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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 15, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you are nursing, pregnant or plan to be. every day matters. and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. breaking right now at 4:30, fire crews in san jose had a chaotic and busy night. moving you forward and back to normal. lifting indoor mask mandates in certain instances. a sad ending from our giants. we will hear from players and giants as the giants' magical season comes to a gut-wrenching end. this is "today in the bay." >> a little while from watching
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that game, but we're here. good friday morning to you. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. yes, you see we are all wearing blue, not because we all look good in blue, but we lost a bet with "today in l.a.," our sister station. now we have to stay it. >> let's go dodgers. >> we're still proud of our giants, as well. we'll be back next year. >> watch out. >> let's get a look at bay area here with the details for us. >> yes, literally blue this morning. let's get a look at our commute as you head out in the tri-valley this morning. our temperatures starting out chilly. we're in the upper 40s right now and we will stay there through 5:00, and 8:00, we see the temperatures at about 50
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degrees, and then slowly starting to warm up as we go into today. it will be warmer reach into the mid-80s. livermore 80s. we are going to have a warm start to the weekend, and then cool off so we'll talk more about all of that in a few minutes. >> i would rather they be wearing orange, but golden gate bridge, getting ready for the morning commute. everything moving smoothly. in the north bay we have a deer that was hit. now for the next couple of manys so watch out for that early morning before there's much traffic. for now, back to you. >> we want to get to the breaking news that we are following in san jose. we have been following that while you have been sleeping. two different fires have
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firefighters rush into action. a courtyard had several sheds on fire, and crews had challenges as the fire spread very quickly. at least five people without a home right now. the cause of that fire is under investigation. less than two hours later crews were called to a home on park johnson place. apparently a fire started outside of a two story home there, and then went to the roof. we will have a live report coming up at 5:30. we are following developing news. former president bill clinton in a southern california hospital this morning. he's been there since tuesday night but we are just getting the details now. he was hospitalized at uc
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irvine. it's not related to a covid infection. he has been consulting with his primary physicians in new york where he lives, and they hope to release the former president, soon. today is the day where you can get red 83 to ditch that mask at least in some places. san francisco and marin counties are easing some mask mandates. everybody must be fully vaccinated with no more than 100 people inside. bob redell will break down the updated rules. not just san francisco and marin, but contra costa county is pinpointing when it will lift some of the mask requirements. those are controlled spaces where everybody is fully vaccinated and not open to the general public.
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contra costa is making the move as covid hospitalizations and case rates continue to survive. it still stings and might sting for months now, the giants' magical moment coming to an end. >> there was more to the game than just one play, of course. and anthony flores is breaking it down for us this morning. >> a historic season comes to a heartbreaking and disappointing end. the giants lose to the dodgers in game five. rockland native, webb gets to work. down 1-0 in the sixth, and ruff
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ties the game at one. runners on first and second, and then cody belanger, a single to right center, and turner scores giving the dodgers a 2-1 lead. down to the final strike in the ninth, and flores with a check swing is called strike three by the first base umpire, and doesn't look like he goes all the way around in the replay, but that's the ball game. >> more hits than us, and i think we had players were in really good positions to succeed tonight and they did in many ways, and it's just in baseball, it's what happens when they just beat us. >> 107 wins, most in the franchise's history, and it's something to be proud of. obviously would have liked to win the game and went on, but it was a great year all in all.
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>> you heard buster posey, 107 wins during the regular season. a lot to be proud of, but disappointment after losing game 5 and watching the dodger celebrate on their home field. >> we are proud of them. >> we sure are. feel like giving them all hugs. >> next year! we have got this next year. >> okay, let's go niners, sharks, warriors. let's go outside, shall we, and check the forecast with kari. >> yes, it's a chilly start to our morning with our temperatures head into the upper 40s right now in parts of the north bay. we're at 46 degrees in morgan hill, and 49 in san jose. it's 50 as you are stepping out in livermore. as we look at the temperature trend, chilly start right now at 46 degrees. the winds have calmed down after some high wind gusts yesterday,
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and then we will start to warm up today with a mostly sunny sky. it will start to feel more like summer. we're back. we are seeing the temperatures in san rafael heading up to 84 degrees, 82 in hayward and 86 today in morgan hill. even warmer tomorrow. mike, how is it looking now for the morning commute? >> golden gate bridge all the way down to the south bay 101 moving smoothly along the peninsula. no major issues aside from the closure here for 84, and that's closed through the alvarado niles area, and 680 is your alternate. no wind on the bridges, said, and yesterday was similar but we had more winds showing pup up.
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more options at mcdonald's. the golden arches finely joining the trend of meatless burgers. where and when you can find it. the new feature tinder is offering to help some find a date around the holidays. ha.
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it's 4:41. as we are stepping out early in
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san jose, right now temperatures at about 52 degrees and we'll see our temperatures in the low 50s over the next few hours. by the time you head to the farmer's market at around 11:00, very comfortable, upper 60s and warmer today. we will get a look at all of what is going on around the bay area, coming up in a few minutes. over here in san francisco, the headlights on the upper deck at that point. checking in with savala. >> wall street set to open higher, the dow jumping more than 500 points, and the s&p 500 posted its best day since march on the back of stronger earnings with bank of america. reports on retail sales, and import prices and consumer sentiment.
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mcdonald's will start testing its plant-based mcplant burger in texas, iowa, louisiana and california. the test will run for a limited time as long as supplies last, starting november 3rd. it is already available in some countries including sweden, denmark and the uk. tinder wants to help you find a date to your best friend's wedding. the dating app has a plus one feature allowing you to indicate if you are looking for a date or something else. the profile plus one 45%. >> you don't have for
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that? >> not everybody, marcus. no, not everybody. >> happy friday, and thank you. >> sure. have a great weekend. >> never thought about that. >> you need to stop thinking about it. coming up on "today in the bay," we are tracking that weekend forecast for you. meteorologist, kari hall, is here with more. >> you do need a buddy to go on a hike with, and it's going to be a nice start to the morning. mild temperatures, and it will be warming up in the east bay. low 80s this afternoon. we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up. you need one or two more for carpooling, and that's a separate story. more on that coming up. and introducing you to a latino film making making sure
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here we go, friday. good morning to you. it's friday morning. a live look out at san francisco. skyline looking a little hazy out there this morning, but, hey, will shape up to be a nice one. >> even the city is a little tired this morning after watching that game last night. but things will clear up and get warm again, kari? >> yeah, going to feel like summer for a couple days.
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we have a return of a lot of the issues we have seen this summer, too. we'll talk about in that a second. once again, that fog is out there, and it will look clear as the south bay heads to the upper 80s. east san jose, 87 degrees, and 86 in los gatos. in the east bay, 86 in walnut creek, up to 80. for the coastline, mid-70s. it's going to be a really nice day out at the beach, reaching 74 in half moon bay, and 74 in the outer sunset. now, of course, as we deal with the warmer air, we are also going to have to deal with the hazy sky. the smoke that is going to be coming in today actually coming in from the alisal fire in southern california. we have a southerly wind and boost in temperatures and
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moderate air quality for parts of the south bay and east bay today. it doesn't look like it makes it into the north bay, but we are dealing with, once again, the air quality issues like we did most of the summer. as we go into the weekend, we will see a system sweeping in on sunday and this will help drop our temperatures and improve the air quality and maybe bring showers to the north of us, but most of us won't get in on the rain chance. in fact, for parts of the north bay we only see a slight chance and then there will be another system right behind that that will bring in cooler temperatures on wednesday. that's going to reinforce the cool air. take a look at morgan hill, a sharp drop-off in temperatures on sunday, and we're only in the mid-60s for monday's high temperature. once again, we will see another round of cooler temperatures so it will be much more chilly heading into next weekend. i think this is the weekend for maybe that one last swim, a dip
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in the pool or going to the beach. we will see temperatures in mid to upper 80s in some spots, and low 70s for sunday and upper 60s for monday, and then for san francisco, we're also going to see those temperatures coming up for a little bit, and then back down, back into the 60s from sunday into much of the rest of next week. mike, heading on the roads, seeing any issues for the commute? >> the winds much calmer than previous days this week, and we have the closure, of course, for alvarado niles for another 15 minutes or so in that area on 84. over here, vasco shows up green. so does most of 580 out of the altamont pass. friday, a lighter flow, and definitely at 4:50. it's only 16 minutes from marsh creek road to 580, which is
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moving well. we usually see that. highway 4, no slowing, no problems, off the antioch bridge in towards 242 and concord, and that's typically one of the first areas you see slowing. the bay bridge, nothing has happened as far ass in incidents. we see overall that flow and that beautiful view of the city. yeah, we're not so happy this morning, but it's friday, so there you go. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 4:50 right now. a south bay mother accused of throwing out-of-control parties for underaged students will be extradited next week. in los gatos she faces dozens of charges. that's where she would host teenagers at her home providing
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alcohol while extremely drunk, and then encourage them to have sex. curtis mcfarland that you see right here is accused of stealing a car yesterday in san jose, and later stabbing a man on hillsdale avenue when he tried to steal a man's phone. he then stole another car and then rammed a cyclists. all victims are expected to be okay. and then yesterday jurors heard more testimony from walgreens' former chief financial officer. prosecutors also showed another series of texts between holmes and another therano director.
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we have beenic heritage monf culture and heritage pass on through stories. >> kris sanchez shows us she's doing it in spanish, english and spapbglish. >> how did you know your finance was the one? >> sorry -- >> this is love and quarantine. it's a digital series, the passion project in watsonville. >> it's comedy, it's covid, and it's spapbglish, and it has a lot of us, of me, and my friends who are also working on it. >> she's also working on a
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documentary on mexico where she was born. >> growing up, it was hard. it still is hard to see characters that look like us on the screen. maybe we see a few, or there's a lot of -- or you see the characters, but they don't portray us in the right way. and at the same time, maybe there's no right way to portray us, because there are so many of us and we are also different. >> she has changed that challenge into a strength in videos for non-profits. >> when i go and film stories about the undocumented community or immigrant community, like, when i go home i don't disconnect from this, i go home to this. >> while it's challenging to find areas with her bilingual
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work -- >> i get to be behind the computer putting the stories together. >> just because hispanic heritage month is ending, doesn't mean the celebration ends here. go to month. yeah, developments overnight in a small plane crash east of the bay area, and the quick thinking from bystanders to help save victims. first, happening now. order up. san francisco week is kicking off, and this is the third restaurant week this year. 160 restaurants offering options for indoor and outdoor dining, takeout as well as delivery. eat up.
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developing this morning in sacramento county, four people seriously injured after a small plane crashed near a private air shift. this happened yesterday afternoon near elk grove. one witness said it crashed in the front yard of a home and been bursts into a home. a woman, two boys and a man were helped from the aircraft and are now listed in critical condition. fire crews very busy overnight dealing with two fires just miles apart.
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he breathes...
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he kills.... [ screams ] he dies, tonight. breaking right now at 5:00, fire crews in san jose very busy overnight. firefighters rushing in to two different scenes with homes in flames. life without masks. two bay area counties waking up with the mask mandates. we have details. and we will hear from the players and fans, talk a little bit about what everybody is calling a bad call. makes the loss to the dodgers a little rougher this morning. this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i am


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