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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 23, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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"nightly news" is coming up next. we'll be back after notre dame football. we'll see you then. thanks for joining us. tonight, new details on the movie set death involving alec baldwin. police reveal who happened the gun to the star before the fatal shot. new aimages today of bald within hugging the husband of the victim. and what the woman in charge of guns on set said about a previous movie. >> i think loading blanks was like the stariest thing to me because i was like i don't know anything about it. the boosters are here. follow-up shots from moderna and j&j now available. but the question so many are asking. should i mix match? we break down what you need to know. new leaked facebook documents.
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what they reveal about their own employees' concerns about what facebook failed to do surrounding january 6th and misinformation. the clash between migrants and police in mexico as a massive caravan heads to the u.s. border. lost at sea. the shipping containers knocked into the ocean by extreme weather as a strange rouse storm takes aim at the west coast. officials now warning of evacuations. searching for answers. the autopsy of what killed brian laundrie is inconclusive as we get the first close-up look at the park where he was found. plus, hero's homecoming. the emotional surprise reunions on the football field. >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with jose diaz balart. good evening. the investigation into the fatal on-set accident involving the actor alec baldwin is moving quickly. we have new information tonight about how that gun ended up in the star's hands for that fatal shot. and we are learning that it may not have
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been the first misfire from the gun that day. but we also have these new images tonight that show so much. the actor walking with, then embracing the husband and son of the cinematographer who was killed. emily qaeda is following all of it for us tonight. >> reporter: new photos of alec baldwinin seen sharing an embrace with the husband of halyna hutchins killed thursday on the scene of a movie set. >> you said someone was shot. >> two people accidentally. >> reporter: tonight a closer look at the chaos and confusion on the set of the western film "rust" that ended in tragedy. nbc learned the lethal weapon that killed a cinematographer and injured the director misfired before. one of the safety concerns that reportedly prompted several crew members to wouk of a set. hours later, alec baldwin fired the deadly shot. the film's production company says it was not notified of official complaints. >> a woman lost her life.
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it didn't have to happen. >> reporter: newly released court documents show behave halls handed the gun and shouted cold weapon thinking it was safe. he grab it from the cart in charge of the person in fires hannah reeves who we could not get ahold of. she revealed last month that she was brand-new to the role. >> dad taught me everything. a lot of things i caught on by myself. i think loading blanks was the scariest thing to me. >> reporter: security guidelines largely bar live ammunition on sets especially in rare occasions then net fixes shall be made on the call street. >> this one is real, this is not. >> reporter: you can see the difference between blanks and bullets. but once ammunition is in the weapon it is impossible to tell. >> it sounds like they didn't have enough
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eyeballs on it or not enough experience to check. >> reporter: a civil suit is almost guaranteed. but for baldwin, criminal charges are not. >> he pulled the trigger. but for him to be charged, he would actually have to have knowledge that that problem gun was loaded with a live round. >> reporter: tonight, the director joe souza, who was shot in the shoulder breaking his silence writing i am gutted by the loss of my friend and colleague, halyna hutchins. >> emily, what's next in the investigation? >> right now, investigators are parsing through evidence from the set including ammunition, problem guns, clothing and cameras. officials say still right now it is unclear if charges will be filed. but we should learn more next week. jose? >> emily, thank you. today mark as critical turning point in the battle against covid. now boosters for all three different vaccines are now available. but for americans rolling up their sleeves, the choices for missioning and matching can be confusing. kathy park breaks it
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down for us. >> reporter: pharmacies across the country are now rolling out all three boosters after the cdc expanded eligibility to some 70 million americans. the demand for boosters now outpacing the number of first-dose recipients. karen got her first two shots in january and returned for her moderna booster friday. >> my dad's 84th birthday is coming up in two weeks. i would love to be able to see him safely. >> reporter: the cdc recommends a half dose of moderna for those most at risk six months after their second shot. for j&j, adults who have been vaccinated for at least to months can now get a second shot of their choosing. this week, health reg will iters signed off on missioning and matching, giving people more flexibility to receive a different shot from their original. all three covid-19 vaccines authorized in the united states are extraordinarily safe. >> reporter: safe, but should you mix and match your vaccines? >> if you go into a pharmacy and they don't have the vaccine
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that you originally got, it really is fine to get a different vaccine. >> reporter: an nih study reviewed by the fda found all combinations of boosters increase antibodies. the data also showed that volunteers who religionly received moderna or pfizer shots and swapped third doses showed similar results. for j&j recipients, the study showed a stronger immune response from a pfizer or moderna booster. some say there are benefits to mixing and matching. >> they use different technologies. using different technologies create antibodies that attack the spike protein of the real virus in different ways in different places thus creating a more optimal and stronger immune response. >> reporter: a critical scientific breakthrough to beat back the virus. >> kathy, can we expect any side effects with these booster shots? >> jose, doctors say
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be prepared for side effects similar to what you may have experienced during your last dose of the covid-19 vaccines. chills, fever, and fatigue are some of the most common symptoms. jose. >> kathy park in new york city. thank you. we are getting a look tonight at newly leaked internal documents from within facebook reacting to the january 6th capitol riots. the dupts show loyee concerns that company policies allowing conspiracy theories to spread played a role leading up to the attacks. matt bradley reports. >> reporter: facebook under fire once again, with new documents leaked by insiders regarding the january 6th assault on the u.s. capitol. one employee writing in an internal chat, haven't we had enough time to figure out how to manage discourse without enabling violence? we have been fuelling the fire for a long time, and we shouldn't be surprised it's now out of control. >> the problem is what these documents also is that there were times where within the company they had
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finding and they didn't act on it. >> reporter: the leaked documents showing facebook knew its algorithms pushed false content. and the growth of conspiratorial groups. >> these problems are solvable. >> reporter: the leak follows bombshell testimony from whistle-blow frances hogan who testified before congress earlier this month. >> facebook knows how to make facebook and instagram safer but won't make the changes because they put their profits before people. >> reporter: one employee writing i am struggling to match my values to my employment here. i'm tired of plat attitudes, i want action items n. a statement facebook says the responsibility for the violence that occurs on january 6th lies with those who attacked our capitol and those who encouraged them and called the leaked documents a curated selection out of millions. but these are not the ends of ceo mark zuckerberg's and
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facebook's worries. more documents are set to be released to media outlets later this week. on monday, haugen will be testifying before parliament here in lon don. a global reckoning for a social media giant. matt bradley. nbc news, london. it is the most closely watched election this year. many view it as the first real sign of what may happen in the midterm elections. today president obama brought his star power to the effort. we have more on the governor's race in virginia. >> hello richmond! >> reporter: former president obama back on the campaign trail today, rallying for democrat terry mcauliffe in the most closely watched political contest of the year. >> we are at a turning point right now. >> reporter: reminding virginia voters just how tight the governor's race is. >> some of you are plain tired. we can't afford to be fired. >> reporter: a monmouth poll showing mcauliffe and republican glen youngkin neck-and-neck.
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>> you are going the decide this election and the direction of virginia and the direction of this country for generations to come. >> reporter: the 44th president, the latest top democrat to stump for mcauliffe. in a big test ahead of the 2022 mid terms. a crucial bellwether for the party in power, which traditionally loses seats. as president biden's job approval continues to slip in virginia and nationwide. mcauliffe, a gormer governor of the commonwealth, running against a business man backed by former president trump. >> glen youngkin is not a reasonable republican. >> reporter: trump hasn'ted campaigned for youngkin in person. the gop candidate walking a fine line to motivate the trump base without alienating his most loyal supporters. his campaign slamming obama's appearance today as quote, calling in these big-name politicians to try to drum up support and enthusiasm in places where terry mcauliffe has none.
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>> monica joins us now. is the president expected to hit the campaign trail in this race again? >> the president will rally for mcauliffe on tuesday a full week before polls close since mr. biden will be overseas at key summits in the final days of this off-year election. jose? >> monica al have a at the white house, thank you. we have breaking news on the growing migrant crisis tonight. thousands of men and women, some holding babies and children, clashed with police in mexico, a city just across the border from guatemala. police with shields tried to beat them back. many in the large crowd are fleeing violence and extreme poverty in their home countries of haiti, venezuela, cuba and other latin american countries and are desperately trying to find safety in the u.s. still ahead, the
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baffled. tonight catie beck has our first up-close look at the park where he was found. >> reporter: the search for brian laundrie is over. but the search for answers about his death remain. tonight, the nature reserve where search teams made the grim discovery, now open to the public after being closed for a month. >> this little tiny little park here in north port, florida, who would have thought that this kind of frenzy would be generated. >> reporter: cameras getting a close look at the scene for the first time, seeing how dense the woods are, and how wet the area is. laundrie's remains were found in this area deep in the reserve that was recently under water. much of the reserve is untamed swamp home to alligators, snakes, and wild pigs. while the fbi says dental records confirm his identity more information is needed from his remains which include a portion of a human skull to determine exactly lou the 23 yearly died.
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after a medical examiner was unable to determine the cause of death the attorney tells nbc news the remains were sent to an enthough poll gist for further evaluation. a forensic pathologist says they will likely use x-rays on the remains searching for anomalies and fractures or anomalies within the bone but says searching for a cause of death will be a challenge. >> i don't envy my colleagues. all the tissues are no longer there. if there were some sort of trauma, you may not see it. it is like you can't complete a puzzle if you are missing many pieces. >> reporter: authorities began a massive manhunt for laundrie after his fiancee gabby petito went missing in august. laundrie was named a person of interest in her murder after her remains were found at a national park. at his parents's home today, a request for privacy?
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we are sorry for your loss. >> thank you. >> katie beck joins me now. you are getting a close up look at the reserve. how severe are the conditions there? >> jose, the conditions are quite extreme. while we know brian laundrie was an experienced survivalist, the heat here, the wildlife as well as the flooding, these would be difficult circumstances for anyone to endure over a long period of time. jose? >> katie beck in north port, florida, thank you. coming up the storm on track to strike a major blow to millions overnight. strike a major blow to millions overnight. >>michael: this is the story of two brothers. david: my grandfather, pinchas. michael: my great-great- grandfather, rachmaiel. gigi: pinky and rocky. simi: there was an uprising in poland. david: and then the family broke apart. michael: they scattered around in different places. gigi: they worked hard. simi: and built new lives. michael: but rocky and pinky's families didn't see each other again... all: ...until now. david: more than 100 years later, ancestry helped connect us to our ancestors
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we have been talking a lot lately about the supply chain issues plaguing our nation. and now another blow. take a look at this. these blue boxes are actually just a few of the 40 shipping containers that got tossed from a cargo carrier off the coast of washington state yesterday during a bout of bad weather. tomorrow weather is going to be a lot worse out west. evacuation warnings are in effect for parts of california. more than 7 million are under flash flood alerts there and in nevada. now to a story about covid vaccine mandates and the fallout for those who refuse the shots. what happened after? our rahema ellis met with three people for a candid conversation about the consequences that follow. >> i feel secure in my decision. >> i don't know the long term effects.
3:51 pm
>> i opted to take the unpaid leave. >> reporter: karen is a patient care technician at a new york hospital. rob is a married father of three boys. he spent 17 years at a new york city high school as a fhys-ed teacher. this is a pediatric occupation algorithm therapist. they all reached the same conclusion about vaccine mandates. why did you decide to put your livelihood on the line? >> i felt like i didn't have choice i was being forced to do something torque put something into my body. >> i feel like what they were doing, when they have done is they basically held for ransom your health insurance, your benefits, your livelihood, your career in some cases. >> reporter: a addition pulling at raquel's heart. >> my last task at my job was laminating hearts for my students. and i was able to place them in boxes. i'm getting very emotional because i miss them.
3:52 pm
>> reporter: the consequences go beyond emotion. financially, can you see yourself continuing? >> we have discussed the possibilities of having to sell our house. having to find a new place to live. >> reporter: does anything keep you awake at night? >> yeah, fear of the future. not knowing, you know, what's going to happen next. am i going to be able to get a job? are we going to be able to keep our home. >> losing a significant portion of our income just like that, where you weren't able to prepare -- it's shocking. >> reporter: then concerns about the vaccine more frightening than losing their jobs. are you afraid that being vaccinated will hurt you? >> there is too many unknown force me to be comfortable with it. >> i think we need to allow for adequate science and studies to be done. >> rob believes, because he already had covid, he's protected. research shows the vaccines are overwhelmingly
3:53 pm
effective and safe. and antibody levels do wane over time after infection. what do you say when people say, it's just selfish not to think of the larger community, and just to think of yourself? >> it's selfish to think that an individual or a government is going to take away my right to choose what's best for me. wouldn't that be selfish? >> i don't think anybody should put their beliefs on me for what i choose not to do. >> reporter: what would you need to hear to change your mine? >> i don't think there is anything i need to hear. >> if my spirit is telling me this is not right for me, i am going to listen to my intuition every time. >> i am not saying not ever. i am just saying not yet, not for me. >> reporter: taking a firm stance, and now figuring out how to live with it. rahema ellis, nbc news, new york. when we ce back, news, new york. when we ce back, om alright, here we go, miller in motion.
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reinserting contacts. [inflammation] got any room in your eye? be proactive about managing your symptoms by talking to your doctor about twice-daily xiidra. like i did. [inflammation] i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. tonight about heros and home comings. and our nation's service members going to extremes to surprise their loved ones in an unlikely place. there's just something about high school football that brings families together. the big game's a special place for surprises, like this one in kansas. the emotional moment
3:57 pm
u.s. air force master sergeant josh goreski returned from a three-month deployment in the south pacific to support his son, caleb. the 16-year-old overwhelmed. >> as soon as i saw him, my eyes were flooding with tears of joy it. just felt so good having him back and that he was going to be able to watch the game and be with me again. >> how important was it that this surprise happen at your son's football game? >> it was a huge football game. my girlfriend and his girlfriend helped set it all up with the principal and the coaches and everything else. so it worked out. >> near birmingham, alabama, a more elaborate scheme. number 28 is a freshman walking out for the coin toss. meeting in the middle, the referee with the face mask on. then the reveal. that's his dad, major fred grooms just back from kuwait. the pair embracing as
3:58 pm
teammates cheered. fred, tell us your side of the story. >> the ref told me to look at every single one of their faces. i did twice. and i still didn't see my dad. it took him to take off the mask and laugh at me to really know this. >> reporter: together major grooms and his wife cooked up the plan to make it secret. >> she made me go in the closet and turn off all the lights until the kids left. >> reporter: those who serve using the gridiron for special occasions this season. the friday nightlights making life so much brighter. i am wondering what you guys think of your fathers and how much they are sacrificing for the good of our country. >> i feel good that my dad is a hero to other people. >> i see him as a protector of our
3:59 pm
nation. i always thought that was a pretty good, cool quality of him. >> very cool, indeed. and we would like to thank all those serving in duty to our nation. that's "nightly news" for this saturday, i'm jose diaz ball art. thank you for the privilege of your time, and good night. can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies.
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such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. ♪♪ ♪♪ the 49ers are back in action in week seven of the nfl season. laura britt with you over the next half-hour. we'll here an exclusive sit-down discussion with kyle shanahan in just a moment. let's get a look at our field vision as we check out the nfc west standings. the 49ers have played one less game than their competition in


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