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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 15, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

6:00 am, to find much more. we're live at the scene of one fire and are following the latest developments. san francisco and marin waking up with scaled back mandates. ahead, a live report on when you still want to keep the mask handy when you head out the door. they got us. >> a sad ending and a playoff thriller. our giants' pride is still going strong. we will hear from the players and the fans, and probably talk just a little bit about the bad call that makes it hurt even worse this morning. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. here we go. friday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we have lot to get to this morning, including a hazy start to our weekend.
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>> we want to bring in meteorologist, kari hall, and she's looking at how hazy the skies are looking, kari. >> yeah, we will see some of the smoke coming in from the alisal fire, and our temperatures in dublin, 45. it's 45 in napa and morgan hill. after a cool start, once again the air quality will be an issue. as we see some of the smoke coming into the south bay and east bay as it rolls up the coast, we will see more changes going into the weekend. heading out in berkeley this morning, start out at 51 degrees. you will notice our temperatures later today will be a little warmer, feeling like summer in our inland areas reach into the mid-80s. we will talk more about this and a look ahead to the weekend, coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. with the weather changing, you want to make sure you download our free nbc bay area app, and you can keep track of the changing weather right there on your phone.
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6:01 this morning. if you are headed to the gym or maybe the office in san francisco or marin, things have changed when it comes to wearing masks. both counties are easing their mandates starting today. today in the bay's bob redell is live this morning. bob, this is a case by case basis right now? >> correct. you still have to wear a mask in many indoor places like restaurants, stores, k through 12 classrooms if you are a student. starting today san francisco and marin counties are easing the mask mandates for other indoor spaces. take a look at your tv screen. starting today, you no longer have to wear a mask inside offices, gyms, indoor college classes or religious gatherings, those types of places as long as you are fully vaccinated and there are no more than 100 people inside. there must be proper ventilation, and no children under the age of 12 since they
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are not yet eligible for the vaccine. by the way, contra costa county says it will adult similar rules of its mask mandate come november 1st. in order for the mandate to be lifted entirely in most indoor spaces throughout the bay area, health officials for san francisco, san mateo, santa clara, sonoma and the city of berkeley have agreed to the following criteria. the jurisdiction must reach the yellow tier, which means you are at a moderate rate spread of covid and stay there for three weeks. 80% of the population must be fully vaccinated or eight weeks must have passed after the fda grants emergency approval of the vaccine for kids age 5 to 11, which has not yet happened. reporting live in marin, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you, bob.
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today an fda advisory panel begins the debate over the booster shots. experts will discuss whether to allow mixing or matching vaccines in boosters. new studies find that practice is safe and effective for the same groups approved for the third shot. >> what we really want to have is a unified message for at-risk groups, and the group i am most worried about is those who are 65 and older. >> moderna said the third shot will be half a dose. vaccines still afford protection against severe covid and death in the u.s. we know it can be hard to keep up with the changing vaccine and mask guidelines, and we're trying to make it easy to
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you, just go to more than a dozen people now looking for somewhere else to live. this first fire started on east side drive near mckee road just before midnight. the flames quickly spread from several sheds to one home and three in-law units, and five people made it out safety. the cause is still under investigation. less than two hours later crews responded to another fire on park johnson place, and it started outside a home where the flames took over the entire top level of a home and the people there also looking for assistance. kris sanchez will have a live report coming up for us at the bottom of the hour. and former president bill clinton is in southern california in the hospital and has been there since tuesday
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night. we have brand-new video from overnight of former secretary of state and first lady, hillary clinton, leaving the hospital. officials say the former president was hospitalized on tuesday at uc irvine with an unknown illness. doctors say he was given antibiotics and fluids and said to be responding well. it's noncovid related and it's an infection. they hope to release the former president bill clinton soon. a live look at oracle park. beautiful sight. still stings a little bit, and may for a while. the magical season has come to an end. >> yeah, yes, there was a controversial ending, but this game had more than one play. >> good morning, everyone. i am anthony flores. a historic season comes to a heartbreaking and disappointing end. the giants lose to the dodgers
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in game five. more than 42,000 fans packed the house at oracle park. and logan webb gave up just one run while striking out seven in seven solid innings of work. darin ruf goes on a power trip. 452 feet tying the game at one. it would stay that way until the top of the ninth. belanger with the biggest hit of the series, a single where they scored. and then that's not a strike, but that's the ball game. they win the series three games to two. >> more hits than us.
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players were in good positions to succeed tonight, and they did in many ways. this is baseball, and it's what happens, they just beat us. >> 107 wins, the most in the franchise's history. something to really be proud of. obviously would have liked to have won this game and then moving on, but it was a great year all in all. >> you heard buster posey, 107 wins during the regular season, a lot to be proud of, but disappointment after losing game five and having to watch the dodgers celebrate on their home field. at oracle park in san francisco, i'm anthony flores for "today in the bay." strong winds continue to fan the flames in santa barbara county where the alisal fire has grown. containment at 5%, and highway 101, this is north of tkpwau
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hraeta. let's check in with meteorologist, kari hall. kari, how long will that smoke linger in the bay area? >> it's going to start to move in later on this afternoon, late morning into the afternoon. some of the smoke starting to come in from the south of the alisal fire. moderate air quality, and that means people sensitive to the smoke, children and the elderly should limit time out there in the south and east bays, and it may not make it all the way up to the north bay. by 10:00, we're in the low 60s. when the temperatures warm up, most likely that smoke will be settling in. we will see the temperatures in the low 80s for san jose, and 83
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in napa. for livermore, expect a high of 85 degrees. we'll talk more about more changes ahead in our weekend forecast. mike, you are saying the alert does continue right now? >> it does. you know where the casino is, we have slowing when you get to the expressway. we have a closure for golf course drive. only the middle lane gets by. major damage, but no major injuries reported. not a lot of slowing because traffic is light up there. you can loop off the exit and go back in this direction. the bay bridge toll plaza shows us a backup forming in the middle lanes, and that happened just at 6:00 this morning. an easy and light drive for the rest of the south. we'll talk about san jose coming up. back to you. coming up next on "today in
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the bay," students struggling to make it in the bay may soon get a helping hand. new details in a proposed development that would ease one major housing crunch. stores say they are not sure how long they can keep the shelves full, so they say to get going if you want to do holiday shopping. we will talk about the new but old school way. one way a woman is help others find partners. critics warn the drilling could cause the millennium tower to sink more. what happens next? our investigative unit is following all the developments, just head over to and click on the investigations tab to learn more.
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happy friday. it's 6:13. let's get you out the door and ready for your day in the tri-valley. it's going to be in the upper 40s and will be all clear, but gradually we will see a hazy sky as the temperatures warm up. we'll talk about more changes ahead and even our winter out look for rainfall. that's coming up in a few minutes. checking out in the south bay, we did have a crash. there was more slowing a few minutes ago, so they may have cleared the crash in the right lane. we'll check on the south bay and the incident -- the alert for
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the north bay, coming up. good friday morning to you as well. what we do as consumers is a big factor in our economy. we spent almost 1% more this month than last month. economists were expecting a decline. but -- but, remember, we may be spending more to buy the same stuff. things cost more. increases may be in large part because of inflation. the head of best buy was on "today" show yesterday talking about how stores would start the black friday sales earlier. this morning they will point something out i said and have proven with data for years, and that's often the lowest price is not on black friday, they fluctuate and fall as the holidays get closer. but this year with the
6:16 am
shortages, it's probably best to get everything done super, super early. the thing you will have the most problems finding is the play station 5. they sell out the moment they hit store shelves. sony will open up a registration page on its site so you can reserve a console. they have been hard to get. marcus and laura, i am operating on a little more coffee than usual because i stayed out late last night to host the east bay awards which we usually do from the incredibly awesome fox theater in oakland, but for the past two years we have had to do them online. that's tv magic there. super fun recognizing all the amazing technology and innovation in our east bay. >> tonight's winner in life sciences is 10x. >> oh, that's awesome.
6:17 am
happy and grateful for the recognition. >> many of the companies have been on the sunday morning show here, and 10x makes gene sequencing. this sunday, we will talk about the experts about what we can do to untangle the supply chain. 9:00 a.m., nbc bay area right after "meet the press." i will be honest, guys, even watching a fake procedure at the dentist, you know, because he was using a model to show us how it works, urrr. >> that got you? >> dentists, not my favorite, and mine knows that, she's a good friend of mine. >> i don't mind. >> i don't either. >> you guys are weird! >> no cavities.
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>> thanks, scott, maybe that's why, we had good experiences, right? >> right. mcdonald's coming around on a plant-based option. can you believe u.s. restaurants didn't already have one? they are catching up now. starting next month mcdonald's will be testing out the plant-based burger. the mcplant burger is available in other countries, including sweden, denmark and the uk. in the digital age of dating with so many apps like tinder, one lately created a news letter. >> it profiles eligible new yorkers framed in the old-school style of personal ads. she started it when she moved from san francisco last october. the three questions, what is your toxic trait? what makes you hot?
6:19 am
what are you looking for? if you want to subscribe to that in person, go to the page and find out yourself. >> good luck to you. >> the temperatures might make you hot this weekend. >> absolutely. that's a really good idea, because it's hard to meet people especially when you move somewhere new and in a pandemic. that's a great idea. let's talk about what is going on with our temperatures this morning, starting out very chilly. mid-40s right now in parts of the north bay, so we need a heavier jacket for the start of the day. you want to make sure you keep it close by for the kids, and we go to 49 degrees in san jose, to 77 and very comfortable at pickup time. we will see big changes in our temperatures with our south bay highs. headed for the low to mid-80s, and even upper 80s for the south county and parts of the east bay. our inland valleys will continue to warm up. pleasanton today, headed towards 86 degrees. we will see the temperatures in
6:20 am
the mid-80s for redwood city, and for san francisco, expect 70s in the mission district as well as we have the high temperatures in the north bay reach into the mid-80s. mike, you have a crash in san jose? >> i do, kari. we are looking at northbound 101. we had a lot of slowing approaching mckee, and our camera shows no backup there and we don't have any real slowing. i think they cleared that to the shoulder. the rest of the south bay showing appropriately lffic. peninsula, east bay, looking good. a little tiny blip for highway 84, cutting through city streets there. 37 shows more slowing again out of vallejo, just kicking in, once again. the bay bridge continuing to
6:21 am
build. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:20. coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> they tried to save their parents some cash but kept running into roadblocks. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. follow me on facebook and get a behind-the-scenes look at our newscast. i was hosting facebook live there, answering questions and talking to people. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. you never know what you are going to see. much more ahead for you this morning on "today in the bay."
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6:24 this morning. much needed relief appears to be getting closer when it comes to san jose's state's housing crunch. the planning this week approved a 20-story high-rise development called the mark one block from campus. that will provide more than 200 units and will house about 850 students, provided the city council approves it, construction should start next year and be finished by the fall of 2024. nbc bay area responds to two people that were trying to help their parents get money back. >> good morning.
6:25 am
many cases we respond to come from people looking out for loved ones. like rochelle, she was trying to get her mom's gym membership canceled. the gym charges kept continuing, and she asked us to take a look. a rep said members can't cancel by phone, and they helped to get the membership canceled and they refunded 36 in fees. and then patty could not help her mom who was supposed to get more channels, and if a company is tuning you out, go to and click the responds option from the main
6:26 am
menu, or call us, 888-996-tips. a new push this morning to save the bees. scientists say the american bumble bee reached a critical stage. now scientists are trying to get the bee on the endangered species list. on "today," kerry sanders talk about why bees are so essential. >> it probably won't ever get back to those states without proactive conservation, and that has to be coordinated at a high level. >> you can watch the full interview this morning on the "today" show coming up at 7:00, of course, right after "today in the bay." >> never thought in our lifetime we wouldn't see bees. >> they are so essential. it's news we don't like to
6:27 am
hear, families displaced by fires that have destroyed several structures. i'll tell you where that happened and who is here to help. school closers. the late-night move that will force some big adjustments for south bay families.
6:28 am
6:29 am
force some big adjustments for breaking right now at 6:30, while you were sleeping two fires leaving more than a dozen people displaced just miles apart. we're live at the scene of one
6:30 am
of the fires with the latest developments. two south bay schools closing their doors, and the decision made a few hours ago that will, no doubt, frustrate families. "today in the bay" continues right now. here we go. made it to friday morning. now just got to make it through. good morning. thank you for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. first off, looking live for you at fremont. still dark and early out there for us, but we could see haze moving in from the big fire burning down in santa barbara county. let's check in with kari hall. how are things looking? >> air quality good for now, but the later we go in the day the more that smoke will start to c temperatures in the 40s and will warm up to the mid-70s by early in the afternoon, and eventually making into the low 80s.
6:31 am
we will see low 80s in san jose. mid-80s for the tri-valley, in toward contra costa. we'll talk about what is going on around the bay area as you make your weekend plans, coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. two house fires a few miles apart leaving a lot of people needing somewhere to live. the good news, though, only one person was hurt. today in the bay's kris sanchez is at the scene of one of the fires. what are firefighters telling you this morning, kris? >> reporter: we know the fires were separate, far apart, but several families now displaced. there's one injury, however not a fire-related injury, somebody slipped and fell as they were trying to escape. i am at park johnson place in honolulu. the other fire was on east side
6:32 am
drive that spread to another property on mckee. that fire went to three alarms. here at park johnson, the fire started outside the home in an outdoor kitchen area and spread into the home itself and spread to part of the home next door. the battalion chief said everybody got out safely because of smoke alarms and because of neighbors looking out for each other. no fire-related injuries, but one person slipped and fell trying to get out. >> there was the yelling, screaming in the front, and as the exposure to the right started, they told that occupant to get out as well. >> reporter: just hours before some of the same firefighters were at this fire on north white road. it shares a property line common with another home on mckee. the fire started outside the home there as well in a structure at the back of the
6:33 am
property and then spread into the main home. the main home has severe damage and several granny units are now destroyed. no injuries there to report. the red cross is helping all of these people. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> a love weekend ahead for them. thank you, kris. to the pandemic, within the last 30 minutes the white house approves new rules for international travelers ledding to the u.s. starting november 8th, all fully vaccinated foreign visitors will be allowed to visit again, and that's great news for the travel industry which has been pushing the white house to lift some of the rules on the international tourism. and then workers in berkeley have to report their vaccination status by today. this applies to people that work in adult care facilities, dental offices, pharmacies, home health
6:34 am
and child care. that mandate does not have a weekly testing option. we know it can be hard to keep up with all of the changes with the vaccine and the mask guidelines, so we made it easy for you. go to that's where you will find where we are tracking all the updates so you can stay informed. while you were sleeping, district leaders in cupertino approved the closing of two elementary schools. the earliest it will happen is next fall. a south bay mother accused of throwing out of control parties for underaged students will likely be extradited back to the bay area this week. in los gatos, she faces dozens of charges.
6:35 am
prosecutors say that's where she would host young teenagers at her home, providing them alcohol until they were extremely drunk and encouraging them to have sex, sometimes against their will. she's expected to be arraigned after her return. a fourth straight day of testimony in the elizabeth holmes' fraud trial. the walgreens officer testified, and prosecutors showed another series of texts between holmes and maljuany, which legal analysts say offered deeper perspective. >> the one thing that seemed baffling, while i said they may not be as cute as earlier ones in the trial, and the more information we find out from sources outside of text messages, such as actual testimony on the stand may shed light and reveal what the text
6:36 am
messages meant. >> also on the stand, a theranos lab director that testified he worked no more than ten hours total during the seven months he was employed at theranos. follow scott budman to get updates on twitter. taking a live look outside this morning, and oh, the different viewpoints from across the bay area. kari is tracking events for this weekend to get us out and about. >> yeah, we are seeing more events going on around the bay area for the weekend. we will kick it off with a taste of the bay for oakland tomorrow. temperatures reach into the upper 70s during the middle of the day and sunshine once again as we are going to enjoy some nice and warm weather. if you do plan to head out to
6:37 am
queens pumpkin patch in saratoga today during the middle afternoon, the temperatures will head up to the low 80s, and then later this evening, check out the movie. check out their website. and then some heading to the beach because temperatures will be warm in the valleys, stinson beach, santa cruz, mid-70s, and then sunday making it in the upper 50s for stinson on sunday, and low 60s for santa cruz. in los angeles, 82 today and 86 tomorrow. for south lake tahoe we will see the temperatures coming down so we are going from the low to mid-60s to mid-50s by the end of the weekend. check out
6:38 am
right now the peak of the fall foliage is happening at 6,500. this is a beautiful taken in truckee. check that out as well as our forecast that will be cooling off. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. mike, you have an alert in the north bay? >> yeah, you know where the casino is, golf course drive just before you get there heading south out of santa rosa is where things are jamming out. there could be cones out or a crew there. they put the cones down because they are not planning on opening lanes anytime soon. and only one lane gets down south bay here, and you have to loop back around. over here at 37, bay bridge and highway 4 showing a little more backup.
6:39 am
the backup formed at the toll plaza, and no slowing anywhere else. back to you. >> thank you. what were youhth grader is doing. after the big board this morning, the dow is rising by more than 225 points. plus -- >> michael meyers is back, sort of. we have a look at the new "halloween kills" movie. and the bay area spirit lives. it's alive and well when it comes to the giants. even though our giants didn't win game five, the fans have been showing their support. we have been posting those pictures throughout the week. thank you all for posting,
6:40 am
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good friday morning. it is 6:42, and we're starting out with some chilly temperatures in walnut creek. only 49 degrees right now, and after the cool start it warms up quickly as we head toward a warmer afternoon. a little taste of summer. we'll talk more about that and changes ahead, coming up in a
6:43 am
few minutes. we are looking at 101 northbound where the crash did clear from lanes as we suspected. 101 at mckee clear, north of 680, a little slower. in the north bay we continue with highway 101, and we'll talk about the speeds later. and then filing the personal income tax return, if you have not already filed your returns, make sure and get them in to avoid penalties. scott mcgrew, we get our first look at a plan to make the supreme court larger. >> early word is it's a big thumbs down. president biden appointed a special commission to look at expanding the court. the constitution doesn't specify
6:44 am
how many supreme courts there should be. there was talk among liberals, in particular, that congress could expand the number of judges and tip the balance of power back towards liberals so biden creates that commission probably to satisfy that wing of his party. the early read of the report shows the committee thinks expanding the court is a bad idea. it does consider the lifetime appointments, pointing out america is the only major constitutional democracy in the world that has neither a retirement age nor a fixed term of years for its high court justices. and then the committee on the january 6th attack is looking to hold bannon in contempt if he doesn't responsibility to the subpoena. trump and his associates made a
6:45 am
practice of ignoring practical and legal norms and paid little price for it. what if bannon just keeps saying no? if congress has the legal right to force him to testify but he doesn't, that comes down to a bottom line of who has more power, the congress of the united states or steve bannon? we will find out next week. a judge says former president trump has to give a deposition over another attack by security guards outside trump tower before he was president. this is video of a previous deposition before he was president. and then trump fired the former acting director of the fbi a few hours before mccabe was to retire. trump told our lester holt he fired comey because comey was look into his connections with russia. we are watching everything
6:46 am
happening in washington, and we are talking about it on social media. on twitter you can find me @scottmcgrew. sorry to keep reminding you all, we all know what happened last night at the giants game, and i am here to tell you that call is something fans will forever wonder, what if? fans leaving oracle last night not too happy about that. many of them disappointed and even mad. outside the stadium, look at this, this was afterwards. it got tense there, and there were violent situations. you can see somebody on the ground right there, a man walks up to that person -- we're freezing the video here because our crew says the giants fan kicked the dodgers fan in the head. police have not given us an
6:47 am
update on the person in the handcuffs. one-eighth grader from staffford school in pleasanton created a new app designed to determine unhealthy air quality in specific locations. it calculates the index in different areas by comparing indoor and outdoor air quality sensors. you can download the app in the apple app store. adele is out with a new song and music video for the first time since 2015. let's take a listen together. >> very reminiscent of some of hour past songs. beautiful. during the instagram live earlier this week, adele gave fans an idea of what her new album would be about.
6:48 am
>> what is my album going to be based on? divorce, babe, divorce. >> adele has recently gone through a divorce, lost some weight, and "30" will be released on the 30th. 30 is the age she recorded. >> yeah. >> i'm going to get it. also, classic halloween thriller back in time for the spooky season. >> you and alison should not have to keep running. evil dies tonight. >> it's the new installment in the halloween franchise. as you can imagine, the deadly cycle begins begin, and it follows fan favorite jamie lee
6:49 am
curtis. she and her family will be, no doubt, tormented by michael meyers. you can watch the "halloween kills" on our streaming download on peacock. meteorologist, kari hall, you have a look at the weather. >> yeah, a lot of changes headed our way. starting out clear with a beautiful sunrise, and for now good air quality. we will see that changing today as we start to see smoke coming in by late morning into the afternoon. this smoke drifting up from southern california into the alisal fire that continues to burn with little containment. unfortunately that will have an impact on us, as we get a look warming today, 85 in livermore, and 85 in santa rosa. as you look at the 7-day
6:50 am
forecast at the bottom of the screen, yeah, a big cooldown headed our way by sunday. looking ahead we are going to see some summer-like temperatures in the near term, and then we see the potential of rain further to the north. this is all with a cold front that for the most part the rain just kind of falls apart as it moves in. there could be spotty showers in parts of the north bay. we are dry to the start of the week, and then another system comes in right behind that and brings in a chance of some rain. now, taking a look at what we're seeing as far as our overall weather pattern, and even looking ahead. now, noaa is saying la nina officially develops, and so a lot of times with the la nina the storm track stays to the north of us, then we see the pacific blob that stays out there, and overall la nina means we see cooler than normal waters at the ectoral pacific.
6:51 am
right now we are seeing the cooling of the sea surface temperatures and that does not look good for the overall rain out look for the upcoming months, because we are already in a mega drought right now. we are at the highest level at the exceptional drought right now, and with the la nina developing once again, that could keep the rain away from the bay area. we could see lower than normal amounts of rainfall over the next several months. we'll be watching that. we know that already these storm systems have been drying up, and that looks to continue as our temperatures go from the mid-80s to the mid-60s next week. we could see spotty showers in san francisco on sunday. mike, you were watching a crash now in san francisco? >> yeah, that might affect the bay bridge metering lights. i saw more backup, and there's still movement there, and movement across the span, and a crash at the fremont street could be affecting folks for a
6:52 am
few minutes. slow for richmond bridge. slow for highway 4. typical spots, and typical friday light, but atypical, a jam at the golf course closure. everything south of the bay bridge is clear. san jose starts a little build on 87. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening now, order up. restaurant week kicking off in san francisco. it's to help struggling dining spots make it through the pandemic, and it's the third restaurant week this year. 160 restaurants taking part and offering fixed price menus. a quick look at the top stories this morning, including moving forward without masks. two bay area counties waking up with scaled back mask mandates. a lot of people displaced after
6:53 am
two fires just miles apart. we're back in two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is 6:55 right now. welcome back. we're moving you forward this morning with a look at our top stories on "today in the bay," including breaking news we're covering in the south bay. >> two house fires a few miles apart leaving a lot of people needing somewhere to live, but
6:56 am
there was one injury and it was a minor injury. kris sanchez is live near the fires. what are firefighters saying? >> there was definitely damage to the two homes involved in the fires, and neighbors were knocking on doors and helping each other get out in addition to the smoke detectors. one fire spread in the outdoor kitchen area, and one person slipped and fell while getting out but there was no fire-related injuries. just hours before, the same firefighters were at this fire here. this fire started outside the home in a structure in the back of the property, the main home granny units were destroyed. there are several families being assisted now by the red cross. >> thank you, kris. new scaled back mask
6:57 am
mandates take affect in san francisco and marin. bob redell joins us live in marin this morning. this is all case by case, right, bob? >> correct. it's not for all indoor locations. you are still going to have to wear a mask in places like stores and restaurants, and if you are a student, k through 12, you still have to wear a mask there. starting here in marin and across the bridge in san francisco, take a look at your tv screen. you no longer have to wear a mask inside offices, gyms, indoor college classes and religious gatherings as long as you are fully vaccinated and there are no more than 100 people inside, and there must be proper ventilation, and no recent covid outbreaks at that location, and no kids under 12 since they are not vaccinated. >> bob, thank you. happening today, a fourth
6:58 am
straight day of testimony in the holmes criminal fraud trial. yesterday jurors heard testimony from walgreens former chief financial officer that said he used the term magical and intriguing to describe the theranos blood testing machines. also taking the stand, a theranos lab director that testified he worked no more than ten hours total during the seven months he was employed at theranos. developing in southern california, strong winds continue to fan the flames where the alisal fire has grown to more than 16,000 acres. containment is just at 5%. highway 101 north of goleta is still closed. >> we will see some smoke coming in. our temperatures are heading up, so we will see mainly highs in our inland areas reaching into
6:59 am
the low 80s, and mid-80s tomorrow and by the end of the weekend there will be a cooldown with mid-70s in the forecast. we'll be watching rain to see if we can get closer here to the bay area, but looks like it's for the north bay and near the coast, so san francisco may see spotty showers on sunday and then cooler next week. mike, you were watching that breaking news and what is the update? >> more slowing because more folks are hitting the road. southbound 101 down to one lane, and the golf course exit closed because of damage, but no injuries reported. you can the northbound 101 if you need to. if you are heading here, it's international giants orange. >> yeah, we lost a bet to the
7:00 am
l.a. station, so dodger blue. >> and we look good in blue. >> yeah, we've always got next year. >> yeah, next year, here we come. get ready. that does it for us. it has been a great week. thanks for being part of our week. "today" show is coming up next. have a great weekend. good morning. breaking overnight, bill clinton good morning. breaking overnight, bill clinton hospitalized. the former president in intensive care recovering from an infection not covid related, first admitted three days ago. straight ahead, what his doctors are saying about his recovery, why his infection could have been much worse and the overnight ages of hillary clinton at his bedside. a live report from the hospital, straight ahead. shot in the arm. >> we do have a unanimous 19 out of 19 yes votes. >> an fda panel recommending a booster dose for millions of americans who received the moderna vaccine.
7:01 am
this morning, who is eligible, the timeline and


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