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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 21, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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. police in florida report finding personal items belonging to brian laundrie in a florida reserve. where the fbi says they have also located yet unidentified human remains. >> guilty pleas for all 17 murders in the parkland florida high school massacre now a jury must still decide the fate of life in prison or death for the shooter. >> inside the supply chain disruption to better explain why prices are rising and options are shrinking. and the white house ready a
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covid vaccine plan for 22 million kids. and how would you like to a world cruise of a lifetime that last about 274 nights with 100 destinations we've got the details. early "today" starts right now. >> i'm >> i'm phillip mena. >> i'm francis rivera. the fbi found personal remains near the area of belonging to gabby petito's fiancé brian laundrie. now the race is on to identify those remains. nbc's sam brock is following the story for us >> reporter: police and fbi agents have spent weeks combing this florida natural reserve searching for brian laundrie his last reported location there is a at the present time, human remains an long awaited signs of laundrie. >> investigators found what appears to be human remains, along with personal items, such as a backpack and notebook
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belonging to brian laundrie. these items were found in an area that up until recently have been under water >> reporter: the 23-year-old is wanted for the disappearance of his fiancee and debit card fraud charges. he has been on the run for nearly a month after parents say he went hiking in september and never returned. >> you can't keep chocolate in utah. >> reporter: laundrie and petito were on a cross-country road trip, when laundrie returned without her in early september she was later found dead with an autopsy revealing she was strangled. the laundrie family attorney said in a statement, his parents went to the park this morning to search for brian, writing after a brief search off a trail he frequented, some articles ur evs on the s longing to brian were found. >> our evidence response team is on the scene using all available forensic resources to process the area. >> reporter: the last confirmed sighting of petito was august 27 two weeks after the moab police
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stopped petito and laundrie after bystanders reported domestic violence. no charges for to find laundrieg with more questions th petito's disappearance and death spawning national attention in a race to find laundrie, leaving us with more questions than answers. >> thank you young children will likely be next in line to get vaccinated against covid-19. the fda and cdc are expected to approve pfizer's covid vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 in weeks. and the wlous white house is already preparing with a plan to begin vaccinating 28 million children in a age range. thousands of local pharmacies, schools, pediatric and primary care providers will be prepared to distribute the first shots as soon as early november dr. anthony fauci says he hopes parents and family members are enthusiastic about this news >> identity era of delta,
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children get infected as readily as adults. and they transmit the information as readily as adults do >> if you are a parent under the age of five, vaccine trials aref expected by the end of this year. nuary >> the committee investigating the january 6th insurrection recommended criminal prosecution after the former adviser for the president refused to cooperate if the full house recommends contempt charges today, the matter will go to the justice department attorney general merrick garland must then decide if a case will be presented to a grand jury. president biden will take his economic pitch before the nation today he will answer questions directly about his massive spending plan at a cnn town haln in baltimore back on capitol hill he's scaling back some of his key proposals to win support within
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his own party. here is mike memoli. >> reporter: in 2018, candidate bind came to the scrantop area to layout his build back better economy. as agenda as president he came back to push it over the finish line wednesday was the first time he returned to his hometown since taking office in january he says this northeast pennsylvania town was home not because of the memories, but because of the values he learned here this stop was an effort to turn the focus away from washington and his plans nearly $2 trillion price tag to instead focus on the benefits this would bring for the middle class he said america's global competitiveness in child care and green energy initiatives, in road, railways, and bridges would help put america's economy back on track. biden will continue to make his case to the country on thursday in a primetime televised town hall biden acknowledging yes there is skepticism about whether he can get this deal over the finish
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line, but he said, i think we'll surprise some people nbc news scranton. it was an emotional day for families of the parkland shooting victims nicholas cruz in court now prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty. nbc news' kerry sanders is following the latest. >> reporter: frances, for the families of those who died, there will never really be closure. but nicholas cruz, the gunman, has now admitted his guilt, that he murdered 17 people. by admitting guilt it at least spares a long drawn out trial that would have been perhaps excruciating for the families listening to every detail of that horrible day. tears, hugs, anger in court. >> how do you wish to plea >> guilty. >> reporter: as the 23 year old parkland gunman admitted guilt that he murdered 17 students and staff at marjorie stoneman
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douglas high school. the deadliest high school shooting ago >> reporter: three years ago, nicolas cruz randomly shot anyone he saw and some he didn't see, shooting threw walls, doors and windows. >> the defendant had with him a rifle bag that contained a ar-15 rifle. >> reporter: cruz applied no explanation and apologized >> i am sorry what i did sigh to live with it every day >> her son luke was 15 years old. >> he has no remorse he planned most those murders, 14 others, and attempted murder. he is an evil, evil young man and we hope the death penalty is the end result >> reporter: the broward county school district reached an agreement with the families, a 25 million dollar agreement. next up will be sentencing while there was no trial, because nicolas cruz has now
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pled guilty, they will still have to panel a jury to hear the evidence and hear those guilty pleas and then make a n or the depth penalty. francis? >> kerry, thank you. the nfl coming to terms to end a practice that uses race as a factor in its billion dollar concussion settlement with former players this means the players with cognitive test scores won't be,s based on race. >> snow and heavy rain headed out west good morning, janessa. >> a series of fronts impacting the area
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slowly but surely storm systems ramp up. we're talking about a good amount of rain and we really do need it in this area the problem is over 10-15 inches in these burn scarred areas is going to cause some massive flooding and that is what we're expecting across northern california and the coastline of oregon to seattle. now, the higher elevations into the sierra nevada, up to 18 inches of snow as this system continues to make its way al thl ry warm for the northeast. daytime highs in the mid-70s temperatures, they're all over the place. we'll check with that coming up. >> >> we'll check in, in a minute, thank you, vanessa
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president biden spent a part of the day surprising the vp on her birthday. >> really? oh, joe! ahh. i'm very excited >> the white house released this video of president biden giving kamala harris flowers and a framed photo they didn't say what the picture was but it kind of looks like the two of them in front of the white house. the vice president turned 57 years old. may want to check your pantry a popular low carb snack recalled. and a driver shortage in the trucking industry a all-time high inside the big hall to recruit new truckers uchhh!!! so now we use our swiffer sweeper and dusters. the fluffy fibers? they pick up dust easily. grabbing it in all those hard-to-reach places. gotcha!!! and for our floors, sweeper' textured cloths lock all kinds of dirt, dust and pet hair.
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they were not reimported for inspection to the u.s. they were sold in arizona and california nevada, new mexico, utah and washington a full list of what was recalled is available on the fsis website. you see that right on your screen the race is on to recruit more truck drivers in america. the next generation of truckers is shaping up to be more diverse than ever before nbc visited a truck-driving school in georgia. >> reporter: the supply chain is stalling >> we need a lot more drivers than ever before and we have less than ever before. >> reporter: with influx of goods and shortage of drivers, trucking schools are shifting into high gear. >> i don't know any other career you can go from unemployed or underemployed to four weeks of training and off at a career making 50, $60,000 out of the
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gate. >> this location home to the nation's third fastest growing port is one of many schools working to refuel america's supply chain. >> with covid, stimulus checks, drivers retiring, schools shrinking because of cdc guidelines the supply and demand formula really shifted. >> reporter: covid changed towards e-commerce and changed who we're seeing behind the wheel. >> the standard older white male is retiring to accelerated rate. and there is no pay gap tied to race and gender because everybody gets paid by the mile. >> working in warehouses i've always seen the truck drivers back in. i'm like i can do that it's definitely space for everybody. >> in the four week course, students learn general safety, pretrip inspection and maneuvering skills, then they test for their commercial
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drivers license. >> can you walk me through a pre trip inspection of the truck >> yeah. i can do that right no. >> truckers make an average of over $47,000 per year. currently the age requirement is 21 though some in the industry argue the age should be lowered to 18, particularly as needs for more drivers grow with schools like roadmaster revving up the next generation of truckers. >> thank you for that report so that face is going change next time you gesture, signal them to blow your horn every time you pass a truck. >> still to come here, the spice will flow. we got sod goom news for all you doom fans. and ahead around the world in 274 nights. how you can set sail aboard the ultimate world cruise. every night. right after dinner. definitely after meatloaf. like clockwork. do it! run your dishwasher with cascade platinum and save water.
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a bitcoin surge and stronger than expected earnings drove to dow to new heights the index gained just over 150 points futures are pointing to a slight dip at the open. two very public faces are opening up about their private health battles hoping the news could help save lives. nbc tomiamis has the story. >> i can do something to help protect somebody else. i'm going to share a secret i've never spoken before. i'm immunocompromised. i have multiple sclerosis. so i'm grateful you are all vaccinated. >> nbc's john king making that surprise announcement on air saying it was completely unplanned but he felt compelled in the moment. >> i don't like the government telling me what to do. i don't like my boss tell mega what to do in this case it is important. >> king said he revealed his condition because of the conversation about the death of
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collin powell who was vaccinate asked the questions that followed about the legitimacy of getting a shot. >> what crossed the line for me was, lying about an american herro when those 728,000 people we've already lost they are already herros to somebody too and to lie about vaccines and make it worse today and tomorrow based on all we now know is reckless and it pushed me across the line. >> neil cavuto made his own plea after announcing he's tested positive for covid he's had ms since 1997 rngs was treat treated for cancer said in a statement had it not been vaccinated with all my medical issues this would be a far more dire situation. it is not because i did and i'm surviving this because i did i hope anyone and everyone gets the message a loud and clear get vaccinated for yourself and everyone around you. nearly one million people are living in the united states with
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ms king discussing his 13-year long battle with the disease and the challenges he's faced. >> i hope nobody noticed it, but election week in america was probably one of my worst weeks last year. i was having a lot of trouble functioning. >> he now wants to help other bis share higgins truth. >> if my personal experience can help anybody or help people understand again that the person next to you. you may not know it. on the subway, the bus, the coffee shop, might need your help and you can do a couple easy things to make them feel safer. if i can help where that, so be it. >> thanks to tom for that report. >> in this case spontaneous impromptu, but when you are feeling compelled in that strong manner, will come out. >> very good reason. >> which states are holding on those warm temperatures? janessa's got your forecast. >> and taking a stand against bullies by going purple for spirit day d against bullying by going purple for spirit day i'm linda, your quickbooks live bookkeeper.
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purple this morning, all in honor for bullying day according to the trevor project, one and three lbgtq use reported physical threats or harm due to their identity many are taking a stand this year, many people wearing purple in support of lbgtq youths you can take the pledge where they have antibullying resources and spread the words online and in person. >> our janessa web is back with us, what do we have in store what do we got, janessa? >> here in the northeast, you will be glad today we'll see tremperatures in the upp upper 70s and mid-80s in some spot durham area in the 70s
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the wait is finally over for this flick after numerous delays, the movie "doom" is about to stream on hbo max. it's arriving before the day planned which is tonight eastern time today's top story, border
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apprehension is at an all time high this year u.s. officials are tracking a new caravan of migrants in southern mexico that could head north within days. the caravan includes thousands of migrants fleeing haiti and venezuela and other latin american countries. the couple is accused of attempting to sell submarine secrets to a foreign government. when the fbi searched their maryland home, they found shredded documents and more than a thousand dollars in cash the tobys can face life in prison if they are convicted and they have been jailed since the arrest earlier this month. you are ready to travel the world 274 nights royal caribbean announced a new
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cruise, stopping at 150 destinations, it's truly the ultimate trip around the globe if you want it, rates is going to cost you $61,000. it will set sail on december 10th of 2023 you got to really being in on a boat >> you have to be with the people that long on that boat. coronavirus is the concern and also norovirus. jobs opening in america are at a record high as many people are choosing not returning to work health risk plays a role more older adults are opting to retire early and some can't ware because they are caring for a relative others staying home because they have grown their savings and not being offered for the wages and
4:29 am
taking time to match workers with their new priorities. i know what my priorities are, i am out >> we are at a turni point >> thanks ngfo
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more rain headed our way. the anxiety that's rising in some are recent burn areas. a northern california family were found dead on a remote hiking trail. >> and the increase of fully vaccinated people getting hospitalized with covid. this is "today in the bay."


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