. no more rain after that as we head into the seven-day forecast. tuesday, some showers and then warming, 70s inland, wednesday, thursday and friday, and eventually next week we go back to 60s and clouds returning. jessica, we got over this one. we desperately needed it. that was phenomenal the past 48 hours, kind of treacherous out there, no matter where you were. >> it was feast or famine for sure. we got so much in a little bit of time it was scary for a lot of folks. you've seen flooding on the roads, in people's homes, what happens when it gets in your sonoma consumer investigator chris chmura breaks down what you can do to help with cleanup and when insurance applies.
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okay, check it out. the storm last night, not so great for the carnival at the alameda county fairgrounds. they did close the fair last night, so no one got hurt except the pop-up tents. the fair's normally in the summer but got pushed back to the fall because of covid. all good, the fun isn't over. they cleaned up the mess and opened the fair back up to run through halloween. we showed you flooding all over the bay area. what happens when the flooding actually pours into your home? can you call insurance for that one? i'm almost afraid of what you are going to say. >> you can call them, but i don't think you're going to like
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the answer. the bottom line answer is no. the typical homeowners policy will not cover flooding. if you want protection from flooding you have to buy a separate policy. the thing is, most california homeowners, like jessica said, do not buy flood insurance. renters as well only 204,000 california properties currently carry a flood policy compared to 14 million. 95.8% to not. if this weekend prompted you to consider flood insurance, you can go to to get a quote, call your insurance agent. >> it's important to do it right away. those policies generally will not take effect for 30 days.
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as for coming into the winter months, you want to get that coverage in place as soon as possible. >> yeah, all right, here's the thing. i'll be back at 6:00 to talk about spoiled food and whether insurance is going to help you with that. >> oh, yeah, that's always a tricky one, too, whether or not they pay on that one. back this a moment with a new image from the red planet, as nasa continues to explore the unknown.
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okay, going to take you to outer space right now. nasa's "perseverance" mars rover, beaming back new pictures from the red planet. they've been burning the midnight oil, getting minimum wages and doing experiments. there's the video right there. the submission to look for signs of ancient life and collect rock samples for a possible return before it comes back to earth to show us all these new pictures. >> looks pretty good. >> i wish i was a nasa scientist so i could interpret what the pictures mean. go
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>> it's drier there than it is here. >> we know that. >> the strongest storm we've seen since 1995. you know the drill, toppled trees, flooded homes and streets. plus, making online hate worse. a whistle-blower tells british lawmakers that they stoke hate. and joe manchin sits down to negotiate the infrastructure bill. what was dropped from the bill and what comes next? we're joined by our political analyst, larry gerston. >> the news at 5:30 starts right now, thanks for being with us. >> happy monday, dry and partially sunny. the storm has r


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