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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 9, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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things that we're monitoring by sunday and monday, fire weather watches and the wind advisory. if you're heading to san francisco right now, it's stunning, right, terry? >> absolutely. >> thanks for watching. nightly news is up next. see you at 6:00. tell tonight the spike in gas prices affecting everyone across america. the highest they've been in seven years. in some areas, topping out at more than $5 a gallon. how much higher will they go? presidential stand-off. former president trump holding a rally in the key state of iowa tonight as he vows to fight the biden administration over his records concerning january 6th. why are so many police officers unvaccinated? the major opposition from their union to mandate and fears of a police shortage if not enough meet their deadline. dramatic video of a hostage situation in downtown l.a. a gunman holding a woman in her
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own home and the moments the s.w.a.t. team finally took him down outrage over body camera footage showing ohio police pulling a paralyzed man from a car by his hair. we're on the water in the port of l.a. the massive effort to get those ships with all those goods from the port on to trucks and into your home plus, miracle in the woods. the toddler found alive after being lost four days >> he's alive, laughing, cutting up, crying his mom is crying. >> reporter: the image of the mother and son reunited >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with jose diaz balart >> good evening. we begin tonight with the latest crisi to hit your wallet surely you've noticed the rising price of goods such as food and clothes but take a look at this chart. you can see just how much mor the price of energy has spiked that means much higher prices at the pump the average cost of gas is now over $3.25 a gallon. this time a year ago, it was a
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full dollar cheaper and the last time gas cost this much, you have to go back to 2014 so how much higher will prices go we begin tonight with megan fitzgerald >> reporter: tonight gas prices are soaring with little end in sight. >> americans are spending $430 million more every day on gasoline. >> reporter: in some california towns, prices topping $5 a gallon here in illinois, a tank will set you back almost $20 more than last year >> every time i fill up, it is close to $89 >> reporter: how do you feel about that >> it is making me broke. >> no good but what can i do? >> reporter: it's not just fueling your car experts say heating your home this winter could be costly >> prices for oil and gas are so high during the heating season that will be much more expensive for the economy, for society, for those homeowners >> reporter: heating bills could cost some 30% more than last year just like everything else, the pandemic is partially to blame
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demand for gas plummeted in 2020 as the world shut down and supply still hasn't caught up. plus, hurricane ida knocked production in the gulf of mexico offline. the impact of the storm could reduce oil production by 30 million barrels this year the white house says it is working to address the problem. >> we need to take steps to address short-term supply issues, we also need to keep our eye on the long term and the impact of the climate. >> reporter: what we want to know is how can we save money experts sa drive slower on the highway. slowing down by ten miles an hour can save fuel take out unnecessary items that weigh your car down. as for heating your home this winter -- >> bundle up and turn the thermostat down. >> when can we expect the prices to come down >> reporter: energy experts say it could take months it depends on demand if more people are commuting for work and we have a bad
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winter, we could see thes elevated prices well into next year >> thank you very much former president trump is holding a rally in iowa, a critical state in any future presidential contest it comes as the battle ramps up between him and president biden over records related to the january 6th capitol riot kelly o'donnell is at the white house with more. >> reporter: anger in trump country over the january 6th investigation. >> they're trying to blame everything on trump still. and i think a lot of it was incited by others. >> reporter: the iowa state fairgrounds, long the starting block for candidates, scene of a rally tonight, held by former president trump. >> he is my president. biden is not my president. and i think most of the people here would agree with that >> reporter: defiance from trump himself over the bipartisan select committee investigating the attack on the capitol. the former president is attempting to assert executive privilege to keep secret certain white house records, now held at the national archives. >> the president has determined an assertion of executive privilege is not warranted. >> reporter: friday,
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president biden used his authority to block trump. >> this was a uniquely dark day in our democracy, a day that we need to get to the bottom of. >> reporter: trump responded, biden has rejected our request to withhold white house information. from what he called the house unselect committee and referring to the attack as simply, a protest. trump also urged four former top aides subpoenaed by the committee not to provide documents or testimony. steve bannon notified the committee he would not cooperate, claiming the executive privileges belong to president trump. the committee disagrees. >> i don't know what makes them think they're better than anybody else in the country. all the rest of us have to cooperate when we receive a subpoena >> kelly, is president biden's executive privilege decision the final word >> reporter: not necessarily. while executive privilege belongs to the current president, trump could go to court to make his case that certain documents and materials
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should remain private. it is also possible it will come up again if the committee asks for other materials and one practical effect is that legal challenges slow things down jose kelly o'donnell at can the white house. thank you. that controversial texas law that bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy is back into effect today after a federal appeals court temporarily reinstated it, pending further legal actions. it comes only days after it was blocked by a lower court. now to the latest in the battle over vaccine mandates police unions across the country are fighting against mandates for officers the situation is creating fear of a police shortage if officers refuse to get a shot with deadlines looming. sam brock has more >> reporter: in police departments nationwide, a crush of vaccine mandates are a flash point for officers faced with rolling up their sleeves or losing their jobs. seattle's police force planning for an october 18th deadline with hundreds still unvaccinated
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>> please look yourself in the mirror and ask, are you doing the right thing by removing people who are willing to continue to serve this community? >> reporter: the back-up plan for seattle pd if they lose significant staffing is to use all on duty sworn personnel from detectives to training employees on foot patrol, responding to 911 calls if needed. it is not just police unions bristling. in los angeles, the sheriff is outright rejecting the county order to vaccinate his force. the deadline was october 1st. >> the issue has become so politicized. there are entire groups of employees willing to be fired and laid off rather than get vaccinated >> reporter: other high profile conflicts include tucson, arizona, where the city faces a lawsuit from the police union >> we have the legal duty and the legal obligation to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for its employees. >> reporter: and new york city as mayor bill de blasio eyes the mandate for police and other
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agencies despite strong only opposition from the union. have said as our right as employers to do this pandemic >> reporter: the urgency comes as more men and women in blue are dying from covid recent funerals in florida and alabama highlighting a staggering trend according to the fraternal order of police, more than 700 officers have died from covid-19 since the start of the pandemic making it not only a public health crisis but a public safety crisis, too >> and sam joins us from miami why are these mandates focusing on police? >> reporter: jose, a couple of reasons. one, they're government employees. two, the vaccination rates for many of these departments tends to lag behind the general population here in florida, 66 police officers so far have died from covid, according to the fraternal order of police that is second only to texas. >> thank you there's really good news in the search for a missing boy in texas. the 3-year-old who
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went missing in the woods has been found safe after a four-day search the emotional reunion with his mother >> it's the good news everyone was praying for. >> to see him and hear the loud cries was just unbelievable >> reporter: 3-year-old christopher ramirez reunited with his mother, safe and sound after missing for four days >> he was smiling, drinking water. >> he was laughing, cutting up, crying his mom was crying >> reporter: a tip from a citizen helping police locate the toddler discovered near a texas state highway saturday morning. just five miles from his home >> we were running on prayers, four wheel drive and overdrive, to be honest with you. because we had nothing else >> reporter: christopher went missing wednesday, chasing his dog into the woods as his mother was unloading groceries. his mother desperately praying for a miracle.
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help me, please, please, everyone help me i need my son. for four days, crews searched around the clock, more than 48 agencies combed the wooded area. >> in my 53 years of combined law enforcement, i've never seen one this detailed. >> reporter: christopher's mother never lost hope and today, her prayers answered >> how is he doing today? >> reporter: he's doing quite well he's recovering in a children's hospital aside from being a bit dehydrated, some cuts and bruises, he is in his mother's arms tonight and he is doing quite well after four days away. >> that's great news >> reporter: such good news >> thank you still ahead tonight, the dramatic hostage stand-off caught on tape the shocking body camera footage of a police stop that's sparking new outrage.
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we're back with a crime spree in los angeles that ended overnight in a terrifying hostage situation. all caught on tape i want to warn you, some of the footage may be disturbing >> reporter: a terrifying night in downtown los angeles. >> he has a gun to someone's head >> reporter: this video recorded by witnesses to a violent hostage situation unfolding in an apartment building. a man holding a woman against her will this is the moment a s.w.a.t.
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team stormed the unit. the blast from grenades heard from blocks away. police say it was the last stop for a suspect who terrorized the area that afternoon, first trying to fire a gun at a man in the face but the weapon didn't two off. then down the block, a carjack attempt but he couldn't get inside that vehicle. next the police say he fired a round at a family. the bullet grazing the head of a 14-year-old boy. lapd working fast to clear the scene. >> divert all traffic from the area of this incident. >> reporter: officers attempting to corner the suspect pushed him into this apartment building he then barricaded himself inside, taking a woman hostage up there the officers managed to save the hostage. the suspect was struck by gunfire and died at the scene ending a chaotic spree, sparing the lives of those caught in the cross fire nbc news, los angeles. there is new outrage today
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following the release of police body camera footage that appears to show officers in ohio pulling a paraplegic man out of his car and throwing him to the ground again, some of the video is hard to watch molly hunter has more. >> reporter: clifford owensby as seen on this body camera footage released b dayton, ohio police repeatedly explained that he was a paraplegic and had no use of his legs >> i can't get out of the van. >> reporter: he was pulled over september 30th in a white audi in ohio. he was seen leaving a suspected drug house >> cooperate get out of the car >> reporter: the police released video was edited nbc news cannot confirm what happened before or after. >> you're hurting me >> reporter: the officers forcibly pull him out of the car by his hair, pinning him to the ground >> somebody help somebody call the real
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police please >> reporter: then dragging him to the police vehicle. police say they found more than $22,000 in the carrcotics cane dog signaled it had been in close proximity to illegal drugs. >> i feel like they need to train their officers to deal with disabled people in a more efficient manner you know, treat them with respect. >> reporter: but the dayton fraternal order of police defending the officers, saying they offered to assist owensby but sometimes the arrest of noncompliant individuals is not pretty, the mayor calling the video very concerning, adding a full investigation is already underway molly hunter, nbc news and we're back in a moment with the emergency landing in new york and the passenger now in custody plus, we're out on the water. find out what is being done to stop the delays in one of the busiest ports in america.
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today the taliban said they will not work with the u.s. to contain extremist groups like isis in afghanistan. it comes as u.s. officials and the taliban hold their first direct talks since the u.s. pulled all of its troops out of the region the u.s. is hoping to secure safe passage for americans still seeking to leave the country. back home, an unruly passenger is in custody after causing an incident that caused the plane to make an emergency landing at laguardia airport, according to airport sources. all passengers and
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crew were evacuated if the aircraft which was traveling from indianapolis to new york. it is unclear if the man you just saw on the ground in the video is the same person who was in custody 12 million people across the southern plains are at risk of severe weather tomorrow forecasters say there is a chance of widespread thunderstorms, large hail and dangerous tornadoes. the system will shift east at the beginning of next week, potentially impacting millions more we also have an update on the investigation into the oil spill off the coast of california it is now believed that the underwater pipeline that ruptured could have been first damaged up to a year ago by a ship's anchor. the coast guard also says the spill is likely smaller than originally thought we're going to take a closer look now at the historic traffic jam at our nation's ports. it one of the biggest reasons we're seeing a major shortage
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for everyday items in the u.s. increased demand and a labor shortage are partly to blame for the back-up. steve patterson went out on the water to see the massive efforts to get ships moving and products into the country >> reporter: off the port of los angeles, tugboat captain josiah is full speed ahead. >> we'll watch you disconnect and get underway >> reporter: is it even busier than usual because of the back-up? >> yeah. it's been busy for a while. it seems like more ships anchor >> reporter: more ships than ever before. a record setting traffic jam. nearly 80 ships each carrying as many as 14,000 containers, and each container filled with tens of thousands of dollars of goods, desperately wanted by american consumers >> it is stuff that people are ordering or shipping or sent. >> yeah. this is the season when we're
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getting christmas gifts. >> reporter: and none of it is getting to shore fast enough >> there are more ships out there than in the past because in the past, we've never really seen shipments waiting. >> reporter: from few to 80. >> reporter: this ship and others have been here up to ten days finally it is able to now dock and unload the captain's job, refueling the ships so they can ultimately make it into port and beyond so right now, this tugboat is approaching the barge, which you see right in front of me the barge is refueling the ship in the harbor so hopefully it can move to its next destination. >> this is absolutely the single biggest event we've ever seen in terms of a disruption to the supply chain operating somewhere between 50 and 60% of pre-pandemic capacity >> reporter: making matters worse, the long waits here are met by a shortage of trucks to move items across the country. all of it leading to long delays for new furniture, appliances, even clothes and toys. >> the pacific ocean
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looks like the l.a. freeway jam-packed >> reporter: jonathan johnson is the ceo of they only sell what they have in stock but the challenge is stocking their warehouses >> i think this is, for a time, the new normal i think we can expect this well into 2022. >> reporter: no matter how jammed it all gets, the men and women here are working day and night to keep a key part of our economy up to speed. >> there is work to be done we're 24/7 we get the fuel to the ship so they go get back underway >> reporter: steve patterson, nbc news, off the california coast. when we come back, using art to spread joy and make colorful connection
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there's good news tonight about the power of art and how one man is using his gift to spread joy in his community one mural at a time. with each stroke of his brush, he paints works of joy, a visual artist originally from mexico, he moved to denver just before the pandemic and was looking for a way to connect with his new community. >> i came with the idea of making a call on this app called next door to see who would donate a wall so i could do a mural because i hadn't
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done any and that was my one dream to do one big piece of art >> reporter: his first mural beautifying a garage back door. >> i had done ten and then 12. today i'm doing number 39 >> reporter: wait. 39 >> yeah. >> reporter: how would you describe your art? >> my ultimate goal with my art is to create that moment of joy where you find something you were not looking for >> reporter: the mural is now part of a project he calls make alleys great again for them, it is a way to spruce up their new home. >> the first thing that really struck me was the way he uses symbols and things i knew we wanted him to do something for us >> reporter: every mural is customized with meaningful secrets. for ron and karen? see the heard the letter k an homage to her own artwork.
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this dog has a painting of one pup named waldo. within each mural, a symbol with a special place in his own heart. >> a sailboat. my dad used to say go out and navigate the oceans knowing we were safe and we could always come back. >> reporter: emigrating to the u.s. from mexico to the u.s. in 2013, art is a way to honor his past in monterey and plant new roots in his adopted country. >> reporter: would you say you're following your american dream? >> i think in a part, it is. i had no idea i was going to be getting to know so many people just to do my art when i moved to the u.s that makes me feel like i'm feeling what i'm supposed to be doing. >> his goal is to complete 100 murals by the end of next year. if you know him, you know he's going to get that done that's nbc "nightly news" for this saturday.
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reporting from new yo rk, thank you for the privilege of your time good night right now at 6, long lines and frustrated travelers. one of the nation's biggest airlines experiencing delays and cancellations. what the airline is saying about the problem.
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these flights not canceled over bay area skies. the blue angels soaring again today. we will take you to san francisco where an action-packed weekend continues. first, fire danger. it is back and threatening pg&e customers, threatening to leave them in the dark. the news at 6:00 starts now. the weather may be cooling, but fire danger is definitely with us. strong winds in the forecast. >> indeed. as you mentioned, we have been so cool. the temperatures have been fantastic. it's starting to feel like fall, but thighs are the things we are monitoring the next couple of days. we will continue to see the sunshine, but the temperatures are expected to warm up just a little bit in the next couple of days along with dry conditions and, yes, we are talking about a fire weather watch that goes into effect starting tomorrow night, but also wind advisories. what exactly are we talking about


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