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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 18, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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evil dies tonight. [ chanting ] evil dies tonight. [ screaming ] [ chanting ] evil dies tonight. [ screaming ] happy halloween michael. we are following breaking news out of haiti where tense negotiations are under way when a group of missionaries including children were taken the murder of ahmaud arbery wrung around the world the trial of the man accused of shooting him former president bill clinton returns home hiring enough workers might
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take a christmas miracle why the labor startage is hitting small businesses especially hard. a high school brings a drag ball to the football field it is monday "early today" starts right now thanks for starting your week with us. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm philip mena 17 missionaries in haiti had just left an orphanage when they were abducted by gang members. what more do we know and what is the u.s. government doing to help >> the state department is not didding very much about this case given the situation what we do know comes from a statement posted on the website
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of the ohio based christian aid ministries it says the six u.s. citizens and one canadian citizen and telling us, we are engaging with haiti authorities. the police say the kidnappings were carried out by the group that took several priests earlier this year. haiti has seen an increase of activity since the earthquake. at least 323 kidnappings were reported this year in all of 2020, 234 people were reported kidnapped gangs have demanded everything from just a few hundred dollars to over $1 million it is unclear whether a ransom is being demanded in this case
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>> all of that instability leading to terrifying situations the case that sparked massive propests is back in the spotlight. the 25-year-old shot and killed last year while out jogging. we are following the latest. >> millions have seen the disturbing video, 25-year-old ahmaud arbery shot and killed while jogging in rural georgia this morning, jury selection in the trial of the father and son who grabbed their weapons and chased him down and the man joining pursuit recording it all on their cell phones the men saying there had been burglaries in the area and were trying to conduct a citizen's
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arrest the killing sparked many protests now they are worried about what could happen outside the courthouse >> i don't think the locals would do anything. if anything bad happens, it has to be someone not from here. >> the community like the country is looking for answers >> i think people want justice and a fair trial for everyone, just basically bottom line, justice. >> jury selection on a case that could take up to two weeks former president bill clinton has been released from the hospital after receiving treatment from a urinary tract infection that spread to his blood stream >> doctors here say they will continue to monitor the former president's progress even as he continues to recover at his new york home. >> he's back home in new york
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after a health scare led to five nights in a southern california hospital with thumbs up and hillary on his arm, former president walked out of university of irvine medical center his doctor saying his white blood cell count had normalized. he was in town for a clinton foundation event and fell ill on tuesday. diagnosed with a urinary tract infection that spread to his blood stream >> describe the gravity of something like this for someone at the age of 75 >> those can quickly become life threatening. >> the two-term president has a history of heart problems. in 2004, he had a quadruple
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bypass prompting him to make major life changes and later become vegan >> i felt like i've been given a new lease on life. >> over the weekend, receiving vp former president bus >> he seems to be god willing doing well >> progress that returned him home health experts say between his health history and age, he may need several weeks of rest and rehab ill station. today is the day most government health care and school workers in washington state but be vaccinated. employees can apply for medical or religious exemption but there is no testing option and the deadline for thousands of employees in
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massachusetts. the union says 85 to 90% of members of the police have complied but 150 or so officers plan to resign dr. fauci spoke to fox news about those officers pushing back against mandates. >> think about the implications of not getting vaccinated when you are in a position where you have a responsible swrob and you want to protect yourself because you are needed at your job whether a police officer or pilot or any other of those kinds of ok u patients >> dr. fauci said good news about the holidays, no reason vaccinated people shouldn't enjoy holidays with families robert durst tested positive and his lawyer said, quote, he
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looked awful and was having trouble breathing and speaking he said he was vaccinated but didn't know if he had the booster. coming days after being sentenced for to life in prison for killing a friend ending the threat of an historic strike that would have shut down production including mandatory break periods and a 54-hour weekend. a new update into the cause of the leak that dumped an estimated 25,000 gallons of crude oil to the southern california coast it is believed a cargo ship anchor struck a pipeline dragging it across the sea floor
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this year. it is unclear if another issue lead to it time to get to your forecast with janessa webb. >> good morning. we are starting off the week pretty quiet across the u.s. we have a small storm system for the pacific northwest. really impacting the seira nevada 45 for philadelphia. we have some freeze alert advisories put in place across the higher elevations of north carolina to michigan temperatures are falling to the lower 30s. upper midwest, still ver, 62
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in chicago, 71 mostly sunny we'll take a look at the week ahead coming up. thank you. a vermont high school showed support of the lgbtq community by holding a drag ball at the football game. taking to the field and working the runway wearing dresses, wigs and wheels and more. what better way to mix it and bring the entire school body together >> i feel like the super bowl will do something similar very soon president biden pays tribute to fallen police officers. >> and retail madness and the
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leading the news, police are investigating a deadly shooting at grambling state university. police and paramedics rush to treat victims on campus. one person was killed. unclear if the two events are related. president biden made a rare visit to capitol hill this weekend. those who lost their lives in the line of duty at the 40th annual memorial and to those who responded to the january 6 attack a capitol officer who could face prison time over the resurrection >> michael riley, a 50-year-old veteran of the canine division faces two federal charges, each carries a maximum of 20 years in
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prison a federal court filing that he was facebook friends with a person said to be inside on january 6. he warned the suspect to quote, get off social media quote, i'm a capitol police officer who agrees with your political stance adding take down the part about the building they are investigating and everyone who was in the building is going to be charged that suspect was eventually arrested riley alerted and he began deleting his messages. a number of former police officers including from virginia riley is the first person to be charged with obstructing the investigation of january 6 we expect him back in court for his arraignment when he'll get an opportunity to enter a plea
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in the case. >> thank you for that report nasa has launched an explorer into deep face. the probe named lucy has begun a 12-year mission to probe the asteroid off jupiter a russian film crew returned to earth after spending 12 days in space filming the surgeon rushes to a space station to safe a crewmember nasa announced plans with tom cruise to film but no further plans made
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a man couldn't have survived that fire. >> halloween kills over the weekend scoring $54 million. the 12th film and highest grossing opening premier "no time to die" remains second and" venom" next many stores are struggling to hire staff and larger stores are offering incentives. many smaller establishments are in a bind. we have the details. >> reporter: a sign of the
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times. here at new jersey's free hold race way mall, a problem being felt small stores struggling to hire workers ahead of the holidays. >> the applicant pool isn't as deep as it could be. >> it is hard to compete >> big box stores offer signing bonuses and cold hard cash to hire seasonal workers. smaller stores are forced to think outside the box. like show case which sells this year's latest items as seen on tiktok >> we can't have as many open hours. we have to create a funner environment. >> georgio's fine jewelry is feeling the crunch >> not anything i can do but work harder.
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>> they face an uphill battle getting employees. >> they expect business to be growing yet they are running into a historic labor shortage >> adding to an already chaotic holiday season plagued by supply chain issues and backup at the ports. >> i think you'll see less on the shelves this season. people who are smart will start shopping as early as possible. >> i said santa needs the list early this year. >> the earlier, the better they say the supplies are going to be going down >> experts say tis the season to score big. >> you can find deals on anything you are shopping for. >> they also say shop early and be flexible adding you might not get everything on your list this year year >> nbc news from new jersey.
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because life starts when heartburn stops. take the challenge at prilosecotc dot com. good morning everyone. pretty quiet weather week. autumn air still making its way in plenty of sunshine for the deep south. temperatures cooler for the week we are watching a system for the pacific northwest. that cold front causing temperatures to really drop. it warms back up for the deep south. if you are not into that cooler air, we are going to see some heat and humidity building watch the next storm system with showers staying soggy for the west rain returns for the next weekend for the northeast. pretty quiet, guys
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for the first time in franchise history, the chicago sky are wnba champions >> after a back-and-forth game four, the chicago sky cleared the way winning 80-74. and playing the first season for her hometown team and ka leah
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named mvp. a scoreless first quarter. bi to harris playing without quarterback wilson they did respond with two big touch downs. seattle forced overtime as time expired. the pittsburgh defense came up big. they would set up this game winner giving back this game winner 23-20 over the seahawks >> the league's last remaining unbeaten team looked strong in cleveland. a 20-point lead against the browns, they would never look back murray with four touch downs arizona flies over the browns 37-14. no party for the chargers in baltimore. the ravens run outrushed l.a
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the ravens started with a 17-0 run and shut out in the second half ravens dominate 34-6. >> the action here as lawrence lead down the field. jacksonville snaps the 20-game losing streak beating the dolphins 23-20 trayvon diggs with a play to start the season a wild game between cowboys and patriots prescott found lamb. dallas walks off the win 35-29 the cowboys were among the top performers prescott connected with lamb for two of his three scores of the day. to a nail biter in game two of the nlcs. coming up to bat against the
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closer first pitch right up the middle. too much to handle atlanta with a 5-4 walkoff win taking a series lead to los angeles. the astros play the red sox tonight. >> you'll be wating thatch
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right now at 4:30, finally some rain. as quickly as it came, it left of the bay area. there's likely more in store this week. just ahead, the timeline in your microclimate forecast. lots of unanswered questions after firefighters end up causing exactly what they hoped to prevent. what cal fire did


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