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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 16, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. the first thing i thought was, is golden gate park on fire? >> shocked by smoky art. why this exhibition left some frustrated. >> i was super excited. >> a family reunion more than a year in the making. why changes to u.s. travel restrictions mean so much to one woman living in the bay area.
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and the weather working in their favor. firefighters making progress. let's start with the change in the forecast and we mean a change in the forecast. a live look at san francisco. this time tomorrow, will we be talking about rain and snow? snow heading to the sierra. rain for us. let's get right to our meteorologist. we've said it so many times. it's almost here. we need this rain. >> we really do. this initial system will be the first of a pretty active mid-week pattern. right now, the temperatures have finally cooled off compared to the 80s we saw earlier. 67 degrees in san jose. and really, just 50s throughout the bay area. we saw some warm temperatures. however, here it is. that satellite radar, you can see the system to the north. this is expected to bring some
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scattered showers. a drop in temperatures. it has a cold front with it. these are the things i'm going to go through in the full forecast coming up. we'll talk about the rain heading into tomorrow. we've got sierra snow on the way. winter weather advisory will go in effect starting tomorrow at 7:00 p.m., plus looking ahead. we've got a pattern shift. tomorrow as i mentioned will be the first of many improving rain chances heading into mid-week. full forecast of course in a few minutes. >> that does sound good. thank you. beautiful for some. scary for others. you might have seen this smoke coming from golden gate park and thought there was a fire. no. it was an art exhibition that happened right outside the de young museum. some didn't know it was happening and they were shocked to see the smoke. check out the pictures. one neighbor shared this with us. he said he lives about ten
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minutes away from the de young. he looked outside and saw that and he thought the park was on fire before he trend exhibition was happening tonight. >> it was incredibly smoky for at least a half-hour. and i had to close all my windows. my air purifier symbol went red. it was just too bad that we didn't get a notice from the museum that this was a possibility. >> but de young said it sent out flyers letting people know it was happening. they said it was nontoxic vapor pigment. that's not even smoke. it is a pigment according to the museum. by the way, the artist who was behind the show called it atmospheres. the idea was to let the breeze pick up the smoke and move it. it is all part of the art. all in celebration of chicago's exhibition at the de young chicago retrospective. three years in the making.
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we're following a story out of haiti. a gang is reported to have kidnapped a group of 17 missionaries, including children. they said the missionaries were on the way home after building an orphanage. they're in haiti. a u.s. government spokesperson says they are aware of the reports. no other details are available. after a nervous night of concerns, the estrada fire evacuees are back home tonight. you see the flames here. about 140 acres have burned so far. as tom jensen reports, favorable weather conditions arrived just in time. >> when a pribl burn got out of control 48 and jumped the fire lines, cal fire wasted no time in evacuating homes and local emergency response teams did their part getting people and their animals to shelter.
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>> i know if i was in this situation and there was a fair, these people would help me hands down. >> reporter: cooler at that prevailed and winds never picked up. even better conditions are expected sunday when cal fire says it should be in mop-up phase. >> maybe even a slight chance of precipitation or at least marine moisture. tomorrow, tomorrow in it. everything is working in our favor. >> reporter: about 43 achers did burn into a remote section of santa clara parks property. other than that, no structures damaged. the owners tweeted, the prescribed burn scheduled there over the next two days has been canceled. cal fire says too many resources were dedicated to the estrada fire to take on another prescribed burn. >> we decided yesterday to contact the ranch burn.
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and those ranch owners are supportive. we're following this fire closely on our nbc bay area app. you go get the latest weather alerts straight on your phone. you can even tailor it specifically for your neighbor. some good news for overseas families who have been waiting for more than a year. covid kept them out. next month that changes. sergio quintana has the details of the long awaited family reunions because of the new rules. >> reporter: next month, abby will be picking up her parents. it will be their first time in san francisco and the first time she'll see them in more than a year. she's even created a countdown for when they arrive at the airport. >> very excited. 36 days to go. i'm definitely going to be checking every day. >> reporter: her apparently haven't been able to visit
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because of covid-19 restrictions. and because of her visa, she wouldn't be able to return to the u.s. if she went to visit. >> anybody on the visa can't leave america in this situation. i've heard so many horror stories of people leaving the country, not aware that they won't be let back in. >> reporter: this week the biden administration announced beginning november 8th, fully vaccinated travellers from the u.k., china, brazil and others will be able to enter without quarantines. the borders with mexico will also be able to visit. the nearly 21-month long ban has been painful for binational families. for rebecca, it mean her new husband will be able to see his family for thanksgiving. his parent missed their wedding this summer. >> we hoped they would be able to come if we postponed it for a year. unfortunately, they couldn't. >> reporter: the fda has confirmed that visitors who have had full doess of the six
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approved vaccines from the world health organization will be allowed to enter the u.s. and that includes visitors who may have mixed and matched doses from different manufacturers. deciding how to verify vaccination is still being worked out. travelers will also need to show a covid-19 test before flying. the return of international travel letters no doubt be a boost for tourism but also a huge relief for binational families separated for a long time now. at sfo. sergio quintana. bay area news. take a live look at sfo which will soon welcome back direct flights from dublin to san francisco. people will be able to fly to dublin, ireland nonstop and return the same way. flights are operated by irish airlines. it will be launched just in time for the holiday season starting december 12th. the number of people fully vaccinated is lower actually than they've been reporting.
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not such good news. they found a discrepancy in how it was reported. it drop by about 36,000. let's look at where it stands in san mateo county right here. 84% of people 12 and older fully vaccinated. because of the discrepancy, it is down from the 90% the county was reporting earlier this week. that means the only bay area county above the 90% threshold would be marin county at 92%. the rest doing well, in the 80s, except for solano county, lagging a bit. 68% of people 12 and older fully vaccinated. the county trying to raise that number and has reopened a mass vaccination site at the fair grounds in vallejo. they are hoping to boost the vaccination rate with a pop-up covid clinic, held at bel air
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elementary in san bruno. 97% are minorities with lower vaccination rates. the health leaders say it designed to bring vaccines to the doors of those who still need a shot. >> we think the location really helps us serve those really in need. it makes it convenient for those with transportation reasons. it is a great day. the sun is out. we have our partners with us. we have our health center doing something special and wonderful volunteers and partners who carry it out. >> i believe that's called positivity. the krings was open to any county resident 12 years old or older. for kids getting their first dose, they can come back to the clinic in three weeks and get the second shot. get the latest on vaccinations and mask mandates. head to with regard to the oil spill
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in southern california, a company was called a party of interest. the officials boarded and said in january, the shipment was involved in an anchor dragging incident in close proximity to the ruptured pipeline. the investigation continues. the coast guard said it is looking into multiple pipeline scenarios and additional vessels of interest. no damage from a magnitude 2.8 earthquake southeast of livermore tonight. 10 miles south of livermore. earthquakes below 2.9 not even always felt. globally, there are about a thousand of them every day. coming up, down to the wire with tonight's deal between hollywood and film workers means for you and your favorite shows. and the popular peninsula ice cream shop marking a special milestone. we'll take you there next.
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your favorite tv shows are not going anywhere. hollywood has avoided a strike. it is a three-year contract and it addresses workers calls for better hours, increased health care funning and a pay increase. the union has to ratify this deal and trying to make it happen electronically. it comes less than a day before the strike deadline which would have been the first in the union's 128-year history and the first major crew strike of any kind since world war ii. a last-ditch effort by actor jessie smollett to have a judge dismiss his case has been denied. he was accused of lying to
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chicago police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime. his lawyer argued his rights are being violated since he already performed community service and paid a 10,000 bond under a previous deal to drop the case. it is being led by a special prosecutor appointed by another judge. honoring the life of a man. it was a dedication to timothy brown. he died last year of leukemia but it is his aids diagnosis that is historic. he was considered to be the first person cured of hiv/aids in the united states. he was diagnosed in 1995. he underwent two stem cell transplants. it appeared his treatment worked and he was hiv free. >> by being an individual that stepped forward and was cured, he gave others hopeful i've been living with the virus in my body for 20 years. timothy ray brown is an inspiration to all.
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our community, our society, our nation in the world owes a deep debt of gratitude to the life of timothy ray brown. >> initially his identity was hidden because of the stigma around the disease. he later came forward and identified himself as the historic patient. new at 11:00, the rangers at sequoia and kings national parks are getting ready to reopen a portion of it to visitors. it will happen monday because of the gain in ground of the fire. they are opening it to the parts that did not see fire. that includes general grant. the fire burned nearly 88,000 acres. it is now 55% contained. a very sweet 75 years for a shop in burlingame. they passed along memories too.
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generations keep coming back to this same shop. it has been operating nonstop since 1946. except for a five-month shutdown during the pandemic. they're back now. customers are impressed the mom and pop shop is celebrating such a big milestone. they still make all the candy they sell in small batches. i know it is late at night and rain is on the way. that ice cream looks so good. i'll have some when i get home. enough of my dietary problem. >> i agree with you. ice cream is always good no matter the time of day or how cold it will get but we have rain on the way. we are still under an extreme drought for most of california and an exceptional drought in some parts. a beautiful shot of san francisco. look at that. we have clear skies into the overnight hours. 62 in san francisco. finally cooled off. we did top out in the upper 70s.
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right now as we head out the door, still in the 60s. it is not feeling chilly just yet. we'll notice a significant drop thanks to this system right here. we've got this weak cold front that will dip down in through the evening. and it will keep our temperatures, get this, only in the 60s tomorrow for daytime highs. these are your sunday daytime highs. orinda, 60. san francisco only topping out in the upper 50s. so you will need a jacket tomorrow and monday as well. the cooler at that are expected to ling entire the start of the workweek. the hour by hour outlook, depending on where you live. we'll get anywhere from a couple hundredths of an inch to a couple tenths. not a huge downpour but just
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enough. up through santa rosa, mill valley, you will get it right before the 4:00 hour. dinner time, there is a good chance we'll see some spotty showers. the mountains as well as san jose, monday ray. areas further south. however, notice south lake at a ho. by 11:00, we get the storm cell that moves through and that will kick up the winds. in addition to rain, there is a good possibility that we're talking about snow in the sierra which will be a welcome sight. for that reason the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory that goes into effect tomorrow in it. and we'll expect it for areas above 7,000 feet. that could may not dangerous travel. please be careful and check the roads. we won't end just there. i know you heard me say a couple hundredths and a couple of tenths. went we get some rain in the
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north bay. and then later into friday, saturday, into next weekend we get a better chance of seeing the entire bay area finally get some at least measurable rainfall. the models are showing it start to trend a little further up north. maybe even close to an inch and a half. a nice sight to see. we'll remain in the 60s through san francisco. and 60s and 70s. >> all right. thank you very much. it is a time of year, things are. we have baseball, basketball, football, soccer and we have sharks hockey. >> that's right. we've got it all. and we will start with the sharks. they open on the ice. their comeback win over the jets. stick around. sports is next.
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welcome back. what a night in san jose. sharks in the tank and fans in the stands. for the first time in more than a year of in a, the sap center was open at full capacity for the season opener. san jose hitting the ice against the winnipeg jets. after falling behind 2-0, the sharks come storming back with four unanswered goals. third period. a shot. tomas hertl is there with the rebound and the power play goal, 3-2 sharks. rudolf crashes the party at the net. the jets don't like it that he ran into their goaltender. both teams starting to mix it up. the sharks win their season opener 4-3 over the jets. >> here he come! the atlanta braves win game one! >> the braves walk it off in game one of the nlcs.
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austin come through with the game winning rbi single in the bottom of the ninth. the braves beat the dodgers 3-2. that's all tied up 1-1 after boston beat houston 9-5 in game two. on the road in washington state, down 3 in the fourth. austin jones, he gets down for a 4-point lead on the eight-yard touchdown reception. max just crossed the goal line. that's the winning score. the cougars beat the cardinals 34-31. stanford falls 3-4 on the season. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
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a live look outside. a gorgeous shot of the bay bridge in the city. you might be able to see the moon on the international observe the moon night. our resident expert, this is from last night. you see the moon and jupiter. by the way, the moon is in the waxing gibbeous phase. "snl" live again tonight and for the third week in a row. the hit show had a rookie host. oscar winning actor rami malek. he is hosting for the first time tonight. he looks so different than he did in the movie. in the movie, he's terrifying. the cast said it is exciting to have a first time host, even more so with an actor known for dramatic roles.
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>> they're down to play and commit and they're down for being goofy and weird. those tend to be my favorite episodes. >> hosting with musical guest young thug. "snl" is minutes away. thanks for joining us. let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers and even grow our business? how much is this going to cost? here's the figure. 59. 59 million?
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