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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 17, 2021 8:50pm-10:00pm PDT

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ne'my own garden is mybo own garden,' said the giant, so he built a high wall all round it. then one morning the giant heard some lovely music. (♪ ♪) through a little hole in the wall, the children had crept in. and the giant's heart melted... and they found the giant... all covered with blossoms. (♪ ♪) >> mike: as if the fans needed a
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make one last point on the field goal, timing, review stuff. did it change much? the whole review? >> cris: no. if they had to snap it it would have given pittsburgh steelers define tip time to jump offsides and block it. who knows. >> mike: we believe there would have been one second left on the game clock even though it went to 000 in the stadium. pass forward. homer. t.j. watt.
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one yard. >> cris: t.j. gets double-teamed but double-teamed by two tight end on the outside and probably not going to be enough. he is going to be play straight off of that and just make a huge play. so now geno smith has got a field goal. can you get a touchdown? solidify your status with the seattle seahawks. >> mike: smith throws over the middle. caught at the 49 yard line by tyler lockett. big throw by smith. big catch by lockett. >> cris: what a pretty throw that was. right over the head of devin bush who was sitting in a perfect position. geno dropped it over his head. he is sitting there going, i got this one. geno put a little arc on it and dropped it right in there.
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>> mike: blitz coming. heyward again. a loss of four. he was waiting on deejay dallas. what a game heyward has had tonight. >> cris: hard enough to block. heyward, when you have your starter in there, the backup in there, it is really difficult. heyward went right past him. >> mike: he has eight tackles tonight. second and 14. >> cris: metcalf drop down at the bottom. >> mike: under neath is dallas. deejay dallas to the 45 yard line. here comes a big third and four a couple of minutes into o.t. >> cris: yeah. you seeing the veteran presence,
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right? i mean, you got geno smith has been around the block. i'll take third and five all day. what is interesting is this four-down territory for seattle. we may know more after this play call. >> mike: boswell has been kicking field goals. this would win the game. smith is not thinking that. he is thinking about picking up a first down. in trouble! watt brings him down! >> cris: you make a decision to release your back and when you do that, you don't chip off one of the best players in all of football. your running back here releases the route instead of helping your tackle brandon shell on the outside.
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and you pay the price. >> mike: he has played like the highest defensive player in the league. all over the field tonight. the kick by dickson. ray-ray mccloud at the 11 and down the sideline to the 20 yard line. >> cris: there have been no shortage of big hits out here tonight, has there? >> mike: no. deejay dallas who is catching the ball. first possession out of the way, the next score wins the game. roethlisberger and the steeler offense, they have found something at the end of the first half when they scored back-to-back possession touchdowns. they have not been as efficient until that last drive to get the field goal at the end of the fourth. >> cris: they are standing in a run possible formation here. i was wondering if we would see
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this. yep. >> mike: najee harris down the right side to the 24 yard line. they lost their left tackle dan moore in the second half. joe haeg, the veteran, came in to spell him. >> cris: i mean, this is where you test your philosophy, right? we want to convert to be a running team. now when it matters, when it really matters, now what do you do? we will find out. >> mike: 4:00 gone in overtime. roethlisberger fires. jamal adams says i'll get him. third and three coming up. >> cris: one of the differences with the quick throw and running philosophy is you end up with a lot of these third and three and third and four. this is a team that has been really efficient doing third and
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three and third and four's over the years. but here it is. big physical presence of najee harris in making plays in these situations tonight. >> mike: ben looks that way. pumps. escapes. mccloud. what a hit by the rookie tre brown! fourth round pick from oklahoma is all over that! pittsburgh will punt halfway through overtime. >> cris: oh, my goodness, what a play! this had to be a squared up perfect tackle and could not miss and could not let him slide to one side or the other. the rookie tre brown square up and makes this play and drives him straight backwards. what a play. >> mike: great look. that is where you had to get to.
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the rookie harvin kicks it and lockett says get away. a long and good kick. unreturnable and deep from pressley harvin iii out of georgia tech. 56-yarder with no return. >> cris: we don't talk about defense nearly enough but this is a heck of a tough guy to get on the ground and a perfect tackle. did not let him get away. form tackle and arms wrapped around the legs. what a play. >> mike: you've been saying they are looking for corners and guys to step up and he got first team reps this season. >> cris: that looked so good! you know how hard it is to tackle somebody like that in the open field? >> mike: seattle takes over at their own 15. next score wins mode. maybe the last time your offense
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sees the ball. geno smith will pump and lost the football! watt. recovered by devin bush who circles the right way and he almost lost the ball but he has got it at the 16! the smith fumble forced by the defense star t.j. watt! >> cris: no way t.j. watt could have made that play. they had half of the entire state of washington on the outside. they had five guys on his side! he circles all the way back around the whole thing and punches it out. he got the penalty earlier for punching. he'll get no penalty for that. all five. five man slide. running back that way. he circles back.
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and gets it out. >> mike: his 20th forced fumble. most since he entered the league in 2017. pittsburgh has it at the 16 yard line. boswell's field goal range. roethlisberger had a word with the official beforehand. i wonder if he is moving it in the middle here for boswell. there is derek watt, t.j.'s brother in the backfield. ben will get it in the middle of the field for boswell. kick it on second down? let's see. yeah, let's go. they are going to do it. mike tomlin will let them run the clock down. we see derek watt out there. a fullback for that snap. t.j. was telling us about the brothers.
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j.j. playing in arizona and derek and t.j. ben is taking a knee and victory formation to make sure they don't have any issues with getting boswell out there. >> cris: burning a little clock in case they don't make it. >> mike: t.j. said one of the things i love playing with my brother on the same team, a lot of days we drive to work together. the road trips we sit next to each other on the plane and talk to your brother about the game. it's different and something you can't do with anybody else. they have time to talk about it tonight. >> cris: the biggest brothers make the biggest plays and t.j. watt made two of them. >> mike: boswell from 37 for the win. and the pittsburgh steelers win
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in overtime. . >> cris: star of the game is t.j. watt. what a performance. >> mike: a lot of respect for the veterans. geno smith waiting for that opportunity and getting it. it's hard to win a prime time game even without russell wilson. >> cris: give seattle credit. down 14-0 going to halftime and nothing going but they slugged their way back into the game. >> mike: a terrific series of sunday night games. t.j. watt forces a fumble. devin bush comes up with the
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recovery and chris boswell who had a couple big kicks on the night is good from 37. ben roethlisberger gets another win. and geno smith and what might have been with the seahawks team. seahawks 2-4. 23-20 pittsburgh. t.j. watt, the hero. the postgame show coming up after this. .
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a terrific game here in
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pittsburgh on this sunday night. seattle was down 14. charged back into it. but the steelers in overtime 23-20. the big turnover forced by tj watt. outstanding defensive player. as good as there is in the nfl. and he is top of the list of the players of the game. ben roethlisberger, also, and harris with 127 scrimmage yards. tj watts with michelle. of the game. ben roethlisberger 29 of 40 and 229 and najee harris 127 scrimmage yards. t.j. watt is with michele tafoya. >> there are a lot of words that could be used to describe this defensive effort tonight. what words would you use? >> resilient. there were a lot of ups and downs and we felt like we performed witness. in the first half and second half run was gashing us but a win is a win. >> cam heyward walked by us and said you're the best defensive player in the world.
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the two huge plays in overtime. the sac on third down and then the strip sack really to seal things. what was your mindset in that final period? >> i don't know. i was just trying to make a play for the defense and, like i said, it's the guys up front that helped make it happen and guys in the back end with the coverage. give a lot of credit to the atmosphere. it was insane here and shout-out to the steelers nation for that. >> you told us before the game you expected this atmosphere and this home win would be so important not to mention getting to 3-3. how do you characterize the importance of this one? >> it was huge. we have the bye week and 11 games left and take it one game at a time. >> you i have to laugh. you're standing here so calm. >> i'm exhausted! just trying to catch my breath. i was yelling way too much. we had to go after another series after the first sack so i'm glad i was able to pull it together for another one.
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>> we will let you go. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> heyward said you're the best defense player. aaron donald may have something to say about that. russell wilson breaks a finger and t.j. watt breaks their heart tonight. >> t.j. watt said you have never have enough watt's. this point of the season, sometimes teams on the lower half, these games are so much more significant. >> one memorable thing that happened so one more update on the medical condition of the seahawk injured earlier. >> darrell taylor, the linebacker who was carted off the field earlier and taken to the university of pittsburgh medical center, the seahawks medical staff tells us he has got use of all of his
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extremities and he is alert and he is going through tests. so we wish him well. >> thank you, michele. catch "pro football talk" but the coverage responds with ""sunday night football" and it's streaming on peacock. . we will look ahead to next week's game coming up. .
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welcome back to the sunday night football post game show. here now, mike and chris. >> next sunday, the colts and 49ers. it's been back and forth with injuries and trying to figure out who is going to be the guy
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long-term. san francisco won the first two, lost the last three. they were off today. >> i watched them today. jonathan taylor was huge running the football. and carson i thought was back to form. after that injured foot and trying to come back, we saw the deep ball. we say the big play along with that running game. so the colts may be on the right track. >> if buffalo beats tennessee tomorrow night. so this is fun, al will meet up with you and michelle in san francisco. santa clara technically. >> what a night. the steelers beat the seahawks 23-20 to improve to 3-3. for the west coast, your local news is next. as always, the best of the business. sunday night football. now, with chris collinsworth. michelle, mike, good night from pittsburgh. it wasn't over till the end. the steelers win 23-20. .
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♪♪ hi, everybody. happy sunday night. thanks for staying up with us. i'm dave feldman. this is xfinity sports sunday. my buddy ian williams will join me shortly. 49ers didn't lose today. first time since week three we
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can say that. first, let's look at some of the highlights starting with the nfc west. rams and giants. rams up, 7-3. looking to extend the lead in the second quarter. matthew stafford finds cooper cup on fourth down for the touchdown. one of two touchdowns for cup on the day. later in the quarter, rams now at 21-3. stafford. darryl henderson. 25 yards on the connection caps off a 28-point second quarter rally for l.a. rams cruise 38-11. nfc west division leaders, the arizona cardinals in cleveland. second quarter. cardinals third and goal at the 13. kyler murray to deandre hopkins. cardinals go up 14-nothing. third quarter. browns now down only 23-14. and then, cardinals territory. but it's jj watt stripping it from baker mayfield. cardinals scored on the ensuing drive. arizona wins 37-14 at 5-0, the only undefeated team in the nfl.
9:17 pm
steelers and seahawks just on sunday night football. in overtime, tied at 20. geno smith in for the injured russell wilson. stripped by tj watt. steelers recover. ouch. both teams had a possession, so next score will win, which means chris bozwell from 37 yards could win it and he does. steelers win, 23-20. it's time for a closer look. it's brought to you by zenni, the official eyewear of the san francisco 49ers. the nfc west has two clearly early leaders. the perfect arizona cardinals. the 5-1 la rams. 2-3, 9ers. seattle seahawks are 2-4. let's go into orlando. and bring in my co-host, ian williams. ian, good to see you. how are you, buddy? >> i'm doing good.
9:18 pm
doing good. just got done watching a good game. >> it was a great game. how do you assess the 49ers who did not play today through five games? they won the first two on the road. they dropped the next three. >> yeah. i mean, they won those first two. you know, beat the detroit lions and you beat the philadelphia eagles. rightfully so. you went on the road and handled business and came back and that green bay backers game was going to be pretty tough because of how you have been able to beat them the past few times so i knew this was going to be a tough game. then, those last two games against the seattle seahawks and the arizona cardinals who are really good opponents. but i think going further, i think the seattle seahawks going to be a very different team without the -- the -- russell wilson being at the -- at the quarterback spot. but i think the 9ers, obviously, they get healthier, think they will be fine. >> we will look ahead to see how healthy they will be against the colts but your thoughts on trey lance who made his first start last week? >> i thought trey has been playing very good out there. he is a rookie quarterback. we already know his legs are
9:19 pm
where he is going to be doing a lot of his, you know, his strong suit. and then, you know, the defense last week just looked really good. i just think trey's going to be coming into his hone and i think going to allow him to make mistakes on the field and i think we will see him get better. >> all right. ian, it's time for the right connection. the right connection is brought to you by t-mobile. cowboys and patriots in overtime. dax prescott with some play action, rolls out and finds lam for the game-winning touchdown. lam racks up nine receptions, 149 yards and two touchdowns. prescott threw for 445. cowboys win 35-29. they are now 5-1 through week six. so, ian, i ask you, who are the best teams in the envelope nfl? cowboys are 5-1. pack 5-1. ravens are 5-1 and arizona is perfect at 6-0. who do you think right now is playing the best football? >> i think all those teams just named are playing the best
9:20 pm
football. you have to understand what tom brady's doing in tampa bay. all i see is tampa bay and tom brady and what he's been doing. got to understand what the baltimore ravens are doing but i think the best team in the nfl right now is the arizona cardinals because of what they have on offense and defense. i feel like jj watt was the best at acquisitions during free agency for the arizona cardinals. and then, you have deandre hopkins playing the way he is. and then, you make a trade for zach hertz at the tight end position which gives kyler murray another weapon for the offense. so i think if you are looking at the whole depth chart and season for the standings are right now, i feel arizona is the team to beat. >> are you surprised kyler murray is in good? or did you foresee that? >> i mean, i'm not surprised. you know, i remember he had that nice suit when he came out for his draft day. and, you no, he obviously had a lot of weapons around him. and, i think chris kingsbury is going to be a great coach do be -- allow kyler murray really
9:21 pm
grow into his own. and then, defense, i feel like a young quarterback like that, he uses his legs and arm very well. whenever he does make a mistake, he has a great defense to go out there and make mistakes not hurt so bad for the team so they can still go out there and get some wins. >> when we come back, we will look ahead to sunday night football when the 49ers will take on the colts. denny green said you got to whip into the bi with a win without with a win. well, only one of those scenarios is still possible.
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♪ ♪ bong! ♪ bong! colts running back jonathan taylor on the ball. ran all over the texans today.
9:24 pm
145 yards in just 14 carries including an 83-yard run to set up his first of two touchdowns on the day. colts by a final score of 31-3. it is adjust the colts' second win so now, they are two and four. but of course, next week, they are going to be at levi's stadium for sunday night football. and i mentioned that denny green, ian, used to say you want to sling into the bi-week with a win. they didn't do that. the 49ers lost. but they could sling out of the bi-week with a win. how do you handicap the colts and the 49ers on sunday night football at levi's? >> well, i think you have to weather the storm. you know, having a bi-week also guys are coming back in. and they have to have a great week of practice. but i think, you know, you just highlighted jonathan taylor and that's the first thing the 49ers have to do. they have to slow him down. they have to force out of the pocket. but i think it's going to be ane to see and i think a lot of the -- the guys on both sides the teams are going to, you
9:25 pm
know, definitely be ready for sunday night football. >> i put you on the spot, ian. if jimmy g is healthy, who is your starting quarterback sunday? >> i think has to be jimmy g. you know, this is a great team, especially on defense. you have the weapons on offense with deebo samuel. and then, you get obviously, you know, george kittle back. and then, you also have some stability on that right side of the offensive line. i think jimmy g is the best quarterback for the 49ers right now. trey lance is going to be the quarterback of the future because of what he can do with his legs but i think right now the team is best fit for jimmy g. >> all right. sunday night football will have you all covered and of course, it's the colts and the 49ers. coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. special delivery presented by amici's. jaguars win london taking on the dolphins. matthew wright nails a 53-yard field goal to snap jacksonville's 20-game losing streak. you heard me right. 20 games. second-longest streak in the history of the nfl. tampa bay had a 26-game losing
9:26 pm
streak that spanned from 76 to 77. the old ball coach was part of that. 5 and 11 not very good. when we come back, we'll look at the remaining schedule for the san francisco 49ers and ian will tell you where you can get a w and where might be the l. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪
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only at t-mobile. my delicious 15-piece tiny tacos with creamy avocado lime dipping sauce. get 'em regular or loaded for just a buck more. tiny tacos, great price. try my tasty tiny tacos and download the jack app today. welcome back to xfinity sports sunday. the 49ers' ray remainling schedule, the colts on sunday night. cardinals are perfect. rams are very good. then, games out of the division at the jaguars host the vikings. then, seattle. the bengals are much improved. falcons. then, at the titans. texans. and you finish at the rams. this schedule, ian williams, who is joining us from orlando, favorable to the 49ers? or you think it's a very tough schedule remaining? >> very tough schedule
9:29 pm
remaining. obviously, coming out of the bi-week with the sunday night football game against the colts, you want to try to get that w right there. you know, get that win back in the column so you can start to have some -- something to carry with you when it gets down to, you know, december and january. you have to start making some decisions on who goes to the playoffs or not. but i think for the most part, nfc is going to be very tough for the 49ers going further. you know, you have your games against the nfc west that you have to -- you have to play against the rams two times. you have the seahawks, again. you have the arizona cardinals, again. but i think the easy wins will be against the bengals, the houston texans, the jacksonville jaguars and atlanta falcons. those four teams right there, i expect the 49ers to beat. all the other teams, it's going to be -- it's going to be be tough schedule, i can tell you that. >> before this season startside, ian, many predicted maybe the 49ers would win the nfc west. the toughest division in football, some said. after losing three straight and seeing how well arizona is doing and how well arizona -- and how well the la rams are doing with
9:30 pm
only one loss, have the expectations changed? and what do you do when you are in the middle of a three-game losing skit? >> well, before the season started, it was a totally healthy team so you looking at jimmy g. you are looking at george kittle. you are looking at jason barrett out there. so this is a cast of characters who are very pivotal and crucial to the 49ers' success. and without those guys, everything starts to change. so, you know, those guys aren't on the field for the rest of this schedule, you know, this is going to be a very, very up-and-down season for the 49ers. so, i can tell the fans to buckle in if those guys aren't on the field. >> and if they are on the field, are you optimistic that -- that it's still early enough that you can overcome this sort of, shall we say, shaky start after the two wins that started the season? >> i definitely think if -- if jimmy g and you have green along and you have certain guys on the field, george kittle back. he is very pivotal and very
9:31 pm
crucial. kyle shanahan, especially in the run game. and then, all other types of things that kyle shanahan likes to do with george kittle. he's very, very crucial to what they want to do so if those guys are back on the field, i feel they can definitely climb their way back into the standing and make some noise in november and december, especially with seattle not having russell wilson. and i think that 49ers' d line and those guys has been -- has been very, very nice to see how well he's been playing and how consistent he's been playing. so i think those guys upfront, if anything is going to happen, those guys can get to the quarterback and slow down offenses. and i feel like at the end of the day, the 49ers have enough firepower, especially the way deebo's been playing to put enough points on the board and it's going to come down to that defense and fred warner being able to slow the offenses down and keep the points off the board. so i definitely think that the 49ers can -- can still climb back in the thing into the playoffs. >> yeah, defense has been pretty
9:32 pm
great. but as you said, ian, injuries are part of the game but you almost have to get a new roster and nfl guide to find out who the running back is, right? you are using the fifth running back and sixth running back and the injuries. it's been -- it's taken a toll and for two years in a row, 49ers have had some tough, tough breaks with injuries and i know every team does but it seems like this season, the 49ers have had more than their fair share. >> true that. but that's why you have great coaching. and that's why you have great coaching on both sides. to be able to bring guys in. bring 'em up to smeed. get them comfortable with the playbook and actually go out there and feel comfortable on the field. i think the running backs, you know, trey sermon and mitchell. they have done a great job of what kyle shanahan has asked of them. obviously, they were mid-to-late -- late-round draft picks but those guys are running the football right now. so, you know, this is what happens when there is injuries in the nfl. but, you know, guys are professionals and i feel like, you know, for the most part, the guys have been doing a great
9:33 pm
job. pass protection. you know, jimmy g or trey lance and whenever they do have the rocket in their hands, they are making some plays. >> less than a minute. when you ever went through a three game losing streak at notre dame or with the 9ers -- i don't know if you did but if you did, did you do anything? did you put your sock on a different way? did you wear your hat side -- did you do any superstitious stuff to change it up? >> i mean, there's nothing really you can do to change it up. obviously, you just come to have a great, you know, week of practice. and i feel like that's what the guys are going to do. i mean, they were refreshed coming off a bi-week and they just need to have a great week of practice and know they have the guys to go out there and win football games. >> ian, good to see ya. it's late in orlando. go to bed to no eating this late at night. i want you going straight to bed and we will see you next sunday. for ian williams, i'm david feldman. great job in the booth and of course, vaughn ryan. see you next sunday on xfinity sports sunday. was too big?
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9:36 pm
one of those outages. there is also an outage in vallejo. we have been calling pg&e all morning trying to find out exactly what is causing that ut. and most places, their site says power is expect today be restored around 10:00. >> across the bay area tonight, we have got rain pretty much everywhere. reason for hope for more rain this week. let's take a look at what things look like when those first bands started moving in a couple of hours ago. you can see, some slick roads. in richmond. you see, raindrops on lens of our camera at san francisco international. >> here's what things look like right now from our traffic cameras on the san mateo bridge and in dublin. take a lack at that. see that water spot on the bridge and a lot of headlights there in dublin. i'm sure folks taking their time coming out of there. we want to bring in meteorologist vianey arana. we are hoping this is just a the beginning of a wet week. >> it really is, sierra. it was so nice to see the viewers tweeting us their photos
9:37 pm
of the rain and this is a live look right now in downtown san jose. you can see, if you look at the roads, little bit of wet pavement there. current temperatures, 56 degrees. but i do want to take a closer look at satellite radar and see where we stand with this rain. for the most part, some of the higher peaks could see just a little over quarter of an inch. everywhere else, we are talking about a couple of hundredths. but as sierra mentioned, this is going to be just the beginning of a pretty active week. right now, we have still got some rain bands pushing through. but if i zoom this in a little bit closer near santa rosa, fairfield, you can see we just had this line of showers pass through the concord area. now, pushing its way in through sacramento. starting to get some of those bands as well and here it is. that's the rain that is pushing through the south bay right now, down through gilroy along 101. hollister. i want to push this map up to satellite radar near the sierra because sierra is also showing snow and lightning strikes. i will talk about that in full
9:38 pm
detail and what to expect in a few minutes. >> thanks. it has been months since we have seen a decent amount of rain. let's put it in perspective in the south bay. coyote reservoir right now at 27% of capacity. lexington little better than that into the 30s. it's the same with other reservoirs in the bay area. nbc bay area's sergio quintana reports from marin county. >> reporter: it rained for about three hours here in marin county. it wasn't a hard rain but it was certainly a welcome sight for a lot of residents. >> some woman just walked into the bathroom there with this bright eyes going i just -- i am so excited it's raining. >> reporter: in marin county, the local water constrict has imposed water conservation efforts since earlier-this summer. but the withering reservoirs and the watershed where most of the county's drinking water comes from has been one of the biggest motivators for residents to be wiser with their water use. today's rains will help but hydrology experts say it's unfortunately just a drop in the
9:39 pm
bucket. the region has been seeing the annual percentage of rain continue to fall. that's an amount that's going in the wrong direction. >> we'd have to have about 50% more than what we've got. and then, if we had that for five or six years in a row, we would be fine. >> reporter: hydrology expert dr. peter says most of the rain that does fall drains into the ocean and the bay. he says capturing about half of that runoff would put the region in a better position to deal with climate change and decreasing annual rains. and in the meantime, bay area leaders are continuing to ask residents to conserve as much water as possible, and continue hoping for more rain. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. we made it easy to keep an eye on the rain in your neighborhood. just download our free nbc bay area app and just type in your zip code to get forecasts taylored to where you live. >> well, all eyes on the tahoe region. we are starting to see the first flurries on i-80 close to the summit. and more is on the way. still, things won't look the
9:40 pm
same along the south shore this winter because of all of the wildfire damage. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us no the newsroom with the look at the impacts the caldor fire is having on resorts. >> the economic impact to the region is huge but one resort known for producing olympic gold medalists is closed for now because of fire damage. with snow forecasted for the tahoe basin tonight, there are real concerns sierra at tahoe ski resort may not open on time next month. we are not giving up, nor backing down, the resort posted on its facebook page saying in part, we realize that it's incredibly frustrating not to have all the answers or to have a clearer picture of what the season may look like. like you, we wish we did. >> a fear of mine is that sierra isn't a thing anymore. >> reporter: patrick dougherty and his family enjoy the resort every ski season. his wife even works there. while the slopes at sierra
9:41 pm
thrived just last spring, a dramatically different picture after the caldor fire damaged countless trees on their mountain and chairlifts. >> some of the lifts were damaged. um, many of the trees were damaged. and um, they have to go through and make sure that any of the trees that were affected by the fire are safe. >> reporter: pg&e is using the closed resort as a staging area for repairs. so far, the company says crews have removed 25,000 fire-damaged hazardous trees. with an estimated 80,000 more to go. but despite the challenges, south lake tahoe mayor tamara wallace says sections of sierra at tahoe should be open this season. >> they are planning on opening as much of the mountain this year as they can. um, we do have several other resorts here on the basin. they will all be open. they were not affected. >> reporter: now, many in the region are concerned about the impact on jobs. >> it's going to affect the jobs. if we don't have a season, then
9:42 pm
>> i think some of these places that are closing their doors may not have the opportunity to re-open depending how badly they are going to get hit. >> reporter: it's a one-two punch. first, the pandemic, followed by massive wildfires. >> the loss to the economy is real. we are seeing preliminary numbers of economic loss in the hundred million dollar range for caldor. just caldor. >> sierra at tahoe opened in 1947 and produced several olympic gold medalists, including jamie anderson. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. marianne, thanks very much. eight people at an assisted living facility in san lorenzo out of their home tonight after an early-morning fire roared through the building. a neighbor arrived before firefighters started putting it out. in fact, the county fire department says that neighbor played a significant role in the fire not being bigger.
9:43 pm
two people had minor injuries, no word yet on how it started. in san jose, three men are in the hospital from a combined shooting and stabbing early this morning. it happened in south san jose. police say one man had life-threatening stab wounds. another was shot at least once. also, with life threatening injuries. and a third man was stabbed but not seriously injured. no word, yet, on a motive or any suspects. well, former-president bill clinton is out of the hospital tonight. he left the uc irvine medical center earlier today after spending six days fighting a noncovid-related infection. an aide says mr. clinton had a your logical infection that spread to his bloodstream. he stopped to shake hands as you can see with medical staff. even giving thumbs up at one point when he was asked how he was feeling. according to his doctors, mr. clinton responded well to treatments of iv, antibiotics, and fluids. now, this is video of president clinton arriving back home at new york.
9:44 pm
he will finish his course of antibiotics there. mr. clinton was in california to attend a fundraiser event for his foundation when he got sick. still ahead. you don't want to miss this. stunning new video of sharks swimming in the middle of surfers. scary? yeah. i'd say it is. plus, the flames got to close to several popular ski resorts. how damage from the caldor fire could impact your tahoe getaways this winter. and we are seeing rain and snow in the sierra. a much-needed change for the bay area. what to expect in the upcoming days, coming up. stay with us.
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
♪ ♪ bong! ♪ bong! we want to return to that breaking news we told you about. widespread power outages across the bay area. this is video just in to our newsroom. thousands there and richmond don't have power as it appears rain shorted out dozens of power poles. while you can see there, those transformers on fire. this is on rolling wood drive in
9:47 pm
san pablo, as well as greenwood drive near rolling wood at the time this video was shot, pg&e crews had yet to respond to that neighborhood but fire crews were on scene. check this out. folks. a san diego man using his drone to capture video of -- white sharks swimming along the coast. the swimmer -- i don't know if that surfer had any idea. this is from del mar down in san diego county. you see how close they got to that surfer. scientists say video like this can help them track shark behavior. the director of the shark lab at csu long beach says based on the size of these sharks, they are probably teenagers in sharks' years. he said it's typical to see them near beaches this time of year because there is lots of food there and they are looking at some food right there and the water is warm. >> well, a loud protest outside of mark zuckerberg's palo alto house this morning. wow. part rally, part car caravan.
9:48 pm
organizers of the fire zuck campaign are angry about facebook policies. they point to the company's role in spreading misinformation and its recent study that instagram may be harmful for young girls. leaders of today's protest say it's time for new leadership. >> we are giving facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg, a pink slip. and we're doing that because despite the revelations of whistle-blowers now for years. he hasn't taken the actions necessary to make facebook a -- a safe platform for people to use. >> earlier-this month, facebook whistle-blower frances haugen testified before congress that the company's policies put profit above responsibility and products, quote, harm children, stoke division, and weaken democracy. facebook has denied many of the claims, and promises it is committed to being a better plat form. right now, let's get over to the woman of the hour. the woman of the minute. woman of the whole week. vianey arana. she's got all kinds of good news
9:49 pm
for people who are tired of the drought. >> i know. it was such a nice sight to see. i mean, in addition to the rain, we got see a bit of a cooldown thanks to that cold front that passed along with the line of showers. beautiful night in san francisco. but let's get right to satellite radar and also the current temperatures. so right now, as you head out the door if you are planning on heading out either tonight or tomorrow early morning, temperatures are going to remain cool in the 50s but take a look at that 24-hour temperature change. so we are running 16 degrees cooler at this hour in concord compared to yesterday. same for san jose. hayward, about ten degrees. and here is the reason why. we have that cold front sweep through in started out in the north bay. and then really started to sweep down through the south bay. so i am going to zoom this in so we can take a look where the rain stands now. you can see we have still got plenty of activity up through the far-northern area near eureka. bringing this a little closer to home up to the north bay. just passed through santa rosa. now, we are seeing the majority of that line of showers start to push in a little bit further into the interior.
9:50 pm
south bay, still continuing their trek. you can see some rain activity right over the gilroy area, as well as the modesto area expecting some rain. and i want to also turn your attention to what's going on in sacramento because the national weather service in sacramento tweeted out that this is the first time they have seen any measurable rain in 212 days. the last time they got that was back in march. so they are definitely having this be a welcomed sight. you could see plenty of snow starting to fall in the sierra. definitely, nice to see that, especially once we saw how depleted our snow pack totals had been really early on. and a quick reminder if you do have plans to travel over the sierra, there is a winter weather advisory for good reason. we are also seeing gusty conditions along with some lightning strikes on radar right near that area. so this will be in effect through monday. and then, just looking at ahead into wednesday and thursday, look at how much snow we could potentially be getting right near that area. this system, though, just the beginning. as terry mentioned, we got a pretty active week and i am
9:51 pm
looking ford forward to it. tuesday night and wednesday, we have got another system that moves in into the middle of the week. starting out inning the north bay and that's going to bring us another round of showers into wednesday, thursday, and then friday we could see the highest rainfall totals for really the entire bay area. so we are really hopeful there in the ten-day outlook. overall, the temperatures are going to remain really cool in the 60s for inland areas. can you believe it? we went from upper 80s down into the 60s and let me tell you. this rain is a welcomed sight. 88% of california, still, remains under an extreme drought, terry. we need this rain. back to you. >> and you got it coming down five out of seven and that's not bad. >> indeed. >> thanks a lot. coming up. a flightless trip to our nation's capitol. take you to a special event on the peninsula honoring veterans.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
verizon got you paying more for their limited 5g coverage? at t-mobile, we believe you shouldn't have to choose between the most 5g coverage and great value. so we unleashed the 5g experience on magenta max. with 4x more 5g coverage than verizon and unlimited premium data that can't slow down based on how much smartphone data you use. that's right, get 5g in more places all across america and better value on a plan built for 5g only at t-mobile. for some of us, it feels like it happened just yesterday. but 32 years ago today is when if happened.
9:54 pm
the bay area shook to its core because of the loma prieta earthquake. minutes before the first pitch of the world series between the giants and a's. 6.9 earthquake struck at 5:04 p.m. this is what happened other places. part of the bay bridge collapsed. buildings in san francisco's marina district caught fire. a park swayed. it gave. but it didn't break. a crowd was there, so good it didn't -- that's where i was, by the way. 63 people were killed. 4,000 injured and on this day, it's good time to make sure we are all prepared for when the next one hits, and they guarantee us the next one will hit. well, showing appreciation despite being limited by the pandemic. the honor flight bay area foundation provides free trips from san francisco to d.c. for veterans. it allows vets to visit memorials dedicated to them. unfortunately, they haven't been able to make any trips since the pandemiceld a virtual trip to hiller aviation museum in san carlos. videos and pictures were shown
9:55 pm
of memorials, as well as speeches by some special guest speakers. >> this is an interim step until we can actually get on the -- on the planes, again. so this does not disqualify them from a -- from a trip. this is just a -- you know, a -- a recognition of their service. and to be able to give them something until -- until we can actually fly. >> well, the foundation hopes to fly back east, once again, beginning next spring. a bye for the 49ers this week but the raiders hit the field today. boy, did that. anthony flores joins us with sports, next.
9:56 pm
let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers and even grow our business? how much is this going to cost? here's the figure. 59. 59 million? no, five9. as in five9 intelligent cloud contact center. they won't just power our transformation. they'll fund our transformation. yes, yes! exactly! what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. a controversial and emotional week for the silver and black. mark davis naming interim head coach for the raiders after the resignation of john gruden for several offensive e-mails he wrote years ago. up three with 30 seconds to go on denver beforehalf, derek carr hits kenyan drake on the will route.
9:58 pm
it's a 31-yard touchdown. 17-7 raiders at the break. then, in the final seconds of the third the give to josh jacobs. he strolls right into the end zone. wins his head coaching debut, the raiders beat the broncos 34-24. las vegas tied for first place in the afc west. all right, terry, time to get excited. the dodgers lose to atlanta, 5-4. we will have those highlights on the news at 11:00. they are down 0-2 in the series. >> i see a lot of people getting very excited about that on social media. >> we will check out those highlights at 11:00. >> anthony, thanks a lot. thanks for joining us. see you at 11:00.
9:59 pm
ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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what i focus on when i'm working a case, what drives me the most, is the victims i wanted to speak for them i wanted to speak for helene >> i just turned on the news "woman found murdered in denver, colorado." >> i just grabbed my son and screamed and cried and just couldn't believe it was happening. not to helene. >> was it somebody she worked with at the radio station? could it be the boyfriend that she just broke up with in december >> reporter: you're giving the detectives names of people >> yes we looked at everything. i was even like, "where was


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