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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  October 15, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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playing songs in three different languages, english, spanish and mandarin. the goal was to inspire those that are vaccine hesitant to get the shot. >> we do a lot of door to door and we go inside and we have mission street. >> leaders say the city is 88% vaccinated among those eligible to get the shot. they play music and it gets you motivated. are we getting back to normal? the u.s. will soon lift its travel ban and reopen its borders. but there are strict new rules. plus a new pushes to conserve water. discussions in the south bay and how much you may have to cut down on the amount of water you use. first it was moderna and johnson & johnson.
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giving the green light to more booster shots. >> we want to provide optimal protection against covid. and we know a booster dose will do that. >> we're going to bring in our medical expert to briek down what a booster means to you and what he says about people hesitant about getting vaccinated at all.
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some confusion as well. the fda is continuing to debate on whether patients will be getting two different vaccines can provide stronger protection against the virus. joining us this evening is our covid expert, dr. peter chin-hong from ucsf, doctor nice to see you this friday. seems to be a big step all three boosters soon available. that the path we're on? how helpful could this be. >> it's going to be very helpful, raj. biologically but also helpful psychologically, particularly for teen j&j they've been left out of the debate for many months leading to a lot of uncertainty. and now we have more clarity in all three vaccines. >> dr. chin-hong you were on the front lines and have been since
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the beginning in the pandemic. are you seeing a light at the end of the tunnel? when will the crisis stage actually come a end. >> i think, raj, many scientists believe -- this is a knock on wood comment -- we're not seeing anything really supplant delta in terms offerosity. this might be the time at least for the next six months or so will kind of be at -- at a low level of virus. there will be outbreaks like what's happening in alaska and minnesota on a regional level but certainly not a national level for some time if at all. >> in theory we see all three boosters available soon. will we see the long lines like several months ago and trouble getting appointments when it comes to boosters? >> no, i think there is enough confusion right now in the american public where people are not necessarily rushing out. and i don't blame them. there is no urgency right now to
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go out and get a booster because our hospitalizations is still comprised mainly of unvaccinated individuals. for those over 65 and immunocompromised they need for sure additional shots right now. but for the rest of us, you know, whenever we get it it's going to be a good idea. because many vaccines come in threes. but not necessarily tomorrow. >> have you given up in trying to convince people to get just the vaccine itself, the initial doses? >> no, i haven't given up at all. in fact, some people change their minds after several conversations. for example, i had this one patient who was -- took maybe several months of me discussing it with her. eventually i think with my input and other input of friends around her she was basically felt very -- feeling very comfortable getting the vaccine. she got it.
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and i think it's an ongoing conversations, it's the curiosity that we have as to why someone didn't a vaccine. non-judgmental is really the main point. and really having a conversation. once they show that only 17% of people who are unvaccinated actually talked about it with someone else. >> interesting you point that out. thank you, dr. peter chin-hong from ucsf enjoy your weekend. >> same to you, raj. thank you. we know it can be tricky to keep up with the latest guidance about vaccinations, boosters and masks. we're here to help. head to we have simple guides to help you sort through the confusion and keep you healthy. one of the strictest anti-coronavirus measures in europe went into effect in italy. it requires people to show covid-19 health pass to go to work. now that measure was met peacefully across the country with a few scattered protests. nbc's reporter from roam. >> what it looks like any other
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friday here in rome. the people just eating outside and walking about in the beautiful sunny day. but there is a major difference here. all across italy. starting from today, that's that every worker both in the private and in the public sector will need to show a green pass certificate to access their workplaces and therefore to go to work. what is a green pass? well, either proof you've been vaccinated or received at least a dose of the vaccinations anti-covid-19, or that that you recently tested information to covid-19. if a worker doesn't you can't go to work if the worker doesn't get it within five days starting from today, well, they risk to be suspended without pay. also, if they do access their workplaces somehow, perhaps showing a green pass from someone else, or lying about it, well, there is a fine up to $1,700. as you may imagine this hasn't gone down well with a few
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italians. not too many. because 85% of the population here at least received one dose in italy. but there is a small minority minority of italians who don't approve it and protested against the rule in the past days and weeks. so far that hasn't caused any major disruptions. we have seen tens of workers unvaccinated workers of course protesting against it. but so far so good. it seems like a regular, everyday friday here in rome. and hopefully it will continue like that. this is claudio lavanga from roam. >> thank you. save the date here, the u.s. will reopen borders to vaccinated travelers november 8th, allowing in people from 33 countries previously banned because of the pandemic. this includes the uk, france, italy and spain, as well as china and iran. travelers will need to show proof of vaccination negative covid test taken withi
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the man accused of killing 14 students and three staff members at parkland high school will plead guilty to those murder next week, according to his attorneys. that shooting happening more than three years ago in south florida. park sparking a nationwide movement for changes in gun laws. today nicklaus cruz pled guilty to attacking a jail guard. the plea will come next week with no conditions. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty anyway which will be decided by a jury. the judge hopes to start the trial in january. a lot of concern for president clinton, he is still in an orange county hospital recovering from a urological infection pb, the 75-year-old former president was admitted tuesday night. doctors say he is responding well to antibiotics with his white blood cell count trending down. experts say such infections aren't unusual for seniors. mr. clinton underwent a quad in 2004. >> president biden says he spoke
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with him by phone saying clinton is doing well. giving the update in connecticut where he is promoting his build back better bill. he greeted add toddlers and children on the playground. he says the u.s. as it is 37th out of 38 countries in education. he wants to make two years of community college free. no nobody making under $400,000 a year, which is a lot of money, will see taxes go up one single penny, nobody, not one. that's why in the highway bill i didn't add a gas tax, to keep that commitment. the president also promoted his infrastructure bill and predicts congress will pass both. back in april president biden on urging from his party parties' progressive wing created a presidential supreme court commission with conservative justices holding 6-3 majority democrats look for a way to better balance the
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court in their favor. either by expanding the number of justices or potentially creating term limits. today, the bipartisan commission consisting of legal scholars and former judges released its first draft. members are divided on expanding the number of justices on the supreme court worrying it could undermine the court's legitimacy. the commission's final report goes to president biden next month. well we continue to celebrate hispanic heritage month, the celebration applies to so many cultures and lessons of curl and heritage are often passed to younger generations through storytelling. >> now a local film maker uses her experience to make sure mexican americans feel seen and stories heard. nbc bay area kris sanchez shows how the project is in glirn, spanish and what we speak a lot of in my house. spanglish. >> how did you know your feenlsa was the one.
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>> this is love in quarantine. it's a digital series that is the passion project of film maker of watsonville. >> it's comedy, covid, it's in span glish. it has a lot of of my friends also working on. >> at the same time she is working on a documentary about water in rural mexico where she was born. she came to the u.s. at 12 and graduated from csu monterey bay with a degree in cinematic arts but through that time didn't feel fully seen. >> growing up it was hard and it's hard to see characters that look like us on the screen. maybe we see a few or, you know, there is a lot of -- or you see the characters, but, you know, they don't portray us in the right way. and at the same time there is no right way to portray us because there is so many and we're all so different.
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>> she turned it into a sfrengts for comedies and documentaries and videos for non-profits. >> when i film stories that have to do with the undocumented community or immigrant community and so many other different topics i'm like, when i go home i don't disconnect from this. i go home to this. >> she says while it's challenging to find film festivals with room for her bilingual and bicultural work she will give room to the story of our people. >> i feel proud i get to be the camera and behind the computer putting together the stories. >> kris sachds, today in the bay. up next, a milestone for china's space program. the nation launching three people into space. how does this impact nasa here at home? they tried to save their parents cash but kept run into road black i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. watching a beautiful friday evening under way san francisco
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in the mid-70. ged ready for a summer-like start to the weekend but the first in a series of rain chances will finish the upcoming weekend. a closer look at the impact when we come right back. ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses.
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but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance.
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with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at we want to update our breaking news that we have been covering throughout the hour. this ac transit bus crashing into a home on 10th and market in oakland. oakland fire says eight people are injured in this crash. one person in critical condition. you can see that house right into the chimney, right into the front porch. the views here from our nbc bay area sky ranger overhead. right now we know a stolen car was being chased by police. it hit the bus and sent the bus car evening into that home. i'm not sure if anyone inside the home was injured or if there was anyone inside the home at the time of the crash. again, at 10th and market in oakland. well, nbc bay area responds to two people who had trouble helping parents get money back.
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>> our consumer verpgt chris chmura shows us how his team gave them a hand. >> good friday evening. many cases we respond to come from people looking out for loved ones like rochelle in livermore. she tried to cancel her mom anticipates gym membership. mom is 88 years old and hadn't gone to gym in years because of physical and memory issues. rochelle said she tried to cancel but the gym charges continued on and on. she asked us to take a look. a rep from the gym told us they can't cancel by phone. still they helped her cancel the membership and refunded $36 in fees. we helped out patti in san jose. she says the cable rep promised her 71-year-old mom a package with lots of channels. she wanted the channels but mom says she wasn't getting them. patti couldn't fix it herself. she called us. we called the company circled back with patti and gave her mom a $75 credit for the inconvenience.
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patti says mom ultimately cancelled that package deal. if a company is tuning you out maybe we can help. go to click the response option from the main menu or give us a call, 888-996-tips. have a great weekend. >> thank you, chris you too. as space travel makes headlines in the u.s., china is making its own advancements in space too. earlier today china launched three astronauts to the space station for the six-month amongst, creating its own space after being locked out of the international space station because of u.s. concerns over the military. however, the international space station could be obsolete, gone by 2024 which means china could have the only space station in the near future. let's bring in rob mayeda on this friday. today was beautiful, still is beautiful. >> and tomorrow warm. >> and when does the rain come in or is it coming in. >> sunday, it's going to be interesting. two sides of the coin where the weekend is concerned. we have another summer-like day tomorrow and then the big
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changes arrive by sunday. so outside right now from space to the airports out at sfo right now, no fog, 74 degrees, a bit of slight offshore breeze, northeast wind at 3-mile-per-hour. and mild temperatures earlier today into the low 80s around walnut creek. you got 80 right now. not much wind hazy skies many so of the smoke trying to come up the coast we'll talk about the air quality. right now 80 degrees in san jose. northwest wind at 7. tee shirt weather for the evening plans at 70s near 80 degrees around san francisco and san jose. air quality outlook look tomorrow fop moderate. and for the valley by sunday everybody switches back to good or green as the on shore winds pickup, the clouds roll in and see a big change in the temperature forecast. morning temperatures starting off in 40s and 50s. if you like today's weather you love tomorrow. in fact it might actually be
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lant warmer. mid to upper 80s. south of downtown san jose up and down the santa clara valley. upper 80s in reach around concord, brentwood towards ant job low 80s bayside oakland to hayward. peninsula close to low 80s. heading into downtown san francisco, again, upper 70s expected. and north bay temperatures should be in the mid-80s for tomorrow. but look at sunday. that's not a typo. we're looking at 15 to 20 dreelgs of cooling sunday. and you can see why in the future cast. increasing clouds. and progressively by the time we get to the afternoon in the north bay areas north of san francisco could be looking at a chance of showers as the system drops by. and really that is the first in a series of storms for the most part initially aimed in on the north bay. we have a second system arrive there tuesday to wednesday. but the one that really has our interest is friday into saturday. you can see the entire bay area getting the rain. and the reason why these rain totals could be piling up for some of the mountains,
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especially the north coast, is you got a pretty good push from the atmospheric river. remember that from last winter. we didn't see a lot of those types of storms. but that could be aiming in on northern california, the reason why the seven to 10-day outlook finally shows impressive rain totals especially areas north of san francisco. interesting ten days of weather headed our way. before we get there one more day of summer around the bay area. 70s around san francisco. 80s inland. and cloudy and cooler sunday with a chance of showers. another chance wednesday. and then another week could be turning stormy across northern california. great news for fire season and snow likely out of the pattern change for the sierra coming up in the next seven to ten days. >> you you got to switch your wardrobe to the rain. >> i already did it. >> you did. >> i'm ready. >> big process, rob. >> i like to get ahead of things. thank you, rob. >> that's robbie. up next the justice department stepping in what it wants the supreme court to do about the controversial texas
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abortion law. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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the department of justice is asking the supreme court to stop enforcement of the texas abortion law. while the legal battle plays out. the law blocks any abortion after six weeks and gives private citizens the power to sue anyone who they say aids or abets abortion. the doj already asked a federal court to stop enforcement of the law earlier this month. and a judge granted that request. but the fifth circuit court of appeals overturned the decision yesterday. the law went into effect september 1st. a u.s. capitol police officer has been charged with trying to protect a man accused of illegally entering the capitol oh on january 6th. in grand jury indictment michael riley is accused of repeatedly telling jacob hiles to delete his social media that would provide law enforcement with proof that he was part of the january 6th riot. the police officer is charged with obstruction of justice and is now on leave.
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okay. up next do we have to talk about the giants? >> we do have to talk about the giants. >> maybe just a bit more. >> we have to process what happened. >> but we move forward wsh turn the page talk the nfl this weekend. big matchup sunday night. also about the 49ers and raiders. stay with us.
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all right. it's going to be a quiet weekend for the 49ers who are all banged up appear off. it's their bye week. >> they need the rest.
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as for raiders following the john gruden exit face the bronco. sunday night football with the seahawks and steelers. . here is our sunday night gang. ♪♪ >> sunday night football is a super bowl 40 rematch but seattle does not have russell wilson for the first time in a decade. begino smith starts for the seahawks. >> i like begino snith and the seahawks against the steelers. i know that sounds crazy. for a guy came into the league highly touted, has had issued been a backup for a while. i know they are exited about him. had a great off season. played well the other night. i think he takes the next step gets the victory next week. >> for the steelers i know they're excited the offensive line starting to play like they need to them to play, 147 yards steeler football to me. a balanced offense seahawks on
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night football. begins with football on nbc bay area. our coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. >> okay lots of people asking, did that really happen last night? the giants season is over. that call. >> it's over? it's done zl it's done >> i was hoping there was a remake. >> exactly, right. a redo. >> a do over. >> you know the story by now. the umpire blew that call last night. whatever the case is we got to get over it. it was a great season nonetheless. giants -- but it's over. the dodgers move to the national league championship series. the ump who maid that not so good call grew up in the south bay. went to santa theresa look i called it as i saw it. i thought he went on the swing. anyway, congrats to the dodgers, congratulations to the giants for a great season. >> i can handle watching that story.
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>> we're seeing it again. >> here's giants, that ump, we're going to break down what constitutes a swing with the former major league baseball player. >> and two bare counties ditching the masks finally but specific cases how it's enforced in san francisco and marin county for you. >>en and you heard before time to conserve water. but you can be charged now perhaps if you don't cut down your water usage. we answer questions as we're in the middle of this drought. the news at 6:00 starts now. thanks for jang us again. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj math aye. we're following breaking news in oakland, the bus crash into a home on 10th and market street. we know at least eight people hurt, one in critical condition. this started when police officers were chasing a carlen. police say the driver of that car


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