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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 21, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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road rage violence after a hit-and-run crash. what started as an exchange of information leaves one man seriously hurt. did you clean your gutters? because more rain is on the way. tracking more storms that will impact your week and your weekend. this is "today in the bay." >> didn't clean the gutters, but i got a brand new husband to do
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that. [ laughter ] >> i'm laura garcia. >> he's probably asleep. >> today all day he has no excuses because a little light raincoat will do the trick. it's not going to be pouring. it's going to be spotty and mainly cloudy. walnut creek, you can see the lights there, the clouds. it's going to be another day of temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. as you head out the door, we're actually pretty warm. you can see a ton of rain through the interior out east in through the sierra mountains. they've been seeing showers and snow. we've got our storm ranger up and scanning. mobile doppler radar, we have a couple of showers right here on the pacific. those will continue to push through in the next couple of hours. coming up, i'm going to talk
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about how much rain we've seen so far and how much more we could potentially see as we head toward the weekend, which is going to be a big factor when it comes to concern for the burn scars and potential debris flow. first we have to see how the commute is doing. we check in with mike. >> i have my very sophisticated weather assist here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it shows you how wet the roads are. the water kicks up behind the cars. that will be a factor for traction and it may not a factor for any one of these three crashes including the jackknifed big rig at 16th. two other crashes on the shoulder and the center divide at the embark ter -- embarcadero exit.
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so far speeds are mostly okay. back to you. thousands of people across the bay area are without power right now. this is a look at the current power outages, pg&e's map. about 1400 customers are without power right now, most of them in the east bay. a puzzling case that had people across the country talking, today we could learn what killed a family originally from san francisco. they were on a hike in mariposa county this past summer and they never came home. investigators have ruled out a number causes, but it's such a mystery. sad for the families, but also so concerning. >> good morning.
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law enforcement has ruled out foul play, suicide and the use of illegal drugs in the death of john, ellen and their one-year-old daughter and their family dog. the family of three from san francisco disappeared back in mid august while hiking through the sierra national forest. their bodies were later found near the south fork of the merced river. high levels of toxic algae were detected nearby. the sheriff's office has been working with toxicologists and environmental specialists, the fbi and other experts to see if that might have played a role. it was also extremely hot the day the family disappeared. later today law enforcement will reveal what killed the mother, father, daughter and their dog. happening today, closing arguments start in the trial of a danville police officer
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accused of killing an unarmed man in 2018. andrew hall is fighting manslaughter charges in the shooting death of a man who drove around a roadblock. he's being investigated for the deadly shooting of a homeless man this past march also, but the judge did not allow that to be included as evidence. president biden taking his case directly to the people, trying to sell his infrastructure bill. behind the scenes, progressive and moderate democrats are negotiating just how big the build back better bill will be and what will go into it. chris pollone live in washington this morning. house democrats are facing a big deadline here. >> reporter: they have just ten days left until their own self-imposed deadline to pass two major spending bills, but
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negotiations are heating up. >> it's good to be home. >> reporter: president biden ginning up support for his spending plans in his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. >> this is not just to invest in physical infrastructure. we also have to invest in our people. >> reporter: the white house and congressional democrats are scrambling to reach a deal. >> nobody will get everything they want, but no matter what, our final proposal will deliver the core promise we made to the american people. >> reporter: the president telling progress democrats the price tag of the larger social policy and climate bill will have to come down from $3 trillion to between 1.75 and 1.9 trillion. one of its progressive champions is focusing on what will be in it. >> what this bill does is provides for universal pre-k. this legislation addresses the crisis in housing.
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this legislation expands medicare. >> reporter: republicans promise to vote against any plan that democrats present. >> taxes are going up and it's going to cause more inflation and hurt the poorest families. >> it takes the pressure off these families that skimp the last week of the month just to pay their rent . >> reporter: democrats want a deal by month's end. in san jose police are hoping you can help them solve a case of road rage friday night when police say a woman driving an suv hit a car during capital expressway and capital avenue. when the woman did not stop, the other driver followed her hoping to exchange information. that's when things turned violent. once they pulled over, the other driver made several phone calls and two men showed up and severely beat him. he is now hospitalized with serious injuries. >> my biggest fear is that he
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doesn't make it. there's not too much more. >> the car is described as a 2014 to 2017 silver cadillac escalade. if you have any information, call san jose police. a mountain lion captured this week near two north bay schools will reportedly be euthanized. this is video from monday. she earned the nickname wobbly because she's got a chronic condition causing her to walk off balance and move slowly. rescue groups say she's lost 15 pounds since march because she's been unable to hunt very well. the decision was made to euthanize because of the long odds she'll survive in the wild. hayward organizers did a
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practice run yesterday. organizers say an alert will be sent to everyone with the my shake earthquake warning app. today's drill starts at 10:21 this morning with events held across the bay area. north bay leaders making a big investment to make sure water keeps flowing. the marin municipal water district is funding an emergency supply pipeline. the overall cost of the project is $90 million. at the bay bridge toll plaza, a live look. >> i want to guide you through the 24 hour rain totals we've seen so far. we saw higher totals up through
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santa rosa. napa a little under half an inch. through concord and san jose a couple hundredths of an inch. heading into tonight and friday we have another system rolling through. higher totals expected for the coastal mountains and north bay. could see just under half an inch for most areas, a little over an inch through the north bay. the south bay tends to fall in that rain shadow, but we're going to get a much better rain chance head into the weekend. >> oakland still slow heading into 980. the jackknifed big rig did get cleared. there's one more crash in the area around broadway and farther south, having been cleared out of the chp report. that's good news.
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the green highlighting indicates slick conditions and flooding reported around fifth and jackson as well just on and off of the nimitz there. the walnut creek interchange with light traffic there. this crash in milpitas still may be there. a car went sideways and lost traction. be careful. coming up, supply and demand 101. next on today in the bay, a shortage of teachers means more pay. pay increase coming from north bay schools now struggling to find teachers in a pinch. check your pantries. a warning from the cdc about contaminated onions and the new information about their source.
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good morning. it is 5:14. for the most part we're seeing a little bit of rain out there left over from the system that passed through yesterday.
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i'll talk about what's ahead coming up. a little bit of rain makes it look like this in some spots. that could mean a little less traction. do be careful out there. we've seen a few crashes that seem like they might have been spinouts. do be careful. we'll show you how oakland is and hopefully some improvements. marin county schools are offering higher pay rates to combat the shortage of substitute teachers. daily pay rates by district are as much as $50 da higher and of approaching $200. yesterday the dow hit a new
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record high. the s&p 500 closing just shy of its all-time high on the back of strong earnings reports. let's take a live look at tesla's fremont plant this morning. we are tracking good news for investors this morning. tesla is reporting record profits and sales in the third quarter despite the global shortage of semiconductor chips and the delayed rollout of the upgraded model s and model x. tesla says sales continue to grow thanks to the increasing popularity of the model 3 sedan and model y suv. a big shakeup in the social media game could be on the horizon. paypal is in advanced talked to buy pinterest. competition from shopify has
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pushed the company into social commerce. if you have video games but find your hands are too small for the buttons, the next invention might console you. >> the screen is about the size of a postage stamp. the system comes preloaded with five game including tetris. >> that will work for me but they don't work so good. it's slick out there. we'll be waiting for the report.
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starting with the san mateo bridge we have a clear view. look at that damp roadway. you see slight bits of puddling there, nothing major, but slick roadways. we have an issue reported through foster city. a single car crash perhaps a spinout reported there passing by foster city boulevard. everything should be off to the shoulder. here in the south bay a car sort of sideways across the roadway, perhaps a spinout as well in milpitas at the transition of 880 and 237. there may be more slick roadways. there's a crew that should be slowing from richmond. we see some slowing from i-80. the recovery has been really nice for 880 here at the bottom.
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be careful out there because we're not done with this. >> we're getting little breaks from the rain, but of course we'll still got plenty of activity happening in the pacific. san francisco right now, this is that chain we've been talking about. just like yesterday where we saw periods of quiet, cool and cloudy and then light rain, that's sort of what we're going to see for the first half of our day. we have our storm ranger with a couple of showers passing through vallejo. this is what we've seen so far in santa rosa. some of the highest totals at a little over half an inch. san francisco a little over a quarter. concord a little under a
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quarter. oakland and san jose just a couple hundredths of an inch. we've got much better chances of that boosting up at least a couple hundredths of an inch. mid to upper 60s today with on and off rain chances. i want to take you out ahead to the rain outlook. sunday night into monday morning we're expecting that atmospheric river in the coastal mountains and the north bay. the rain shadowing is expected down here in the south bay with totals anywhere from half an inch to just over 2 1/2 inches, so far bringing us the most rain potential we've seen since january of 2021. it's great, we need the rain, but it's going to areas of concern on those burn scars from
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wildfires. mid 60s, very comfortable. again, a little bit of a break from the rain heading in from friday afternoon into saturday morning. then we get that second system pushing through lingering around into tuesday morning. it's time to get into our climate in crisis. we're talking about atmospheric rivers. global temperatures have continuously gone up. what is the reason for this? this is based in continued warming of our oceans and the air heat. this impacts atmospheric rivers, giving them more fuel to grow, which means they become stronger and bigger. think of the atmospheric river as a river in the sky. when you see it on satellite radar, you can see this river-like flow. it taps into moisture. so rivers of the sky is a stream of moisture that can bring
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flooding rains, so a ton of rain in a short time span. that's what brings a concern for flooding and debris flow. so far atmospheric rivers are 25% longer and wider because of the warming. the global frequency increases by 50%, which could lead to higher flood risks. what can we do? just lowering our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions can make a difference. let's do this together. coming up next, contamination concerns for a kitchen staple. the reason to be careful if you're using onions in any recipes. we are asking you on instagram should businesses be required to check for proof of
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vaccination. let us know what you think. we'll continue the conversation online.
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salmonella outbreak across 37 dates. the cdc says fresh whole red, white and yellow onions imported from chihuahua mexico are subject to the alert. a 49ers game that could define the season when they take on the colts. >> they're playing at levi. the win will put them at .500, break a three-game losing tarik. trey lance dealing with a knee sprain. kickoff is at 5:20 sunday. warriors playing tonight even as concerns of safety
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linger. >> reporter: and the rain continues to fall here in santa rosa in sonoma county. i'll break down the new concern because of the rain.
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in business, setbacks change everything. so get comcast business internet and add securityedge. it helps keep your network safe by scanning for threats every 10 minutes. and unlike some cybersecurity options, this helps protect every connected device. yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. bracing for rain. everyone knows we need it more than ever. ahead in a live report, why some are worries about possible flooding. and a case people have been talking about coast to coast now
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coming to an end. a major break in a five-week manhunt and why investigators may be close to solving the mystery. plus, the mother accused of slowing wild parties for teenagers facing a judge for the first time. the possible motive now being suggested by authorities. this is "today in the bay." a very good thursday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm kris sanchez. marcus washington has the day off. we take a live look over cupertino where we are tracking two storms heading to the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist vianey arana tracking the timeline for us. >> right now things are pretty calm compared to what we're expecting heading into the weekend. we've got a sheen out on the roads, san francisco live look
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there. notice we've still got plenty of instability. those shower chances are going to continue at least through this afternoon. you can see now starting to push into vallejo and up toward the north bay. san jose expected to stay cloudy through the afternoon. for the most part right now things are fairly calm. no heavy downpours expected today, but this is only setting us up for the overnight hours. that second system moves in, kicking up our winds as well. that will make for a heavier commute when it comes to the rain early tomorrow morning. speaking of the commute, let's check in with mike. >> seeing some droplets on the lens at the richmond side of the
5:32 am
bridge to san rafael. still some slowing through richmond, still a crew in the area, but not much work going on overnight because of that rain. there was that one single car spinout getting away from the bay bridge on 580 east bay. the other issue in milpitas. rain a welcome sight overnight in the santa cruz mountains. the wet weather is just a taste of what may be in store by next monday. the further north you are over the next few days, the more rain you are expected to get. there are growing concerns about mudslides. >> sierra johnson live in santa rosa sky hawk neighborhood where some people who live there have
5:33 am
been hit with some power outages as well. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the rain as tapered off since we've been standing here. it's really just kind of a mist. the folks here really dealing with two things. for some there's a concern of flooding. for others there's that concern of power outage. some folks in this area do not have electricity. we had crews in the area all night speaking with local law enforcement. they tell us fire crews have made the transition from being on guard for fire to prepare for a continuation of rain with sandbags. the concern is the area of burn scars. >> we're looking at how much rain we're going to get this weekend and hopefully be able to officially declare the end of fire season here locally. >> reporter: the other concern, thousands across the bay area
5:34 am
without power. pg&e showed clusters of outages from the city to the east bay, but none of them appear to be power shutoffs from the power company. a spokesperson says the outages are common following a dry spell and then bouts of rain. >> especially after a drought in a very dry year, there's been a lot of dirt and salt and dust that's accumulated on the power lines. so when you combine that with water, it becomes mud, which is very conductive to electricity. >> reporter: that was the same explanation given for some of those power outages we saw over the weekend. right now here in the sky hawk area, that concern is for flooding. so far we have not heard any reports of flooding, but a lot of this area a year ago was decimated by fires. we're going to keep an eye out and we'll relay any flooding concerns to you if that does
5:35 am
happen. sierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> there are similar concerns in the sierra where there is an increased slide risk in the calendar fire burn zone. the u.s. forest service monitoring 400 square miles of land impacted by the fire there. hazardous debris could form a dangerous mudflow. it could lead to possible road closures on highway 50. if you are headed there, make sure you plan ahead and please drive carefully. get your weather forecast on the go. download the nbc bay area app. a potential development in the search for brian laundrie. authorities are awaiting the identification of human remeans discovered inside a florida park
5:36 am
where they've been searching for him. nbc's sam brock is in florida with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning. an evidence response team is on scene right now scouring the carlton reserve behind me, looking for any kind of information to confirm the identity of those human remains. authorities here in northport, florida, announcing they have found remains next to belongings of brian laundrie, including a notebook and a backpack. the attorney for brian laundrie says it is a, quote, strong possibility that they belong to brian, but they're waiting on forensics to determine that. as for that topic, how long might that timeline be? experts tell me it's probably about 48 hours. investigators were already in the laundrie home weeks ago, probably established a dna profile. if it's a fingerprint, could be a matter of hours.
5:37 am
if it's a dental, it might be a day. if it's a dna from bone, that might be a week. all of this came about when the parents wanted to search this park located these items. many questions about how after five weeks of searching, they could come here in one day and immediately find items and potentially his remains. the south bay mother accused of throwing wild drunken parties for minors will remain in custody after facing a judge for the first time. the judge denied bail for 47-year-old shannon o'connor. she's charged with 39 counts related to child endangerment and sexual assault. investigators say she encouraged drunk teenagers to sexual assault other drunk teenagers at
5:38 am
her los gatos home. >> one of the crimes that we have charged involves committing a crime for sexual gratification. we can certainly say sexual gratification is one of the motives in this case. >> o'connor was extradited from idaho on tuesday, where she now lives. she's also expected to be charged with embezzling money from her former employer. happening tonight, the warriors tip-off the home portion of the new nba season. they got off to a great start tuesday in los angeles when they beat the lakers. tonight they face the clippers. warriors fans do have to show proof of vaccination to enter the chase center. earlier this week building inspectors were there following two falls during a sunday night concert in which one man died.
5:39 am
look at that. the lens glistening there with the wet weather. vianey arana keeping track of it all. mike, you're busy too with a look at the roadways. >> i know we all look forward to the weekend. if you have to not drive on the roads and you can be inside cozy, you're going to love this weekend. perfect for lighting those fall candles, getting your cozy socks on. between friday and saturday there will be a couple of breaks from the rain. sunday is going to be our biggest storm maker. up through napa valley, we'll probably see some of the heaviest rain. wine tasting indoors probably the best option here. saturday and sunday temperatures are going to be in the low 60s. south lake tahoe travel conditions are going to be really dangerous heading into this weekend. we're talking snow and wind.
5:40 am
heading out saturday early morning is probably going to be your best bet for a decent commute, 47 degrees. sunday into monday, we're expecting the worst road conditions, gusty winds up to 45 miles an hour and snow and dangerous ice on the road. we have updates on our nbc bay area app. it's free. >> that's right. also, the snow did affect folks that had to have chain controls on i-80 last time there was snow. this is going to be a bigger event, so that will be a factor. we're checking out the south bay. north 101 shows a little bit of slowing here. this crash still there, the car sideways across one lane of southbound 880 at the 237. we'll just leave it on the map for now as the volume is going to start to build. not a major issue for the east bay or the peninsula.
5:41 am
this other car sideways on the east bay 92 and the san mateo bridge, another incident that hasn't been updated in quite some time. a newer incident in san rafael. westbound 580 around the san quentin exit. san rafael there is a crash just for now. over here at the golden gate bridge this is what it looks like in real life. we have slick roadways, glowing lights as it reflects off the sheen on the roadways. there's pretty heavy mist going on.
5:42 am
it will kick onto your windshield even if there's not active rain. make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition. coming up, pg&e is hit with another wildfire related lawsuit. next on "today in the bay," the northern county counties now seeking money for damages caused by the dixie fire. you snooze you lose, the findings that make you think twice about sleeping in.
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it looks in walnut creek. rain is still in our forecast. i'm excited about it, but there are a couple of concerns you need to know about and get prepped for. i'll go through that in just a sec. >> it is building at the bay bridge toll plaza. the volume is heavier on a thursday at this particular bridge at this time of day. that's why the wet roads are complicating with the backup that's forming. we'll talk about how things are shaping up and another incident in oakland coming up. the group trying to recall san francisco district attorneys faces a deadline of next monday to turn in enough signatures to qualify their measure. the first effort failed by a few thousand supporters. supporters plan to rally today
5:46 am
outside city hall. former president trump believes he may have the answer when it comes to getting banned on social media. he'sial media app called truth social being rolled out by trump's media company. in the announcement he vowed it would stand up to twitter and facebook. he also promised to send out what he called his first truth on truth social very soon. the app is expected to launch in beta form next month. developing this morning, newl obtained documents show lag time between the oil spill and when the news was made public. the first public announcement happened saturday morning three weeks ago. the coast guard actually learned about the spill about 15 hours earlier and asked local authorities to investigate. orange county harbor patrol teams lost visibility when darkness fell.
5:47 am
the coast guard is not commenting at this point. the mayor of huntington beach said the earlier notice probably would not have made any difference. five california companies launching a new lawsuit over damages from the dixie wildfire. pg&e acknowledged its equipment might have sparked that fire, although an official cause is not known. five counies are included in the suit. homeowners and businesses have filed similar claims. pg&e has said it is waiting for final determination of a cause and focusing on reducing wildfire risk and keeping communities safe. simone biles is opening up about her next big partnership. she's now the chief impact officer of cerebral, a mental health and telemedicine app. >> that announcement comes after she withdrew from several olympic competitions in tokyo citing her own mental health struggles. she says being a victim of
5:48 am
disgraced team doctor larry nassar has an impact. >> over the years after suppressing so many emotions, i think all of that came to light and my body and my mind allowed me to suppress all of that stuff for so many years for as long as it could take. as soon as we stepped onto the olympic scene, it decided it couldn't do it anymore and it cracked. >> hear more on "today" right after "today in the bay." research suggests there is a sweet spot if you want sweet dreams. >> the school of medicine in tlus says short and long sleepers experience greater cognitive decline than people who slept a moderate amount. overall cognitive scores declined for the group that slept less than 4 1/2 hours or more than 6 1/2 hours per night.
5:49 am
experts say the study helped untangle the relationship between sleep, alzheimer's and cognitive function. >> i walk into rooms all the time and go why did i come in here? >> they say rain helps you sleep, the sound of rain, the cool weather, the cloudiness. if you don't have blackout curtains, i recommend getting some. san jose right now look at the dark skies. but we have more rain on the
5:50 am
way. satellite radar showing what's going on. we have a couple of spotty showers that will continue to move on through. you could see not much rain in livermore and san jose right now. notice this timeline is all the way through friday morning. why did it push it through friday morning? because our second system rolls through later tonight. you can see a couple of heavier pockets of rain around your early morning commute. then we get some clearing. we might get some peeks of sunshine tomorrow. daytime highs today in the upper 50s around the coastline, upper 60s for the south bay. outlook for the next several days, the big storm here, the one we're really going to focus on, makes its move in really
5:51 am
late saturday into sunday night. the highest totals expected to be in the coastal mountains and the north bay. we expect to see some rain shadows valleys including the south bay and the san jose area. the totals will be anywhere from a half an inch to 2 1/2 inches. this is the most potential rain we've seen since january 2021. it's not going to put a serious dent in the drought, but it is going to help boost snow totals. sierra with several inches of snow in the higher peaks. a couple of roads travel conditions could be dangerous. we're going to continue to see that instability out there, which is why i keep that chance through the afternoon. no downpours today, but it will be kind of like yesterday.
5:52 am
out of nowhere it starts to get light rain. >> status check of the bay bridge showing backup here. much heavier much earlier than yesterday. another crash going on here for the nimitz southbound. we have this just into the downtown area. watch for slowing just past 980. we have slowing for 24, recovering from an earlier crash here. still slow through richmond. the disabled vehicle looks like
5:53 am
it has been cleared and now there's some recovery. there was a spinout here on the 101 heading down toward the richmond bridge as well. rain and fog down toward that portion of the north bay. south bay just a little bit of slowing as expected. your typical pattern for 101 just past 680. the united states successfully donates and delivers 200 million covid-19 vaccines to more than 100 countries all around the world president biden pledges the u.s. will be the world's arsenal of vaccines and he's set a goal of vaccinated 70% of the eligible global population by next year. still ahead, philadelphia looking to cut down on potentially violent police confrontations by changing the way tickets are issues.
5:54 am
mystery solved, the answers expected today surrounding the unusual death of a northern california family simply out on a hike. as we take a live look outside, look at the backup building at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. it's wet and soggy. [ eerie music playing ] trick or treat! ♪ ♪ he is coming for me... but i'm coming for him. happy halloween michael. paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery.
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welcome back. new overnight, two chicago police officers are recovering after another officer's gun discharged during an arrest during a pursuit when officers responded to an altercation at a gas station and then that confrontation got physical. at some point one officer's gun accidentally fired striking two other officers. two suspects were arrested. the city of philadelphia hoping to improve the relationship between police and the public by reducing traffic stops. city council has a first of its kind law called the driving equality bill. statistics show police disproportionately pull over black drivers for minor offenses but those stops don't do much to reduce violent crime. with this new law, drivers
5:58 am
instead would get a ticket in the mail for those minor violations. >> violations that were selected were strategic. less than 1% of the time when these motor vehicle violations occur, less than 1% of the time there's a weapon or contraband found. these are not stops where we'll see a negative impact on public safety. if anything, this can improve the relationship between communities of color and law enforcement while simultaneously putting law enforcement in a position where they're not spread as thin as they are. santa clara county has a bone to pick with the mayor of milpitas. he has received a formal warning
5:59 am
after being seen without a face mask at a public event. the county sent this letter to mayor rich tran on august 19th, accusing him of potentially violating health department orders by failing to wear a mask while hosting an indoor event. mayor tran says the county is wrong. he believes the photo that prompted that warning was taken back in july when we were not required to wear masks indoors. he has asked the county to rescind that warning. another round of rain is headed our way. in some places it's been coming down since the overnight hours. a family recently relocated from the bay area found dead on a remote trail in the sierra.
6:00 am
satellite radar, you can see we still have plenty of instability out there. it is expected to be a mild day. i want to show you the past 24 hours rain totals. the north bay getting the majority of that rain, a little under an inch. san francisco a little over a quarter, concord less than a quarter and oakland just under a couple hundredths of an


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