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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 11, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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danger remains high across the bay area tonight. updated forecast in just minutes. also it continues, giants loving it. giants win. what should we expect from tomorrow? hear from the team tonight. more emails surfacing today, leading raiders coach jon gruden to call it quits. what gruden has to say about his sudden departure. we begin with breaking news, prime conditions for a fire and we had one tonight in napa county. firefighters on the scene battling a fast moving vegetation fire near american canyon high school. started on newell drive. authorities worried it could get out of control because of the strong winds. >> bay area in red flag warning,
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prompting pg&e to have a planned outage. cheryl hurd. >> reporter: 150 acre brush fire is 50% contained. this fire comes on the same day that pg&e issued a psps shutoff because of all this wind. strong winds fuelling that brush fire in american canyon. evacuation warning lifted late tonight for people living in its path. >> dealing with high winds, with mountain area, that tends to increase the rate of spread for vegetation fires. >> reporter: a solano county sheriff's deputy said when they arrived, a car reported stolen was on fire. 26-year-old man inside was detained. cal fire says the cause of the fire is under investigation. firefighters and deputies agree it's coming at bad time because
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of the dangerous winds, winds triggering a public safety power shutoff. >> started contacting about 25,000 customers starting zarksd they could be impacted by it today. >> reporter: 8,000 pg&e customers in bay area were affected. majority in the north bay where there are gusty winds and lot of fuel to burn. linda lives in vacaville. >> we're on the end of all of the area that had burnt couple of years ago when we had the big fires. we had to evacuate then also. and had no power. >> reporter: this time people were warned and ready. >> kind of prepare as much as could. thinking about everything in the freezer and fridge, thought okay, well, learned from last time. >> reporter: barry learned, too,
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got a generator. >> last time had to throw all the stuff in the refrigerator away. didn't have a generator. didn't expect it to be that long. this time we're ready. >> reporter: tonight pg&e is in the process of turning power back on for some of its customers. all power should be back on by 10:00 tomorrow night. as far as the fire is concerned, crews are still battling that fire and will continue to do so until tomorrow. reporting live in american canyon, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. it's not just the north bay. fire danger is a concern across the bay area. bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. talk to me about the red flag warning. >> even with wind speeds coming down -- and that's good news, the wind speed helped push that fire in american canyon. stronger earlier today, helping to expand 150 acres. right now northwest at five,
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humidity dry at 26%. as wind speeds downhill, bair wind advisories have expired, little bit of good news but winds stay strong across higher hills and inland east bay tomorrow. breezy, not as strong as today but keep low humidity around for another day. red flag conditions for higher elevations tomorrow. chilly morning temperatures in wind sheltered valleys. could see 30s in parts of the bay area tomorrow morning. and there's interesting chance in wednesday, could we see midweek showers? closer look at what could impact wednesday and midweek forecast coming up in ten minutes. fire in the east san jose foothills this afternoon. fire department says the fire grew seven or eight acres in minutes. 15 homes were threatened and
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sunshine preschool and a church. >> worst-case scenario with the red flags and wind expected to go through tonight, this is a critical time. >> got close enough to homes to damage decks and fences. no word on the cause. breaking at sour brush fire that exploded jumping highway 101, closed near goleta. started this afternoon. high gusts of wind up to 75 miles an hour had it spreading rapidly. unable to fight in the air, too dangerous for the planes and helicopters. zero containment, people have been told to evacuate. nbc bay area news app, keep track of alerts and personalized, accurate in your
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neighborhood forecasts. download the app, it's free. might be smiling from ear-to-ear, remember the old days of candlestick park? cold and windy? tonight candlestick conditions at dodger stadium. they're not used to it. giants win a nail biter and one win away from eliminating the dodgers and moving on. average anthony flores, how cold is it? >> bay area cold and perfect weather for the giants. wild game, handed dodgers their first loss this season with max scherzer on the hill and had to battle mother nature for the lead. serious wind at dodger stadium, the foul pole swaying back and forth, but the wind didn't bother evan longoria on this swing in the fifth, solo home
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run, his tenth career postseason home run and first since 2013. 1-0 giants. giants also getting it done with the leather. two on in the seventh, what a play by brandon crawford to rob mookie betts of a hit that would have tied the game. final out in the ninth, gavin lux hammers it to center. thought it was out, wind knocks it down and steven duggar makes the catch. giants lead best of five series 2-1. >> i don't remember a lot of nights at dodger stadium where the wind was blowing looking that. super strange. and i thought as a result our outfielders really played a great game on defense. >> i knew i got every bit of it as far as how hard i could hit a baseball. but yeah, i wasn't quite sure it was going to go out. i mean the conditions tonight
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were crazy. >> all right, a big win tonight for the giants, even bigger game tomorrow because they can close this series out. live at dodger stadium in los angeles, anthony flores, nbc bay area. torture in high gear tonight only this time for los angeles. no one happier to see the dodgers' trouble than giants fans at watch parties across the bay area. terry mcsweeney. >> reporter: athletic club, you can hear the beat l.a. chants from outside the bar. house parties and bars all over northern california. fans demanded it. >> let's go giants! >> reporter: after 3 1/2 hours of on-field battle. >> max scherzer just gave up first home run, looking good for now. you never know. >> reporter: finally it happened. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the giants beat
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l.a. >> i just enjoy it, so fun. i'm excited. >> feeling great, pumped, going to take it to the end and win, honey. >> beat l.a. >> 30 times. >> going to win whole thing. >> reporter: you don't seem nervous. >> why would i be? just won the game, riding high, let's go. >> reporter: hold on to the caps, it's time to break out goggles and protect from the champagne but first win another game in l.a., break out the rally towels because we need to -- >> beat l.a.! >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> we like it. giants -- dodgers rivalry dates back to late 1800s. go to to learn all about it. another key week in covid booster debate. fda advisory panel is waiting to
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discussion additional dose of the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccine less than a month after authorized booster shots of pfizer for some americans. both moderna and j&j say they're safe and increase immunity. fda could make a final decision within days of the meeting, then it's up to the cdc. merck is moving forward with new covid treatment. drug maker applying for emergency use of a pill to treat the covid-19 virus. doesn't keep you from getting covid like the vaccine does. you take when you start feeling symptoms. clinical trials how it cuts risk of death in half. deadly plane crash near san diego. plane fell from the sky, captured on video by home security camera. twin engine cessna was having
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issue flying from yuma, arizona, towards san diego. crashed on resident street attempting to land at gillaspie field in suburb northeast of sa clipped his truck. witnesses say the fuselage slid toward homes and exploded, destroying the homes. debris field one block long. dr. sugata das, cardiologist who worked at yuma, lived in san diego, flew back and forth frequently. situation going south for southwest airlines. canceled more than 2,000 flights over the weekend, including in and out of our three major airports. southwest blames air traffic control issues, bad weather and
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staffing shortages, however no major airline was impacted the same way. so asked aviation expert to explain why. >> unlike american, united or delta, southwest doesn't really have a hub system so end up where planes are just out of position, crews in the wrong place and don't have other crews and planes coming in to catch up. they end up having to cancel everything. >> will take a few days to fully recover. today southwest canceled over 300 flights in the country. in bay area, three flights out of sfo, nine out of sjc and nine at oakland airport. huntington beach reopened its coastline a week after the large oil speed. california attorney general
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bontas toured today. said whoever is responsible for the spill, investigation is under way. authorities do believe a ship's anchor may have scraped the pipeline causing a crack that grew worse over time. up next, jon gruden is out. what was uncovered in his emails that forced his sudden exit from the raiders. it's not easy to make it in the bay. we all know that, not just cost of living has people wanting out this time. expect a chilly start to the morning. wind sheltered valleys around santa rosa could have 30s tomorrow. perhaps wednesday showers in the forecast when we come right back.
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his own words may have done him in. raiders' jon gruden resigned amid new allegations of bad behavior.
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new emails where he's using misogynistic and homophobic, profanity laced language. ian cull. >> hours after "new york times" report revealed seven years of his emails. sent while working at espn and before he was hired by the raiders. tonight jon gruden is out of a job. new allegations exposed by the "new york times" in emails from 2011 to 2018 where he casually used misogynistic and homophobic terms. criticized nfl changes allowing women to become referees and drafting of a gay player. email surfaced last week where he used racist language to describe head of the nfl players association. >> you realize that things people say in public are not necessarily the way they think in private. these emails were going to people he thought had like minds. some did. he felt comfortable enough to
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share his thoughts on these things and it's ugly stuff. >> reporter: nbc sports bay area's monty poole thinks raiders owner marc davis would have fired him if not for quick resignation. >> his priority is like his dad, protect the raiders, and davis has been equal opportunity employer. and hearing what he had in the emails, marc is not going to tolerate that. >> reporter: also criticized the league for trying to reduce concussions and argued that eric reid should be fired for kneeling during the national anthem. raiders fans. >> to have him be that way, i don't like it at all, makes me very unhappy. >> reporter: raiders tweeting, said i have resigned as head coach, don't want to be a
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distraction. thank you to all the players, coaches, fans and staff of raider nation. i'm sorry, never meant to hurt anyone. the team has promoted rich bisaccia to interim coach. have you thought of cashing out and leaving the bay area to buy a house in more affordable market? you're not alone to those in survey. 56% of people considering moving in next few years. overwhelming reason, you can guess. cost of living, high housing costs. >> 56% say they're seriously considering options now and think they might leave the bay area. doesn't mean they'll all leave. it's not binding, but that's how they're feeling when they talk to pollster. >> lot of people feel that way. more than 60% also said
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wildfires and drought are another reason. landmark moment as san francisco battles back from economic crisis created by covid. first time in 19 months, cruise ship full of passengers docked at pier 27. looking at time lapse of the "majestic princess" coming to pier with 2,000 passengers, vaccinations and negative covid tests required and masks in all public places. last time a populated cruise ship was docked in the bay, march of 2020. meteorologist rob mayeda. >> we're seeing a combination of everything over the seven-day forecast. and cruise ship is still there on pier 27. clear skies, nice view for the friends from out of town look at the bridges. no fog in the way, not too chilly, wind north of 17,
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hanging on to 60 degrees in san francisco. other temperatures, 59 in san jose. northwest at 15 miles an hour. humidity at 28%, 60 degrees in walnut creek and similar conditions at this hour around livermore. 61 degrees, north wind at 17. relative humidity at 20%, that's still pretty dry. wind speeds have come down, wind advisory has expired, red flag warnings continue for livermore, tri-valley, inland east bay through 5:00 tomorrow, north bay hills and mountains for one more day. but red and purple should be on the decline, morning breezy, second half of the day, less wind as they trend downward. could see clouds on the increase and chance of maybe showers
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wednesday morning. tomorrow, 40s across most of the bay area. santa rosa with clear dry air may have chance of 30s. rebounding into the 70s, inland through the afternoon. high clouds passing by. 67 in san francisco, close to 70 in san jose and low 70s inland for tri-valley and inland east bay. not as gusty tomorrow but interesting part of the forecast, watching closely tomorrow night. see how fast that moved down the coast? tomorrow night into wednesday morning. window of opportunity for maybe sprinkles or light showers, early wednesday to wednesday afternoon. totals not impressive but if we're going to have weather system in, better to have chance of light rain totals. could fall wednesday morning, then clears out. seven-day forecast, things warming up as raj talked about. switching back to summer-like
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temperatures. san francisco, slight chance of showers wednesday to 70s by weekend. valleys, highs in the 60s wednesday, jumping into the 80s just in time for the weekend. warmest weather for weekend, but will lose fire danger and hopefully talk about shower chances wednesday. up next, halloween around the corner but is it safe to trick or treat? guidance from dr. fauci, what he's sharing with parents. and jimmy. >> chelsea handler and finn wolf are here for true confessions, james blake tonight. happening now, contra costa board of supervisors could declare covid misinformation as a public health crisis. they're set to meet tomorrow. points out that misinformation has caused confusion and led people to reject health measures
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like face masks and vaccines. if board approves the resolution, would discourage misinformation by giving platform to experts and trusted messengers. we'll be right back. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock
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change of plans from amazon regarding work from home policy. will now leave up to individual team directors to decide how often their employees work in the office. ceo andy jassy says one size fits all was not going to work for the company. originally planned to have most
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return january. top infectious expert dr. anthony fauci has given the go ahead for kids to go out for halloween. one frightening possibility not being able to get the costume that you want. congested ports to truck driver shortages and ongoing supply chain issues have led to costume shortages in some parts of the country. >> you love halloween. >> i love halloween, not clowns but halloween. >> back to dodger stadium after tonight's big win. stay with us.
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giants fans are so nervous that this dream season might end, at some point we might have to accept that giants are best team in baseball but won't say that until after they win the world series. >> a remarkable game, several heroes. anthony flores from a chilly dodger stadium. >> yes, it is cold but you know what, the giants are red hot and just one win away from taking this series. even better for giants fans ending the dodgers' season. great performance in game three
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at dodger stadium. check out the palm trees. wind a big factor in this one. so windy the foul pole was swaying, trash swirling all over the field. giants starting pitcher alex wood spent five seasons in l.a. and helped the dodgers win the world series last year. gets out of the jam getting a.j. pollock to ground out. pitched 2 2/3 scoreless innings. evan longoria, tenth career postseason home run. two on in the seventh, brandon crawford showing off his hops and his glove. robs mookie betts of a hit that would have tied the game. gavin lux hammered it to center. thought it was gone, wind knocked it down, steven duggar made the catch and giants win 1-0. they lead the best of five
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series 2-1. >> several balls were knocked down by the wind tonight. we've seen balls get out of dodger stadium in that 95 to 100 range. so i think lux's ball was hit pretty good. >> couple of times i felt like i was going to get blown over by the wind. lot of dust in the eyes. it was definitely a little bit more difficult. >> the giants can close out this series tomorrow in game four. live at dodger stadium in los angeles, anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> hopefully you get champagne on you tomorrow. one note from the 49ers, not good, trey lance might be out for the niners' next game. coach shanahan said he suffered knee sprain in loss in arizona. 49ers have a bye-week but might be ruled out for the colts game october 24th. jimmy g. is also hurt. back in a moment.
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let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers and even grow our business? how much is this going to cost? here's the figure. 59. 59 million? no, five9. as in five9 intelligent cloud contact center. they won't just power our transformation. they'll fund our transformation. yes, yes! exactly! what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ finally tonight, stanford inventor not expecting to win
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nobel prize for economics, typically further along in careers. >> i didn't expect this to come anytime soon. in the end, it was particularly gratifying to be able to get this while my kids are still at home and be able to celebrate with them, just a big shock. >> other half went to professor at uc berkeley for work on labor economics. they started working on it together at harvard. >> they're smart, admire their smartness. see you back here tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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