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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 13, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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sex and alcohol. and some police calls may go unanswered. news in 30 seconds. she wasn't alone when the cops showed up tonight. another disturbing twist in the case of the los gatos mom accused of throwing secret sex parties with teens. bay area county reaches yellow tier, first county in california to do so. contra costa county talking
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masks, when you can take yours off. 92 rattlesnakes found under one bay area home. brave man who took care of it. first who is going to answer your calls for help? san francisco police department might be short 100 officers as of tomorrow. can't show up for work because choosing not to get vaccinated. >> good evening, deadline is midnight, that's when san francisco city workers veerj to prove they've gotten the covid vaccine or go on administrative league. >> close to 200 cops and firefighters among those not vaccinated, police union not happy with the vaccine mandate, saying some calls will go unanswered. terry mcsweeney. >> let's cut the crap and be real about this, what are you asking people to do? >> reporter: police union vice president says city health
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officials won't approve requests for religious exemptions. >> only the most important calls, "a" priorities, those we'll answer. >> reporter: noise complaints and mental health emergencies may get no response and with 42,000 fans packing oracle park for potentially volatile giants/dodgers game, it's not good idea. >> would like the city to take a page out of mayor lightfoot in chicago said masking and testing would be allowed. >> reporter: city is not budging. we've worked with the departments to rearrange schedules and move resources but also to speed up hiring process to accommodate vacancies. >> reporter: also sees a
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sinister aspect to the position. >> it's another way of defunding without saying defunding. >> reporter: tried getting reaction from the mayor's office but have not received a response. mayor breed is pleased with the response to the mandate. 95% of the employees are now vaccinated. nbc bay area news. not just san francisco but san jose is disciplining officers who refuse to get vaccinated. those who don't get shots have to get tested twice a week and serve a 40-hour unpaid suspension at some point. when they come back, unvaccinated officers will still need to test twice a week. those not vaccinated by end of the year could be fired. as of yesterday, city of san jose says 89% of its police squad is vaxxed. secret sex parties with drunk 14 and 15-year-olds.
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new details tonight on that los gatos mom accused of not just bad parenting but illegal acts involving kids. shannon o'connor will be extradited to face 39 criminal charges. live in los gatos, ian, we're hearing from the principal of the school tonight. >> reporter: that's right. acknowledging that shannon o'connor was a parent here and this is a stark reminder to talk to kids about dangers of drinking alcohol and importance of keeping eye on the kids extracurricular activities. also investigators are concerned o'connor's behavior continued after she left los gatos and moved just west of boise, idaho. arrested in the star, idaho, neighborhood, she had ten
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teenboys and two girls in her home. it appears they spent the night and investigators fear she continued to throw drunken teen sex parties as she's accused of in los gatos. said would have up to 20 young teens over to her home, give them alcohol to point they were throwing up and facilitate sexual encounters even without girls' consent. listed one case of laughing as boys battered drunk girl in bed. external cameras showed she was only adult with 12 teens, most got drunk and left $10,000 in damage. >> parent of young teen doesn't expect a play date to turn into out of control frat party. >> reporter: expects there will be more charges after cell phone
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is searched for her communications with the 14 and 15-year-olds. >> wasn't a party out of control but behavior that occurred over long period of time she allegedly encouraged, promoted and participated in. that's what makes this so different. >> reporter: los gatos high school principal wrote we have students still impacted by this horrible situation, we're reaching out to them to ensure they're receiving continued support and comfort. counsellors are being proactive. d.a. said several brave teenagers came forward, led to her arrest. she's being held in idaho without bail. deputies trying to coordinate to get her extradited to the south bay. idaho officials tell us her two
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young sons were deemed to be in imminent danger and they placed both of them in state's welfare custody. live in los gatos, nbc bay area news. we're under a microclimate weather alert. wind is picking up, pg&e may have to shut down power early as tomorrow morning. map, parts of the north bay most impacted. about 5,000 customers in all. 3,400 in napa county. bring in meteorologist rob mayeda, he's been tracking the winds. when do you expect them to be strongest? >> around and after sunrise tomorrow morning. footprint of the next round of red flag warnings, solano county and inland, but some of the stronger wind gusts will be on the higher peaks of the north bay. specifically eastern napa county, parts of lake and
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eastern solano county, picking up as humidity levels drop off back into the teens in the day tomorrow. interior northern california, north bay hills see strongest wind gusts and lowest humidity. warmer temperatures, 70s tomorrow, 80s in reach on the weekend and seven-day forecast trending more positive for substantial rain for parts of northern california. closer look in the forecast in about ten minutes. should be good weather for the big game, all eyes on oracle park. game five tomorrow, giants and dodgers, winner moves on, loser done for the season. giants putting their trust in this guy, 24-year-old pitcher logan webb from rockland, he shut down the dodgers in game one. we spoke with former giants pitcher and current analyst for nbc bay area sports shawn estes.
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>> two really good teams, going to come down to little things be. got to be somebody. >> we'll hear from logan webb and his unique pregame preparation. hot ticket in town. giants' official site releasing tickets as they get them returned. found some upper deck $200 to $300 apiece. stubhub, tickets $153, and seat geek $141 before fees. exclusive club, e-40 and barry bonds and tom cruise, much more. reached the yellow tier for
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covid transmission, marin county the only california county in yellow, which is considered moderate. most bay area counties are orange, substantial. napa county is red. transmission rates there considered high. contra costa county looking at marin and san francisco for guidance when it comes to loosening its mask mandates. in orange but close to making the move. cheryl hurd has more. >> reporter: it's closing time for the coffee shop in downtown walnut creek. opening business in february, mask mandate making it tough. hoping they will come off soon. >> they lifted mask mandate and then put it back on, enraged a lot of people. >> reporter: forcing chelsea and her husband to close their dublin gym. walnut creek gym is open.
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having to cover face and work out not inviting for new customers. >> just trying to make it but it's frustrating when we see others move into a different tier. happened all through the pandemic, almost there, almost there. >> yesterday in the board meeting in covid updates, doctor reported to us he's looking at ways to do something similar to what san francisco and marin are doing. >> reporter: san francisco expected to lift rules for some indoor settings starting friday. marin county now in yellow tier and doing something similar, allowing fully vaccinated people to go without face covering in some public spaces like gyms and classrooms. if contra costa county stays on track, mask mandate could be lifted in designated areas by
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end of the year. >> goal is to have a certain percentage of our population vaccinated. >> reporter: right now mccullough admits she's jealous but waiting for the change. >> see it happening, gives us hope it's possible for contra costa as well. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. up next, not just one snake, would you believe nico 92 snakes underneath a bay area home? we'll hear from the rattlesnake whisperer who saved the day. plus maybe popular next night out, where the parks are here to today. chilly day, frost advisories and freeze warnings, cool start as gusty winds pick up. latest on fire danger and warm-up on the way when we come right back.
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sad news for bay area based legend. longtime a's broadcaster ray fosse has died. he stepped away from the broadcast booth after announcing he had been silently battling cancer last 16 years. he was part of the a's broadcast group for 35 years. before announcing, all-star catcher, joining the a's in 1973, helping lead them to two titles. statement in part, few people epitomize what it means to be an athletic more than ray. he was type of franchise icon who made sure every player, coach, colleague and fan knew they were part of the oakland a's family. survived by wife of 50 years and
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two daughters. fda could clear the way for moderna and johnson & johnson safety shot. another closely watched hearing. many experts believe third doses will be green lighted for some groups as they were for pfizer. large part has to do with timing. >> we're at critical point, october 19th, majority of the country has been vaccinated at least six months, that's the time period for breakthrough infections. >> fda is questioning the information provided by johnson & johnson, did say may be a benefit from second j&j dose two months after the initial dose, but agency noted the data is limited and needs more review. just in time for the panel, highly anticipated study by national institutes of health showing mixing and matching
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vaccine boosters is safe and effective. more than 450 people took part in the study. some booster of the original vaccine they received, others a different dose. all of the combinations boosted antibody levels. pfizer and moderna's appeared to work best. those who got j&j covid vaccine are better off getting pfizer or moderna beaverton. trying to get mass vaccination rates up so opened another site in vallejo. just 50 people made appointments. numbers are much higher across the rest of the bay area. marin county, 92% 12 and older are fully vaccinated. 90% in san mateo county. restaurants and outdoor dining, as some bay area cities
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begin reopening main streets and forcing restaurants back inside. mountain view is holding firm. castro street with dozens of businesses and restaurants will remain closed to traffic. decision made after strong public support but not all businesses are on board. sergio quintana. >> reporter: for more than a year, three blocks of castro street in mountain view have been closed to traffic and outdoor strolling mall in its place. >> walk around and have access to the shops. >> nice ambience, not being not in the cars, jump from side to side of the street. >> reporter: one of the reasons for the pedestrian street malls in cities across the bay area was help restaurants with dining spaces through the pandemic. but in mountain view other business owners benefitted from
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the pedestrian traffic. >> started off slow coming back but now very big, business has been better than several years at this point. >> reporter: says it also feels safer, no accidents with pedestrians and drivers since the streets were closed last year. some merchants are concerned, there's lack of parking at peak hours. >> reporter: where do people have to park? >> sometimes they have to park two city blocks. >> reporter: customers park two to three blocks away and worries will go to somewhere easier to get to. the closure will continue to january 2023 and could potentially be permanent. nbc bay area news. get ready for this question. would you be willing to crawl under a house knowing there were dozens of rattlesnakes slithering around? not a tv show, real life. al wolf, the director of sonoma
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county reptile rescue. plucking 59 babies and 22 adults out of the crawl space and enjoyed every minute of it. >> i like this. don't really have the fear of them, i have the respect, don't want to get bit anymore. almost wish this would happen every day. this is what i do. somewhat fun, exciting. >> good for al. al releases the snakes into the mountains northern sonoma county. i wish it doesn't happen to me every day. >> did he say somewhat fun and exciting? >> fun. >> al, you're a rock star. rob. how you doing? >> better than having 91 snakes. but it is chilly outside, numbers dropping to low 50s. humidity levels not that bad. north winds haven't picked up
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this valley wind sheltered areas could see 30s and 40s. 53 in livermore, humidity okay. all important forecast, first pitch time, low 60s, winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. cool, temperatures around game five in the 50s as we approach the seventh, eighth and ninth innings. north bay could see 30s and 40s. mostly 40s around the bay area, afternoon the temperatures climb a little bit. mostly 70s inland. 68 in san francisco during the day, 72 in oakland and concord, 78, antioch 80. friday and saturday, upward trend will continue. numbers closer to 80 in livermore, 70, san francisco to oakland and saturday likely the
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warmest day, warmer of the two weekend days. san francisco and oakland into the 70s, mid-80s possible south of san jose and tri-valley. one thing in the weekend forecast, late sunday, mendocino county could see slight chance of showers, first of three chances next week. next one rolling in around the middle of next week. aiming in primarily on the north bay, then in another week from now, suspect towards end of the week, better chance of rain reaching parts of the central bay area. long range outlook, about the 23rd, areas in red and orange could be two to three inches of rain in northwestern california coast finally closer to the bay area. breezy tomorrow, during the day, less wind for friday and numbers will be in the 70s, cooler, more
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clouds into sunday and nice start to the weekend with numbers in low 80s trending cooler early next week and stay tuned, storm track getting closer to the bay area through the seven-day forecast. >> would be nice to get rain in here. thanks rob. gusty winds continue to fan the flames in santa barbara county, just 5% contained. 101 north of goleta remains shut down. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ have you seen those small bowl---? oh! careful with the... (dishes break) sorry, mrs. c! excuse me, could we-- ♪ ♪
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sheriff of alameda county is
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recovering after atv accident. hosting event at training center last weekend, driving and took a turn too tight, fell out. hurt his shoulder, bruised ribs but expected to be okay. lion sighting in peninsula, bucknell drive, san mateo, that's the big cat sitting above the swing set. person living there said it was next to recently killed raccoon and took off running. searched the area but weren't able to find it. proposed san jose office tower would be not tallest downtown but would stand out. park habitat. artist depiction shows why, dripping with vines and foliage ever tier and topped with a small urban forest. gets first public hearing before the city's planning director next month. reversing course, coachella
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organization will not require proof of vaccine, but can show negative covid test within 72 hours. don't want to take the test and fully vaccinated, show the vax card. also applies to staff. late spring 2022, neither was held in past two years. next, we'll hear from logan webb, starting pitcher, and derek carr talking about the jon gruden exit. stay with us.
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with 4x more 5g coverage than verizon and unlimited premium data that can't slow down based on how much smartphone data you use. that's right, get 5g in more places all across america and better value on a plan built for 5g only at t-mobile. this may go down as one of the most memorable nights in 21-year history of oracle park. by this time tomorrow night, giants fans are hoping to celebrate again. >> starting pitcher, 24-year-old logan webb, grew up in rockland. unique pregame routine, drinks three red bulls. >> feel like i just like these types of moments. i love the crowd, i love the pressure, and i'm excited to throw tomorrow. >> he'll be wired. three red bulls.
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>> i have to try that. >> don't do it. >> if they win, advance to the national league championship series against the braves this weekend at oracle park if they win. raiders are just a mess right now. jon gruden is out after the email scandal, and players are left holding the bag. today heard from derek carr first time since gruden suddenly resigned monday. >> i'm sick about it. i have a lot of emotions, angry, sick, upset, mad, frustrated, all those things. >> derek carr still loves gruden he says but hates what he did. also worth noting, raiders player carl nassib, only openly gay player in national football league requested a personal day. and it was granted. he has a lot to process.
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this is a big problem. now they're hoping to speed things up. dozens of ships still anchored at sea off the port of los angeles waiting to dock so port workers are shifting to 24/7
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operations around the clock to try and clear the backlog. port of oakland, better story here, typically with just one ship waiting, they say new cranes and additional longshoremen are the reason. rink in new york city welcoming visitors, first opened in 1936, a permanent fixture of midtown manhattan, holidays are almost here when they open it. >> 30 rock rink is classic. see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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