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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 9, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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at the store. >> weather concerns and wind advisories next at 11:00. we've been rebooked. delayed. >> flight frustration. travelers strand the at bay area but impacted only one airline. what it says is to blame. >> pg&e putting thousands on
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notice, strong winds could trigger power outages. new law that could change the way things look in favorite stores. it is still unclear what is causing major flight delays and cancellations for southwest airlines. more than 1,300 flights, dozens in the bay area, have been impacted. thom jensen reports that passengers are scrambling to get home. >> reporter: busier than normal saturday at san jose. lines packed with passengers who got the news early. >> woke up, got a text that flight had been cancelled. >> texted me this morning. >> reporter: what did they say? >> canceled. >> rebooked till tomorrow. >> reporter: 11 canceled in san jose, 17 delayed. 11 more cancellations at oakland
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international. hundreds more across the nation. >> i thought rebooked for this morning at 6:30, then i realized tomorrow. >> reporter: southwest airlines said weather and issues had to do with it. weather in florida led to cancellations due to faa required air traffic management program. those led to domino effect into saturday. passengers told us they just can't wait and hope to get on rebooked flight sunday. >> need to go home today. >> reporter: east bay man trying to get home from chicago told me he booked on other airline and arrived a short time ago at sfo. cost him $600, unexpected expense he plans to take up with southwest once he gets rest after a very long day of traveling. in san jose, thom jensen, nbc
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bay area news. >> also keeping eye on the changing weather tonight. walnut creek and dublin, gusty winds moving in. this time tomorrow, fire weather watch for parts of the east bay and north bay will be in effect. has pg&e taking action. if you live in areas in yellow, you could lose power starting monday. safety shutoff is planned for monday. set to impact people in five bay area counties, alameda, contra costa, solano, napa. >> we enjoyed a beautiful day, sunshine team, expected to be lovely but we have changes. 58 in san francisco. notice how clear tonight. is high pressure sitting over the region, but we will have a system that's going to pass just north, along with a cold front
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going to bring rain to part of the sierra. none for us, but because of the system, temperatures expected to be a little bit cooler heading into start of monday. 60 degrees on san jose's overall. what to expect, because of the cold front we're going to be seeing passing north, on monday we'll start to notice winds kicking up. right now, fire weather watch is expected to take effect starting tomorrow night at 11:00 p.m. for north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range. also wind advisories taking effect starting monday but little bit earlier starting for north bay mountains. east bay hills and diablo range because of the gusty conditions. upwards of 55-plus miles per hour heading into monday, also expecting low humidity. that's of concern for elevated fire danger. more detail on what we're monitoring coming up in a few
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minutes. nbc bay area app is a great resource to have. send the latest updates and fire danger straight to your phone and put in your zip code for detailed forecast for your neighborhood. uc berkeley police are investigating a campus hate crime. car was vandalized in a way that qualifies as hate crime they say. lawrence berkeley labs in the hills. no one was hurt but asking for anyone with information to come forward. violence against the aapi community prompting a safety event in east bay. oakland safety committee to empower people with knowledge. knowledge of safety tips and tools, pepper spray and personal alarms. one of the organizers credits pepper spray saving his parents
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from what could have been a brutal attack. >> getting off a bus. one individual coming after father with steel pipe. he successfully deployed the pepper spray. >> put together with community leaders, law enforcement and saber which makes the products. changes on the way to children's section of last department stores. california the first state to require a gender neutral section for toys and child care items. can still have boys and girls sections and does not apply to clothes. retailers with more than 500 employees must display some products in gender neutral ways. one of the people who introduced the bill is evan hill. lgbtq advocates say gender stereotypes. >> pelosi meting with pope
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francis. criticized by other catholics for supporting abortion rights. she said it was an honor to be in his presence. businesses are thrilled as brought out lot of people. fleet week to giants game. marianne favro. >> businesses won big. a playoff game luring fans to oracle park. joins thousands more who came to watch the blue angels in fleet week. big weather, recipe for a business boom. here at lucky strike fans poured in before and after the giants game and during fleet week.
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>> had impact, first time increase ourselves in last two days. >> reporter: big sales for giants gear, shirts off hangers and independent vendors even saw a spike from the large crowd. during fleet week, music filled the air, jets filled the sky. after the dodgers beat the giants, bartenders filled glasses as the night life continued. >> come in to get food before they head home. >> reporter: making big impact on local businesses. san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> yes, indeed. lots of visitors in the city this weekend. this particular visitor turned a lot of heads. tom cruise, folks, at oracle park tonight. anthony flores also spotted him
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popping over to say hi to danny glover. after the game -- well, we touched on it. we'll see the highlights and if it's only from the giants, short sports cast. coming up, covid rule that led to altercation. plus -- >> i was driving, leapt out of the car and kbrabd what he always carries. >> right place and time to save a man's life. lots of changes ahead but sunshine will remain. fire weather watches and wind advisories will go into place. coming up. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better.
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new at 11:00, a mask mandate at new york city apple store believed to have led to stabbing there. stabbed the security guard after getting angry about the mask requirement. one witness walked by moments after. >> saw this big guy, you know, going like this, grabbing himself. then the cop cars are starting to arrive. lot of them. >> investigators still looking for the attacker. security guard expected to be okay. man lucky to be alive at incredible coincidence. roger and wife driving through l.a. man having opioid overdose. going to help. happened to have narken in his bag because he invented narcan, a nasal version of drug that can
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reverse overdoses. >> i'm medically trained but can see anyone can put nasal spray up nose. >> administered one dose and after another dose from paramedics, man could talk again. won't forget because happened after they were sworn in as u.s. citizens. what a day. extraordinary day in every way. today positive news out of southern california where the coast guard continues to clean up after the oil spill. fish and wildlife says impact of the pipeline rupture not as bad as expected. environmentalists feared worst but looks like region has been spared the worst and creates ribbons of oil rather than one large block. >> we've mostly been finding
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smaller tar balls, quarter sized, smaller. couple larger but really been very effective in making sure they're removing the product. >> 1,300 people involved in the cleanup. beaches remain closed. oil from the spill now turning up in san diego county to the south, clumps of tar washing up and health officials warning people not to try to clean it up. that tar is hazardous to the skin. work crews in protective gear will be cleaning up the beaches. on the peninsula, a city preparing for disaster. burlingame played out scenario of 7.2 earthquake. ninth annual disaster survival drill. been hit with record breaking wildfires, heat waves and dozens of earthquakes as you know.
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built kits hoping for ready for anything. >> it's important to have a plan, make sure you can communicate with your family, friends and loved ones, build a kit, get emergency supplies gathered. it's not difficult. do a little bit at a time, add things to the grocery list. most important, have what you would need for emergency for three to five days, even a week. >> 32 neighborhoods participated in the drill. most dogs all play, no work. not these dogs. members of law enforcement and military in fleet week hosted a canine hero showcase at the park. >> told this is a police dog, eyes light up. seen that in adults also. this is a police dog! he's letting me give him a belly rub. that's exactly it. so well trained can go from that
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level to protection in matter of a second. >> people at the park received doggy kisses and paw shakes, then back to business. watched them run drills. check in now, vianey, we have wind on the way. >> it's been really nice all weekend. comfortable temperatures. clear skies, this is a live look at san francisco. not a cloud in night and expected to keep clear through tomorrow. 58 degrees now in san francisco. overnight lows in 50s majority of the bay area. san jose is about 60 degrees now. dipping down into the 50s. wake up to low 50s again. has been feeling rather cool even in interior valleys. livermore tends to warm up more. overnight lows though in the low 50s, upper 40s.
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sunday forecast, we keep the sunshine around and temperatures running a few degrees warmer thanks to high pressure over the rosenthal region. 75 in san jose, 80s in interior valleys. paying close to attention to increased fire danger. we have a system to our north. along with that, cold front. not going to bring us rain here but chance to the sierra. overall fire watches take effect starting tomorrow night at 11:00 p.m. through north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range. also monitoring high wind advisories to go into effect monday for entire bay area. but for north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range which i just mentioned, that will take effect starting tomorrow at 11:00. winds expected to be from
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north-northeast. gusts possible upwards of 50, 55, even 60 miles an hour. could be downed trees and power impacts into monday. wind speeds, heading into overnight, sunday night into monday, 20 to 30-mile-per-hour winds. but time stamp here, monday at 3:00, start climbing up into the 40-mile-per-hour range, especially san francisco, napa, san jose and south bay as well. gustiest conditions expected into monday. when we look at winds start to pick up, tends to dry us out. closer look at humidity. overall we have system passing to the north that's going to cool us off a little bit heading into week ahead. then we warm back up. winds from the northeast are big impact heading into monday and tuesday but sunday is going to
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be another beautiful day. we have a lot to look forward to heading into tomorrow. terry. >> thanks vianey. anthony flores is standing by. i was out there last night, giants hitting home runs, dodgers couldn't hit at all. different game tonight. >> it was party last night. this place was rocking. wanted to get loud tonight but the dodgers wouldn't allow it. orange and black call in game two. hear from the giants about heading to los angeles with the series tied 1-1. sports is next.
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how much is this going to cost? here's the figure. 59. 59 million? no, five9. as in five9 intelligent cloud contact center. they won't just power our transformation. they'll fund our transformation. yes, yes! exactly! what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ rough night for the giants. dropping game two to the s. anthony flores joining us live from oracle park. show me something good, would you? >> boy, terry, you sound disappointed, just like a lot of
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the orange and black fans tonight. giants fans leaving disappointed because the national league division series is tied 1-1 after the dodgers hammered the giants in game two. you know what, start on positive note. among more than 42,000 fans in attendance tonight, actor tom cruise, taking a lot of pictures, shaking a lot of hands. fans were excited to see him in the ballpark. now to the game. up 1-0 in the second, mookie betts singles to left. chris taylor scores to give them 2-0 lead. giants get a run back. donovan solano lines to center. enough for wilmer flores to tag and score, 2-1. then the dodgers break it open in the top of the sixth with bases loaded. cody bellinger has struggled this season but doubles up, two
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runs score, l.a. 6-1. will smith smacks a solo home run to left. l.a. beats the giants 9-2. >> obviously looking forward to turning the page on tonight's game. getting ready for los angeles. wasn't our best effort tonight. dodgers just swung the bats better than us, made more pitches than us, more plays than us. >> they're a tough team, never going to go away just like we're not going to go away. unfortunately things swung their way tonight. >> still feeling good about ourselves. tough team, obviously. just got to go out there and get them. >> as we've done all season long, we'll turn the page, get ready for off day of preparation and game three. >> this series shifts from san francisco to los angeles for games three and four on monday and tuesday. live at oracle park in san francisco, anthony flores, nbc bay area news. back to studio. >> i'm not that disappointed.
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so forget the road trips and rentals and sail with princess right from san francisco to the glaciers of alaska, the beautiful tropics of hawaii, the beaches of mexico or along the california coast. set sail with california's cruise line. book now at or call your travel advisor. chance to walk into "the office" from the hit nbc show. yes. now you can see what it's like to work at dunder mifflin, a interactive fan experience in chicago friday. 17 rooms filled with original props and costumes and set recreations, fans can take pictures throughout, including pam's desk, michael's office, ryan's closet and more. >> it's so cool to see the offense and be in the offense, going through the desks, pick up
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certain phones, might hear their conversations. >> brought back memories. "the office" fan experience open through mid-january. you can watch the series on our streaming platform peacock. "saturday night live" is back with all new episode. is it ever. kim kardashian west mosting first time. created social media buzz, some elated, some not. cast excited to welcome the rookie host. >> always fun with first-time host, you can welcome them in and support them. said we were going to be honorary kardashian sisters. >> adopted "k" names ourselves. >> kelli kardashian. >> and i'm kestiny, destiny with
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a "k." halsey is the musical guest, and check out opening monologue. might be stunned at times, it's amazing. thanks for joining us, have a great night, enjoy "snl," take care.
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