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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 8, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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leaning millennium tower. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, thanks for being with us on this friday. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. we begin with a story that's new at 6:00. watch this video. high stakes thieves targeting high-tech in the south bay. bizarre early-morning break-in involving a cryptocurrency machine inside a liquor store. we have the story only on nbc bay area news. >> reporter: this surveillance video from early thursday morning shows thieves pulling their truck up to the sunnyvale liquor store, reaching through the front door and tieing a cord around the atm inside. but this is not your typical atm. this one is a bitcoin atm. >> you put cash into the machine, and it increases your bitcoin account. >> reporter: that's what the thieves wanted, the cash inside.
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they pulled the bitcoin atm through the front of the business leaving a trail of damage before speeding off. >> it's there. it's got money in it. let me take it. >> reporter: as the price of bitcoin soars, the number of bitcoin atms where you can exchange cash for the cryptocurrency, is also on the rise. 48,000 of them are now dotted around the country. vulnerable to thieves in vans, like crypto is vulnerable on line to hackers. >> i mean, obviously, if i was going after bitcoin and trying to steal it, i would hack instead because then i know i can steal millions of dollars worth of bitcoin at one fell swoop instead of, you know, the atm at the local convenience store that maybe only has $200 of actual cash in it. >> reporter: as the bitcoin atm is still missing. the video has been turned over to local police officers. the owner of the asked that we not identify
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exactly where it is. governor newsom weighing in on tesla's big move to texas. we told you yesterday the ceo elon musk announced he is relocating the company's headquarters from palo alto to austin, texas. the governor said he appreciates the investments musk has made and continues to make in california. >> he has invested untold amounts of money in this state to create thousands and thousands of jobs. and more importantly pushed out the boundary of what is possible. >> newsom added he is encouraged by musk's commitment to increase production in california by 50%. if you didn't see them you probably heard them. the blue angels flying in formation over the city and crowds all day. fleet week is in the city, giants and warriors. the city is buzzing. parking and traffic is going to be a challenge. and up, it is going to be
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expensive. >> reporter: with major events happening in the city this weekend, people are making plans to enjoy it while also understanding they could face some challenges. the blue angels are back. so are the crowds this weekend in san francisco. >> this is our first time. it is pretty exciting for them. it's nice that it's a clear day. >> reporter: plenty of people looked to the sky today as blue angels record by, the beginning of what will be a busy stretch in the city. people noticed the increase in visitors. >> it's definitely more crowded than it happen. so it is exciting. a lot going on today between the giants can the warriors and the blue angels. good to see everyone out. >> reporter: this morning, the parade of ships sailed in as san francisco fleet week tradition. the warriors are also playing at the chase center. and of course the giants at oracle park for an historic playoff series. >> seems exciting, doesn't it. >> we need giants mojo all day. >> reporter: we saw parking lot with prices like this several
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hours before gametime. city leaders are hoping many opt for public transportation. >> we are closing at midnight. it helps the giants fans get home from the game. this coming sunday we will add three special event trains. we will deploy those in real time as we see the need. >> i think our business will be up 15 to 20%. >> reporter: at water bar and epic steak on the embarcadero they hope this weekend is a sign of good things to come. >> we are hoping this is sort of the jump-off point to get us above and beyond the last year and a half where we have had to deal with the pandemic. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> we could do a steak, some fish, we could do giants. >> let's go for it? i am getting hungry. how are you doing jeff? >> we are good. i wanted to let you know we are tracking showers just offshore to the east and also to the north of us.
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down here in san francisco, we are only getting cloud cover right now. i think as we head through the next couple of hours we are good for game one out here at oracle park. then once we get to around 10:00 p.m. we could see a little bit of drizzle start make sure you have your jackets. temperatures flb the 50s. for game two tomorrow, lots of sun for the pregame, throughout the game temperatures in the 50s and 60s. maybe it is not this. but it is fleet week. and the air show. i think the number one thing here is we are going to have the sun out. make sure you have your sunglasses. we will get up to 67. we have full coverage at of the air show. as we head into the overnight hours we are tracking chance of showers. we will navigate through this, talk about the upcoming weekend and also wind returning next week that increases fire danger. more on that in ten minutes. we have got you cuffed for fleet week on our website. find a list of the weekend
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events. head to our trending bar at the top and select sf fleet week guide or search fleet week at or our nbc bay area app. marin county is easing its indoor mask restrictions. for the past couple of weeks county leaders said they might modify their mask requirement soon. today they picked a date. next friday, october 15th. that's when the county will drop it is mask mandate for several indoor settings. places that qualify are the gym, offices, college classrooms, churches. however to hold fewer than 100 people. and everyone has to be fully vaccinated. now, we know it can be tricky to keep up with all of these changes which seem to be happening every day. so we put together a list of where you need to wear a mask and where you don't. go to to find out what the the rules are if your particular county or county you may be visiting. urk also search mask mandate in our mobile app. a glimmer of hope.
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crew also move forward with a key test that could help determine if it is safe the restart the fix for the leaning high-rise. experts feel the test itself to make the tilting tower lean even more. the city of san francisco required millennium to fwli an independent expert to advice if it is safe to tin. that consultant just gave the green light. crews will start digging a three-foot wide hole next tuesday to install a steel casing designed to hold a support pile. but the plan requires all work to stop immediately if the building settles more than a quarter of an inch at the corner of mission and freemont treats. the tower is currently lien leaning more that 22 inches to the west. let's bring in our reporter who has been exposing the problem of this luxury tower for a couple of years now. what do they hope to learn from the test? >> they are trying to figure out whether they can drill such a hole in the drowned without
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causing the vibrations and other potential sources for tilting. >> jackson -- >> i didn't catch you. go ahead. >> how do you right a leaning tower, 58 stories rye. how do you actually upright that thing? >> the plan was to initially support it on two sides and hope they were offsetting the forces on those sides and the building would sink back the other way as it were. right now they don't know how many piles they can install safely. it depends on this test. they have to figure out how much stress they are putting on and what could happen next. >> are the homeowners allowed to sell? will any banks underwrite this? >> a lot of pieces of property have come off the market right now because they haven't been able to sell. i think that that's going to be a problem until they finally figure out what to go forward on
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this fix with. >> a lot of people stuck in limbo. thank you for the reporting. a fight on the field at the san jose earthquakes game. then a fight in the parking lot after involving gunfire is threatening a game tomorrow featuring one of mexico's most popular soccer clubs, chivas. last night a fan jumped onto the field, and threw punches at one earthquakes player before another player grabbed him in a headlock. police arrested that man. but the trouble didn't stop. >> as they moved that individual, others followed. and later on some of those individuals were recognized in the parking lot who were also fighting. >> police say 30 to 40 people were involved in the parking lot may lay after the game, one man grazed by a bullet, officers arresting eight people. as of this hour the earthquakes organization is deciding whether to postpone tomorrow's game over safety concerns. up next here at 6:00, take a
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look. snow. our first snowfall of the season. looks awesome. we will show you how much, and where. i will have details on some showers overnight. also a look ahead at a fire weather watch. i'm back with that in less than ten minutes. it was a pandemic pasttime, ordering cocktails on the go. so what does the future of takeout booze here in california? next on nbc bay area news, we'll explain. when we are joined by our viewers in the west, the signs the covid pandemic hab transitioning to something less threatening. what experts are telling us. also, if holiday travel is in your future, why locking in that plane ticket now could prove critical. we we see you back here on the. tonight.
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in san francisco a dispute continues between a school board and alumni over a controversial mural. alumni of george washington high sued to save the depression era painting which depicts a dead native american and enslaved people working at washington's home. after a superior court judge blocked the school district from covering the mural, board members voted to have it appealed. the appeal means the district will pay more legal costs even as it faces a $116 million budget shortfall next year. well, if you think about it, among our new pandemic rules in these last 18 months, eating in those little parklets and
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cocktails to go -- those rules might stick around even after the pandemic. nbc bay area's melissa colorado has more on the new law just signed by governor newsom. >> reporter: yes, they take up valuable parking spaces but restaurant parklets like this one, they are not going anywhere, at lest for now. today the governor signed a number of bills aimed at easing restrictions for restaurants and bars and allowing them to keep parklets up even after the pandemic is over. >> it wasn't that long ago getting a table and chair permit could take a year or two. >> reporter: but the pandemic changed all that, forcing cities across the bay area to cut red tape and quickly issue parklet permits to bars and restaurants who could not survive off take-out orders and federal help? we got a ppp loan, but that money goes by in terms of rent. >> reporter: nigel jones is the owner of the only jamaican restaurant in oakland. he poured $11,000 into this
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outdoor patio, which became his restaurant's lifeline. >> i feel like most people still are choosing to be outside. today the governor signed three bills into law that allow restaurants and bars to keep their makeshift outdoor patios and continue serving cocktails to go. jones says alcohol sales dropped by 70% last year. but as more people started to embrace ordering booze in plastic containers, to go orders for his signature jamaican punch are picking up. >> it's our number one cocktail. >> reporter: among the new rules, people can order alcohol to go until the end of 2026. all alcohol orders must be picked up, meaning no delivery orders. parklets can stay up one year after the covid state of emergency is lifted. >> eat your heart out, paris. >> reporter: but is the governor worried these new laws could turn downtown streets into bourbon street? newsom says there is a lot of
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nuance to these rules. for instance, you must order a food item with your alcohol to go order. >> responsible, safe consumption, responsible and safe operation, mean meeting the letter and spirit the rules and regulations. >> reporter: in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. nbc bay area learned a civil grand jury is now investigating the santa clara county sheriff's office. it is the latest in a series of actions against sheriff lorie smith. the county board of supervise asked a civil grand jury to investigate back in august after this jailhouse beating 6 an inmate where guards failed to intervene until it was over. two of the sheriff's top assistants are also facing criminal indictments for allegedly trading concealed weapon permits for contributions to smith's campaign. the civil grand jury can't make any criminal allegations. >> it carries some teeth. they are basically
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recommendations that may or may not be followed. >> the sheriff's office will have to respond to the findings in writing. we have reached out to the sheriff's office for comment. but we have not heard back. something we haven't seen in a while. are you ready for it? snow. lake tahoe getting its first dusting of powder today. this is a slow-mo video. >> i saw it earlier. >> a snow-mo video. >> snow-mo, very nice. >> a look from sugar bowl ski resort, they tweeted saying they got about three inches of fresh powder. >> it looks beautiful. south bay water customers are not saving enough meaning they can likely expect stricter water rules. four months ago the valley water district declared a drought emergency and asked customers to cut water use by 15%. i didn't work. they managed just a 9% average reduction in august. only mountain view residents saved 15%. as a result, homeowners now can probably expect an order limiting watering lawns and
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landscaping to just two days a week. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri, the man of the hour as we get into our friday night. >> we have a few little bumps with showers just offshore but we will be able to get through this. you can see on doppler radar the activity is out to the west and up to the north. we have clouds moving into san francisco. if you have tickets, you are headed out to oracle park, we know that's getting started season, 637, we will have those temperatures in the 50s here, and a chance of drizzle right around 10:00 p.m. for game two, tomorrow, we get sunshine for pregame. we will be at 66. then a mix of 50s and 60s as we head through game two tomorrow. let's get back to the shower activity. you will see at 11:30 tonight we have spotty chances up arnds marin, napa, sonoma county. in the early morning hours, we get a spotty chance from the north bay to the peninsula, the
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south bay. i think a you little bit of this could happening on until 7:00 in the morning. after, you can see it here, everything starts the clear out and sunny skies returning as we head through the saturday and also your sunday forecast. this means as we start off tomorrow morning it is going to be chilly. when a little bit of a wind kicks up it is going the feel like the 40s for a lot of us. your heaters might start to click on. 53 here in the south bay. peninsula, 52. trivalley at 50. let's look here over the east bay. low 50s, along with san francisco. and the north bay down to 47. i have heard from a lot of you, and you are really loving this change. now, tomorrow temperatures, i do see them warming up by four to seven degrees. it is still going the feel like fall. in the south bay, back into the 70s. 71 in los gatos, morgan hills, 73. 7 in livermore, 72 in walnut creek. voyage, 69. right to the peninsula. 73 in redwood city. san mateo 70.
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san francisco, a mix of 50s and 60s. we have sun for the afternoon. if you are headed to fleet week for the air show, the world class air show make sure you take your sunglasses. you will need them tomorrow. we have full coverage at take you off to the north bay micro climate. low 60s from bodega bay to point reyes. open to napa, coming in with a nice 73. on my extended forecast what you are going to see is a fire weather watch. for the northeast parts of south bay for monday into tuesday. 25 to 50 miles per hour wind gusts in the mountains. more updates on that as we get closer of course increasing our fire danger. san francisco holds in the 60s the next several days. inland valleys, 79 sunday, plenty of 70s as we roll through next week. jessica, i have got to update you. i had to do it. i kept looking down and i kept seeing a dodgers blue here even though it was blue angels blue all the way, it was kind of
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annoying me. i could -- i took it off. >> he had a blue tie? >> he had a blue tie. >> i did it. >> good for you, jeff. unfortunately, i can't take off my blue dress. >> she can't take off her blue dress. >> i am committed to the dress at this point. >> full commitment. >> i didn't want to say it. thanks, jeff. up next, are you ready to get back on a cruise ship in the city is. san francisco preparing for its first one in nearly two years docked in the bay.
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understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. fran already has one of the most robust covid vaccine mandates in the country. now it is widening even more. you already need to show proof of vaccination to get into most indoor venues across san francisco. and all city employees are required to be vaccinated. now even contractors who work for the city will need to get vaxed. the mayor announcing all contractors need to be vaccinated by the end of the year.
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cruise ships will be sailing back to the bay area. on monday the first cruise ship will arrive at the port of san francisco in 18 months. the port is expecting 21 cruiseships through the ends of the year. and a record of nearly 130 ships next year. each cruise brings thousands of people to the city to support our local businesses. in march of 2020, san francisco made worldwide headlines when the "diamond princess" was held offshore for days because of a covid outbreak forcing thousands of passengers and crew members to quarantine on board. apple is putting down roots in l.a. not hollywood. but close. the company is building a new regional headquarters in culver city. it will be half a million square feet including two office building. analysts say it is a sign apple is committed to creating content like its award winning show ted lasso. they will also be working on apple music and artificial
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intelligence. ready to respond in an emergency. fleet week isn't just about the blue angels and ships. we will show you why they are ready to respond. next. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ sfwhi fleet week here, a lot of people are asking, what is it all about? it is not just about destroyers and fighter planes. >> no a different kinds of service on display, humanitarian assistance village opened today. it is cool. it is an interactive exhibit. they bring in disaster relief tools, search-and-rescue tools,
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underwater repair gear, a field hospital. also they have a s.t.e.m. education center to inspire kids into the fields of science and technology. up on our next questions why divorce parents are lawyering up and heading to court to get their kids vaccinated. that story is coming up on the 7:00 news. up next on nightly news with lester holt, the rising cost of toys this holiday season. nightly tracks the care bears from a took tree in china, to railways and to the stores where you can purchase them. lester holt joins us next. tonight, the surprising setback for the american economy. less than 200,000 jobs added last month, far fewer than projected. the slowest pace of the year covid fears still making americans cautious about going
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back to work some even giving up their job search altogether. with many businesses struggling to hire. what president biden is saying about this tonight the new showdown over vaccine and mask mandates why the sheriff in l.a. county says he won't enforce new rules. all while some experts now say we're entering a new phase of the pandemic. the college admissions cheating scandal the verdict is in for two of the parents accused of trying to buy their kids way into top colleges. the department of justice' decision after reviewing that controversial shooting of jacob blake. will the officer be charged with civil rights offenses? presidential showdown the white house blocking an attempt by former president trump to withhold documents from congress on the january 6th riots. the new warnings about the price of holiday travel and finding the toys you want what the experts say you should be doing now to get your gifts on time.
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