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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  October 10, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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at works best for her. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. freestyle libre 14 day. now covered by medicare for those who qualify. we have reached agreement to extend the debt ceiling. >> these are already proving they work. >> facebook's products harm children and weaken our democracy. good morning and welcome to "sunday today" on this october 10th. i'm willie geist. a senate report revealed the extent used to overturn the 2020 election and the former
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president found himself in a clash with biden in documents related to january 6th. trump was on the road last night sounding like a man ready to run again. he headlined a rally in iowa where caucuses are held, hinting at a run and repeat disproving claims he won the 2020 election. we'll have the latest in a live report and talk to chuck todd j ahead. our sunday focus on the future of facebook after another bad week for the massive social media company as a former employee testifies before congress that facebook puts profits over the safety of its users. but will the intensifying scrutiny lead to new regulation? >> plus in our sunday spotlight, connecting to culture during the pandemic. a look at how some latino americans are finding their roots and their identity during times spent at home. and later, a new sunday sit-down with the talented platinum selling musician
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machine gun kelley on emerging this year as one of the most popular artists in all of music. with a number one album and a sold out tour after a long grind to get here. >> two tours ago, we were having to wake up at 9:00 a.m. to draw out custom fliers for each city just to post them around, just to sell an extra 100 tickets so that when we took videos from the concert, it didn't look like scattered emptiness. you know? >> and now one of the biggest acts in music, a sunday sit-down with machine gun kelley, and a life well-lived later in the show. in a week when president 20 election came under increased scrutiny in congress as speculation grows, he may be getting closer to announcing a run for president in 2024.
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monica alba is at the white house for us. monica, good morning. >> good morning. donald trump repeated recycled falsehoods at a rally in des moines last night insisting last year's election was fraudulent and that joe biden is not the president right now. all of it fueling his fans and voters, many of whom seem to believe the same disinformation. >> iowa. >> back in the state where presidential campaigns are born, former president trump rallying supporters and hinting at a 2024 bid. >> back to make america great again. dash, comma, again. thank you america great again, again, i don't know. >> reporter: recycling disproven claims about the election he lost to biden. >> first, he didn't get election. i never conceded. >> reporter: a new poll found two-thirds of republicans want him to keep a major political role for years to come. with 44% saying they want trump to run again next cycle.
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while some of his followers don't even accept the fact he was defeated in 2020. >> he is my president. biden is not my president, and i think most of the people here would agree with that. >> reporter: as others predict unrest over the nation's deep political division. >> we're just sick of it. you know? and we're not going to take it anymore. i see a civil war coming. i do. >> reporter: the former president remains defiant about complying with requests from the january 6th select committee. investigating his actions around the capitol riot. trump encouraging his former aides not to provide testimony or documents with steve bannon standing by his one-time boss, telling the panel he won't cooperate. all as the white house paved the way for the first batch of secret records to be handed over to the committee. with president biden determining executive privilege does not apply. >> he believes it to be of the utmost importance for both congress and the american people
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to have a complete understanding of the events of that day to prevent them from happening again. >> reporter: now, the former president did not raise january 6th or the inquiry into his involvement in his iowa speech, but previously indicated he'll keep fighting the committee's request and argued democrats are, quote, using congress to persecute their political opponents. >> monica, let's push to congress where senate republicans agreed to an extension on the debt ceiling. an extension to december. majority leader mcconnell in a letter to the president says never again after this. what is the future to all this massive legislation given the administrations? >> a tall order. congressional leadership aiming to hold two key infrastructure votes before halloween, but democrats are finalizing the all-important details that would get the entire party on board for passage of the larger social programs package with biden
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conceding, he's arguing progress is being made behind the scenes. in recent weeks lawmakers have punted in two critical challenges raising the debt ceiling and keeping the government open past early december. both on a collision course before year's end as they continue to disagree on the right path forward. willie? >> monica alba starting us off at the white house. thanks as always. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of meet the press. chuck, good morning. so much going on in washington. we have to talk about the former president last night in iowa. fanning the flames of what we just heard that woman kind of takes your beth away saying she sees a civil war coming. a trump supporter at the rally. he instructs people not to turn over documents and not to cooperate on this january 6th investigation. is he laying the groundwork,
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chuck, to number one run again, and number two, to again call the results into question if he should lose? >> it sure looks like it. we can't crawl inside his head. any of us that have been in the donald trump coverage game know you can't just -- be careful assuming you know, he'll never run or never do this. you know, he wants to be the center of attention. right? his narcissism is why he has createed this mythology that he somehow won. what's troubling, probably the most troubling aspect is nobody around him believes he actually won. right? there have been everybody around him has very quietly in different ways either tried to warn folks that hey, he's spinning people up or whether it's insider accounts or reported books, and yet, this is being believed by the rank and file, and i think that's the amazing thing here. the people that have been closest to trump over the last four years are the ones that
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seem to have told him he didn't win, an it hasn't mattered. >> yeah. and we've seen this week former vice president pence, nikki haley circling around the idea they may run again, but deference shl to donald trump and seeing what he does. thanks, chuck. we'll look for more on "meet the press". the united states army general who helped president obama to devel has died. retired g odierno died friday after a battle with cancer. he commanded coalition and u.s. forces in iraq at the height of the war. former president obama releasing a statement on saturday that reads in part, today our military is stronger and the world is safer thanks to ray's service, and for that, i will always be grateful. general ray odierno was 67 years old. now to an incredible story
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of survival. a three-year-old boy has been found alive in texas after he was lost for days in the woods alone. we have more on how searchers found him and how he survived. >> this morning the good news everyone was praying for. >> lord, i got goose bumps. he works amazing. to see him and hear that wild cry, it was unbelievable. >> a three-year-old christopher ramirez reunited with his mother safe and sound after missing for four days. >> he was drinking a lot of water, but he was good. he's alive and laughing and cutting up and crying. his mom is krieg. he's in good shape. >> the homeowner who found him did not want to be on camera but described the moment he first heard the three-year-old. >> i called his name, and he responded. i just went through the thicket of the woods and found him. >> christopher went missing wednesday, chasing his dog into
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the woods as his mother unloaded groceries. his mother left praying for a miracle. >> translator: help me please, please, everyone help me. i need my son. begin. >> crews searched around the clock. more than 48 agencies combing the wooded area. >> we were running on prayers, four wheel drive and overdrive. >> reporter: the sheriff saying it's the most extensive search and rescue he's seen in montgomery county. christopher's mother never lost hope, and her prayers now answered. her son, back in her arms and recovering at a texas children's hospital. nbc news. >> he is home and healthy, and thank god for that. this morning fans of the top-ranked alabama crimson tide are dealing with something they have not experienced in nearly two years, a loss. texas a&m kicker booted a 28
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yard field goal has time expired saturday night to beat the tie by a score of 41 -38 in front of a frenzied crowd of more than 106,000 people in college station. it is alabama's first loss since 2019, and the first time the number one team in the country has lost to an unranked team since 2008. long distance runners will take to the streets of boston for the city's marathon tomorrow. the boston marathon always has been held in april, but it was pushed back by six months this year due to the pandemic after being cancelled altogether last year. to allow for social distancing, the field has been reduced by about 40%, and the race will have a rolling start for the first time ever to space we're off to another clear start in san francisco, not a cloud in sight. 53 degrees right now. it's chilly overall. we will see temperatures running a few degrees warmer compared to
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yesterday. mostly sunny skies. we have a high fire watch that goes into effect starting at 11:00 p.m. for the north bay mountains, the east bay hills, and we will have a full forecast at 7:00. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week, including history on the racetrack as bubba wallace speeds through the turns at talladega to become the first driver to become a major nascar race in nearly 20 years. and the return of cheer dad. going viral again for his moves up in the bleachers. up next, our sunday focus on the growing pressure around facebook as internal documents and a new whistleblower argue the company is looking the other way while it causes harm to its users and to the country. >> this is not a freedom of
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it can also help you lose up to 10 pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration, and may worsen kidney problems. show your world what's truly inside. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. this week a former facebook employee named frances haugen sat for an interview with 60 minutes and testified on capitol hill about the company where she used to work.
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haugen told a senate sub committee facebook puts the profits before people in her words. her testimony comes as the massive social media outlet comes under intense criticism for its role in spreading conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election and the covid pandemic. and for endangering young people around the world with its products. so will anything change? and how? nbc's senior washington correspondent hallie jackson has our sunday focus. >> i'm here today because i believe facebook products harm children, stoke division and harm democracy. >> unexpected unity this week. >> what we have is a bipartisan congressional road map for reform. >> reporter: congress hearing testimony from facebook whistleblower frances haugen after the release of documents which she says reveal the inner workings of the social media
6:18 am
giant. >> almost no one outside of facebook knows what happens inside of facebook. the company intentionally hides file information from the public. >> reporter: documents provided of facebook's internal research show the company misled the public on the shortcomings of the algorithms to rank the content you see. >> content that elicits an extreme reaction is more likely to get a click, comment or reshare. >> reporter: prioritizing comments that keep people engaged, whether or not they're accurate or harmful. >> the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram safer but won't because they put their astro naum cal profits before people. >> reporter: from facebook's founder, a forceful defense. mark zuckerberg in a long post to his staff calling it illogical to suggest facebook's algorithm promotes hateful content. quote, we make money from ads and advertisers consistently tell us they don't want their ads next to harmful or angry content. the company tried to down play
6:19 am
haugen's role. >> what you have here today is a former employee who didn't work on these issues, and was just at a company a couple years, mischaracterizing some documents she stole on some issues that frankly are really important. >> it seems to me an attempt by facebook to undermine her credibility. is your strategy to go after the mes senager and not the message? >> we want to give people accurate information about what we're doing. >> haugen's resume note snbl. >> i came forward at great risk because i believe we have time to act, but we must act now. >> a harvard grad who has worked for google, pinterest and yelp, before she was hired at facebook to bring expertise on algorithms and misinformation ahead of the election. haugen after left two years when she felt her concerns were not being heard, including her worries over potential danger to the most vulnerable users on instagram which facebook owns. pointing to research showing the app can be toxic for teens.
6:20 am
contributing to eating disorders for teen girls. >> kids are saying i am unhappy when i use instagram. if i leave, i'm afraid i'llaciz. >> reporter: they have an app marketed specifically to kids under 13 but haugen says she's still worried. >> this is not a freedom of speech issue. this is a question more of how does information go viral and are there ways to minimize harmful virality. we need to rethink what it is we are pushing out to people. >> reporter: still, haugen says without more oversight, that may be unlikely. >> these problems are solvable. a safer, free speech respecting more enjoyable social media is possible. >> and hallie jackson joins me. it's great to see you. facebook has nearly 3 billion
6:21 am
users. many of them freaking out when it went down a couple times this week. what can congress reasonably do to regulate a platform that big? >> great question, and that's the one i was trying to ask members of cons i was on capitol hill. there's a couple things like if congress weren't going to do anything, let's say, facebook could do a couple things. haugen says, for example, it could consider raising the user's age from 13 to 17. they could put something in place where you have to be asked if you want to share something if you haven't clicked it, if it's an article, let's say. but the thing with bigger teeth, the thing that's going to have more muscle will be, as you say, from congress. one of the things you hear experts in the field talk about is the creation of a muscular regulatory oversight entity. lots of question marks about what that looks like. that could be something. there's also this question of a law, something called section 230. can you hold companies liable for how their algorithms promote content. right now tech companies are protected from that. so those are a couple ways
6:22 am
congress could if they wanted to, go ahead and make changes, but you're watching the landscape in washington just like i am. congress has a lot on their plate. we've seen mark zuckerberg testify a whole bunch over the last few years. four times just since last summer and still nothing has happened. i said that to one senator. what's going to change now? he said we now have a look under the hood at facebook. he said frances haugen, calling her potentially a tipping point. >> as you point out, this was a area rare where democrats and republicans appear willing to work together on these critical questions. really interesting piece. thanks so much for bringing it to us. coming up next, a fascinating, sometimes combative new sunday sit-down with machine gun kelly. the tattooed wrapper turned punk rocker whose platinum album put him on top of the music world, even if you don't know him yet, i promise your kids are listening to mgk. and then a life well-lived.
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the soul of carnegie hall who put people's souls at ease as they prepared to step on one of the world's biggest stages. and crews in knew port, california cleaning up the massive spill that sent oil into the pacific ocean after the pipeline ruptured. officials say thepipeline may haveeen damaged as lon bg this is what freedom sounds like. and this. this is what freedom smells like. ahhh, enjoy 30 days of open-road freshness. febreze car. la, la, la, la, la oh! you're doing it wrong, man!
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my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward. come aboard a medallionclass they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement. good morning. thank you for joining us on this sunday. violence against a community prompted a safety event in the east bay. it was to empower people with tools and knowledge. the knowledge came in the form of safety tips, and the tools, pepper spray and personal alarms. one of the organizers credits pepper spray for saving his parents from what could have been a brutal attack. >> my father was able to deploy
6:27 am
pepper spray and that saved his life. >> changes are on the way to the children's section of large department stores. governor newsom signed a law that makes california to require the first state to require gender neutral sections for toys and child care items. you can still have boys and girls sections, and they must offer to display products engender neutral ways. traditional marketing methods pressure children to conform to stereotypes. it was a gorgeous day yesterday. >> it really was. we are going to continue to see those clear conditions, and also
6:28 am
it's going to get windier today. we have a couple things we are looking out for. right now in san francisco, 53 degrees right now. a little chilly in the interior valley. let's get a look at the temperature trend in livermore. we have been dipping down into the 40s and overnight hours. by about 11:00, 12:00, we are going to bump up into the 70s, and we are looking at a few degrees warmer sitting over the bay area, and eventually topping out in the mid-70s. we are expecting to see some northerly winds, and because of that we have the high fire danger you can see in the highlighted areas will go into effect starting at 11:00, but especially for the north bay, the east bay hills and the mountains, we are looking at gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour. we are expecting the low humidity which could mean rapid fire growth, and gusts reaching upwards of 50 plus miles per
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hour. overall, we are going to be seeing a high wind advisory go into effect. it's in the overnight hours into the start of the workweek. i will break down all of the small details for you to help put it altogether coming op at 7:00. >> thank you. it's 6:29. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," it's all tied up, a major upset for giants fans. coming up, the highlights and lowlights and what has to happen for the giants to stay alive. that's coming up, and right now we'll send you back to "sunday today" with willie geist. what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans.
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we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. i married the best rapper of all-time. [ apluz ] >> not only that, he's the richest black man in america. a talented, legit genius who gave me four incredible kids. so when i divorced him, you have to know, it came down to just one thing, his personality. >> that is kim kardashian-west making her debut as host on "saturday night live".
6:31 am
halsey was the musical guest. last year she collaborated with machine gun kelly. his album launched the hard edged musician to stardom. he started as a rapper. the first, in fact, ever to win amateur night at the apollo theater. "with tickets to my down fall", he went punk and ripped across the strings of a hot pink guitar. i saw up close just how complex machine gun kelly really is when he and i got together in brooklyn between shows for a sunday sit-down. >> new york city. ♪♪
6:32 am
>> on a recent september night the sky above new york city was lit up by a rock star. >> fans providing backup vocals at the latest sold out stop on machine gun kelly's "tickets to my downfall" tour. it's an ironic tour given his whirlwind rise since the album of the same name came out a year ago. ♪♪ >> when i started touring, they knew half my songs. and for me to be able to stand there and be like, and this next song is called -- and it plays and everyone sings it, that was always the dream. i'm living the dream right now. >> but off stage where the rapper turned pop punk rocker goes by his birth game, colson baker, we met a man who that day did not appear to be enjoying
6:33 am
the dream. >> what does it feel like to be in the middle of this amazing storm? >> probably just, like, the eye of the storm in a hurricane. calm. >> he was at times confrontational. you want to take a break, guys? >> i just don't know what you want me to do. you got to ask better questions. >> and others, funny. >> the cash is just like -- >> and eventually, open about his discomfort with the spotlight at the top of the music world. >> on stage last night, you said i've got so much going on in my mind right now. what did you mean when you said that? >> i think i'm just losing my footing on how to be human. i'm so work obsessed and to busy trying to block out my demons
6:34 am
with jobs. i'm getting sick of wearing a smile, because i just don't have anything behind the smile anymore. and i hope you keep this section on here. for once i was like you know what? i'm going to bring how i actually feel, not just in music. ♪♪ >> 31 years into a life lived largely on the edge, baker uses his music to fight demons like anxiety, substance abuse, and the recent death of his father. ♪♪ >> a marked departure from four well-received hip hop albums, the platinum-selling "tickets to my downfall" as made machine gun kelly a pop punk superstar.
6:35 am
♪♪ >> you have made this incredible leap from hip hop to oh, my gosh, he tries punk and it's the number one album. >> i don't try punk. i am punk. >> was there any hesitation or any fear about going and playing punk? >> not one. it's actually strikes me as odd that people even associate that as a transition with me. as if i didn't come out with a six-inch mohawk on my first album. >> baker's hard core machine gun kelly persona started in cleveland where he was raised. first by his missionary father, then by his aunt, and ultimately baker says, by the streets. >> i actually think the people that i was supposed to look up to didn't do the right job, and actually put me down and suppressed my dreams and all the
6:36 am
people that you're not supposed to be around were the ones that really lifted me up and, like, filled my heart with love and gave me a protection that a family couldn't. ♪♪ >> baker's hip hop hopes grew in high school where the young em see made a name for himself moving mixed tapes along classmates. by 19, waker was a father himself to a daughter, and by 21 he was signed to diddy's bad boy records. >> two tours ago we were having to wake up at 9:00 a.m. to draw out custom fliers for each city just to post them around, just to sell an extra 100 tickets. so that when we took videos from the concert, it didn't look like scattered emptiness.
6:37 am
>> a decade after making his own fliers -- >> you're sure you're not uncomfortable being watched like a fish tank here with all these people? >> i think that's more for you than me. >> machine gun kelly has no problem drawing attention. ♪♪ >> especially for his high profile relationship with actress megan fox. >> the bigger you get, the more popular your music is, the more people want to chase you around and take your picture and know about your personal life, and talk about megan and everything else. how do you begin to manage that? >> i would would want to talk about megan, too. i don't blame anybody for that. >> and it's not just baker's love life that keeps him in the tabloids. >> nothing matters but the music. ♪♪
6:38 am
>> do you feel yourself -- i don't know if growing up is the right term, but just changing and evolving? >> i don't ever want to grow up. it means that you're, like, a stale loaf of bread. maturing and becoming a better me is absolutely first on my agenda. it's like when i walked in at the beginning of this interview and i was like i don't want to be here because i feel lost today. it's okay to be lowe's. >> yeah. >> because there's some days i wake up and i know exactly where i am. >> and we hugged it out in the end. it's all good. machine gun kelly's platinum album "tickets to my down fall" is available wherever you get your music. his new graphic novel is out now, too. don't forget to subscribe to the
6:39 am
sunday sit-down podcast to hear the full-length interview with machine gun kelly. you can find it on apple podcast or wherever you get yours. next week, we revisit one of our favorite conversations with oscar winner juli good sunday morning. we are starting out in the 40s and 50s, and so it's colder especially in the interior valley. take a look at the temperature trend. another gorgeous sunny day. temperatures remain in the mid and upper 70s. san jose, 52 degrees. we will continue to see the clear skies, and dry conditions and winds are expected to pick up later this evening. a watch for high fire danger is in effect for tuesday evening. ahead on "sunday today" our
6:40 am
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it has been a long and difficult year and a half of pandemic life for so many people. but it also has been a time to reflect on what is important, on who we are and who we want to be. some in the latino community, for example, have taken the time at home to find their roots and to reconnect with their heritage even while family is far away. nbc's morgan ratford has our sunday spotlight and a celebration of hispanic heritage month. >> reporter: priscilla hernandez is still learning her way around a tortilla press, but it's a journey she's happy to make. half a pandemic year, she started to think more about her roots. >> i am actually second jen dags on my father's side and third generation on my mom's side. both of their families were born in mexico. >> reporter: did the pandemic change your relationship to your identity? >> i think so, because i used to
6:43 am
work countless hours add work. once that was no longer a thing, it was like well, who else am i? so just kind of wanting some sort of connection. >> reporter: so she signed up for virtual cooking classes with a league of kitchens, a company that uses exceptional home cooks. >> today we're making tacos. i'm teaching them how to make tortillas. >> reporter: to teach traditional ethnic recipes? have you seen an increase in demand in these classes? >> to know who you are, you have to know where you come from. >> reporter: based on the 20 20 census, the number of hispanic americans who identify as white dropped by nearly 53% in just the last ten years. while the share who identified as more than one race jumped by over 560%.
6:44 am
a cultural reconnection that's taking shape in many different ways. language learning company says they saw a demand for spanish learning triple at the start of the pandemic. >> usually by the third or fourth generation of a latino family, they're pretty assimilated. that means things like keeping language and tradition becomes harder. that doesn't mean it's impossible. and with opening up spaces like in digital media, i think it really empowers younger generations to reconnect with their roots. >> for diana, that impulse to reconnect with her roots led her here. ♪♪ >> reporter: back to the sound of music she once loved as a kid. >> during the pandemic, my parents and i, we would sit at the couch at night and we would start watching all of these movies from the mexican -- ♪♪
6:45 am
and that just sparked that part of me that just, like, really wanted to go back to singing mariachi. >> reporter: a love that helped her find new purpose during the pandemic. >> it's such a beautiful and unique culture. >> i think i made mine a little too spicy. >> reporter: a pride hernandez says is as much a part of her future as her past. >> it makes you appreciate that we come from two beautiful cultures. living in the united states but having this rich back ground and being able to celebrate that is something that i don't think i'd realized until now. >> a celebration preserved. >> it's a good start. >> for generations to come. ♪♪ morgan, thank you very much. this week we highlight another life well-lived. the old joke goes, how do you get to carnegie hall? practice, practice, practice.
6:46 am
once an artist had practiced enough to be invited to play that iconic hall, he or she was welcomed for 34 years by a woman named debbie king. king was carnegie hall's artist liaison, responsible for making some of the world's most prominent musicians comfortable before, after, and during their conferences. divas and stars like james taylor and frank sinatra all counted on king to guide them through the nerves of a night at carnegie with just the right food, drink, flowers, temperature, or a boost of confidence. king tells the story of sinatra struggling through a 1987 performance. during a pep talk at intermission, king reminded the legend, you're frank sinatra. you can do anything. and the show went on. in an interview with the new york times, a cellist called
6:47 am
king the soul of carnegie hall. born and raised in new york city, the daughter of a deeken, king was a single mother who worked a second overnight job in the office of the new york city medical examiner. she saved enough to put both of her grandchildren through college. when king retired last year, carnegie hall unveiled a permanent plaque in her honor, placing king right alongside all of those other stars. debbie king, the soul of carnegie hall, died last month in poughkeepsie, new york. she was 71 years old. hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry. well, we made it through another halloween without getting eaten. this year was a close one. yeah, tell me about it.
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it is time for the highs and lows of the week. our first high goes to a historic moment on the racetrack for bubba wallace who became the first black driver to win a nascar cup race since 1963. in monday he was in the lead when the race was delayed by rain with only five laps to go. as the rain continued to fall, officials called the race and beclaired wallace the winner, making him only the second black
6:51 am
driver ever to win a cup series win and the first since nearly six decades ago. >> this is to all the kids out there that want to have an opportunity in whatever they want to achieve and be the best at what they want to do. you're going to go through a lot of -- but you always got to stick through to your path and not let the nonsense get to you. stay humble and hungry. there's plenty of times when you want to give up. you surround yourself with the right people, and it's moments like this you appreciate it. >> the victory came in alabama at the talladega super speedway. that's year his crew rallied around him after an apparent noose was found in his stall. making history. way to go, bubba. a massachusetts couple scheduled a wedding full of
6:52 am
patriots fan at the same time as a wedding. the fans set their date for their wedding a year ago, but when the nfl schedule was released, their boston heavy guest list expressed concerns about missing the game. instead of moving the date, the couple embraced the conflict, adding a note on their website andame from the dance floor. and they promise. guests gathering around a big screen tv to watch brady take on and defeat his former team. they said they had no problem sharing the spotlight with tv. >> we planned our entire wedding around everything important, the patriot's game. >> i hate dancing. now i have something to do during the time when everyone is dancing. >> priorities. i hate to break it to boston fans, but the red sox have a playoff game at fenway this afternoon. our next high goes to a virginia dad named roland
6:53 am
holland, getting a second taste of viral stardom for his enthusiastic support of his daughter and her cheerleading squad. ♪♪ >> that is holland at last weekend's homecoming game in virginia moving perfectly in sync with the cheer team. he's a retired air force major who has learned every move to the touchdown routine. he earned the nickname cheer dad after going viral in 2019. he is still at it. way to go, dad. >> our final logos to another cheer leader whose moves are, no offense, a bit more robotic. ♪♪ >> that's our old pal and future
6:54 am
overlord spot the robo dog taking the field during the missouri, tennessee game alongside the school's marching band. spot who belongs to missouri's college of engineering doing some twerking as part of the halftime show, and absolutely no halftime show, and absolutely no one asked for that. if you want to go from "i don't got it" to "i got this" well, then get this. a deliciously bold, smooth espresso drink from dunkin'. like a caramel macchiato mocha or oatmilk latte. take a sip of "you got this" with dunkin' espresso drinks. order ahead. plus earn rewards. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ ♪ order ahead. plus earn rewards. we make the goods that make life better... and make the everyday more sustainable. oh and if you shop now you can save on them too! sonoma goods for life. kohl's. good morning! maria! getting that fiber in. nice! ah, the miller's. rising and shining! that's a bright idea. with high fiber and
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our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... hey, graduation selfie!
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6:58 am
happy 100th birthday, mary. along the bottom, willie the dog, my man, in wisconsin. oliver and lorna in north dakota. happy 70 th anniversary. there's ron at nationals park in washington. and al, a world war ii veteran celebraing his 104th birthday with fellow veterans in iowa. happy birthday, al, and thank you for all you've given our country. send us a photo with you an your mug.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is sunday, october 10th. it's 7:00 on the dot as we take a live look outside above the clouds and the very top of the golden gate bridge, and right below as we see she's getting ready to be on display for the final extravaganza of fleet week later today. thank you so much for starting your day with us. if the forecast is anything like yesterday, it will be a good one. >> we had fantastic weather.


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