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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 19, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now at 5:00, mix and match. the fda now considering a new strategy as it prepares to approve more booster shots. san francisco leaders laying out new incentives including new prizes to get more people vaccinated, but do the contests really work. the new findings just out this morning. clear skies giving way to the first in a series of storms headed our way. vianey is tracking that timeline for us. this is "today in the bay." i don't think any of us have ever been so excited for storms. >> it has been so long.
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>> i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we are live on tv now, and of course streaming live online at let's get a look at forecast today from vianey arana in for kari. it's cool this morning. >> yeah, we are in the mid-40s. it's chilly out there. 44 degrees in san josé. the temperature trend will stay cool, only topping out in the 60s. it will be a mix of sun and clouds. the first half of the day will be dry and the second half will lead us into evening rain, and this is going to be one of three storms we are monitoring, and expected to bring rainfall to the bay area. i will guide you through the timing of it all, what this means, how much rain and how much snow we are expected to get coming up in just a few minutes. moving you and your family forward, and significant news this morning if you received the
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johnson & johnson covid vaccine. the fda may be ready to approve a mix and match strategy when it comes to the booster shots. bob redell is live for us this morning. this is all coming down to boosting an immune response. >> reporter: correct. good morning, marcus. the national institute of health want to find out how people that received the j&j vaccine initially, and the study found that by mixing and matching the booster shots produced a significantly stronger immune response. >> i think this is good news, savannah, for two good reasons. clinically all the data says
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mixing and matching is fine and there's no down side and may be a little better particularly if you are a j&j vaccine recipient. >> tomorrow night the fda is expected to approve the pfizer and moderna booster for those initially vaxxed with the j&j. "the new york times" said the government is not going to recommend one booster over the other. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. san francisco leaders this week have announced new incentives to get more people vaccinated, including an opportunity to winfrey sf state scholarships. but do these contests really
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work? not according to new data published by the american medical association. 19 states have offered vaccine lottery prices, and there's no significant link between the lot res and vaccination rates. but the remote odds of winning may have convinced vaccine holdouts to stick to their guns. there's a lot to keep track with when it comes to the booster shot's approval. there's a lot of confusion for a lot of people, and we have you covered on all fronts, just go to to keep up with the updates. and then racing to pass the $3 trillion plan that biden hopes will revitalize america.
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chris pallone, can they reach a deal on this? >> we will find out, laura. today the president will host, both progressive and moderate democrats at the white house in order to try and hammer out a deal on what could become his signature legislation. president biden trying to bridge the gaps between moderate and progressive democrats and aiming to pass the cornerstone planks of his agenda by the end of the month. the white house and progressive democrats had hoped to pass a 3.5 trillion spending plan, a mix of spending on social programs and measures to fight climate change, and joe manchin favors a much smaller bill after battling publicly in the press, the two sides are trying to reach a compromise. >> we're talking. >> we're talking. >> progressive threatened to
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scuttle a separate bipartisan bill to overhaul the nations aging roads and bridges, but they might be willing to concede something is better than nothing. >> are we going to get to some resolution? i believe so. it may take a little time. >> the democrats are going it alone with the republicans steadfast against the spending plan. >> they can't seem to work out their differences. >> attempt to reach a deal continue today. chris pallone, nbc news, washington. 5:06. parents and students in hayward are speaking out as the school district considers closing schools. the district held the first of four virtual town hall. the district is facing a steep financial loss. leaders are considering closing
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or merging ten schools. the next town hall takes place tonight. better conditions are helping the firefighters knock down the controlled burn near watsonville. cal fire is still investigating how that fire got out of control. taking a look at the golden gate bridge this tuesday morning. we'll check in with mike. he's got his eyes on traffic this morning. any kind of potential problems out there, too. the eyes on the sky, we will leave that to vianey arana in for kari this morning. >> yeah, we have rain we have to get through, and also cool temperatures remain in the forecast. i want to show you your daytime highs for this afternoon. 67 degrees in san josé. 65 in oakland. 64 in san francisco. pretty much mid and upper 60s throughout the bay area, but notice the icons. we're starting out our day dry, and the clouds will make the return and also the late evening rain. let's get a closer look at the
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hour-by-hour outlook. we will see an increase in cloud cover around 6:00 p.m., and this will be a late storm that moves in. it will start to sweep down to about 9:00, so really into the overnight hours where we are expecting to see the scattered showers become a little more widespread. also creating some of the instability could bring the possibility of a thunderstorm or two heading into tomorrow morning, right around 6:00 a.m. if you have an early-morning commute, you are likely going to see some of the wet pavement along with some of the scattered showers. this is just one of three systems, but we'll go through that in a second. first, let's get a check on the roads with mike. >> yeah, right now roadways are dry and calm. the bay bridge good. we have a smooth drive once again, and it just cleared it
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from the chp report. a nice and easy drive. beautiful view of the city as well. see a little slowing approaching the golden gate bridge as crews move from the san francisco side and the approach. no major problems through this area. we are tracking this crash on vasco. your ears perk up again. we are talking about the critical connector and we are looking at north bay, the counter commute. there's reports of a smaller truck that did tip over to the side of the road going off the pavement, and that's going to be a distraction. we will track that. it's not affecting your main commute down towards 580, and the rest of your drive looking great and at speed. >> thank you, mike. coming up next here on "today in the bay," a new rebate program that could help you with the bottom line and help boost our critical water supply. serious accusations against amazon coming out of washington. a lidgen dairy bay area
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band, and a look at the vintage concert item that could have you checking your own closet. on, we can break down how much and when people can expect money in their bank accounts.
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good morning.
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it's 5:12. heading to oakland, this is part of your morning commute. temperatures in the 40s to start. we'll start to notice an increase in cloud cover. dry during the first half of the day and then rain moves in later this evening. your full forecast in just a few minutes. a look at 580. a lot of folks are commuting right now. we're talking about westbound with the headlines. just fine at dublin, and may be an issue coming through the altamont pass and may be an issue getting there, and we'll talk about all of those issues, coming up. washington versus big tech, round two, three or 100, or whatever. in this case it's congress looking carefully at what amazon and amazon ceo jeff bezos told lawmakers about amazon's own brand of products. bezos spoke virtually to congress back in july. amazon said it does not look at the sales data of third-party
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sellers on its website, and you know how amazon has products, amazon basics, and wouldn't you know it, some are very similar to best-selling products that small businesses are selling on amazon. amazon told congress they are not tracking that data when they decide what to sell them selves. five u.s. lawmakers accusing bezos of lying to them. that's a very serious accusation. congress giving amazon a few days to prove the company is not lying. the lawmakers wrote a letter to amazon that said, in part, at best what we have learned confirms that amazon's representatives misled the committee. at worst it demonstrates they may have lied to congress.
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and then other news, netflix says the squid game is popular driving up profits. speaking of big percentages, zillow just released home sales data for san josé, and that's up 17.6% from last may, and that's enormous. number of homes always falls in the fall. houses in san josé stay on the market for 13 days on average. this house is quite affordable. it's $93,000. it's also in elcart, indiana. who wants to live there? turns out a lot of people. elcart is one of those towns people relocated to because they can work anywhere.
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this one is $404,000. remember, average price of an american home is $290,000, so this one is really pricey when you think about it. it's a lovely home with lots of land. >> oh, yeah, i have lived in those places where a $400,000 home is, like, wow. >> it's like a mansion. >> first one for me was $225,000, and that was in san josé 20 years ago. >> my, how things have changed. >> oh, yes. thanks, scott. you know that charging bull statue on wall street? now it has company. and then another statue has showed up. harambe was the gorilla that
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picked up a boy that had climbed into the enclosure and he was shot and killed by zookeepers to keep the child safe. here's something that could make somebody think twice. >> decades from now it may be worth thousands of dollars. the latest proof, a vintage grateful dead concert t-shirt from 1967 just sold for more than $17,000. it breaks the old record of 10 grand for a led seppland.
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>> i used to have a hyper-colored shirt. the die in the shirt actually changed -- >> yeah, it's hot. >> yeah, and i decided certain parts of my body got hotter than others, and i stopped wearing that because it was awkward. >> i need to stop painting in my old concert shirts, but that will cause hoarding for me. we have traffic moving nicely. this small picture that zoomed in, it does have a lot of activity. there's slowing just past law indicate yos.
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over here it's a slower drive, building and there's a wind advisory from chp. over here there was a crash that just cleared coming out of tracy. san josé and the like, all aop all clear as you could imagine. as we are getting up and over contra costa county, still a smooth drive. no slowing for 37 or highway 4. a nice easy flow of traffic. vianey, look at this, the golden gate bridge, look at the headlights, i believe they just finished a quick traffic break to move the center divide for the morning commute and now that stream comes into the city with no fog, not here. >> mike, we will need you this week with the rain coming in. i am a true californian, if you
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are a true californian, you know when the rain comes in people forget how to drive. check the tires and windshield wipers, and the windshield fluid, all of that. palo alto, 46. it's definitely a little nippy out there. the satellite radar showcasing 1 of 3 storms on the way. now that moisture will tap into a cold front and that's what is going to sweep into tonight. let's take a look at the daytime highs. for today, oakland, 65. san francisco, 64. then notice the mid and upper 60s down through the south bay and into the interior valleys. here it is, your hour-by-hour outlook. if you are looking for the time stamp, it's up here to help you to guide through your day plans. napa, ukiah, clearlake, and up through portions north of the
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golden gate bridge pretty much, you will see the rain first and then it will scatter and push down south, and that line of showers push down through the santa cruz mountains overnight into early tomorrow morning. notice we sort of keep the scattered showers not just overnight but all of wednesday, too. that's because we are going to see enough instability remain in our forecast, and that's going to keep the scattered showers through tomorrow. estimated rainfall totals. this is taking us all the way through friday, because we have a second system moving in on thursday through friday. i mean, even down through the south bay in through oakland, pretty impressive to finally see measurable rain in the searches, and this is just heading into the second storm. in addition to the storm bringing rain, we're also expecting snow. a couple inches overnight, and the big thing is going to be the road travel, right? we just got gusty winds, and two
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advisory already issued because of the several inches of snow we are expecting. this is just through friday. look what we have ahead. the rain outlook. the third storm moves in saturday night, into sunday, monday and tuesday. look at this, widespread rain bringing us hopefully several inches if it manages to tap into the atmospheric river flow, and also more sierra snow for the lake tahoe area. this will be fantastic to see especially after a fairly depleted snowpack in the sierra early in the season. we dip down into the low 60s by next saturday and sunday with the arrival of the overnight storm. san francisco's 7-day forecast, time to bring out the rain boots and rain coats. i already did digging yesterday. and i want to talk about the oh,
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so important climate in crisis. this is something we do every week, twice a week to keep you updated on what is happening around our planet. when it talks to the rain in the forecast, it's important to conserve water. it's time to change the automated settings on your spin -- sprinkler system. homeowners can receive up to $3,000, and businesses can get up to $50,000 back by changing your lawn. you could save as much as half of your home's water usage. for more stories like this, and of course more climate hacks, head over to and click on the link to your county's rebate program and this
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story will be on that page as well. we have rain this week so turn off those sprinklers. >> good idea. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. as we head to break, look at these beautiful photos. keep up with vianey by following on instagram, twitter and facebook and she's here live with us this morning. much more ahead here on "today in the bay."
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so if you ever owned a home i want you to listen up, because uncle sam may have a refund check for you. >> chris chmura shows us how to get your money back. >> right now the housing and urban development department have millions of dollars for thousands of people who overpaid their mortgage insurance. specifically these refunds are for people who had federal housing authorities all the way back to the 70s. hud's website has a simple search page. if you don't get results using your current address, use any
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address where you previously owned a home. if you find your name, the next step is to call hud and claim your cash. here's the number, 800-697-6967. the office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., eastern time. after that expect official paperwork to prove who you are, and then eventually a payment. there are companies out there that are called tracers that grab this data and offer to get you a refund for a finder's fee. you can do it yourself, just follow the steps. >> put some money in your pocket. coming up next, the top stories we are following for you. doctors preparing to offer covid vaccinations for children five years old and older. >> when parents can expect the shots to be available.
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right now at 5:30, building inspectors descending on the chase center after a deadly fall. ahead in a live report, the clues investigators are now looking for. new developments in the case of the south bay mother throwing out-of-control parties for minors. she's expected back in the bay area as soon as today. marking 30 years after the
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being deadly fire and making sure it never happens again. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. october 19th, and we are getting you started with your day. vianey arana in for kari this morning as we look at the forecast for you. >> i want to show everybody your temperatures as you head out the door on your way to work, clear skies over walnut creek. the temperature trend today, it will be another cool afternoon. get those coats ready, if you are heading to work now and will get out later, you could get caught in rain. it's 43 in concord. 41 in napa. the temperature change, pretty significant for areas like half moon bay. once that cloud cover starts to increase, we get one of three systems later into the evening. that's going to bring us more rain to the bay area. i will go through the timing of all this and what to look ahead
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for when the next seven days comes. >> thank you. developing this morning, building and police inspectors are expected to head to san francisco's chase center after two people either fell or jumped from the upper level balcony during two separate incidents on sunday night. >> one of those cases, a man died. today in the bay's cierra johnson is live. what are inspectors focusing on here? >> reporter: good morning, marcus and laura. they are following up on a complaint filed about the height of the railing as well as the steepness of the steps near that railing, and of course involving the incident you mentioned where an individual fell, one of which was fatal. this comes after the deadly night at the fist concert. it was a little before 9:00 at the chase center when officers
5:34 am
were already at the arena notified a man was in need of assistance, and they found a man later identified as a 47-year-old man from greene county, new york. police said they did not find any foul play, but that investigation is ongoing. after that situation, police responded to another call and a man was transported to the hospital after somebody falling on top of him. as building supervisors prepare for a visit at that arena today, taking a closer look at the rail height, and a fan who attended that concert is still in shock. >> i looked at my friend and said, did somebody just throw a chair? >> now, chase center released a
5:35 am
statement about the event saying we extend our heartfelt condolences to their loved ones. the police department is investigating, and there's a lot to comb through after that concert there at the chase center. >> really tragic. thank you. 5:35 this morning. a south bay mother accused of hosting out-of-control parties for minors could be back in the bay area as soon as tomorrow. >> yeah, what happens next, kris? >> reporter: well, good morning, marcus and laura. that mom will be making her way back to the bay area in custody from idaho where she was arrested to face charges here in santa clara county, but she may face charges in idaho where she was arrested now, and one of the really sad stories is that her
5:36 am
sons were removed from her custody. she faces 39 charges including felony child abuse, sexual assault, and felony fraud. o'connor hosted parties for 14 and 15-year-olds, allegedly providing alcohol and encouraging sexual activity, not all that appeared to be consensual. when she was arrested in idaho, there were 10 underaged boys and two girls -- i may have gotten that flipped, ten girls and two boys. >> this is activity she encouraged, promoted and participated in. that's what makes this so
5:37 am
different. >> as o'connor's case plays out, the superintendent of the school district wants the ordinances to make it tougher for teens to get alcohol. in los gatos, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> one of the stories that leave you in awe. to the pandemic, and the united kingdom health leaders grappling with a new surge of covid cases with a new delta subvariant. so far it's not appearing commonly in the u.s., but in the uk it's now accounting for close to 10% of cases. experts are not sure if it's the reason for the new surge or if it spreads more easily. so far there's no proof it makes patients anymore sick.
5:38 am
covid vaccines for children as young as five years old may be a few weeks away. emergency use fda approval for the vaccine for those 5 to 11 years old may be here right after halloween. the dose will be 10 micrograms, and this is much less than for older groups. >> there's a rare risk of myocarditis in young males. i have an 11-year-old myself and i plan to getting him vaccinated. >> those opposed to vaccine mandates protested yesterday at the state capitol in sacramento and in sonoma county. the state says vaccines are required for all of those eligible students fda approval. the vaccine for 12 to 17-year-olds received emergency
5:39 am
approval in august and full approval is not expected until next summer. there's a lot to keep track of, and we're doing it for you so head to for updates. the jury in the holmes case is expected to hear more from a former employee that would give tours to potential investors, and he testified holmes would not allow them in certain areas. if convicted holmes could spend up to 20 years in prison. nbc bay area's scott budman is covering the case. his twitter is @scottbudman.
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the experience burned into the memories of those that lived through it. that fire started from a grass fire reignited by strong winds, and firefighters believed it was out from the day before. 25 people sadly died in that fire. some 3,500 homes were destroyed. in response, oakland firefighters now have new policies on monitoring grass fires and carry more expensive land firefighting gear. let's take a peek outside on this, now, tuesday morning. folks making their way across the bay bridge. the toll plaza right there, and mike has tabs on that commute. vianey is in for kari. we are all talking about the rain. >> yeah, that's right, especially because we have not seen as much rain, and it's going to be a welcomed sight. it will be a rainy commute
5:41 am
tomorrow morning, but the first half of today will be dry and cloudy, and we will top out in the mid and upper 60s for the entire bay area. this is a great opportunity to clear out the gutters, anything that you don't want to get wet or fly away in your backyard, bring it inside. fantastic storm prep opportunity for the first half of the day, and by tonight we get our next system that rolls through and then we keep that instability for the next several days in the bay area, so get ready. >> yeah, and to review, vianey said the next several days. we have slowing right here in san josé, right where we expect and when we expect, 20 minutes ago we said the slowing would start there and it does, almost every day right here, 101 just north of 680. up to oakland road, standard build that lasts half an hour and then easing up until about an hour from now.
5:42 am
the dublin interchange coming down from san ramon, it's on the shoulder. no major issues. your southbound commute just fine. slowing shows up here for highway 37. not yet, just a blip here. it could distract the commute coming down toward walnut creek. back to you. next on "today in the bay," details in the just-announced special election to remove three school board members. congress expected to flex its muscle today with the house special committee looking into charges of contempt against a trump associate. check out instagram. a digital journalist shows how a mountain lion led to two north bay schools being put in
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good morning. it's 5:45, and a cold 40 degrees right now in fairfield as you head out the door. clear skies. we will get an increase in cloud cover as rain is expected to move in later this evening. i'll guide you through our next three storms coming up in a few minutes. yeah, skies clearing up to see from emeriville. the taillights, this is improving now because the metering lights just turned on
5:46 am
so better spacing on this span. we don't yet see the cars stopped approaching the toll plaza. we will check that out, coming up. >> nice look out there. it's quarter to 6:00 right now, and san francisco leaders will debate tap into a possible new source of revenue, selling what may be close to $50 million in development rights. the ordinance would approve selling more than 1 million feet of rights tied to city hall. if supervisors approve the plan the money raised would be going specifically towards city hall renovation products. and coming up, san francisco voters can circle february 15th on their calendars. there was petitions certified to recall three election for three school board members.
5:47 am
and then scott mcgrew, jen psaki, may have used her podium for political purposes? >> yeah, and that's against the law. we have seen several white house secretaries do that repeatedly, and rules are rules. the hatch act, it bars them from being involved in political activity. psaki broke the rules when she affirmed president biden's support for the candidate running in virginia.
5:48 am
during a previous inquiry by congress, top generals testified they advised the president to keep troops in afghanistan, but the president overruled them. biden later said he did not get that advice. general colin powell is weighing in on all of this, previously, of course. powell says, quote, afghanistan, you're never going to win. that's why i don't have any problem with us getting out of there. we can't go from 100,000 u.s. troops down to a few hundred and think that will prevail. later this evening, the house select committee will vote on whether to accuse trump adviser, steve bannon, of criminal contempt. the complaint will go to the justice department for action. i said it in the past, this is
5:49 am
really an inflexion point in american history. we are about to find out if congress has any teeth. who is more powerful, congress or steve bannon? we'll find out. and then this is trump leaving a deposition at trump tower yesterday in a case dating back to 2015 when security guards in his employ were accused of attacking protesters. it's his first deposition that we know about since he left the white house. we are tracking that on twitter, and we will be talking about it and you can find me there @scottmcgrew. and then a teenager singing her heart out on television. last night on "the voice" she took part in the singing battle.
5:50 am
>> unfortunately she lost her battle, but, you know, still think about it. a bright future ahead of her. she's only 16 years old and a senior at san rafael high school, and she told us last week she's focusing on college applications. we want to wish her the best of luck. remember, jennifer hudson, she didn't win, but look at that, grammys and an oscar. you can watch "the voice" tonight on nbc bay area at 8:00. >> always fun to see local kids on these big changes. >> she's got a future. we have a big stage set for rain. i'm ready. let's talk about it. it's cold as you head out the door. 40 degrees overall. we have chilly low 40s, and that's going to bump up to the 60s this afternoon. the big story this year is the incoming system. let's look at the hour-by-hour
5:51 am
forecast. 6:30 today we see the rain pushing through ukiah and areas north of the golden gate bridge. by 9:00, it will spread further south into aloe alto, concord, and then san josé expect to get overnight showers into the early morning hours tomorrow. you will also notice wind speeds increase as well and that will stick around for the entire night. the first system is coming into tonight into early wednesday morning. behind this, we are talking about an additional system, another one, and this is going to move in thursday night into friday. the big storm that could bring the potential for several inches of rain, much needed, will likely move in on saturday night into monday. this one, if it taps into the atmospheric river, it could bring us not only a lot of inches of snow but also rain. so let's talk about the
5:52 am
estimated rain totals for the first storm into thursday and friday's storm. the first two, this is what we are tapping into right now. a little over an inch in santa rosa, and possibly more for the higher elevation areas, and under an inch for the south bay. as we head towards the wind speeds, though, notice it will be gusting tonight into tomorrow morning, so be careful tonight and into early tomorrow morning, because those gusts are expected to linger into the overnight hours. and then snow totals, this is into friday and also next friday, and this is from three systems, and several inches of snow expected. we are expecting gusting conditions, so check the travel conditions if you plan on traveling up there. but the 7-day forecast looking nice when it comes to the rain. let's get to the roads. weirded out by the arrows.
5:53 am
over here to the bay bridge, the metering lights are on. the toll plaza is right over there, and then the backup is forming, building from the metering lights back there. that should mean relief getting into san francisco. we have seen these sensors turning green from yellow, but will build overall, of course. highway 4 right there down past the earlier crash. typical pattern for contra costa county. this shows a nice flow but slowing through the area. here, folks traveling south 680, an earlier crash left some fuel, a punctured tank there from earlier. meanwhile, the south bay and peninsula all clear. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, about 1,000 pg&e customers are still without power this morning. this is from the rain-related
5:54 am
outages. crews are working to restore full power soon. the wet weather sunday night blew several of the transformers and most recent outage shows on the maps that san mateo and san leandro dealing with the large outages. at the height more than 35,000 customers were in the dark. ahead on "today in the bay," boosting campus safety. how one school is changing its policy after a student was stabbed to death. mixing and matching. anticipating a major announcement on covid booster shots. there's a change that experts argue may save lives. you're watching "today in the bay." evil dies tonight.
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[ chanting ] evil dies tonight. [ screaming ] [ chanting ] evil dies tonight. [ screaming ] happy halloween michael.
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look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." the metropolitan correctional center in manhattan that once held jeffrey ebstein is now empty. the mcc was once hailed as a prototype for a new kind of federal jail and the most secure in the country. but in recent years it has fallen into disrepair. the justice department said in august it would close the jail to undertake much-needed repairs, but it may never reopen. jury selection continues
5:58 am
today for three georgia men accused in the killing of ahmaud arbery. this is an incident that sparked national outrage. travis mcmichael and his father is accused of killing ahmaud arbery. and then santa cruz county sheriff deputies returned to campus after a year after the school board voted to eliminate the program. two students are facing charges for the murder of a 17-year-old. the school resource office will be paired with mental health workers. and then firing the head
5:59 am
football coach after refusing to get vaccinated. he's the first major college coach to be fired for refusing to get the vaccine. the coach applied for religious exemption but was denied. four assistant coaches were also fired for noncompliance. well, we all know it still hurts after the giants' seasons came to a crushing loss there, and the team held one final news conference. >> yeah, the giants can't help but look back on the season that nobody saw coming. >> there was such a feeling of rebirth this season, just in terms of the city and the organization and in terms of sort of having fans back. that was just a really cool feeling. >> the giants say their top off-season priority is bringing
6:00 am
back buster posey and upgrading the pitching staff. mixing and matching, the fda considering a new strategy as it preps to approve more booster shots. the shift in thinking could potentially save more lives. do vaccine lotteries really work? new findings just out this morning. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. it is tuesday morning for you. good morning to you. thanks for starting your morning with us. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. of course, we are live on-air, streaming online at let's get a look at the forecast. >> we have vianey arana in for kari with a look at the cold start for the morning. >> yeah, your commute could be dry right now but


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