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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 21, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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retired police captain involved. and tragedy on set, two shot, one dead after alec baldwin fires a prop gun. and we need it, more rain moving into the bay area tonight. tracking the storm hour by hour to tell you what it's going to be in your neighborhood. >> good evening, here we go, first of two storms now moving in. you're going to hear the rain overnight the heaviest of the rain expected in a few hours. that means it's going to be wet and dangerous friday morning commute. pg&e views are out getting ready as utilities have dealt with outages in the last few days, let's get to our chief meteorologist friday going to look like? >> we're expecting the wet weather once we of hit the morning when the storm moves and moves out,
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not only that storm system but sunday into monday looking really good for that strong storm and atmospheric rivera to impact the bay area. let's look at our mobile doppler radar, the latest storm is just off the north and showers developing out here just about a hundred mile from san francisco. so as we roll through tomorrow morning, 2:00 a.m. we'll see the rain develop over the north bay. i think once we hit 5:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the morning we'll see a widespread rainfall throughout our micro climate. we'll have more on these totals but i also want to move things ahead into this weekend's storm system. what we're waiting on is that atmospheric river to line up, a stream of moisture, rivera in the sky 200 miles wide an onslaught of rain that will hit us, ahead of this we have flood watches for parts of of california we'll look again in 15 minutes.
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>> a lot happening. we mentioned pg&e crews prepping for the storm over last few days thousands of kurmgs customers have experienced outages, few in san francisco, and we'll into tomorrow. we also put togetood explainer of what that automatic river atmospheric river is and what could mean for the drought. head over to or search on the app it's also a great place for weather alerts, keep an eye on storms in your city, type in your zip code to get a forecast for where you live. a robbery turned into a gas station shootout involving a retired oakland cop, the whole thing on surveillance video, one of the attackers is dead, the retires recovering this evening at the
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hospital. investigators are searching for two men they say are involved. now we're joined by our reporter at highland hospital. >> retired oakland police captain still recovering from emergency surgeries at highland hospital in oakland and chief of the oakland police department says he's in stable but serious condition. this all started with what police say was an armed robbery. this is a security camera video that shows how it all went down, you see the retired captain holding his foam pumping gas and three men approached him appeared to shake him down for valuables and he resist their efforts but the three men seemed to be stealing his collar and trying to see if he had anything else on him. one suspect in black hoodie opened the back door and then the front door that's when joiner pulls the gun and fires.
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a moment later he fatally shoots the man wearing a black hoodie. >> we know she intended to focus on the victim in this case and i think the video has been very helpful in this investigation so far. >> oakland police chief armstrong did not release the video to us nor would a video f and confirmted the identity through multiple sources after first few rounds of shots he ran to find the others and he was shot repeatedly. this exchange of gunfire in downtown oakland in the middle of the game is 115th homicide in the city since the beginning of the year. >> we've seen so many tragic situations and people losing their lives as a result of violence, again, this today shows us how brazen these -- these individuals involved in this activity can be. >> captain joiner retired from the department in 2019 as one of the most decorated officers in the opd, came up through the
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ranks in oakland police fire program where police and community members meet with gang leaders to reduce gun violence. i spoke with one who works with joyner at local marijuana dispensy, co owner of a group in oakland, he was supposed to be in a meeting and never showed up. >> the co-worker was shocked to hear he was involved in that shootout. she came here to pray with joyner and his wife as he recouperates, at highland hospital in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> we hope he recovers fully thank you. the mysterious death of a san francisco family found dead on a hiking trail is solved, sheriff say extreme heat is to blame. now details. >> the bodies of john, ellen, their one-year-old daughter and the family dog found on a remote trail in mara post-seasona county this summer, stunning the
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community, after months of investigation officials now say they determined heat exhaustion and dehydration killed the young family. temperatures reached 109 degrees that day and a hike from along the merced river to their car was steep. little protection from the sun. >> south to southeast, exposing the trail to constant sunlight. there's very little shade along this section of the trail due to the ferguson fire of 2018. >> investigators also say the family had one water storage container and it was empty. >> there was one 85-ounce water bladder backpack located with the family, this water bladder was empty and into other water containers, no other water filtration systems were located amongst the family. >> i've never seen a tragedy on this scale but we do routinely
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see heat-related illnesses in our emergency department. >> the medical director for disaster relief at stanford medicine said the conditions were extreme for a young and seemingly healthying water contributing to this tragedy. >> more than 30 agencies helped with the investigation, from homicide, lightning strikes and toxic algae considered. nbc bay area news. new mask restrictions are loosened as the health officer amended the order allowing certain groups of people the option of lifting indoor mask mandatories if all members are vaccinated, gyms, classrooms and offices, the exception is voluntary so those who want to keep the mask enforcement they can. san francisco, marin and contra costa county has announced similar changes to their indoor mask majid ates mandatories.
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tonight millions of americans are officially eligible to get the covid booster shot, the director of the cdc giving the final approval and endorsed a mix and match booster you don' get the same k in our covid exp from ucfs, peter chung nice to see you doctor, let's start with this, mixing and matching, why is it so important if i got j&j i can get the booster from moderna or pfizer or if i got the pfizer i can get the booster from moderna correct. >> exactly. mixing and matching is supported by the science. most importantly it gives plexibility, which is key if you want to immunize as many people as possible with booster shots. >> we know a lot of people, whether the bay area or beyond, even if they're fully vaccinated have been getting -- testing
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positive for covid, do these booster shots help in a big in infection prevention. i thin control trial for booster it seems they're highly, highly effective in preventing infection. >> doctor from ucsf thanks for your time tonight. so here are the guidelines, you can get a pfizer or moderna boochter if you're 65 or older. booster. if you're 18 or older high risk getting the virus because of underlying condition or exposure at work you get that third dose six months after the second shot. if you're one of 13 million americans who got j&j shot everyone 18 and older can get the booster two months after the initial dose. a lot to keep track of with the shot approval and booster shot
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approval and changing mask mandatories, we have clarification on test updates. the antioch police department is back up on his fight against crime one of ten law enforcement agencies nationwide that will receive technology training and resources from the d.o.j., department of justise, it's a three-year program that involves a audit for the department's practices and policies. >> it is a bold gesture that signiies to me a commitment to change by our police department. >> since the pandemic it seems like crime on small businesses and large business has been kind of out of hand and something needs to be addressed about it. >> antioch pd has been under scrutiny following the death of one who's family said he was suffering from a mental health episode and they called 911, an officer put a knee on his neck
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until he lost consciousness, he died in a hospital three days later. warriors home opener at chase center days after two separate falls during a concert at the arena. there was a lot of concern if the railing and lay out of the upper deck was safe, so the san francisco department of building inspection said the arena is up to code after sending two inspectors to check it out after a complaint was filed. they found nothing wrong and now consider the issue closed. last weekend during a phish concert a 47-year-old man jumped from the upper deck and died. another flipped and fell from the upper deck but survived. as for the warriors, wow, electric opening night, this was the first time they played in front of a full crowd in 590 days, sell out crowd of more than 18,000 people filled chase center. fans 12 and older had to show proof of vaccination and younger fans had to have a negative covid test.
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>> to be part of the cheers and everyone around the team, amazing season we have coming up, i think it will be excellent. >> it was excellent. a last-minute win. we'll have complete coverage how they did it, anthony flores will join us from chase center later in this newscast. we are back in 60 seconds with that movie shoot gone terribly wrong, actor alec baldwin fires a prop gun leaving one person dead. the investigation underway right now. and still sinking, what our investigative unit uncovered about san francisco's millennium tower, why engineers don't seem too concerned. and i'll have details on tomorrow's rain and that stronger sunday storm. check it out. one to three feet of snow heading for the sierra sunday and monday. back with a full wrap up in six minutes.
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developing tonight, tragedy
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on a movie set in new mexico, two people, including the film's director, accidentally shot, one person died. the person who fired the prop gun, actor alec baldwin, the question now, how did this happen? we have the latest. >> alec baldwin san actor and producer on this movie "rust" which was to continue shooting in new mexico into november, a western drama, but then a 911 call thursday afternoon from the set of a shooting, a prop gun discharged by the 68-year-old baldwin, it hit the director of photography, helena hutchings and director joel suga. the 42-year-old hutchings was taken by helicopter to a hospital where she died. suga taken to a different hospital being treated for injuries. the accident involved the misfire of a prop gun with blanks.
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production has been halted for the time-being, they say the safety of our cast and crew remains top priority. the newspaper reports alec baldwin was seen outside the sheriff's office in tears. while no charges have been filed, more witnesses are being questioned in what appears at this point to be a tragic accident. from los angeles, nbc news. tonight, the fbi says the remains found in the florida wildlife reserve are those of laundering. dental records were used to confirm his identity. he was the sole person of interest in feengs fiancée's death -- the attorney for the brian laundrie family appeared on "nbc news now." >> for any family, for any parent out there, this say loss of a loved one, they're
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grieving, i would just respectfully ask, people outside their home, go home, give it a break, get a good night's sleep leave them alone even for one night. >> federal agents continue to process evidence at the scene including a backpack and notebook that apparently belonged to brian laundrie. >> san francisco is turning parking lot into a homeless shelton erp, candle stick park was demolished in 2015, today city leaders announced plans to revamp the parking lot into a living center for homeless people, they will use 150 parking spaces for people to live in their cars, land be resources such as bathroom and showers and 24-hour security, this service is designed to help the homeless find stability in their lives. >> new data reviewed by our
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investigative unit shows san francisco troubled millennium tower tilted another quarter inch last week, this happened in the first phase of new plan to support steel support piles down to the bed rock to stop this high rise from sinking further, the tower has tilted nearly six more inches to the west since the fix back in may. it is now leaning nearly 23 inches towards freemont street, the new tilt is what engineered predicted, calling the test a success but they still can't answer the most important question. >> again, i'm cautious about what we can see, the tilting clearly continued and may have picked up in the last week. there's no clear explanation why this is happening. which i think is very troubling. >> it is troubling to a lot of people, especially the homeowners there, the next phase
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of this fix starts next month. >> new at 11:00 something good, a special exemption treat special treat for 200 students invited to see a blockbuster movie "legends of ten rings" a positive impact on asian youth at a time bad behavior is happening every day, well known screen writer david henry wong sd stanford grad sent a message to the students addressing asian hate and why representation matters. >> some of you may choose to consider a career in arts and entertainment. and then you can continue kreegt -- creating more images of people who look like us. >> we definitely want them to know that every person matters, everyone should be included. everyone should be welcome and
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not -- like, no more racism. >> such a success on so many levels. several non-profits and community leaders made this frao presidia theater less than two weeks ago. let's bring in jeff what's happening in a few hours. >> yeah we got the next system rolling in. want to give everybody the overview to start. what you're going to see is for tomorrow morning, yes, is friday, we have that next storm system rolling in. i think we'll be able to get through that one okay. still this sunday, monday storm system is going to be dumping a lot of rain across batum with our atmosphere bay area with our atmospheric river would could see totals for october 100 to 200% of normal. a lot more on this. we have showers developing off to the north over the next 45 minutes. expect this activity to move into hillsburg and as we roll
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through the overnight hours get that rain over marin, napa, sonoma ryder anderson sonoma county around 2:00 in th by 10:00 to 10:30 it kicks off to the east. no big change in rain total half inch to three-quarter inch in the north bay. southern peninsula, rain will be quarter inch or less. tomorrow keep the umbrella handy for the morning. by the afternoon we get a break but you'll need that jacket with 60s across the bay area. let's move in that sunday storm system tracking that rivera in the sky about 2 to 300 miles wide. it's an on-slaught across the state. it happens across the world all
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the time. i'm seeing totals in the north bay three quarters inch to three inches. three quarters inch for rain-values in the south bay. three inches towards the north bay. as we head through sunday gotsing to be pointed right there. at the bay area. sunday night. and then we continue to see heavy rainfall moving into monday morning. in advance of that we have flood watches for the central valleys of california and also the sierra for some small creeks and streams that could rise, we may see these flood watches extended to the bay area tomorrow. san francisco we got sun next wednesday and thursday. same deal here across the inland valley, stays cool the next several days. so you've been asking for it, let's hope we get through this without any big problems sunday night monday. >> a lot is coming our way, thank you, jeff.
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happening now, bloom bergen is reporting unvaccinated staffers for apple will have to under go daily covid testing to enter the office, will also apply to employee who's refuse to disclose their vaccination status, the new rules require vaccinated workers to get test weekly. apple stores unvaccinated must get test twice a week. vaccinated workers once a week.
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just into our news room, that shooting we told you about involving alec baldwin on the set of his new movie in new mexico, we just confirmed the director who was shot and injured is from the bay, his
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name is joel souza, the director of photography from movie called "rust" he's from freemont. he was shot with hutching when a prop gun discharged on set, alec baldwin shot that prop gun, production has been stopped. in the bay area, a high tech way to deliver food, robots we found these autonomous bots roaming around the mall and neighborhood delivering food to customers part of a program went valley fair and kitchen united providing space for restaurants to make to-go meals. the pilot program runs through this week. back in a moment, we'll check in with the warriors after a fantastic finish on the home-opening night. anthony flores, next.
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welcome back, i'm anthony flores, a special home opener at chase sensitivity. the warriors play chase center. the warriors playing first regular season home game in front of full house first time since march 2020.
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the unis are a tribute to the 75th anniversary of the franchise and the league. steph curry came out in mid-season form, just named to the nba 75th anniversary team, made his first 10 shots number 30 was feeling it. check this utah. turns -- out, turns around before the ball goes in the hoop. 24 points in the first quarter but their 20 point lead would evaporate in the second, paul george leading the come back, back-and-forth battle in the fourth, curry gives the warriors two point lead under a minute remaining and scores game-high 45 points and they beat the clippers 115-113 in the home opener. >> nobody's like him. that last two were ridiculous. >> nice to hear the cheers in the stands and hopefully we continue to build the couple
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your and true home court advantage here. >> they look to go 3-0 on the season to play at sacramento on sunday. at chase center nbc bay area. >> that was fun to watch. happy birthday to long time broadcaster randy hahn he and bret heady working there in the bay area studios. nice to see maurice harkless win sharks win 2-1. they are 3-0 on the season. okay bring your poncho or get your viewing party ready to go, 49ers back on sunday night football this weekend. our pregame newscast at 3:00, kick off at 5:20 followed by the postgame newscast live levis, back in a moment.
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love
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and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. before we go and before the rain comes in, a lot of green on that radar, jeff, what are you seeing now? >> i know, we've been waiting for it and we got more on the way, as we head through tomorrow
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morning i'm seeing widespread rainfall pushing in as we hit 5:00 in the morning also right through about 8:00 and after that it moves out by 10:00 a.m. it's a quick-moving storm system heading through tomorrow. as we get to the seven-day, we have the stronger storm arriving sunday into monday, three quarters inch to three inches, north bay with the best bet for the three inch total. we'll get a lot more information tomorrow. >> plan your weekend accordingly around the weather. thank you, jeff. as the storm moves in we'll have complete coverage on air and online, tomorrow morning the morning crew "today in the bay" begins at 4:30 a.m. and it's going to be active on friday morning. thanks for joining us here on this thursday night. have a great day tomorrow. stay safe. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart
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of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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