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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 12, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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three stories breaking right now. crews on the ground in the east and north baize as they bat twoel separate firefighters both coming during the height of dangerous weather conditions. >> also deputies on the scene of a hostage situation. a suspect barricaded in a home. we're covering it all this midday. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. multiple homes are damaged after a fast-moving fire. >> bob redell is on the scene in brentwood. they're up against those strong
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wind conditions we're talking about. >> you can see the wind still blowing here. we're on nicholas court in brentwood. only one home was destroyed. other home were saved. that's a testament to great firefighting here in the east bay. you're looking at this house that was taken down. this is because of the high winds. the fire swept through this house very rapidly and then began to cast embers on other nearby homes. contra costa county fire believes the fire started outside this home near on nicholas court. they arrived and when they did, the fire was already in the attic, too dangerous for the firefighters to go inside. they took a defensive posture and then assigned crews to protect the six other homes down wind in danger of catching fire due to the embers being blown about because of the high winds. there was a task force comprised of 12 units from throughout the county on standby. this task force responded so a
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much greater response. and they were able to save those six other homes. only damage was to trees, a trampoline and other outside structures, but the homes themselves not damaged or sustained minimal damage. it was a good save overall when you consider the wind conditions and the dry terrain. here's what one neighbor witnessed. >> and the black smoke was coming so fast and the fires were just -- you could hear the explosions and the fires going. you could see the smoke and the fire was going. it was horrible. >> reporter: no one was inside the home that burned down. the fire department doesn't know the cause of the fire but i spoke to the next door neighbor who says they heard about ten explosions early this morning. they think it might have been ammunition based on what they know about their neighbor. they tried to spray it with their garden hose but no way they could stop it because the winds took over and that thing
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took off. people in the surrounding homes got out okay. con fire tells us this is a good example of why we need to take the red flag warnings seriously. you had a fire that started on the outside of this home. because of the winds it took off rapidly. it destroyed that house and almost took several other homes with it. reporting live in brentwood, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. we saw the trees billowing in the wind there. it's a very big concern for especially fire crews. >> we want to bring in meteorologist kari hall. the red flag warning in effect for the next few hours because it's still windy out there and humidity levels still lowering. we're looking at some of our relative humidity in about the single digits which is critically dry and then these gusty winds that continue to move through especially the delta and some of those areas near brentwood, as well as much of the north bay in our mountains. and then we're also still seeing those wind advisories. all of this system that brought
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those high winds moves away from us gradually the winds will calm down but we have wind advisories for soleano county and some of those winds through the delta may still be gusting up to 40 miles per hour, but much of the central valley still included in that wind advisory until this afternoon. take a look at some of these wind gusts in parts of the east bay. los va kwu eros reservoir had a wind gust at 56 miles per hour. in the north bay, those crews are still working to fully contain a fire near american canyon high school. cierra johnson joins us live with where that firefight stands. >> reporter: yeah, this morning we have been here all morning. and as you mentioned, the wind really the top concern here as i've been standing here. a lot of dust in my eyes because the wind is so strong. i did have a chance to speak with the public information officer.
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the fire sat 60% containment. now it is important to note that is there are two investigations going on into the fire. investi fire and solano county's sheriff is looking into a car reported stolen out of vallejo near the burn zone. a 26-year-old man inside that car was detained. so far he has not been arrested or booked and is currently being treated for injuries but police are calling him a person of interest for this fire. taking a look at your screen, this is what fire crews were up against. you can see the flames and the wind fueling this brush fire and evacuation warning was lifted late last night for some in this community. right now the firefight continues. >> we have been under a red flag warning where we were expecting high winds. luckily the winds were able to shift the fire towards the east away from the community of -- i'm sorry, the town of american canyon. >> so as it stands right now,
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132 acres have been burned. it's at 60% containment and five engines remain on sc some of those you'll see behind me just monitoring some of those hot spots. and as the strong wind continues here in the north bay, it did prompt a alert. 25,000 customers were notified of that alert. about 8,000 of them were impacted by that alert. so the wind really having a huge role in this fire. crews remain on scene looking at some of those hot spots and hoping those embers do not blow as we've seen in so many cases here with these fires. live in american canyon about a block from the high school, cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> the wind certainly picking up. download our nbc bay area app. it's a great tool to have because we can send you the latest updates on the conditions straight to your phone. you can also put in your zip code for the detailed forecast for your neighborhood. more breaking news. a hostage situation now entering its 12th hour in san jose's alum
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rock neighborhood. we find nbc bay area's kris sanchez live this morning with a look at how this all started and what it means for people in live in that neighborhood. kris? >> so the folks who live in this neighborhood have been asked to stay put inside their homes for their own safety for the time being as this has been going on since 11:00 last night here with a suspect that's barricaded and holding at least one hostage. i want to give you a look at the scene from skyranger overhead. what we can tell you at this point is that that suspect is inside the home with at least one other person. we have some other information that we're trying to confirm but we also want to be responsible with the tactical information. we don't want to disclose any of that information at this point. santa clara county sheriff's officers arrived on the scene last night and evacuated the closest homes to that location and then they put the rest of
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the neighbors on shelter order, asking them to stay put inside. >> so we have one person inside that has a firearm with them. this is confirmed a hostage situation as well as a barricaded situation right now. our goal is to get a hold of the person inside the house and use our de-escalation tactics to get a hold of that person and have a peaceful resolution to this situation. >> reporter: so we are working to confirm the relationship between these people inside the home at this point. we don't know much about the suspect with the weapon nor whether officers have responded to this particular home for disturbances before. the sheriff's tactical team is here. basically their version of the s.w.a.t. team but so is a negotiating team. an officer is trying to use time to their advantage, making contact by phone and loud speaker with that suspect and then just using time to kind of wait things out. while that may be a good de-escalation tactic, it has been a frustrating night and
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morning for the folks who live in this neighborhood as they've been trying to come and go to and from work and school. there's a school not too far away. folks have been trying to come and go but the neighborhood is still under that shelter order. nice and safe at this point but it all depends on how well that de-escalation works inside. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> let's hope it all kicks into effect. everyone manages to get out safely. thank you, kris. as covid infections across california continue to drop, deaths are hitting a new milestone in the state. take a look at these numbers from johns hopkins university. more than 70,000 people have died across the state. this comes as california has the lowest amount of new cases per capita. last week the state recorded an average of 67 new infections per 100,000 people. u.s. average is 195. california health leaders say they don't anticipate the state repeating the surge like in january. happening now, contra costa leaders considering the
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spreading of covid misinformation a public health crisis. supervisors are debating a resolution which includes declaration and creation of new policies in response. supporters cite misinformation for the reasons some people not getting vaccinated. not even wearing masks or following other protocols. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you any new updates during our 5:00 newscast tonight. happening today, engineers will conduct a critical test to determine what's behind the latest sinking when it comes to san francisco's troubled millennium tower. the building has settled more since the work began on the fix to the tower sinking another inch since may along the northwest corner. the building leaning close to two feet toward fremont and nine inches toward mission. they hope test wills determine if the vibrations from the drilling is to blame or removing too much soil during the installation support of those piles. and our investigative unit has been closely following this story. go to and you can
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access the full breakdown and timeline of events. head to the investigations tab on our home page or on our app. the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial is back under way in san jose. new video of holmes walking into the courthouse today. last week there were just two days of testimony instead of the normal three. former safeway ceo stephen byrd talked about a deal with theranos that fell through when are the those could not deliver test results. he is supposed to return to the stand as the trial continues this week. school enrollment in one part of the bay area is down. next on "today in the bay," what school leaders say is leading to the decrease in students. >> and jon gru den is gone. the raiders head coach facing backlash over resurfaced controversial emails. how he is responding. but first, catch selma blair this afternoon on the kelly clarkson show. be sure to watch and find out one thing she was revealing
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about her best friend sarah michelle gellar. that's coming up for you on the "kelly clarkson show" on nbc bay area at 3:00 thismiss it. be right back. somebody in there? [ scream ] micheal myers is still alive. tonight, our family will kill him. i want to take his mask off and see the life leave his eyes. ♪ ♪ comprehensive dental coverage. so you can enjoy movie night to the fullest. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022. call today, or ask your agent about scan health plan.
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today new details will be revealed about the death of gabby petito. the coroner will hold a press conference regarding the final autopsy report. her body was found near grand teton national park last month. authorities in florida are now looking for her fiance brian laundrie. that's where he later returned alone after gabby went missing. me is considered a person of interest. we're following the latest developments this midday as the las vegas raiders head coach jon gruden resigns after the discovery of a series of racist, misogynistic and homophobic remarks he made in emails over the several years. nbc news's steve patterson joins us with the latest on the
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reaction. >> reporter: overnight, a stunning fall from grace broadcast to millions of primetime football fans. >> breaking news tonight, jon gruden out as las vegas raiders head coach. >> nfl coach and former monday night football analyst jon gruden announcing his exit as head coach of the las vegas raiders. after emails uncovered as part of a separate investigation revealed a torrent of sexist, racist and anti-gay language and a slew of targets ranging from players to officials. gruden said, i love the raiders and do not issue to be a distraction. i'm sorry. i never meant to hurt anyone. the emails confirmed by the nfl but not seen by nbc news were initially discovered during an nfl workplace misconduct investigation into the washington football team while gruden was an analyst for espn. last week it was learned gruden used a racist trope to describe the union chief demaurice smith
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in a 2011 email saying dumboriss smith has large lips. and gruden using offensive language to insult roger goodell and calling the first openly gay player michael sam a queer, disparaging players, panning the hiring of female referees and mocking rules for concussions. >> it wasn't just something that crossed his mind that was bad but he took that tought, formal used it in writing and hit send. people say all kinds of things on the cuff. this is more than that. >> reporter: gruden also exchanged email photos with other men showing women wearing only bikini bottoms, including nfl cheerleaders. in a statement the league slammed gruden's actions calling them appalling, abhorrent and
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wholly contrary to the nfl's values. >> that was steve patterson reporting. new data on the exodus of students from the san francisco schools. nearly 3,500 students have left over the past two years and that could cost the district $35 million in state funding. meaning possible new staff cutbacks. district leaders hope to have seen more students return this fall as school reopened. that didn't happen. at the same time, 2% decline in enrollment is similar to other california school districts. developing at this hour, a situation getting ghoers santa barbara. the so-called alisal fire is burning out of control. and as of this morning it's now scorched up to 6,000 acres. the flames jumped highway 101 last night closing both directions along the coast. evacuation orders are in effect. 600 firefighters are on the ground trying put that fire out.
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in the delta, at least 30 homes are destroyed from a fire on remote brannan island. this is south of rio vista in sacramento county. most of those homes destroyed are said to be mobile homes. that fire started yesterday afternoon and burned at least 40 acres. and as of last night it was 30% contained and still threatening about two dozen more structures. it is still not clear what started that fire. >> think about just how many fires we've mentioned within this newscast and then those wind concerns as well. are they continuing this morning as well, kari? >> still pretty gusty. still some of those winds picking up. not as strong as it was earlier, late last night. but it's too early to start cleaning up. the garbage can may have gotten knocked over, tree branches coming down. we'll still have that time to clean up as we go through the forecast. but also all of that wind is kicking up some dust in the east bay and making our air quality
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moderate. all the dust in the air makes it unhealthy for those who are sensitive to it. elsewhere, good air quality but some of that dust coming in from the central valley. look at some of these numbers. some of our upper elevations getting those 50-mile-per-hour winds. even mt. umunhum had winds at about 47 miles per hour. the altamont pass at 43 and in santa rosa, wind gust at 41 miles an hour. and then this shows some of the wind speeds in some of our valleys along the coast as well. up to 40 in san francisco. and those winds rushing in from the north and northwest. very low humidity, very dry conditions and our forecast, that's showing gusty conditions into this afternoon. now the red flag warning expires at 6:00 today and we're still looking at winds bat 25 to 30 miles per hour in san francisco and down the peninsula. some of our inland areas, spots like the tri-valley, santa clara valley and napa valley and
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sonoma valley, we'll see the winds starting to calm down just a bit. our temperatures today feeling very nice. without the winds it would be comfortable but we've seen those winds making it feel even cooler out there. headed toward 71 degrees in los gatos. 70 in danville and hayward. low 70s for the east bay. the temperatures cooler than normal for the middle of october. we're looking at temperatures up to 68 in san mateo. outer sunset up to 63. nice and clear in san francisco and low 70s for santa rosa, napa today headed towards 70 degrees. as we look at the forecast, we go from windy and dry to a slight chance of showers by tomorrow morning. a lot of changes here. we'll see a very quick moving system passing by. once that moves out, though, we're looking at all dry conditions and then our temperatures head up. take a look at livermore. very chilly these next couple of days. by the weekend, 85 degrees on
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saturday. and that's when those temperatures peak and then we bring it down several more degrees for the end of the weekend into early next week. and across all of our micro climates we'll see our temperatures still going up and down but that's what happens in fall. especially when we get these gusty wind events. >> got to keep our eyes on them. thank you. this midday, the celebration continues. last night the giants beat the dodgers. how the team is one step closer to eliminating l.a. still to come on nbc bay area news, highlights and fan reaction still ahead. but first, happening now. the ceo of southwest airlines says the airline is starting to recover after several days of flight delays and cancellations. flight tracking site said the airline canceled 2400 flights during saturday. the ceo gary kelly says the delays began on friday and then took several days to recover. the airline said the bad weather and air traffic control issues initiated the problems that were
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worsened by its own staffing shortfall. we're back with more for you right after the break.
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all right. giants fans, all we need now is one more win, and it is on to the league championship series. you know the giants came out on top in the tightest of games last night. against the dodgers in the playoff series. >> anthony flores was there and
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has the blow-by-blow from a windy dodger stadium. >> i'm anthony flores at dodger stadium where the giants are on the verge of taking this series and ending the dodgers season. let's check out the highlights from game three at dodger stadium. check out the palm trees. the wind a big factor in this one. so windy, the foul pole was swaying back and forth. the giants starting pitcher spent five seasons in l.a. and helped the doerges win the world series last year. runners on first and second in the fouring the, he gets out of a jam by getting pollack. evan longoria hits it long gone. his tenth career postseason home run. 1-0, giants. how about great defense. two on in the seventh, brandon crawford showing off his hops and his glove. robs mookie betts. final out in the ninth, hammers it to center.
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he thought it was gone but the wind knocks it down. steven dugger makes the catch. the giants beat the dodgers. they lead this best of five series, two games to one. >> there were several balls knocked down by the wind tonight. we've seen balls get out of dodger stadium kind of like 9 5 to 100 range. and so i think luck's ball was hit pretty good. >> i felt like i was going to get blown over by the wind. a lot of dust in the eyes. so there was -- it was definitely a little bit more difficult. >> and the giants can close out this series with a victory tonight in game four. >> so exciting. anthony flores reporting there. this morning some members of our team wore orange after the giants' big win. game four is tonight. fan fever certainly alive and well. in the coming days, we want to see your giants spirit. >> tag us in your pictures on facebook, instagram twitter and we'll share them on our morning
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show "today in the bay" all week long. that is going to be fun. can't wait to see all of that. a few of you have sent in those photos. find us on facebook. i posted that on facebook. just find that post and post within that. >> all right. post and post. >> a lot of posting. then we're going to share. post and then share. >> she's got the orange going. good thing it's a jacket. a little cool, windy out there. >> still pretty chilly out there when you factor in the wind. makes it feel cooler. headed up to 70 degrees for the warmer spots in the inland valleys. even chillier tomorrow. then we'll start a warming trend by the end of the week. a little taste of summer coming back for us. and san francisco will go from the mid to upper 60s to the low 70s this weekend with sunshine but we have to get through these next few hours with this red flag warning that will continue across the bay area. of course, we'll keep you updated. make sure you have that nbc bay area app for those updates. >> thanks, kari.
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>> we'll have more as our next newscast is at 5:00 tonight as well. >> and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning starting dark and early at 4:30. we're here until 7:00. can't wait for you all to join us. have a great tuesday.
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