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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 12, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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away from homes. all this as the danger of more flames still loom. we're breaking down the areas most at risk. plus, could you be next in line to roll up your sleeve for a booster shot? jon gruden gone. he's facing backlash over controversial e-mails. how he's responding this morning. this is "today in the bay." it's tuesday, and good morning to you. thank you so much for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. let's check in with meteorologist, kari hall, this morning. she has more on the red flag warning we have still in place. >> yeah, continues until 5:00 this evening. still a high fire danger, and we have seen the high wind
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advisories expired for the rest of the baydvisory until 2:00. we should see our winds gradually calm down as our temperatures head for the upper 60s and low 70s. still nice and cool today but we will be warming up. we'll talk about all of the changes ahead coming up in our forecast in a few minutes. a busy night for firefighters in the north bay. firefighters are monitoring for hot spots after this fast-moving grass fire that started last night near american canyon high school. it burned 150 acres. evacuation warnings were lifted last night. here's a look at the current th. thousands of customers across
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the bay area are still feeling the impact. be sure and download our nbc bay area app, and we'll send you the latest on conditions straight to your phone. you can put in your zip code for the detailed forecast in your neighborhood. now to the latest on the pandemic. people that got vaccines made by moderna and johnson & johnson could soon learn if they will be able to get a booster shot. today in the bay's chris pallone joins us from washington on what will come next. chris? >> laura, an fda advisory committee is meeting thursday and friday to review the data and decide whether those manufacturers should join pfizer in offering its recipients in extra protection, and many experts believe some sort of approval is likely. >> if i were to predict something, i think they might take a similar route to pfizer to not cause more confusion, but
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we will have to wait and see. >> across the country there are signs of progress. new infections down 53%, and daily deaths and hospitalizations are declining as well. health officials say it's safer for most children to go trick-or-treating this halloween but warn they should stay away from crowded indoor parties. if the fda panel does recommend booster shots for moderna and johnson & johnson recipients, then the cdc would take up that recommendation likely next wednesday. laura? >> one to continue to follow. thank you so much, chris. as covid infections across california continue to drop, deaths from covid-19 hit a new milestone in our state. more than 70,000 people have died across california. this comes as california has the lowest amount of new cases per capita. last week the state recorded an average of 67 new infections per 100,000 people. the u.s. average is 195.
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california health leaders say they don't anticipate the state repeating a surge like in january. this morning gruden is out. the raider's head coach resigned after e-mails revealed his thoughts of behavior. >> this is a big deal. jon gruden hung up his whistle and clipboard before the raiders had a chance to fire him, which is what our nbc sports bay area analysts said might happen. he criticized the nfl's move to allow women to referee, and draft gay players. even the league's efforts to reduce concussions. now, in his own word jon gruden said i resigned as head coach of the las vegas raiders, and i
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love the raiders and do not want to be a distraction. thank you to all of the players, coaches and fans of raider nation. i'm sorry. i never meant to hurt anybody. >> being in the business now for 35 years you realize that things people say in public are not going to be necessarily the people he thought had like minds and some of them did where he was comfortable enough to share his thoughts on these things and it's ugly stuff. >> the former raider's ceo said of the e-mails they are heinous, horrific, horrible, hideous and heartbreaking. that was her tweet. because gruden resigned it seems unlikely the nfl would take action against him. the coordinator now will be the head coach in the interim. the raiders' next game is against the denver broncos on sunday. >> thank you. san jose police are asking for your help in solving a deadly shooting back in june.
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33-year-old man died on june 4th on woods drive. since that time they have been working on a few leads. later today they plan to hold a news conference. this is when the victim's family members and they are expected to be on hand. a deadly plane crash near san diego caught on video by a home security camera. froze it right before impact. the crash happened yesterday as it approached an airport northeast of san diego. witnesses say the fuselage exploded destroying two homes. two people were rescued and the debris field is said to be at least a block long. >> i heard a big boom and then my wife yelled down from upstairs that she heard a plane crash. i ran out to see if i could help anybody. by the time i got there the house was in flames.
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>> more homes were damaged as well, and it's not clear yet why that plane went down. developing now in the delta, at least 30 homes are destroyed. this is from a fire on remote brandon island. this is south of rio vista in sacramento county. most of those homes destroyed are said to be mobile homes. the fire started yesterday afternoon. it burned at least 40 acres. as of last night it was about 30% contained and still threatening about two dozen more structures. it's still not clear how that fire started. time to get a live look outside for you this morning at walnut creek. still under that red flag warning this morning. >> yeah, those winds were kicking up last night. i tried to take the dog out and it was cold. >> it was cold and windy. things were just blowing around the yard and up and down the street. here's a look at some of the gusts we had in santa rosa. 40-mile-per-hour winds, and most of the gusts were 30 to 45 miles per hour, even higher as you go
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up in elevation, up to 56 miles per hour. a tight grip on the steering wheel was head out in the tri-valley. right now only 53 degrees, and you can see the gusty winds that will continue throughout the morning. sunshine will warm us up but we will only make it to the upper 70s here in the tri-valley in san jose, and upper 60s down the peninsula and palo alto, and 73 in santa rosa. we will have a chance of rain before we heat up by the end of the week. mike, you have concerns for contra costa county. >> yes, i do. it's not a major concern for anywhere south of contra costa county. san jose starting to calm down. out of pleasant hill for south 680, and the walnut creek interchange, there's a crash shy of the interchange. we will use main street as your marker there. it's blocking your far right
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lanes if you are heading south. there's a number of vehicles on the shoulder that are a distraction. slowing south 242, and that's the early slowdown with the build off highway 4 out of pittsburg. and also 37 and the bay bridge shows a slower drive as well. things are slowing down from the toll plaza down the incline. we do have a build, nothing major, but across the span a little slowing. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 6:09 right now. ahead on "today in the bay," what school leaders are saying about what is leading to the decrease in students. a little bit of twitter teasing. let's me say that, twitter teasing or even trolling. i will get it together. let's get the futures out there. the dow jones up 44 points on
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when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where i find every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design. cause one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. explore floor & decor in person or online. good tuesday morning. it's 6:12. we continue our microclimate weather alert due to the high fire danger. as you are heading out in santa rosa, it's a chilly and windy start to the day.
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we're in the mid-40s right now, slowly warming up with sunshine but still will stay breezy. we will talk about our climate in crisis, coming up. san mateo bridge, one of the spots, just one with a wind advisory from chp. and it's getting crowded here, and we are seeing slowing through hayward to this spot where we see more slowing in walnut creek. the contra costa county drive is affected. we'll show you. the facebook whistleblower will speak to the oversight board about the internal documents she showed the sub committee. she testified employees were worried about the damage facebook and instagram did to children, and facebook pushed negative content on you to keep you on the site longer. facebook's oversight board set
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up as an independent body by facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg, will ask questions of haugen. southwest airlines said it needs to hire more people, that it was mostly a lack of people that caused all the trouble over the past few days. southwest blamed weather and air traffic control as the cause of hundreds of canceled flights. southwest pilot union denies they had a sickout because they did not want to get vaccinated. checking flight schedules out of sjc, all southwest flights on time this morning. the cryptocurrency, jamie dimon
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who runs chase bank says he thinks bitcoin is worthless. speaking of spats over money, jeff bezos said something about musk. we assume he is reminding bezos that he's the second richest person behind musk. but if you are the second richest man, do you really care? i am the third handsome-est man in the studio, and that's not bad. >> look, you still get a medal. >> thank you, scott. it's quarter after 6:00 right now. your favorite wine may not reach store shelves this afternoon
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because wineries are dealing with a wine label shortage. it's the latest from the supply shortage from the pandemic. the shortage could last through 2022. we show a fair amount of baseball games here on bay area, but this is could be the catch of a lifetime. >> here's why. >> wow. >> you see right there, chicago baseball fan, caught the ball with the help of her friend's prosthetic leg. this happens at a white sox game earlier this month. it started as a joke to see if they could get attention of anybody in the bullpen. it worked. that video has been seen more than 3 million times on tiktok. >> it was not a pop fly or anything, and it was just the
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fact that that guy was in the bullpen? >> yeah. >> that could catch your eye. >> yeah, mike, i will toss it over to you -- >> i'll catch it -- well, i'll catch it. can i get a hand? no. that's even better. the south bay along the peninsula, no delays, folks. the big story that kari has been talking about is a traffic story as well, like the san mateo bridge getting the wind advisory with the wind possibly pushing you around. we are talking about more bridges and we are talking about the unusual slowing through walnut creek this morning. a crash blocking this area here. there could be a second crash as you are heading south out of concord. off of highway 4, we continue to see the typical build out of pittsburg.
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richmond bridge, not so bad but we saw the volume increase there. the bay bridge toll plaza, you see the middle lanes slowing and backing up. it's a gradual build. kari, we are using the trees as sensors to see the wind, and i am sure you can feel the wind across the bay bridge, that's what chp said as well. the red flag warning continues until 5:00 today. all the areas shaded in red is included in that, and especially for the upper elevations from the santa cruz mountains to the diablo range, and we are still looking at gusts so far peaking at 56 miles per hour, but it's extremely dry and it will be even drier this afternoon compared to the relative humidity we had during the peak of the winds yesterday. some single digit relative humidity numbers, you are probably feeling your skin feels dry and we will see the humidity coming up for tomorrow morning. we will be making progress
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towards more humidity and calmer winds. looking at the wind speed forecast hour-by-hour, stopping it right here before noon. as you make plans to head out, it will be about 20 to 25-mile-per-hour winds but still high along the coast and in san francisco. those winds roaring coming through the delta, and calming down later this evening. our temperatures will head for the low 70s, and we're reaching 70 degrees in san jose which is warmer compared to yesterday, but up to 73 in concord and walnut creek. for daly city, we're looking at a high of 74 today. 64 in clearlake. we go from extremely dry and windy to calm winds and maybe even a chance of showers by tomorrow morning. the quick-moving system passes by. this is 10:30 tomorrow when we could see spotty rain, and it will be in and out quickly.
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not all of us will see it. then we are back to our dry conditions, and warming temperatures by the end of the week. we are cooler today, and even cooler tomorrow with the system passing by. then look at how temperatures go up on saturday, and then 70s in the forecast for the first part of next week. overall our inland temperatures will take a dip tomorrow and then start to rise. temperatures peaking on saturday as well as early next week. for san francisco, we're looking at highs that will reach into the low 60s, and definitely a milder weekend ahead. now as we return to our climate in crisis, and last week we encouraged to bike to work for our california air clean day, and you could look at an e bike, and you could get a 30% tax credit for a new electronic
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bike. you may be able to claim up to about $1,500, but before you do that you might want to pump the brakes because we have not seen that bill passed yet, but there are incentives in place. sonoma, you could get a discount up to $1,000 on your e-bike. for contra costa county, you could get a rebate of up to $800. for contra costa and san mateo county, you could get about $1,000 for the rebates. you might want to wait until next year and wait for those incentives to kick in. you can see more on the climate in crisis on our site, >> they are so fun to ride. coming up, nbc bay area responds. >> if you get a covid-19 booster, you will need to update
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your shot record. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. i'll show you how, next. as we head to break, we want to share this photo of the medical workers, and you can see from this photo giants fans fever is well and alive. post pictures online and tag us on facebook or twitter, and we will share those during "today in the bay." can't wait to see all of the photos. make sure you tag us, and i'll see you then. it's 6:22 right now.
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new this morning, new data on the exodus of students from san francisco schools. "the chronicle" reporting more than 3,500 students left over the past two years. that could cost the district $35 million in funding and leading to possible staff cutbacks. now that a covid vaccine booster shot or additional dose has started to become administered, many are left wondering how to add it to your record. >> consumer investigator, chris chmura is here to show us how even if you lost your card. >> if you get a covid-19 booster, your record needs to show it. let's take a look at how to do that accurately. first when you go to your appointment, bring your paper record card with you. the doctor or nurse should add
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your booster to your previous shots. before you leave your appointment, take a look at your card and make sure everything on it is accurate. if it isn't, ask them to change it before you leave. what if you forgot your card or lost it? still go to your appointment and they will give you a second card. california health says those that give you the shot will give you a vaccine shot card to supplement the card you left at home. if you lost it, contact the place you got your shot. keep your original paper card someplace safe where it won't get damaged and you won't lose it. >> thanks, chris. next, the top stories we are following including continued high fire danger. >> reporter: that's right. about a quarter mile from here, crews still working to contain the fire. we will also let you know what
6:27 am
was unusual that they found when they first arrived on scene. one county looking to stop misinformation. the unusual move being taken today that could actually ease the spread of covid. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. right now at 6:30, high fire danger. winds still a concern with the bay area's red flag warning still in effect. we're live with an update on
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this fire that threatened homes last night and the conditions we're likely to face today. deadline looming. while some san francisco city workers asking for a vaccine exemption could be looking for alternatives, next. and then the celebrations continuing this morning, and now the giants on the verge of eliminating the rival dodges. fan reaction just ahead. this is "today in the bay." got to keep the orange roll going, and they are in san francisco. this is coit tower all lit up this morning for our beloved giants. nice to see. one more. got to do one more. let's do it! >> we are broadcasting on your television traditionally, and we
6:31 am
are also streaming on you can take us on the go. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. kari has been monitoring the red flag warning. >> we are dealing with gusting winds this morning, and the red flag warning continuing through 5:00 this afternoon. the winds are drying out of the vegetation more and the humidity in the air will be quite low. this system is moving away from us so gradually our winds will calm down. look at the top wind gusts. 56 miles per hour in parts of the east bay. we will talk more about our winds calming down and more changes ahead in our forecast in a few minutes. >> looking forward to it, kari. thank you. there was a big square for homeowners in the north bay
6:32 am
after the grass fire fanned by the red flag warning conditions. cierra johnson is live. talk about what it's like there this morning. >> reporter: from where i am positioned right now, it's quiet. it's still breezy as we have mentioned all morning long, but right now i can't smell smoke but at last check cal fire said that fire is still burning and is at 50% containment, at last check. this is what crews had to fight here in american canyon. can you see the flames and the wind fueling the brushfire. an evacuation warning was lifted last night for some in the community. crews still have quite a fight ahead. as for a cause, cal fire said the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we did speak with the solano county sheriff's deputy that said when they were on scene, a
6:33 am
car stolen out of vallejo was on fire. we will continue requesting updates on whether those two situations are like right now. take a look at what one firefighter had to say about the situation. >> we are dealing with high winds, and so obviously that tends to increase the rate of spread for the vegetation fires. >> down south in san jose, crews responded to a fire in the foothills. the fire department says that fire grew seven or eight acres in a matter of minutes. plus, a preschool as well as a church were threatened. the high winds we have been seeing the last couple of nights and actually right now, it did prompt the sps, and all 25,000 people were alerted they could
6:34 am
be at risk. actually 8,000 were impacted in terms of getting things shut off here in the north bay. right now crews still working and the wind still picking up, and as we know that's a perfect storm for wildfires. >> thank you, cierra. leaders in one bay area county are now trying to tackle a new front in the pandemic. the crisis involves the spread of misinformation. today in the bay's bob redell joins us. supervisors are trying to do it to reach out to some of the vaccine hold outs. >> correct. it should be noted in contra costa county, more than 80% of people are fully vaccinated, but there are a number of minorities in poor communities and a number of young people throughout the community in their 20s who have not yet received their shots, and some of the county supervisors believe they are
6:35 am
hesitant because of covid misinformation. so a few hours from now when the county board of supervisors immediate, they are saying misinformation has prolonged the covid-19 pandemic. that's from the proclamation they will be considering later this morning. the pfizer by ontech vaxx have received full fda approval. by the way, the shots here in the county, they are free at no costs regardless of income, where you live, health coverage or immigration status. the county will continue to share facts and scientific information about covid, and dispel myths or lies about the
6:36 am
covid-19 vaccine. again, that's all part of the proclamation they will be voting on in a few hours from now. a live look at san francisco where employees in that city must be vaccinated by november 1st. hundreds of employees already asked to be exempt from the shot but so far none have been approved. 484 people so far applied for religious exemptions, and more than half have been denied and the rest are still pending. the vast majority of the city's 35,000 employees are vaccinated. bob redell reporting for "today in the bay." and then the elizabeth holmes fraud trial continues today in san jose.
6:37 am
last week there were just two days of testimony instead of the normal three. a former safeway executive testified. he's supposed to return to the stand as the trial continues this week. 6:36. happening today, engineers will conduct a critical test to determine what is behind the latest sinking of san francisco's troubled millennium tower. the building has settled more since work began on the so-called fix to theer's sinking another inch since may along the northwest corner. the build something leaning two feet more towards the street. our investigative unit has been closely following this, and you can access the full breakdown and timeline of events on
6:38 am or on our nbc bay area app. giants fans, all we need is one more win and it's on to the championship league series. the giants came out ahead last night in the tightest of games. >> anthony flores has the blow-by-blow from dodgers stadium. >> the giants are on the verge of ending the dodgers season. check out the palm trees. the wind a big factor in this one. it was so windy the foul pole was swaying back and forth. giants' starting picture wood spent five seasons in l.a. and helped the dodgers win the world series last year. woods gets out of a jam by getting a.j. pollack to groundout. at the top of the fifth, evan
6:39 am
longoria gets his tenth career post season home run. how about great defense for the giants. crawford showing on his hops and glove. he robs mookie betts of a hit that would have tied the game. and then in the ninth, the wind knocks this down. duggar makes the catch. the giants lead the best of five series two games to one. >> there were several balls knocked down by the wind tonight. we have seen balls get out of dodger stadium kind of like in the 95 to 100 range. so i think that ball was hit pretty good. a couple times i thought i was going to get blown over by the wind. a lot of dust in the eyes. it was definitely a little bit more difficult. >> the giants can close out this series with a victory tonight in game four. at dodger stadium in los
6:40 am
angeles, anthony flores, "today in the bay." >> it was windy in southern california, and also today here in the bay area. what is in store today, kari. >> yeah, looking at our wind speeds it's been gusting over 40 to 50 miles per hour and it has been kicking up dust from the central valley and bringing it into the east bay. moderate air quality for us because of the dust flying through the air. then taking a look at our temperatures today, we're headed for the upper 60s and low 70s. just going to be a few degrees warmer compared to yesterday. up to 74 in antioch. santa rosa reaching 73. 70 in hayward and 70 in san jose. we'll talk about a warm-up in the forecast in a few minutes. mike, you have two delays in the east bay. >> yeah, the bay bridge toll plaza, a gradual build there.
6:41 am
not so gradual here with this slowdown going on and continuing through walnut creek. the first crash is the big rig. the other vehicles may just have been cleared from south main. this could be two more crashes in the backup, and one leaving one vehicle in the middle of the roadway. that's a slow drive down through concord. and then as you come into downtown oakland, we'll check in on that traffic. anything south of there moving nicely. back to you. >> thank you, mike. the big talk this morning, the controversial e-mails proved to be too much for raiders coach gruden. what happens next in the turmoil? >> texas faces the fed, and it looks like texas will lose. let's take you out to the big board this morning. dow industrials breaking a two-day losing streak. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:44 am
good tuesday morning. it's 6:44. we are still under microclimate weather alert due to the high fire danger and the red flag warning. fremont, 53 degrees. it's going to stay breezy as your temperatures head for the mid-60s. a look at the rest of the microclimates, coming up. and then a crash here at the
6:45 am
coliseum. quite a bit of slowing. we'll show you the alternates and recovery, which is good news. the raiders suddenly without their head coach. jon gruden amid backlash from e-mails he sent over the span of seven years. >> let's look at the fallout and what is next for the team. >> the e-mails have been called ugly and heartbreaking for those who know him and worked with the raiders' head coach for a while. his statement said i resigned as head coach of the las vegas raiders. i love the raiders and do not want to be a distraction. some of his e-mails were published from 2011 to 2018 when he was working as an analyst. he criticized the nfl allowing women referees and the drafting of gay players, and even the league's efforts to reduce
6:46 am
concussions. if he had not stepped down it's likely he would have been fired. >> mark's first priority is like his dad, it's the raiders. whether he likes you or hated you, and he didn't care what color you were, he felt the way he felt about you. to hear some of the things jon had some of the e-mails, mark would not tolerate that. >> it's unlikely the nfl will take action against gruden since he resigned. the coordinator will be the interim coach when they take on the broncos this sunday. >> thanks. texas bushing back against washington's federal vaccine mandate. >> you say this will be a fight texas will have a tough time winning, scott? >> yeah, texas is unmatched on this one, laura.
6:47 am
the ban would presumably include mandates set by the federal government, for instance, mandates that federal contractors require their employees to be vaccinated, and that would be texas-based american airlines and southwest because those airlines carry mail and transport members of the armed services and do other federal tasks. this ban on vaccine requirements is an executive order, and the government asked legislature to create a law. congress will vote on extend being the debt ceiling today. republicans and democrats agreed on a temporary extension. i have said this before, but because a lot of people still get this wrong, including people in congress, it bears repeating. the debt ceiling deals with debt we already ran up. it's not money we spend in the future. it's not money for biden's build back better which is not law
6:48 am
yet. if we don't deal with the debt ceiling we default on oura shout on the loans. whether you support trump or not we can all agree 100% he is experienced on defaulting on loans. trump has had trouble finding banks to loan him money because of his past bankruptcies. and then people were surprised to see chuck grassley there with trump. he's not shy about the political calculation that he's making between what he believes and what works for his campaign. quote, if i don't accept the endorsement of somebody who has 91% of the voters in iowa, i would not be very smart. it's 6:48.
6:49 am
firefighters are trying to get a handle on a new fire burning in southern california. this is the alisal fire burning out of control in santa barbara county. evacuation orders are in effect with about 100 structures threatened right now. >> the wind is a big concern when we are dealing with the fires. we're dealing with the winds here, kari. >> yeah, glad the crews are able to knock down any flames they see precipitation red flag warning continues until 5:00 today. we are going to see high winds and low humidity cause fires that do start to spread very quickly. there are wind advisories in effect for solano county. we will have a strong delta breeze through 2:00. take a look at what we already
6:50 am
measured around mt. diablo area, 56-mile-per-hour gusts. mt. st. helena, look here. as our high temperatures come up a few degrees, only about 70 today. still cooler than normal. 71 in oakland. 64 in daly city. redwood city reaching 68. 65 in the mission district. our north bay temperatures up to 72 in sonoma. then we go from extremely dry and windy to a calmer wind and a slight chance for showers tomorrow morning. we're seeing a little green here as a very quick-moving system passing by. not all of us will see the rain, not a heavy downpour, but it's nice to see some moisture moving in before we go back to warm and
6:51 am
dry weather for the weekend. we will see that quick spike in temperatures over the next few days. a little cooler tomorrow. once again that system passing by early morning clouds and rain chances. san francisco also will be warming up over the next few days, and the weekend is looking nice and comfortable and in the 70s. we do not have an alert officially from chp, but from oakland north 880 up past the coliseum, look how tight the taillights are packed, but it's all the way up here where a crash blocks the two lanes here through oakland. 580 is a much better drive. international boulevard has a
6:52 am
lot of signals and surface street traffic. that pays off for the people heading to the bay bridge north of that. typical slowing for the rest of contra costa county. for the south bay, 87 slowing kicks in as well. back to you. >> thank you. happening now, the district attorney's office is dropping or reducing 514 marijuana charges stemming before 2017. they are working with the non-profit and showed some charges were eligible to be dismissed. next, a look at the top stories, including the engineers hoping to study the leaning tower of san francisco.
6:53 am
keeping our eyes on the high fire danger that sparked this fast-moving fire. a live update including conditions at this hour. we're back in just two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:54 am
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6:56 am
danger. today in the bay's cierra johnson is live where a fast-moving fire. >> reporter: it's quite windy. as we know the wind is not working in the favor of the firefighters or helping to slow down that fire. right now at last check, 50% containment for that fire here at american canyon. take a look at your screen. this is what crews were battling. the evacuation warning was lifted late last night for some in the community, but there's still quite the firefight ahead. as for a cause, that is under investigation. we did speak with the solano county sheriff's deputy, when they arrived on the scene that was stolen out of vallejo and that car was on fire and the man inside was detained. they are going to see if there's
6:57 am
any correlation between that fire and that individual. strong winds are continuing, again, and that said to an alert. 25,000 customers were alerted they could have their power shut off, and 8,000 customers did have their power shut off. i was looking at the pg&e website, and they said there could be another shut off for wednesday evening. if you are impacted, you could be notified from pg&e. out here, i don't smell or see smoke, but at least check 50% containment is where that fire stood. cierra johnson, live for "today in the bay." elizabeth holmes' fraud trial resumes today. nbc bay area has been there every step of the legal way. last week there were two days of testimony instead of the normal three. a former safeway ceo talked about a deal that fell through with theranos when theranos
6:58 am
could not deliver test results. he will return to the stand this week. engineers conducting a critical test to determine what is behind the latest sinking of san francisco's troubled millennium tower. that building has been settling as more work was being done on the so-called fix of the tower's sinking another inch since may. engineers are really hoping the test will determine if the vibrations from drilling is to blame or the removing of soil to install the supports. we're at 70 degrees for our interior valleys, and cooler tomorrow before we see the temperatures heading up into the weekend and into the low 80s. san francisco going from the upper 60s to low 70s.
6:59 am
we are still, once again, watching the red flag warning conditions throughout today. a crash recovering here on 680, but on 880, a crash before you get to the coliseum. the bay bridge toll plaza, look how clear the 80 over cross is, and that's not bad here. it's moving relatively smooth here. san francisco, home of the giants. >> yeah, probably going to see a lot of orange today after the giants' big win coming out on top 1-0 over the dodgers to take the critical game three of the playoff series. don't forget, game four is happening tonight. fan fever alive and well. >> we want you to tag us in pictures on facebook, instagram and twitter, and we will share them all week long here on
7:00 am
"today in the bay." this is some of the photos we received already this morning. you can check out the fans in their orange representing this morning. you know, can't wait to see those pictures come in. >> that's right. we'll all celebrate together. let's pull off that win. we're back at 7:25 with a live local update. >> "today" show is up next. good morning. breaking overnight, leaving las vegas. the raiders' jon gruden, one of the nfl's highest paid and most high profile head coaches resigns in disgrace. a decade-long trail of leaked emailsevealing racist, homophobic and misogynistic messages mocking players, insulting commissioner roger goodell and even blasting attempts to limit concussions. the drama playing out in the middle of monday night football where he worked for years as a star analyst. so what is next for him, the raiders and the nfl?


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