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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 18, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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which don't want anyone to ever forget about ahmad, because his death made a lot of changes around the world >> the murder sparked protests around the world last year today, the trial begins for the three men accused of murdering the 25-year-old black man in broad daylight as he jogged down the street breaking news out of hatee where an armed men has kidnapped a group of american missionaries we're live with how the state department is working to set them free. get your shot or get fired
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vaccine mandates kick in for police departments across the country, leaving some officers up in arms and the chicago sky soar high in their first wnba win and the steelers drag the seahawks back to earth in an overtime thriller. the biggest moment in the sports world. "squid game" is making a killing. how much it's expected to halt in for netflix "early today" starts right now >> thanks for kicking off your week with us i'm frances rivera >> and i'm philip mena the case that sparked massive protests against racial injustice is back in the spotlight. jury selection in the trial of ahmaud arbery begins today he was shot and kilted while out jogging according to his family. here's the latest. >> reporter: raising their voices for justice supporters gathering in brunswick, georgia, ahead of the
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ahmaud arbery murder trial >> we don't anyone to ever forget about ahmad, because his death made a lot of changes around the world >> reporter: the 25-year-old was shot and killed last year while out jogging, according to his familyhe unarmed man be being chased, trapped and murdered by three white men. they deny wrongdoing saying they thought arbery was a burglary, even calling 911 >> reporter: the latest high profile killing of a black man to go before a jury. this is a trial of three men for one murder, but what do you see is the larger issues at stake here >> this is going to be a litmus
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test for where the nation is concerning race. this is very different than the trial in minnesota for the murder of george floyd >> reporter: the case one the nation will be watching as jury selection starts, summons sent to 1,000 of them they will be whittled down to 12 jurors and four alternates a process that could take two weeks or more. >> you want a jury unaffected by what they have read about the case, but that also -- whose world view keeps them fair and impartial. >> reporter: a trial whose verdicts will echo far beyond georgia. let's turn now to breaking news families are waiting to hear from missionaries being held hostage. a group of aid workers including americans and children, had just left an orphanage in haiti when their ministry says they were abducted by gang members chris, what more do we know
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about the situation and what is the u.s. government doing to help >> reporter: the state department this morning isn't saying very much, given the precarious nature of the search and negotiations that are ongoing in haiti right now but what we do know, a lot of it comes from a statement posted on a website from ohio based christian aid ministries it says the group of 16 u.s. citizens and one canadian citizen includes five men, seven women and five children. a state department official says we are engaging with haitian authorities at the senior most levels but officials are hesitant to comment beyond that. haitian police say the kidnappings were carried out by the same group that abducted five french priests and two nuns earlier this year. that group was ultimately released haiti has seen a spike in gang activity since the august earthquake and the july assassination of its president at least 328 kidnapping victims
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were reported through august of this year. in all of 2020, 234 people were reported kidnapped gangs over the years have demanded ransoms, ranging from just a few hundred dollars to over a million dollars >> chris, thank you. vaccination or face potential unemployment the battle over covid-19 vaccination mandates continues as more states implement them for government, health care, and school workers and more. but not everyone is willing to comply massachusetts vaccine mandate deadline was sunday. while washington state's is today. cathy park has more. good morning >> reporter: good morning to you. major cities are grappling with resistance over vaccine mandates and battle lines are being drawn. some members of law enforcement are choosing to quit or even face suspension rather than get a covid-19 vaccine the clock is ticking in seattle,
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where all city employees must be fully vaccinated by monday but the looming deadline is getting pushback from some police officers who oppose the mandate. instead, asking for other options like regular testing >> for some reason, this mayor is refusing that, which i think is unreasonable and void of common sense >> reporter: those who don't comply won't be fired right away instead, they can present their reasonings at a hearing. but the standoff comes amid a staffing crisis, threatening public safety. and the seattle police officer's guild says they can't afford to lose anyone. >> crime is surging in the city. our community is demanding more police officers, to answer the 911 calls. >> reporter: state troopers are also under a similar mandate and veterans are turning in their badges >> i'm being asked to leave because i'm dirty. >> monday the 18th of october, i will be turning in all my issued equipment back to the washington state patrol
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and i will be involuntarily terminated >> reporter: it's a showdown in chicago, too the mayor and police union not backing down after city workers have until friday to report their vaccine status their fight now tangled in the courts, with both sides filing lawsuits and in massachusetts, at least 1 150 members have resigned or intend to ahead of the deadline to submit proof of vaccination as the debate intensifies across the country, millions of americans are waiting for guidance on boosters dr. anthony fauci weighed in on the latest recommendation for j&j recipients >> given the data that they saw, very likely this should have been a two-dose vaccine to begin with >> reporter: and he's spreading some good news this holiday season to those fully vaccinated >> there's no reason at all why you can't enjoy the holidays >> reporter: and within days, the fda is set to review the
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recommendation set for by the advisory committee when it comes to booster shots for moderna and j&j. once that gets a green light, it will head to the cdc for a final signoff. >> kathy, thank you. former president bill clinton has been released from the hospital following treatment for a urinary tract infection that spread to his blood stream. his stay was extended because he took medication intravenously. >> when older individuals develop those infections, they can very quickly become life threatening. >> doctors at uc irvine health say his fever and white blood cell count as normalized he had been in california to attend a clinton foundation event last thursday but got sick last tuesday he's had multiple heart operations in new york he has since become a vegan and made changes to his lifestyle to support his health a crisis averted in
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hollywood this morning, with less than a day to spare, major studios reached a three-year deal with the union representing its film and television crews, ending the threat of historic strike that would have shut down production the agreement includes mandatory break periods and a 54-hour weekend. investigators have found a new lead in the search for the cause of the leak that dumped an estimated 25,000 gallons of crude oil into the ocean off of the southern california coast. the coast guard believes the cargo ship's anchor struck an underwater pipeline, pulling it across the sea floor in january of this year it's still undetermined if the impact caused the leak earlier this month, or another issue led to it. nbc meteorologist janessa webb has a look at our weather on this monday good morning, janessa. >> hi, good morning. pretty quiet weather conditions across the u.s we do have a small storm system for the pacific northwest, but
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the real big story is the cooldown that we're currently dealing with across the northeast, and most of the east coast. 50 degrees for new york city right now. philadelphia currently at 49 so we do have our first freeze advisories and some warnings this morning across the higher elevations of north carolina to michigan, as well. some of these temperatures, man, dropping down to the low 30s this morning so the central u.s. this week, you still remain warm. minneapolis, 77 degrees. but still cooler air for salt lake city. 62 we do have kind of that great divide that we're seeing some warmer air pushes north and east into the greater cleveland area as we go into your tuesday. 73 degrees you can see rapid city in th ac
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new york into pennsylvania we do have that small storm system in the pacific northwest. we'll talk about that coming up. apple is holding an event expected to give a look at the next generation of mac book pros the live stream starts at 10:00 a.m. hollywood kills premiered over the weekend, scoring $50.4 million in its debut, the highest grossing opening weekend that premiered on multiple platforms. nasa has launched a probe named losa to giben a 12-year mission. back in a minute sts? it's neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4.
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we have won for the first time in franchise history! the chicago sky are wnba champions! >> after a back and forth game four in the windy city, the chicago sky cleared the way to their first championship in franchise history, beating the mercury 80-74. candace spark parker won her first title. neither the seahawks nor the steelers could afford a loss on sunday night football. it was a scoreless first quarter, but big ben would put pittsburgh on the board with that toss to harris. seattle would respond with two big touchdowns in the third quarter. teams traded field goals in the fourth seattle would force overtime there as time expired. in overtime, pittsburgh with the game winning field goal.
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and the league's last remaining unbeaten team looked strong in cleveland. the cardinals got out to a 20-point lead and never looked back kyler murray threw four touchdowns to three different receivers and the cards remain perfect. arizona flies over the browns 37-14. no party for los angeles in baltimore, as the ravens outrushed them by 161 yards. baltimore started the game on a 17-0 run and would shout out the chargers in the second half. they win 34-6. a streak snapped across the pond trevor lawrence led the jaguars down the field setting up the game-winning field goal. jacksonville snaps its 20-game losing streak by winning 23-20 trayvon diggs picking off a quarterback in his sixth straight game. the cowboys and the patriots, dak prescott finds lamb with
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room to run. and dallas walks off with the win over new england 35-29 the cowboys were among the top performers prescott connected with lamb for two of his three scores on the day. the baseball playoffs, a nailbiter on the diamond game two, the dodgers lead after a home run the braves tied it up in the 8th. in the bottom of the 9th, eddie rosario. that's right up the middle the braves win it 5-4. they now take a 2-0 series lead. they go to los angeles for game three. still to come, got to see this, especially if you're watching this whole thing. they risk it all the deadly funny squid game parody plus, forever anfoved rer, they make it last forever. we go back
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♪ my ex-wife hates me, even had to sell my puppy ♪ ♪, i'm broken, it's a damn shame, yes, i've got to play the "squid game" ♪ ♪ yes, i've got to play the "squid game" ♪ >> all right, this is brilliant. it was the highlight, one of them, from "snl" this weekend. rami malek and pete davidson playing some down on their luck contestants in the squid game. the netflix show has become so incredibly popular and a talker for us nonstop >> it sure is. as soon as i saw "snl" did something on it, i had to watch it, right? last week, netflix revealed that "squid game" had reached at least 111 million viewers. that made it the biggest series launch ever for them and now bloomberg news is reporting that the south korean thriller is estimated to be worth $900 million, and it costs under $22 million to produce
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bloomberg cited internal documents from netflix, which the company declined to comment on so one thing we're wondering, will there be a season two >> right we talked about our theorys of where it could go, what could happen in season two here comes the bride kourtney kardashian and travis barker are engamed they made the relationship public in february of 2020 video shows the musician popping the question on sunday in california look at this taking a major step towards their future together. of course, kourtney said yes there hasn't been a kardashian wedding in a while jenna has never gotten married here they are. >> i feel like it's a perfect hollywood pairing. a vermont high school showed
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its support for the lbgtq plus community by throwing a drag ball at a football homecoming game it happened friday at burlington high school. so after the cheer leaders performed, around two dozen students and teachers took to the field and worked the runway and the crowd wearing dresses, wigs, heels and more that was put on by a burlington high school's gender sexuality alliance club. i think they're on to something here >> definitely entertaining still ahead, the containership crisis stifling the supply chain the hottest awards othf e year prince william shines a spotlight on climate change efforts. more immune support. with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. more restful sleep. with the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. we put more of our brains into helping your heart. we give you more wellness solutions
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in today's top stories, police are investigating a deadly shooting at grambling state university in louisiana. this is the video of the aftermath as police and paramedics rushed to treat victims on campus. one person was killed. the shooting comes just days after another deadly shooting there. it's unclear if the two events are related. a few days after being convicted of murder, robert derst has tested positive for covid-19 and is currently on a ventlator. in a phone call, his lawyer revealed on friday that the
3:57 am
78-year-old looked awful thursday and is having difficulty breathing and speaking he said he believes he was vaccinated, but didn't know if he had a covid-19 booster. now to the global shipping crisis there have been record breaking jams at ports in california. >> relief may not come until next year. nbc's scott cohen has more >> reporter: frances, this container ship behind me pulled into port here in long beach, california, early saturday morning. it should take about three days to unload it it normally ask about a two-week voyage from china to hear. but this ship left on september 21, so roughly twice the normal amount of time it's because of those backlogs in the port and in the los angeles harbor you multiply this by 60 ships out this and you see how serious this is. and the issue here for the economy is that all of these delays are expensive
3:58 am
in other words, time is money. >> what we're clearly seeing, they're succeeding in passing on higher prices. their prices are double and triple digits higher, it's killing margins. so they pass that on and it's sticking >> reporter: as that filters into the economy, economists are worried about inflation, rising prices, and ultimately an economic slowdown as it tends to unwooinld. the concern now is that this could go on for a wild, perhaps into 2023. scott cohen, long beach, california >> scott, thank you. prince william awarded nearly $7 million in this year's earth shot prize it's like the oscars but forpros this year's winners included the city of milan for their food as hubs and the republic of costa
3:59 am
rika for restoring the coral reefs. prince charles expressed how proud he was of his son for his commitment to the environment. thanks for kicking off your week with us. i'm philip mena. >> and i'm frances
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evil dies tonight. [ chanting ] evil dies tonight. [ screaming ] [ chanting ] evil dies tonight. [ screaming ] happy halloween michael. we are following breaking news out of haiti where tense negotiations are under way when a group of missionaries including children were taken the murder of ahmaud arbery wrung around the world the trial of the man accused of shooting him former president bill clinton returns home hiring enoug


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