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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 12, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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& johnson booster shots. >> jon gruden out, and how he's responding this morning. this is "today in the bay." very good tuesday morning to you. 5:00 right now. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. there's lot to get to this morning, but first want to get to meteorologist, kari hall, more with the red flag warning in place. >> still tracking the fire danger for us this morning. the red flag warning continues until 5:00 this evening. we're still looking at high wind gusts and extremely dry vegetation and low humidity, and this is all because of a system that passed through here yesterday and brought sierra snow and high winds across the bay area, and it's moving to the east and as it moves away from us we will see winds gradually calming down today. heading out at 23 miles per hour, and temperatures in the mid-50s. we will have a slow warm-up
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throughout late morning, and we are still in for cool temperatures today, headed for the low 70s for many of the microclimates. we'll talk more about warming up and the winds will calm down. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> kari, thank you. firefighters in the north bay, as kari hall was just telling us that red flag warning remains in effect for another 12 or so hours. the firefighters have stopped the forwarding of the fire here. the evacuation orders were lifted late last night, and overnight that fire was 50% contained. parts of the north bay also taking the brunt of the pg&e power shutoffs. the good news, pg&e is issuing the all clear in some of those locations, and thousands of customers across the bay area are feeling the impact.
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be sure and download the nbc bay area app because we will send you the latest updates straight to your phone. be sure and put in the zip code to get the latest forecasts detailed for your neighborhood. and then today in the bay's chris pallone joins us from washington on what more will come from the booster shots. >> an advisory panel meets this thursday and friday to decide if those that got the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines will join pfizer in giving some sort of protection. >> i think they will take a similar route as with pfizer, and we will have to wait and see. >> across the country, there are
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signs of progress. new infections are down 53%. daily deaths and hospitalizations are declining, too. health officials say it's safe for most children to go trick-or-treating this halloween, but warn they should be staying away from crowded indoor parties. if the advisory panel recommends people that got moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines should get a booster, that would go to the cdc to also agree the following week. >> those kids certainly paying attention to the trick-or-treating part. thank you, chris. as covid cases continue to drop, take a look at some of the numbers from johns hopkins university. more than 70,000 people have died across the state, and this comes as california has the lowest amount of cases per capita. last week the state reported 67
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cases per 100,000 people. big talker here. gruden is out and the raiders' head coach resigns after a pattern of racist, homophobic and anti-women e-mails. >> gruden hung up his clipboard before the raiders had a chance to fire him. it did not take long after "the new york times" published some of his e-mails from 2011 and 2018 as he was describing the head of the nfl players association, criticizing the league for letting women
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referee. >> being in this business now for 35 years, you realize things people say in public are not going to be the way they think in private. these e-mails were going to people who he felt had like minds, and some of them did, and it's ugly stuff. >> former raiders ceo said the e-mails are heinous, horrific, horrible, hidden and heartbreaking. it seems unlikely the nfl would take action against him since he resigned. the raiders' next game is against the broncos on sunday. >> marcus? >> all right, kris. 5:05 this morning, san jose police are asking for your help in solving a deadly shooting back in june.
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a 33-year-old man died on june 4th on woods drive. since that time they have been working with a few leads. later today they plan to hold a news conference with the victim's family members expected to be on hand. developing from the delta, 35 homes destroyed south of rio vista in sacramento county. most of those homes destroyed are said to be mobile homes. that fire started yesterday afternoon, and as of last night it was 30% contained and still threatening two dozen more structures and it's not clear how that fire started. 5:06 this morning. taking a live look out at walnut creek as we get started on this tuesday for you. kari hall has been monitoring the conditions for us as we are still under the red flag warning. >> yes, we are still under the red flag warning, a microclimate
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alert. some of the spots in the low lying areas, san francisco, 41-mile-per-hour gusts, and most of us feeling the breezy winds. looking at the high temperatures, we're heading for the upper 60s in san francisco. 71 in oakland. when you factor in the winds it feels cooler than this, especially as we go into the afternoon with the sunshine and winds calming down. that's what we will watch today. we're still in with the high fire danger this morning. mike, wind is the word from chp. >> yeah, it's the only word they are talking about is wind. they are just letting you know places like the san mateo bridge, one of their cruisers got pushed around, maybe a couple, so hold on and you should always have both hands on the may be a new crash i'm tracking on 87.
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we will wait for chp or local pd to arrive. again, we talked about the newell fire up in the area, and local power may still be out at a couple intersections, so be careful. overall, north bay freeways moving at regular speeds and no backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. and why it may be harder to find your favorite wines. there could be teasing and trolling as well. we'll take a look. and ahead at 5:25, what schools said led to a decrease in students. now, for information on how the pandemic ebt cards work and
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who qualifies, go to you can also access the information on our app. we'll be right back.
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winds today. >> i checked on the crash. it's not on highway 87, it's on santa clara. 101, no major traffic. we'll show you a clear view, coming up. the facebook whistleblower will speak to facebook's oversight board about all the documents she showed "the wall street journal" and senate sub committee. she showed the memos and claimed facebook pushed negative and divisive content on you in order to keep you on the site longer. the oversight board was set up by an independent board by ceo of facebook, zuckerberg. zuckerberg has in the past said he will abide by the independent
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board's recommendation. southwest airlines said it needs to hire more people. said it was mostly a lack of people that caused trouble over the last few days. southwest also blamed weather and air traffic control as the cause of hundreds of canceled flights. southwest pilots' union denies reports of a sickout by pilots that don't want to get vaccinated. the "today" show will take a closer look at the issue. and southwest has eight flights this morning and all are on-time so far. bitcoin, one bank owner says
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it's worthless, and fans of bitcoin say of course that's how somebody would think of it. some of the big money guys have big egos. the grapes may have been picked but your favorite wines may not reach store shelves anytime soon. it's because they are facing a wine label shortage. some wine experts say the shortage could last into 2022. >> just get a sharpy at this point. this is really funny and cute. a texas couple flying to las
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vegas got word their bag was five pounds over the limit, and that turned out it was their chihuahua. he inside a boot in the bag. the couple posted these photos saying a southwest agent offered to take care of the pup while they were on vacation. >> that agent then could not go to work, thus the delays -- >> oh, oh, the butterfly affect but this time it's a chihuahua. >> there you have it. >> traffic is not icky right now. >> yeah, we'll take you to the roads and show you how it's shaping up on the maps. it's green because it's early right now, 5:15 and folks getting started for the longer drive out of the altamont pass.
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we're looking over here towards the altamont. there's a little more slowing because it's still the same number of lanes. chp did issue a wind advisory for this section, and that's not unusual. vasco, dark and winding around this area but close to speed. chp said we had an issue here, like yesterday, the antioch bridge, the south side here, and the benicia bridge had gusting winds. there's a chance your car could get pushed around, and you should hold on anyways to the steering wheel. here's the bay bridge toll plaza, we have the traffic meter looking at how many cars they are, and the trees and bushes are moving around like the cars are right now. >> yeah, still windy this morning and that's why the red flag warning continues.
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it's mainly in the upper elevations but anywhere across the bay area is where we are seeing the high winds. still pretty windy as you get ready to head out. let's go through the hour-by-hour forecast. let's stop it at 10:30 this morning. in san francisco those winds coming through the delta have been quite strong. we are looking at breezy winds, and at 5:00 that's when the red flag warning will expire and the winds will come down just a little bit but will be breezy for today. as you take a look at the bottom of the screen, we will be warming up in time for the weekend. we're up to 74 in san rafael. 70 in hayward, as well as 70 in san jose, and livermore reaching 72 degrees. antioch reaching 74 degrees. going hour-by-hour, we're clear today but will see more clouds
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moving in tomorrow. here we are at 9:30 tomorrow morning, and it shows moisture moving in, possibly spotty light showers quickly passing by, clearing out by tomorrow afternoon. we'll be watching that to see if we can bring a little moisture out of the system before we go to warm and dry weather in time for the weekend. livermore goes from 70s today to slightly cooler tomorrow with the system passing by, and then a quick warm-up for the weekend and then next week with highs in the 70s. we are going to cool down a few degrees, and then warming up this weekend. it's going to feel more like summer with low 80s. san francisco will see highs there reaching into the mid and upper 60s, then low 70s in the forecast for the weekend. looks nice as you are starting to make the weekend outdoor plans. now let's turn to the climate in crisis. last week we encouraged you to ride a bike and do something for
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california air quality clean day. we are getting ready for a bill to pass through congress, and it's going to give you a discount. let me show you some of the places where you may be able to find credits, like sonoma county. you can get a $1,000 credit, and for contra costa county, you could get a $300 rebate. those are some of the things you may want to check out, but unfortunately some of the bigger incentives don't kick in before next year, but you can see more stories like this by going to coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds.
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>> if you get a covid-19 booster, you will need to update your shot records. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. i'll show you how, next. as we head to break, we want to show you this photo, and this is ucsf health care workers, and coming up in the next few days, we want to see your giants spirit out there. tag us in a picture on facebook or twitter, and we will share them on "today in the bay" all week. can't waited to see all the photos. hurry up, share the photos and tag us on facebook or twitter, and you could see yourself here on "today in the bay." it's 5:20.
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new this morning, new data on the exodus of students from san francisco schools. "the chronicle" reporting nearly 3,500 students left over the past two years and that could cost the district $35 million in state funding, meaning possible new staff cutbacks. district leaders hope to see more students return this fall when schools reopened but that did not happen. the decline in enrollment is similar to other school districts. many are wondering how to add your booster shots to your records. >> chris chmura is here to show us how to do it even if you lost your card. >> if you get a covid-19 vaccine booster, your record needs to show it. let's take a look at how to do that accurately.
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first when you go to your appointment, bring your paper record card with you. the doctor or nurse should add your previous booster to your shots. california public health says the people that gave you the shot will give you a card to supplement the card you left at home. contact the clinic that gave you your first shot if you lost it, if your went to a pop-up site that was not there anymore, get in touch with the state so you can replace it, and then put it someplace safe so it can't get damaged or lost. now an epic venture, the
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action-pack show depicts when a massive sinkhole opens up in los angeles. we sat down with some of the actors that play euzy and josh harris. >> nobody has any idea of what is going on. you don't know how to fix it. you are just in it for the rise and you are doing your best. that's what is happening in the world right now. >> you can watch it every tuesday night here on bay area, and it comes in at 9:00 p.m., followed by an all-new amsterdam. i love that show. more to come. >> fighting back on misinformation tied to the pandemic.
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new extreme measures being considered today in one bay area county.
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right now at 5:30, the fire danger not over yet. the wind remains a top concern as the red flag warning continues across parts of the bay area. meteorologist, kari hall, breaking down the areas most at risk. cracking down on covid misinformation. a live report on the action contra costa leaders are set to take today.
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plus -- >> we're going to take it to the end and win. >> the celebration continues. the giants beat the dodgers. now the team is one step closer to eliminating l.a. highlights and fan reaction ahead for you this morning. this is "today in the bay." we're keeping the giant spirit going this morning. check out the tower this morning, lit up in orange this morning. we are also streaming live on nbc bay area and also you can take the app with you on the go. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. let's get started with the red flag warning. >> you probably heard the winds roaring during the overnight hours.
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the red flag warning continues until 5:00, and as we open up the view and take a look at the system causing all of the winds, it's moving away. we are going to gradually see the winds cdown, but look at how high some of the winds got. we know around mt. diablo, it can be windy, and mt. st. huh lana, 53. up to 73 in concord. 73 in hayward and in san jose. 74 in san rafael. we will track the high winds and what is ahead as we go through the forecast with more changes over the next few days. i'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. with the red flag warning still in effect this morning,
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firefighters are keeping an eye out for the hot spots after a fast-moving grass fire in american canyon. this is video showing what fire crews were up against. the winds fanning the flames. the response to reports of a car on fire that was stolen in vallejo, and the 26-year-old man inside that car was detained. the investigation is ongoing. firefighters say the conditions made things difficult. >> we are dealing with high winds in the mountain areas, so obviously that tends to increase the rate of spread for the vegetation fires. >> in san jose, crews responded to another brushfire in the east san jose foothills. yesterday those flames spread so fast because of the wind. the fire grew to seven or eight
5:33 am
acres in a matter of minutes. in all several homes were threatened in addition to a preschool and church. no word on the cause. and then now tackling a new front in the pandemic, the crisis of the spread of misinformation. >> bob. >> it should be noted more than 80% of the people that live in contra costa county are fully vaccinated, but the county is concerned about a number of minorities that live in young communities, and young people overall in their 20s have not received their shots. it's because of being miss informed and being lied to, and they are trying to fix that, and the board is trying to declare
5:34 am
the spread of the misinformation a public health crisis. misinformation has prolonged the covid-19 pandemic, endangering the health and safety of all contra costa county residents and visitors. pfizer' vaxx already received full fda approval and all vaccines shall free in the county, and no cost regardless of income, where you live, or immigration status. the county will continue to share facts and dispel myths or lies about the vaccine.
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a liverancisco where city employees in that city must be vaccinated by november 1st. according to the examiner, hundreds of employees have asked to be exempt from the shot but nobody has been approved so far. more than half of those applied for the religious exemption have been denied. reporting live here in san ramon, bob redell for "today in the bay." and then you can look at the bay area locations that have yet to seat impact. kaiser's rate 92% up from 78% in
5:36 am
early august. stanford's rate is 97% versus 80% when its mandate came in july. and ucsf is now at 99% compliance, though some workers do have exemptions. in vallejo, police are revealing few details about a shooting last night. first responders found somebody suffering from at least one gunshot wound and that person later died at the scene. police plan to provide information on the case later today. and then police seized a car to a vehicle tied to side shows. officers tracked it to pittsburg where they seized it on friday. it will now be impacted for at least 30 days, and so far no arrests have been announced.
5:37 am
the elizabeth holmes trial will resume today. last week there were just two days of testimony instead of the normal three. a former safeway ceo, steven bird, talked about the deal with theranos that fell through when theranos could not deliver the test results. he is supposed to return to the stand as the trial returns this week. let's look at sfo where frustrations are mounting as southwest is dealing with the delays and cancelations. in total, more than 300 flights canceled nationwide just yesterday. southwest blaming air traffic control issues, bad weather and staffing shortages. the airline is asking all affected travelers to use the self service rebooking option. 5:37 for enthuse morning. all we need now is one more win,
5:38 am
and it is on to the league championship series for the giants. >> let's do it. >> they came out on top in the tightest of games last night against the dodgers in the playoff series. >> anthony flores was there and has the blow-by-blow from a windy dodger stadium. >> reporter: at the dodgers stadium, the giants are on the verge of taking the series and ending the dodger's season. let's check out the palm trees. the wind a big factor in this one. it was so windy the foul pole was swaying back and forth. wood was the pitcher and helped the dodgers win the world series last year. he pitched 4 2/3 scoreless
5:39 am
innings. brandon crawford showing off his hops and glove. and the final out in the ninth, the wind knocks that down and the giants beat the dodgers 1-0. they lead the best of five series two games to one. >> there were several balls knocked down by the wind tonight. we have seen balls get out of dodger stadium from the 95 to 100 range, so that ball was hit pretty good. a couple times i thought i was going to get blown over by the wind, and a lot of dust in the eyes. it was definitely a little more difficult. >> reporter: the giants can close out the series with a victory tonight in game four. at dodger stadium in los angeles, anthony flores for "today in the bay." from a windy l.a. to a very
5:40 am
snowy sierra, this is a live look at highway 50 at myer up in the tahoe area. they got a dusting of snow. kari hall has been watching this system. it's the same one bringing all the wind here? >> yeah, absolutely. we have snow in the sierra, and high winds in southern california and high winds here in the bay area. now that system is rolling off to the east and we'll gradually see our wind calming down today. it will be gusty with temperatures this morning in the low 50s. it will warm up slowly into the early morning and afternoon hours, and we are only heading up to 71 degrees. it will be a nice afternoon and the wind will calm down. a lot of sunshine, but we are still tracking the high winds especially for the next few hours. mike, chp would endorse the weather report? >> yeah, and we're looking at the san mateo bridge where it
5:41 am
matters here because crews got pushed around overnight. the san mateo bridge, and also watch the dumbarton bridge. altamont pass, not a lot of traffic, and same for san jose, the typical build. walnut creek, we do have a crash blocking one lane south 680, and it could involve a big rig and chp will give us more details any second. no major problems on the bridges, and volume is building at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks. firefighters in southern california have their hands full facing high fire danger. ahead, the latest on the fast-moving fire on the 101. looks like texas may not win this one over vaccinations. we'll take a look, next on
5:42 am
"today in the bay."
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right now at 5:44, the microclimate weather continues, and this red flag warning. take a look at some of the numbers. in the single digits today. still dry, but we could have a little rain heading our way. we'll talk about that in a couple minutes. and then we have folks who
5:45 am
are slowing on the incline there, and we see the trees moving around. we'll talk about all that, coming up. today new details will be revealed about the death of gabby petito. the coroner will hold a press conference about the autopsy. authorities in florida now looking for her fiancé, brian laundrie. that's where he later returned alone after gabby went missing. he's considered a person of interest. and then a new brief asking for an appeals court to put texas' abortion ban back on hold. last week a judge approved the injunction, and the same appeals court then granted a texas order to hold while considering the appeal. and then scott mcgrew joins us now.
5:46 am
you say texas will have a tough time winning one fight. >> yeah, texas is out matched on this one. the weight of the law will likely fall on the side of the feds. texas's governor declared all vaccine mandates for coronavirus illegal, even mandates from private companies. the ban would resumebly include mandates set by the federal government, including texas-based american airlines and southwest, because those airlines carry mail and transport members of the armed services. the ban on vaccine requirements is a executive order. congress will vote on extending the debt ceiling today and we fully expect that will pass. republicans and democrats have agreed on a temporary extension. i said it before, but because people still get it wrong, including people in congress, it bears repeating. the debt ceiling deals with debt
5:47 am
we already ran up, and it's not money we might spend in the future, and it's not money for biden's build back better. that's not even law yet. former president trump said we should default on our loans. when you support the former president or not, we could all agree he is experienced on defaulting on his own loans. trump has had trouble finding banks to loan him money because of past defaults. despite grassley's past criticisms of trump, he's not shy about the political calculation he's making between what he thinks is working as a campaign. quote, if i didn't accept the endorsement of a person that's
5:48 am
got 91% of the republican voters in iowa, i would not be too smart. you will find me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. and then a critical test today for the sinking of the millennium tower. the building now leaning close to two feet toward fremont street and nine inches towards mission. the engineers hope the tests will determine if the drilling from the tests is to blame. the investigative unit have closely been following the story, you can go to head over to the investigations tab on our home page or on our app. firefighters trying to get a handle on a new fire burning in
5:49 am
southern california, and this is the alisal fire. the flames jumped highway 101 last night closing both directions along the coast near gabby oweda. 100 structures are still threatened. kari hall has been monitoring those conditions and the red flag warning we are under making things dangerous out there. >> the crews have been so good trying to knock out any flames we have seen in the past 24 hours in the high fire conditions. the gusts have been topping over 40 to 50 miles per hour. then when we take a look at our air quality, some of the dust coming in from the central valley into the east bay has basically decreased our air quality. we're looking at a look at the particulate matter bringing the
5:50 am
air quality into the moderate area, and we are looking at 71 degrees in oakland. 64 will be the high in daly city. san francisco, up to 67 downtown. still windy, especially for the morning hours. low 70s for much of the north bay. then go into the forecast tomorrow, we go from extremely dry to a chance of some early morning showers. by 10:00, we could see a quick-moving system and bring in very light rain, and basically it's in and out of here before noon. the rest of the day is dry. hopefully we can get a little rain, because now we're headed towards warm and dry weather for the end of the week and into the weekend. look at san jose's forecast, mid-60s today and low 80s on friday. temperatures peak on saturday at 84 and then coming down to stay nice and comfortable at least through the end of next week.
5:51 am
we will see the spike in temperatures the next couple of days for inland valleys, going from low 70s today to the low 80s by the weekend. early next week we will have upper 70s. for san francisco, it's mainly cool for the next few days. low 70s as you make your weekend outdoor plans. mike, you were looking at a crash in walnut creek. >> we are looking at 680 southbound, a big rig and other vehicles involved in the crash. only one lane blocked but with a lot of activity on the shoulder, you see quickly the build on southbound 680 approaching 24 through walnut creek out of pleasant hill. they have cleared a majority of the lanes, and chp reports only one lane closed so that could help out, but that's as southbound 242 moving into walnut creek, that's your typical flow into contra costa
5:52 am
county. highway 37 and the bay bridge with the backup at the toll plaza, and richmond bridge starting the slowdown as well that just kicked in the last ten minutes. and then now a smoother slow from the toll plaza heading up the incline and over towards san francisco as we saw on the speed sensors here. and the bay bridge, everything moving nicely. the wind advisories for the bridges, keep that in mind at the altamont pass. san jose saw a lot of slowing the last ten minutes. the typical area here, we're slowing down from story and we have been seeing that for the last week. this could be a different pattern. we should see 87 slow down in the next 20 minutes as well. we'll track that for you. >> thanks, mike. new lease on le
5:53 am
in contra costa county. the non-profit found there are some marijuana charges could be dismissed. people with marijuana charges could call the marin d.a.'s office to check their eligibility. now, one bay area county facing some of the most difficult challenges. now, a heartbreaking new statistic. the new leading cause of death for law enforcement may actually surprise you. you're watching "today in the bay."
5:54 am
he breathes... he kills.... [ screams ] he dies, tonight.
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5:56 right now. welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." right now there's troubling news on covid's impact on law enforcement. coronavirus is the leading cause of death for officers with at least 144 deaths nationwide since the pandemic began. that's more than shooting and traffic-related deaths combined. first responders are also among the most hesitant to get vaccinated.
5:57 am
>> that analogy of the bullet proof vest is like the vaccine, it protects you from the unknown, and that's an analogy you find fault with? >> you don't have to wear that vest, and you should wear that vest and officers don't sometimes wear a vest when they go into situations. >> coming up, we'll hear more on the conversation inside police departments nationwide, and that's at 7:00 a.m., right after "today in the bay." state investigators will try and get to the bottom of how the recent southern california oil spill went down. there's a formal investigation being launched to determine who knew what and when. some coastline is reopening because tests are no longer showing contaminants in the water, but the cleanup is still ongoing. and then facing challenges
5:58 am
trying to help newly unaccompanied minor children. leaders say counties with larger populations and more resources take in similar numbers. in san francisco it was 304. and then marin took in a similar number of children as it did this year. a texas toddler back at home after three days of being lost in the woods. the 3-year-old christopher ramirez was greeted with loud cheers. he had been playing with the neighbor's dog when he went missing. hundreds of searchers combed through the woods for days looking for the toddler. he was finally found about five miles from his home. he was taken to a children's hospital out of precaution but is expected to be okay. >> thank god he's okay. if you ever thought about
5:59 am
cashing out and maybe leaving the bay area or leaving so you could buy a home in a more affordable market, turns out you are not alone. according to the latest joint venture silicon valley survey, more than half, 56% of people say they are considering moving somewhere else in the next few years. leaders say the overwhelming reasons are cost of living and high housing costs. >> another 56% say they are seriously considering their options now and think they might leave the bay area. doesn't mean it's binding, but that's how they feel when they talk to a pollster. >> wildfires and drought are other reasons they are thinking about leaving the golden state. >> it is costly to make the bay area home. high fire danger remains. >> it's a critical time. >> a fire in napa county sending crews scrambling to keep flames
6:00 am
away from homes. all this as the danger of more flames still loom. we're breaking down the areas most at risk. plus, could you be next in line to roll up your sleeve for a booster shot? jon gruden gone. he's facing backlash over controversial e-mails. how he's responding this morning. this is "today in the bay." it's tuesday, and good morning to you. thank you so much for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. let's check in with meteorologist, kari hall, this morning. she has more on the red flag warning we have still in place. >> yeah, continues until 5:00 this evening. still a high fire


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