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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 11, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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red flag warning through 5:00 into tuesday evening. you also see the humidity outside. 11% right now in napa. it's the combination of wind and low humidity. not a big temperature event. it's not that warm outside. look at the wind gusts hanging on into tomorrow morning. today though likely the peak of this wind event. we have the windy conditions through this evening. wind sheltered valleys could see 30s tomorrow morning. feel a lot more like fall outside. stay tuned. by wednesday a few showers may be sneaking into the forecast. a closer look at these changes over the next 48 hours coming up in our forecast in about 12 minutes. there was a small fire in san jose today. it was broke out this afternoon in east san jose. luckily, firefighters put it out quickly. it was only about eight acres and it got kind of close to some buildings but firefighters put it out quickly. we are updating things on our
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nbc bay area app. you can also put in your zip code for a detailed forecast for your neighborhood. scary situation in las altos today. someone found a grenade in a home. it was in an elderly relative's home in a house on christina drive. the bomb squad evacuated four homes. it was a world war i vintage grenade that was possibly live. the bomb squad detonated. no one was hurt. a deadly plane crash near san diego. two people were killed in that plane crash that destroyed two homes. dozens of firefighters rushed to a neighborhood in san te. a cessna was headed from san diego to yuma, arizona. it started to have issues and the pilot was trying to land at can different airport when it crashed. neighbors say they could hear the plane as it got closer and felt the impact. now, fire officials don't know how many people were onboard the plane, if anybody on the ground
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was killed, but they are confirming two people died of this plane crash in this plane crash as a result of this plane crash. the faa and ntsb are now investigating. all right. let's talk about our coronavirus coverage. encouraging because the spread of covid in california has bng dropping since the summer. remember a month ago we told you that our state positivity rate was 6.5%? as of this sunday it's dropped to 2.2%. all of this as the state is reporting 71% of people are now fully vaccinated in california. doctors say that the vaccines and masks are really the best protection from the virus. so the number of infections between those who are vaccinated and those who are not is really dramatic. last month 43 cases per 100,000 people were among unvaccinated patients. only 6 per 100,000 patients who got their shots. and when it comes to deaths, the gap is more alarming. in california people are 17 times more likely to die from covid if they are not
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vaccinated. a symbolic return to san francisco. a live look at a cruise ship once again dock at the city's port. the first time in 19 months. this is pier 27. it's the majestic princess, the first cruise ship to return since last march when the grand princess brought the reality of the pandemic to the bay area and there was a covid outbreak onboard and it had to stay out at sea and quarantine. ginger is live at peer 27 in san francisco. this is a lot of excitement about cruise ships returning. >> reporter: that's right. many people are looking at this as a major step forward and away from the pandemic, but like other things, this is a new normal. take a look at the majestic princess behind me in all of its majesty. there are new rules to this cruiser. all of its passengers must prove they are vaccinated. they also have to show proof of a negative covid test within two
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days of boarding. masks are mandatory in all public spaces and the ship is only at 60% of capacity. none of that dampened this excitement of this returning to cruising. >> we are excited you are here! >> reporter: a much awaited and anticipated welcome back. today the majestic princess cruise ship docked at pier 27 in san francisco bringing over 2,000 passengers and over 1,200 staff. it's the first cruise ship to dock in the city since march of 2020. >> we both felt safer. >> reporter: it was a different scene a year and a half ago when the grand princess arrived in the bay carrying dozens of covid infected passengers and a sobering hint of the global pandemic unfolding. this time around no outbreaks. instead, an outpouring of excitement from both passengers and local businesses. >> fleet week happened. the giants are wirning. the cruise ships are coming
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back. so kind of there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: bob runs wipeout bar and grill at pier 39. one of the businesses looking to benefit from cruises coming back. before covid pier 39 saw around 15 million visitors per year. since the pandemic they have seen a fraction of that total and they are ready to bounce back. >> every visitor from every source of visit thaersers that we can get in the city can open up is really important for us, for everyone on the waterfront. >> reporter: stafford says cruise ships injected almost $30 million a year into the local economy, but he recognizes it won't all come back overnight, especially with staffing still a struggle in the service sector. >> businesses are pooling and sharing employees on the pier, which is, i think, a first for the property and a very smart decision on their part. >> reporter: now, passengers we spoke to say they feel safe inside majestic princess with
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all of the covid protocols in place. the businesses and its employees that we spoke to also say they are open to welcome backing back passengers and tourist was all of these covid protocols. the majestic princess will stay docked at pier 27 two days before it heads to mexico. live at pier 27, nbc bay area news. >> okay, a lot of precautions in place. thanks so much. well, the october quest continues as orange and black giants are down in los angeles for game three against the dodgers. this is a live look now on field inside dodgers stadium. the series is split 1-1 after the dodgers dominated the giants saturday. tonight's game starts at 6:37. anthony flores will joining us at 5:30 with a look ahead at tonight's big game. a battle over free speech and abortion rights is brewing in the east bay. walnut creek is considering a law that will force anti-abortion protesters to stand further away from a
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planned parenthood clinic after reports of aggressive protesters at clinics nationwide. local demonstrators say they are -- they are anything but aggressive and want to offer pregnant women alternatives to abortion. melissa colorado takes a closer look at the controversial proposal. >> reporter: stacie kavanaugh deals with fetuses 24/7 at work. she is an ultrasound tech. >> i see babies at every stage. >> reporter: when she is home this is her view her porch. >> my dogs bark at them. but i don't have a problem with them being there. >> reporter: abortion rights opponents picketed outside the planned parenthood clinic in walnut creek. >> i hear lots of very sad stories. i am pro-choice. i have always been that way. >> reporter: we were there as members of the pro-life group 40 days for life, holding signs steps away from the clinic's parking lot.
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>> tries stie off the sidewalk as much as possible and we feel that we have not intimidated anyone. >> reporter: but that wasn't the case a year ago. we told you about the abortion rights opponents who brought four armed guards with them. two of those private security guards were charged for pepper-spraying abortion rights supporters. the mayor wants to avoid a repeat of that. that's why he called on city staff to come up with options on how to set up a buffer zone area to keep demonstrators further away from the clinic. >> it is important to review the options of a buffer zone. how much that buffer zone is, whether it's 20 feet, 30 feet, whatever it is that the law allows. >> we hope that they will decide not to do such a thing, that we feel we're in our rights where we are. we are keeping our boundary away from the driveway. >> reporter: we won't know until friday if the walnut creek city council will take up a buffer zone law and how much that buffer zone distance will be, but if the city council approves
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it it's going to be up to the walnut creek police department to enforce that law. that's the latest in walnut creek. >> thank you. well, depending on who you ask today is indigenous peoples or columbus day. here in the south bay the fight over the history of columbus has a history of its own. robert handa shows us where things stand today. >> reporter: the statue of christopher columbus was removed in 2018. it now resides inside the italian-american heritage foundation hall. community leaders say they understand the perception of columbus as a colonizer but emphasize he was operating in a 15th century world and point out since the statue was removed three years ago many other historical statues have been taken down. they say that's history. >> it's not going to be perfect.
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it's not going to be clean. but it certainly is the vilification that we have learned about columbus. >> reporter: the president of the italian-american heritage foundation also praises the compromise of celebrating an overall italian pride day like they did in san francisco sunday. >> i think that if there is any good to come out of all off this is a keener appreciation of the contribution of italian-americans to the culture of the united states. >> reporter: the indian health cente in san jose provides medical services and counseling to some 22,000 patients. a director there says community feelings towards columbus are not aimed at the current italian-american community, but say renaming the holiday is important to remind the public their communities are still here. >> we want to speak truth to the history of all things so we
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might reach a place of atonement and be able to wororter: the ho change will probably generate mixed feelings, but with both communities now getting separate days to celebrate their heritage community leaders say they hope one day the focus can be on recognizing achievement and future goals rather than the actions of one individual in history. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. ahead, it's been more than a week since that large oil spill in southern california. how the state's top cop is getting involved. an announcement from the attorney general next. and it's not easy to make it in the bay and some fear it won't get any better anytime soon. the biggest concerns revealed in a new poll. we will have that for you after the break.
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sobering, but not really surprising. survey says that people in the bay area are feeling worse about the future and that more people are thinking about leaving. >> scott, how many people are thinking about leaving town? >> well, first a little perspective. the survey says 56% of those surveyed are -- every year and the bay area continues to grow. but let's be honest. 56% is a high number and it shows that people here are concerned. 71% say the quality of life has dropped in the last five years with young people feeling extra concerned. >> reporter: shannon tan pretty
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much sums up what a lot of young people are feeling in silicon valley these days. >> for sure, like, silicon valley, like, bay area in general is really expensive. so a lot of us don't plan on living here in the future. >> reporter: a future that people, especially young people, say is cloudy because of sky-high housing costs. >> it's not affordable anymore. you are not getting much. >> there is a lot of homeless people. >> reporter: according to the latest survey from joint venture silicon valley the top two concerns among those living in the bay area are the cost of living, cited by 84% of those who responded, and high housing costs, cited by 77%. >> this is a high-cost region and the highest cost of all is housing. >> reporter: joint venture ceo russell hancock says despite the strong economy and housing growth, housing is number one when we think about whether we can stay here. >> people that living in silicon valley have always been on edge. there is a sense that housing might be out of reach for you,
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certainly out of reach for our children. >> which does not bode well for the future of startups. traditionally started here by young people. by the way, wildfires and drought also cited by more than 60% of those responding as pressing concerns. back to you guys. thank you. and we are in the midst of some of those concerns right now because of this high wind that we're having. obviously, because of our drought. let's bring in rob. let's talk about that red flag warning and those wind gusts. >> it's a little different. everybody is seeing it. it's not just the higher hilltops, san jose, winds 20 to 30 miles per hour, 67 degrees. northwest wind at 20 and you are seeing winds into san francisco, the palm trees not too far from oracle park a cool 60. these aren't hot and dry winds. it's gusty and dry, but with a bit of canadian air conditioning involved you are about to see the impact in the sierra today from those cold winds and scattered showers coming up in a
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moment. look at the winds. 29 miles per hour around san francisco. north wind at 22 into walnut creek. it's 70 degrees. livermore wind at 17, humidity at 14%. so it's the wind and humidity. not so much the temperatures that are driving the red flag conditions through tomorrow and the wind advisory through 8:00 tonight. now, if you have an air quality app it may have been triggered today due not to smoke, but due to the dust in the skies. a little bit of that around livermore. this is p.m. 10 micron-sized particulate matter blugs. if your favorite air quality app is just tuned in to smoke it's due to the dust being kicked up by the strong gusty winds. during the day tomorrow as the wind speeds start to come down in the inland valleys moderate air quality due to the dust being kicked up in the air. it shouldn't be as bad as we saw
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outside today. look at the view. lake tahoe 33 degrees. cold enough for snow showers. at times, the first snow of the season coming down across the sierra. lake-effect snow, the warmer waters of lake tahoe and that cold canadian air conditioning piling up the snow near heavenly. notice the pattern. cold air aloft mixing down through northern california, gusty winds all around as the low moves out. wind speeds coming down late tomorrow into wednesday. so notice the areas in purple right now. fast forward another 24 hours, we begin to see those stronger wind gusts come down. red flag warnings should expire by 5:00 tomorrow. for the morning wind sheltered valleys, santa rosa could be waking up to 30s, 40s. our temperatures, you want a nice thick coat for the morning. fashion-wise, almost going into fall and summer-like conditions. numbers in the 70s inland today. the same tomorrow. around the peninsula upper 60s.
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san francisco 67 downtown tomorrow. north bay temperatures after that chilly start going from the 30s in the morning to 70s for the average. so definitely dress in layers as you send the kids off to school in the morning. also the futurecast by wednesday morning, another u-turn in the forecast here. a quick-moving system that's dropping out of the north early wednesday morning, may briefly toss some showers our way. right around 8:00 on wednesday morning. then after that our next best chance nor showers doesn't arrive until next week, but it is promising what we're beginning to see in another week or so our systems that might arrive a little bit more out of the west, which would have more moisture. so pencil in around the 21st of the montfort next chance of showers. meanwhile, watching for the wind to taper off tomorrow. san francisco temperatures rebounding into the 70s in time for the weekend. and stay tuned. wednesday morning could see a few early morning showers and then the pattern shifts back
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into t-shirt weather for the afternoon as we head towards the weekend. you got a taste of winter and summer going on there. seven-day forecast. you can't pack away any clothes. >> i just did that last night. all right. now you tell us, rob. now. thanks, rob. well, a semitruck exploded into flames on major interstate in the north bay. we want to show you this video. this is i-80 between dixon and vacaville. the semitruck nearly burnt to the ground. it collided with a tractor around nine this morning. knocking the tractor on its side. the semitruck then caught fire and engulfed in flames. the truck driver escaped any injury, but tractor driver was hurt. we have no word on his condition. fire crews extinguished the flames but say the high wind in the area could have made this fire worse. two counties gearing up to ditch the mask with strict guidelines. marin county and san francisco starting october 15th.
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it extends to offers, gyms, religious gatherings, indoor college gathering. everyone has to be fully vaccinated and no more than 100 people at that gathering. a big shop for him. stanford professor guido imbens wasn't expecting to win the nobel prize for economics because nobel winners are particularly much further along in their careers i. didn't expect this to come any time soon. in the end, it was particularly gratifying to be able to get this while my kids are still at home and be able to celebrate with them. it came as a big shock. >> the other half of the prize went to professor david card at uc berkeley for his work on labor economics. okay. it is a halloween tradition that kept going in half moon bay, even through the pandemic, and it's still happening.
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clinical trials show it cuts the risk of hospitalization and death by half. now, we are going to go deeper into how this could be somewhat of a game changer in a few minutes at 5:30. the county board of supervisors could declare covid misinformation as a public health crisis. the resolution points out that misinformation has caused confusion and led to people rejecting health measures like facemasks and vaccines. now, if the board approves the resolution the board says it would discourage misinformation by giving a platform to medical experts and trusted messengers. facebook now identified whistleblower is getting the floor again to speak. facebook announced that francis haugen will meet with the company's independent oversight board to discuss her concerns. she used to work there and last month provide the "wall street journal" and s.e.c. with thousands of internal facebook documents showing the worries. she also testified during a senate hearing last week.
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today she said that facebook, quote, has lied to the board repeatedly and she is looking forward to sharing the truth with them. a popular fall tradition is back. pumpkins the size of cars, yes, they hit the scales in half moon bay and only the biggest can win. >> the world championship pumpkin weigh-off returned to san mateo county. look, gave them a chance to grow. more than 1,000 pounds, but the winner turned out to be more than 2,000 pounds, which is a lot of pumpkin. it took home the grand prize just under $20,000. it's nice to see the pumpkin back where it belongs. >> yes, it's a great festival. it gets us in the mood. it's october. >> some fat pumpkins right there. >> for sure. what's coming up at 5:30? >> could be a stressful night of baseball. we like it that way. the giants are down in l.a. for game three of their playoff series against the dodgers. we are going to take you live to dodgers stadium.
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also, the latest on a -- to help fight covid. and thousands of -- >> why didn't they tell us? why didn't they cancel sooner or try reschedule? >> thousands stranded as southwest airlines continues to cancel flight. they say it's not because the pilots union is trying to block the company's vaccine mandate. good monday, everyone. thanks for joining us. the news at 5:30 starts right now. >> from beat l.a. to being in l.a., the playoffs are going hollywood. tonight game three of the best of five series. can you handle the drama? >> i can't. >> the giants and dodgers about to take the field. >> nbc bay area's anthony flores
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is already down there on the field at dodgers stadium. and i'm guessing i see a lot of blue. it's 95% dodgers fans. maybe a few giants fans. hoping for a win tonight. hi, anthony. >> hi guys. you'll be surprised because there is actually quite a bit of orange and black sprinkled throughout the stadium as fans make their way into dodger stadium. after splitting the first two games of the series at oracle park tonight is a pivotal game in the series and for giants pitcher alex wood tonight marks a home coming. the 30-year-old left hander spent the past five years with the dodgers. he pitched two scoreless innings helping the dodgers clinch the title. he knows how important the game is and is eager and excited to take the hill. >> there is nothing better than this time of the year. you have to separate the boys
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from the men. i am


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