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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 24, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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video earlier today. in san jose. maybe it will brighten your day a bit. and bring good luck to the 49ers. >> hope to see a lot more rainbows. see you after the game. tonight new accusations surrounding the deadly movie set accident involving alec baldwin. an emotional vigil for the woman who was killed and what a former co-worker says about the man who handed baldwin the gun according to authorities why she filed a complaint in the past. >> you can't help but think, did i do enough? >> the strongest storm ever recorded off the west coast targeting 40 million people bringing strong winds and rain and causing this mud slide. is there a deal? president biden met with key senator joe manchin today. democrats say they're almost there on a massive social
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spending and climate plan. the fda just days vaccines for children. the new timeline and details of the rollout. a cargo ship on fire. shipping containers knocked into the sea. what it all means for the supply chain crisis. and major changes the post office says it is making for the holidays. will they be ready? our exclusive look inside the lab testing the next generation of helmets for the nfl. how they could keep players safe in youth football, too. and one of the supporting stars of "friends" has died. we remember the actor who played gunther. good evening. investigators are trying to piece together how a loaded prop gun made it into the hands of actor alec baldwin on a new mexico film set, the shots killing the cinematographer and wounding the director. last night hundreds gathered in albuquerque to mourn the loss of helena
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hutchins. another vigil is planned for tonight. baldwin was seen over the weekend hugging hutchinson's distraught husband. tonight we're hearing more about the man responsible for safety on that set and allegations that he missed basic safety protocols in the past. >> i know we're all united right now in our grief and sorrow. >> reporter: in new mexico grief and countless unanswered questions after alec baldwin fired a gun on set that killed cinematographer helena hutchins. this as new details emerged about the film's assistant director. the crew member responsible for safety on set and the man who handed baldwin the loaded gun, declaring it safe moments before 42-year-old hutchins was shot dead. court records say he did not know live rounds were in the prop gun. >> you said someone was shot? >> two people accidentally. >> reporter: this licensed pyro
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technician worked with halls on a previous project and claims he failed to maintain a safe environment. >> not having safe fire lanes. very, very basic safety issues. >> reporter: she says she raised her concerns about halls to the producers but nothing happened. a blum house spokesperson tells nbc news no complaints were received by the studio's anonymous system regarding safety concerns. a source close to the production says the 2019 complaint had been lodged against halls and his lack of respect for personal space noting following the complaint he was never hired by the studio again. halls declined to comment when reached by nbc news. >> this is probably the most egregious, negligent accident i've heard of in film history. >> reporter: he has been a hollywood armorer for 18 years and shows us it is easy to make sure a gun is safe. >> step one is rotating through all six cylinders so you can clearly see they are empty.
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i would click through the gun six times. sometimes seven just to be sure so everybody knows this is a completely inert weapon. >> reporter: tonight in hollywood, faced with senseless tragedy, growing calls for change. >> this could very well end my career. but we have to speak up. >> reporter: tonight we're hearing from helena hutchins' sister as well? >> we are, kate. her sister released a statement saying she was the brightest person i've ever known, my friend and support no matter what happened. kate? >> all right, erin. thank you. parts of california and nevada are bracing tonight for what is being called the strongest storm of are recorded off the west coast. it is gaining strength and already causing massive damage in areas scarred by recent wildfires. we'll go to the storm zone in paradise, california. >> reporter: in northern california tonight, bracing for
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impact. a monster storm marching across the west. 41 million at risk for flash flooding, mud slides, and high winds. forecasters calling it the strongest storm ever recorded off the west coast. what is to blame? a swift, massive drop in air pressure called a bomb cyclone combined with an influx of extra tropical moisture the mix creating a catastrophic weather system already wreaking havoc on california's highways shall the terrain loose after historic wildfires like this one last year in the santa cruz mountains. the area now being evacuated. >> the debris flow is a concern as well. also downed trees are a huge concern, downed power lines. even if it, you know, a tree doesn't land on your house per se. >> reporter: though some are still choosing to stay. >> we have easily a week's worth of supplies to get us through. >> reporter: north of sacramento the town of paradise still devastated from the
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fires there. resident prepping and praying they'll be spared. >> a little shaken up. >> reporter: but uprooted trees already taking a toll. >> basically the whole roof has collapsed and is exposed to the weather on the inside. >> reporter: fear of what the next few hours will bring now ripple go through a -- rippling through a region that so desperately needed rain but the storm only providing more pain. >> steve joins us from paradise. we all remember it was devastated by wildfires. are residents evacuating all over again? >> reporter: kate, right now the storm is still raging with residents here hunkered down, but the big worry is the burn scars turning into pathways for devastating mud flows especially with this rain nowhere near letting up. kate? >> all right. steve, thank you. president biden today held a rare but critical sunday meeting with two senators key to the negotiations over his multi trillion dollars social spending and climate bill. democrats say they are closer to a deal than ever. monica alba is at the
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white house. >> reporter: democrats inching closer to a deal on a massive social spending and climate plan. president biden hosting a critical meeting at his delaware home today with majority leader chuck schumer and senator joe manchin. an agreement within reach. >> we have 90% of the bill agreed to and written. we just have some of the last decisions to be made. >> reporter: after months of negotiations a final framework forming. what likely stays? universal pre-k, child care, and elder care funding. what is likely out? free community college and medicare expansion to cover dental, hearing, and vision. what's limited? the length of the child tax credit and paid family leave reduced from 12 weeks to four. >> it is less than we had suggested to begin with but it is still bigger than anything we have ever done in terms of addressing the needs of america's working families. >> reporter: two senators have been key holdout votes, kirs
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ten sinema of arizona and west virginia's manchin who rejected a larger price tag and certain climate proposals in the bill. >> it is just the language of it but it will not offend shall we say the concern that senator manchin has. >> reporter: the president is eager to have a commitment before thursday when he departs for two major economic and climate summits, hoping to tout legislative progress on his agenda on the world stage. >> monica is with me now. i know we just got details of what happened in that meeting today with senator manchin. >> reporter: the white house says it was a productive discussion with continued progress and they'll keep working on the president's multi trillion dollars plans in the coming days before he heads overseas. kate? >> all right. monica, thank you. we have two pieces of good news on the covid front tonight. infection rates are down. a whopping 50% since their peak in september. just days from now a covid vaccine could be approved for kids ages 5 to 11.
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kathy park has the new timeline. >> done. >> reporter: pfizer's covid vaccine for kids could be ready for a nationwide rollout in a matter of weeks. fda advisers will meet tuesday to vote on emergency use authorization, a critical step in the regulatory process. >> it is entirely possible if not very likely that vaccines will be available for children from 5 to 11 within the first week or two of november. >> reporter: pfizer reported their kid sized doses are 91% effective. health regulators review the drug maker's data and the announcement shows the vaccine's benefit for preventing hospitalization and death outweighs potential side effects scientists finding there were no cases of the heart inflammation but some experienced fatigue, headache, and pain at the injection site. not all parents are convinced their kids should get the vaccine. unless it becomes
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mandatory for them to attend school then that is going to come down to the wire. >> reporter: immunization for 5 to 11-year-old includes two shots three weeks apart each at one-third of the adult dose. last week the white house announced more than 25,000 pediatric and primary care providers have signed up to administer the vaccines. >> for my kids age 7 and 11 i am waiting patiently, anxiously for the vaccine. we've talked to our pediatrician and i am onboard. >> reporter: if the shots get the sign-off from both the fda and cdc, 28 million children could be eligible for a vaccine. and by christmas, some could even be fully protected. kathy is here with me in the studio. where will parent be able to find this vaccine for their kids? >> we are told don't expect to take your kids to mass vaccination sites. you have to be sensitive because you are dealing with children here so health officials are leaning toward smaller venues like clinics, doctors' offices, and children's hospitals. >> pediatricians.
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thank you. >> exactly. we have new developments in the case of the 17 missionaries kidnapped in haiti last week. in a surprising new video christian aid ministries now say they forgive the notorious gang holding their loved ones hostage. matt bradley has details. >> reporter: tonight, absolution for an abduction. >> it's been a week of many tears and thousands if not millions of prayers taking place around the world. >> reporter: as the families of the 17 american and canadian missionaries kidnapped in haiti last week say they're forgiving their kidnappers. >> one father of a hostage shared this about the kidnappers. we are interested in the salvation of these men and we love them. another father said, as a family, we are giving forgiveness to these men. we are not holding anything against them. >> reporter: but the kidnappers seem to prefer cash to compassion demanding a million dollars for each victim. the gang is among haiti's most fearsome.
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its leader said in a video last week he would put a bullet in the head of each missionary if he wasn't paid. the biden administration has said they won't negotiate. >> the families continue to be united in their desire to follow jesus' teachings on forgiveness. >> reporter: all the families can do now is wait and pray. matt bradley, nbc news. still ahead tonight a cargo vessel packed with shipping containers catches fire. we have the latest on the shipping backlog. also an exclusive look the shipping backlog. also an exclusive look inside the l oh! you're doing it wrong, man! what's wrong with action figures? nothing, except buying them without capital one shopping. what's that? samuel... mr. l... jackson. capital one shopping instantly searches for available coupon codes and automatically applies them. just download it to your computer. whoa! you're my hero. yeah... i can tell. you like it? i look good in miniature. capital one shopping... it's kinda genious. (in s.l.j. voice) what's in your wallet? i don't say it like that, devin.
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we are back with the latest on the supply chain crisis. we told you last night 40 shipping containers that fell off a cargo vessel, thance caught fire further delaying deliveries. as we get closer to the holidays the u.s. postal service now revealing what it is doing to get ready. >> reporter: the supply chain crisis sinking in more troubled waters. disaster aboard a ship off the coast of canada when ten containers caught fire from a chemical fire that is still burning. >> the fire is smoldering. >> reporter: just one day earlier 40 shipping containers tumbled into the pacific ocean from that same cargo ship off the coast of washington. >> a piece of steel
3:46 pm
floating semisubmerged in the owing is a significant navigational risk for small and large ships. >> reporter: the ship was hit by rough weather, holding at sea due to an over crowded port. >> that day when the storm came through there were probably upwards of 10 to 12 container ships literally loitering off the coast waiting. >> reporter: the events adding stress to a pipeline of shipping backups worldwide and ongoing supply chain shortages. as holidays approach many consumers already are anxious about delays. many suffered disappointments last christmas when gifts arrived late. in february the post master general faced questions from congress. >> we fell far short. too many americans were left waiting for weeks for important deliveries of mail and packages. >> reporter: the usps vowing to do better this year. according to recent reporting in "the wall street journal" usps adding 45 new facilities for the peak shipping season, 112 new machines to sort packages, and
3:47 pm
hiring 40,000 seasonal workers. usps saying it will be able to handle more than 50 million packages a day, up 35% from last year. but shipping experts say there is a long road ahead. >> we'll be well into 2022 until we start to see some relief. >> reporter: experts say until then order early and pack your patience. nbc news. up next, an exclusive look inside the lab working with the nfl to build a safer football helmet. plus, remembering one o f hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory. it was going downhill. my friend recommended that i try prevagen and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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a jungle hideout by the colombian military and is also wanted in the united states where there was a $5 million reward for his capture. the colombian government says he'll now be extradited to the u.s. tonight we remember an actor whose quiet character spoke volumes. james michael tyler has died. the actor played the quirky, shy coffee shop owner named gunther, a worker named gunther on the show "friends" but was also a talented musician, husband, and advocate for prostate cancer awareness. james michael tyler died of the disease. he was 59 years old. we'll take a closer look tonight at football and head injuries. the nfl has been under fire for years for not doing enough, but tonight we have an exclusive look inside an nfl funded lab where they're building and testing what could be the helmet of the future. it could keep players of all ages safer on the field. >> reporter: they are
3:51 pm
some of the hardest hits on the field being recreated off the field. how many helmets do you think you put through the wringer here? . >> oh, i would say now more than a thousand helmets. >> reporter: at this lab in charlottesville, virginia they're trying to build a better football helmet in a project funded by the nfl. >> five years ago we put a hundred million dollars into concussion research. >> reporter: the research begins here watching game footage, mapping out every single concussion impact in the nfl. in 2019 there were more than 220 diagnosed concussions in the league. in the lab they're testing different impacts. >> going to come in at a specified velocity. from that we can understand what the reduction in force applied to the head is based on the helmet. >> reporter: from a hard hit that wouldn't cause a concussion to ones that will. >> if we can cut down on the number of impacts players sustain we know we can cut down on the number of concussions.
3:52 pm
>> reporter: the nfl issued a challenge to engineers across the world. build a better helmet. these are the finalists. the winners from detroit, montreal, and denver. each will receive nearly $500,000 to try and get their prototypes to market. and it could benefit more than just the pros. >> the helmets developed for the nfl environment, technology that's been developed, does trickle down to college, high school, and youth level. >> reporter: one goal, to have helmets tailored specifically to each position on the team. these are general position helmets but this is the first position specific helmet already on the field. you see this bumper? it has extra padding for linemen. this nfl commercial airing during primetime games boasts concussions have been reduced. >> the ability to sustain 25% reduction in concussions for the past three seasons. >> reporter: jeff miller is the nfl executive vice president for health and safety. is that a number you're satisfied with? >> no. there is no finish line when it comes to the health and safety
3:53 pm
of our sports specifically around concussions. >> reporter: four years ago the league agreed to pay out $1 billion to players who suffered long-term effects from concussions. many suffering from symptoms of cte, a debilitating condition resulting from multiple impacts to the head. could you take a family member of somebody who has lost someone who has been diagnosed post mortem with cte and say, the nfl has changed. the nfl is changing >> i would say to anybody and happy to have the conversation with anybody interested in player health and safety whether the nfl level or all levels of football and talk about the work we are doing to improve the game. you can make the game safer and more exciting. >> reporter: getting closer to the goal post of a safer sport, a huge challenge. nbc news, charlottesville, virginia. when we come back, the young runner when we come back, the young runner yeah, that's half the fun of a new house. seeing what people left behind in the attic. well, saving on homeowners insurance with geico's help was pretty fun too. ahhhh, it's a tiny dancer.
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there is good news tonight about helping someone when they're down, even someone you've never met before. a reminder that we all might be able to find small ways to make a difference. for these high school cross country runners in nebraska, this was make or break, the qualifying race for the state championships just over a week ago. what were you hoping for going in? >> i was hoping for state, but i knew the competition we had was going to be really tough. >> reporter: senior brandon shutt from omaha was running for the last time with his varsity team. around the two-mile mark sophomore blake servini from another omaha high school passed brandon >> i was running a pretty decent race but
3:57 pm
then the last 1 k my legs started to hurt. my legs gave out on me. >> reporter: brandon saw blake fall twice. >> then he got up and i was like, wow. i've never seen that before. usually when a runner goes down he stays down and the fact he kept getting up was incredible to me. >> reporter: come on! blake! >> as blake neared the finish line he crumbled a be able to finish or not. >> reporter: then something exceptional happened. >> when i saw him go down i decided, all right. i'm going to help him to the finish. >> reporter: brandon pulled his competitor to his feet. [cheers and applause] and together side by side they crossed the finish line. blake, i think it says a lot about brandon that he even stopped. >> yeah. i would say it does. he didn't care about what place he got. he cared that he helped someone else. >> reporter: he wanted to make sure you finished. >> yeah. >> reporter: as soon
3:58 pm
as he recovered, blake wanted to find the stranger who had helped him. they met the next day. as their moment was spreading online. >> i thanked him a lot. i really appreciate what he did. and i'm not going to forget that. i mean, there's always people throughout the day where five seconds can change someone's life. you can always reach out and help somebody. >> reporter: they say the lesson is universal. >> that was the most important race i've ever had in high school. probably ever. it meant something. we may not go to the same school. we may not be on the same team. we're all in this together. >> we sure are. blake still has two more years running in high school. brandon told me he might want to run in college and he is interested in studying medicine. that is nbc "nightly news" on a sunday night. i'm kate snow for all of us at nbc news. stay safe. have a great night.
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