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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 8, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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game turned ugly. even the players on what was a chaotic and violent night. ditching your mask may depend on where you live. what has to happen in your county before those masks can come off. what you need to know about tesla's move. that breakdown ahead. good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. first, we want to take a live look outside for you this morning in san francisco, because the bay area, we are starting to see drizzle at this hour. meteorologist, kari hall, of course, tracking it all for us this morning. kari? it's always a welcome sight when we see some moisture move into the bay area, even though it's not adding up to much. at least we are having to get in higher humidity here before
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heading into a dry weekend. a move through south san jose, and now move into morgan hill. you will see that as you are heading out this morning. this is all part of the system bringing in cooler temperatures, and the rain, much of it off to the east of us now and will be clearing out as we head into today. our temperatures in the south bay starting out very chilly. make sure you grab a jacket because we will probably need it throughout much of the morning into at least the early afternoon. we're going to reach into the low and mid-60s across the bay area today. a big cooldown but a nice weekend warm-up. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thank you very much, kari. a look outside of paypal park this morning. police not providing a lot of specifics yet about what was a chaotic night in the area around the earthquake's stadium. it was a so-called friendly match, and the vibe outside the
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stadium anything but friendly. with reports of fights and even gunfire, and two people taken to the hospital with no life-threatening injuries, and it's not clear how many people were arrested. bay area mask mandates may soon be coming to an end and certainly there are a lot less confusion about the conditions needed to make that happen. today in the bay's bob riddell is live for us this morning. what has to happen before we can remove the masks indoors? >> reporter: good morning, alameda county where i am at and other counties in the bay area must meet requirements before taking off the masks indoors in the bay area. this will take weeks. first, the county has to reach the moderate yellow tier for covid transmission, and stay at or below that tier for at least three weeks.
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right now most counties are in the orange tier except for napa, which is in the red. hospitalizations will be low and stable. hospitalizations are going down across the bay area. you can see the chart right here, it shows hospitalizations in santa clara, as an example, which shows their hospitalizations dropping steadily for a few weeks now. finally, 80% of the area's population, including kids must be fully vaccinated. however, if a county is not yet at 80% and this is eight weeks after a vaccine for kids is approved, health officers say they will drop the mask rules as well as the other requirements are met. this doctor says it makes sense. >> i think we're in the right direction. we're not going to be turning
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back. >> reporter: yesterday, the alameda county office of education pointed out the new criteria do not apply to mask indoors in the schools, and the state is supposed to review its mask mandate for students before the end of the month. bob redell, today in the bay. the mayor's office announced yesterday restrictions will be lifted inside offices, gyms, religious gatherings and college classrooms. the new rules will not apply to places unvaccinated children may frequent, including stores and restaurants.
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google and facebook telling "the chronicle" they have no plans to change their mask policies. both facilities require workers to wear masks. tesla ceo, elon musk, says he is moving tesla's headquarters to texas. >> he has been threatening this for years. >> yeah, and he sounds serious. musk talked to investors yesterday. he said they will move from california to austin. the majority of the jobs that tesla's bay area jobs are at the palo alto plan the. musk pointed out to a number of
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issues that there is a reason to move to texas. high cost of housing, traffic, taxes, and austin has it beat in all of the areas. this has been a long-time coming. musk has been arguing with california and its rules and protections and regulations and leaders for years. musk and california don't seem to be a good fit. remember at the back of the pandemic, he doesn't want to shut down the fremont factory. and elon musk threatens to move plant out of california. data from alameda county would show quite a number of those employees came down with covid. a number of employees at tesla say they were fired for staying home during the pandemic even
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though tesla told them they could. again, it's not clear how many jobs will leave palo alto. this is something he has threatened before, and the fremont operation will get bigger, not smaller. >> we will be continuing to expand our activities in california, and it's not that tesla is leaving california, and our intention is to increase output for fremont. >> we will stay on top of this, marcus and laura, and we are looking at the financial filings and have not seen anything yet. >> we have seen a number of companies leave the bay area for texas. >> yeah, oracle, certainly the biggest one. but hewlett-packard and charles schwaab, those are the biggest. >> another one bites the dust. go to our website. we will post all the information
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you need to know. you can find it in the trending bar. you can also find more information on our app. and then firefighters were the knp when a tree fell. the fire is still only about 10% contained one month after it started. firefighters did save some of the most notable groves. we're thankful for that. taking a look outside at the san jose skyline on this friday morning. weekend, a big weekend ahead. we have teams from southern california that wears blue -- >> uh-huh. >> get them out of here. >> and we have rain, and that's great news for us. >> that is great news. >> yes, it is. you were just talking about the
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knp fire, and the air quality has been improving. some of the smoke is staying away from the bay area moving off towards the east, as we see even light by. some people waking sprinkles. for the most part it's not a lot of measurable rain, but it's good to see the higher humidity and a little bit of dampness there. temperatures are heading to the upper 60s. it will be another nice and cool day, but chilly if you are going to be near the coastline and in san francisco. mike, how is it looking heading out to work this morning? >> speed sensors looking good right now. green, green, green. we have that hooked in with our traffic and weather integration. kari is talking about light rain mostly. and over here on isabelle -- first, the report was isabel and
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stanley, but that's an important cut for folks. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 5:09. twitter is testing a new app feature. what some users will be warned about before they start checking their latest tweets. a new push hollywood's iconic venues. the big stars leading the effort and the big businesses being called to help. and then the governor signing a new law to address what we first exposed last year. our investigative unit shows a video you can watch on our app, and at
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happy friday. it's 5:12. as you are stepping out the door in oakland, we have a mostly cloudy start this morning. temperatures now in the mid-50s. we're going to stay in the 50s for at least much of the morning before we only make it into the low 60s for this afternoon. a little on the cooler side but a warmer weekend is ahead. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. 580 going upper 60s, and 65 is the speed limit. we'll show what you is going on,
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coming up. good morning. very happy jobs friday to you. we get the september jobs report in about 15 minutes from now and we hope to see good jobs gained in the month. it's an excellent measure of the health of the economy. now we have said 1,000 times the stock market is not the economy, the economy is not the stock market, but the markets did well thursday buoyed by the ceiling. we talked at the top of the newscast about how tesla will move it's palo alto headquarters to austin, and we said that he did say that before, but this time it sounds serious. the factory will stay in fremont. in fact, it will get bigger. as we look around the bay area, the biggest threat to jobs staying here is not texas, it's
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everywhere because of work from home. a huge number of companies told employees they can work from home anywhere. this woman, she tells me they are leaving the office to work from home. the company's headquarters will rotate from city to city through meetings as needed. legally you have to have a headquarters somewhere even if nobody is in it, and tesla is a delaware company. you can find our podcast, the idea that we don't have a headquarters at all makes total sense. >> things have certainly changed. but we're here. >> thanks, scott. if you ever heads up would be nice before
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you went may be here. twitter is testing out a new feature before they read a threat that could be conscientious. talk about titanic. lego's newest lego set gives up the name and legacy of the famous ship. i want to you check it out. it's called the titanic. it's the biggest ever set with more than 9,000 pieces. it will cost you more than $600. comes out just in time for christmas because it has a november release date. >> do they have rose up there on the front of it? >> forget rose, where is the diamond? show me the diamond that was dropped. happening for you look up. i'm not talking about the blue
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angels here. >> the meteor shower is going to be tonight, and you can see 20 meteors an hour and could be in the hundreds if you are in a less lighted area that would make it easy to see. >> many wishes. >> let's get to kari hall who is always following this. >> i saw a meteor last weekend and i thought it was cool, and then i went and bought a lottery ticket, and i'm still here so that didn't work. yeah, i may try again tonight. there's going to be, i think, for the bay area five meteors per hour especially with the city lighting going on and it will be hard to find a good spot. travel maybe outside the bay area. at least the sky is clear.
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i did think we will see more of what we are seeing now into early tomorrow morning. a lot of clouds and even light showers moving through. let's go through our model and see what's happening. all the moisture streaming by. clearing out for the afternoon, and then we'll do it all over again as we go through tonight with the potential of more light showers passing by. we could see it here. the green on here indicates very light rain, very hit or miss, and it moves through fairly quickly as we go through the overnight hours and early tomorrow, so it clouds may block our view. we will enjoy cooler temperatures for our area. 67 for a high in morgan hill. 67 degrees in walnut creek. hayward reaching 65 degrees, and we'll see mid-60s for san mateo. checking out san francisco, mostly in the upper 50s. once again, we were talking about all the events going on
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from the warriors to the giants to the fleet week things going on, and all of those events with temperatures on the cool side, with upper 60s in much of the north bay. as we go into next week, we will turn our attention from going to the moist weather and cool conditions to dry and windy conditions, and this could raise our risk of seeing fire that could spread rapidly for all of the areas shaded in yellow. we will be under a fire weather watch. this starts on monday morning and goes through tuesday afternoon. so as we are looking at a 7-day forecast, we will see our temperatures come up a few degrees for the weekend. upper 70s for the inland valleys. san francisco will see mainly low to mid-60s throughout the weekend, but keep in mind near the water it's going to be much cooler so bring a jacket. mike, how's it looking now for the morning commute? >> looking all right.
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a few more cars visible at the bay bridge toll plaza, and we know that will be the trend this friday as we will see more traffic building. all the activity we are talking about in san francisco, all the combined events, if you are heading there for none of the events keep in mind you will have to deal with everybody else who is driving into the area. and we will give you a couple tips coming up to avoid the headache if you are going to some of the events. and things are slowing down to about grant line road, and the earlier crash on city streets in livermore doesn't look like it's a problem. it's not a problem for folks making the cut through 84 or the dublin interchange. kari talked about the possibility of one or two windshield wipes, but not a problem on 117.
5:21 am
>> just enough to get your car dirty. up next, nbc bay area responds. >> we have a pair of problems to fix. a leaky new appliance and internet bill stuck on auto pay. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura, on nbc bay area responds, next. and you can follow kari on instagram, facebook and twitter like the rest of us. we will jump on right now. stick around. a lot more news ahead. >> see you there. >> you're watching "today in the bay."
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new this morning, police in the south bay on the lookout for a not so friendly neighborhood spiderman and his accomplice that they say raided homes in campbell looking for tools. one man dressed in the costume, he was pulling a trash can believed to be full of stolen property. the other man was wearing a black hoodie and red gloves. if you know who they are, call campbell police. >> what was he thinking. each week our consumer team are here to help chase down elusive refunds. >> consumer investigator, chris
5:25 am
chmura, shows us examples where consumers requested our expertise. >> let's start with a refrigerationer that was leaking, and the tech could not fix it and she was stuck. the manufacturer refunded her $1,100 exactly what she paid for the fridge. the lesson is when you have problems with a new purchase, stand up for your warranty rights. and then the next up, monthly charges to his credit card never stopped after canceling a service. the company said chris had not canceled but compromised with $200 refund and chris took it. when you are fighting a company
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and not making progress. have a great weekend. a new push for thousands of people in southern california, save the dome. it closed a few months ago due to the pandemic. since then a 21-year-old writer decided to take the matter in his own hands to make it a historic landmark. some celebrities tweeted about this cause and now that petition has nearly 27,000 signatures. >> it actually makes me feel really happy to know other people are just like me. >> these are iconic locations that should always be here because it's part of holiday's history. >> the petition calls out companies, amazon, walt disney studios and netflix to help save
5:27 am
it. it's 5:26, the new evidence the oil spill's impact is spreading. and looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, and not much traffic there. meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at the weekend forecast coming up. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:30, a busy
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weekend on tap in san francisco after more than a year of covid cancelations. what you need to know if you are among those heading to what should be crowded events. how is the weather shaping up for us? are we talking about layers, summer ware? don't worry about that, meteorologist, kari hall is tracking the forecast and everything you need to know as you head out this weekend. one community that lived through one tragedy is now looking back. this is "today in the bay." a very good friday morning to you. we are broadcasting to your television traditionally, and also streaming live on the nbc bay area app and thanks for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. >> look at that. >> yeah, we have to talk about a busy weekend in san francisco, we have the giants, and the blue
5:31 am
angels and basketball. >> today in the bay's cierra johnson joins us live with all the building excitement and what you need to know if you are heading to one of these multiple events. >> reporter: yes, good morning. you really have no excuse to say you don't have anything going on this weekend because there are a ton of activities going on. this week alone i can tell you we have had a great time just previewing some of the events. just a couple days ago i did a live shop on a ship and now i am live in front of a stadium, and this is where the excitement will kick off. around 6:30 this evening, that's when the giants take on the dodgers. it's expected to be a huge game. here, there's a bit of a rivalry so it should be an exciting game kicking off there at 6:30. a couple blocks down the street the warriors tip-off against the lakers in another pre-season game, and that game starts about 30 minutes after the giants game
5:32 am
does, it starts at 7:00. it's important to know if you do have tickets to the warriors game you have to be fully vaccinated to get into the arena and you have to show the proof of vaccination before they let you inside, and you have the identification that matches that vaccination. if sports are not your thing, that's okay, it's fleet week. there are an array of activities of folks of all ages. you have already heard the scream of the jets, and the blue angels have been practicing their formations and there are tours being offered to the public, and this is all possible because of san francisco's high vaccination rate, and businesses are welcoming this after the roller coaster 2020 because of covid.
5:33 am
>> we have all hands onboard. >> reporter: in terms of traffic, things are quiet right now but if you are heading here you want to give yourself plenty of time. with so many stadiums so close together as well as fleet week here in the embarcadero, and the embarcadero will for sure be busy so you may want to check out transit, so plenty of things to do and ways to get here. >> get your nap early because the blue angels may wake you up again. thanks, cierra. >> as cierra was saying, so much going on in the city. kari hall is tracking the forecast for us and what we can expect. hope it will be clear enough so we can see the blue angels, kari. >> yes, that's always the issue, will it be foggy? it looks clear but will be chilly. we are starting out cloudy in
5:34 am
the morning for the ship tours, but then we will have sunshine. temperatures here headed for the low 60s. if you are going to oracle park we are looking at cool weather. you know how chilly it gets there. inside the park it will be only in the mid-50s by the end of the game, and it always feels a lot colder than that so make sure you are bundled up, of course, with all the layers. and then slightly warmer for the game there at the oracle park for the afternoon. now, we are looking at temperatures cool across the bay area, so it doesn't matter if you are in the valleys or near the coast, and it will be cooler than what you are used to, so make sure you are dressed appropriately. we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. cal train, the ferry and golden gate ferry working extra this weekend, because of oracle park and the series going on
5:35 am
there. and golden gate ferry has a sale in combination with the smart train. you can get to the park without adding to the surface street traffic. remember, there's an suppress shuttle because there's a warriors game, and i know it's pre-season, so some people don't care but warriors fans care about every game, right, folks. bart has added three additional trains, one event being the continuation of fleet week. consider using mass transit. >> on our website, you can find a list of events taking place over the weekend. just head up to the trending bar and select sfpleat week guide. it's all at
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5:35. governor newsom makes a bay area appearance later this morning. he's visiting alameda county. that event is scheduled to get under way at 10:30. booster shots are rolling out and there's confusion over the differences of getting a third dose and a booster. here's what you need to know. booster's so far are only available for people that got the pfizer vaccine and only for people over 65 or with underlying health conditions or at a higher risk of exposure. you must wait six months after your second shot to get that pfizer booster. third doses are being offered for the pfizer and moderna vaccines moderately or severely immunocompromised people can receive that shot. those eligible can receive their third dose at least 28 days after their second dose. bart may soon impose its own worker vaccine mandate. the proposal calls for all
5:37 am
employees to be vaccinated. the board will vote on that mandate next week. developing in southern california, this is where oil and tar from the orange county oil spill is showing up on the coast and neighboring san diego counties. investigators are still looking into the possibility of a cargo shipped forced to anchor outside nearby points ruptured the line. the pipeline already facing legal claims because of the spill, and that's class action lawsuits as well. severe weather sparked a series of massive wildfires. in sonoma county alone, fires killed 24 people, destroying 5,300 homes. this morning the santa rosa fire department will hold a memorial
5:38 am
event including a bell-ringing ceremony. the event is not open to the public but will be live streamed. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. things are shaping up to be a beautiful day. a little mist out there, and that's very welcomed here. kari has a look at the forecast for today and a peek at the weekend as well. >> absolutely. if you are not able to make it to san francisco today, if you are making it tomorrow or the next couple of days, we have mid-60s for highs tomorrow, and 67 degrees on sunday. it does look nice and clear. a lot of sunshine. also sunny, if you are want to go say further inland, we are checking out joe's pumpkin patch and farm in livermore, if you are going to take pictures with the kids and enjoying time outside, it's going to be amazing.
5:39 am
we'll see cooler temperatures for the start of the day if you get there early, about 10:00 when they open. let's check out our forecast for hitting the road. if you are going to tahoe this weekend, showers today and highs in the upper 40s, and we will see 50s. 61 degrees head into sunday. for santa cruz, if you want to maybe get away from san francisco, maybe go to the beach, it's going to be in the mid-60s this afternoon. lot of clouds. we will also start out with clouds tomorrow but will head up to about 70 degrees, and 71 with more sunshine on sunday. if you are looking more to do wine tasting, relaxing, maybe head to napa valley. this is where we will see cooler weather for today. as we go through the weekend, it will be warming up, getting milder. we will once again start out with clouds and a slight chance of early morning showers tomorrow and a high of 74 degrees. we're reaching into the upper 70s by the end of the weekend. looking good for no matter what
5:40 am
you are planning to do. we will focus on today and talk more about the weekend coming up in a few minutes. mike, what is going on now? breaking news? >> if you are planning on driving through berkeley, look at the slowing in both directions. the crash is eastbound 80, getting away from the bridge. we have a problem here, we have two, possibly three lanes blocked getting away from the bay bridge, and a distraction because they are up on the center divide. slowing coming out of richmond. that's a problem at east bay gilman, a couple lanes blocked there. friday does tend to see an easier commute. the incline just showed a little change below the sea limit there, so just at the beginning of the commute. we are looking at no delays for vasco, out of the altamont pass, standard drive, easy flow of traffic. a blip showing up right now at
5:41 am
northbound 101 in san jose. back to you. >> thank you. we're counting down until tonight's dodgers and giants game? >> we are making a friendly bet with our sister station down in l.a. you know how hard it is to find an orange dress shirt, it's not easy. although it's technically blue -- >> get out! >> we will tell you how president biden likes the vaccine mandates and likes how they work, and we have more on that coming up on "today in the bay." i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill,
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happy friday. some of us waking up to a nice little light shower passing by. great to see as the weather system moves through the bay area and brings cooler temperatures, but a lot of changes headed our way for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. some of us waking up to an alert from chp east bay 80 at gilman heading away from the bridge. there's a crash that cannot be moved away from the roadway right now. happening right now, police in the east bay hope that you can actually help identify a man impersonating a police officer. i want you to watch this video closely. officers say around 6:30 last wednesday this man followed a teenage girl walking down the street. this is gilman street in berkeley. he told the girl he was a police officer and had a gun.
5:45 am
he demanded that girl hug him. she refused, she kept walking and he followed, again, telling her he was a cop with a gun. neighbors were shocked to hear about what happened. >> i just hope it doesn't happen to anybody else. knowledge is power. please be careful. >> the girl told police she was suspicious, because the man only said he was a police officer and not wearing a uniform. anybody wearing information is asked to call berkeley police. president biden said in retrospect he should have pushed for mandates earlier. >> not government mandates but corporate and organizational mandates. schools saying you have to be vaccinated. the president said those work and they are nothing new. >> folks, vaccination requirements work. there's nothing new about them.
5:46 am
they have been around for decades. we have been living with these requirements throughout our lives, students, health care professionals and troops are required to receive vaccinations for measles, polio, and people don't have to worry about those anymore because they have been vaccinated. >> president biden was in chicago thursday touring a construction site. the construction company requires vaccinations for its employees. he was joined by the illinois governor there in the blue mask, governor pritzker who recently said all schools have to have mask mandates. 194,000 jobs were added to the economy in the month of september. that's way lower than what makes sense. our printer is working overtime, and we are trying to print the data out. the unemployment is 4.8%.
5:47 am
the senate passed the debt ceiling extension as well. economists warned failing to do that would send the american economy into a recession. and the business leaders urged congress to take action to protect the economy. this shot of the president inspired right wing outlets of somehow faking that he was in the oval office. the white house never pretended it was. it was a video conferencing set. we are watching the job numbers trying to make sense of how that number could be that small. we'll talk more about it on twitter. you can find me there, i'm @scottmcgrew. taking a live look where airlines are betting on an increased level. there's hope more families are willing to venture out. if you are still looking to book
5:48 am
a cheap trip yourself, you may want to act now because the travel deals may not last much longer. >> i would expect the cheap flights for the holiday season dissipate quickly. >> you can watch more about this on the "today" show right after "today in the bay" at 7:00. a live look there at oracle where it's on tonight, dodgers versus giants in the first post season series since the move out west decades ago. >> this is deepening the rivalry. check out the morning anchors in l.a., from "today in l.a." >> good morning on our friends on "today in the bay." our boys in blue will be on the giants turf. >> you have mad max,
5:49 am
hall-of-famer, and then you have the 20-game winner, and then we have mvp, hitting champ tot off. >> here's a if our team wins the series, you have to wear dodger blue and say let's go dodgers on the air. let's show them how it's done. >> let's go dodgers! >> if the giants happen to win, we will wear your colors, but good luck on that. >> i don't own anything orange. >> let's go dodgers! >> i don't think so. >> way, that's our chant. we sent them a little something this morning as well airing in l.a. sounded very similar, but let's go giants. >> we have better colors, too. >> i posted something online representing the orange, betting ready, and you see the shoes, how cool are those, right? that's our assignment desk.
5:50 am
one of our team members, sean, . the sad part it -- >> we can't show you up top. >> sean doesn't represent the giants with one of our producers, tony, and a producer, cat -- >> it's giants time right now. >> when i find an orange dress, i buy it. it's very orange. kari, you are sporting yours, too. >> yeah, absolutely. it's going to be a great weekend. we will make sure the weather cooperates. if you are going out there to the game tonight, make sure you are dressed for our usual san francisco weather. cool and windy. some of us waking up to something not so usual. we have seen a couple spotty light showers moving by, and right now we powered up storm ranger to track it, and so some
5:51 am
of the light showers by, spots like s gilroy, as you are waking up and heading out the door, you are seeing a couple light showers passing by. it's not enough rain, it's just enough to make the car look really dirty. you will have to run it through the car wash later today. if you will be traveling closer to the sierra, we are watching some of the snow showers coming down, and some of the far elevations above 9,000 feet. still great to see. if you are about to head out for your morning workout on the peninsula, let's check out burlingame. a cloudy start and peeks of sunshine as we go into today. it will stay chilly with highs only in the low 60s at lunchtime. we are headed for the mid-60s for the south bay. 66 degrees in san jose. for the east bay we're looking at a high of 68 degrees in walnut creek, and 65 in livermore. as we go to the coastline we're still looking at a mostly cloudy
5:52 am
day, up to about 65 degrees in san mateo. san francisco in the upper 60s, and inglewood. go into the weekend it will be dry and warming up. by monday we're going from cool and moist weather to dry and warmer. then we will have a high fire danger for all of these areas shaded in yellow. starting on monday morning, we will see the winds picking up, and any fires that do get started could spread very quickly because it has been extremely dry. we're taking in whatever little rain we can get this morning, and tomorrow morning, and then our temperatures head toward the upper 70s for our inland valleys. next week it's not extremely warm, but our vegetation dried out. we will see the gusting winds also throughout the weekend in san francisco. mike, is that breaking news still going on? >> it is. we have an update. the alert, we have one tow truck
5:53 am
that arrived on scene. it said one of the vehicles involved in the crash is in the middle of eastbound 80, and they cannot move it with the current tow truck. they are try to go get another one to maybe clear the scene. but a buildup already, it's jammed up getting away from the bay bridge to gilman. once you are past that, but coming in your commute is building because folks are curious. that's human nature. the bay bridge toll plaza, light volume of traffic there as well as the rest of the bay. we may get a little break if it takes another 20 minutes, and there could be a traffic break as crews clear around carlson as well. so lots of activity for this section i am circling. light traffic flow, getting in and out of the altamont pass,
5:54 am
vasco, so no problems this friday for these folks. watch for speeds to dip in san martin. that should be happening in the next ten or 15 minutes, as a tradition for northbound 101. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:53. happening now, a new water rate hike for the dublin san ramon and pleasant areas. they will pay an average of $3.43 more per month. the district hopes the extra charge will encourage people to conserve. 5:54 right now. still ahead on "today in the bay," the fbi hoping nature may help in the search for brian laundrie. why agents believe new leads may emerge as soon as today. ahead at 6:00, a chaotic night at the earthquake's soccer game. we're following the latest developments.
5:55 am
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it's 5:57. welcome back. you are watching "today in the bay." an oakland family grieving the death of a 15-year-old girl and apparent road rage shooting. police say the 15-year-old was in a car with her uncle when a
5:58 am
gunman in another car open fire. police showed a video mother making a plea to find th need to get together and find out who did this. it's not called snitching. it's called protecting your city. if they don't mind killing a 15-year-old, that means they will do it to anybody. >> this was oakland's 109th homicide this year. new developments in florida. this is where receding water may assist the fbi in finding a prime person of interest in the death of gabby petito. her fiancé allegedly vanished after telling his family he was going for a hike in mid september. that preserve has been closed to the public ever since. and his family denning all rumors they helped him evade
5:59 am
authorities. and then doctors talking about a new discovery that may save lives. a genetic risk for breast cancer. it's so rare that women screened before 2014 may not have been tested for it. the mutation's impact can be devastating. one journalist learned three and two of her three daughters have the gene. >> here you are, you have done all your homework and research, but even you didn't know about this. >> yeah, and to me it was outrageous. nobody said after 2014, there's a gene out there you should be tested for. to me that was a huge medical failure. >> the same gene can also increase the risks for ovarian and pancreatic cancer, and increase the risk of breast cancer by 58% with a family
6:00 am
history, and 33% without a family history. quickly approaching 6:00, and soccer chaos. what started off as a friendly game turns ugly for san jose earthquake fans, and even players were involved. what we're actually learning about the chaotic and violent night. plus, ditching your mask may depend on where you live. a live report on what has to happen in your county before those masks can come off. >> everything you need to know about tesla's big move. we'll break it down ahead. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you on this friday. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. let's start with a live look out in san francisco. some parts of the bay area being hit with a little early-morning drizzle. >> yeah, we have storm ranger out there scanning the skies. let's bring in meteorologist, kari hall.


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