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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  October 12, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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a showdown between the white house and texas. texas says no to president biden's vaccine mandate. >> it's not based on what is in the interest of the people you are governing. who got moderna or j&j. also, how did she die? investigators reveal the autopsy results for gabby patito, the social media star found dead on a cross country trip with her fiance, and new fallout for jon gruden. the other thing he's losing after his racist and homophobic e-mails surfaced. the news at 5:30 starts right now. good tuesday. thanks so much for joining us, i'm janelle wang. >> i'm raj mathai. don't mess with texas, the message from the governor.
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president biden's vaccine mandates are getting a lot of push back from governor abbott who has signed an executive order banning all vaccine mandates. this as we're getting new information about moderna and johnson & johnson's booster shots. >> reporter: a texas showdown in what could be the first in a wave of red state challenges. texas governor greg abbott banning any entities in the state from requiring vaccines for employees or customers, saying in part the covid-19 vaccine is safe, effective and the best defense against the virus but should remain voluntary and never forced. today the white house accusing the governor of choosing politics over science. >> it's not based on what is in the interest of the people you are governing. it's perhaps in the interest of your own politics. >> reporter: the biden administration is finalizing
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orders requiring all private companies with 100 or more workers to require vaccines or frequent testing. many corporations have already issued mandates. >> this is a known hazard. so we really can't afford to have people among our employee base who are hazardous. >> reporter: other employers are holding back. >> i don't want in be in the position to lose workforce overnight. >> reporter: in federal safety panel meeting this is thursday and friday, the fda could begin to clear the way for the first moderna and johnson & johnson boosters. nearly 8 million at-risk americans have already received their third shots from pfizer, and many experts anticipate similar moves from other vaccine makers. the fda will also learn about the effectiveness of mixing
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boosters and then set to take up vaccines for children ages 5 and up. clinics in oklahoma, louisiana and other nearby states remain busy with texas patients coming for care. the texas attorney general's office has been given until this thursday, tomorrow, thursday, to respond to the justice department's latest arguments the new details in the gabby patino case. the coroner's office in wyoming announced the cause of death. she was strangled. her death ruled a homicide. she was not pregnant >> the result estimates her time of death to be three to four
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weeks before her body was discovered in mid september. wyoming law prevented them from saying more about the case, but the coroner commented on thinks this case has gotten so much attention. >> this is only one of many deaths around the country of people who are involved in domestic violence, and it's unfortunate that these other deaths do not get as much coverage as this one. i'm assuming that because the deceased was a blogger that this received more coverage than others. >> law enforcement officials are still searching for petito's fiance, brian laundrie. he's considered a person of interest in her death. an emotional father's upset with facebook. his daughter was murdered on live television. and he wants the federal trade commission to take action against facebook for failing to remove the video of her shooting
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death. alison parker, reporter for a virginia tv station died with her photographer adam ward in 2015. video of that incident, as well as video posted by the gunman continues to surface and resurface on facebook and instagram. today her father called for action at the national press club. >> hosting content, violent content and murder on social media is not free speech, it's savagery. >> he's been working with the georgetown law clinic and in previous complaints he's filed against google and youtube. southwest is recovering after three days of canceled flightes. the delays started on friday. they said bad weather and air traffic control issues out of florida started a domino effect
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across the country. >> we were thinly-staffed coming into the weekend, and that certainly didn't help things as we were trying to recover. >> by this morning, southwest canceled fewer than 100 flights. the warriors avoided this problem, but the brooklyn nets not so much. one of the nba's biggest stars will not be able to play or practice with his team because of new york city's vaccine mandate. kyrie irving of the nets is refusing to get vaccinated. the team's general manager says he respects his choice, however, he will not be allowed the team at all. he could have played in games away from new york. but he will only be allowed to play if he can be around the team full time, meaning he has to get vaccinated. san francisco mandates, much
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like new york city are that you have to be vaccinated. wiggins got vaccinated. the fallout continues for jon gruden after being ousted as the raiders' head coach. he will no longer be part of the ring of honor. he led the bucs to their first super bowl title almost 20 years ago. we have more on his racist and homophobic remarks that have left him without a job. >> a stunning fall from grace broadcast to millions of prime time football fans. >> breaking news tonight. jon gruden out, as las vegas raiders' head coach. >> reporter: jon gruden anousing his exit as head coach of the las vegas raiders, after e-mails uncovered as part after separate investigation revealed a torrent of sexist, racist, anti-gay
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language. in a statement to the team, gruden saying in part, i love the raiders and do not wish to be a distraction. i'm sorry, i never meant to hurt anyone. the e-mails confirmed by the nfl but not seen by nbc news were initially discovered during a workplace misconduct investigation into the washington football team while gruden was an analyst for espn. he used a racist trope to describe demorris smith, writing dumbbories smith has lips the size of michelin tires. he used offensive language to insult roger goodell, and calling michael sam a queer, disparaging players who protested during the national anthem, painting the hiring of female referees.
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>> it wasn't just something that crossed his mind, which is bad, but he then took that thought, formalized it in a writing and hit send. people say all sorts of things sort of on the cuff that they shouldn't. this is more than that. >> reporter: according to the "times." gruden also exchanged e-mail photos with other men showing women only wearing bikini bottoms, including cheerleaders. >> that was steve patterson reporting and nightly news continues the reporting and how the league is wrestling to change its culture to be more inclusive. colin kaepernick is coming to netflix. the former 49ers quarterback is debuting a new series about hess life. >> since the day i was born, my
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passion, my love was being a quarterback. >> the series is called "colin in black and white", kaepernick will narrate the series. it's inspired by his experience as a black child adopted bay white family. he wants to give references of how situations can impact and shape a person's identity. s a the giants continue their magical season, the a's are still trying to figure out where they will call home in the near future. rob manfred said the ballpark dilemma is at a critical situation. something has to be done soon. >> particularly in the case of oakland, we've had to open up the opportunity to explore other locations, just because it's dragged on so long, and, you know, frankly, in some ways, we're not sure we see a path to
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success in terms of getting something built in oakland. >> the a's want to build a ballpark that you see the renderings of right here right along the water front near howard terminal. manfred added the a's leaving oakland remains a possibility and while las vegas is an option there are other stiffs to consider as well. up next, removing followers. the new feature you can use on twitter. if you get a covid-19 booster, you'll need to update your shot record. i'm chris chmura. i'll show you how next. and we're tracking quite a few changes heading our way the next 24 hours. first up tomorrow, a chance of showers followed by more north wind and unfortunately more fire danger for parts of the bay area. the timeline when we come right back.
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their sneakers for the philadelphia marathon will have to be vaccinated. proof of a negative covid test will not be considered acceptable documentation. you got to be vaxxed. the kids' fun run not going to happen since kids under 12 are not eligible to be vaccinated. the races are in late november. more people can get a vaccine booster or additional dose. >> chris chmura shows us how even if you lost that card. >> if you get a covid-19 vaccine booster your record needs to show it. let's take a look at thousand do that accurately. first, bring your paper record card with you. the doctor or nurse should add your booster to your previous shots. before you life your appointment take a look at your card, make sure everything is accurate. if it isn't, ask them to change
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it before you leave. you should still go to your appointment. they'll give you an additional card. if you can't find your original card, here's how to replace it. contact the clinic that gave you your first shot. if you went to a pop-up site that's not there anymore or your doctor's office isn't responding, get in touch with your state's immunization office. snap this qr code to look up your state. after a booster, your digital record should update automatically, but not immediately. california recommends you wait two days for your booster to show up. if it's not there after two days, ask the office to update the registry, or contact the state yourself and provide the details. take new photos of it with the new booster information on there, save the images to the cloud and on your favorites on your phone, that way it's easy
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to pull up wherever you're required to show proof of vaccination. finally, keep your original paper card somewhere safe where it won't get damaged and you won't lose it. if you want to get your holiday presents under the christmas tree this year on time you may have to mail them earlier. the postal service is recommending earlier shipping times. december 18th for priority mail service and december 23rd for priority mail express. the holiday shipping season comes amid new changes at the postal service and global supply chain issues. twitter is introducing a new tool, it would prevent people from seeing your tweets on their feeds. twitter hopes this feature can reduce claims of harassment.
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even if you have removed someone, they can still see your tweefts that are public. a fight to preserve a historic site in downtown el paso. it is an area where people displaced bit mexican revolution settled. it's one of latino heritage sites not classified as a historic district, and now the city wants to build a new sports arena in its place, but one person stands in the way. for years, a 93-year-old mexican-american has been refusing buyouts in hopes of saving her storied neighborhood. why she has no plans of backing down and the lawsuits the city now faces right here on nbc nightly news in about 45 minutes. let's bring in rob mayeda, talking about the wind that kind of subsided. >> we got one aspect of the wind that's nice. the clear skies not as strong, so there's a little less dust in the air. can you see the view from areas
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around san jose, a lot of blue skies, sunshine, 70 degrees, but we still have the wind out of the north-northwest, and that's the reason why humidity is down to 16%, look at those clear skies around the golden gate bridge. looks like a postcard. 67 degrees in livermore, humidity about 22%. wind out of the west at 15. walnut creek, humidity at 15%. in the morning, mostly in the 40s. notice the clouds, the coolest day of the week due to the clouds and we might see a few showers. it is going to be falling through pretty dry air. tomorrow looking at highs in the mid-60s around oakland, 63 in san francisco, 67 in san jose, and warmest areas tomorrow, concord, antioch. numbers close to 70 degrees. a so closer look now at the change we'll see over the next
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24 hours. first up, the clouds and slight chance of showers, mid morning you can see clearing north to south. what's left of any shower chances should be kwon by sundown tomorrow night. but unfortunately, like we just saw,s that moves out, we're going to see another round of wind. we might see barely enough to register in the rain gauges, but hopefully we can manage something, because once again the winds are going to pick up again. strongest gusts around lake county, solano county and inland napa county. that's going to be throughout the day thursday. you can see the areas here in purple. it will be the inland north bay mountains and down along the diablo range that we'll see another surge of gusty winds. maybe not as strong as we saw yesterday or this morning. but that's going to keep the fire danger ongoing. what we do need are storms that have more moisture and better
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rain chances. may see a few showers in the north coast, but what is more promising is that the next lineup of storms may make a run to the south. another week from now it appears we'll see the storms stacking up offshore. that's good news to shut down fire danger and possibly bring more snow to the sierra. breezes pick up thursday. san francisco, 70s friday and saturday. you can see temperatures across the valleys as the winds calm down into the 80s. we could be seeing more rain chances around the corner. back to you. up next, ready for their mission. 90-year-old william shatner and other astronauts headed for space. we'll tell you some of the updates they have to work with. stay with us.
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crane collapse orlando, florida. it toppled over on top of a construction site. one person was hospitalized and two others injured at the scene. it was used to lift sections of concrete from the ground. they are working with the construction team to learn how this happened. hollywood is turning into real life. tomorrow william shatner is blasting into space. part of jeff bezos' space company called blue origin. after being postponed due to high winds, it is set for tomorrow from a small texas town east of el paso. the 90 year old shatner and three others will take a 11-minute flight into space before returning to earth. the crew spent the day going
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through final preparations. aspirin can do more harm than good according to a task force. the independent panel said that bleeding risks for adults 16 years and older outweigh any potential hazards from taking the drug. dodger stadium is blowing in the wind yet again, as the giants look to beat l.a. one more time. can they do it? anthony flores joins us next live from dodger stadium.
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well, this night could end with goggles, champagne and beer inside the giants' clubhouse, but they got to beat l.a. first. >> this series about to get going. will those candlestick style winds cause havoc again? let's bring in anthony flores down at dodger stadium. how are you doing, anthony? >> reporter: let me just tell you, the giants appeared relaxed and focussed like they have all season. they have the dodgers on the brink of elimination and looking to end it with a victory in game four. let's start with everyone is talking about. a wind update. it was a huge factor last night. it's not expected to be as strong tonight as it was yesterday, but it could still be
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a factor. don't let the fact that my hair was not moving in my introe fool you. there's a lot of product on there. the wind seemed to keep a lot of deep fly balls from being home runs in game three, but they didn't stop evan longoria. but the dodgers aren't going to throw in the towel. >> that's a really good baseball team. they bounce back after our game one win. we definitely know that they're not going to roll over. hopefully, as a group, we come out and try and kind of get on top and silence this crowd here a little bit, but, you know, it's not going to be easy. >> it's been pretty special what we've been able to do, and just the resiliency that we have, and proving people wrong. >> reporter: game four, here we go. and guys, if the giants do win, i came prepared. i've got the goggles ready -- no, i think that will mess up the hair.
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then if the giants win we'll put the goggles on. >> that hair is perfect. that means it's not that wendy. >> exactly. he does have a lot of product. >> reporter: a lot of hair spray. >> but it looks great, anthony, hopefully the champagne will be flowing tonight. >> do you have goggles tonight, jessica? >> i do not, but he's got good goggle protocol. removing a mural to make way for a tech company. the push back against the silicon valley ceo e >> she was a great role model to a lot of the kids in the community, that's why it's so important to the family and the community. >> the leader says the mural needs to go. also accused of hosting sex and alcohol parties for 14 and 15-year-olds, this mom facing serious charges in the south bay. and the testing is under way yet again. we investigate the fix for the
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leaning and sinking millennium tower. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. removing the remnants of neighborhood history, and they don't like it. the washington district say it is has learned that a new property owner in san jose is about to paint over a treasured neighborhood mural. the same thing happened on story road three years ago. this latest battle has local leaders fighting back. here's damian trujillo. >> reporter: the mural is on a vacant building on south first street in the heart of the washington district. the neighbors tell me the property owner told them he needs to remodel the place before high-tech workers arrive and that the mural has to go before then. the wall is adorned with the images of caesar chavez and a revolutionary leader. it was created at a time when


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