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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 13, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now at 5:00, back in class. students returning to one bay area instruction after in-school instruction was stopped because of a 19 outbreak. and then a date when travel restrictions will be lifted for fully vaccinated people from mexico and canada. on the fire lines. hundreds of firefighters battling the wind-driven blaze. the developments on the fight as thousands of people are forced to evacuate. this is "today in the bay." very good wednesday morning to you. halfway through our workweek, thanks for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we are on the air and online as well this wednesday morning, bringing you the information we need to know as we are moving you forward. kari hall has a look at the
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changing forecast for us. >> we have a lot of changes going on here. yesterday was windy and we had a high fire danger, and now we are watching showers approaching from the north, and we are starting out on this wednesday. this is moving so quickly that unfortunately it doesn't bring us a lot of rain and the system that brings us high winds continues to move away. in berkeley, calm winds and temperatures in the low 50s, and we'll bring it up to about 60 degrees at noon. we're watching a slight rain chance and we'll talk about high winds in the forecast again. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. classes are resuming today after a covid outbreak shutdown a south bay elementary and middle school campus. kris sanchez is live in los gatos with how the district plans to move everything >> reporter: hi, marcus.
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this is a small district. it serves about 500 schoolchildren in the santa cruz mountains, and they had a covid-19 outbreak, and after they tested yesterday and the tests coming back neglect, they will return today. they will undergo weekly covid testing with their parents' permission, and they will take advantage of the outdoor space. they will have a shorter lunchtime in order to minimize the time they are together without masks on. here's what some of the big bay area school districts are doing in terms of testing. san jose and san francisco unified are offering what they call surveillance testing, asking anybody that feels unwell to get tested, and requiring under vaccinated staff to undergo regular testing.
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unified testing is recommended for unvaccinated staff. school districts are required to follow the advice from their public health officers, so they have that work and they are working in collaboration to make sure kids are well and able to go back in school in person. kris sanchez for "today in the bay." >> thanks. parents, teachers and students in hayward will rally later today in a push to save their schools. the district is facing a $14 million projected shortfall because of declining enrollments. there could be more family reunions with the influx of tourists in the coming weeks, and the government is considering letting people cross from mexico and canada, soon. but there's one key requirement. chris pallone from washington
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will explain. >> good morning. after being banned for nearly 18 months, travelers from mexico and canada will be able to cross into the u.s. by land or ferry as long as they can prove that they have been fully vaccinated. the department of homeland security set to announce this change today. it has been long awaited. these are for tourists, family members, and nonessential travelers, as they are called. it's expected to take place in early november. remember, earlier the biden white house announced travelers from overseas could come via air, and now this will add land crossings in the u.s. and from canada and mexico as well. there will be essential -- essential workers have been allowed to come across the border throughout the pandemic and they will also have to be
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fully vaccinated, but they have until january to get it done. >> thanks, chris. an old video triggering new fallout this morning for a popular coach in the east bay high school football team, and he's el saw receipt yo's high school. it's a machine gun drill. it recently went viral, and nationally known football players talked about it's dangerous. >> a source tells nbc news the coach was not at practice the
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day this video was shot and the assistant coach there that ran the drill was later fired. the video doesn't represent and. the fire in santa barbara has forced the closure of 101 north of tkpwau hraeta. so far no homes are destroyed, but evacuation orders are in effect, and so far firefighters say there's little to no containment. let's look live at the san mateo bridge this morning. before you head out the door, you better find out if you need to grab a jacket and how long you will need it today. our fashion consultant and meteorologist, kari hall, joins us now. >> this morning i am seeing
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temperatures in the lower 40s in parts of the north bay and tri-valley. yeah, better grab a jacket and you need an umbrella, too. we will track the light showers move into parts of the north bay. once that clears out, and it happens quickly, we go to dry conditions, and solano county over towards sacramento valley starting tomorrow morning. we will have another red flag warning. it will be windy, and today we have a break and a chance to clean up the mess from everything that was knocked over in the past couple of days from the high winds. as we go into tomorrow morning, we're seeing some of the higher winds in the upper elevations in the inland areas, but it won't be as widespread in the wind event we just had. mike, you are looking at a crash in the east bay. >> not the crash in hayward, that one completely cleared off the roadway. a new one in the same area, though. 880 continuing down toward
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alvarado nile. this is a little blip slowing because there's a vehicle in the middle of the roadway. that's all i know right now. no injuries reported but there's the slowing heading south from 92. if you join on the nimitz, or from the next one, alvarado boulevard, you are doing just fine getting from fremont. and then there's winds on the bridges, but not like yesterday. this crash just reported here in pinole, and i believe it's on westbound 80, but we will double-check once chp gives us the details and a locater. there we go, the bay bridge -- i was not sure what i had lined up here. the bay bridge, it's one of the spots that got the wind
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advisories, we're talking the antioch bridge south side and the benicia bridge. that shot holding steady for a beautiful shot. details on the new high-rise development proposed for downtown oakland, and where that plan stands right now. william shatner, captain kirk, is going to go where no one -- actually a lot of people have gone before, but it's still cool and we will take a look. the change coming next year when it comes to getting into see one of california's biggest news festivals.
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good wednesday morning. it's 5:12. it's time to dig in the back of the closet and get out a warmer coat. morgan hill, 38 degrees. a chilly start to our morning across the bay area. going to be kind of a cool day. we'll talk more about this, and a warm-up in the forecast, coming up. 880 recovering south of 92. that slowing should recover pretty quickly. that's about all going on, on our terrestrial report. good wednesday to you. we are getting important data on inflation this morning. as you know inflation has been a big problem.
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economists expect it will continue to be a problem for quite sometime. a shortage of goods and workers have driven up prices. president biden will meet with officials from california ports today as he pushes the ports to stay open 24/7 in an effort to keep up. we will get two numbers on inflation. one is the monthly change and the other is the annualized number, and that should be 5.3%. you are paying 5% more now than last year which is why also today the government will announce the cost of living adjustment for social security. really important for everybody on social security. they will get a 6%geing 6% more at all, same check, same money, just adjusted to modern-day prices. and then the blue origin rocket
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ready to launch. one is from planet labs, and also onboard is william shatner, and he played captain kirk here on nbc in 1963. he never has really been in space, just a sound stage in los angeles. video of the blue origin rocket called "the new shepherd." it's pretty much straight up and straight down after crossing the karma line. at 90, shatner will be the oldest astronaut ever, beating glenn john.
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the "today" show will carry the launch live. i have met william shatner in my 30 years of reporting, and he began to understand that we took him seriously, and we took him serious. >> yeah, we were talking about it, where he was a fictional character, and -- >> yeah, and at 90. >> i like his honesty. he's a little nervous. "east bay times" have documents rendering a high-rise
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that would replace a one-story commercial building on harrison near 12th street. it calls for ground floor retail space. right now there's no timeline. and then the hall of fame will have inductees, law bamba songwriter, richie valuens. governor newsom announced the list at an induction ceremony yesterday. >> congratulations to them. it's going to be a day in between all of the high winds we have had starting off the week and then we have more winds on the way, as we are now in between the systems. we are also watching out for a chance of showers. it may be quick, a quick moving
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light shower as we look at the outlook, and opening up the picture and the winds will be ramping up once again. wind speeds, mainly calm today, and then we are seeing the winds picking up, and a lot of the valleys will not have the high winds like the previous event, and this is mainly for the upper elevations and parts of the central valley, and winds into the north bay. we see the bright reds here, and that's the elevations above 2,000 feet where winds will be gusting and the valleys won't get much of the wind into tomorrow. there will still be a high fire danger for us starting tomorrow morning. meanwhile we're still in with nice cool temperatures in the upper 60s today. that's much cooler than normal. what we normally see for the middle of october, 71 degrees
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today in concord. half moon bay reaching 60 degrees. san francisco up to 62 in the north bay districts. novato today heading up to 71. let's check out napa. our temperatures will reach in the low 70s today and it's going to warm up for the weekend. that spike in temperatures won't last that long. we will head to fall next week through at least next friday. the climate prediction center says there's a good chance we could wrap up october with an above-normal amount of rain. we will see how this forecast pans out for us. it has been extremely dry. as we look at the 7-day forecast here, in the upper 60s today, low 70s tomorrow and 80s for friday and saturday. cooling down again sunday as well as early next week.
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san francisco gets a nice warm-up for friday and saturday, but other than that, it's pretty chilly and windy. mike, you have a few blips on the map. >> my gosh, we are talking about rain for the rest of the month, and that's not as many days outside the pumpkin patch. we will watch for that forecast. the roadway, mostly green. we're -- there you go. still a little bit of slowing. that's one of the spots with the blip. southbound 880. we started to see the sensors train, and now much improved. activity on the shoulder. by the time you get into fremont, the nimitz is just fine. the entire zone, the tri city moving good through the funnel. out of the altamont pass, blips
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here and there for 84. nothing major for the big contra costa drive. vasco road moves smoothly through the twists and turns. 880 moving nicely. the volume doubles over the last half hour. it was not well populated during the 4:00 hour. and the north bay, no delays. look at the great travel times heading down 101. >> thanks so much, mike. community college enrollment. next here on "today in the bay," we look at how the pandemic is playing a role in that decline. 5:20 this morning, and we'll be right back.
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it's 5:23. a new call this morning to change the way california community colleges admit students into the nursing program. in some cases the wait lists are years long, and others fall to lottery systems. they are considering making the rules uniform for all colleges. they are drafting a bill in sacramento, but some colleges say because of staffing levels it just could not handle an
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overhaul. according to the data gathered by "the chronicle," uc and cal state systems lost than a quarter million enrollees during the same time. for uc students, the vaccine policy is to reduce the burden on health care workers. medical exemptions can be requested. the coachella festival posted on its social media it will require proof of a negative test taken within 72 hours of the event or proof of vaccination. it's confident in loosening the. it will take place in april of 2022.
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and then taking center stage this week in elizabeth holmes' criminal fraud trial. on the stand yesterday, the ceo of safeway, he says the technology never gave accurate results. walgreens sfo took the stand yesterday and will return to the witness stand later this morning. and then advocates site recent protests where the law officers cited some. a south bay mother, arrested accused of throwing wild parties
5:26 am
for teenagers, and those are not the only serious accusations she's facing this morning. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. first, bob, what do you have? >> good morning. mass vaccination sites opening here in the bay area to push people to get that third booster dose. now, let's take a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. we have some of the drive times ahead for you, as we look at your wednesday forecast as well. stay with us. this is "today in the bay."
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stressed? no stress. exercise. but no days off! easy, no? no. no. no. no. but with freestyle libre 14 day, you can take the mystery out of your diabetes. now you know. yes. freestyle libre 14 day. try it for free. right now at 5:30, a push for more vaccinations. the move is being made by the bay area county with the lowest vaccination rate. hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel when contra costa is pinpointing a possible end to the indoor mask mandate. this is "today in the bay." >> first, the giants down to one game. no doubt the giants will bounce back after yesterday's loss.
5:30 am
let's not even talk about it, huh? this is "today in the bay." okay. i have to acknowledge it, otherwise there won't be a game five, which will be so exciting and ladle torturous. >> i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we have a lot to get to, but first let's get to the forecast with kari hall. >> we are waking up to a big chill across the bay area, and we are seeing light showers across the north bay. parts of lake county and northern napa county seeing some light rain moving through. elsewhere it's a dry start to our morning, but this system is quickly dropping in and will bring in more changes for us this morning. most of us won't see the rain and it does clear out quickly. by tomorrow, another system comes in that will be dry and will kick up our winds and we will be back into a red flag warning for parts of the bay area. we will talk more about 7 in the forecast.
5:31 am
that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. moving you forward, people in contra costa may ring in the new year without wearing masks indoors, and that's if they are fully vaccinated and the county said they could enter into the yellow tier by the end of october. the county now has 69 covid hospitalizations, and 72% are fully vaccinated. to lift the mask mandate you need 80% to be vaccinated within the county. covid rates need to be stable and hospitalizations need to stay low. we are two days away from san francisco easing the mask mandate for certain indoor settings. people will be able to go maskless at offices, gyms, and college classes as long as everybody is vaccinated and nobody under the age is 12. we will be able to bring you
5:32 am
more on the coverage of friday's big step forward. one bay area county will reopen one of the mass vaccination sites. >> bob redell is live this morning. talk about why they are doing it now, bob? >> reporter: solano county will reopen the mass vaccination site this morning and will keep it open for the next several weeks, for two reasons. so far 67% of residents in solano county have been fully vaxxed. 78% have received just one shot. if you compare that to other nearby counties, solano is lagging. contra costa, 82% fully vaxxed, 87% partially. alameda, where i am at, 79% have had both shots, and 92% have
5:33 am
received their first. you must have received your second dose of pfizer three months ago to be eligible. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i have heard a lot of people talk about that, especially with the break through cases. a mother is accused of throwing alcohol-fueled parties for her teenage son and his friends. she invited teens to her home and gave them alcohol until they became extremely intoxicated. she's also accused of sexual assault against minors as young as 14.
5:34 am
the d.a. says it happened last summer through early 2021, and in one incident she let an unlicensed teenager drive her suv in the los gatos high school parking lot while two other teens held on to the back, and one fell and ended up with a concussion. several teenagers came forward and led to her arrest in boise idaho, where she now lives. and then walgreens announced the high rate of shoplifting left them no choice but to close several san francisco locations. today in the bay's cierra johnson joins us now at a look at which stores will close for good and what local leaders are saying about this. >> many of us have seen viral videos with thieves walking out of stores with handfuls of
5:35 am
merchandise they have not paid for, and now walgreens is closing five stores in the city. take a look at the map. they include stores in the richmond district. the severity of theft at walgreens, the theft in san francisco are five times higher than other stores. this is not the first time walgreens has announced closures. they have closed a dozen stores in the past two years, so it's 17 stores since just 2019. the blame at some point falls on city leaders. >> all of us in the city should hold ourselves accountable, and the every day working families that need access to these items lose out. >> just last month the mayor's office organized a initiative,
5:36 am
and the plan is to solve retail theft cases. this is not the first time a retailer has taken action because of retail theft. over the summer target announced they would close many of the locations here in the city because of theft, and concerns at one safeway here banned folks from taking carts out of the store. it's important you head to our website at we have a list of where your prescriptions are being transferred. you don't have to do anything, and they will be transferred automatically, but just so you know where to pick those items up. >> yeah, hopefully it's not too hard for the elderly, and they have habits and they have places close to them to get the education they need. thank you. on, you can
5:37 am
find information in the spike that led to the closures. our i-team breaks it all down. a live look this morning in san francisco. it turns out fleet week and the giants made for a winning combination when it comes to ridership. bart saw 120,000 riders. this is less than 30% of prepandemic weekday levels. saturday and sunday set new weekend pandemic highs. other agencies included muni and the ferry that saw a nice jump in their numbers. and then about to make a break or make moment. the giants are now heading home for game five against the dodgers. anthony flores has the wrap-up
5:38 am
from dodger stadium. >> hollywood loves a good drama and that's what we have in the series. it's a winner take all game five after the dodgers bounced back and beat the giants in game four. it was a beautiful night. the wind was not a factor. the dodgers up 2-0 with the bases loaded and a chance to blow it open in the third. kris taylor puts one out to left, and the giants do get out of the jam. mookie betts with a two-run shot, and the dodgers take a 4-0 lead. now to the eighth with a score of 4-2, and the lead is cut. and then the dodgers blow it open and force a deciding game five. >> our team and the dodgers'
5:39 am
team have both been playing meaningful games for a while now, and this one coming up on thursday is the most meaningful to this point and it should be fun. >> i am sure it will be a lively atmosphere. and it will be nice to get back to oracle with our fans. look forward to it. >> reporter: game five is thursday at oracle park, and when they meet on thursday this will be the 24th meeting between the two teams this season. it's simple. the winner moves on and it's game over for the loser. >> don't make it look simple. let's take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. isn't that gorgeous? all right, southern cal, you bring it over. we are ready with that gorgeous live look. it has been so windy, so what are we facing on thursday? >> the winds calming down. we are looking at spotty light
5:40 am
showers moving in from the north, and some of us may get in on the wet weather. it will be cool today. tomorrow the winds ramp back up, but not for all of us. this is mainly for the delta, parts of the central valley where will be with another red flag warning starting tomorrow morning into the afternoon. ones again, an opportunity to enjoy calmer winds, but also very chilly. our tri-valley, temperatures in the mid-40s and then heading towards the mid-60s with highs still cooler than normal today. we will talk more about this. mike, there's a motorcyclists down on the roadway? >> yeah, and motorcycles have less protection, and westbound here your commute direction off the carquinez business, so we are looking at a slow down into
5:41 am
hercules, so watch for that important point on the upper east shore freeway. a lot of slowing there. if you join south of there from hilltop mall and heading south in the area, everything else is clear. we see a buildup on the richmond bridge, and then no problems for highway 4. we are seeing build for 242 again. typical for contra costa county. then there's a blip on 680. >> a little blip. thanks, mike. a record number of people leaving their jobs. what experts say led to this. president biden trying to convince portmen to stay on the job longer to get the jam moving. the relationship between man
5:42 am
and this. we're showing off the orange pride r "today in the bay." these were posted online of the giants' gear. all you have to do is find us on facebook, instagram and twitter. post your picture by tagging us. you could see yourself here this morning as we celebrate and root on the giants for game five. we'll be right back here on "today in the bay."
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good wednesday morning. right now at 4:45, we're starting out with a chilly morning. check out napa and our current temperature. 42 degrees. you better grab a heavier jacket. it's going to be slow to warm up today. in fact, cooler than normal. temperatures for the afternoon, i'm watching that, rain, high winds. a lot in our forecast, coming up. back towards sunol, a much more serious backup. chp with an alert. a motorcyclists down in a roadway. more on that, coming up. >> thanks, mike. a record 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in august. this is according to the labor department. that's a record rate of just under 3%.
5:46 am
hotel, dining, wholesale and trade industries took a big hit. the drop in hiring may be from the lack of commercial activity due to covid, and companies taking their l breather from hiring. president biden pushing ports to stay open 24/7. >> that's in an effort to solve the big supply chain problems. >> yeah, from cars to halloween costumes, much are sitting on a ship off the coast of california or in a container sitting on the port. early this morning the white house announced a deal to keep the ports open 24/7, around the clock work to clear the cargo already there. that will clear the way with more than 60 ships waiting offshore to start their process of docking so they can be unloaded. the problem, and can you just hear this coming, is that if you get one part of the supply chain
5:47 am
moving 24 hours a day with overnight work, you need the other parts of the supply chain to work 24/7, too. the cargo containers are now moving overnight go on trucks and trains, but you have to have the trucks and trains to operate 24 hours a day. >> you are combining all these different issues, and i call it whack-a-mole issues. you spent your entire day fixing the fix to the fix. >> the house voted to approve the temporarily extension of the debt ceiling so we can pay our bills, and the bill goes to the white house for a signature. no republican voted to extend the ceiling. the u.s. has extended the debt ceiling dozens and dozens and dozens of times in the past, and
5:48 am
congress never has said no, because to say not to increase the ceiling would mean we default on debt we already oh, and economists say that could send the u.s. and quitely possibly the world into a recession. republicans said no because they knew it would pass. we will watch that and watch a key inflation number we just got. we will talk about that in business and on twitter. you will find me on twitter @scottmcgrew. one of two families that lost their home when this week's southern california small plane crashed, they are simply thankful they were not there when it happened. that plane went down outside of san diego, and the pilot died along with a ups driver that was at the wrong place at the wrong
5:49 am
time. a recently married couple purchased the home not long ago. it went up in flames when the plane's fuel exploded and both were at work at the time. >> our heart goes out to the ups driver -- >> and his family. >> anybody that lost their life. >> anybody that has been affected by this. >> i can't imagine. >> in a stroke of luck, her mother had recently came by two hours before to pick up the family dog. the other couple that lost their home had to be rescued by neighbors and did suffer injuries. >> frightening for those people. when the pandemic started, it changed the way we live. for a national geographic explorer, covid changed his plan. he set out on a road trip across america, where he discovered
5:50 am
long traditional foods. >> on average we eat about 270 pounds of meat, and 150 pounds of sugar. in blue zones where people eat very long, they eat meat, but only small amounts. >> he uses weeds from the woods to make a meal. you can watch the full interview on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m., right after "today in the bay." let's talk about dogs this morning, because we love them around here. everybody knows they are called man's best friend. did you ever wonder how far back that friendship really goes? >> goes back far. researchers in central america are giving us new answers. they identify a fossil of a dog's jaw bone showing evidence
5:51 am
of domesticated dogs dates back far back, and the friendship is said to date back sum 23,000 years. you know what they say, sometimes it's just nice to have another warm body around. >> that's right. they are part of your pack. my little pack, he hates when i leave now. he loved the pandemic. >> where you go, mama? where you going? >> treat supplier. >> yeah, big time. >> i have had to bundle him up. it's chilly out there, kari. >> yeah, cuddle up for a little longer. we are seeing spotty showers in the north bay, and i powered up storm ranger to see where that rain is falling. there will be a slight chance we
5:52 am
could see rain moving through with the quick moving system passing through the bay area. this is much cooler than normal, but if you are looking at the bottom of the screen in the 7-day forecast, this cool weather will be heating up over the next few days. let's talk about those winds because that has been the main story. it's mainly calm today. going into tomorrow, most of us in the valleys are looking at calm winds, and then we see bright reds here. these are our hills, our mountains seeing high winds starting tomorrow morning, continuing into the afternoon. it's also going to be windy over parts of the sacramento valley, and coming through the delta. that's what we will have, that red flag warning, but most of us will not experience the high winds. as we look at concord, we are going to the upper 60s today and the mid-80s for saturday. it will feel like we get one more blast of summer
5:53 am
temperatures. we have an 8 to 14-day outlook, and this is good. we are seeing the potential for the next weather system coming in at the end of the month could bring us an above normal amount of rainfall for northern california. that would be amazing if we see that pan out along with cooler than normal temperatures from the bay area to southern california. looks like we will have fall and cooler weather, and that could mean snow over the sierra in the next couple of weeks. we will see watching that. meantime, it's dry. we will see the transition from summer into winter, and with fall we will see some tastes of summer come into the weekend. mike, you have breaking news in the east bay. >> yeah, bad timing and a bad situation for one motorcycle rider here. you see the slowing for highway
5:54 am
4, and some of the folks may be held up in this alert issued by chp now because we have three lanes blocked traveling westbound approaching appian way. this here should get you past the crash. we know there's bad injuries for a motorcycle rider involved there. the stall should clear from sunol. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now in san francisco, the deadline for workers in restaurants, bars, gyms, and recreational centers to get their covid vaccination shots. more than 90% of the city and county employees have been vaccinated. are you taking a daily aspirin to try and prevent a heart attack? maybe you should ask your doctor. we will talk about a report that changes decades of advice. plus, after closing down due
5:55 am
to a covid-19 outbreak, one school letting students return and the protocol put out to keep students healthy. you're watching "today in the bay." somebody in there? [ scream ] micheal myers is still alive. tonight, our family will kill him. i want to take his mask off and see the life leave his eyes.
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and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. 5:57 for you this morning. they are back at it. a key test under way for the
5:58 am
troubled millennium tower in san francisco. yesterday crews began installing a three-foot wide steel casing 100 feet into the ground in the search for answers. our investigative unit was first to report the prior work to fix the building actually caused it to lean even more. engineers are tracking any new tilting in real time using sensors placed on the ground and in the basement as well as on the roof. however, many fear the test itself will cause more sinking and leaning. >> there are bigger issues to be resolved. there are many structural questions that have not been answered. >> the high-rise is leaning 22.5 inches toward fremont street and 9 inches toward mission. it the high-rise leans more it could be seismically unsafe.
5:59 am
right now at, you can access the full breakdown and timeline of the events on our home page or on our app. a follow-up after days of cancelation chaos for southwest airlines, taking a life look at sfo this morning, the ceo says the airline recovered after several days of cancelations. over the past three days, the airline had to cancel 2,400 flights. what you may have heard, this advice before, take a daily aspirin to prevent heart attacks. that could be doing more harm than good. this group now saying that risks for seniors bleeding outweigh
6:00 am
potential benefits. >> adults in their 40s and 50s should only take a daily aspirin if their doctors recommend, but not if they have not had a prior heart attack or stroke. >> nbc news and medical correspondent breaks it down for us on the "today" show, coming up at 7:00 after "today in the bay." and students are returning to one bay area school district after in-class instruction was stopped due to a covid-19 outbreak. we will talk about the steps they are taking to keep those students healthy. >> a football coach on leave after this video went viral. and hundreds of firefighters battling the wind-driven blaze in santa barbara. the new developments on the fight as thousands are forced to evacuate. the third hour o


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