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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 20, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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through the bare a ya. what does it mean for your neighborhood? plus -- >> they're struggling. we're all struggling. we feel superviolated. it's hard to process. >> ahead, a mother is due in court to answer charges. why one parent is calling it a violation of trust. a third hour of "today in the bay" begins right now. a good wednesday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we're going to have your morning commute. but let's talk about this forecast. depending where you are or when you woke up, maybe you saw rainfall. vianey arama is in for kari hall tracking conditions. >> that's right. for the first half of the day, you can see if you're heading to work in cupertino, a little bit
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of drizzler. expect to see a chance of spotty showers. we've got plenty happening in the pacific and tapping into some potential atmospheric moisture could give us a much needed boost especially considering the wildfires lately. we can definitely get a break from that. as far as our temperatures go, we're going to remain in the 60s before this week. i'll go into more detail on what to expect into the weekend coming up. first i'll check in with mike. >> you said you might have scattered showers.
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there's an issue getting to the bay bridge. we have a typical slowing and we have a little bit of flooding. sir francis drake on the north bay side. here, highway 24, that will be an issue for folks leaving walnut creek. we see a spinout. the roadways may be a factor for your drive. highway 24 around wilder the speeds start to improve. san jose, we're holding steady. the crash, we haven't had much of an update. at oakland road, there was a crash there. things are starting to clear up a little bit. >> make sure you download our free nbc bay area app. that way you can get up-to-date information on what's happening in your neighborhood. it's great because the app has
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the live radar running all the time. laura? >> well, happening today, a south bay mother back in the bay area after being extradited. shannon o'connor expected to face a judge accused of supplying kohl for teenagers at wild parties. >> reporter: good morning to you. shannon oh conor spent the night at a women's correctional facility last night, but she'll be here at santa county superior court later this afternoon to answer those felony and misdemeanor charges. this is how o'connor arrived at the san jose airport. wheeled off a flight through a back door by two officers in plain clothes back from boise. the mother who told us her child was one of o'connor's victims was there at the airport waiting
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with a sign reading lock her up. >> oh, she 100% lied to us. she gained our trust and betrayed our trust. we feel superviolated and it's really hard to process. >> reporter: when o'connor faces the judge for her arraignment this afternoon, she'll answer to 39 felonies and miss demeanor charges including sexual assault and child abuse and parties she hosted at her home. she's accused of getting 14-year-old and 15-year-old kids drunk. while she was arrested outside boise, there were ten underaged
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boys and two underaged girls in her home. also in los gatos, tensions heating up with town leaders. this is after protests outside the mayor's home. the group calling for the mayor and council mens to resign protested outside the mayor's home. shortly after that. they provide new rule. the town's mayor says disagreements are part of the process, but there are limits. >> we now have gender neutrality in our town whchlt's that about? we now have rainbow cross walks? >> however, anti-social behavior, slander, bigotry, and hatred are completely unacceptable. >> now, activists are calling for the mayor's husband to be arrested. this is following a heated conversation between him and
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others earlier this month. new details this morning on a paolo al toe woman who survived two days in what was at times below freezing temperatures. she got separated from her hiking group sunday near hunting tong lake in fresno county. rescue crews worked around the clock to find her. they finally spotted her. temperatures dropped to just 13 degrees. she was found safe and unhurt. a live look at capitol hill. this is where a top adviser to former president trump is a step closer to being held in contempt of congress. a committee investigating the january 6th capitol siege voted 9-0 to hold steve bannon in contempt. chris pollone has more. what's the latest, chris? >> reporter: good morning. the january 6th committee
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believesion about the planning thateninto the him, hoping he talks about what he knows. >> mr. chairman, on this vote there are nine ayes and zero noes. >> reporter: they voted unanimously recommending holding former trump adviser steve bann in contempt. >> he stands alone in complete defiance of the subpoena. that's not acceptable. no one in this country, no matter how wealthy or powerful is exempt from the law. >> reporter: bannon warned of chaos to come tomorrow. bannon's lawyer requested a one-week adjournment.
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>> so far mr. bannon's excuse is former president trump wishes tony evoke some fort of executive privilege or a subset of the relevant topics. there's no conceivably applicable privilege that could shield bannon from testifying. >> reporter: as this unfolds, the former president has filed a lawsuit of his own. the suit calls the investigation unconstitutional and an illegal fishing expedition. the full house of representatives will vote on this contempt referral tomorrow. if it passes through that democratic controlled house, then a u.s. attorney here in washington will decide whether to pursuit it further. back to you.
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>> you know what else we're watching? the skies. pitter patter of t our storm ranger.. the roads are wet. we're going to check in with mike in just a little bit. we saw the cameras there at the bay bridge. how are we looking right now. >> it is up and scanning, getting the last of the sprinkles that pushed through the bay area last night into the early morning hours. still going to get a spotty chance or two. right now in fairfield, 52 degrees.
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we could keep the chance of scattered showers. take a look at this. 12:00, 1:00, we notice rain activitiet not going to be a ton of rain, but it's certainly going to be enough where we might catch it at times, especially if you're going to be out and about. keep that in mind. we get another system that rolls through tomorrow night. i'll go into more detail on that. mike, how are the roads? >> along there, you see that. here you see kind of a misty look making it a little blurry for our view. some debris reported. the metering lights were turned on a little bit earlier this morning, but we haven't seen the backup until now, you'll see it.
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there's talk about a traffic break. everything else moving very smoothly including san jose. the earlier crash out of the lanes. >> thank you. coming up next, is facebook getting a facelift? next on "today in the bay," the major change that may be coming to the entire facebook universe and mark zuckerberg's new vision. plus -- it's only so big. we only have so many containers. >> why containers are being left in l.a. neighborhoods and how the port of oakland is trying to help ease the backlog. plus is it a bones day or no bones day? we're going to to find out. why millions of people are relying on this adorable pug to
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determine how their day's going to go. one san francisco restaurant more out than i making national headlines. o our website or app. you'll find the story right there.
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good morning. 6:14. ite going be cloudy. temperatures in the 60s.
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topping out in the mid- to upper 60s. fremont, if you're headed to work, keep your light jacket. you'll see another round of rain. i'll tell you when in just a bit. >> this is why we don't depend 100% on auto focus. you can see more crowds building. it's building at bay bridge as well. scattered showers, wet roadways and drizzle. an issue getting to the bay bridge coming up. taking a look at the futures this morning before the opening bell to ring at 6:30 this morning. dow jones is down just a bit. you know, the futures have kind of been flat. investors are digesting earnings result. this rose yesterday. up for a fifth straight day. the longest winning streak since late august. facebook is reportedly considering changing its name.
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ceo mark zuckerberg telling the verge he'll be changing facebook to metaverse. it will bring facebook, instagram, what's up, and innocuous under a larger parent company. and new augmented reality glasses, he predicts, will be as popular as smartphones. a shipping container in california now spilling overinto nooern neighborhoods. truckers are stacking up containers, creating traffic hazards on nearby streets. they're trying to unload at a trucking company that has a holding lot near the port of l.a., one of which crashed yesterday trying to make a right turn. no one was injured. but the owner says the warehouses are so full, there's nowhere to take them. neighbors are fed up. >> people cannot get out of their driveways because the trucks are all along the street. >> i had two trucks coming down
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here. i beat them to the point where they couldn't continue through here. >> you used your trash can to block the street. >> yes. i used my body too. the port of oakland is calling on companies to route more car guy there. the port says there's no backup or congestion. 54 ships stopped in oakland last month. the volume is up 4% this year, but there's capacity for more. well, if you're counting, then you know. just 66 days left until christmas, but this year's holiday shopping season may be marked by a widening gap between high and low income households am new survey finds 10% of shoppers plan to spend nothing on gift this year. the same study predicts holiday sales will go up to 9% this year. this is due mostly by wealthier consumers and more money since
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the pandemic. the streaming service says 142 million households have watched the dark drama, which is now the most watched original series. it's expected to lift the current quarter. netflix says heavy lineup should boost sales through the end of t the year. trending this morning, wouldn't it be great to know what kind of day you're going to have? >> yes. this is thanks to a pug named noodle. let's take a look and listen. >> if he has bones or no bones. oh, my goodness. a soft clapt. >> a soft collapse. you heard it right there. today will be a no bones day. his owner attempts to wake him up from a slumber, right?
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noodle flops down. if he remains standing, you cogo forth and prosper. you can check it out. that's coming up after "today in the bay." >> he's 15. >> he's tired. his little bones hurt. >> i applaud him for getting up at any point. he's 13. he looks like me in the afternoon. >> for a dog. he needs to relax. and you know what? off camera, vianey, i was telling you, these days with the rain, you just want to see no bones. you just want to lie there. you're probably getting ready for work. so listen. we have you konked. i know. it's like those cozy days. you want to do nothing. san jose, we've got a great shot ofdown town. yes, if you were sleeping, you didn't see it. we got a little bit of rain in san jose, sheen overnight. in the south bay, current
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temperatures as you head out the door in the 50s. we're running at several degrees warmer compared to the past 24 hours. remember yesterday we woke up to the 40s? today, 15 degrees warmer in san jose and literature more. also we're not clear yet of the rain. we're getting occasional scattered showers, light rain, and you can see the last of the rain starting to push through. but there's plenty of instability where we might still get spotty rain chances throughout the entire afternoon. expect today to be full of clouds but also peeks of sunshine at times. clearing out nicely. but for the most part keeping the cloud cover around. 64 in concord. san jose, 67. palo alto, 66, san francisco, 62. what's going on with our hour by hour outlook? as i mentioned, we're going to keep a scattered chance of rain. this is pushing ahead toward thursday. into the late hour we get our second system that makes its
6:21 am
arrival. this is going to be more heavily focused around the north bay t coastal region as well. not so much inland area. it will help add to the rain fall total. so far we've seen less than a half of an inch. i want to show you the extended outlook. rain outlook october 24th, you can see plenty of moisture. pockets of moderate to heavy rain. if this taps into that atmospheric river, we could be seeing a couple more inches and a dumping of snow sunday night into monday. we're keeping this wet weather pattern that ease our wildfire concerns, certainly increasing our humidity. let's talk about how the roads are doing. how is it out there, mike? >> it's slow in a key spot. concern for some spots. a lot of folks heading through the tunnel. it's fine and cleared from the overnight roadwork, no problem. right now, slow on the oakland side because of a crash.
6:22 am
a spinout reporting there, then a second crash. do watch out. there's a lot of activity jamming things out as you're coming out of orinda. there's a blackup and the metering lights. they're slowing for 37. slowing for high bay 4. a little more gradual for the build this morning. the metering lights were turned on because they wanted it to slow down. right here you see water on the lens, slick roadways as well. the build at the richmond bridge. no major issue for the bridge. find the umbrella. thanks. coming up next here on "today in the bay." nbc bay area responds. >> some airlines said they would stop the bumping of passengers and yet so many end up without a seat. i'm chris chmura.
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some bumping is back. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is looking into bumping and the ways to protect your seat for the holidays. >> uncle sam issues airlines a monthly report card. the latest shows a thousand people over the summer were told they couldn't board their flights all because the airlines booked more people than they have seats on those planes. so what can you do about it?
6:26 am
we turned to aviation consultant heaviry in san francisco. he said the airlines have a formula that picks who gets bumped off start wgs those who board last. >> get ready to board early. >> we have a few more steps. tonight at 11:00 we'll pick apart the rest of the airlines alzheimer's formula so dwrounlt get bumped. we found one. tonight they'll explain why they did it despite a promise to stop. if an airline bumped you, we want you to let us know. i'll join you again tonight at 11:00. 6:26. coming up next, top stories that we're following today including quenching the drought. >> reporter: much needed rain forecast for the bay area.
6:27 am
the new droud declaration from governor gavin newsom. and all new this morning, another bay area county now planning to loosen its mask mandates.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ right now at 6:30, wet weather moving in, but how long will it stick around. and can it make a dend in the california severe doubt. we have live team coverage breaking eight owl awl down.
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plus placed leave. cops placed on leave. and going maskless. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good wednesday morning to you. i'm lauria garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. you cena storm working hard for us. resna arama in for kari hall with what to expect. this is the first of three systems coming through? >> that's right. you can see a little sheen up there. the rain stops and you see a little bit of drizzle.
6:31 am
i'm going to zoom in and show you. capturing some of that pushing rain as we head in toward the afternoon hours. we're going to get the temperatures to climb into the mid- and upper 60s. also expect to keep the cloud cover around. we start to get some spotty chances of rain, even into the afternoon for areas like fairfield. we're going to get a bit of a break. right now, concord, 55 degrees. temperatures expected to climb into the mid- and upper 60s through the afternoon. it's going to be one of those cozy days. going to feel more fall-like. let's check in with mike. >> if you're hitting the roadways, you want to make sure
6:32 am
the windshield wipers are working. with light rain, mist, and drizzle, and the backup at the bay bridge. there's more slowing through richmond than the richmond bridge, but the most slowing shows for highway 24 westbound, the speed sensors are starting to improve, from orinda to wilder, the crash started a spinout. the crews are there trying to clear that from the shoulder and from off into the ditch on the roadside. so that is a lot of activity for the critical point. it's not at the main. it's shy of highway 13. the south bay, 87. there's 101 with a build up toward silicon valley. back to you. >> thanks very much. we're so happy to see all of this rain, but california's drought is reaching a new milestone. governor newsom saying no county is free from the declaration.
6:33 am
first round of rain, we're still hopeful, but it's barely making a accident, right, bob. >> reporter: you are correct, laura. you probably see we're getting a little drizzle here in ramon. it's nice to have, but we have a long, long way to go. this is video from last night in san francisco. there was more rain over the past 24 to 48 hours. the first time we felt rain in quite some time in the bare area. the meteorologists predict more rain tomorrow and a possible atmospheric wet river system all told could dump an inch and a half. as you can see on this map we put together for you, this is the latest from the government's drought monitor. most of the state is in exhibital drought or extreme drought.
6:34 am
yesterday the state warned one of the largest reservoirs in mendocino county could dry up by next year. last night the governor expanded the state's emergency drought declaration to include the entire state. that includes san francisco, los angeles, and san diego. this declaration will allow state officials to issue mandates like not cleaning your car or filling up fountains, things like that. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. 6:34. when we're not on air, you can get our microclimate forecast on the go. download the nbc bay area app. also on our app we've got our live radar that's always running. and developing this morning, 40 san francisco police officers are on leave.
6:35 am
more may follow. now all not vaccinated for covid. "today in the bay" cierra johnson, she's live for us in the city to explain what our investigative unit has learned and what's next for the officers. see cierra? >> reporter: yes. for more than a month, we've told you the saves will have to show proof of vaccination and the city is following through. right now several officers have officially been placed on leave and the next step could possibly will be be termination. our investigative unit has done some digging and crunched the numbers to find out how many officers have been placed on leave. we've learned 40 have been placed on leave because they have not received that covid-19 vaccine. we've learned that another 59 other officers already on leave for other reasons could be placed back on leave if they return to work without being vaccinated. we're also being told this is a
6:36 am
pathway to termination, all in all, 99 could be fired for not receiving the vaccination. that breaks down to 5% to the 2,100 member force. we're hearing from the police union for which they've responded to members being placed on leave with a statement reading, unfortunately the city's rush to terminate officers will make our city less safe. the city has botch and bungled this process from the beginning, first approving exemption requests and dhee manneding a do-over to reject every religious exemption request. you simply can't make this incompetence up. fewer officers will make things worse. this coming from the police union that represents the member members of the san francisco police department. the mayor tweeted, in july we
6:37 am
issued a requirement for city workers to get vaccinated in order to protect themselves, their co-workers, and the public. i'm proud to report 96% of our nearly 35,000 city workers are vaccinated ant i want to thank them for doing their part. the mayor explained those not vaccinated by november 1st will be suspended without pay. after that, there will be a process hearing at which point they could be separated from the city. that's really less than two weeks away. so in less than two weeks you should have a clear picture of how many employees are no longer employed by the city because of this vaccine requirement. a lot to keep track of. we will, of course, continue to do that for you. live in san francisco, cierra johnson, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. leaders are seeking to follow san francisco and marin's
6:38 am
footsteps. the exemption would apply to fully vaccinated groups up to 100 people. that would include offices, gyms, fitness centers, employee commuter vehicles, religious gatherings, college classes and others that meet regularlily. similar rules go into effect for costa county november 1st. the white house is saying it will call on schools and community centers to provide the vaccine in a smaller dose than the one taken by adults. those shot will be prepackaged and easy to distribute vials so supplies can be easy to be met. right now the fda and cdc are reviewing the plan, which may go live in a matter of weeks. the u.s. surgeon general telling the "today" show this morning the parents need to be fully informed about that decision. >> we want to make sure that parents have answers to their questions, that they have accurate scientific information that they can use to make their
6:39 am
decision. we know there's a lot of misinformation out there. we've been working well really hard with doctors and nurses and teachers and other organizations to make sure people can get answers to their questions from sources they trust. >> i know this is a big concern for a lot of parents. you can watch that full interview coming up at 7:00. that's right after "today in the bay." with changes seemingly by the hour on the vaccine and mask mandates, we're constantly updating things on our website. you can head over any time to there you'll get the latest developments. a theranos project manager returns to the stand in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial. daniel edlin testified yesterday about the company's faulty blood. ing and how things were conveyed to leaders. he talked about presentations sent to potential investors including rue put murdock. his attorney tried to show he
6:40 am
had no active participation in the lab work. today they'll resume cross-examination. now know, with the season's first rain and round of wet weather. it's working its way through the bay area. the roadways are extra slick. that's what this is about. the oil and other chemicals accumulate on dry roadways before the rain washes them away. so we want to make sure we remind you all to be careful out there. mike inouye will talk about that. before we get to, that we'll talk about the rain coming down. vianey arama is in for kari this morning. we're seeing the first round of rain. >> this is not a huge rainmaker but it was enough to bring a little bit of light rain to the
6:41 am
bay area. satellite/radar showing some of that rain starting to push out. we've also got some sierra snow. we've got another system on the way. we've got our doppler radar up and scanning the storm ranger. we're going to keep a chance of spotty showers in through the afternoon. daytime highs, 67 for san jose. 62 in san francisco. 58 in half moon bay. but keep that umbrella handy, especially if you're going to take public transportation for the afternoon. our next rain chance moves in late tomorrow night and the big one hopefully -- i want to say hopefully because we certainly are in need of that rain is going to move in on saturday night. let's see how the roads are doing with mike. >> all right. we're looking ott at wet roadways. vianey is talking about the rain coming through the south bay. look at this. 87. slows from capitol expressway up to downtown. it's not yet back. but this is a start as we expect for the silicon valley commute
6:42 am
kicking in really hard over the 7:00 hour. over here, 84. tri-valley looks really good. slowing for 880 off the caster valley y. a typical pattern. this is atypical, the amount of slowing out of orinda. the speed sensors are studying. steadying. they may have made improvement and slowing your usual suspects throughout the east bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:42 right now. coming up next, the demands made by netflix employees as they prepare to walk off the job. plus -- this mom is accused of giving kids alcohol. she's waking up in jail this morning and she'll be before a judge. we'll talk about that coming up. and a new opportunity for people struggling to make it in the bay. we're going to tell you about
6:43 am
the next phase now rolling out for oakland's guaranteed income program. and taking a look at the markets, they've been open for 12 minutes now. dow jones industrial average is up once again. a lot more news ahead. 6:42. ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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good morning. it's 6:45. we're going to have scattered showers again today and
6:46 am
temperatures will be in the 60s. i'll talk about the rain totals and snow totals in the bay area coming up. stay with us. across the bay, san mateo bridge, that looks good from hayward. no slowing on these sensors. you see the build. also your westbound drive and the bridges. we'll talk about changes on highway 24. i hope i have good news for you coming up. happening today, some netflix employees are staging a walkout at the company's hollywood offices. they're angry about the content of dave chappelle's stand-up show. he doged questions about the show's content. it's been criticized by some lgbtq crews that it's transphobic. also today, a mother will
6:47 am
answer to questions. shannon o'connor now in custody of santa clara county authorities. this is after arriving from idaho where she now lives and was extradited yesterday. kris sanchez live in the bay with what to expect next. kris? >> reporter: good morning. this will be shannono'connor's first time before a judge to answer to the 39 felony and misdemeanor charges. this is how she arrived at the airport yesterday. wheeled off a flight by two plain clothes sheriff's deputies who is escorted here from boise, idaho. a parent was there with a sign reading "lock her up." she gained our trust and betrayed our trust, and it's
6:48 am
very, very violating, and our town is struggling. it's not just the children. it's the parents, us other moms. we feel superviolated and it's really hard to process. >> reporter: of the 39 charges against o'connor some include sexual assault and child abuse and providing alcohol to minors at those secret parties she allegedly hosted at her los gatos home in ta hose and san da cruz. she's accused of get 14g-year-old and 15-year-old students drunk and encouraged them to sexually assault. she could be charged similar charges in another home. shh bail is set at $1 million. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. it's 6:48. a lifeline for people struggling to make it the most in the bay. oakland leaders will announce the second phase of the city's
6:49 am
guaranteed income pilot program. it provides $500 a month no strings attached to 600 families for 18 months. the first phase involves applications for 300 families in east oakland. phase 2 will add another 300 families. applicants must have a child in their household and make no more than half the median income for the number of people who live there. 6:49. the fear is climate change may one day wipe out the world's favorite grape variety. >> so wine lovers in europe recently opened whaup they call the louvre of wine. the houses there, what it's doing is housing the world's biggest collection of grapevines and now they plan to freeze some of those vines as sort of a backup plan to satisfied future wine connoisseurs. the vines are being frozen at minus 320 degrees. >> that's pretty fascinating.
6:50 am
>> i went to the central valley. it's been bicker because of the climate change and all the fires we've had. it's interesting to see the effects. >> i know we love the rain because we're in a serious drought. it's going to take a lot more rain to put a serious accident in the drut. you know we've had a dry rain year. a live look in san jose right now. yes, we did get a little bit of rain in the south bay. it might have happened while you were sleeping, but take a look in san francisco. you see the sheen on the roadways. that's what we're expecting to see on and off the roadways. light temperatures as you head out the door. in the 50s. san francisco, 56, san jose, 59. that's pretty mild. satellite/radar picking up that system. now, this is a weaker system, so it didn't bring too much rain. we got less than a half inch up
6:51 am
to the north bay, a couple inches in through the area. a spotty rain chance and temperatures will stop out in the 60s. 63 for oakland, 67 in san jose. and i do want to take you through the hour-by-hour outlook because we're going to keep the chances. we have a second system that moves in thursday through friday. this one, october 24th, notice the time frame, it moves in late saturday night into sunday and monday and tuesday. lingering for a couple of days. this could be our big moisture boost that we need. also a snow boost for the sierra as it taps into some atmospheric moisture. this is what we want to see. could see two to three, four inches of rain. inland seven-day forecast, we have rain coming into play this week. we'll keep this around for the remainder of the week and along with the 60s in the forecast. san francisco, in the low 60s.
6:52 am
and please make sure to not put away the umbrella. i hope everybody got a chance to check their tires, right, mike? i checked my windshield wipers yesterday. i think i need new ones. >> for folks traveling highway 24, they got a break with their windshield wipers. we had a couple of crashes. one was a spinout. that's always a cause for concern. you see the sheen on the golden gate bridge. by the time you get to highway 13, you're at speed. the arrows show you the usual suspect. the build at the bay bridge has been steady since 5:30 when the metering lights were turned on. the earlier crash cleared at whipple. it is 6:52. china going ready for the 2022
6:53 am
winter olympics in beijing. the country is lighting its olympic flame lying the arrival of the ceremonial torch in athens. they'll become the first to host the summer and winter games. remember you can only watch the olympics here on nbc bay area. the opening ceremony takes place phen 4th. next, a quick look at the top stories including tracking the latest round of wet weather that may impact your commute this morning. plus, dozens of san francisco police officers placed on leave. this is a dispute over vaccine requirements. how the police are responding. back in two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:56 right now. welcome back. we're moving you forward with a look at our top stories on "today in the bay." >> a live look at san francisco this morning. 40 sfpd officers are on leave this morning, and our investigative unit found several dozens more may be following them soon. that's because they're not yet vaccinated for covid. if those holdouts continue to stand their ground, close to 100 officers may eventually be fired, amounting to 5% of the force. the union is calling it a botched and bundled process and argues any rush to termination will make the city less face. a former theranos projects
6:57 am
man returns to the stand in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. daniel edlin was on the stand yesterday to talk about the faulty blood testing and he talked about sending to rupert murdoch. today they'll resume their cross-examination. rain might be coming down, but sadly it's not conquering our drought. the governor takes a further step to save water in the bay. talk about what the governor's plans are. >> reporter: good morning, laura. last night governor gavin newsom expanded the state's emergency drought declaration to include the entire state including san francisco, los angeles, san diego. this is after we learned that californians cut their water usage back by just 3.5% in july
6:58 am
and august. that's far from the 15% governor is year. as you see on the map we're throwing up on your tv screen, you see most of the state including the bay area is either in an exceptional drought or an extreme drought, and yesterday the state warned that one of the state's largest reservoirs in mendocino county could run dry by next summer. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, bob. thank you. our storm ranger is out this morning scanning for the first of three storm systems heading our way. i want to take a live look at san bruno where you see it working hard for us there. the roads are wet. we're going to check with mike inouye right now with a look at traffic. >> trafficologist. >> trafficologist. but first we'll take a look at
6:59 am
our meteorologist. >> you're going to continue to see scattered showers, 67 degrees topping out through the inland area. in through tomorrow and friday we get another storm that moves in. this is going to be more heavily focused on the north bay, along the coastline as well. saturday and sunday, saturday should be okay. late saturday is when we're expecting to see that rain really move in. mike, how are the roads. >> looking pretty standard for the south bay. not really wet roads down here, but there are a lot of wet roads throughout the east bay. here's where the backup is pretty standard. this is why we don't rely 100 on auto focus. we have people like us. they need to override when the sensors aren't quite right like where the focus is. >> got to get a good old-fashioned skee old-fashioned squeegee out there.
7:00 am
get the app and see when rain is about to hit your neighborhoods. it's really cool. >> it is. rain is coming in ten minutes. >> hurry up and get in. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> the "today" show is coming up next. have a great morning. good morning breaking news, ready to roll out. this morning, the white house good morning. breaking news, ready to roll out. this morning, the white house unveils its plan to get covid vaccines in the arms of tens of millions of young children, although official approval is weeks away. pharmacies and hospitals put on standby. schools and communities centers being enlisted to head. straight ahead, our live one-on-one with the surgeon general with what parents need to know. breaking overnight, in contempt. the january 6th panel votes unanimously to pursue former trump adviser steve bannon for failing to cooperate with the


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