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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  October 22, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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i'm raj mathai. next on nbc news tonight, bracing for the rain. flash flooding and strong winds. jeff ranieri has the updated timeline. plus kyle shanahan explains what the 49ers did differently today to prepare for sunday night football. and we have new information from that deadly shooting involving alec baldwin. we're getting some answers about what exactly happened on the set of his movie and the problems with the crew before the accident. and are you looking for a booster shot? how you can go and get one now. what you need to know. good evening. this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm raj mathai. within the past 90 minutes we're
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getting a lot of new details about problems on the set that have new alec baldwin movie. the bay area director who was shot is recovering tonight. we'll get to that story in just a few minutes. also dave chappelle just announced he's performing in san francisco and netflix employees are planning to protest. that story just ahead as well. but we start with the major storm headed our way. behind me you can see the scan from our exclusive radar here. the stormranger radar is ground level radar, which picks up the rain much more accurately. what's happening in the next 48 hours? that's the big question. heavy rain, wind, and yes, potential for flash flooding. along the coast, we've seen a lot of big waves. our sky ranger over san francisco this afternoon. there is a high surf advisory for most beaches through 11:00 tonight. on the ground level, crews in san francisco very busy, even before the rain comes in. they sent out vacuum trucks to clear out drain pipes and sewers.
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the city plans to hand out sandbags in lower lying neighborhoods that have had issues with flooding in the past. >> we have strike teams which are employees with rakes that clean up the debris on top of the storm drains to make sure they don't clog. we're keeping an eye on potential problem areas in the city and will deploy those kind of at a moment's notice, because we know the rains are coming. >> and they are. the city is placing flood barriers at 17th and fulsome, which is an area that frequently floods in strong. let's get to the men of the hour, jeff ranieri. what is the updated timeline, is there a way to accurately predict that even, at this hour? >> oh, certainly. it's all about consistency and what we're seeing in the model data. it's really pointing towards sunday into monday morning. that's going to be the zone where we're going to get those heaviest rains. because we're hearing about rain, rain, rain, but i want to make sure you know we've got it sunday into monday morning. >> we still have tonight and saturday to prep and get everything ready, gutters and
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things around the house. >> excellent point, i have stuff to do at my house too. tomorrow is that in-between period to get things ready. i want to take you through the timeline. when you get to the orange and the red, we're talking about some really heavy rainfall. this is sunday at 4:00 a.m. this is when we expect that atmospheric river to line up. you can see it's over the north bay and the south bay. it's going to take a long time to get down toward the south bay. as we roll through the day on sunday, there we go, 8:00 a.m., it's over the north bay. >> then starting to spread. >> exactly. but not much down there into the south bay. we'll have to go into the afternoon to get that consistent rainfall through the peninsula and east bay. south bay, you're still in that rain shadow, we call it a rain shadow because the santa cruz mountains seal a lot of that moisture. once we hit sunday evening, it moves right down into the south bay by about 7:30 into 9:30. we should see this storm system
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clear out once we hit monday morning. with that said, i did want to show, look at these totals, focusing on the north bay, that magenta pink color to gray, that's two to four inches of rain. that's a lot. we could see flooding specifically in the north bay. they're going to get hit the hardest. two inches on average in the east bay and peninsula. i still think we'll get in 3/4 inch to 1 inch. a lot happening. >> the 49ers, this is a big deal, sunday night football, the country will be watching. rain or shine, they're playing, unless, that's thunder? >> with an atmospheric river, there's always a chance for maybe some stray lightning strikes. but overall, as you can see with the game there, we are expecting some showers for pregame. i think between kickoff and then as we head into halftime, we'll start to see that rain picking up. so bring the poncho, bring the jacket, and be ready to go for that. >> in fact the coach might be watching right now, he said i
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have to leave it up to the weather guys, we'll change the way we practice. jeff was saying bring your poncho. today the 49ers practiced with wet footballs to simulate the conditions they might see on sunday. jimmy g is healthy again and will be the starter. >> the first time we did a punch of web ball today, jimmy wanted to try it out and work some different gloves to see, it's supposed to start range later again and not stop until tuesday. it's supposed to be the worst at the start of our game, is what i've been told. so i don't look at anything, people tell me stuff, and you deal with it when it comes. hopefully the weather people aren't totally right. i don't know whether it's an advantage or disadvantage. but i will after the game. >> coach, our weather guy is right, sunday is going to come pretty hard, probably during the second half, as jeff was saying. 49ers and colts right here on nbc bay area. pregame coverage starts at 3:00 people at levi stadium, kickoff at 5:20, post-game coverage,
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probably in the rain, we'll be joined by spikes. you can track the storms on youa app. one of the things you can access is our live stormranger radar. this is what jeff uses. you can zoom into your neighborhood and get a precise timeline on when that rain will hit. it's a really valuable tool to help you plan your day and your night. let's move on. tonight we're getting new information about that deadly shooting on the set of alec baldwin's new film. sources tell nbc news the prop gun involved in the shooting had misfired before. and just hours before the deadly shooting, several crew members walked off the film's set because of safety concerns. we've also obtained the 911 calls from the moments right after the shooting. >> 911, what's the location of your emergency? >> we need a net, we need an ambulance at bonanza creek ranch right now, we have two people
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shot on a movie set accidentally. >> two people were shot, one died. court records show baldwin was given the prop gun by an assistant director and the gun had been set up by the film's armorer, the person in charge of weapons props. the assistant director didn't know the gun was loaded with live rounds and indicated to baldwin the gun was safe to use. cinematographer halyna hutchins was shot in the chest and died. director joel souza was standing behind her and was shot in the shoulder. he is out of the hospital tonight. souza is a fremont native and still lives in the bay area with his family. neighbors tell us they're relieved to hear he's out of the hospital and is okay but are shocked to hear of the death on set. >> you always want to be careful for the movies. i was shocked to see that he was directing. i didn't know that. >> police say alec baldwin is fully cooperating. he tweeted today, quote, there are no words to express my shock and sadness.
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so, so many people are asking simply how does this happen. let's bring in nbc's jennifer bjorklund, joining us from los angeles. jennifer, we just got the warrant which gives us a lot more details. what stands out to you? >> reporter: raj, i'm looking at it right now as well. those documents filed in court, not so much the things they retrieved from the ranch, including the bloodstained costume from the film that alex baldwin was wearing at the time of the shooting, but the things they learned while they were there. and as you said, the assistant director had picked up the gun off the cart that the armorer had left there and handed it to alec baldwin. that's not supposed to happen under the protocols, the armorer is supposed to oversee everything. there is no hearsay, there is no chain. that a.d. said "cold gun" when in fact it was loaded with live
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rounds. >> jennifer, most of us don't even know they use real guns on movie sets. will that change, or will this be the protocol we'll see moving forward? >> reporter: this is such a high profile case. if you remember, in 1993, there was a similar case when actor brandon lee was killed when a bullet was left in a prop gun. there was one apparently stuck in the chamber and he was killed on the set of his movie that he was shooting. there were so many protocols put in place after that. and it is so painstakingly done that it's hard to imagine an accident like this happening with all of these in place. now, that's not to say that they're always followed. so that could change. and even with the blanks that are used in prop guns, they're still a projectile potential. that could be really, really
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dangerous even without a bullet loaded in the chamber. the blank can send a pretty good projectile. that's something that has to be looked at as well, using real guns in production. >> eye opening for a lot of us. the crew, reportedly, according to nbc news and "the l.a. times," was unhappy about the safety measures on the set in new mexico. who is responsible at this point? >> reporter: that's a really great question. and that is where the investigation will probably go as well. we know that some of the camera operators had walked off the set, they were packing up and left that morning, which was yesterday, and then they had brought in some replacement workers. so nonunion workers, maybe they weren't following the union protocols. this is all part of the investigation. we know that there were some rumblings of unhappy people on the set. and some of the problems that they were talking about were related to safety. >> this will be a big investigation. jennifer bjorklund, thank you, down in los angeles, we
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appreciate your time. up next here at 7:00, we're answering questions about the boosters. that includes where youone asap. and what about shots for kids? we're chatting with the man in charge of vaccines. and another juror dismissed in the trial of elizabeth holmes. we'll tell you why on "nbc bay area tonight."
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we'll get you caught up to
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speed now on stories we're watching at this hour. yesterday they were formally approved and today you can go get one. we're talking about booster shots, all three kinds of boosters are available at santa clara sites today. the fairground saw 200 people with appointments and many more walkup patients in just the first few hours. before now, only pfizer recipients could get those boosters. the cdc now says any qualifying vaccinated person can get a booster. >> i will feel more safe and more confident, being able to, like, go about with or without a mask, you know. >> i'm doing it for myself, for other people. i just think it's something we need to do to get this under control and get back to normal. >> joining us this evening, a doctor with the santa clara county health department. dr. marty, glad to have you back on the program. do you have the inventory? >> we do have inventory.
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and that's the good thing. so people need to come down and get their vaccinations. right now we're trying to roll out the booster shot for those that had the moderna or the johnson & johnson vaccine. and that was just approved last night. >> okay. so if i want the booster shot, obviously i can get one now. what are my options, and how do i know, do i have an option of which one to get? >> well, the one nice thing that they actually did was allow us to mix and match. no matter what you got as your primary series, whether the pfizer, moderna, or j&j, you can choose what you would like for your booster. so they're allowing what they call mix and match, you don't have to get the same vaccine. most people should check with their providers. the county has sites and lots of other sites around the community including the retail pharmacies will have boosters on hand. >> we've been doing this together now for 18 or 19 months. are you expecting any lines like
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we saw last year for the rollout? >> well, you know, the pfizer booster has been approved now for several weeks. and we are not seeing as many people as we thought were going to show up for those boosters. in fact the age group that we are most concerned about, the 65-year and older age group, basically only four in ten of people eligible, meaning you have to be 65 or older, you have to have had your vaccine series completed six months ago or more, then you can get your vaccine booster. we haven't seen as many people. we're hoping now that the moderna and the johnson & johnson vaccines have been authorized for booster vaccinations and people now won't have any confusion and no matter what vaccine you got, you can actually get a booster. >> what you're saying is very clear for us. we appreciate that. let's talk about, as we wrap this up really quick, kids who are expecting that federal
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approval to come in a matter of days, as a parent what do i need to know for my 5 to 11-year-old now? >> thanks for that question. we're expecting that approval to come in early november. and the vaccine will be pre-positioned so we should have it. parents, again, this is for children 5 years of age up to 11 years of age. and again, we parents need to think about it and make our decision. we want them to talk to their providers if they have any question. studies show it's safe. the child dose is not the same as the adult dose, it's only one-third of the adult dose, much smaller and probably less chance for side effects or significant reactions although, again, we're going to see reactions, local soreness and whatnot. parents, we would like them to come up with a plan, think about it, and where they're planning to go to get their children vaccinated. >> as always, very clear information, we do appreciate it. dr. marty, happy friday to you, stay safe and dry this weekend. >> you too, thank you very much.
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if i still have questions about booster shots including whether you should get one and which one you should get, we can help you. check out our guide, head to, click on "is it time to get a booster shot." it's right there at the top of our page. we've also posted it on nbc bay area, on our nbc bay area app. tonight another juror dismissed from the elizabeth holmes theranos trial. the judge said it was for good cause. this is the third juror to be dismissed. at the federal courthouse in san jose today, elizabeth holmes walking into court, umbrella in hand. her trial is now down to 12 active jurors, eight men and four women, with only two alternates remaining. the trial is expected to last until december. losing too many jurors runs the risk of a mistrial. but according to a federal rule, after a jury has started deliberations, a judge may permit a jury of 11 to return a verdict. holmes faces fraud charges about whether she lied about theranos'
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blood testing technology. he is coming to town and a lot of people might be protesting. comedian dave chapel has a followup to his controversial show on netflix and san francisco will see it first. his netflix show, "the closer," is controversial because of chappelle's comments about the trans community. some netflix employees staged walkouts this week. they plan to protest in the bay area. he will perform at chase center on november 4 and he'll be showing his new documentary called "untitled," a chronicle of the concert chappelle delivered to his friends and neighbors during the pandemic. again, that's coming up in november at chase center in san francisco. a live look at the golden gate bridge on this friday night. remember, it's going to be dry until sunday. so you have yao got some time to prepare. jeff will rejoin us in a moment.
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it's all about the weather. our question of the day, how are you preparing for the atmospheric river? andrew tweets us, i'm concerned about the thousands of homeless living in san francisco who will feel the full force of this storm with very little to protect themselves. on facebook, terry says, clearing leaves and putting out sandbags and hoping for the best. and yama says, the same as i prepared for the pandemic. staying home, catching up on tv, spoiling my cats and not being in the way of people who will be working in the chaos. >> i like that.
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>> all good responses. >> i found a gutter today at my house, the clip is breaking so i have to do some quick repairs tomorrow. >> i'm covering the patio furniture and taking a walk when the rain comes in, i love when the rain comes in. >> it's going to be good. we have this storm to get through and even november has promising chances for us. it's all about sunday into monday among for that atmospheric river to hit. let's get you into what we're following. there will be a flood concern with this because it's going to be a lot of rain in a short amount of time. so flash flood watch is up for the north bay. also the santa cruz mountains. that's where small streams could rise very quickly. also in the fire burn scars, we may have some flooding issues, maybe even mudslides as well. for the urban areas, street flooding where those street drains are clogged. you have to watch out again as we move into sunday and into monday morning. you can see the timing on this. we get some heavy rainfall here by sunday morning over the north bay. we'll gradually see it pick up over the east bay, around 8:00, 9:00, 10:00. still very slow to get to the
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south bay. we may not see it pick up in the south bay until sunday night, right there around 7:30. so you've got to wait for it in the south bay. eventually that rain on the way. then this storm system will kick out of here as we roll into about 5:30 a.m. on monday. you can see on my seven-day forecast, in case you missed it, totals on sunday into monday morning, 3/4 inch to 3 inches. best bet is for higher totals in the north bay and the coastal mountains. then we get some sun if here next wednesday, thursday, and friday, and those 70s. so sunday, it's a storm day. we've got plenty to do before we get to that. >> thank you, jeff, happy friday to you. tonight at 11:00, will there be another surge? halloween is just about a week away. what public health officials want you to do to stay safe. and coming up tonight in prime time, at 8:00, "home sweet home" followed by a two-hour episode of "dateline" at 9:00. we hope to see you for our 11:00 p.m. news. that's going to do it for us here at 7:00. for everyone here at nbc bay
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area, thanks for being with us. enjoy your friday evening. we'll see you at 11:00.
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give us a sense of the history of this hotel. >> it was a hostelry for minors and local prospectorprospectors. the boom of 1849, after the california gold rush, this town was bustling. there are 10,000 miners, the third largest california town at
7:27 pm
that time. this was the nexus of life. there was a post office, the wells fargo stagecoach. they would load up with gold and race it down to sacramento before the bandits could catch them. ♪♪ >> this hotel has had a very storied lifetime. and each room as you walk around has something unique, right? >> you're right, each room has a story, a history. we know that mark twain stayed here at least twice. he signed the registries, which we still have. once as samuel clemens and another time as mark twain. >> and walking around the hotel, i mean, the artwork is so unique here. i've seen some really interesting feathers and these portraits of women. can you tell us a little bit about that and the significance? >> the design team really wanted
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to tell the story of the women of the gold rush era of that time. the stories that hadn't been told, that may have been overlooked in the past. lola was a famous actress, dancer, and courtesan of the era. we thought she was the perfect person to name our restaurant after. ♪♪ so i want to introduce you to our executive chef, tom, who has prepared this beautiful profiterole. ♪♪ >> now, that is a work of art. sonia, it's been a pleasure. >> thank you, ross.
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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here in new mexico. >> how does a gun loaded with blanks end up shooting two people? >> he was obviously distressed. you could hear it in his voice. >> how did alec baldwin's movie prop gun become a deadly weapon? was it loaded with a real bullet? we've got breaking details straight from the scene of the tragedy. >> they confirmed. >> this is nuts. >> gone far too soon. the passing of peter scolari. his unbreakable bond with tom hanks. >> he actually said -- >> you have what they call undescribed infertility. >> but after


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