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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  October 13, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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explore floor & decor in person or online. i am raj mathai. next on nbc bay area news tonight, disturbing information about the mom accused of throwing parties for teenagers filled with sex and alcohol. how she allegedly stayed under the radar and might be doing the same thing in idaho. also be prepared again. increased fire danger tonight. what will it take to get us out of the drought? and can the giants' young pitcher handle the pressure of tomorrow night's fifth and deciding game. we will be joined by shawn estes. how about this, 92 rattle snakes
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found underneath a home in the north day. >> just this many in one spot is extremely unusual. >> we are talking to the man called in to get rid of them. good evening. nbc bay area news tonight. i am raj mathai. he drinks three red bulls before he pitches. we will check in with the giants and their young ace on the eve of tomorrow night's big game against the dodgers. we start with the story equal parts disturbing, dangerous and scandalous. it is getting worse for 47-year-old shannon o'connor is accused of holding secret parties. her 14 and 15-year-olds filled with booze and sex. among the attendees, her own teenage sons. among the many stories, one involved o'connor handing a
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condom to an intoxicated boy and shoving him in a room with a drunk girl that was sexually assaulted. in california she is charged with 39 counts. tonight we learned the detectives that went to arrest her in idaho found ten minor boys and two girls at the home in idaho and now they are investigating whether she was hosting similar parties in that state. we also learned that o'connor faces fraud charges after racking up $120,000 in unauthorized charges to a company credit card while working for the tech giant here in the bay area aruba networks. a lot is happening here. we are joined now. a lot to unpack here. let's start with the beginning here. where is shannon o'connor right now, do we know?
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>> yes. she is in jail in idaho. we are told that she was arraigned today in idaho and is waiting for extradition to california. the parties were happening at santa cruz, lake tahoe and idaho. what do we know about this? october 2020 she rented a home in santa cruz and threw a party for 12 minors. she lined on the rental agreement. there were reports of being extremely intoxicated and trashed the place. carving out parts of the furniture and having a food th code of secrecy. the kids did not tell the cops
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and she didn't tell her husband. her husband is a tech executive. any comment from him? >> actually we went to their home yesterday and he answered the door. when i asked him about the charges against her all he would say is that it is all untrue. that was the only thing he would comment about. >> it is a tight knit community. did other parents hear about the parties? what is the school saying? >> i talked to a lot of parents and they heard about this woman and the kids just know her as shannon. one parent believes she started to hang out with the kids at fisher middle. they feel it began back there in middle school.
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they did not know the details about it. but there were stories circulating around the high school throwing parties where there was a lot of booze. >> fraud charges related to the company credit card. >> she does not work there anymore. at the time she worked as an administrative assistant and is accused of racking up $120,000 on the corporate card. >> i am sure that we will be covering more of this as it unfolds. the story is also on the app. the wind is picking back up. parts of the bay are under a red flag warning. pg&e will be shutting off power
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and they could come airline in the morning. north bay, napa and sonoma counties. parts of alameda and contra costa counties could lose power but they have been given the clear. it is about 5,000 customers in the bay area total. the most, 3,400 would be in napa county. we talked so much about the drought. let's get to the real numbers and the perspective. this summer was one of the driest we had. we have seen record-breaking wildfires and we did not get enough snowpack. let's bring in rob. we are talking about this. is this the boy that cries wolf or when are we at a critical stage? >> we reached it. we are seeing the second year of
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the most intense drought that we have seen in the last 50 years of data. as we dive down and look closer at the impacts, more intense and longer fire seasons. the top three at 38% of historical average. we drive past this one all of the time. it is only 11% full right now. right on the rain season. moving forward, record-breaking dry summer, and now just this week the water level at lake tahoe dropping below the natural rim. you are seeing the footprint of the historic drought, two years
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back-to-back. we are still dealing with it right now and it is having a bi about the politics of it you willa. what will it take to make a dent or get out? >> the biggest thing is the weather. the rain has to make a comeback. we are watching this closely. the potential is there for some of the most significant rain we have seen setting up for the north coast. we are asked how much rain that it will take to unwind it? you are seeing a good start. it will have more of an impact for shutting down fire season. to really break out of the drought we are in, we need a sustained weather system. >> the odds are usually 50/50
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and trend dryer for southern california. >> another good way to keep track of the fire danger and the possible rain coming in our nbc bay area app. we want to catch you up on other stories we are watching. a bay area baseball legend has died, ray fosse. in august he stepped away from nbc sports california after announcing he had been silently battling cancer for the last 16 years. part of the a's broadcast career for 35 years. joined the a's in 1973 his energy and passion for the game were unmatched. ray was the top of franchise
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icon who made sure every player, coach, colleague and fan knew they were a part of the a's family. today is the deadline for thousands of san francisco police officers and firefighters to prove they are vaccinated. 150 staff members in the police department are not vaccinated, about 7% of the workforce. neither are 40 fire department employees. for now most will be reassigned to non-contract positions. those that can't will be on leave. >> we are making shifts, not just beat officers who are regularly out on the streets but those sometimes in the office and who are being redeployed out into the streets. we are making sure that we are
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covered s impacted. we knew from the moment that mad be problematic. you know, the san francisco police officer's association saying the vaccine department is defunding the police. you can see the push back. will it help to alleviate all of the shipping delays. 24/7 operations will now begin at the port of l.a. in an effort to address the clogs ahead of the holiday shopping season. up to 60 ships anchored at sea waiting to dock and unload the
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goods. the port of oakland averages just one ship waiting to dock. the port of oakland is keeping their regular hours. all right. up next at 7:00, it will all come down to tomorrow. the giants vs. dodgers. game five. shawn estes is standing by. hello, shawn, to talk about the high stakes and the high nerves. he was called in to remove a rattle snake or two under a north bay home. instead he found 92 rattle snakes under the home.
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>> a live look at oracle park. the place will be rocking 24 hours from now. why is everyone making a big deal out of tomorrow night's game five against the dodgers? it might go down as one of the most memorable nights in history. april 2000, the day pacbell park opened.
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barry bonds becomes the home run king. october 2012. the giants and the rain dance. marco scutaro in the rainstorm catching the last out of game seven of the national league championship series. the giants beat the cardinals advancing to the world series. what will we see tomorrow night? will the magical season for the giants continue? joining us tonight is shawn estes, a former giants pitcher and current giants analyst for nbc sports bay area and shawn is the pride of mendon, nevada. do you remember all of the events? i know you were there. would you agree that it would be one of the biggest events in the ballpark's history?
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>> without a doubt. i was there 2000 opening day. i watched barry's home run. i was covering the giants in 12. i absolutely remember all of the moments. but tomorrow night it will be something special. the first postseason series against the dodgers. the two best teams in all of baseball duking it out. we knew it would come down to a game five. it had to, didn't it. >> it is amazing and really special for giants and dodgers fans to be experiencing this. you were a stud pitcher. tell us, what is logan webb going through, 24 years old. he is a kid on the verge of the biggest start of his career. >> yeah. some guys are built for big moments. the bigger the moment the brighter that they shine. that is something that cannot be taught. logan webb possesses that ability. i thought it spoke volumes that gabe kapler chose him over kevin gausman, chose him to pitch game one of the playoffs knowing there is a potential game five
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and he would be on the hill. this kid has ice in his veins. he is built for the moment tomorrow night. he put the team on his back in game 162. they won the division. put the team on his back in game one. they beat the dodgers in the biggest game of the series. and tomorrow he will try to do it again. they were one game better through 162 games. now they just have to be one game better in a five-game series against the dodgers to move on to the nlcs. >> logan webb said he drinks three red bulls before he starts on the mound. what did you do before a game? >> i needed to take a sedative. i didn't need something to get me going. i needed something to relax. i was high strung. that shows you how calm, cool and collected this kid is needs energy for a game. crazy. maybe he needs to back it down to two. this will be the most adrenaline
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that he will ever feel in a big league uniform. i am looking forward to it. i can't wait. we are going to be covering it for half-hour before the game tomorrow at 5:30 pregame on nbc sports bay area. tune in and watch us. one of the biggest moment in giant history, dodgers/giants game five. i can't wait. >> shawn, is there such a thing as home field advantage? how much will the giants fans help the team? >> they are going to have the rally rags out. we saw it in game one. a lot of people that attended the game one said it is the most energy that they ever experienced in oracle. the orange rags will be flying. i can't wait just to feel the energy in the stadium. it will be a packed house. it will be a sellout. there will be dodger blue, i am sure. we are going to see a lot of orange. hopefully we are going to see a celebration with the orange and
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black. >> what do you predict? what is going to happen? >> you are going to put me on the spot. i am not going to predict a dodger win. how could i do that? i am not going to make predictions. they are two really good teams. it will come down to small, the little things. probably come down to a big moment. i want to see who the hero will be tomorrow night. it has to be somebody. i hope it is a giant that will be the hero. i think it will be a tight game. i believe logan webb will pitch extremely well and it will come down to whose bullpen is better and gets the big hit. >> it is the beauty of postseason baseball. shawn estes, we miss you on the mound. it was a pleasure watching you pitch. now we watch you on tv as the giants analyst. thanks for joining us tonight. >> thanks, raj. >> of course. all right. you want to go to game five. you can still get tickets but it is going to cost you. you might get lucky on the giants' official site.
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they are re-releasing ticket returns as they get them. we found a few available in the upper deck. $250 to $300. resale stubhub and seat geek have tickets listed for as low as $175 without taxes and fees. high end, tickets in the dugout club, barry bonds, tom cruise, $5,000 a ticket. let's move on. here is the question. would you be willing to crawl under a home knowing there are dozens of rattlesnakes slithering around. al wolf, the director of the sonoma county reptile rescue. a woman kept spotting snakes around the home. he went into the crawl space and came across a rattler. four hours later he plucked 59 baby rattle snakes and 22 more adults. you can see them right there.
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the area is extremely rocky and inviting for the snakes. he is a snake whisperer. >> i was happy. i like this. i do not have the fear of them. i have the respect because i do not want to get bit anymore. it was work. it was hard being under there in a cramped area for so long. i almost wish it would happen every day. for me this is what i do. it is somewhat fun. it is exciting. >> he will be heading back to the home several times to make sure no new snakes have arrived. he released the snakes into the mountains in northern sonoma county. something new every day. you are looking live at the camera in oakland. rob will rejoin us with the forecast as we head towards the weekend. stay with us.
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we are talking about more wind, possible power shut offs by pg&e for some specific communities. >> you can see them on the wind map, parts of napa county, eastern sonoma and lake county too. that is where the peak wind gusts will be this time around. monday and tuesday we had red and purple around the bay area. we have another wind event. a lot of it will be across the
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inland north bay hill tops. notice the winds will pick up as we go through the day. but we shouldn't see gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour bay side. most of the stronger winds will be interior northern california. that is where tomorrow's red flag warning is set up. dry conditions. low humidity by this time thursday night. highs are warming up. 72. warmer temperatures. how about 80 to start off your weekend plans. it should be outstanding for anything outdoors this weekend. and rain chances may arrive. raj, back to you. >> tonight at 11:00, when will the masks come off? one bay area county said you might have to wait until new year's day. the popular downtown spot especially for restaurants that
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says the park thes are here to stay. we hope to see you at 11:00. that will do it for us here at 7:00. for everyone here including our director will adams, thanks for joiningus and enjoy your evening.
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♪ the family has been helping him. >> murder and manhunt. john walsh takes aim at brian laundrie's parents as jada draws attention to missing women of color. >> i believe that every single person deserves to have attention in regards to being missing. >> we just have a really good time together. >> katie's taking heat for supporting matt but has she now changed her tune? then -- >> towering at 6'3". that's good, ben. that's really good. >> affleck and damon are back in "the last duel." but you won't believe what they told us about their friendship on the set of "good will hunting." and why is jamie lee curtis


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