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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  October 14, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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thanks for joining us. >> pfizer has been approved. next up is moderna. moderna's booster shots are a step closer after an fda advisory panel recommended emergency authorization late today for certain vulnerable
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groups. also today the president with the latest update. >> we have a unanimous 19 out of 19 yes votes. >> today an fda advisory panel unanimously recommending emergency authorization of a half dose booster shot for the moderna vaccine. if the cdc scenes off, the third shot would be available for people age 65 and up as well as adults at high risk for disease and those who are frequently ek posed at work. today's recommendation is similar to last month's green light for pfizer boosters. six months after a second dose and comes even though a new study from the cdc shows moderna's effectiveness has held up better over time. earlier today, president biden credited vaccine mandates for helping drive down covid cases. >> case rates are declining in 39 states and hospital ratesg i. >> reporter: 66 million eligible americans are still
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unvaccinated, but that's down from 97 million in july when federal requirements started rolling out. the president thanked private employers for adopting their own mandates as his administration works to finalize an order requiring vaccines or frequent testing for companies with 100 or more workers. >> every day we see more businesses implementing vaccination requirements and the mounting data shows that they work. >> reporter: president biden also stressing the need to keep schools safely open as federal regulators prepare to debate vaccines for children age 5 to 11. the president says his administration has already bought enough doses to go around. tomorrow the fda advisory panel weighs boosters for the one shot johnson & johnson vaccine. also up for debate whether to allow mixing and matching like getting a pfizer booster after two moderna shots. a new study from the national institutes of health found that practice is safe and effective.
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in washington alice barr nbc news. steve bannon former aide to president trump may be found guilty of contempt of congress. bannon defied a subpoena from the congressional committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. he also failed to provide documents by last week's deadline. the panel votes tuesday on whether to send contempt charge to the full house and if approved the charge goes to the justice department which will decide whether to prosecutor him. president trump is skej skej -- scheduled to give a video deposition in a lawsuit against him. it goes back to when he descended on the trump tower escalator to announce his run for president. he made negative comments on mexico and mexican immigrants in the speech that followed. six protesters upset at the language later protested outside trump tower and claimed they were assaulted by trump's security personnel. the former president will answer those allegations on monday. >> as for mr. trump and his current political status he is
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very much a force. he still is. but is he in play for 2024, the election? yesterday he warned that republicans won't vote in the upcoming elections even 2022 but that message has been removed from the website for his political action committee. the post has been replaced and now reads the page cannot be found. the message had said if we don't solve the presidential election fraud of 2020, republicans will not be voting in 2022 or 2024. let's bring in our political analyst larry gerston. start big picture here. in 2024 right around the corner how much weight does the former president still carry? >> we don't know but this is quite an unusual statement for somebody to make because if the threat is carried out of course it means a lot of republicans would not win or do well in 2022 elections for sure which denies kevin mccarthy the speakership perhaps. and if they go against him, then
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they've got the problem on the other end. either way the president seems to be creating an awful lot of chaos in his own political party. >> what next? you brought up kevin mccarthy. when he walks back on the statement do people listen? are they understanding this? >> republican leaders right now are between a rock and a hard place, raj. what are they going to do? they hear the president say this. we know what happened when he talked like that to georgia. the republicans did not come out and vote in those two senate races which cost mitch mcconnell the jarod leadership spot. kevin mccarthy looks very likely. democrats only have a four vote edge and typically the other party does much better in off-year elections so kevin mccarthy if he goes along with the president is shooting himself in the foot. if he doesn't there is going to be a feud. that is the kind of problem that a lot of republican leaders face right now. >> speaking of the democrats now, voters are increasingly restless over the legislative stalemate and really just the infighting within the democratic party.
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how damaging could that be in 2022 and 2024? >> it could be very damaging in 2022. the democrats are withholding approval of the infrastructure bill because of the uncertainty of the build back better bill. and all of that is tied up together, showing nothing coming out of the democratic party that has the leadership in both chambers for this entire year. and people are getting restless and the democrats apparently either don't see it or are afraid to try to end this thing. as a result, as a result, they're doing nothing. and people are getting pretty upset about this. the democrats are going to have to move very, very quickly because they are about to adjourn for the year in just a few weeks. >> does the fault lie with speaker pelosi in terms of aligning the democratic party? right now it seems to be split. >> it is hard to know who the fault lies with. when you have the two sides all democrats, the progressives and the moderates, not willing to
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give an inch, yeah. it is her job to try to bring them together but you wonder if it is a bridge too far this time for the democrats and if so they will pay. >> a lot of things in play right now. thank you larry gerston. appreciate your time. pt 25,000 gallons is how much oil likely spilled into the ocean after a pipeline leaked off the coast of orange county. the coast guard originally estimated the leak to be between 25 and 132,000 gallons. now it says the final count will be closer to the lower estimate, which is a very good thing. meanwhile, workers in protective gear are still combing the sand for any signs of oil that may have washed ashore. the spill was first recognized on october 2nd after people living in the area complained of smelling petroleum. the pipeline is owned by a houston based company called amplify energy. the first phase of a key test at san francisco's leaning millennium tower is over. engineers are calling it a huge success. we haven't said that in a while.
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critics warn the new drilling could cause the base to sink another quarter inch but engineers say the tests showed it only sank an additional 0.01 inch. that is a big difference. >> reporter: what we have here is a test, you know, just a couple days and it involves one test but it is very good news that they can perfect ways to keep this problem from getting worse. when they started the work in may the building started to sink and it has continued to sink since then. now the hope is that they can finally perfect a way to keep that from happening when they continue the construction. >> if things continue to go well in terms of the silver lining when could things get better? are we months away or years away? >> first they have to pass yet another test. that involves sinking a pyle down to bed rok over 200 feet. if that is a success then they can talk about resuming the work
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which the total course of the work was going to be about two years. clearly, they're behind by several months now. this won't be over any time soon. >> home owners essentially have to wait a couple years at least if they want to sell their properties there at millennium. >> reporter: it looks like there will be some limbo. if it looks like this fix is going to work, it will help right the building a little though they are modifying it, in the process of reducing the number of support pyles. that could mean less offset. but at least it will keep the tilting and sinking from getting worse and then property owners can hope they get the situation finally stabilized. >> finally some encouraging news for them. thank you. on nbc "nightly news" with lester holt your first look at the new police officers helping other officers with trauma. nbc news introduces you to the first ever full-time therapy dogs with the u.s. capitol
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police department. since january 6th riot the police department is working to prioritize mental wellness. the k-9 officers were recently added to the force to guff emotional support along with joy. >> dogs come up to you and they're all happy. police officers don't get a lot of people who come up to them who are happy to see them. >> on "nightly news" we'll hear from the wellness leader for capitol police about these dogs. what is it like for captain kirk to go up to space? william shatner shares with us the experience. she got her taxes done then wound up with somebody else's private information. nbc bay area responds. next. rob? right now we're seeing 60s around san francisco airport. tomorrow around this time could be approaching the mid sent. more on the warming trend on the
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nbc bay area responds to a contra costa county woman whose tax return didn't add up. >> for starters it had someone else's name on it. she reached out to our consumer investigator for help. with someone else's name does that someone else have to pay her taxes? >> good question. probably not. we've been doing in a long time now. she surprised us. back in may she paid h & r block 169 bucks to do her taxes. later when she looked at the return she realized it was somebody else's. she did the right thing and returned the papers. when h & r block found her real file they found an invoice for $469 and that is what she should have been charged. she said she paid the 469 bucks and then asked for a refund of the 169 bucks for the other person's return. all right. she did that first in person and
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then over the phone and again in person. still no refund. so she asked us to step in. we contacted h & r block. about a month later she got $638 back. how much is that? well, that is the 469 she paid for her tax prep. she got it done for free ultimately plus the 169 she paid for the other person. in a statement h & r block told us the privacy of our clients' information is extremely important and we'll be taking steps to help prevent an error like this in the future. she did do the right thing. she returned the stranger's papers. they had all the ingredients for identity theft. in the wrong hands that info could allow someone else to collect your refund before you have a chance to file. so if you ever think someone has stolen your identity, do this first. go to identity it is a federal trade commission site. you can report i.d. theft and learn how to recover. all right. if a complaint is taxing you, go
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to nbc bay then click the responds option from the main menu or give us a call. the number is 888-996-tips. we are six months from tax day. >> is it that time again? >> always tax time. kind of feels like it. >> always saving my receipts, yes. all year long. thanks so much. >> welcome. a record setting year at the nation's airports. the tsa says airline passengers are bringing guns in numbers never seen before. nearly 4500 passengers carrying firearms have been stopped by tsa officers. that surpasses the record of 4400 set in 2019. the tsa administrator calls the figure alarming. penalties for trying to bring firearms and carry on baggage vary from state to state. they can be packed into checked luggage when the weapon is unloaded and locked in a hard sided case. william shatner is safely back on planet earth today after his space odyssey. the actor known for his role of
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captain kirk on "star trek" was a passenger onboard jeff bezos' blue origin rocket. the trip lasted about ten minutes but might have been the best ten minutes of his life. >> the whole physical experience of mounting that, getting into the chair, being weightless, having five gs and suddenly as i'm coming down i'm thinking you know something? i'm 90 years old. >> yes, he is. he looks great. shatner is now the oldest person ever to go to space. >> i mean, 90. he doesn't even look like it. he doesn't act like it. that was amazing. >> he was so animated. those news conferences and interviews >> i loved it. it was so genuine. i loved it. let's talk about our weather here down on earth. what a nice day. >> it was an interesting time of year when you definitely need the heater in the morning at night but still need to run to air conditioning for the afternoon. i think you'll really get that going for tomorrow and saturday as temperatures are set to climb
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back to the 80s inland. today we warmed up to the upper 70s earlier around livermore. 76 degrees. mostly sunny skies. walnut creek still 78 degrees. north wind at 6. not as gusty but still the wind direction that has helped to drop that relative humidity down to 16%. the view right now out at sfo, zero visibility issues. looking pretty good. 69 degrees. west northwest wind at 18 miles per hour. speaking of visibility we got blue skies in san jose at 73 right now but tomorrow we're likely to begin to see smoke moving back into the bay area. you might be wondering where is the smoke coming from. major wildfires in northern california settled down except for what is happening on the santa barbara coast line. still undergoing fire near the south coast. the upper level winds may bring some of the haze back to the bay area tomorrow. moderate levels of particulate pollution may be possible around the south bay tomorrow.
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numbers in the 40s to low 50s in the morning. by lunch time 70s almost everywhere. back into tee shirt weather in the span of four to five hours. for the afternoon all the valleys tomorrow into the 80s. look at san francisco to oakland mid 70s to 80 degrees. low 80s in san jose. mid 80s morgan hill and a very similar forecast for saturday. might trend a little bit cooler on the coast as the seabreeze starts to pick up. then notice the drop in temperatures on sunday. back into the 60s and low 70s. we'll see increasing clouds and cooling for the second half of the weekend. so saturday right now the better of the two days for your outdoor plans. by sunday evening you see that passing through the bay area. that is just enough left to it, a weakening frontal boundary that passes through that may bring us some light showers at times for late sunday afternoon and sunday evening best chances up through the north bay. that is the first tleef rain chances next week. another aiming on the north bay as we get into tuesday and
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wednesday which you see right there. the best in the series starts to arrive next friday and saturday. you have to go way out there to the 23rd. here's why we're getting a little more excited as we get closer to that event for portions of the north coast. this could be significant rainfall. areas picking up 2 to 4 inches of rain, some into mend sinno county, maybe northwestern sonoma county. the seven to ten day outlook looking more favorable for rainfall toward the very end just a little beyond the current seven day forecast. in the meantime a taste of summer like weather for part of the bay area tomorrow and saturday. cooler with a slight chance of showers on sunday. another chance of showers wednesday. you just saw the extended forecast continues trending wetter for parts of northwestern california if we can manage that much rain that would have a big impact on fire danger for parts of interior northern california in the next seven to ten days. keeping our fingers crossed it pans out. >> it's great we're just talking about this right now. encouraging. thanks, rob. up next a shredded piece of art sold at an auction for
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$25 million. we'll tell you why so many people wanted this.
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a famous but damaged piece of art has sold at auction for 25 million bucks. in 2018 that is where this story starts there were plenty of gasps in sotheby's london auction house after a painting sold for more than a million bucks and then self-destructed shredding itself. the street artist then released a video showing how he built a shredder into the frame. today, three years later sotheby's sold the same painting half shredded and an anonymous bidder paid $25 million for a half shredded painting. that is a new record for a work by warren banksy an england based street artist. president biden will meet with pope francis later this month. president biden and the first lady will meet the pontiff at the vatican to talk about the pandemic, climate change, and
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the caring for the poor. after the meeting the bidens will travel to rome for the g 20 summit. president biden is expected to attend the u.n. climate change conference in scotland. a take-off and landing for the very last time. after nearly three quarters of a century, taking its last flight. the plane flew from rome to the island of sardinia. the airline closure came after it filed for bankruptcy four years ago. alitalia will be replaced by a national carrier italy air transport which launches tomorrow. it plans to fly to new york, tokyo, boston, and miami for now. flights to sfo expected in two years. a high profile athlete is refusesing to get vaccined. nba star kyrie irving says he is doing, quote, what is best for me by refusing to get the covid vaccine. today he spoke about the contentious topic on instagram live. earlier this week the nets decided to have irving be with the -- not to have irving be
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with the team because he is ineligible to play home games because of new york city's vaccine mandate. irving said he understands the consequences but adds it is his freedom to do what he wants. he also says he does not want to retire. kyrie irving is giving up about $17 million in salary by choosing to remain unvaccinated. well the time for talking is almost over. minutes the giants and dodgers are ready to get it on and see who moves on in the playoffs. an eye opening decision by the dodgers to try and trip up the dodgers tonight, next.
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okay. a live look at oracle park, mccovey cove in the background. 42,000 people in oracle park. they've jam packed, look at that. every seat taken. >> this is a big party tonight. >> it comes down to one game, raj. >> the winner advances to the national league championship series against the atlanta braves. the loser that's it. done for the season. tonight there is late game gamesmanship here. let's bring in nbc bay area's anthony flores from down below at oracle. >> there will be no special pep talk or ra-ra speech by giants manager gabe kapler. he says his team knows the magnitude of playing in this winner take all game five. tonight marks the 24th and final meeting between the giants and dodgers this season. this is not only the biggest game of the year but might be
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the most important in the history of this heated rivalry. that is how vin scully described it today. the giants will start 24-year-old rockland native logan webb. he was brilliant in a game one giants victory. in a surprise move the dodgers announced they are going with a regular season starter. they're not going with julio udis who beat the giants in game two. instead, corey knebel will be the opener. dodgers manager dave roberts texted kapler yesterday to inform him of the lineup change. >> it is understandable. i don't think it was unexpected. certainly changed the way we were thinking about today's game but nothing out of the ordinary. >> why we did it? i think it is more of appreciating in one game what we feel gives us the best chance to win. >> look, this is two really good teams that have played a tremendous series. i think we feel really confident in the guy we have on the mound
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tonight. nothing more we can do than to go out and try and play loose and enjoy it and hopefully come in here and celebrate after. >> the season comes down to this. game five between the giants and dodgers. i'll have highlights and post game reaction on the news at 11:00. at oracle park in san francisco, anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> thank you. anyone nervous here? >> i have been nervous. >> all of us. >> this is it. >> 3 for 3. >> it's going to be fun. >> yes. >> what do you have at 6:00, jessica? >> coming up at 6:00 the chief's daughter, a pump, and accusations of physical threats. lots of family drama surfacing putting a bay area police chief on leave. we're tracking the fallout and response from the police chief. also the new text messages from elizabeth holmes revealed in court today. what impact they might have in the theranos trial unfolding in san jose. it is weekly covid testing for students and one of the
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areas hit the hardest. the superintendent says it is a fight they have to win. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this thursday. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. richmond's police chief is on paid administrative leave tonight following a chaotic chain of events involving her 18-year-old daughter. a man accused of pimping her out. the chief and her husband who is also a cop now face accusations of their own, how they tried to get their daughter back home. nbc bay area's melissa colorado untangles a thorny situation involving a lot of collateral damage. >> how does any mother deal with something like this? >> reporter: it is a family crisis now spilling out in public and caught in the cross hairs, richmond's top cop, chief french as well as her husband, oakland police sergeant lee french, who are both on leave.


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