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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  October 22, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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it runs all the way through next weekend. >> it's one of the best fares not just in the bay area, in the state this is one of the best fares. here's what's coming up at 5:30. alec baldwin fires a prop gun accidentally killing a cinema photographer and wounding a director from the bay area. >> we need an ambulance out at bonanza creek ranch right now. we've had two people shot on a movie set accidentally. >> how alec baldwin is reacting to this tragedy. plus a supreme court showdown. the high court will take up texas' new abortion law. we'll break down what's at stake with our political analyst, larry gerston. 120 million americans will soon be eligible for vaccine boosters while elementary age children could soon be approved for their first shots. how the biden administration is preparing for both. good friday.
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the news at 5:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm raj mathai. how did this happen? we are learning more about the shooting on the set of alec baldwin's new film. court records show baldwin was given the gun by an assistant director who didn't know the gun was loaded with live rounds. that assistant director indicated to baldwin the gun was safe to use. let's bring in nbc's jennifer borkland who joins us in los angeles. a lot of new information. what do you have for us? >> reporter: raj, we are hearing from alec baldwin as well. he says he is fully cooperating with this investigation which is unfolding, and it is a police investigation into what appears to be a horrible accident. an emergency call from the set of a western movie. >> two people are injured.
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two that i know of. i was sitting rehearsing and it went off and i ran out, we all ran out. >> reporter: a prop gun discharged and mortally wounded halyna hutchins. she was taken by helicopter to a hospital but did not survive. the 42-year-old hutchins was a ray of light, always smiling, always hopeful. and all those in her orbit knew what was coming, a star director of photography, who would be a force to be reckoned with. baldwin also offered his first comments this morning on twitter saying in part, there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of halyna hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours. also hospitalized from the shooting, director joel souza, but he was released today after treatment for undisclosed injuries. the investigators are looking into what kind of projectile
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came out of the prop gun. the scene, bonanza creek ranch in new mexico, where hutchins just a few days ago posted this instagram video with the caption, one of the perks of shooting a western is you get to ride horses on your days off. actor geoff meade was on a different project nearby. >> the sheriff came down and said on another set there was a live gun discharge. >> reporter: this has happened before, most notably in 1993. actor brandon lee, son of bruce lee, was killed by a prop gun on the film "the crow." his death ruled accidental and strict new protocols for prop firearms have been in place ever since. live ammunition is never allowed on set. in fact, all firearms are usually handled by a licensed armorer who then oversees everything. so how this went so wrong this time, nobody knows. raj. >> jennifer bjorklund reporting
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for us down in los angeles. thank you, jennifer. we mentioned the director, joel souza, from fremont. he's best known for "crown vic." he also wrote the movie "rust," the movie he's filming with alec baldwin. souza lives here in the bay area with his wife and two kids. a split decision today from the u.s. supreme court over texas' abortion law. the court will not immediately block the law but it will hear arguments in the case november 1st. at that time the justices will decide whether the federal government has the right to obtain a court order preventing the texas law from being enforced. the court's action leaves in place a law that clinics say has led to 80% fewer abortions in the nation's second largest state. only justice sonia sotomayor filed a dissent over the court's refusal to block the texas law right now. it is a very complicated decision. let's bring in our nbc bay area
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political analyst, larry gerston. split decision today. the high court, larry, refuses to block the law but will hear arguments. is that an indication of what the justices will decide further down the line? >> it could be, janelle. the case that the u.s. is pursuing is the right to pursue a suit against texas. they say we want to be allowed to sue texas against this law, which of course would prevent a woman from having an abortion six weeks or thereafter. that's about the time they believe that you can hear a heartbeat. the court already has ruled against anything related to undoing this case twice, twice. when emergency requests were made, actually by some folks in texas and then later on, and so we get that 5-4 decision twice, you wonder whether the court would change its mind, even though they get into a much more serious issue here. the irony is that these new three justices have been asked
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about roe versus wade and all three of them said it's settled law. now you have to ask yourself how settled is it? >> it's brought up again. it's directly aimed at roe versus wade. >> yeah, you're right. roe versus wade was handed down in 1973. at that time the u.s. supreme court said a woman has the complete right to an abortion, it comes from the 14th amendment. as far as a second trimester goes, states can go ahead and legislate but it has to be reasonable and prudent. so clearly in this texas case after six weeks it cuts into the first trimester and literally there's no way to say other than to say that the supreme court would be overturning roe versus wade if they continue to find for texas. >> larry, tell us about the timeline. november 1st the supreme court will start hearing arguments. when will they make their decision after they review it, how long will that take? >> oh, janelle, if we only knew.
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the court will then ask various members how they feel. they meet on wednesdays. how do you feel about this? the members will give some general dispositions one way or the other. the research will go on from their clerks. they'll get back together after some period of time, we don't know. it all depends on how soon each of them comes to their own decisions, at which time the justices will decide who's going to write the opinion for the majority and against. it could be three months, four months, five months. it could be the last weekend in june when the court is usually finished. we just don't know. one thing is for sure, this thing is hot and every state in the union will be waiting to see what's going on. already a dozen states are ready to embrace the texas decision, the texas case. so clearly we're talking about a potential rewriting of a woman's right to choose, depending upon how this all comes out. >> so a lot of states looking at this, watching this closely, considering similar laws.
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this is a very high-pressure situation. obviously the justices are feeling this? >> it's hard to know. i mean, look, a case like this comes before the supreme court. these guys don't have their heads in the sand. they know how people feel. they know what the prospects are public opinionwise. they also know that they feel very strongly about states having the right to make these kinds of decisions. this majority is a conservative majority based in large part -- if they're going to hold to that, they're going to probably come out and say something like, well, that's texas. california, you can do what you want to do. texas has to do what it wants to do. i think we can interpret something like that downstream. we don't know. it could be that one of those five or six changes his or her minds. we've seen this 5-4. could be the other way. if it is, it will be a conservative court justice who really goes in ways that we would not expect.
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>> okay. a big case. america will be watching. larry gerston, thank you so much. kid-size doses of the pfizer vaccine could be approved and in arms just in time for the holidays. pfizer says it's safe, that vaccine for kids, and more than 90% effective for children age 5 to 11. here's nbc's alice barr. >> reporter: new data today making the case for vaccinating children age 5 to 11 with pfizer saying its kid-size doses are safe and more than 90% effective. >> i'm waiting patiently, anxiously, for the vaccine. >> reporter: the fda is set to review pfizer's trial results next week and make a recommendation followed by the cdc. even if the shots are approved, many parents will still need convincing. >> unless it becomes to the point that it's mandatory in order for them to actually attend school, then obviously that's going to come down to the wire. >> reporter: there are roughly 28 million 5 to 11-year-olds in the country and doctors say stopping the growing number of
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infections in kids is key. >> the virus was just getting smarter. it was looking to kids and having an opportunity of, you know, a population that was not vaccinated. >> reporter: another tool in the fight, more than 30 million americans can now get booster shots of the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines, the cdc signing off overnight and allowing mixing and matching boosters from any of the three approved vaccines. >> there may be some people who would prefer a different vaccine or if you go into a pharmacy and they don't have the vaccine that you originally got, it really is fine to get a different vaccine. >> reporter: just like pfizer, moderna boosters are now allowed six months after inoculation for the immunocompromised and those 65 and older as well as people at higher risk of catching the virus on the job. for johnson & johnson, anyone who got that single dose shot at least two months ago can get a booster. the head of the cdc says covid cases are down 15% from last week, but experts are urging
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caution, as we enter the colder months, and more americans gather inside, warning cases could rise again. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. there's a lot to keep track of with the booster shot and the changing mask mandates here in the bay area. we'll do it all for you. just head to for the latest covid updates. okay, up next, buying crabs straight from the boats. the option that may soon be available to you at fishermen's wharf. we have two cases to tackle today. a $600 power surge problem and almost $400 of tickets that never materialized. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking that strong storm for sunday. i'll have the latest on the flash flood watch and the totals that are off the charts.
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millionaire robert durst has been charged with murdering his first wife. kathy durst vanished nearly 40 years ago, her body never found. she was declared legally dead in 2017 at the request of her family. earlier this month robert durst was sentenced to life in prison for killing susan berman last year. police claim that berman helped durst cover up his wife's murder and was about to confess her role to police, and that's when robert durst shot and killed her as well. a former associate of rudy giuliani has been found guilty of campaign finance charges. lev parnas was convicted of using money from a russian businessman for donations to u.s. political candidates. it was part of an effort to start a recreational marijuana business. he was also convicted of making illegal donations to political action committees, including a super pac that supported then president trump. parnas played a role in president trump's first impeachment proceeding. he helped trump ally rudy
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giuliani in an effort to dig up dirt on then candidate biden in ukraine. a memorial service for colin powell is set for two weeks from today. the retired four-star general will be remembered in a ceremony at washington national cathedral. powell served as the chairman of the joint chiefs and served as secretary of state under president george w. bush. he died monday from complications from covid-19 at age 84. powell was vaccinated, but a family spokesperson said he was also battling a blood cancer that weakened his immune system. well, do we have a deal? house speaker nancy pelosi had breakfast today at the white house with the president, president biden. senate majority leader chuck schumer joined their conversation via zoom from new york. the president met with the two top democrats to strategize passing their package of social service and climate change. he wanted to get some strategies there. what was a giant effort in -- it
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was a giant effort but now it's scaled back due to deadlocks that have stalled the efforts for months. they hope to have a plan to appeal for the progressives and moderates. speaker pelosi says a deal is very possible. closing its doors, target is shutting down one of its stores in san francisco. it's the store on bush street. target says it's closing because of years of low sales. workers are being offered the option to transfer to nearby stores. the store's final day will be on november 20th. okay, we used to do this way back when and now it could be a thing again. dungones crab right from the boats on fisherman's wharf. if approved, the owners of fishing boats with berths can sell live crab from their boats immediately right to people right there. the hope is to revitalize interest in fisherman's wharf. many restaurants have been closed since the pandemic began. crab season starts november 15th. every week bay area
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residents share their struggles of trying to get their money back. >> our consumer investigator, chris chmura, and his team answer those calls for help. he joins us with some recent wins. chris. >> there's no shortage of people requesting our help. 1,883 so far this year. we'll start with alex in san jose. he says a neighborhood power surge damaged his computer and fixing it cost about $600. alex asked the power company and the cable company to reimburse him but here's what happened. they blamed each other and wouldn't pay, so alex called us. the cable company stood firm, but the power company gave alex a $300 good will gesture. he took it. next, larry in san jose needed the full-court press with a sports ticket broker. he paid $368 to go to an nba basketball game but larry says the broker didn't send his tickets or a refund for that matter despite a guarantee. so he contacted us. we contacted the company.
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slam dunk. larry got his $368 back. let's go to the scoreboard. adding in larry and alex's wins, we have helped viewers save and recover $5.7 million since we started back in 2016. if you're caught in a corporate back-and-forth and need a warrior, maybe we can help. go to and click the responds option or call us at 888-996-tips. have a great weekend. >> chris, thank you. happy friday to you. let's bring in jeff ranieri now who's probably one of the busiest guys. >> it's been a busy week for you. >> but i'm here for it every single day. you know what, i'm here for all of you at home. we'll get you all the details you need to get you through this incoming storm system. we haven't seen anything like this in about ten months. it was last january when we had something roll in this strong. so here's the deal. no changing on the timing. i'm still seeing sunday into monday morning the storm system right there to move in. it's going to meet up with this
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atmospheric river, this stream of subtropical moisture from the south that's going to basically point some nonstop rainfall right at the bay area. that's where we could get into some flooding issues. so i did want to make sure you are aware of this. we do have a flash flood watch for the north bay and the santa cruz mountains. that's where we could get some quick-rising water. these two zones right here will have the chance here for some of the highest totals. they also coincidentally happen to be in the fire burn scar zone so we may have some flooding issues in the old fire zones, maybe even some mudslides. now for the urban areas, some minor street flooding is possible where those drains continue to remain clogged. the way i see it right now, tomorrow really is the break in between storms for us. we're still under a chance of spotty showers but we'll hold off on the heavier rainfall. so temperatures in the 60s. you'll need your evacuate tomorrow. whatever you've got to do around the house to get prepared for that storm, tomorrow is your day. now, when it comes to the timing on this, you can see 7:00 p.m. on saturday night, so we do get
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those spotty showers, but things really start to get going right here once we roll into early sunday morning. you can see the orange and red here. that is heavy rainfall. the key up at the top will guide you through what those colors mean. so 4:00 a.m. on sunday, heaviest over the north bay. nothing down towards the south bay yet. 8:00 in the morning still going over the north bay, beginning over the east bay, and your rain shadowed in the south bay. it's just going to take a while for it to get down towards the south bay again with that rain shadow effect. all the higher elevations stealing that moisture from the south bay. by 3:00 p.m. sundays continuous heavy rain over the north bay, the east bay, picking up through the peninsula. then eventually by sunday night we'll start to get in on the rainfall down there towards the south bay. now, this should by all accounts begin to move out once we hit monday morning and then we'll be undergoing another a little break. rainfall totals, as i mentioned, off the charts. look at this up in the north bay. the magenta to pink color and the gray, that's 2 to 4 plus
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inches. right around 2 inches for the east bay and the peninsula. rain shadowed for the south bay but i think you'll be in three-quarter to around 1 inch range at this point. the wind will also pick up, 20 to about 45 miles per hour, so wet and windy on sunday. on my seven-day forecast, we do get some dry weather in here once we hit next wednesday, thursday and friday. for the inland valley, it stays chilly with eventually dry weather. as we've been mentioning, sunday for that 49ers game on nbc, it will be wet certainly by halftime, guys. >> okay, thank you for the heads up. up next, a scary thought with halloween one week away. the reason you might be out of luck if you don't have a costume yet. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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a costume shortage is haunting americans just a week before halloween. halloween costumes are no exception. stores say they're missing about 20% of their usual halloween
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merchandise. how do you get around it? well, you better have got your costume or you can make your own. terrifying moments at a roller coaster. the ride stopped in midair. this wasn't by design. it happened at universal studios in osaka, japan. look at that, the roller coaster is called the hollywood dream. you can see the riders stranded 150 pete above the ground. it all started when the entire park lost power. at first kindsa spooky, kinda fun and not so much. 35 people stuck on that ride. they sat there for two hours before finally they were helped off the right. thankfully no injuries. the state of ohio made a bit of a blunder with its new license plate design. at a ceremony they unveiled their new sunrise in ohio license plate. looks nice, right? it features the wright brothers famous wright flyer. it's supposed to be pulling a banner that reads birth place of aviation but the banner is
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attached to the front of the plane instead of the back. ohio officials say they are aware of the mishap and it will be corrected before the plates hit the market. >> someone is going to blame the intern in that situation. up next, the 49ers did something unusual today at practice as they prepare for what could be a sloppy and muddy sunday night football game against the colts. we'll tell you about it.
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49ers are gearing up for another prime time game. they host the colts on sunday night football. >> skyranger over levi's stadium. you know what they did today? they practiced with wet balls to simulate the conditions. let's check in with maria taylor, tony dungy and drew brees. maria taylor alongside tony dungy and drew brees. week seven of the nfl season brings us to sunday night in san francisco. the colts going on the road to take on the 49ers. the colts coming off of a great week six performance. >> and they're playing explosive on offense. jonathan taylor making big plays and getting t.y. hilton back has helped carson wentz. >> defense responded after a tough monday night outing against the ravens previously. but i think this team is ready to take the next step. >> the san francisco 49ers
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obviously dealing with injuries, so bringing a healthy team into this matchup will be huge. either way, our team will be healthy and we'll be with you. "football night in america" starts at 7:00 eastern. we'll see you there. >> we will see all of you there. we have complete coverage of the 49ers/colts. pregame news at 3:00 p.m. sunday, kickoff at 5:20 and the postgame show with takeo spikes rain or shine, we'll see you sunday night at levi's. right now at 6:00, if you thought the storms this week were rough, wait until this weekend. we've been talking about it all week. crews are preparing for a lot of rain coming to the bay area. >> this is on our radar. we are definitely making extra preparations starting right now. >> we're tracking when and where the heaviest downpours will hit. a lot more people are now eligible for covid-19 booster shots. we'll show you why some can't wait, while others still wait. also the san jose police
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employee accused of making threats against officers. the right-wing social media post that has him off the job tonight. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this friday. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm janelle wang. let's start with a live look around the bay area. we are getting a break from the rain after it pounded our region overnight and this morning. the overnight storm flooded roads and made for a tricky morning commute. but all of that has now moved on and out of the way. we are now waiting for the next storm. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking it all for us. you've been warning us all week about the big one this weekend. >> you've got that right and my eyes are firmly fixed on this storm system out in the pacific. right now we are in that break, but the atmospheric river right here is now beginning to develop and eventually that's going to point right at the bay area


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