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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  October 11, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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and i'm guessing i see a lot of blue. it's 95% dodgers fans. maybe a few giants fans. hoping for a win tonight. hi, anthony. >> hi guys. you'll be surprised because there is actually quite a bit of orange and black sprinkled throughout the stadium as fans make their way into dodger stadium. after splitting the first two games of the series at oracle park tonight is a pivotal game in the series and for giants pitcher alex wood tonight marks a home coming. the 30-year-old left hander spent the past five years with the dodgers. he pitched two scoreless innings helping the dodgers clinch the title. he knows how important the game is and is eager and excited to take the hill. >> there is nothing better than this time of the year. you have to separate the boys from the men. i am excited for the opportunity
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to play in the postseason. i feel like my stuff has been good. it's been a fun first two games and a great challenge the rest of the series. >> our dodger fan base wants us to beat the giants. it's personal to them. so it is personal to us. you got to go out there and believe that you can beat them. >> tom cruz caused a huge commotion at game two when he showed up at oracle park to watch the game but, you know what? that is a typical monday here at dodger stadium. i imagine we'll see plenty of celebrities in the crowd. game three first pitch just over an hour away. live at dodger stadium in los angeles anthony flores nbc bay area. it's really windy. >> we see your hair flapping in the wind. enjoy the game. see you at 11:00. we are your home for the giants'
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october quest. anthony will rejoin us on the 11:00 newscast from the field again live with the interviews. and we'll also wrap up the game right after the final out is recorded. we want to bring you the latest on the pandemic with the numbers continuing to move in the right direction across the country. new cases, hospitalizations, deaths are all down. today there are indications that by the end of this year doctors could have a new weapon in the fight against the covid virus. nbc's jay gray is in washington with the details. >> crowds filled the streets in boston. a marathon on again for the first time in two years. >> just a wonderful return to racing. >> reporter: with much of the country running toward the way things were before the pandemic, drug manufacturer merck is looking to speed up the race to normal. today applying for emergency use of an antiviral pill that when taken as symptoms begin cuts the risk of hospitalization and deaths in half.
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with fda approval it could be available by the end of the year. still many doctors stress the shot is the surest way to stay safe. >> maybe this will keep you out of the hospital to the tune of 50% reduced risk. so nothing like the vaccines which are 90 plus effective at doing the same thing. >> with cases starting to climb in the plains states as temperatures fall and more people gather inside there is concern about this year's flu season and the possibility of a twin demmic this summer. >> because less people are getting flu shots and more people are out and about we could see a winter surge of both covid-19 and the influenza virus creating even more strain on the health care system. >> reporter: another reminder that the race against the virus isn't a sprint but a marathon. those on the front lines point to a death total averaging around 1700 a day as evidence we're still far from the finish
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line when it comes to covid. jay gray, nbc news washington. >> thanks, jay. southwest airlines is still juggling major flight delays as thousands of stranded travelers struggle to get home. more than 2,000 flights were canceled or delayed over the weekend including dozens in the bay area. the carrier blamed air traffic control issues, bad weather, and staffing shortages. we spoke to an airline expert who says it is because southwest jam packs its flight schedule so any disruption is a domino effect. >> i have about 4500 hours charged on my card pending for all the different hotels, ubers, everything we had to go back and forth with. >> they had to have known something was up. why didn't they tell us and cancel sooner or try to reschedule? now it doesn't look like they have any flights for the next couple days out of here. >> the disruption began friday after the pilots union asked a federal court to block the airline's order that all employees get covid
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vaccinations. both the company and the pilots union say employees are not conducting a sick out. a legal back and forth continues in texas over the state's controversial abortion law. a federal appeals court has reinstated the law which effectively bans most abortions. the justice department had sued texas arguing the law violates the constitution. the measure was halted last week. a federal appeals court reinstated the measure late friday. now the doj has until tomorrow to respond. the law banz most abortions as early as six weeks before many women know they're pregnant. it provides no exceptions for rape or incesst and allows citizens to sue anyone involved. a lot of attention on texas also because of the congressional redistricting happening in many states. let's bring in our political analyst. nice to see you. states are required to
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redistrict after the census. remind us what this is all about and why it is so important. >> every ten years, raj, the department goes ahead, finds out who lives where. because populations change in states, grow in some, more in others, you go ahead and get reallocated. for example california gets one less member of the house because woe didn't grow as fast as other states. texas that you're talking about now got two. but what happens is in so many of these states including texas 35 to be exact it is the state legislatures that redistrict. yes, are they proportional? yes. do they get the same kinds of populations in the same districts or do they move them around? when they move them around that's called gerrymandering. designed to favor one district or i should say one political party better or more than another. >> isn't always one side going to complain it is unfair and being used improperly? >> pretty much although it is interesting here that the republicans of course have 20,
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21 states this year doing this whole thing. democrats and some legislatures control those and they've got i think ten. so what happens here is that democrats are going to be able to control the well being if you will, the futures of so many more people and their districts. 151 in republican states. 57 in democratic states. so democrats can kind of tease it to where they want. republicans kind of tease it the way they want. as a result you can see republicans have a huge advantage. one example in texas, raj, is they've added 12 districts now. 12 districts that used to be marginal that are now one sided and they have stacked a whole bunch of people into a couple other districts one of which is 50% more democrats than republicans. so they've squeezed people together in some. distributed them in others. given republicans a tremendous advantage. democrats will do that, too. but they don't have nearly as many votes and states to do it in as republicans. >> just to be clear you said several states. can you give me some doing this right now in addition to texas? to be clear the republicans kind
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of have the upper hand this time around? >> republicans have the upper hand because they have more states and so many more congressional seats at stake. almost a 3-1 margin if you remember the little chart they put up a minute or two ago. texas, florida. the next one. it shows you. big states growing, often southern states. they have the ability because they have republican legislatures and most of the time republican governors and they will change congressional allocation formulas to of course benefit them. when the democrats have this three to four vote margin right now we know in the legislature, in the house, guess what? that could change remarkably not because of anything other than the districts and the way they are skewed if you will. post script. texas has 40% democrats. 39% republicans. and yet it looks like most by far of the seats will go to republicans. >> very interesting. okay. thank you for your time and insight. still to come meet a local folk artist who is using a
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catchy way to teach parents and teachers about hispanic heritage. airlines cancel her flight but a year later she is still waiting to get her money back. nbc bay area responds, next. at this hour we watch wind advisory conditions around the bay area caused by the same weather system bringing snow to the sierra. how long the wind sticks around and about the red flag warning into tuesday and we come right back.
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more than a year after her flight was canceled a bay area woman was still waiting on her refund. this is not southwest we're talking about. i'm sure we'll let some of those soon. >> our consumer investigator stepped in when the airlines' numbers didn't add up. >> so this is about trixie. it was back in january of 2020. the before times when trixie bought tickets to italy through
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tap air portugal. she paid $935. remember that number right there. when the pandemic hit, the airline canceled her flights. so trixie expected a refund. she asked for it and tap told her it would take a few weeks. six months passed. no refund. trixie filed a complaint with the united states department of transportation but it told her the complaints process was taking longer than normal because they were getting lots of complaints. she had us take a look. we reached out to tap and trixie got a refund of $279. she paid $935. we asked tap to check the numbers. the airline did. and pointed to a processing glitch. here is what they told us. we appreciate your patience and understanding due to the ongoing pandemic we've received a huge number of refund requests causing a backlog. tap fixed the glitch and sent the remaining $656 grand total of $935 back to trixie. remember, if you have a flight to, from, or within the united
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states of america you are entitled to a refund when the airline cancels it. when they cancel. not when you cancel. when they cancel. as trixie found out you might have to ask and ask again to get that money back. if you can't get a consumer complaint off the ground you can always call us or go to nbc bay and click the responds option from the main menu. if you do want to pick up a phone it is 888-996-tips. how does italy sound? >> let's go. >> persistance pays off. okay. good job getting the refund back. thanks. >> see you later. we continue to celebrate hispanic heritage month. in california more than 40% of people speak a language other than english at home. out of the 200 languages spoken in the state spanish is the second most spoken. >> nbc bay area's chris sanchez introduces us to a local folk artist helping people celebrate this month and is doing it in a catchy way. >> in latino households many
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kids learn songs like itsy bitsy spider in english at the same time they learn in spanish. parents and educators turn to music to keep cultural connections alive and often the voice we hear is that of this local treasure. ♪♪ [ singing in spanish ] >> reporter: almost his whole life he has been singing. at 10 he was a soloist with the mexico city boys choir. in 1970 he came to the bay area singing in restaurants while earning degrees from uc berkeley and the university of san francisco. he soon realized his calling was to celebrate and elevate bilingual education and multi culturalism through music. >> music for everything. music to dance. music to sing. music to teach numbers, teach colors, teach the alphabet, teach history, teach geography. with music we teach math and so
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many things. so that is enriching and i love it. you can tell i love it very much. >> tens of thousands of students and teachers use his songs and books in their lessons and for families like mine his music connects us to the songs of our parents and gran parents and gives us a way to keep spanish alive in our homes. >> the children needed me. the parents needed me. the teachers needed me. it was good to promote the culture everywhere. not only with the spanish speaking children but with all the different ethnic groups. >> reporter: in 2016 he earned a grammy nomination for best children's album and is collaborating with the smithsonian for his next one. after more than 50 years of writing books and songs and performing he could sit back and relax in his home but he won't. >> there is no time for retirement. i'm having a lot of fun.
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>> through the pandemic he has reached children via zoom but looks forward to getting back to performing in person. find his muse and music online. i'll put the link on my facebook and instagram pages. >> thank you so much. let's bring in rob now, we're getting blown away here in most parts of the bay area. there is a serious side. what's happening? >> we've seen it with reports earlier this morning, downed trees in the santa cruz mountains and a few areas and the wind is all the way down to sea level including closer to downtown san jose still seeing winds northwest at 20. 67 degrees. it is chilly and dry. 60 san francisco. winds northwest at 29 miles per hour. we're so much dust in the air at times it almost looks like smoke around the tri valley. that is the effect of the wind kicking up the dust. no real rain to keep that down on the ground. that 67 degrees, humidity 14%.
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so it is these two items the real driving force behind the red flag warning which by the way continues through tuesday. wind advisory will end tonight at 8:00 but the red flag warnings will about 5:00 tomorrow. check out what's happening here in the sierra. first event of fall. we're seeing quite a bit of snow coming down, above 6,000 feet. once you get the cold, inland tracking lows they don't typically bring a lot of moisture around the bay area but again the pressure gradient that is between low pressure off to the east and high pressure to the west really allows the winds to pick up. strong winds not just for the mountain tops but mixing down into the valleys. for gusty conditions that will likely continue for another 24 hours. i also want to point out similar conditions from what we're seeing in the bay area around dodger stadium, gusty winds, high wind warnings extend to southern california. so the wind advisories and high wind warnings are affecting about 75% of the state at this
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hour. locally our wind advisory should expire around 8:00 tonight. some of the mountain tops though will see those gusts going for another day. that is the reason why the red flag warning will continue to about 5:00 on tuesday. for the hills of the north bay and the inland east bay and the santa cruz mountains. but notice these wind gusts in purple at this hour by another 24 hours. they'll start to come down. still breezy at times but today clearly the stronger of the two days in terms of wind gusts. also watch the temperatures as the cold, dry air settles in. wind sheltered valleys. it is possible santa rosa tomorrow morning could be starting the day in the 30s and by lunch time not warming up very quickly as you see low 60s around noon. highs tomorrow, a spread of temperatures from about 65 to 72. that is a pretty good recovery for santa rosa starting in the 30s ending in the 70s. one more u-turn in the forecast could be headed our way tuesday night into wednesday. perhaps a more welcome one. not as much wind but there is the potential now we may briefly see some showers.
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we'll be watching closely tomorrow night. the window of opportunity could be 8:00 a.m. on wednesday to about lunch time. right there it is not a lot but better than nothing kind of like right now, all wind and no showers to show for it. you could see wednesday morning some of the future casts made a slight chance of showers to parts of the bay area. something to look forward to for wednesday. approaching the weekend look at san francisco. you're back in the 70s this weekend. as we said before, you really can't pack away summer clothes just yet. you got the numbers back to the 80s for the weekend, for the valleys, less wind and more sunshine for the weekend with a few showers possibly in the mix for early wednesday morning. back to you. >> a bit of everything next week. thanks, rob. a landmark moment for one of america's most historic races. up next why the boston marathon took place in october for the first time in it long history. 'tw the difference between products, they live for it. from american hardwood to spanish porcelain to italian marble,
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ culturally i identify as latina and mexican american. what i love most about being bicultural is the ability to connect, comprehend, and advocate for both communities. i am very proud to be a latina and i hope to one day pass on my culture and my traditions to my kids and future generations. a new lockdown in spain but it has nothing to do with covid. it is because of this. a volcanic eruption that sparked
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a fire at a cement factory. this is on la palma which is one of the canary islands off the coast of spain. the volcano first erupted about three weeks ago and has not stopped since. about 83,000 people live on the island and about 6,000 have been evacuated to local camp sites. we're told the lava flow has destroyed some 1200 buildings. protesters hit the streets across from the white house today as you can see and they're calling on president biden to declare a climate emergency to stop all future fossil fuel projects. the group called people versus fossil fuels says the president has broken his campaign promises to protect indigenous rights, prioritize environmental justice, and fully address the global warming crisis. the protests will continue until thursday closing out with a march to congress on friday. the boston marathon is back but we have a schedule change. the 125th marathon was today. more than 20,000 runners, actually a reduction of 40% due
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to the pandemic. runners have to show proof of vaccination or provide a negative covid test to participate. there was not a marathon last year and the first time the boston marathon took place in october rather than epa. yesterday was the chicago marathon. one of our esteemed directors here and avid runner completed the marathon with a time of three hours 43 minutes and three seconds. >> wow. >> incredible. >> impressive. way to go philip it placed him 4,188th out of about 35,000 runners. we call him prince philip because he does everything perfectly here. >> he does. congratulations. amazing. as the giants continue their october quest the warriors and sharks are preparing to start their season.
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when you help heal your skin from within, you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. the 49ers having some trouble. they've lost three straight games to fall 2-3 on the season and today a not so good update from team headquarters. >> rookie quarterback trey lance who made his first career start yesterday has a knee sprain. kyle shanahan says it is unknown how long he'll be out but the niners are off this week so he should have some time to recover. jimmy g. is also out with injury. >> we have a lot going on in sports. here is nbc sports bay area's laura britt.
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>> thank you. despite the 49ers' rough start to the season there is a lot to be excited about this week in the world of bay area sports and topping the list is giants. game three of the nlds between the dodgers and giants is in l.a. tonight. our pregame coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. over on nbc sports bay area and post game coverage immediately following the final out. the nba regular season is almost here but the warriors are 3-0 in the preseason with two games to go. watch the warriors take on the trailblazers this friday on nbc sports bay area at 7:00 p.m. the sharks say get the preseason out of here. regular season hockey is here and going down this weekend at s.a.p. center. pregame coverage begins at 6:30 p.m. on nbc sports california. sharks taking on the jets on saturday night. there is a lot to look forward to and a lot of games to be tuned in for. back to you guys. >> how are we going to watch all of this? >> i don't know.
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giants/dodgers first tonight at dodger stadium. >> hi, jessica. >> at #convention a very uneven recovery with many businesses finding it impossible to bounce back as the pandemic wears on. >> we had four cancellations in one week. it is kind of scary. >> why many restaurants are trying to figure out the new rules. and the new normal. >> halloween is less than three weeks away. what is the guidance when it comes to trick or treating? >> in california we are a little more mindful and cautious. about how we might do things for halloween. i feel safe trick or treating. >> the advice dr. fauci is sharing with parents on how to safely trick or treat. crews are now prepping to drill a deep hole of the sinking and tilting millennium tower. is it safe? necessary to make this fix. we'll show you why or why not everyone agrees.
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the news at 6:00 start right now. being with us on this monday.'m. our covid numbers may look better but the expected business bounce isn't happening for some. in-person banquets and nonprofit fundraisers are sidelined by the delta variant. >> here is nbc bay area's damian trujillo. >> reporter: banquets catering has kept this restaurant booming. they had big rebound hopes for this fall then came the delta variant. he makes repairs to the restaurant while it closes on mondays and lately has had more free time than he'd like. >> we had four cancellations in one week. it is kind of scary. >> reporter: community groups and companies canceled large banquets for more than 200 people that he was scheduled to
6:00 pm
cater. roughly 11 money making events are gone. you're losing a lot of money. >> yes. we're holding tight. >> reporter: one of the cancellations came from the hispanic foundation of silicon valley scheduled to hold the annual gala on saturday. it was slated as a hybrid gala this year with 200 guests at the city hall rotunda. then the city required proof of vaccination at events held in city owned property. >> the city adopted new rules and regulations in connection with the delta variant. popping up. and that would have put our volunteers and team in a very difficult position of having to quite frankly police mask and vaccination records. >> across town a dormant convention center is slowly waking up with smaller conventions scheduled for november and december with associations or interest groups booking the venue. operators say they don't expect larger corporate conventions until the spring with even bi


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