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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  October 11, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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i'm raj mathai. we're following breaking news. jon gruden has been forced out. we'll tell you about the controversial emails that he sent. also, a new survey shows a majority of us are thinking about leaving the bay area. is it you? we'll break down the primary reasons why and why the pandemic may be making things worse. and we are under microclimate weather alert. we'll talk about the wind and fire spots.
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what's with all the canceled southwest flights? your holiday vacation plans could be in jeopardy. we'll explain. good evening. this is nbc bay area fuse tonight. i'm raj mathai. if you're planning on flying southwest, stay with us. we're following two stories a fire right now in napa county, also a high profile exit. raiders head coach jon gruden is out. s this this is a story that seems to be getting worse by the hour. today new emails surfaced where gruden allegedly used misogynistic be homophobic language. according to "the new york times" he used that language to describe roger goodell and president biden. these were from about ten years ago. he also criticized the nfl rule
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changes and policy changes leak allowing women to become referees and the drafting of a gay player. last week an email surfaced where gruden used racist language to describe the head of the nfl players association. let's bring in now from nbc bay area sports monty pool. we have been following this. you know jon gruden for years, as vi. nothing surprises me anymore. does it surprise you what's gone on in the last couple hours? >> no. you realize things people say in public are not going to be necessarily the way they think in private, and these emails were going to people who he thought had like minds and some of them did. he felt comfortable enough to share his thoughts on these things and it's ugly stuff. so surprised, no, because i don't let myself be surprised anymore by anything he does. it's disappointing but not surprising because i've seen
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these stories before. >> these emails run the gamut. misogynistic language, homophobic language. was there any debate in your opinion to maybe suspend them, or is this the only choice they were faced with? >> i think in his heart of hearts mark davis would have loved to have kept jon gruden, by mark's first priority is the raiders, protect the raiders. al davis has always been an equal opportunity employer, whether he likes you or hated you. he didn't care what color you were. to hear some of the things that jon apparently had in those emails, mark is not going to tolerate that. i'm sure that's what happened today. his first obligation is to protect the raiders and what they stand for. they never stood for intolerance, and i don't think mark davis is in a position to even though he paid jon gruden a
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king's ran some. he's going to say, i draw the line here. we're not performing well, but the bigger issue is jon did some things that mark is just not going tolerate as head coach. >> aside from the raiders in the nfl, how much involvement do you think this had? it's terrible for the raiders and the nfl as a whole. >> it is. i'd be surprise first down the nfl decided to take some action. with jon being out, it's left to the team, mark and people to decide what he's going to do. if gruden is leaving he's forfeiting a lot of money, almost $7 million -- $07 million i should say. because he had a gigantic contract. i don't think the league itself kneels to need to do something. they talk a good game. they don't always do anything. they can say, jon's out of the league, we can let it go at
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that. now the problem is, the future -- jon gruden is not the only guy who talks this way, thinks this way, and acts this way and does something totally different in public. he's a popular guy. not as popular today as he has been for the last 15 years. >> just getting into our news rom a statement from jon gruden. quote, i resigned as head coach of the raiders i love the raiders and do not want about to be a distraction. thanks the all the players and fans. i never meant to hurt might be. you're right, there's a lot of this under the surface. how does the league respond? >> i'd like to see them respond in some way, but i'm not confident they will. we all know how they did colin kaepernick. he stood for quality and justice, and look what happened to him. they talk a good game, but let's
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see if they're willing to really take action on these issues or if this is going to be one of the things they talk about and say, we got to put up new posters, writing on the field, different things on the back of helmets. but will they actua anything? the nfl being the nfl, i'd shocked if they did anything in society. >> i always appreciate your perspective with things like this. i know you have a relationship with mark davis. please check back in to tell us how that conversation goes. we are following another breaking news story. let's talk about the brush fire threatening a high school in napa valley. this is the newell fire. it's burned about 10 to 20 acres so far. it is spreading fast, pushed by the gusty winds.
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the flames moving toward american canyon high school. we're told fire alarms at that school are going off as we speak. people in vallejo can see the spoke. we're seeing the wind direction. the wind is everywhere. peninsula, south bay, north bay. >> this time lapse shows you what's going on. that is the fast rate of spread as those embers are pushed really close to ground level giving that fire a quick run to the south. northwest winds throughout the day, gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. as you see here, the current conditions that's where the high school is located. >> right now it's in the grass. >> in that open space east of the canyon. it's been going through the open space. the high school right there on the map. humidity 15%. winds at time about 10 to 20 miles per hour. they are coming down a little bit, which may help with fire activity, but you can see these winds and those exceptional
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drought conditions across the north bay hills. those are the three thing wes watch. fuels, humidity. temperatures, not all that warm out there, but gusty winds and low humidity playing a part in what we're seeing. >> any trouble spots you want the talk about? >> the whole bay area under that wind advisory. we're seeing gusts come down now, which is in line with the timing for the wind advisory, which is expected to expire at 8:00. notice the red warnings. so while the valleys and bayside locations see a little less wind tomorrow, things are going to stay gusty and dry in the hills until about 5:00 tuesday and then the red-flag warnings should come down. >> another 24 hours. >> very likely. >> we'll come back to you in just a few minutes. let's move on another great weather resource, our nbc app. you can keep track of any alerts where you live and get forecasts
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down to your neighborhood. if you don't have our app, you can download it for free. another story we're watching here -- do we love living here like we used to? maybe you have had the conversation, cash out, selling your home, or moving somewhere you can buy a home. a widening economic gap. the poll chose more of us are considering leaving the bay area. of those polled 56% say they are likely to leave in the next few years. that's the highest percent since this survey started back in 1995 and 9% higher than last year. among the reasons people want to leave -- 85% the high cost of living. 77% said housing concerns and 62% said the quality of life. money is such a big part of this discussion. this poll reveals people making less than $50,000 a year are seeing the worst of it, but even
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the high earners frustrated with taxes and crime homelessness are on the move as well or thinking about it. tonight we're joined by russell hancock. nice to see you. is this kind of a beat up on the bay area apology, or is there real truth to it? >> it's tough. this has always been a difficult place to live. s that not news. we are a high cost region. have been for a long time. we're a turbulent economy. it's a tough place to make a go of it. but when you throw in an infectious disease, wildfires, drought, insufficient water, the whole package starts to add up, and we're seeing people think it just might not be worth it anymore. >> the impact of the pandemic -- 51% of the people making less than $50,000 a year said their financial situation actually got worse. for the high earners, people making more than $250,000 a
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year, the opposite was true. 51% said their financial situation actually improved. here's why -- those making 50k a year were more likely to take a pay cut during the pandemic, more like hi to get furloughed or laid out of and less likely to be given the option to work from home. lower earners made less. how do the higher workers earn more here during a pandemic? >> this just lace it wide open. it's been this way for a long time. we have had an income gap in silicon valley for years. you could say decades. but the pandemic blew the lid off it. suddenly you have those lower wage earners having to make impossible choices between working or exposing themselves to the disease, and these are the ones who had to take the furloughs and pay cuts. it's not that we're lamenting how the rich get richer while
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the poor get poorer. it's the rich get richer while the poor are dying. that's the disproportionate exposure. >> talk is cheap. are people acting on this? when they say, yeah, i want to leave, do they end up leaving or stay where they are? >> the pollsters didn't askny anybody to sign a contract. what the poll says people are grumpy, that all this stuff is catching up with us. who nose if they'll follow through. but it's the highest percentage ever reported when this question's been asked in years past. >> reappreciate it. russell hancock with joint venture silicon valley. thanks for sharing your data. are you considering leaving the bay area? too old to care tweets, no, we have live in the two other states and love it here in the area despite the high prices and traffic.
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hungry wishes quits the day area is home. i feel spoil besidety good weather. i asked this on my facebook page. anya writes, absolutely. living expenses are through the roof. having a six-figure salary means nothing in the bay area anymore. we are all in this together. till to come, are you flying southwest any time soon? why the airline had to cancel so many flights and is your future flight maybe a week from now safe? chris kamara standing by with guidance. also, are you ready to get back on board? cruise ships returning to the bay area. one just fulled in right now. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. want to get you up to speed on some of the stories we're watching this hour. are you planning on getting on a flight soon? major problems with southwest airlines. you probably heard about it, massive cancellations and delays. when will southwest recover? days, weeks, maybe months here? we've got answers for you. southwest canceled more than 2,000 flights over the weekend, that includes flights out of our three major airports. southwest blaming traffic control issues, bad we thinker and staffing shortages, but no other major airline was impacted the same way. not even close. we asked an aviation expert, why? >> southwest just with the model they have it needs them to
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utilize their planes very heavily. every minute on the ground is a minute wasted. under this model, so, they basically work to turn them around quickly and get them flying. maximize the work they get out of each plane each day. on top of that, unlike american or united or delta, southwest doesn't have a hub system. they have airports where they're big or big bases but they don't do a hub and smoke kind of thing. they do point to point flying so they end up in a situation like this where planes are out of position, crews are in the wrong place and they don't have other crews and planes coming in to replace and help catch up and maybe delay everything. he just end up having to cancel everything. >> that's not what you want toe hear if you're a traveler. he said it's going take southwest a few days at least to fully recover. here's a look today.
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3 at sfo. 9 at sjc and 18 at oakland. chris is a travel geek. why did it impact them. whats the deal? >> basically does boil down to the way they operate, and that operation is, like many businesses, lean and fast. that's exactly what they do. there's not much wiggle room. the other thing, most airlines have what's called an interline agreement. >> if i'm on united they might book me on american. >> take off this flight, and put you on this flight. lots have those. southwest does not. delta has more than 100. southwest has none. you got to wonder with southwest if that's going to change now. >> so many people are blowing up our twitter and instagram say we
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can't get out of the airport. >> you have to switch airlines. the southwest crews and airlines are essentially out of position, so you have to wait for the next available airplane and the next available seat, and that could be days away. what you should do when you're booking, choose your airline carefully. >> i love southwest. s the so easy for me to fly. >> you should know your options. you should know what other airlines are flying there. should you have a plan "b" in place? maybe you should. if you have time -- >> i'm hearing this may not be a two or three day thing. this could get into the holiday season. this is getting serious. what's the prognosis? >> we as travelers have to prepare for the possibility. it's on us to come up with a plan blktsr "b" at this point. >> there was a link that said perhaps this had to do with the pilots being forced to be vaccinated. >> southwest says no.
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the union says no. there was talk about air traffic controllers walking out. the online community seems to think that's it. and some people are cheering that. i believe what david is saying, what southwest is saying about the lean operation and how it is -- considering where we are with the number of people flying and one problem causing that cascading effect. >> i'm a southwest flier. it's frustrating to hear this. thank you, chris. the landmark story now, a woman in san francisco battles back from the economic abyss created by covid. today for the first time in 19 month a cruise ship with passengers docked at the city's peer 27. the last time a populated cruise ship docked in the bay area was march of last year. remember that? the grand princess cruise ship was dubbed the covid cruise as it arrived with dozens of covid passengers. at that point we had no idea what was going on. it would become one of the earl
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signs the impact the pandemic would have on the bay area. today, though, a much different scene. this is time lapse of the majestic princess making its way into san francisco, carrying more than 2,000 passengers. the rules have changed, you can imagine. vaccinations and a negative covid test required as well as masks in all public places on that ship. california is about the get dozens of new laws. governor newsom signing the bill. here are just a few. california will ban the sale on new gas-powered equipment. that includes leaf blowers, lawnmowers, generators and pressure washers. this is set to take effect by january 1st of 2024. california will allow to-go spots. california will be the first state to require gender neutral toy aisles at large department
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stores. the bill cause not outlaw traditional boys and girls sections. >> we really need to work against forcing kids into these boxes, and that a lot of them seem to cause mental health problems, soy wasn't vised to see it and i think overall it's going to have a good impact. >> this specific law takes affect january 1st of 20224 as well. let's take you outside. one of our live cameras. beautiful, chilly, and a bit windy. rob is going to return with the forecast heading into tomorrow, including that fire danger and the update on the fire near american canyon high school. stay with us.
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rob back with us. we're talking about that fire near american canyon high school. there's some mixed news. downside but also good news. >> 150 acres, the update from cal fire. >> we were at 20 minutes. >> forward progress may be getting stopped. that that was the good news. 0% contained. burning on the north side of american canyon high school. you see the humidity at 10% to 15%. our wind advisory has technically another half hour left to it. the wind is really the driving force behind this newell fire which is burning to the east. watch this closely.
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by 8:00 we should see this map lose the wind advisories. the 5:00 tomorrow. as well on the higher peaks we'll remain gusty for another day. if you're in a wind shelter, you may wake up to the 30s. stay tuned. maybe, just maybe we could see a chance of showers. this is a new change to the forecast. late tomorrow night into early wednesday, we'll be watching for the very latest on those model runs coming up tonight at 11:00, given the fire danger we have ongoing. it would be nice to get a little bit of rain. temperatures will be warming, though less windy. quick rebound to temperatures approaching the weekend, 80s. >> you're throwing a lot at us. wind now, possible showers and heat. >> dress in layers. >> we love the fall weather. that's going to do it for us at 7:00 for everyone here at nbc bay area, thanks for joining us,
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