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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 15, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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now, let me fill you guys in this is where i come out and i tell seth to get out because we use the same studio for "the amber ruffin show." tomorrow on peacock. so, repeat after me. seth, get out! >> seth, get out >> seth: you turned them against me >> yay >> seth: stay safe, get vaccinated we love you. >> we love -- we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ it wasn't what giants fans were hoping for. their historic season comes to an end. the giants, yep, and the fans reacting to that
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controversial call that ended the game and the season. plus. >> get ready to ditch your mask at certain venues. contra costa county is loosening mask rules sooner than expected. get ready for the booster shot. a critical meeting happening tomorrow morning. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. it still stings and it might sting for months. the giants magical season comes to a crashing end. two things to keep in mind here. yes, there was a controversial ending but there was more to this game than one play. here it is, the play that will haunt giants fans for a long time. bottom of the ninth inning, the first base ump calls the strike three. wilmer flores did not appear to swing. the game is over, not the way you want to end this season or any season. we did have a champagne
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celebration, but it's the dodgers in the visiting clubhouse that are celebrating, advancing to the national league championship series. they win tonight 2-1. the fans leaving oracle park, of course, disappointed, heart broken and really just mad. 42,000 fans and the rest of us watching on tv. nbc bay area's anthony flores joins us from oracle park. anthony, we've seen a lot of things on that field, but nothing quite like this. >> that's right, and right now in that locker room, the players shock and disappointment. you know, jus giants/dodgers postseason series would go down to the wire. unlike the regular season, this time it ends in heart break for the orange and black. let's take a look at the highlights and a packed house for the nlds. it was a winner take all game five at oracle park after falling behind 1-0, the giants get on the board in the bottom
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of the 6. darin ruf crushes one to center. game tied 1-1. it would stay that way until the top of the ninth with runners on first and second. codi bellinger, justin turner scores giving the dodgers a 2-1 lead. wilmer flores with a checked swing called a strike three by the first base umpire. he doesn't go, doesn't look like a swing. dodgers beat the giants and win the series three games to two after giants' manager was asked if it was a strike. >> it looked like it didn't go. that was my take on it. obviously you don't want a game to end that way. i know these guys work really hard to make the right call, so it's super challenging on our end. especially right now. there's no need to, you know, be angry about that. i just think it's just a
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disappointing way to end. >> he also said he tips his cap to the dodgers because they pitched great in this game and throughout the series. in the end they just beat them. we'll have play reaction coming up later live in sports. live at oracle park in san francisco, anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> gabe capler is a class act. cheryl hurd also at oracle park. we have to appreciate this great season the giants had. >> reporter: you do. but, raj, it is so sad out here right now. all the fans are gone. probably at home by now. many of them leaving in disgust. now, losing is one thing, but losing the way the giants did tonight makes it even tougher. >> it was like a half swing and maybe it didn't need to be called. >> reporter: the dodgers beat the giants in a questionable way. the final out called by the umpire on a checked swing.
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giants fans in silence. >> a great they did an awesome job, yes, thank you. >> reporter: but you're sad? >> sad, but still, go giants. waiting for next season. >> reporter: not a lot of screaming and shouting. some trying to keep their game face on. many fans in this section not even aware of how the game ended. >> last time we had panic we didn't panic. we won the thing. we got the half, it's so tough. we don't get it. we gonna get it next year. >> reporter: this year was an historic one. the giants, the best team in baseball, losing to their arch rivals in their own backyard. in this low-scoring game, the fans had hope. >> what are you going to do? two best teams in the league played, and they got us. what are you going to do? i hated that it's in our backyard. but the dodgers are good. >> reporter: the dodgers are good, but so are the giants.
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it's just so unfortunate how they had to lose tonight. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, we've both been around the block, we've been on both sides of these type of wins and losses. cheryl hurd from the ballpark tonight. our coverage isn't over. anthony flores is going to rejoin us from oracle park before those lights go out with more post game reaction and the bay area history about the ump who made that controversial call. that's later in this newscast. we are following some developing news at this hour. former president clinton is in a southern california hospital this evening. he's been there since tuesday night, but we are now just getting the details. he was hospitalized on tuesday, uc irvine with an unknown illness. a spokesperson said it's non-covid related. it's an infection, but non-covid related. doctors at uc irvine say he was given antibiotics and fluids and he is responding well. they have been consulting with his primary physicians in new
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york where he lives. they hope to release president clinton very soon. well, get ready to ditch that mask. san francisco and marin counties are easing some mask mandates beginning tomorrow. no more masks are required inside offices, gyms, indoor college classrooms and religious gatherings. to be allowed, though, inside those places without a mask, you've got to be fully vaccinated with no more than 100 people inside. an interesting change of plans for contra costa county. yesterday the county announced it would loosen all mask rules in january. but now cocoa county is saying it will happen november 1st. so why the change of heart? here's nbc bay area's sergio quintana. >> reporter: at formula 3 fitness in lafayette, the last class of the evening wraps up and manager instructor benji simonton almost immediately starts breaking down the outdoor workout space. they've been holding most gym classes outside most of the
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pandemic. the the decision in contra costa county is welcome news as the days are getting longer. >> we'll deal with that. if they can go inside and everybody is fully vaccinated, we don't have to wear masks, i'm excited. >> reporter: he says they'll move half of their classes inside when the new rules kick in november 1st. to be on the safe side, they'll keep the tent and other half of their classes outside. >> this is a much more limited opening. >> reporter: county supervisor john joya says the rules they are adopting are familiar. >> this is similar to the limited openings in marin and san francisco. and it's being done because we are seeing a decrease in cases and hospitalizations so we're making good progress. >> reporter: gyms, churches, classrooms and other venues with fewer than 100 people and controlled access where everyone has been verified they are vaccinated will be allowed to lift the mask mandate. supervisor gioia says he hopes
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the limiting of masking rules will help ease pressure on some businesses and in sintive eyes mask mandate. >> i would probably wait till after the holidays because i think there's going to be a lot of people taking liberties with it right now. >> reporter: and supervisor john gioa said all areas adopting in the bay area contra costa could see their rules change in the holidays. he said contra costa county is making progress. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. bart is requiring making more than 4,000 of bart's employees consultants and contractors to be vaccinated by december 13th. right now an estimated 800 bart employees are not vaccinated.
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>> we have already had problems with train service due to covid leave. so any time somebody gets covid or through contact tracing, we realize that they need to quarantine. we've had issues with running trains, and so there have been a lot of canceled trains already, and it continues to be a problem. >> bart's general manager says he'll begin multiple conversations by the deadline in mid december and potential consequence 23u choose not to get vaccinated. pfizer has been approved. moderna is on the verge and tomorrow johnson & johnson will be discussed by an fda safety panel. so what needs to happen before that j&j booster shot is available to the public? here's nbc bay area's ian cull. >> reporter: with pfizer already approved, tonight moderna making a major step toward authorization for its booster. the fda advisory panel is recommending it for those 65 and older, and others at higher risk
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of severe disease because of health conditions or exposure at their job. >> i think we all expected that their job was going to be prescribed as high risk. the question is did the science appear to justify such a decision. >> reporter: in its documents, moderna argued the fda should authorize for six months after the second dose citing waning immunity over time. the fda notes without a booster vaccines still afford protection against severe covid vaccine disease and death in the united states. >> we have a message for at-risk groups. the group i'm most worried about is 65 and older. >> reporter: ucsf infectious disease doctor says for those worried about a time line, it is still okay to get one eight, even ten months out. >> it is following the pattern of many vaccines we give. mmr, they all have like a couple of shots in the beginning like within a month. and then you wait a few months,
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and then you get another shot. >> reporter: nearly 70 million americans are vaccinated with moderna and the same group who qualified for the pfizer booster can get one once the cdc gives the green light. tomorrow the fda advisory panel weighs boosters for the one-shot j&j vaccine. they'll also debate whether to allow mixing and matching vaccines and boosters. a new study from the n.i.h. found that practice is safe and effective. ian cull, nbc bay area news. once the moderna booster gets the final go ahead from the fda and cdc, nearly 70 million americans who got that shot will be able to get another dose. but it will only be half of the original dose, 50 micrograms. in comparison, people getting the pfizer booster will get the same dosage as the original shot and that's 30 micrograms. when it comes time for you to get your booster shot, you'll have to add it to your vaccine record. our consumer investigator chris chmura shows you how even if you lost your original vaccine card.
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just head to the los gatos mom accused of hosting the drufrpger sex parties for 14 and 15-year-olds will be extradited to the bay area next week. shannon o'connor also known as shannon south bay with sheriff deputies, she will stand before a santa clara county judge. she faces 39 charges. prosecutors say o'connor would host young teenagers, provide them with alcohol until they were drunk, and then encourage them to have sex even if the girls were unconscious. her husband is a tech executive at pleasanton based slash next. on leave because of a family drama, we're back in 60 seconds with the fallout impacting several bay area police departments and the response from the police chief at the center of it all.
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and the flames rage on. how the new fire burning in santa barbara county could impact us here in the bay area. rob. >> and plan on a chilly start to tomorrow morning, but 80s will be in reach for parts of the bay area as we head into the weekend. plus weekend shower chances also in that the search is on for three people accused of stabbing a skateboarder last night in pleasant hill. it happened near the
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intersection of putnam and oak park boulevard. that's right near poet's corner. police say the people inside the car threw eggs at the skateboarders. one of the skaters threw something back. that's when three people got out of the car, chased the skater down and stabbed him a number of times. the skateboarder is in stable condition. the suspects took off towards walnut creek. anyone with surveillance video along putnam that may have captured the incident is asked to call pleasanton -- pleasant hill police. oakland police want you to take a good look at the car in this video. there it is right there. they believe the driver is the suspect in the shooting death of a 15-year-old girl. the car appears to be an early 2000 edition silver honda accord. police say she was riding in a car with her uncle on october 6th when someone in another car started shooting. investigators believe it began as a case of road rage. young was oakland's 109th homicide of the year.
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well, this is a twisted family drama. this family happens to be pillars of the community. richmond's police chief is on paid administrative leave tonight following a chaotic chain of events involving her 18-year-old daughter and a man accused of pimping her out. >> a how does a mother deal with something like this? >> reporter: it's a family crisis spilling out in public and caught in the crosshairs. richmond's top cop chief bisa french and her his band lee french who are both on leave. the two are parents to an rain says the 18-year-old was a straight-a student until she got caught up with a 33-year-old man named oho mcnair, accused of being her pimp. >> we have a parent who loves her daughter and has set high standards for her daughter and has seen her daughter grow through the first 17 years of
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her life as an outstanding person, smart and motivated to succeed, only to meet this guy and to have her mind turned and completely taken over by this guy. >> reporter: last week court records from contra costa county showed the 18-year-old filed a domestic violence restraining order against her parents. and there's more potential legal trouble stemming from an incident in september. attorney mike rains confirms chief french and her husband visited mcnair's mother at her home in vallejo. >> there were certainly pleas, anguished pleas by both parents to the mother for her son to return their daughter. >> reporter: rains says mcnair's mother told police the couple made violent threats against her. rains says the couple denies that. as for mcnair, authorities say he was arrested by u.s. marshals this week for human trafficking
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and pimping asking currently sitting in a jail cell in santa rita. >> i think she's a great chief. she's doing a great job. >> reporter: the court will take up the restraining order filed by chief french's daughter. in the meantime, assistant police chief tarona will serve as the police chief of the richmond department. that's the latest in richmond, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. theal um rock school district in san jose says it is ready to take another major step after trying to stop the spread of covid. beginning monday it will offer to test every student once a week at no charge. parents have to opt in for their kids to be tested. the goal is to catch any new cases as quickly as possible, especially asymptomatic cases. a major overhaul is upped way on how wildfire damage is assessed and it could be a game changer for all of us. when the 2018 camp fire in butte county burned thousands of
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homes, assessing the damage was done manually, taking weeks to complete. well, two cal poly professors, their students and stanford ph.d. candidates have come up with something called the damage map. it uses a.i., artificial intelligence and aerial photos to do the job. red buildings are damaged. you see there on the map, green buildings are safe. results could take days and not weeks. well, gusty winds continue to fan the flames down south in santa barbara county. the alisal fire has grown to 16,000 acres. tonight it is still at 5% containment. 101 remains shutdown. there's a chance the winds from those fires down in santa barbara could blow some of the smoke from this fire towards the bay area tomorrow. and for that let's bring in rob maeda. what is the chances even in the south bay may be getting some of that smoke from down south? >> i think the odds are pretty high. we're going to see the wind change direction as you mention, raj, out of the south. which even though that fire is burning near the santa barbara
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coast, during the day tomorrow moderate levels of smoke pollution may come up the central coast enough that you will begin to notice the hazy skies especially if you're in the inland east bay or south bay, coastal areas, too. we'll see moderate air quality for friday, and maybe into saturday before the sea breeze and the on shore winds push more smoke out of the bay area. right now we've got 59 degrees in san jose. some areas dropping into the 40s for the morning. 57 in san francisco right now. and over to the tri-valley, we've got 55 degrees. no wind. we've finally dropped all the red flag warnings across northern california, and near the bay area. and from here, temperatures are going to start off pretty chilly again tomorrow morning. so a nice coat through about let's say 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow morning, waking up to 40s and 50s. look at the highs tomorrow. 76 in san francisco. 80 in oakland. 83 in san jose. mid-'80s around the tri valley and two weekend days,
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saturday clearly the warmer of the two weekend days. once you look at sunday's highs, big drop in temperatures. down into the 60s and 70s. sea breeze is going to pickup. we're going to see increase in clouds which leads to the first chance of we think about three chances next week we could be seeing some showers. the first up will come sunday evening, a weakening system there. very likely around sundown sunday, you may see a few light showers. up here around the north bay. santa rosa towards ukiah. sonoma, mendocino counties seeing the best chance of showers to wrap up the weekend. then we'll see another similar system coming in tuesday to wednesday. that's the second chance but the best chance of all of these probably coming up towards next weekend as you see the storms trying to drop a bit farther to the south. so if this were to verify over the next 7 to 10 days, projections are here especially from sonoma county up to the north coast, we could be talking about finally some significant
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rainfall in the 70 ten-day outlook. in the meantime, warm temperatures to start the weekend. a few sprinkles possible sunday evening. a few showers to wrap up the weekend, a cooler finish and active weather possibly opening the storm door more widely open end of next weekend. pea we love the rain coming in. we were supposed to have a giants/a's game. thanks. sfo's promise as they work to go green. happening now, if you filed for a tax extension, the clock is ticking for you to get in your returns. this year the irs once again extended the deadline to may because of the pandemic. and for those who filed an extension, the dea
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here's a live look at washington, d.c. where president biden signed into law a bill raising the country's debt limit until early december. the move delays the possibility of a federal default that could have led to economic disaster. this comes after the house passed the $480 billion increase in the country's borrowing ceiling. the senate approved it last week. treasury secretary janet yellen had warned that the u.s. would hit its borrowing let's also take a live look
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at sfo tonight. today the airport took a big step towards combatting climate change. it is pledging to phase out fossil fuels. sfo joined dozens of aviation companies worldwide in supporting a plan to move the entire industry to net zero emissions by 2050. that's when activists say fossil jet fuel could be replaced by sustainable aviation fuels, and aircrafts propelled by hydrogen or electric batteries. all right. up next, back to oracle park. we'll hear from the players and the reaction from the umpire who ma
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bla. >> there goes the chant. george kittle and trey lance there on the left. some 49ers love at the giants game tonight. unfortunately, though, they just couldn't beat l.a. all sorts of v.i.p.'s at china basin. hello to barry bonds, the captain in the house. brendan bell's hat. klay thompson's hat. that's steph curry and ayesha curry. draymond green also sitting there in the back. let's get back to anthony flores who rejoins us from the field. anthony, gabe morales the umpire released a statement. checked swings is the hardest call we have. i thought he went. that the' the base ump who, by the way, grew up in the south bay and went to santa teresa high school. what do you have? >> unfortunately there were 42,000 fans at oracle park who would disagree. an historic season ends in disappointment and heart break. the dodgers beat the giants in
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game five of the nlds. more than 42,000 fans packed the house at oracle park for winner take-all game. rockland native logan webb getting the start on the bump. the strike-out to end the third inning, he gave up one run while striking out seven in seven solid innings of work. down 1-0 in the sixth, darin ruf goes on a power trip. that's the straight away center. 452 feet, game tied 1-1, it would stay that way until the top of the ninth with runners on first and second. codi bellinger. giving the dodgers a 2-1 lead. down to their final strike in the ninth, wilmer flores with the checked swing. it's called strike three by the third base umpire. doesn't look like he goes all wait around when you see the replay. that's it, that's the ball game. dodgers beat the giants 2-1. they win the series 3 games to 2 ending the giants' magical season.
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>> more hits than us, i think we had players were in really good position to succeed tonight. they did in many ways. and this is baseball. it's what happens. they just beat us. >> 107 wins most in the franchise, franchise's history. something to really be proud of. obviously would have liked to win this game and been moving on. but it was a great year all in all. >> you heard buster. 107 wins during the regular season. a lot to be proud of. but tonight disappointment after losing game 5 and having to watch the dodgers celebrate on their home field. live at oracle park in san francisco, anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> what a great seaso
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well, to say the least it was a memorable night around the bay area. that's going to do it for us this thursday night. we made it to friday. we'll see you tomorrow. thanks for joi breaking news tonight on covid booster shots for potentially millions of americans. the fda advisory panel endorsing a plan to offer a half dose of moderna's vaccine as a booster. who would be eligible and how soon it comes with another decision looming on johnson & johnson boosters what you need to know. also tonight 10,000 workers walking off the job at john deere plants across the u.s. the largest private sector strike in years. what they're demanding. and the labor dispute that could grind hollywood to a halt. the dramatic twist involving alex murdaugh. the new charges the south carolina attorney faces and how it is linked to the death of his family's housekeeper
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the panel investigating the january 6th riot pursuing criminal contempt charges against trump ally steve bannon after he denied a subpoena what it means for the former trump advisers they want to talk to. just in, the sentence handed down for millionaire and convicted murderer robert durst. our nbc news exclusive. what a texas school administrator said about books about the holocaust that left teachers outraged. you'll hear the secretly recorded audio and ready for holiday deals? best buy's ceo on why black friday is starting earlier than ever this year . this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, everyone further acknowledging covid vaccines while incredibly effective lose some of their punch over time, an fda safety panel has just given its endorsement to booster shots for many americans who were fully vaccinated with a two-dose moderna vaccine. it is not the final word


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