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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  October 19, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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i'm just glad i can help. i'm raj mathai. next on "nbc bay area news" tonight, she's back in town with the police escort. the los gatos mom accused of throwing alcohol and sex-filled parties for teenagers arrived at sjc today. so what happens next? also, cancel that double-double. san francisco temporarily shuts down its in-in-out burger because of covid violations. it is the first time the city has done this. we are getting closer to dropping indoor mask rules for the vaccinated. one bay area county could be just two weeks away. bay area home prices showing no signs of slowing down. we are talking about why they're skyrocketing here but cooling off in other parts of the country. ♪♪ good evening. this is "nbc bay area news"
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tonight. i'm raj mathai. is san francisco picking on in-n-out burger? why is it the only restaurant shut down for covid violations? that's just ahead also, the new information about the los gatos mom who was escorted in a wheelchair by two sheriff's deputies, but we start with the developing story. nearly 100 san francisco cops could ultimately be out of a job if they don't get vaccinated soon. our investigative unit has confirmed 40 sfpd officers not vaccinated for covid have been placed on leave. 59 other unvaccinated officers already on leave for other reasons could be next. sources tell us if they return to work and still haven't gotten their shots, those 59 cops will also be placed on leave. this is the pathway for termination. that's a total of 99 officers who ultimately could be fired if they don't get vaxed. as a point of reference here, there are about 2,100 total
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officers on the sfpd force so it would be just under 5% who could be fired. the question now, how will this and how could this impact public safety? we continue to work the story and are expecting to hear from the police chief and the police officers' union. also tonight, new information on the los gatos mom. this is a story that is getting national attention. the 47 year old is accused of hosting several parties for teenagers fuelled with alcohol and sex. we've been on the story for more than a week now. she was arrested last week in idaho but was flown back to san jose today. she had a different look. here it is. when she arrived at sjc, this is shannon o'connor, also known as shannon gruga, these photos given to us by a passenger on the alaska airlines flight with her. o'connor was moved through the airport in a wheelchair being escorted by two -- by nsjc, by two sheriff's deputies. she faces 39 charges of child abuse and sexual assault. among the accusations, giving
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alcohol to her son and other teenagers and then encouraging them to sexually assault other drunk teenagers at the parties. at the airport today we spoke with one mother who identified herself as a victim's mom. she was waiting as o'connor landed. >> they're struggling. they're all struggling. our town is struggling, and it is not just the children. it is us parents, us other moms. we feel super violated, and it is really hard to process. >> prosecutors say when o'connor was arrested in idaho last week there were ten under age boys and two under age girls in the home where she was staying. investigators are now trying to determine if she will face charges in idaho as well. shannon o'connor will face a judge in the bay area for the first time tomorrow. so how does this case play out? joining us tonight, nbc's damian trujillo who was at the airport today and long-time bay area defense attorney paula cannie who has worked on several
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high us. damian, i will start with you. walk us through the whole airport arrival, who was with her and any indication why shannon o'connor was in a wheelchair? >> raj, we knew she was coming in from boise, idaho and there were only two flights into san jose from boise, one alaska airlines and one southwest airlines. we thought she was coming on southwest a little later, but she came in on alaska airlines. we waited for her at the exit, as you come out of the secure area of the terminal b here at sjc. then there she is in the wheelchair. the picture was given to us by a passenger. he wanted to remain anonymous, but then she did not come the way normal passengers exit the terminal. the deputies took her out a different route and so we were left just with these pictures. >> damian, i have to ask about the woman that you encountered at the airport. she identified herself as a parent who said her child is a
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victim. i'm sure she had a lot to say. what did she tell you? >> well, she said she was there to actually scream at this suspect, to yell at her because she felt that she was -- her and a lot of other parents were deceived, coerced by her to let their children come to her house because they were having teenage parties that were innocent and what not. she also told me she hopes that the prosecutors throw the book at her because everybody is hurt and offended. the town of los gatos is offended by what happened. >> paula, what happens from the legal point of view tomorrow in layman's terms, please? >> in layman's terms tomorrow she is brought to court for her arraignment. that's her first appearance. if she has already retained counsel, her attorney will appear with her. the judge will advise her of the charges, ask her how she pleads, whether or not she waives time. that is if she gives up her right to a speedy preliminary
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hearing. out of the 39 charges, 12 are felonies, which means she has a right to have a preliminary hearing. so it is kind of an admin adminsterial appearance. she is being held on a $1 million bail, which is obviously a super high bail, even for 39 charges. but, again, 12 are felonies. so whatever the math is, what is that? 27 then are misdemeanors. she is looking at a lot of time. there's state prison felonies and some of the misdemeanor charges also require mandatory registration as a sex offender pursuant to penal code section 290. so she is in a bunch of trouble. i have read the complaints. the charging time period basically goes from, you know, late summer or late spring of 2020 through, you know, february of 2021.
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so there were a bunch of parties. >> paula. >> a bunch of -- >> i'm sure get-togethers of some sort. damian was referring to this in terms of other parents concerned here. the lot gatos school district wants the city of los gatos to do more to enforce for hosting parties, essentially penalizing parents for hosting parties. why isn't it strict for people hosting like in this case? >> it is interesting. when i looked at the charging document they charged her with 12 felonies, which is doing something that could cause death or great bodily injury to, you know, a child. so i haven't read the police reports, but usually when i have seen cases like this when parents do these kind of crazy parties and give a bunch of alcohol and do this stuff for kids, i generally have seen it charged as contributing to the
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delinquency of a minor, out of recognition, you know, the kids are like, hey, let's party. but this is an interesting charging thing because in this instance there is none of that. the sort of tenor of the charging is all that she caused all of these kids to do, you know, these things. again, each victim is identified as jane doe or john doe and there are multiple victims, and you can't really discern which victim, if it is her kid or her -- one of her two children or strangers' kids, and it probably won't be sorted out who is who, you know, to protect the anonymity of the alleged victims until the preliminary hearing. >> paula, really quick -- >> yeah, it can be for drinking teenagers, that's just bad. >> as we wrap up really quick, how long is this trial going to take? is it going to be months or years?
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>> months. months to a year. i mean it is going to take a while because there's so much to sort out. so, no, we will be talking about this for longer than she held the wild parties. >> damian -- >> but it is not -- it is a tragedy. it is horrible. it is horrible what she did. it is horrible to everybody. >> the accusations certainly are. damian trujillo, what is she doing tonight? where is she? >> she was booked and fingerprinted. her mug shot was taken at the main jail in downtown san jose and right now she is in her cell at the elmwood facility which is a minimum security facility. i should mention, raj, we did ask why she was in a wheelchair and nobody could give an answer. >> paula canny and damian trujillo, we will talk with both of you as the trial unfolds in the south bay. thank you for your time tonight. >> thanks so much, raj. bye. we want to get you up to speed on other stories we are watching. san francisco temporarily closing the in-n-out burger at
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fisherman's wharf because employees were not properly checking customers coming inside to make sure they're vaccinated. it happened last thursday. it has recently reopened but without indoor dining. san francisco mandates customers who eat inside must show proof of full vaccination. we know the rules. it is the first restaurant in the city of san francisco to be closed down due to covid violations. the company releasing a statement saying in part, we fiercely disagree with any government dictate that forces a private company to discriminate against customers who choose to patronize their business. this is clear governmental overreach and is intrucive, improper and offensive. in-n-out burgers not happy with the mayor and what they're doing to their location. also in the city, they're hoping $100,000 will hope 24e78 stop a
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multi-million dollar crime problem. we are talking about the estimated 20,000 crash-and-grab burglaries in cars in the city each year. our cameras cause these thieves in action near ghirardelli square near the hot spot. dozens happen daily. this is from four days ago. look how nonchalant and casual the thieves are, going up the streetcar to car smashing and grabbing. most often criminals don't even seem to care if someone is watching like this guy filming with the cellphone. the police believe most of them are the work of organized teams. here is the plan. at least one of the plans. the city is funding, is getting funding from enterprise rent-a-car. they're offering rewards up to $100,000 for any information leading to the convictions of the ring leaders who hire the thieves and sell their stolen goods. >> we know the profit motivates what is happening in our city, and we know that fencing is the
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infrastructure that fuels all of this work. >> i think that this is needed. my car has personally been broken into three times. i feel like when you live in the city you just expect it. it is so common. >> yeah, most of us have had our car broken into or know someone that has. the city also has added 26 new officers in july and chief scott said most of them are patrolling the areas hardest hit by these smash and grabs. just how bad is it though in san francisco? take a look. we pulled some of the numbers here. so far this year there have been more than 12,000 reported car break-ins. that's up 18% from last year. in the central district of san francisco, which includes all of the tourist hot spots, union square, north beach, chinatown, the embarcadero, they have skyrocketed, up 157% compared to last year. another story we are watching tonight, bay area counties are getting closer to easing up more mask rules for vaccinated residents.
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marin county might be two weeks away. marin county is now in the moderate here for covid transmission. if it stays that way for the next two weeks it could likely meet the criteria to lift its mandatory mask mandate. now, most bay area counties have lower positivity rates than california's average. today napa county becomes the last in the bay area to get out of the high transmission category. solano county did the same last week. the counties in orange here, you see them all here, are in the substantial tier. marin, san mateo and alameda doing the best, in the yellow moderate tier. as for vaccination rates in the bay area, napa, solano and sonoma counties have the lowest percentage of eligible people fully vaccinated, all at 68%. we want these to be high numbers. most other counties are in the low to mid 70%. marin county has stood out for months here, the highest average of vaccinated people, 80%. reaching 80% is another requirement a county needs to lift its mask rules.
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still to come, bay area housing prices showing little signs of slowing down. it doesn't seem to matter what is happening in the rest of the country, our market remains hot. we will be talking about why that is. what comes to mind when you think about making it in the bay? abbey fernández is here with sharing some of your responses. today marks a somber anniversary. 30 years ago the oakland hills firestorm. we are looking at what has changed since the fire, the positives and the negatives, how it has shaped the way we protect our homes and the new risks firefighters worry about today relating to our housing crisis. you can watch it at you are watching nbc bay area new tonight. stay with us.
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okay. you know the numbers. more proof that making it in the bay can be a struggle. in fact, it is near impossible for so many people. home prices across the country are starting to level out. that's some good news if you are looking to buy. but, of course, not here. home values in the bay area are skyrocketing and they have been in the past year. this is new data now coming in from zillow. take a look. in the south bay home prices are up 17%. the typical home is now worth $1.4 million. san francisco also up 17% over the last year, average home in the city slightly less than in san jose but still a tie, $1.3 million. this stings even more. when you look at the average home price across the united
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states, $300,000. so we've heard it before. it continues to get drilled into us how expensive it is here. our question of the day. we asked on facebook, twitter and instagram, what comes to mind when you think about the bay area housing market. let's bring in our digital correspondent abbey fernández. i'm covering my eyes and ears. what's the bad news if i'm looking to buy? >> oh, man, raj. the common theme here in viewers' responses is bay area housing is just too expensive. people are describing the market as ridiculous and overpriced. let me show you a few comments here. kris on facebook says, like i just mentioned, the market is way too expensive but prices, he says, will continue -- will not be able to go down as long as people continue to buy, is what he is saying. this person on instagram says the market is out of control and impossible. you were just saying that, raj. for young families or working class families. the property taxes on top are just as ridiculous and limiting. this other person on twitter says he'll never be able to
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afford anything close to a modest, single-family home without plunging himself into a bottomless financial pit. those are some strong descriptions of the housing market here in the bay area, raj. >> it is pretty crazy. i have been here more than 40 years. i always think of how do my young kids, how are they going to afford to be here. i know you have been here a few years. what goes through your mind when you think about all of this stuff? >> oh, man, i don't even think about buying a home right now honestly. i don't think it is in the works for me, i don't think i can afford it just like a lot of people. it just seems so overpriced and i'm not thinking about that, but i wanted to show you another person. we had a lot of negative comments if you may, but we had this person that caught my attention. anita on instagram says, look, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. she says she is a california girl for life. >> like new york. >> she says now california. but, yes, you are right, raj. you were saying you grew up here. what comes to your mind when you think about this housing market? >> just what i said. for my kids, and also i think the trend is now -- i don't care
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if you are 25, 45 or 75, maybe renting is the best thing to do because getting into something is so difficult. this will be a talk that we talk about for a long, long time. >> for a long time, for sure. >> thank you, abbie. let's bring in lisa blackwell from compass real estate, talking about the numbers. lisa, nice to have you back on the program. what is happening here? why are we seemingly immune to the trends in other parts of the u.s.? i get it, there's cheaper housing there but they're going down a bit or softening. why is it not happening here in the bay area? >> hi, raj. thank you for having me. well, the short answer to your question is that even some of the trends that we are seeing even in other parts of the country, this is traditionally the time that the market softens, meaning september, october, november, december. so this is a lot of the softening is happening is just a little bit of what happens at this time of year. specific to the bay area --
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pardon? >> go ahead, please proceed. >> yeah. specific to the bay area, why we buck trends, well, we just buck trends. you know, we are one of the first to recover after the crash, had the strongest market afterwards. we have a really strong job market. it is desirable to live here. we have not been keeping up with people's needs in terms of building. supply chains are backed up, so it is hard to build new properties. so there's a lot of factors in place that are contributing to why we are not seeing that sort of price descent. >> lisa, last question. we talk about people wanting to leave the bay area. are you really seeing that on the ground level working in real estate? >> not really. there are a lot -- there are some people who have left and there are people who have come.
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actually, honestly, so in a lot of ways what has happened is people are just being able to live where they want to live, and a lot of people really love the cities. i mean people want to be close to restaurants and they want to be close to music and things like that. so people are not necessarily living -- leaving. sometimes they're going out a little bit more to sort of the suburban/urban areas where there's likely a little bit more space. you know, in the east bay, that's why the east bay in particular has experienced huge gains in the last year. people wanted more yard space but they still wanted all of those things that you get in the cities. >> okay. well, lisa blackwell, sometimes i think we like to grumble about it but ultimately we love it here and like to stay here. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. let's take you outside. >> thank you. a live look in san francisco. oh, my gosh, that looks beautiful. the golden gate bridge.
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jeff ranieri joining us to talk about a lot of rain coming our way. stay with us.
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morning. so let's get you into stormranger mobile doppler radar. you can see the rainfall is developing over the north bay, just a few light showers. a lot is evaporating before it hits the ground but there's a heavier pocket offshore that will be moving towards san francisco and the north bay over the next 45 minutes to an hour and a half. now, tonight 9:00 p.m., best bet is san francisco to the north bay. then as we hit 11:30 we will see a few showers nor the east bay. overnight we will get chances for the east bay and a little bit for the south bay. we will continue with a spotty chance of a shower for tomorrow morning right into the afternoon with that cloud cover staying in place. rainfall totals with this right around a quarter to a half inch in the north bay, a quarter inch or less for a lot of the bay area. then right there in the santa cruz mountains looking at about half an inch on average. my seven-day forecast will see that second system move in thursday and friday with a quarter to one inch. higher totals in north bay. then saturday night into monday, that's where you could see a half to 2 1/2 inches. so by monday if that storm
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system holds together -- again, sunday and monday we could be looking at flooding concerns once we hit monday's forecast, raj. >> we have the 49ers' game sunday night at levi's stadium. >> get your poncho ready. >> it could be wet. that will do it. for everyone here at nbc bay area, thanks for joining us. enjoy your evening.
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