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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 20, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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area doctors are seeing increase. news in 30 seconds. so he built a high wall all round it. then one morning the giant heard some lovely music. (♪ ♪) through a little hole in the wall, the children had crept in. and the giant's heart melted... and they found the giant... all covered with blossoms. (♪ ♪) from fire to flood mode, rain falls across the bay area, firefighters changing priorities tonight. things only getting started, tracking two more storm systems that should bring a lot of rain in short time. another update. bay area hospitals seeing a troubling trend.
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>> immune ocompromised coming in despite being fully vaccinated. >> not all bad news, covid boosters that will keep people out of the hospital. >> bizarre break-in that east bay organization is scrambling because of. damper on holiday plans, passenger bumping is back, what you need to know to protect your seat on the plane. nbc bay area responds. good evening, begin with something we desperately need, rain, it is back. only the beginning. looking at live cameras showing wet roads across the bay area tonight. lots of windshield wipers along 880 in fremont, and power outages an issue. >> two more storms on the way, and meteorologist jeff ranieri following them.
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>> on storm ranger mobile doppler radar, tracking sto mod through the peninsula and east bay. looped this past hour. going to see activity next few hours like this. spotty rain tomorrow morning. two more systems coming, timing is becoming more clear. next storm friday morning and after that, sunday into monday could be the stronger storm with the atmospheric river. could bring october rainfall to 100% to 200% of normal. coming up in 15 minutes. the rain is going to help us a lot. nbc bay area's sergio quintana is in santa rosa. helps with fire season but huge issues with the burn areas. >> reporter: here in santa rosa
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in this particular neighborhood, glass fire destroyed a few homes coming, santa rosa fire department is switching from wildfire watch to being on the alert for possibility of potentially treacherous runoff in burn scar areas like this. today's rain in santa rosa and much of the north bay is exactly what fire authorities have been hoping for. it's been steady, even misty most of the day. santa rosa deputy fire chief says will be a big deal. >> looking at how much rain and what weekend is looking like, hoping to officially declare the end of fire season locally. >> reporter: switching gears to stormy season. pu station is already set up to shore up
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homes. downpour just right, but cautious eye on sunday. >> glad to see the rain, not thrilled about the level of intensity and that much rain. especially in burn scars. >> reporter: series of storms have pg&e on alert. there have been a few power outages from rain last weekend, tonight more than 10,000 customers all across the bay area are without power. >> after a drought and dry year, been a lot of things accumulated on the power lines and when combined with water becomes very conductive to electricity. >> reporter: and pg&e says they're still working on restoring power to those customers. santa rosa fire department are loading up fire engines with swift water rescue equipment
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just in case they get flash floods, got to be prepared for every possibility, nbc bay area news. >> talk about a 180, thanks sergio. did mention power outages, more than 10,000. pg&e map, orange and yellow the biggest outages, fremont/newark, most right now. thousands in each of the cities in the dark. to help you out in the storms, download the nbc bay area app with up-to-the-minute weather updates for your neighborhood. punch in zip code, set go. new insight into the motive of the los gatos mom arrested for throwing sex and alcohol fuelled parties. denied bail as she faced the judge first time. extradited to san jose from new home in idaho, charged with 39 counts of child endangerment and sexual assault. among the accusations,
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investigators say encouraged drunk teens to sexually assault others. todaymotive. >> one of the crimes charged involves committing a crime for sexual gratification, it's one of the motives in this case. >> also expected to be charged with embezzling hundreds of thousands from former employer. different kind of tree lighting in the oakland hills. >> three, two, one. yay! >> commemorates the 30th anniversary of the devastating 1991 firestorm in the oakland hills. 25 people died, 3,500 structures destroyed. arrangement of light is called the tree of hope, usually lighted before christmas, but to mark the three decades, lights went on early.
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tree trimmer died on the job and cal osha is stepping in to figure out what happened. not far from moraga country club, trimming top of tree, fell. no word if he was tethered to a safety line. effort to get older americans a booster shot gets a boost. fda approves moderna and johnson & johnson boosters as the bay area health officials are urging fully vaccinated older adults to get the booster. >> reporter: bay area health officials are hoping vaccine clinics like this will soon have all shots available for boosters. increasing number of people over 65 in hospital with covid vaccinated but haven't had a booster. >> feel better, know i'm protecting people in my community. >> reporter: science teacher got the pfizer booster today. more options are likely days
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away. fda approved moderna and johnson & johnson booster shots and mixing and matching them today, decision the cdc is likely to follow. >> it is the right move, flexibility is name of the game, don't want people hemming and hawing, wondering if the neighborhood drug store has the right company. >> dr. peter chin hong says the timing is important. older and immunocompromised people vaccinated more than six months ago and not having booster are geting zblik sick. >> mirrored by data in israel, over 65 fully vaccinated, without a booster shot. >> reporter: only 25% have gotten the booster and hospitals are seeing increase in the
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patient in that age group. plans to call her parents. >> i guess i should call them. >> nbc bay area news. >> the white house has revealed game plan for vaccinating children 5 to 11, and may start in a few weeks. fda's meeting october 26th and cdc follows november 2nd. final decision expected after that. within hours of formal approval, smaller doses will be shipped in special packaging with smaller needles to health departments, pediatricians offices, pharmacies and even schools. spoke with pediatric infectious diseases expert at stanford who says she has full confidence in the dose. >> data were compelling enough the company was able to submit to the fda.
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they're going through it with fine-toothed comb, they have been and will even more. next tuesday, take a vote. we'll see what happens, but i am very confident. we also know that hundreds of millions of people have been vaccinated with these vaccines. over a billion doses have been given around the world and know the safety is pretty remarkable. >> remember this is a third of the dose for adults. white house and other health departments making plans, sonoma county hopes to have them vaccinated by december 1st. our website, coronavirus pandemic section to learn more, posted interview with dr. maldonado there for you. putting damper on the holiday season, someone broke into san leandro building and did this, vandalized more than a
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dozen six foot tall nutcrackers. smashed and toppled over. they've been placed around downtown to spread holiday cheer. now this. unless replaced, wil and saw th splayed out on the ground, my heart really just sank. >> nutcracker costs $1,000 each, damage is nearly $16,000, nearly impossible to repair. gofundme for community support. what happened to them? investigators will reveal what killed a san francisco family in the sierra national forest. disappeared after going on hike in august. bodies later found near south fork of the merced river.
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number of possible causes have been ruled out. suicide, illegal drugs, foul play. it was extremely hot and water sources tested positive for toxic algae bloom. hit and run that turned violent. 10:30 friday night, woman driving suv hit a car, female driver did not stop, so man in the car followed her, hoping to exchange information and things turned violent. next image might be difficult to take. man's wife says once they pulled over, female driver made several phone calls and two men showed up and did this. beat him, leaving him hospitalized with serious injuries. >> doctors say it don't look human what his body can do and handle, not much more they can do but wait. >> police say the woman's car
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similar to this, 2014 to 2017 silver cadillac esclade. storm ranger shows rain coming down, mountains and part of the peninsula, about six minutes. mayor of milpitas accused of not masking. he says the county made the mistake, not him. some airlines said they would stop bumping passengers, yet thousands of people don't end up with a seat. consumer investigator chris chmura, next.
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millions of people bought airline tickets but might not make it. >> airlines are bumping due to
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oversold flights. consumer investigator chris chmura is here to tell us how to protect our seats. >> confirmed ticket but overbooked flight gives your seat to someone else at the gate. it's ugly and luckily rare. 2,754 out of 163 million this summer. southwest vowed to end overbook but southwest and others are still blindsiding passengers by bumping them. almost as long as airlines, bumping. >> pan am once bumped ella fitzgerald off a flight. >> 1954. this image of fitzgerald's complaint in the national archives. >> it's not new. >> reporter: airline analyst and
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consultant and aviation insider since twa. says decades of bumping traditions turned upside down four years ago. watching guards forcibly bump a passenger, involuntarily denied boarding. after controversy, many airlines renounced bumping. >> last thing we want to do is deny a customer their flight. >> reporter: southwest then ceo kelly in 2016. >> will cease to overbook going forward. >> reporter: but southwest involuntarily denied boarding to 2,500 people, blaming the boeing max. has it stopped bumping? no. reviewed the monthly report card
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the government gives airlines. bumped 1,314 paying passengers april to june, more than any other carrier. some people sounded off on social media. >> southwest bumped me from flight. >> terrible service. >> reporter: southwest insists it's given up the practice of overselling practice but those 1,300 people? explained it dealt with lousy weather and during periods of irregular operations, involuntary denied boardings may occur in rare circumstances as remaining flights are overbooked. during that same period, other airlines bumped people, too, not as many. hawaiian, allege yant and delta didn't bump anybody.
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new airline software might do away with it eventually. >> there are things you can do. >> reporter: some contracts say use check-in time to pick who is not going. last to check in, first to kick off. get boarding pass early, 24 hours before flight. >> set alert for check-in. >> reporter: some bump whoever is late to the gate. don't push the clock. >> get to the gate early and be ready to board when the flight is ready. >> reporter: wondered if insurance which airlines sell aggressively will cover you if bumped. >> this is tricky one. >> reporter: at insure my trip looked it up, it's neither included or excluded, it's a total crap shoot. >> interesting question, wish there was straightforward yes answer, there's not. >> one last note who gets kicked off. fare matters.
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low fare passengers get bumped before higher paying passengers. basic economy ticket has risk. might be wise to upgrade to next tier and might pay for itself if it included assigned seat or free checked bag. if airline bumped you against your will, let us know on the app or call us. >> above all stay calm. >> absolutely. even if it starts pouring rain, two, three inches where you live. it's coming. don't blame the weather man. i don't think anyone is going to blame anyone. really needed rainfall so desperately, fire season, drought, all the smoke, we're all happy to see this. storm ranger mobile doppler radar showing residual rainfall over the peninsula, santa cruz mountains coming down pretty
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good, will keep the chances overnight and scattered rainfall tomorrow. make sure to have the jacket and umbrella handy, clouds stay in place and cooler temperatures. 60s across the bay, 69 in san jose, low 70s in south bay and east bay microclimates but good weather for what we've been going through and how strong the season is starting off so far. into the two other storm systems coming in, timing is becoming a lot more focused in for us. getting more details about this, definitely looks like next storm system is friday morning. i think we'll get through that okay, but sunday into monday is stronger with atmospheric river that's going to boost up the rainfall totals. friday morning, 1:00 a.m., heavier pockets. in and out quickly. rain from the north bay to south bay and 10:30, it's out of here.
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totals, half to three-quarters of inch. parts of the peninsula. but rain shadow for south. quarter inch or less. sunday's forecast. timing seems to be slowing down a little bit. so by sunday morning, 8:00 a.m., the atmospheric river, see that moisture right there, pointed toward eureka, and sunday night starts to lower over the bay area by 10:00 p.m., then continue to see rainfall into monday morning. right now, highest totals, coastal mountains and north bay. widespread range, 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches. mountains, 2 1/2 or higher, most rainfall since last january. desperately need it.
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seven-day forecast, 60s in san francisco, same temperatures inland valleys. sunday andonday, watching out for. right now hopefully can get through this without any big-time flooding problems. >> sounds good, looks good. >> jeff will be on top of it for us next couple of days. sizzling feud continues. still ahead, mayor breed firing back about the temporary closure of the in-n-out burger in her city. estrada fire is fully contained. controlled burn, the flames jumped the fire lines. check out home page, we have it posted there. warriors at chase center for
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home opener, full crowds but concerns about covid and safety. >> and tracking the next two storms to the bay, 4:30 to 7:00. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day.
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blunt comeback from san francisco mayor breed after the city shut down in-n-out burger due to inappropriate covid protocols. >> go to super burger, there are other places, this is ridiculous we're still talking about. >> customers required to show proof of vaccination to eat inside but city said it wasn't happening and restaurant ignored numerous warnings to enforce the rule and in-n-out burger says it refuses to be the enforcer for any government. mayor of mill milpitas as
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been sent this, said failing to wear mask in indoor event. but mayor said the county has it all wrong. believes the photo that prompted it was taken in july when masks were not required indoors. he's asked the county to rescind the warning. tesla reported third quarter earnings, $162 billion in income for third quarter compared to $331 million the same quarter last year. stocks though are down in after hours trading. shareholders are nervous about supply issues, including chip shortages hurting ability to make more cars. niners and colts on nbc
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. that's helen and her friends. m i arranged a wellness retreat for them. understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. okay, 49ers back on "sunday night football" this weekend and what could be a soggy night at
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levi's stadium. >> it's not just potential rain to plan for, but they have to figure out who to start at quarterback. >> ask this every single time. >> every single time it's a question. jimmy garoppolo, still working on the right calf, been limited in practice, hopeful to be back on the field sunday when the niners host the colts. rookie quarterback trey lance is dealing with sprained left knee. >> will get better every day i think. tested out on the field to see what could do, right now feels great. every game is a big game and treating this way this week. will be fun sunday night here. >> you terry. >> i'm going to play quarterback? would love to, don't know how. complete coverage of the 49ers/colts game sunday long. nbc bay area starting 5:20 and pregame news cast and after the game, postgame news cast.
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the feeling of normalcy. look at that beautiful map behind you. >> it's so nice to see this on storm ranger mobile doppler radar right now. rain coming down good in the peninsula and starting to pass into the east bay again. we'll keep chances for off on and off rain into tomorrow and second storm system on friday, quarter to an inch in north bay, and late saturday the third and strongest system in the north bay, heaviest rainfall sunday and monday, 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches. >> busy couple of days, thanks jeff. >> have a good night. >> see you tomorrow, bye-bye. >> jimmy: new hashtag, "matrix trailer seems rad. send >> jimmy to the floor, please. jimmy to the floor
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