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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 18, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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♪♪ >> right now on "access hollywood," enrique and ricky. what did they reveal about their new tour, and did enrique really once have audition to be in menudo? plus, meet the man giving sarah jessica a lift. >> ooh, like that. and we relive that conga beat with gloria estefan! >> oh! "access hollywood" starts... >> both: right now. [ gloria estefan's "conga" playing ] ♪♪ >> from universal studios hollywood, welcome to the weekend edition of "access hollywood." i'm scott evans. >> and i'm sibley scoles. and, scott, i cannot think of a better way to kick off the show. >> girl, i got just the thing --
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enrique iglesias and ricky martin live in concert packing in the audiences this fall. and kit hoover and i spoke to them right after they kicked things off in las vegas. >> we've known each other for 25 years. >> like yesterday. >> and this feels like it was meant to be. [ cheers and applause ] ♪♪ >> it needed to happen, not 10 years ago, not 5 years ago. now is the time. ♪♪ >> [ singing in spanish ] >> for fans coming to see you, what can they expect? >> it's an incredible show. first of all, the chemistry. all of us -- musically, we're very different. we wanted to make a huge celebration of latino music. >> it's gonna be a greatest-hits concert. ♪ livin' la vida loca ♪ i want to celebrate life. i've been locked in my house for 19 months now. >> i want to go full-out. >> these two have the songan the style, so a fashion
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flashback was in order. we're gonna put up some pictures. tell us what's going on. >> that was the livin' la vida loca tour. i had the honor to with mr. giorgio armani. he outfitted the entire tour. those leather pants that were so famous -- mr. armani. and the shirt sold a lot after the tour. >> [ laughs ] give us an enrique picture. >> the denim on the denim. >> we love the old denim! >> i always do the same thing -- a t-shirt, a hat. >> dude, denim is denim. >> that is gucci 1985 with the shirt. >> well, speaking of 1985, that was when ricky was a member of menudo, and enrique had some news to share about that. >> back in the day, i wanted to be in menudo. >> yes! >> and i tried out for menudo, and they said, "no. get the hell out of here." >> i didn't know that. are you serious? >> yeah. i did. >> i had to audition four times. they said no four times. >> dude, i auditioned 25 times. [ laughter ] >> ah, but in the end, enrique's
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done just fine. his 11th studio album, "final, vol. 1," has a staggering 7.1 billion streams, and it's certified multiplatinum in 22 countries. i'd say he's done well. well, sunday, february 13th, will be here before you know it. that is the date for super bowl game lvi. now, we don't know who's gonna be playing in the game just yet, but we do know that five hip-hop legends are gonna make halftime history, and that includes snoop, who we talked to just before the big announcement. and let's just say we had a feeling he'd be hitting that stage. >> mm. i mean, if it comes my way, i mean, i wouldn't say no. ♪♪ >> snoop playing coy with us just hours before the bombshell announcement. >> it's sort of like a bucket list. i don't know. i got a big bucket list. and there's a lot of things in that bucket, so that may be one of the things on it. ♪ still snoop dogg and d-r-e ♪ >> it's safe to say this is the biggest lineup ever on a super bowl stage, with nearly 20
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number-one albums and 43 grammys between the group. >> ♪ katy my lady ♪ >> ♪ yeah ♪ >> ♪ and looky here, baby ♪ >> ♪ uh-huh ♪ >> it's basically gonna be fire. >> snoop's buddy katy perry shared a few insider secrets. katy and left shark took the super bowl stage in 2015. >> you probably only have 12 minutes. so, like, let's, you know, figure out what we're gonna do. >> ♪ c-o-m-p-t-o-n and the city they call long beach ♪ >> the super bowl will make its return to los angeles for the first time in nearly 30 years. and it's all going down at the new sofi stadium built in inglewood, an historically black neighborhood. >> one of the main reasons why i decided to say, "okay, i'm gonna do the show," is because the nfl and pepsi decided to donate money to the schools we're trying to build. we're starting here in los angeles, and we're hopefully gonna be able to build 10 high schools across the united states, only in urban areas. >> i'm honestly so excited. this is going to be insane. >> apple music host brooke reese thinks producers of the show are hoping to reach viewers of all
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ages. >> you have the o.g.s who can reach back, who may be a little bit older watching, who were there when dr. dre was first coming up and snoop dogg. or you might have a younger generation who connects a little more to kendrick lamar or somebody who loves r&b and so they love mary j. blige. i think that they really did a great job of making this collective come together to really represent all different areas and all different ages, as well, who are gonna be tuning in. >> ♪ i love myself ♪ >> it's an unforgettable cultural moment because of the gravity of this stage that they're performing on. >> music and culture journalist j'na jefferson sees this as a huge cultural moment. >> so to give these black artists and this black-founded genre the platform to shine on the biggest stage in america -- there's no doubt in my mind that this is gonna be huge. no doubt in my mind. >> i'm gonna just tell you right now -- i can't wait for mary j. blige to hit that stage when she does her thing, you know? listen, though, we actually met up with katy perry while she was celebrating a few other female powerhouses, right?
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>> that is right. katy perry was at variety's annual power of women event, and the new mom found the perfect look for her night out. [ indistinct shouting ] >> it's schiaparelli. it's actually very comfortable because i can, like, you know, just let it all hang loose from here down. >> katy! >> functional and fashionable, katy brought the drama in a lilac off-the-shoulder gown with statement sleeves and a cascading train. >> ♪ spend your whole life, but you couldn't ♪ ♪ describe what makes a woman ♪ >> one of the night's performers, she also accepted an honor on behalf of her firework foundation, which aims to reach underserved communities through the arts. katy giving a sweet shout-out to fiancé orlando bloom on the stage. >> thank you for handling the insanity of my life with such loving grace. and biggest thank-you of all for being an incredible father and example to our greatest gift ever, our daughter, daisy dove. >> and it was a mother-daughter date for angelina jolie and
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16-year-old zahara, who checked out photos on katy's phone and posed alongside inauguration star amanda gorman. >> we need voices like amanda's, those lights in the dark. >> giving a speech in amanda's honor, angelina introduced the youth poet laureate, who presented her poem "we rise." >> everyone's eyes are on us as we rise. today is the day. women are paving the way. >> it was an impassioned performance reminiscent of the inauguration day appearance that propelled amanda into the spotlight. >> by the way, everyone is fan-girling over you tonight. >> that is incredible because i'm just here fan-girling, trying not to throw up. so, i'm like, "please, save it for katy perry." >> you know it's real when you feel like that. that's a true fan girl. okay, now to some big news from jerry seinfeld. >> oh, it's the biggest news, sibley. it is, indeed. it's been over 30 years since "seinfeld" premiered on nbc, and now it's finding a new home on
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netflix. it sounds like a lot of money to me. jerry took us through the show's history-making moments, and mario lopez has the story. >> when we put the show together, i thought, "this will be a boutique, eccentric, acquired taste." >> i'm jerry seinfeld. i'm moving in. >> the number-one show on television when we started was "alf," okay? remember "alf," with the puppet? so that's what i thought a number-one show is. so, to be here 30 years later, i don't even know how it happened. i really don't. and i'm just so happy that people laugh at it. >> ♪ when you wish upon a star ♪ >> everyone except his toughest critics, sascha, julian, and shepherd, his kids, who are not into it. >> isn't that weird? i would be interested if my dad had a show. maybe they watch it secretly and they don't tell me. [ laughter ] >> did you keep the puffy shirt? >> no. it's on display at the
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smithsonian in washington. >> that '90s look is back on trend. believe it or not, "seinfeld" and chandler bing of "friends" fame are now being called style icons. but there is one look that's come back in this pandemic era that jerry still feels strongly about. >> again with the sweat pants? >> very relevant. do not wear your sweat pants out of the house. you're telling the world, "i quit." put on some pants! get dressed! >> and speaking of style, "seinfeld's" co-creator and jerry's friend larry david just showed up in an unexpected place -- new york fashion week. and the notoriously cranky comedian went viral for looking less than thrilled. >> i talked to him two days ago about it. he got roped into this fashion show. i think it was with his daughter, wanted to go. he had no idea what it was gonna be like, and he was just tortured. >> and speaking of larry, season 11 of "curb your enthusiasm" premieres october 24th on hbo. coming up, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the john lennon
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classic "imagine." why has this song become so iconic? that's straight ahead.
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>> ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ ♪♪ ♪ but i'm not the only one ♪ >> john lennon with wife yoko ono by his side, from their film "imagine," available on prime video. 50 years ago, that iconic song was climbing the charts around the world, and this month lennon would have turned 81. so, in celebration of his birthday and with "imagine" turning 50, we look back on this classic song that is more popular today than ever before. >> what's the tune of "imagine"? >> it just goes -- ♪ imagine there's no heaven ♪ ♪ doodle-oo-doo ♪ ♪ it's easy if you try ♪ ♪ doodle-oo-doo ♪ ♪ no hell below us ♪ ♪♪ ♪ above us, only sky ♪ >> rare footage of john working on his signature song, "imagine," as scene in the
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documentary "imagine: john lennon," available on digital. and in those rehearsals, john's humor was always in tune. >> ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ [ deep voice ] ♪ but i'm not the only one ♪ >> "imagine" is an amazing song, complicated subject matter, but really simple in delivery. >> joe levy, editor-at-large of billboard, breaks down the song at central park's imagine mosaic, just across from the dakota, where john lived his final years. >> it's asking us to imagine a different world, a world without war. it asks us to imagine other things, as well, a world without god and a world without capitalism. so, a little more complicated, but at its basic level, imagine peace. >> and like many of john's post-beatles songs, it was inspired by wife yoko ono, this time from a poem she wrote. in a bbc radio interview two days before his murder in 1980,
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john acknowledged this. >> ♪ imagine all the people ♪ >> i think it would be bigger today than it was 50 years ago, if you want my honest opinion. it's one of the best songs of all time. >> ♪ living life in peace ♪ ♪ you-ou-ou ♪ >> whatever horrors or things that are happening in the world, that song somehow brings people together, and it reminds us about the simple things. >> ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ >> "imagine" was john's biggest solo hit and has been covered by hundreds of artists. >> i sang "imagine" plenty of times, and it's a wonderful song. >> ♪ imagine there's no countries ♪
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>> one of those times for cyndi lauper was at the nobel peace prize concert in 2004 that had oprah and tom cruise joining in. >> ♪ and the world will live as one ♪ >> it has brought us together in celebration and in grief. >> he was violently taken from the world. >> ♪ i hope someday you'll join us ♪ >> but "imagine" was a song that grew in popularity at that time because it faced down the violence that had took him by asking us to imagine a different world. >> ♪ and the world will live as one ♪ [ birds chirping ] >> you know what i love? "imagine" is played every new year's eve in times square right after the ball drops. perfect. and next up, more music. we've all heard the song and done the dance. now gloria estefan reveals how her hit "conga" came to be.
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>> ♪ come on, shake your body, baby, do that conga ♪ ♪ i know you can't control yourself any longer ♪ >> yes! feel it, sibley! >> ooh! >> feel it, sibley. >> i got it. i got it. >> that's gloria estefan and the miami sound machine's "conga." that was a major hit back in '85. >> you got good hips. >> get your hips moving. >> i'm not doing all that. i'm gonna start sweating. okay, gloria, along with daughter emily and niece lili, are back with a new season of their facebook watch spin-off, "red table talk: the estefans." and i got the whole "conga" story. get it. ooh, ooh, ooh.
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you can't get the words out of your head. that is how you know you have a good song. how did that really put you on the map? >> when we used to be in our gig days of playing bar mitzvahs and quinces and weddings, we would close out the night with the most traditional of cuban congas. so, cut to -- we're in holland, in utrecht, promoting "dr. beat," our first big hit. we run out of material, and emilio whips out his accordion and says, "let's play the cuban congas that we used to play." the place went insane. >> ♪ come on, shake your body, baby, do that conga ♪ >> and on the flight out of holland, their drummer, kiki, wrote the song that would go on to be gloria's signature hit. >> ♪ come on, shake your body ♪ >> does it still hum in your head right now, like, if we were to sing it? >> of course. ♪ come on, shake your body, baby, do that conga ♪ ♪ i know you can't control yourself any longer ♪ ♪ feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger ♪ ♪ don't you fight it till you tried it, do that conga beat ♪ >> always in tune, the trio are diving headfirst into hot topics
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like plastic surgery and regret for season two of "red table talk." is there any moment where you say, "let's not get to a certain point"? >> no. it's got to be -- but it's a safe space. >> yeah. >> nothing is allowed to be insulting. >> yeah. >> i wouldn't allow that. i hae they hid it. >> what a shame! oh, no! whatever will we do? >> and i can't think of anyone better to highlight nbcuniversal's come with us campaign, honoring those who inspire others in the hispanic community during hispanic heritage month, than the estefan family. >> they do it, and they do it well. >> yes. >> that is true. all right, well, now to "sex and the city," the reboot. it's called "and just like that..." we all know that, right? it's coming to hbo in december, and joining the ladies this time around is a new french face -- actor and model thomas canestraro. we got to know the man in the short shorts in his first entertainment news interview. [ camera shutters clicking ]
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>> you don't imagine getting this kind of role. you don't imagine, like, being in that kind of show right away. >> thomas got the gig of a lifetime, starring in the "sex and the city" spin-off as a bakery delivery man who sweeps carrie off her feet. not long after thomas wrapped this scene with sarah jessica parker, his phone was blowing up. [ indistinct shouting ] >> i keep having, like, people sending me pictures and messages, and i'm like "oh, okay, that was quick." >> his tight jumpsuit probably didn't hurt. >> would i be going out on saturday night like this? no. but i was okay in it. >> [ laughs ] >> while on the set, he could tell the ladies have been friends for life. >> they're super comfortable. you don't feel like you're on a tv show set. >> it's not the first time thomas has caused a sensation. he posed nearly nude for this provocative shoot with a fully-clothed blake lively, all to promote her 2018 movie "a simple favor." >> ryan reynolds came and visited during the whole thing, which was lovely. blake -- even though i was wearing a little speedo and everything, she was always, like, standing in front of me,
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saying, "can we please bring the robe to thomas?" it really made me feel more than just a pack of meat on a counter. >> there's way more to this guy than bulging muscles and piercing blue eyes. thomas happens to be a two-time kickboxing world champion. and 10 years ago, he left france to pursue a new life in new york as a personal trainer, not speaking a word of english. one of his clients offered him a modeling job, which eventually led to acting roles like "the expendables 3" with sly stallone. >> i was like, "sly? who's sly?" and he was like, "do you know sylvester stallone?" and i'm like, "oh, my god, are you kidding? of course." i watched "rocky" my whole life. so, i just didn't know the nickname, which now i know. [ indistinct shouting ] >> and as his star continues to rise, so does the interest in his personal life. >> i'm taken. i would like to entertain a fantasy, but, no, i'm off the market. >> now, he told us his dream role. >> mm-hmm? >> surprise -- he says james bond. >> okay. >> look at him. >> i could check him out in that suit. all right, a french james bond.
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i'm here for it. next up, charlize takes a big leap with her two daughters to celebrate her 46th birthday. >> but first, this one looks pretty good -- kristen stewart as princess diana in "spencer." it's coming to theaters november 5th. >> you have to be able to do things you hate. >> you hate? >> there has to be two of you. there's the real one... >> [ crying ] >> ...and the one they take pictures of. [ camera shutter clicking ] >> ♪ it's such a perfect day ♪
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>> torture is what family vacation is all about.
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>> [ laughing ] oh, no! that might be the case for charlize's character in "the addams family 2," out now, but it certainly doesn't apply to charlize in real life. she just got back from an incredible family vacation with her two daughters that had the three taking a big leap to celebrate mom's 46th birthday. tell me about jumping off the yacht with you and your girls. i think the caption was "me and my girls for life." >> it was one of those moments where i kind of like thought about it, and then the parent in me went, "no, no." and then i was like, "well, i'm gonna try this," and then i did it. and i was like, "i think my girls can handle this." they started asking. they're like, "i want to do that, i want to do that," and i was like, "i'll do it with you guys." >> charlize, with perfect form, took the plunge holding hands with her daughters jackson and august while celebrating her murder-mystery-themed birthday in greece. >> we are going on an addams family vacation! let's roll! >> and charlize is keeping the family vacation going with her return as morticia in
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"the addams family 2." there's got to be something that you love about this lady to come back for another one. >> it's more just the fact that my kids absolutely love these films, and it's something that we get to share as a family. >> in fact, charlize's kids actually offered her acting advice while she recorded morticia's voice-overs from home during lockdown. >> they definitely took a director's-chair approach to my performance and would let me know how they felt about how i was reading certain lines. >> we have some of the best dark secrets. >> nobody quite rocks the little black dress quite like morticia does... >> true. >> ...except for maybe charlize theron. can you tell me about this? i think it was maybe '98? >> when they didn't make undergarments for dresses, obviously. >> and then the oscars. >> that is very morticia, actually. i forgot about that. 'cause my kids are so fascinated. they always ask me, "does morticia have feet?" i don't know if she just walks like that or if she actually just floats. >> at cannes. i mean, come on.
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>> yeah, the little cat suit underneath. yes, that was a fun little dress for sure. >> let's be real. she looks great in everything, doesn't she? >> she does. i can't stop staring at her. >> right? >> it's really good. >> it's really good. >> it's really good. >> all the time. >> we're gonna move on right now to "diana: the musical." it is out now on netflix, ahead of its broadway premiere in november. and star jeanna de waal tells zuri she took her research very seriously. >> jeanna, talk to me a little bit about this process of becoming princess diana. >> we're so lucky to have so much footage of these people. so, really sort of trying to watch and emulating how they move, how they sound. >> ♪ living rather large ♪ ♪ yet feeling rather small ♪ >> jeanna de waal takes on the role of diana, and in addition to studying her on camera, she practiced an exercise system called gyrotonics to get that perfect princess posture. >> like, old-school thing, like go to boarding school and balance a book on your head,
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like, really about, like, getting that in my muscles so that when you're singing or being emotional or dancing, you hold it. >> ♪ i was crowned in this country ♪ >> for roe hartrampf, who plays prince charles, it was all about learning to relate to a royal. >> bringing it down to the level of, like, trying to keep your family happy, trying to keep a relationship together. i can easier imagine that than, you know, living in a palace. >> ♪ she hardly knows what she's doing ♪ >> erin davie stars as camilla parker bowles and judy kaye as queen elizabeth, both ladies agreeing the costumes are also the stars of the show. >> it's like they're their own character. >> the queen's iconic skirt suits. how did we feel rocking those? >> i get the feeling they could probably do the show without me. >> [ laughs ] >> a fashion icon to this day, jeanna's wardrobe for diana was the most extensive, featuring looks that are nearly identical to those worn by the late royal, including her wedding gown and the famous revenge dress. >> i think there's 38 costumes, and some of them i'm wearing
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for, like, less than 30 seconds. >> oh, my gosh. >> there's not a costume in the show that wasn't modeled almost exactly after something she wore. so you will definitely recognize a lot of the looks. >> whew! 38 costumes? we're gonna need a lot of velcro for those quick changes. okay, if you're addicted to tiktok, i'm sure you've come across elliot forbes. the london-based barber has six million followers on the site, and here's why he's blowing up. ♪♪ >> i started cutting hair five and half years ago. i loved going into barber shops, i loved having a great haircut, and i loved feeling amazing. and i wanted to try and do that to other people and help them feel amazing, as well. >> and not only is elliot helping his clients feel amazing. he's also helping his six million tiktok followers. elliot told us what made him decide to start making videos on tiktok. >> it was all down to trying to market myself. it was trying to have new people come into the shop, entice new people to come in. it was a marketing tool, really.
1:31 am
>> and the tiktoks have clearly worked for him. >> it's meant that i've had a larger client base, and there's now more people wanting to come and have their hair cut by myself. it's then afforded me the opportunity to be able to create more content. >> some of elliot's most popular tiktoks are the ones where he analyzes male celebrities' best haircuts. but who's his dream celebrity to work with? >> the one person actually whose hair i would love to cut would be harry styles. >> and we had elliot share his best barber tips with us. >> tip number one -- if you want to get volume at the front of your hair, you need to use a round brush and you need to use a hair dryer. hook that into the hair at the front, rotate it up, and then the hair dryer. and the hair dryer then is gonna follow that, and that's gonna help lift and get the volume coming out. once you've finished drying the hair, use the cold setting on that for 10 seconds. that seals the cuticle and helps make the hair stay in place all day long. a problem a lot of guys tend to have is they're putting product all in the front, where they can see. when applying product, start at the crown and then work forwards so you get much more of an even distribution. >> but we couldn't let elliot go without reviewing our very own mario lopez's best cuts throughout the years. >> in at number one, lovely
1:32 am
shape we've got built up. it pushes back very nicely, lovely texturing through that top, very elegant. in at number two, slightly off-centered part and just falls down to the side, a lovely shape built up, and, again, lovely texture, very classy. and in at number three, the super-iconic look from back in the day -- lovely texture. i love that perm that's out with that back area, lots of volume in through the top, and a real epic "saved by the bell" look. >> huh. >> i will be sure to pass that along to mario. all glowing reviews. >> [ laughing ] not bad. all right, well, next up, we're celebrating 25 years of tim and faith's wedded bliss with the ultimate look-back.
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>> ♪ i need you ♪ ♪ oh, i need you ♪ >> welcome back to the weekend edition of "access hollywood," from universal studios hollywood. that was tim mcgraw and faith hill back in 2007, but their love story began 25 years ago this month, when the couple married in a secret ceremony just a few months after they met, when faith was brought on tour as tim's opening act. now we look back at the love story of country's reigning king and queen. >> faith, to your right! >> we were very private people, but we both had high-profile careers. so, you know, it's kind of hard for people not to know that we're married -- and are happily married. >> ♪ it's your love ♪ ♪ it just does something to me ♪ >> the king and queen of country
1:36 am
fell in love on their appropriately named spontaneous combustion tour in 1996 and wed in october of that same year, tim popping the question in his dressing room at a country music festival. >> we had a trailer house that was our dressing room. and i asked her right before i went on stage. >> it was your dressing room. >> it was my dressing room. >> yeah. >> and she was, like, "really? you're asking me to marry you in a trailer house, before you go on stage?" >> [ laughs ] >> and i said, "yeah. what do you think?" >> i was so young. >> mm-hmm. >> in 2007, we took a trip down memory lane with the couple, who made one of their first appearances as newlyweds at the american music awards 10 years earlier. at the time, faith was pregnant with eldest daughter gracie. >> i felt beautiful when i was pregnant with my children, probably the most beautiful. >> the couple welcomed daughter maggie the following year and youngest audrey in 2001, the family hitting the road together as tim and faith embarked on multiple joint tours. >> most of the time, when school's not going on, we travel pretty much together. we have a bus.
1:37 am
we pull a trailer that's full of bicycles and pink flamingos and indoor/outdoor carpet. [ chuckles ] our kids think they grew up in a trailer park when we're on the road. >> ♪ i want to feel you in my soul ♪ >> a lot of people can't live together and work together. >> that's sad that they can't do that. it's not something that we seek, you know, to make happen every single record. and it's very convenient to walk in and say, "hey, you're singing with me tomorrow." [ laughs ] >> in 2017, the couple released "the rest of our life," their first collaborative album together. >> a whole record. you'll be so tired of us by the end of it. >> shooting to number one on billboard's top country albums chart, fans proved there's no getting tired of this country couple. >> ♪ i'll stay young for the rest of my life ♪ ♪ with you ♪ >> we're always gonna be married, we're always gonna be singers, and we're always gonna be together. >> yes, i am a happy girl. yeah. and i love life, and i thank god for my life every day, so i wake up with that attitude.
1:38 am
>> and the couple just can't get enough of each other. they are now set to star as the heads of the dutton family in the "yellowstone" prequel, titled "1883." scott, i know you can't wait for that one. >> you know i can't. >> no. >> "yellowstone," the prequel? >> yep! >> girl, let's go! all right, well, now to another singer expanding her brand. i'm talking about ciara here. she's got a new fashion line, which makes perfect sense since ciara is pretty much a style icon. she told our zuri hall all about her all-american met gala look. it was actually inspired by her football-star husband, russell wilson. >> talk to us a little about the inspiration. obviously, honoring your hubby. >> yeah, so, the met gala was really fun. i got with my good friend peter dundas and showed it to russ, and russ is not really the most expressive person when he's excited. >> more even-keel. >> he's really kind of like chill, but you can tell when he's excited by, like, just the -- you know those reactions. when he said, "nice," in his tone, like, "nice," like, i'm like, "oh, he loves it." my tailgate party will be lit! >> to complete the look, ciara
1:39 am
wanted to wear russell's super bowl ring, but she had to get his permission first. >> he definitely gave me the thumbs-up for it and was like, "now, you better make sure you're being responsible with this thing." he had to pull it out of the vault. >> making the night even more special, kobe and vanessa bryant's daughter, natalia, who's like a niece to ciara, making her met gala debut. >> listen, nani is such a star, and she's so smart. i'm really proud of her. she had a great vision. [ cheers and applause ] >> speaking of fashion, ciara celebrated the launch of her new line, ciara by lita, with a fashion show in l.a. the name stands for "love is the answer." >> this is head-to-toe lita. >> head-to-toe lita. i'm rocking lita by me, by ciara. >> mm-hmm. why did you decide now was the perfect time to go into fashion? >> oh, my goodness. it's been a long time coming for me. it's huge because i was a little girl. i didn't have much. moments like this, it does remind you why you don't stop believing in your dreams. >> ciara's life today is a dream come true, with her family of five, but still making the time
1:40 am
for fun videos like this. tiktok with russ -- is this the key to a happy marriage, a happy life? >> got to have fun. he's my best friend, and so moments like that, we crack up and laugh. >> oh, wait. check this out. ciara just posted this cute video of their son win in a suit dancing as dad made history, becoming the fastest quarterback to ever reach 100 wins. >> i love him. okay, we're gonna move on, though, now to "la brea," if you're ready for it. >> i don't know. >> nbc's new drama about a massive sinkhole opening in los angeles is fall's top-rated new series so far. are you stressed? >> it's literally my worst nightmare come true. okay, but one of its breakout stars, zyra gorecki, is making history as one of the first limb-different actors to land a series-regular role on tv. she told us just how historic this is. >> what did this role mean to you? >> that's a big one because it doesn't happen very often, where an amputee character is played
1:41 am
by an actual amputee. [ dramatic music playing ] >> paving the way for other actors with limb differences, the 19-year-old amputee star is opening up about the accident that changed the course of her life. for your accident, you were 13 years old. >> 13. >> what happened? >> i was in an accident. i had a log fall on my foot. i live in the country, and, so, to heat our house, we had a wood stove. so, we would chop logs down. log fell, crushed my foot against a trailer, broke all the bones, tore the skin all up. and there was too much bacteria in there for them to save it. >> mm. >> they cut it off. woke up with no leg, you know, as you do. >> the michigan native credits her family's sense of humor for helping her get through the physical and emotional trauma. >> my entire family is like me. in the hospital, we're just cracking jokes. we wrote "one foot in the grave" in permanent marker on my foot. so i had to get it tattooed on my foot in my aunt's writing. >> very funny. on "la brea," zyra's character, izzy, is torn apart from her
1:42 am
family after that massive sinkhole emerges in l.a. when you were in the hospital, did you know this was gonna be part of your future? >> no! >> [ laughs ] >> not at all. when i was in the hospital, i was like, "yeah, i could be a mortician." i wasn't like, "yeah, i'm gonna act, i'm gonna be in a tv show," at all. >> why is it important, do you think, to really be able to showcase limb-difference actors? >> because they're a part of society. they are out there in the world. and to not showcase them is a pity and teaches, you know, young amputees, old amputees, whoever it is, "you're a freak. you don't deserve to be out there." >> catch "la brea" tuesday nights at 9:00 on nbc. >> and i will do it while fighting anxiety the entire time. all right, well, now to another truly offbeat story. gwen shamblin lara became known around the world for her christian-based diet program. it was called the weigh down workshop. now, her scandalous story unfolds in the new must-see
1:43 am
hbo max docuseries "the way down." >> god's taken 86 pounds off me. >> [ crying ] i've lost 196 pounds. >> god revealed to me that the key to permanent weight control is a matter of the heart. >> gwen shamblin lara established the remnant fellowship church in brentwood, tennessee, in 1999. and while former members were initially allured by what she identified as a christian-based diet program called the weigh down workshop, they later believed it was similar to a cult. >> how members of remnant behave is a bit like "handmaid's tale" and "stepford wives." >> the cross, the bible -- that's all a sideshow. it's about money, prestige, power. that's her holy trinity. >> the binge-worthy docuseries explores the accusations of emotional, psychological, and physical abuse that allegedly took place within the remnant fellowship church and the legacy of lara, who died in a plane crash in may.
1:44 am
>> to me, the devil is a myth. but i've met gwen shamblin, and she's real. ♪♪ >> all right, coming up next, we're gonna switch things up. tiktok start addison rae took over milan fashion week and the met gala. it's coming up next.
1:45 am
1:46 am
>> ♪ i want the bad ones 'cause they're all i know ♪ ♪ i always let the good ones go ♪
1:47 am
>> that's a powerhouse pairing right there, tiktok sensation addison rae joining forces with british pop star charli xcx for a tiktok to charli's song "good ones." next up for these two, conquering the world of fashion. and for addison rae, that included a stop at milan's fashion week. >> really crazy. lots of people there. really fun. also, like, my first international fashion week. ♪♪ >> addison showed off her versace dress on -- where else? -- tiktok. addison was the personal guest of donatella herself for the versace runway show during milan fashion week. >> i wore, like, an all-pink look for the first show, which was so cute and so fun. then the second look was, like, the fendace look. >> fendace, as in a collab between fendi and versace, designers from each house swapped places, creating looks for one another. >> it was such an incredible collection, and i was really, really blessed to be there. i love it! >> another recent first for addison -- an invitation to the exclusive met gala. some social-media sleuths
1:48 am
thought she was wearing a dress friend kourtney kardashian wore back in 2019. >> no, i was not. i bought the dress i wore, actually. and it's a vintage tom ford for gucci dress. so, it was a really special dress. >> and addison's elevating her fashion game by partnering with pandora for its new line of jewelry. >> the pandora me collection really celebrates being unique and being yourself and kind of expressing that through your jewelry. >> fellow fashionista charli xcx has also joined the brand. >> jewelry for me is always kind of like the icing on the cake of an outfit, and it can kind of really make an outfit, like, pop. ♪ i always let the good ones go ♪ >> and charli's celebrating her latest hit single, "good ones." >> the whole video was just so fun to shoot. i lay in a coffin, just to try it out. that was pretty cool. it was very comfortable, so i would recommend it. [ chuckles ] >> i'm gonna pass on that one.
1:49 am
the pandora me collection is available right now. okay, let's keep the style going with some feel-good fashion, shall we? photographer nigel barker is known for his work on "america's next top model" and for his high fashion shoots. nigel is also a special olympics ambassador and recently did a photo shoot especially close to his heart. ♪♪ >> yeah, i think the athletes just felt extraordinary. i mean, it was extraordinary to watch them come out, feel proud, stand up in front of my camera, and really just beam from the inside out. >> for the photo shoot, the special olympic athletes wore outfits designed by students from new york's parson school of design. they call the collection be brave. >> the sports community, which is what obviously special olympics is about, is about building confidence through sport, through teamwork, through leadership. and then the fashion industry has many of those same qualities. and that's exactly what be brave is all about. and every single one of the athletes stood in front of me and was more than brave. they were courageous. they were just stunning. >> daniel fletcher has competed
1:50 am
in nearly nine sports, including power lifting. this was his first time, though, as a model. >> i love being here with my stars and stripes. it's very fun. and i brought my strength. >> and the amazing photo shoot took place during new york's iconic fashion week. >> oftentimes, you see designs go down the runway on, say, stick-skinny models. and i understand what the industry is about, and i've worked in it forever, but the fact of the matter is that the world is full of differences. and we should celebrate those differences, being inclusive and creating collections that work for everybody. so, for me, working with special olympics on this project -- it's what i've always been about. you know, i love to see change, and i love to make a difference. and i look forward to the day when inclusion is almost not needed because it's just a part of what we do. [ camera shutter clicks ] >> i completely agree, okay? >> 100%. >> yeah. >> all right, well, now to
1:51 am
britney spears. following the news that her dad, jamie, was suspended from her conservatorship, she wrote on instagram that she still has a lot of healing to do. >> absolutely. and what better way to help heal than a vacation? >> not mad at it. >> also posting this video catching some sun and fun with fiancé, sam asghari. >> and on the turquoise water, right? >> mm. >> well, now meet someone else who is happy for britney. fitness instructor caleb marshall found out that jamie spears got suspended while live-streaming his workout, and let's just say his reaction went viral. >> i'm doing this live stream, and my fans are commenting, "jamie's gone! jamie's gone!" i stop in the middle of it, just in my tracks. jamie's gone? whoo! oh, this is a good day! i black out -- britney's best album. i feel the holy spirit take over my body. she says, "caleb, take your knee like this!" bam! jump high! knee jamie in the face, yes! elbow him! in the name of the law! boom! in the name of the law!
1:52 am
and i knocked him out, and i came to. i didn't even know what i did. >> it took the britney fitness fanatic a day to realize his video had blown up with over 10 million views. sam asghari, her fiancé, comments on my video, and he's like, "yeah, this is the energy we need." and i am like, "my mission is accomplished. like, my job on earth is done." if britney spears has seen this video, i can die happy right now. >> ♪ oh, baby ♪ ♪ don't you wanna dance up on me? ♪ >> this is the snake. we're at the 2001 vmas... >> and if britney's freedom means she's ready to perform again, caleb has a message for his queen. >> if you are on stage again and you want me there, my booty is at attention. >> i don't need to add anything else to that. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> best to just move right on. >> right. >> okay. well, next up, how scary does it get for the muppets when they take on the haunted mansion? find out. >> but first, tom hanks stars as a man who embarks on a journey to find a new home for his beloved dog and a newly created robot in a dangerous and ravaged
1:53 am
world in "finch." it streams on apple tv+ november 5th. >> warning. >> if we don't go before that storm hits, we'll die, all of us. as soon as you can walk, we're leaving. [ dog barks ] >> one, two, one, two, one -- >> that's falling. >> one, two. >> head west, over the moons. >> would you like me to drive? [ dog barks ] >> don't over-steer. that's over-steering. ease your foot up just a hair. perfect. [ horn blaring ] [ chuckles ] [ dog barking ] hey! what's all the fuss? >> i learned to talk dog. [ dog growls ] i don't think it likes me. [ dog barks ] come and see this. [ dog barks ] >> what we do, we do together. ♪♪
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>> closed captioning and other considerations for "access hollywood" provided by...
1:57 am
>> what a great costume! >> thanks. uh, you know, piggy thought it would be funny if we both dr-- >> hello! [ laughs ] guess who i am! i'm kermit! >> the muppets are back with their first-ever halloween special, "muppets haunted mansion," right now on disney+. >> that is right. kermit's the best. oh, man, i talked to piggy and pepe the king prawn to find out just how spooky it got on set. see you next time. >> miss piggy, spooky moments on set? >> well, usually, when i'm on a set, everyone else is afraid of moi. this time, i get a few shivers down my spine. >> who was the bravest? would it be you? >> i wasn't that scared. sometimes, you know, when miss piggy comes to lunch, it gets a little scary. >> [ laughs ] >> i never know if i'm gonna end up, you know, in a side
1:58 am
plate or something. >> [ laughs ] >> we just have to survive the night in this haunted mansion. >> the halloween special features lots of cameos, including yvette nicole brown and darren criss. and while emmy-winning "ted lasso" actor brett goldstein does not appear, he is a huge fan and once performed his very own version of the muppets' "christmas carol." >> ♪ 'tis the season to be jolly and joyous ♪ ♪ fa-la-la ♪ >> did he slip into your dms, miss piggy? you got to be careful with these british boys. you know, they're very -- >> oh, i can handle them. >> brett is a friend of mine, and we have waxed poetically about the muppets many, many times. you want him with you, pepe. >> really? >> it is his dream, as well, to work with the muppets. so, please call brett. ♪♪
1:59 am
2:00 am
this sunday, our struggling recovery. >> everything we're seeing today was induced by the pandemic. >> higher prices, slower job creation and a supply chain backlog with no end in sight. >> have you ever seen a backlog like this? >> never. we've never seen anything like this. >> with workers feeling empowered, more than 180 union strikes already this year. >> a resurgence of the lake or movement. the cheap labor bubble has finally busted. >> my guest this morning, transportation secretary pete buttigieg, plus the battle over vaccine mandates. >> i guarantee you at least half of the department is staying home come


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