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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 15, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, firefighters already weary from a long night in the south bay are forced back into action to deal with a new fire. this one having a direct impact on teachers and students at not one but two schools. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm chris chmura. marcus and laura are starting their weekend a little early. arson investigators are on scene at a san jose campus that two schools share. it follows what was already a busy overnight.
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san jose firefighters responded to a series of fires just a few miles apart. all of them. kris sanchez is live on that campus. kris, go ahead. >> reporter: hi there, chris. that fire damaged the administration building. it took out the wifi for the entire campus and when the principal got the call this morning she knew it was just one more thing in what is already a very challenging year. i want to show you where this happened. this was just before sunrise this morning. they found that fire outside cornerstone academy that spread into the administration building. the campus is shared by cornerstone and kennedy elementary school in the franklin mckinley school district. also a person on the scene who tried to keep those firefighters from doing their jobs and the damage will impact learning as well. >> there were other videotaping, but the person of interest that we detained was
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yelling at the engine company as well as kind of getting in their way. >> just another thing in a really challenging year. i think the positive thing about our staff and students is that they have shown how resilient they can be and we're going to deal with this and keep going and keep learning. that's what's important. >> the principal said staff is using wifi hot spots to access their lessons. she does want parents to know pick-up and drop-off today will be normal. many of these firefighters battled a series of suspicious fires overnight including this one on eastside drive which spread into another property sharing a common area over on mckey road. the fire started outside the home in a structure at the back of the property, damaged the main home, destroyed several granny units and also some sheds. five people are out of their homes, including a child but no injuries to report there.
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just hours later firefighters were called to this fire which also started outside the home. spread into the home and to the home next door. one person slipped and fell while getting out but no fire-related injuries.ire says say that any of these f connected. they believe they are unrelated but it was a very busy night for firefighters and it's going to be a challenging few weeks and future ahead for the folks who were displaced and certainly for the students at these two schools on this campus. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. if you're headed to the gym or office today in san francisco or marin, you might be able to ditch that mask. bob redell says both counties are easing their mask mandates. >> reporter: for the first time in a while you do not have to wear a mask inside a gym here in san francisco or in marin county. we're in the dakati gym where starting today masks are optional, no longer mandatory.
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they have eased their mask mandates for gyms, offices, religious gatherings and college classes as long as 100 people inside. also proper ventilation, 12 since they're not yet eligible for the vaccine. thos mandate is permanent. >> so we started with masks, then no masks, then masks and now no masks again and it feels really good. >> you think this may be's end of it? >> i think it might come back around to masks, but that's okay. >> didn't seem like most masks affect oxidation rates very heavily but it certainly is a mental thing that i definitely notice a lot of my clients are like, i feel like i can't breathe as well or exercise as hard. it's annoying when trying to catch your breath because a lot of hot air on your face. >> people are pushing themselves more without the mask because they're able to breathe and move
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froly and don't have to worry about glasses and sweaty faces. >> reporter: contra costa county will adopt similar rules or partial lifting starting march 1st. here in marin, you still must wear a mask inside places like stores, restaurants. if you are a student k through 12. in order for the mask mandates to be fully lifted in all or most public indoor spaces, health officers for alameda, contra costa, marin, napa, san francisco, san mateo,criteria. the jurisdiction must reach the yellow tier which is a moderate rate of spread. covid hospitalizations must be low and stable as determined by the respective health officers. and 80% of the population must be fully vaccinated or eight weeks must have passed after the fda grants emergency approval of the vaccine for kids ages 5 to
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11 which has not yet happened. here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. we know it can be tough keeping up with the changing vaccine and mask guidelines. we are keeping up for you and have made it easy to find all of our reporting. head to we're tracking all those updates so you can stay on top of it. developing news involving former president bill clinton. he's in a southern california hospital this morning. doctors and nurses there have been treating him since tuesday night but we're just now getting the details. brand-new video from overnight. a former secretary of state and first lady hillary clinton leaving the hospital. doctors say mr. clinton was hospitalized on tuesday at uc irvine with an unknown illness and he has been given antibiotics and fluids. they say he's responding well. a spokesperson says it's a noncovid-related infection
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adding that he is on the mend and in good likely he'll be released in the next 24 hours. san francisco giants fans feeling a little blue after a bad call at a bad time to end last night's thrilling playoff finale against the dodgers. the call will no doubt have fans wondering what if probably forever. the giants flores with a check swing. the ump called it strike three. fans leaving oracle last night not too happy about it. many disappointed, even mad. the scene outside the stadium at times got tense and violent. this is video from a hotel across the street afterward. someone on the ground and a man walks up. we're going to freeze the video there but we'll tell you this. the video shows him kicking the confrontation between a giants fan and dodger fan. police would not confirm that part to us but tell us they arrested a person who is facing assault charges. in southern california,
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strong winds continue to fan the flames in santa barbara county where the alisal fire has grown to more than 16,000 acres and containment is at just 5%. and it stayed that way. highway 101 north of golita is still closed in both directions. now there's a chance some smoke could blow into the bay area later today. let's take a live look outside in fremont. perhaps some haze in there. let's get an expert opinion. kari has a check of the forecast. what do you think about the smoke making it into our area? >> we are going to see our wind shifting and bringing some of that smoke in. it looks fairly clear and air quality is pretty good as well. but we'll continue to unfortunately see a southerly wind and some hazy conditions. moderate air quality. if you're sensitive to the smoke you might want to limit your time out there in the south bay and east bay. doesn't look to make it much into the north bay as the ocean
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breeze keeps it just enough to push that smoke into the inland areas. still that connection there and something to keep in mind as you make your friday afternoon plans. if you want to head to saratoga, maybe out to queen's pumpkin patch, it's going to be very nice and comfortable. reaching into the low 80s during the middle of the day and cooling off quickly. all of our microclimate showing a big warm-up for today with highs into the mid-80s. does stay warm tomorrow but be the a cool down. a lot more changes in the forecast. we'll talk about it in a few minutes. >> thank you. pleasant hill police are searching for three people after someone stabbed a skateboarder wednesday night. police say some people in a car were throwing eggs at skateboarders around hill's poet's corner. a skateboarder threw something back escalating the situation. the people in the car got out, chased the skater, stabbed him and drove off. police hope security camera video will help catch them.
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south bay mother accused of throwing out of control parties for underage students will likely be extradited back to the bay area next week. yesterday in an idaho court, shannon o'connor agreed to extradition. idaho is where she lives now with her two sons. in los gatos she faces doens of charges. she would host teens at her home, give them booze until they were drunk and encourage them to have arraignment when she returns. new thirsn cupertino have approved the closure of two elementary schools despite some families' protests. the decision came around 2:00 this morning. meyer holts and regnard schools will be closed. enrollment has dropped steadily over the past few years and it will continue going forward. the earliest the schools are expected to close is next fall. for san jose state university spartans trying to make it in the bay. much-needed relief might be
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near. planners approved a 20-story high-rise development called the mark on south fourth blockts. and they need it. provided the city council approves this, construction should start next year and finish up in the fall of 2024. up next at midday -- another big step fighting covid-19. the green light for more vaccine boosters. we'll tell you about the key decision just moments ago from the fda advisers. and celebrating hispanic heritage month. we'll introduce you to a latina filmmaker who is making sure voices like hers are heard and seen on screen.
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a live look at san francisco international airport. that plane is coming from los angeles but we expect more coming from international destinations and international travel to pick up. the white house today approved new rules for people heading to the u.s. from about three dozen countries. starting november 8th, all fully vaccinated foreign visitors will be allowed to visit again from many european nations including china and iran. the travel industry has been pushing for change to help boost international tourism. the white house is planning to reinstate a trump-era border policy. the remain in mexico policy forces asylum seekers to remain in mexico until the immigration court date. president biden suspended that policy on his first day in office. a federal judge ordered it to be restored in good faith. the justice department now says it should be back in effect a
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month from now. just in -- an fda advisory panel has voted unanimously to recommend booster doses of the johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine. this comes after the panel gave the thumbs up for millions of americans to get a moderna booster. sam brock has more. >> reporter: in the latest twist in the blueprint for battling covid, an fda panel paved the way for moderna vaccine boost shorts. >> we do have a unanimous 19 out of 19 yes votes. >> reporter: the group pointing to waning antibodies as time goes by and reduced vaccine effectiveness against the delta variant. as it recommends older americans 65 and up and those with high-risk exposure or conditions roll up their sleeves one more time. >> keep people safe. not only just yourself but your loved ones, your children. >> reporter: a population torn apart by more than 715,000 lives claimed so far. hoping a booster, moderna or pfizer, which has already gained
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full approval, can put a dent in the devastation. >> how many booster shots are we going to have to take? for the rest of our lives? how long is it going to be for? >> that's your concern? >> yes. >> what's clear is another jab will jump-start more antibodies. but by how much? johnson & johnson's booster comes under the microscope today. after a recent study found j&j recipient saws antibodies levels jump 76 times and a 35 times with pfizer. the study assumed a full dose of moderna which will actually be cut in half. f. you use more than the half dose there's an increased risk of side effects. >> reporter: overall trends from infections to hospitalizations are finally pointed down after peaking in late august. >> we had over 900 hospitalized patients, and that was a tremendous burden on our system. >> how many do you have today?
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>> we have about 130. >> reporter: dr. charles augustus with baptist health in south florida attributing the massive drop in patients to more vaccinations but also more people unvaccinated getting infected. >> i implore people to get vaccinated because that's our most powerful weapon against this pandemic. on wall street, the bulls are running into the weekend. the dow is up more than 1%. s&p up about 0.8%. nasdaq up 0.5%. today mcdonald's shares are trading down, but it is making news trying out a plant-based burger option. starting next month, they'll test its mcplant burger in eight u.s. locations. it's based on the beef alternative that the company beyond meat makes. beyond is based near l.a. mcplant burger is available in the u.s. test will start
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november 3rd. if you want to taste the mcplant burger, head south on 101. the closest test locations are in elsegundo and manhattan beach. we're celebrating hispanic heritage all month here. culture and heritage often pass on through stories. a local filmmaker is using her own immigrant experience to make sure mexican americans feel seen and their stories heard. kris sanchez shows us her project in english, spanish and spanglish. >> hey, dude. how did you know your fiance was the one? [ speaking spanish ] >> sorry. >> this is "love in quarantine." it's a digital series that's the passion project of a filmmaker of watsonville. >> comedy, covid, it's in spanglish, and it has a lot of us, of me, of my friends that
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are also working on it. >> reporter: at the time time she's also working on a documentary about water in rural mex cowhere he was born. she didn't feel fully seen. >> growing up, it was hard and it still is hard to see characters that look like us on the screen. maybe we see a few or there's a lot of -- or you see the characters, but they don't portray us in the right way. at the same time, there's no right way to portray us because we're all so different. >> reporter: she's turned it into a strength for her shorts and documentaries for nonprofits. >> i film stories that are with the undocumented or immigrant community, so many different topics. when i go home, i don't disconnect from this. i go home to this. >> reporter: while it's challenging to find film
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festivals with room for her bilingeral and bicultural work, she'll keep giving voice to the story of our people. >> i feel broud that i get to be behind the camera and behind the computer putting has to stories together. >> reporter: kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> the weekend is here. how about the weather? let's turn to meteorologist kari hall with a check of the forecast. >> make sure that you are aware of all the changes we have this weekend because today temperatures are going to heat up quickly and then by sunday, a major plummet in our temperatures. we'll talk about that. let's get you out for lunch if you'll be heading out around walnut creek. it's so comfortable outside with upper 60s. but it will continue to go up. and eventually make it into the low to mid-80s for the middle of the afternoon and right back down. let's get a look at our temperatures today. where we are headed for the south bay. 87 in gilroy.
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82 in milpitas and 86 in los gatos. for the east bay, low to mid-80s with livermore reaching 85 degrees and mid-70s near the coast. really nice to go to the beach this weekend. all up and down the coast we'll see a warm-up for today and tomorrow. san francisco reaching into the upper 70s downtown and north bay temperatures reaching 84. ukiah and sonoma. and also going to see those temperatures warming up for the coast. but then looking ahead, we'll start to see some big changes with a strong cold front coming in. a lot of the models showing a slight chance of north bay showers on sunday and then starting to cool off as we go into early next week. that's the first wave of cooler temperatures but then another one right behind that. maybe less rain but definitely more cloud cover and temperatures continue to drop. now we heard the word from noaa that la nina has officially developed. there's the warm pacific blob
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that we talk about. the warm sea surface temperatures to the north and the storm track that often gets driven farther to the north taking with it all of the rain we see during those winter months. la nina means cooler than normal water at the equatorial pacific and that can change where those weather systems go with the cool temperatures there. the storm track and the jet stream heads farther to the north. and it's not really good news for us because now we're in this exceptional drought all across the west. and when we talk about our winter outlook and the storm track is farther north the drought could persist going into the next several months. we may not get as much rain as we'd like to see. a lot of things can change. we'll continue to watch that. in the near term, changes in our temperatures and slight rain chances here, especially for sunday and then next wednesday. a big cooldown after getting a taste of summer and san francisco will see those temperatures in the mid-70s but
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then head back to the lower 60s. once that cold front moves in on sunday. outdoor plans may need to change if we get a little light rain here. >> bad news blob. coming up -- despite being left on dating apps, we'll show you the new old-school service design to help people find love. happening now, the u.s. justice department announced plans to ask the supreme court to block the texas abortion ban. it comes after a federal appeals court once again upheld the ban. the white house is now suing texas over restrictions banning abortions after around six weeks. and also allowed private citizens to collect for successful lawsuits against abortion providers who violate those restrictions. we're back after this break.
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trending this morning, adele is out with a new song and music video for the first time since 2015. take a listen. ♪♪ the song "easy on me" is the first single from her upcoming album. during an instagram live earlier, she gave a bit about what inspired the new album. >> what is the new album based
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on? divorce, babe. divorce. >> adele recently finalized a divorce. her album is set for release november 19th. in this age of digital dating, one woman is taking a page from the past to get singles to mingle. she created a quickly email newsletter that profiles eligible new yorkers in the old-school style personal ads. she started the newsletter when she moved from here to there a year ago. the featured singles answer three questions. what's your toxic trait. what makes you hot? and what are you looking for? if you see what you like, you can subscribe to the person's page. last check of the weather. here's kari. >> yeah, we're going to see those temperatures warming up today. we'll see some highs in the mid-80s for the inland areas. by sunday, a big drop off in temperatures and a few coastal areas may get in on light rain. we'll see the cool weather stay with us next week and also more slight rain chances. we'll be watching all of that
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for you. >> kari, thank you. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. we'll have live updates on our website and app. have a great weekend.
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right now, we're celebrating california baseball history. >> how lucky are we that we got to witness history with these two rivalries. go dodgers. >> then your vip pass to the biggest block party. >> and las vegas. >> we'll help you get in the spirit of the season with some diy decorating tips. it's all happening right now on "california live." ♪ california california live ♪ ♪ california live ♪


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