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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 22, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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good morning. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. >> i'm cierra johnson. >> i'm kris sanchez. a live look around the bay area. a break from all the rain that pounded the region all morning long. but if you take a look at the radar, enjoy the sunny skies while they last because you see that green. it is headed our direction as well in time for the weekend. >> we're going to check in with nbc bay area's tom jensen live in the north bay which saw a lot of rain this morning. first meteorologist vianey is giving you something your iphone won't. it's timing everything out block
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by block, neighborhood by neighborhood. what's the next round moving in? >> that's really important because we get these breaks of rain and you think i can officially put away my umbrella. for the remainder of today if you live south of the golden gate bridge, we'll probably be drying out into the afternoon. all that's going to be left behind is something like this. clouds out there in san jose. beautiful shot. stormranger is up and scanning. this helps us track it. still going to see spotty showers pushing in through san francisco. if i zoom this out youthat band here when you step into frame. that officially pushed through overnight into the early morning hours during your commute. you could see it out east and it's going to start to continue its trek out by about 12:00, 1:00. we'll get a break from the rain and down through the south bay. san jose, mostly dry. but it was nice to get a little bit of rain in the south bay. most of that rain pushed out east and further south is
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gilroy. still getting some of that rain as well as down you hollister. p still to make itnto sunday morning and then really you along with the winds coming up. those gray skies still lingering in parts of the bay area this hour. rain falling heavy and steady in parts of the north bay this morning. tom jensen has been there where it's been raining but now we see a little sun on your face, thom. >> we've got a little break from the rain right now, although we did get a notice that another light shower is supposed to pass through in the area of if -- in the next few minutes. one of the things we saw this morning and pg&e has been warning about this is power outages from the weather. a small one here affecting about
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500 customers. they resolved that issue. but the driving was an issue earlier this morning. rain puddling, pooling up on a lot of the highways. i got video on highway 37 and 101 coming in. and you really had to watch your speed or really face a possibility of hydroplaning. also issues across the bay area. video a little later in the morning when the commuting started to pick up. this is from i-580 near dublin. and again, no major wrecks but there were some minor spinouts, minor crashes. nothing major to report. one thing we are not expecting to see from this rain storm and even going into the event coming on sunday and into monday is any flooding. not here in san anselm op we have one flood advisory in the carquinez straight. some of the low-lying areas where they typically see some
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weather come across less-traveled roads there in the carquinez straits area. but other than that, no fears really of flooding here in san anselmo and the rain breaking up for now but everyone bracing for what's coming this weekend. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. take a look at this flooded ramp on interstate 280. that was some rough driving for some folks near the santa monte exit in daly city. this was this morning's commute. the cars going through high waters. slow down because you never know how deep it is until you get there. >> good advice there. petaluma's public works department is providing free sandbags to anyone who needs it. it's happening today and tomorrow. first come, first served at the entrance of prince park. you are encouraged to bring your own shovel. san rafael is also handing out free sandbags at three locations. fire station 55 on point san pedro road. the terra linda community center and the menzies parking lot. you can track the form on your
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phone. download the nbc bay area app. one of the things you can access is our radar. you can zoom right into your neighborhood and get that precise timeline of when the rain will hit. it's a great tool to help you plan your day or your weekend. so actor alec baldwin is now speaking out after authorities say he fatally shot a woman on the set of a film in new mexico. investigators say baldwin fired a prop gun that discharged either a bullet or shrapnel. two people were struck. one, a 42-year-old cinematographer pena hutchins. she died. this happened on the set of a western called "rust" in santa fe. production has been halted. the other victim is the director, joel souza. this is as imbd page. he's from the bay area. he has a home in fremont. santa fe's county district attorney is investigating and plans to look at the facts of the case before making a determination on any possible charges. in a statement on twitter,
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baldwin wrote, there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of halyna hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours. i'm fully cooperate with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred, and i am in touch with her husband, offering my support to him and his family. my heart is broken for her husband, their son and all who knew and loved halyna. developing this midday, a decorated former oakland police officer is in serious but stable condition. the gentleman there in the white sleeves was caught in a deadly shootout at a gas station that was captured on surveillance video. the incident started as an armed robbery. >> nbc bay area obtained exclusive video of that shooting which police would not verify but other sources confirmed. it shows three men approaching former oakland police captain joiner as he pumped gas. eventually he pulls a gun and fires at one of those attackers who later died.
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when joiner continued after the other attackers, police say he was shot multiple times. here's chief armstrong. >> you know they intended to focus on the victim in this case and i think the video has been very clear and very helpful for us in this investigation so far. >> joiner retired from the department in 2019. according to his linked in profile he now owns an oakland marijuana dispensary. testimony is continuing in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial as we speak. this is new video of holmes walking into the san jose courtroom. the federal courthouse this morning. umbrella in tow. evidence this week is focused on -- in part on the relationship that theranos tried to build, with including the u.s. military which she then touted to other investors. a former project manager testified the company was trying to make its blood testing machines operational for use on the battle lines, but he says he eventually left theranos because he knew the technology would never work.
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our scott budman is at the courthouse. he will have updates later this afternoon. october is breast cancer awareness month. a reminder for women over 40 to consider a mammogram. bay area's bob redell joins us live. millions of women skipped their screenings during the pandemic. are the number of mammograms starting to rebound? >> good morning. yes, they are, but doctors are concerned about the women who skipped their mammograms who might have missed tumors that are growing inside their body. a university of kansas medical center survey found that nationwide, almost 4 million women missed their mammograms during covid. and this past august ucsf published a study that shows the number of screenings at sf general dropped by 39% during covid compared to the year before. the drop steepest among african-american women, younger women during the first stay at home order and women 70 and older during the second stay at
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home order. during the part of the reason for this, some women were afraid of contracting covid at the hospital. there were mixed messages on that. other women were too busy dealing with kids at home from school. the number of screenings are rebounding in san francisco but as the author of this study points out, we don't know yet the full impact of those missed screenings. >> that is something that we are definitely worried about, as a cancer doctor community and oncology community of whether we'll see patients coming in with larger tumors or with tumors that have spread other to places because screening tests were lost. it is too soon to really know that. >> doctors are still waiting on data from state and national cancer registries to determine how many women might have missed tumors. the american cancer society recommends women ages 40 to 44 get an annual breast screening if they wish to. women 45 to 54 should get an annual mammogram.
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women 55 and older can do mammograms every one or two years but as always, consult with your doctor. ucsf is conducting a study, trying to recruit women for so-called wisdom study to see if these guidelines that i just mentioned to you make sense. the study is exploring guidelines that are less a blanket statement and more tailored to the individual. if this is something you'd be interested in, log on to the wisdom and enroll. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. pfizer made some major announcements when it comes to its vaccine. the claims by the drugmaker about its effectiveness when it comes to young children. plus, the cdc signed off on beefrt eligibility for all three vaccines but the agency says it went toward the unanimous designation to approve putting more shots into more arms. talk about a great start to a potential big music career. the foo fighters dave grohl is
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sitting down with kelly clarkson talking about the superstar who gave his daughter her first piano wasn't dad. to find out who it was, tune in to kelly clarkson at 3:00 this afternoon.
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turning to the pandemic -- pfizer says its data supports authorizing its covid vaccine in children ages 5 to 11. the fda releasing the company's briefing document ahead of a scheduled meeting of fda advisers. pfizer says it's a main clinical trial and the vaccine appeared to be more than 90% effective against systematic covid-19. the fda is preparing its own analysis, which is likely to be released later today. now to another major hurdle cleared in the battle over boosters. the cdc greenlighted an added
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dose of protection for tens of millions already vaccinated with moderna and johnson & johnson. >> it also cleared the way for mixing and matching those boosters. miguel almaguer has that. >> reporter: they now qualify for a booster shot of moderna or johnson & johnson. the cdc giving the all clear after reviewing a trove of data presented by moderna and j&j supporting their case for an added dose of protection. moderna's data shows antibody levels spiked with a third shot of its vaccine. recipients who qualify would be the same as pfizer's. those who were inoculated at least six months ago who are immunocompromised and those 65 and older, as well as americans at higher risk of catching the virus. for johnson & johnson, anyone who has been vaccinated for two months could get a booster. >> i think boosters are really important part of getting beyond the pandemic.
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especially for high-risk people. people who are older, kroinic diseases. >> reporter: the cdc also enforcing the mixing and matching of beefrt shots. those who qualify can select any of the three brands. research shows those vaccinated with j&j get more protection when followed by a shot of moderna or pfizer. >> you were vaccinated with johnson & johnson and you're eager for a booster. >> an extra layer of protection will make us feel more comfortable. >> reporter: with infections and deaths all dropping nationwide -- >> we demand our freedom! >> reporter: -- many americans, including first responders, are protesting vaccine mandates, refusing to even get their first shot. and now as we approach winter and more americans gather inside, cases could spike again. this morning, health officials offering another layer of protection for tens of millions of americans.
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>> that was miguel almaguer reporting. moving you forward. mask restrictions are loosening in sonoma county. health leaders yesterday amended their order to allow indoor mask rules to be lifted if everyone is fully vaccinated which is a similar policy to other counties. this could be places like gyms, classes and offices. but businesses can keep their mask rules in place if that's what they want to do. san francisco, marin and contra costa also have similar changes. every week bay area residents share their struggles of trying to get their money back. >> chris chmura and his team answer those calls for help, every one of them. he joins us with some recent wins. >> reporter: there's no shortage of people requesting our help. 1883 so far this year. we're going to start with alex in san jose. the neighborhood power surge damaged his computer and fixing it cost about 600 bucks. alex asked the power company and cable company to reimburse him. here's what happened. they blamed each other. and wouldn't pay.
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alex called us. the cable company stood firm but the power company gave alex a $300 goodwill gesture. he took it. next, larry in san jose needed the full-court press with a sports ticket broker. he paid 368 bucks to go to an nba basketball game but larry says the broker didn't send his tickets or refund for that matter despite a guarantee. so he contacted us. we contacted the company. slam dunk. larry got his 368 bucks back. let's go to the scoreboard adding in larry and alex's wins. we have helped viewers save or recover $5.7 million since we started back in 2016. if you are caught in a corporate back and forth and need a warrior, go to and click the responds option or call us 888-996-tips. have a great weekend. >> thank you. all right. let's take a look outside this midday. boy, that looks different from
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what we saw this morning, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 hour. a break from the rain right now but it sure was pouring down in parts of the bay area overnight. >> even see some sailboats in the golden gate shot. >> it is nice now. and it just so happened the most intense rain happened during our morning show. >> kept you busy. >> we are now in blue. notice the graphics. no longer under microclimate alert. now what's left behind especially into the south bay are cloudy skies. here's a closer look at satellite radar. you can see the rain further east compared to what we saw early this morning. a little out in the pacific. now we're going to talk about our next round of rain. i also want to show you what our stormranger is picking up. a couple scattered showers here and there will start to pop up. by 12:00, 1:00, should dissipate out of most of the bay area. around the coastline could see a chance for drizzle. same for the north day. everywhere down near san jose.
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as soon as the rain clears out, we'll get a quiet afternoon with temperatures in the mid and upper 60s for the interior valleys. concord 66. san jose, 68. friday will be nice but i want to get ahead and look out to what we're really tracking into the weekend. so friday into saturday morning we'll get a couple of showers. and the rain outlook right now is looking like sunday night into monday morning with high totals in the coastal mountains and north bay. this is the most rain potential we've had since january 2021. and i want to take you through some of the model runs. you can get a better idea of the timing. here we go. the time stamp here, friday 4:00. the majority of that rain out of the bay area. a quiet evening here. still cloudy. temperatures still comfortable. saturday, on and off again shower chances. all really into the afternoon. especially around the coastline. notice it wasn't continuous heavy downpours. by about 10:00, san francisco
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will get a chance of rain. look what happens saturday night into early sunday morning right around 4:00 a.m., we see heavier pockets of rain for santa rosa. ukiah through nap aclearlake as well as start to reach into the santa cruz mountain area. i'm going to push this timeline further into noon. so notice how a lot of this looks like it's going to be stalling a little bit offer the north bay. we'll see some of those higher rainfall totals in the north bay. when does it start to reach down into the south bay? this starts to move from north to south into the evening hours. if you'll be heading to that niners game, before the game, a little chance of drizzle or two. windy. wind from the south but in the middle of the game is when we see heavier pockets of rain. closer to the south bay, so definitely take your poncho. be prepared. don't get caught off guard. these heavy bands of rain move over into the early morning hours on monday. wind speed and direction.
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it is going to be windy. gusty at times. in the south bay where the game is going to be, 20-plus miles per hour and then gusty overnight into monday. greater tahoe, beautiful sight there. isn't that stunning? potentially up to two feet of snow there sunday night into monday. quite the weekend we've got to look forward to. back to you. >> i think vianey is always online. follow her for the latest weather changes. @nbcvianeyarana. rain or shine, the dars at one of the most popular county fair gates are going to open today. >> the alameda county fair is back after the pandemic ground things to a halt last year. it's under way right now at the fairgrounds in pleasanton and runs until halloween. usually it's held in the middle of summer but despite the weekend storms, fair organizers planned to make whatever adjustments are necessary. some activities, as well as those exhibits are happening
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indoors or in some covered areas. valley fair mall is testing a new high-tech way to deliver food. we're talking about robots. we found these autonomous bots roaming around the mall and neighborhood picking up food orders and delivering them to customers. it's part of a pilot program between valley fair and kitchen united. a so-called ghost kitchen company providing restaurants of to-go meals. some college campuses do that. it's awesome. >> i like it. especially you are studying or trying to get stuff done. >> all right. coming up, a big week for oakland native zendaya. she just got a major fashion award. now she's hitting the silver screen once again. a preview of her next big movie straight ahead. plus, it's still sinking. new data shows san francisco's troubled millennium tower tilted another quarter of an inch last week.
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but engineers say they're not too worried about it. our investigative unit has been following this story and you can find all the latest details online. head to and click on the investigations tab. you can also find this all free on our app. and happening now, the u.s. supreme court says it will soon take up case challenging texas' near total abortion ban, but the law will remain in effect in the near term. the decision to defer action on senate bill 8 comes a day after texas urged the high court to deny the federal government's request to block its enforcement. the law bans nearly all abortions as early as six weeks of pregnancy, many times before most women know they're even pregnant. the supreme court will hear oral arguments in the case on november 1st. we're back after the break.
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we want to share a picture of the moon. mike inouye shared it on instagram. keep up with mike on instagram, twitter and facebook. in that post, make plans to see the movie at the center of this next story. it starts zendaya. >> it's so beautiful when the sun is low. rolling over the sands, you can see spice in the air. >> the sci-fi thriller "dune" part one is the first of a
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two-part adaptation of a 1965 novel of the same name. it follows the family thrust into war on a dangerous desert planet. the film hits theaters today as well as hbo max. it's already grossed $129 million since its overseas premiere. >> i like being able to see the new movies at home. i'm not going to lie. fans planning to attend the niners game this weekend, get ready for a wet and windy game. the niners take on the colts and are trying to snap a three-game losing streak. hopefully you can root them on. or stay dry and watch the game right here on nbc bay area, which is what i will do. we have complete coverage of the niners/colts game all starting with the pregame at 3:00 in the afternoon. kickoff at 5:20. we'll also have a postgame newscast from levi's stadium. you'll be there. >> the second half of the game likely going to get more rain but certainly going to be windy
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for sure. back to you. >> not as windy as candlestick, ever. >> thanks for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> also get the latest information all day at have a good one.
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right now on "california live," l.z. has gone to the dark side. >> hanging out with the icons of darkness. hey. are you following me on instagram? >> and whether you are great or not, i've got something for you and your whole family this weekend. >> plus, brad pitt's personal chef is tempting up with his new creations p. it's fresh, airy and the food is out of this world delicious. let's go p. it's all happening right now on "california live."


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