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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 13, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, more access to covid vaccinations in the bay area. that's the goal as a mass vaccination site reopens. we're live with why they are pressing play on the temporary vaccine pause. good morning. thanks for joining us for midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. one bay area county reopens to administer those booster shots and to appeal to those who have yet to get their first or second shot. >> nbc bay area's bob redell joining us live from solano county. have you seen a lot of people show up? >> unfortunately, no.
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there's been probably about 30 people who have walked up to this mass vaccination site here at the fairgrounds. keep in mind this is the first day nepword is still getting out. i did speak with the health department. they also have under 50 people who have made appointments. the point is they really want to get these shots out. two people in the county, they'd love to be busy. they tell us they could administer 4,000 shots per day while this mass vaccination clinic is up and running. right now they've only had a handful of people. the county restarted this site to provide those third booster shots for people who are eligible and, two, to encourage people who haven't already received their first or second dose of the covid-19 vaccine. so far, 67% of residents in solano county have been fully vaxed. 78% have received just one shot. solano is lagging.
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contra costa, 82% fully vaxed. 87% partially. alameda, 79% have both shots. 92% partially vaxed. the health department welcomes anyone who is vaccine hesitant to come down to the site, ask any questions they might have about the vaccines made by pfizer, moderna or johnson & johnson. >> we have all three vaccines on site today. so if people are questionable, you can come down. no shot required. we've got plenty of staff down here educated to correct any concerns they have. and feel free to -- they can come in and leave without a shot if they'd like to but we want to make sure we can provide this for everybody. >> i'm here for my booster shot. >> tell me why it was important to come out here. >> i'm a flight attendant, and work in the cabin with a lot of people. flights are full. people are flying all over the place. and i just want to be as protected as i can so i don't get ill.
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>> reporter: that booster shot is available to anyone 65 years of age or older. anyone immunocompromised or at high risk of developing complications or anyone who works in a field where there's a high risk of transmission. the county is taking walk-ups right now on a day-to-day basis but they encourage people to make an appointment online. do a search for the solano county public health department's mass vaccination site. you'll find the information there. this clinic is open at this county fairgrounds wednesday through saturday from 9:00 to 4:00. doing it for the next eight weeks until december 18th. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> hoping to see more people come through there very soon. bob, thank you. as people line up to get the shots in the north bay, today marks yet another milestone in san francisco's return to normalcy. >> today is the deadline that employees must submit their proof of vaccination to the health department. nbc bay area's cierra johnson joining us now to discuss.
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>> good morning. you can officially check another milestone off the list. anyone working at a specific business, particularly those that serve food and drinks, recreation facilities or a gym facility like this one, those employees must submit their proof of vaccination to the san francisco department of health. now today's deadline comes after a september 30th deadline to submit proof of vaccination for anyone in sf who routinely works in what's considered a high risk setting. like a hospital, jail or homeless shelter. that was september 30th. the next major deadline november 30th. this is the last day for all city and county workers in san francisco to submit proof or face possible termination. but again, today the focus is on those gyms and restaurants. we followed the roller coaster ride of mandates for the gym here for months. and the owners here looking forward to another milestone.
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take a listen. >> we've been fully vaccinated in terms of our trainers and staff for several weeks now. so today is not as big of a milestone for us, but we are very happy to be able to say that, yeah, everyone in our facility who is a staff member or trainer is fully vaccinated. so folks can feel comfortable to come in. >> so really a sigh of relief there for the co-owner at this gym. and as the department of health continues to receive those vaccinations, we'll report those numbers to you and let you know how many folks have been vaccinated. but the next big deadline in terms of gyms is friday. on friday, the folks here will be able to work without their masks. the owner said he's extremely excited about that. all of his staff is vaccinated and the members here did have to be vaccinated to come in. they don't accept drop-ins so a big week for the folks here.
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we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> i'm sure a lot of those clients are going to be happy to remove those masks, especially doing cardio. it's possible people in contra costa will be ringing in the new year without mask requirements if they're fully vaccinated and current covid trends continue. yesterday the health officer said the county may entery in yellow tier as soon as the end of october. it may meet the criteria needed to lift indoor mask requirements by december or early january. the county now has 69 covid hospitalizations. to lift the mask mandates, 80% need to be vaccinated. covid rates need to be stable. and hospitalizations need to be low. classes are resuming today after a covid outbreak shut down a south bay elementary and middle school campus. students were affected in the santa cruz mountains.
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70% of them underwent extensive testing in order to return to class. going forward, students will undergo weekly covid testings, do more of their group projects outdoors. elementary school students will have a shorter lunch and middle schoolers will have to be reminded to keep their mask on. >> parents, teachers and students in hayward will rally today to push to save their school. the district is facing a $14 million budget shortfall due to declining enrollment. numerous schools are on the possible list of closures. they are planning to get more feedback when meetings start next week. the shortage of teachers now forcing south san francisco schools into a new strategy to maintain staffing levels. they're pulling administrators into the classroom and that's up to and including the district superintendent shontara moore. the district tells nbc bay area administrators are rotating on a
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rotating basis. a big switch up when it comes to the conditions that we're seeing outside. >> we turn to meteorologist kari hall. cooler weather not going to stick around very long. >> we've got a couple of days left of the cooler weather and then we start to warm up. but we've seen some of these spotty light showers passing by. more clouds and even a couple of rainbows but a lot of that rain evaporating before hitting the ground. look at the video in the south bay as we head out and maybe getting ready to head out for lunch. temperatures in the low 60s. we'll continue to see these clouds rolling by with some clearing later today. but we're only going to make it into the upper 60s for today. still watching out for that slight chance of showers but much cooler than normal temperatures now. only reaching into the upper 60s, low 70s with concord headed toward 70 degrees and 67 in livermore. san francisco in the lower 60s. still mostly cloudy now and santa rosa will reach 68 degrees. we go from cool and humid to dry and warmer.
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and we'll also see the return of our high fire danger. we'll talk more about the winds that will be picking up and where we could see that highest risk of a red flag warning coming up in a few minutes. >> actor william shatner and three fellow passengers went for a real-life ride into space. >> the 90-year-old actor known for his role as captain kirk in star trek hitched a ride on the blue origin rocket. >> 2, 1 -- always pretty cool to see that happen. the mission was delayed for nearly an hour as crews worked to ensure the rocket was ready. this is the second launch of an all-civilian crew by jeff bezos' space company. the 10-minute joy ride to space makes shatner the oldest person to reach space. after the capsule settled back down on earth, the crew was met with champagne, of course,
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showering them to celebrate that nice achievement. the elizabeth holmes criminal trial back under way inside a san jose courtroom. new video of the theranos ceo walking into court just hours ago. walgreens' former chief financial officer back on the strand. he originally signed a multimillion-dollar deal to put theranos machines into stores but that fell through when testing technology didn't work. yesterday the former ceo of safeway talked about a similar deal. holmes faces 20 years in prison if convicted. damage control from the response from southwest airlines after days of delays where passengers have been left across the country stranded. some out thousands of dollars. >> plus, the fast-moving fire in santa barbara county continues to grow. what firefighters say they finally hope they are able to do today. >> if you are a fan of horror movies, you'll want to tune in to the "kelly clarkson show"
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today. jamie lee curtis having an honest conversation on why she does not watch scary movies, and why she doesn't like haunted houses. watch it right here on nbc bay area at 3:00 this afternoon.
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now to a follow-up after days of cancellations and delays. southwest airlines is inching back to more normal operations. this as the carrier's ceo denies claims the disruption was caused by staff protesting the company's vaccine requirements. nbc's kerry sanders has more on what the airline is now promising passengers who had their travel plans interrupted. >> reporter: this morning, southwest's ceo says most of their crews are now finally in position to resume normal flight operations. this after a nightmarish holiday weekend for customers wondering what went wrong.
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>> it was just one thing after another, after another. >> reporter: southwest blames bad weather in florida as the critical trigger to the massive disruptions. what happened to southwest more acute than impacts at other airlines. >> because they don't have hubs with extra planes laying around, one flight away if there is a cancellation, the cascading effects any of operational inefficiency simply get out of control. >> reporter: the pilots union says the more than 2400 canceled flights had nothing to do with pilots protesting the federal vaccine mandate which the airline said it would be following shortly before the trouble began. southwest ceo defending the mandate. >> the objective here, obviously, is to improve health and safety, not for people to lose their jobs. that's not what was an issue with southwest over the weekend. >> reporter: still, on tuesday, continued problems. more than 90 cancellations and 1200-plus delays.
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that's over 35% of the airline's scheduled flights. since the cancellations began, southwest has repeatedly apologized, telling nbc news, they are offering all affected customers the option to rebook without cost. >> our flight was canceled. >> reporter: but nurse sarah bowser says it's too little, too late. after two canceled southwest flights and a hospital shift she could not skip, sarah rented a car and drove her family with a hotel stay from orlando to nashville. >> the average family can't just spend $2,000 unexpectedly to get home. that's what i had to do, and that's what thousands of other people had to do also. >> kerry sanders reporting there. a years-old video triggering new fallout for a popular coach of an east bay high school football team. the coach jacob rincon is an el cerrito high school football director. he's on administrative leave after video from two years ago
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resfaursed and went viral. it shows football players doing the machine gun drill. you can see it involves repeated hits from other players. it recently went viral when a new nationally known football figures took notice arguing it crosses the line. we spoke with students and parents who want the coach back on the sidelines. >> it's gut wrenching to know so many going after him. >> coach jake is a nice guy. a family man, and he really cares about the kids. >> a source tells nbc news the coach was not at practice the day the video was shot and the assistant coach who ran the drill was later fired. the district said the video doesn't represent its values and it's investigating. overall community colleges are seeing fewer students enrolled, according to data gathered by the chronicle. uc and cal state stuls gained students last year. but california community college system lost more than a quarter
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million enrollees over the same time. a 16% decrease. new details of the out-of-control wildfire burning north of santa barbara. the alisal fire has grown to more than 14,000 acres. it also forced the closure of highway 101 north of golita. 1300 crews are fighting that fire. crews say they are hoping for favorable weather conditions today so they can deploy aircraft in the firefight. something they just haven't been able to do due to the wind conditions. so far no homes are destroyed, but evacuation orders remain in effect. the fire is only 5% contained. happening tomorrow, some communities might be in the dark again. pg&e is warning of another emergency power shutoff. this map here, the areas in yellow, those are the areas put on notice. parts of sonoma, napa, solano, contra costa. pg&e says that power could go
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out starting thursday morning. gusty winds and dry conditions are once again a concern. time to get a look at the windy conditions and what we're expecting. kari hall has been monitoring that. >> still cleaning up from all the high winds the past couple of days. we get a break for today. but there's a quick-moving weather system passing by. even with that we're not seeing the winds picking up too much. just seeing clouds and very light showers passing by. and we have seen that throughout the morning. expect it to gradually clear but it's feeling cooler and right now we're only at 57 degrees in san francisco. 58 in oakland. in concord, dublin, 63 degrees. 57 still in morgan hill. after dipping into the upper 30s this morning. and here's a look at where we're headed for our afternoon highs. the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen. los gatos reaching 65 and 68 in east san jose. east bay, up to about 71 in concord and 66 in oakland.
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and expect some of those low 60s to continue into daly city and half moon bay. san francisco reaching 63 degrees downtown. and sonoma today, 67. clear lake also 67 degrees. we've been talking about the potential of cutting off the power. some of those north bay communities. here's part of the reason why. we may see another red flag warning going up due to lowering humidity. starting out with humidity tomorrow morning in the 70% to 80% range but still drier for some parts of the north bay. and going into tomorrow afternoon, it does get really dry once again with some of those relative humidity percentage numbers running at about 15% or less from napa over to fairfield, as well as livermore. humidity does stay higher for parts of the peninsula and near the coastline but that's one of the reasons why we have the red flag warning for a smaller area compared to the previous red flag warnings as the humidity levels will be lower for parts
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of the sacramento valley into solano county. this is also where the winds will be rushing by. this doesn't look like we'll see the widespread wind events, especially in some of the valleys. we'll not have those high winds. mainly the upper elevations where you see the bright colors and those winds are going to potentially increase to 20 to 35 miles per hour and a lot of us in the valleys really won't even feel this wind event. so it looks more likely they'll cut off the power to a smaller region compared to what we had previously. and then after that, temperatures head up. look at concord. the 10-day forecast. the weekend is going to feel like summer with mid-80s. then cooling down by early next week. and then looking ahead, some of our forecasts and the outlook shows some above normal amounts of rainfall here as well as cooler than normal temperatures from here down to southern california. that would definitely be a welcome sight. we're dry for the next seven days but our temperatures still going up and down but it will be
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a warm weekend. >> thanks, kari. >> want to take a live look in san francisco. and fleet week plus the giants made for a winning combination when it comes to b.a.r.t. ridership. b.a.r.t. saw his highest ridership since the pandemic last friday with more than 120,000 riders. that's still less than 30% of prepandemic weekend levels. saturday and sunday set new weekend pandemic agencies includ ferry. they could still take it all. the giants falling to the dodgers last night but it's not over until it's over. coming up, hear from the fan favorite buster posey on why these games mean so much. check your pantries. this pet food is voluntarily recalling dog food sold across the u.s. it reflects the entree dog food.
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they're possible about possible elevated levels of vitamin d. that can cause health problems in dogs. customers can return it to the store for a full refund. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ low maximum out-of-pocket costs. more saving. more spoiling. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022. call today, or ask your agent about scan health plan. the giants quest for a world series championship about to meet a make or break moment. last night's game may have been
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tough to watch -- >> but the giants are now heading back home for the game five against the dodgers thursday. nbc bay area's anthony flores is wrapping things up for us. >> good morning, everyone. i'm anthony flores at dodgers stadium. hollywood loves a good drama. that's what we have in this series. it's headed for a winner-take-all game five after the dodgers bounce back and beat the giants in game four. it was a beautiful night for baseball at dodgers stadium. the wind was not a factor. the dodgers up 2-0 with the bases loaded and a chance to blow it open in the third. chris taylor ropes it to left. lamont wade jr. runs it down and makes a nice grab to get the giants out of a jam. then in the fourth, no one is running down that one. mookie betts with a two-run shot. the dodgers take the lead. now to the eighth with the score 5-1. kris bryant grounds out to third. it's enough to score a run and cut the lead to three. but the dodgers blow it open in
11:26 am
the bottom of the eighth. will smith crushes a two-run homer to center. the dodgers beat the giants to force a deciding game five. >> our team and the dodgers team have both been playing meaningful games for a while now. obviously, this one coming up on thursday is the most meaningful to this point. and should be fun. >> i'm sure it will be a lively atmosphere. it's going to be nice to get back to oracle and have the support of our fans. yeah, we're looking forward to it. >> all right. game five is thursday at oracle park when they meet on thursday, this will be the 24th meeting between the two teams this season. it is simple. the winner moves on, and it's game over for the loser. at dodger stadium, i'm anthony flores. >> let's go, giants. hey, don't forget we're showing off your orange pride right here on nbc bay area news during "today in the bay" and our midday newscast. these are some pictures from some of our viewers repping the
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giants. we love to see these. we love to see yours as well. tag us on photos that you post on facebook and instagram, twitter and we'll be sharing them all week long right here. so you can watch and tell all your friends about it. >> we all know the dogs are called man's best friend but did you ever wonder just how far back that friendship really goes? >> way back. researchers in central america are giving us some new answers. they actually identified a fossil of a dog's jawbone. this is showing dogs lived with humans in costa rica as far back as 12,000 years ago. and evidence of domesticated dogs elsewhere, it dates back a lot further than that. in siberia, the friendship is believed to date back some 23,000 years. harsh weather maybe had something to do with it and they say it's always nice to have something warm next to you. >> your little pack. my one little pack will want to go for a little walk later. >> it's still cloudy but going
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to be cool and breezy. we'll see our temperatures warming up over the next few days, laura. >> thanks for joining us. our next newscast coming up at 5:00. >> join us back here tomorrow starting at 4:30. have a great day.
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