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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  October 8, 2021 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers," from "ted lasso," creators jason sudeikis brendan hunt and joe kelly jenny hagel visits new york's longest running lesbian bar, an all new "closer look, featuring the 8g band with barrett martin and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers, and this is "late night. we hope you're doing well, and now, we're going to get to the news according to the latest poll numbers, president biden's approval rating is 38%, which is the lowest it's been since taking office. well, come on, america what do you want him to do something? according to a new senate
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report, former president trump directly asked the justice department on nine separate occasions to overturn the 2020 election. nine was he in the backseat of the car? "will you overturn the election?" no "will you overturn the election?" no "will you overturn the --" in the new book, former white house press secretary stephanie grisham writes that ivanka trump used to ask her to suppress unflattering news stories about her. here's what that would look like >> seth: according to a new report, former president trump did not want to use anesthesia for his secret 2019 colonoscopy because he didn't want mike pence to temporarily assume power, but joke's on him, because mike pence is anesthesia "mr. president, i just want to sincerely thank you for your leadership okay he's out." today was russian president vladimir putin's 69th birthday and i think i know what he wished for
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universal studios in orlando has announced that the shrek 4d simulator show will close next year because it turns out nobody actually wanted to smell shrek netflix announced yesterday that it will release 11 new holiday movies before christmas and i think they're running low on ideas. and finally, in a new interview, singer megan trainor said she and her husband have two toilets next to each other in their bathroom so they could spend more time together and in case you're wondering why there was no "stars, they're just like us" section this week. and that, you guys, was a monologue. we have a great show for you tonight. fresh from their emmy sweep, the people behind "ted lasso" are going to be here we're going to be talking to jason sudeikis, and also the co-creators joe kelly and brendan hunt you may know brendan as coach beard. and i know all three of them is friends i have worked with for decades. i'm so excited to see them all together and in anticipation of the national coming out day, jenny hagel will visit new york's longest running lesbian bar. but before we get to all of that, a senate report provides
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damning new details about donald trump's attempts to get the justice department to overturn the election, and yet, former trump allies who criticized him for the attempted coup like nikki haley and mike pence are pathetically falling back in line for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: if you recall and i know it's hard to remember since it happened approximately 78 years ago, donald trump whipped up a violent mob to attack the capitol and stage an insurrection in order to overturn the results of a free and fair election. i'm no lawyer, but that alone seems to me like a crime worthy of jail time and by the way, when i say i'm not a lawyer, that doesn't mean i don't know lawyers i feel like everyone i know is a lawyer the other day, i was at the dentist office getting a cleaning, and when i mentioned a parking ticket, my hygienist said, "do you need representation" and gave me his card although i should be clear, my dental hygienist is rudy giuliani. i'm sorry, he's just cheaper i think it's because he uses helium instead of nitrous. i say that because it always hurts a ton, and when i scream in pain, it sounds like this - oh no!
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god no [ laughter ] all right. and yet, it seems like not only is trump likely to avoid jail, but according to a report from earlier this week, he wants to run for president again. >> new reporting on donald trump's future presidential ambitions three sources tell "the washington post" that trump asked advisers whether he should announce his 2024 bid for the white house after the chaotic exit in afghanistan and those advisers quote urged patience. that's the quote patience but behind the scenes, there's concern that democrats could benefit during the 2022 midterms if trump decides to jump into the presidential race before that >> seth: it says a lot about how unpopular trump is that his advisers had to tell him to wait to announce his candidacy or it would help democrats but would anyone really be shocked if he ran again? he tried everything in and out of his power to stay in the white house even though he lost. he begged to the gerogia secretary of state to find some votes like he was jack lemmon in a phone booth. assuming that he's not going to
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run again is like hitting michael myers with a car and thinking the movie's over. oh, he fell down okay, we're all safe now we could turn our backs on him trump probably understands the place he would be safest from his current legal troubles is the white house, so it makes sense he would want to get back there. he treats the job less like a massive responsibility and more like a safe base in a game of middle school tag. "i'm touching the oval office wall i'm safe when i'm touching the wall you couldn't arrest me i'm touching the wall. so trump is reportedly considering running again. and other aspiring republicans have said they'll wait until he makes a decision before they decide to run themselves >> former un ambassador nikki haley now says the republican party needs former president trump and she'll consult with him if she makes a bid for the white house. >> she called donald trump a friend and said she would consult with him before launching a run for the white house. >> we need him in the republican party. i don't want to -- i don't want us to go back to the days before trump. >> seth: you don't
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what was wrong with the days before trump too many alive people? not enough breaking news alerts? there was so much insanity during trump that that the breaking news banner was seared into my flat screen even when it was off. but that tells you everything right there. they want the trump years back again. that's what happens when you're a boring soulless hack whose dedicated your life to pursuing power above all else in a place like official washington where everyone around you is a balding weirdo with no interest aside from raising money and running for things or maybe writing one of these airport terminal dust catchers that nikki haleys of the world used to spend their time in boring think tank cocktail parties with a hot topic of who's getting invited to the heritage foundation christmas party, and then, suddenly, an amoral reality show psycho like trump comes along and uses dirty words and they think they're in hollywood now it's like when you go to times square for the first time and think you're meeting the real iron man he said he was going to use his jet boots to fly away, but then, i saw him smoking a cigarette on the f train. that's what happened to lindsay graham he started out hating trump like trump was a slick out of town and dating his me ma, but then
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graham realized he could be in show business and everything changed. "mema, mr. trump says he's going to get me a job in the pictures. i just need to give him $200 for new headshots. what do you mean how am i going to get $200? we're going to sell the farm, you old coot!" [ laughter ] that's why nikki haley wants trump days back and why she suddenly considers trump her friend again after telling "politico" earlier this year that he was no longer welcome in national politics. "i think he's going to find himself further and further isolated i don't think he's going to be in the picture i don't think he can he's fallen so far we need to acknowledge he let us down he went down a path he shouldn't have and we shouldn't have followed him. we shouldn't have listened to him. and we can't let that ever happen again." let's be honest. these people were always going to forgive him republicans are like the rich housewife who finds lipstick on her husband's collar and tells her friend, "he says he got it because he slipped and fell into a makeup counter and you know the floor of bloomingdale's is like an ice skating rink." so the nikki haleys and the lindsay grahams of the world briefly distance themselves from trump, and then, quickly fell back in line despite the fact that he repeatedly tried to
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overturn the results of a free and fair election and destroy our democracy. and it isn't like january 6th was just some protest that got out of hand after an impulsive trump vented his frustrations, they had a plan. in fact, they had multiple plans. as we've explained before, one of trump's lawyers, a guy named john eastman, even wrote an instruction manual for mike pence laying out exactly how to overturn the election results, which he did not have the power to do. and trump even brought them together in the oval office to try to convince pence to go through with it. >> stunning new details on donald trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election from the new book "peril" by bob woodward and robert costa. the authors report on a two-page memo drafted by john eastman john eastman is a conservative lawyer who was working for trump's legal team it amounts to a blueprint for a coup nbc news has later obtained the memo it outlines how pence was to have disrupted the certification of the electoral college results and handed the election to trump. trump tells pence this about eastman, quote, "you really need
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to listen to john. he's a respected constitutional scholar. hear him out listen listen to john." >> seth: but even weirder are the juvenile tactics trump used to try to persuade pence to go through with it. "if these people say you have the power, wouldn't you want to," trump asked "i wouldn't want any one person to have that authority," pence responded. "but wouldn't it almost be cool to have that power," trump asked. "you don't understand, mike," trump said "you can do this i don't want to be your friend anymore if you don't do this." the following day on the morning of january 6th, he reportedly called pence and taunted, "if you don't do it, i picked the wrong man four years ago," adding, "you're going to wimp out. so he uses the same tactics as a 14-year-old trying to convince his friend to steal a kit kat from a convenience store "just hide it under the shirt. "i can't do that." "well, wouldn't it be like cool if you did?" [ laughter ] "i don't know if i could be friends with a wimp, mike. also, i love that trump was the most powerful man in the world with virtually unlimited resources at his fingertips, and yet, he thought his biggest leverage was threatening not to
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be mike pence's friend anymore you're a terrible friend i doubt mike pence was thinking, "oh no, now who's going to help me with my sofa next time i have to move. also, we know about all this could you imagine what we don't know about so far, bob woodward's trump books have been called fear, rage and peril, but at this rate, he's going to have to call the next one, "get a load of this [ bleep ] guy." yet, pence is not doing the same song and dance as nikki haley and acting like that whole mob rise thing was no big deal >> the president and i sat down a few days later and talked through all of it. i can tell you that we parted amicably at the end of the administration, and we've talked a number of times since we both left office. but i believe that our entire focus today should be on the future i know the media wants to distract from the biden administration's failed agenda by focusing on one day in january. >> seth: one day in january? there was a day where a violent mob was chanting, "hang seth meyers. i wouldn't call it "one day in january," i would call it, "the day i moved to portugal and grew a beard. "one day in january" makes it sounds like a sports movie starring al pacino as a past his
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prime football coach "boom! all right. let's pick a play. we've got a pass and play. we've got to run and play. so how about that? we just hang the opposing quarterback. that's hard nosed football, muchacho." last day to do my pacino oh, i meant last day to do my pacino without a standing ovation. [ laughter ] and that wasn't the only oval office meeting where trump tried to pressure a senior government official to help him overthrow democracy. we also know that one of his henchman in the justice department, a guy named jeffrey clark, had a detailed plan for getting the justice department to interfere and declare there was fraud in the election, which there was not. and now, thanks to a new report from the senate judiciary committee, we have more details about that plan and that meeting. >> after an eight month investigation, the senate judiciary committee today will release a report on how the trump administration attempted to subvert the law in an effort to keep the president in office.
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the report provides new details on the efforts of then acting assistant attorney general jeffrey clark as he attempted to do the bidding of president trump. >> the president of the united states decided to put full court pressure on the new acting attorney general jeffrey rosen, and as i said before, he was relentless. when you look at the number of context, we're still waiting for even more evidence to come in on that subject he was really pushing the department of justice to bend to his political will and i will tell you, i just don't think i'm overstating the case we were a half step away from a full blown constitutional crisis >> seth: now of course, half a step is still a lot for trump given how he takes steps i've never seen a person as confident as him walk as gingerly as he does. he walks down a ramp like a deer on a frozen pond if you couldn't see his shoes, you'd think he was wearing roller skates for the first time but that's how close we came trump tried every avenue he could think of the courts, the states, the vice president, the justice department he is like the guy in gridlock traffic who keeps switching lanes, and then, throws his hand up when it doesn't work.
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"we're on the fdr at five in the afternoon. there's no secret way out, buddy. in the end, the only thing thaoa fice about his plans for aicials coup on the agenda was trump's desire to install a loyalist, his acting attorney general, to carry out his demands for more aggressive investigations into his unfounded claims of election fraud. on the other side were the top leaders of the justice department who warned trump that they and other senior officials would resign en masse if he followed through they received immediate support from another key participant, pat cipollone. the white house counsel trump's proposed plans, cipollone argued would be a murder-suicide pact pretty dramatic language woodward's going to have to up the ante on the next book even more than i thought. although murder-suicide pact probably sounded good to trump when he first heard it "so i murder you, and then, you commit suicide i think i -- i think i saw something like that once svu! svu! [ laughter ] we love svu. don't we folks
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a great -- a great american program. we love mr. ice lemonade and richard seltzer. a real original. detective john munch richard seltzer started as a comedian people don't know that but i remember, i saw him in 1983 in catch a rising star nice guy, good guy, hated my guts." the gop has fallen back in line behind a guy who did everything he could to overthrow democracy and absolutely will try again if given the chance a chance he apparently very much wants. the details in the senate report are damning. and there are almost certainly more to come there is enough material in here, excuse me, for espn -- wow, this is a real tee up i don't know where this is going. you guys, i never know what the last clip's going to be. that's something -- you know, we're just going to share it you know, this is our last night without an audience. let's just talk to the people at home and let them inside behind the curtain so to speak. there's enough material here for espn to do a four part 30 for 30 and call it -
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>> one day in january. [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ we'll be right back with a report from jenny hagel. ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. ♪ (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything. "colors" by black pumas
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>> seth: welcome back to "late night. october 11th is national coming out day when the lgbtq community celebrates the brave act of coming out but one thing the community isn't celebrating lately is the disappearance of lesbian bars. according to smithsonian magazine, there are only 15 left in the whole country one of our writers, jenny hagel is a lesbian and she decided to investigate. ♪ >> hey i'm jenny hagel, and i'm here at henrietta hudson, new york's longest running lesbian bar. i'm going to talk to the owner, lisa cannistraci - >> hey, what's up? >> -- about why our bars are disappearing but first, because they're disappearing so fast, before we talk, i have to inspect the place and make sure it's still a lesbian bar. is that okay >> let's go. >> all right >> all right, let's see what we got here
12:57 am
we got beer. check. queer insignia check. masculine light fixture. sturdily built and well sanded bar. check. woman in an outfit that's both stylish and comfortable. yeah this checks out. okay now that we have completed our checklist and established that this is in fact a lesbian bar, i want to ask you a few questions. is that all right? >> sure. let's do it. >> great so, tell me a little bit about lesbian bars what role have they played in the queer community? >> sure. lesbian bars, gay bars, queer bars and those places are a safe haven. i know i've seen young queer people walk into here, into this space, and they look around and it's their first time in a queer bar. and they sit down and you just literally see their shoulders go down you see the exhale and you just see -- you can just see the transformation right in front of you it's beautiful >> i remember going into - the very first time i went into a lesbian bar.
12:58 am
and you don't realize all the tiny ways in which you adjust yourself as you walk through the world to try to fit in or seem a little different >> yeah. >> a little, like, straighter. a little more mainstream >> sure. >> and i felt like i like sat down at the bar and all that washed off me. and i was just - >> yeah. yourself >> my little gay self. >> yeah. it was raining the other day and i was walking with somebody and i had -- i put my umbrella up and i said, you know, because it was one umbrella and i put my arm around the person and said i remember in the '80s it was the only time i could put my arm around my girlfriend was when it was raining because you could get away with it you know >> here's the million-dollar question >> sure. >> why are lesbian bars disappearing >> because lesbians can assimilate much more easily into mainstream society for example like now they making out at applebee's. they really don't need to come to the west village anymore. >> they used to come here to make out, but now they make out at the food court. they're making out at cinnabons. they're making out at orange julius. >> something like. >> right, they're making out at panda express. >> it's horrendous
12:59 am
>> and bad for business more importantly. for those who don't know, can you tell me what nesting is? >> so nesting is when two lesbians meet and they hook up they make out at applebee's and then they essentially move in together, and they stay home and play trivial pursuit and make pasta. and it's very bad for business we don't like that >> you're describing my ideal night. >> yeah. so i never introduce people to each other even if they beg me >> right, so once they start nesting they start staying home and they don't come here and spend their money. >> yeah. it's not good. but then, when they break up they drink every night so, it's not that bad. you know, it is a cycle. [ laughter ] >> when you first opened henrietta's it was a lesbian bar. >> sure. >> is that still how you refer to it or has how you refer to the bar evolved? >> it's evolved over the years now as the community's getting bigger and people are like really in tune, and can be more specific about how they identify, we -- we refer to ourselves as a queer human bar built by lesbians. >> that's great. because nothing is stronger than something built by lesbians. >> that's true yeah >> what's your favorite pick-up line
1:00 am
>> oh hey, can i have a kiss [ laughter ] >> that's very direct. >> yeah. it's actually worked a lot in the '90s >> so, i'm just going to - can i have a kiss? if you had to estimate, the bar's been open 30 years how many breakups do you think have happened inside these walls? >> i've gotten a lot of thank yous for relationships that started here >> awe, that's great >> with families and stuff like that i don't get a lot of emails about the break-ups. >> they should be required they should be required to register their break-up with you. well, lisa, this has been great. so now that you've helped me understand some of the issues going on around lesbian bars, i want to see if i can help you. does that sound good >> sure. >> great, let's head to the bar. >> let's do it go ahead >> okay, so, just to end on a fun note, i really want there to be more lesbian bars in the world. so just in case someone is thinking about opening one but they don't have like the right name, i have come up with a few names for lesbian bars just possible names. and you're the expert. so i'm going to show them to you and you tell me if these are
1:01 am
good names >> let's do it >> queer goggles >> maybe in britain. >> lgbtgi fridays. [ laughter ] >> nah >> no? >> nah >> it doesn't roll - a little too clumsy on the tongue >> you forgot the "q." >> i did that's it. you're exactly right okay, now this is like if you're going to open an irish bar >> sure. >> flannelgans >> oh, yes >> yes great. >> park slope? >> park slope. exactly. oh man your ex-girlfriend is probably in here. >> i think that's the name of this place >> it probably is the name of this place >> yeah, in parenthesis. >> lady cheers it's like cheers, but for ladies >> not feeling it. >> not feeling it? >> nah >> all right you know what? i'll meet you at flannelgans >> absolutely. let's do it. pitchers >> all right so, lisa, you just renovated the bar and reopened it. and i want the re-launch to go great. so, i've come up with a few drink specials that i think you could offer to drum up business. so i'm just going to show them to you and then you tell me what you think of them. okay >> sure. >> okay. >> let's do it >> all right the cartini.
1:02 am
it's a martini served in a glass subaru like, it's sporty but it will get you drunk. >> i'm thinking -- yeah, as a -- maybe a big one in like a sharing, like a bowl >> great >> yeah, i'm in. >> yeah? good this is the first date it's a bourbon and a lease >> that would go over very well. >> right >> yes >> all right and finally, the tegan and sara. it's just two identical drinks >> i love it >> yeah? >> you know why? >> why >> you get to ring up two drinks at once. >> there you go. see, this is the profit margin >> that, we're putting that own the menu immediately >> great >> yeah. >> all right >> i love it that's great >> i'm in. can i -- i think, did i just get hired as a bartender >> sure, as a fill-in. >> a fill-in okay, right. i have to work my way up i understand okay, that's fair. >> fantastic >> great >> you're in >> hey, thank you so much for talking to me today. i really appreciate it and if you live near a lesbian bar, please consider supporting it and if you don't live near a lesbian bar, consider opening one. and letting me and lisa drink there for free >> yes >> thank you >> seth: jenny hagel, everybody.
1:03 am
and thanks to lisa cannistraci at henrietta hudson for welcoming us into her bar. we'll be right back with jason sudeikis ♪ ♪ earl: - hey barista: - good morning, earl! narrator: - since our beginning, barista: - there he is! by asking what's possible? what's possible when we connect? office worker: - coffee's here! narrator: - what's possible when we come together. female 1: - kayla? female 2: - oh. is it ok to hug? narrator: - when we open our hearts. female 2: - this is like the best date i've ever been on. narrator: - when we grow together. narrator: - after 50 years, we've learned that possible is just the beginning. [♪♪]
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when you get four lines or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ♪ >> seth: all this week we've had a grammy winner producer and drummer sitting in with the 8g band he's played in iconic bands like screaming trees, r.e.m., and mad season his new book and album "still point" are both out this week. for more information, check out barrett martin is here thank you for a great week, barrett. our first guest tonight is an emmy award-winning actor, writer, and co-creator of the hit series "ted lasso. the season two finale premiers friday on apple tv plus. he'll also be making his return to "saturday night live" this
1:08 am
time as host with musical guest brandy carlisle on october 23rd. please welcome back to the show our very good friend jason sudeikis how are you, buddy >> hi, seth. >> seth: it's so good to see you. >> nice to see you, too. this doesn't -- it feels like -- i can't believe this is on television >> seth: yeah, right it seems, like, very shaggy for a network television show. >> hey >> seth: the standards are just dropping by the day, my friend >> it's fantastic. it's great and then all come back around. it's fine. >> seth: now, i will say one of the nice things about this years emmy, not just the fact that you guys won so many deserved awards, but it did kind of feel like a part again after a year where it sort of had more of a venereal vibe. and you look like a million bucks, my friend >> thank you >> seth: i mean, i was happy to see you win, but i was even happier to see you in this tuxedo you got some real good feedback. >> i mean, yeah. i mean, starting right there with kate winslet. she walked by me at some point, and just, like, rubbed my shoulder and i didn't know if it was me, or you know, the couch i was
1:09 am
wearing or what it was but whatever worked. it worked. >> seth: this photo -- this grabs a moment where a woman is just turning to go, "bugawa? [ laughter ] >> i'll take your word for it. yeah, i hadn't seen that photo i remember that moment happening from the first person perspective, but that let's me know that i was right. it really did happen >> seth: we had your wonderful co-star, and fellow writer, on the show, brett goldstein, here last night he was talking about, you know, it was the first time he had been in the emmys. and how much dread he had when the music started, and there was an expectation of dancing. you were a little bit more familiar with what a room like this would be like you're a man whose not afraid to dance. but were you aware of how much you'd be on camera over the course of the evening? table was front and center -- or it was in the round, but we were right there. and then my seat was literally right up in front, which has never been my move i'm much more of a back of the classroom, you know, whispering, passing noting, you know, doing shenanigans. and to be -- it felt a little
1:10 am
bit, like, i was mayor for a little bit or, you know, like some sort of where they usually put royalty and, so, yeah -- i mean, even the fact that i had to -- i mean, i joked around i was sitting at the table, and the stage was behind me, and i was like, "what if i just sat like this the whole time, and didn't even turn around. just ate my little box of food but, yeah, we had no idea. i mean, brett's already reticent because he's british, and a writer but then, to ask him to be at his first fancy thing like that. because all the other ones we've been doing in this setting and now here we are around a bunch of fancy folks, and they want us to dance right away. and rita wilson set the bar. and too high in my opinion >> seth: too high. it's going to be very hard bar for the rest of us to meet, not just for the next year's emmys, but i think for all in the future >> yeah, indeed. yep. >> seth: i want to ask about what must be very nice for you is the feedback, not just from fellow actors and fellow comedians, but so many in the
1:11 am
world of sports are huge fans of "ted lasso." ted heads, i believe, is the terminology. what are the coaches that you've been lucky enough to talk to about your show? >> well, i mean, early on, you know, jim harbaugh he was helpful i actually reached out to him, because i met him years ago when he helped us out on "detroiters. the show sam and tim did with joe and zach, and we stayed in touch. and asking him, "hey, what do you wear on game days? like, "do you show up, do you bring, like, a little duffel bag? he was like, "no, i just show up in khakis and a sweatshirt." i was like, "okay, well that's what i'm going to do." so, you know, i feel like there's part of him that feels ownership over the character but heard back from him. but then some, like, some really fun ones, you know, being a basketball fan -- steve nash and steve kerr steve's son, matthew, actually was one of our writer's assistants last year and this season we name checked him in the same episode. our little homage to that father and son duo.
1:12 am
but yeah, you know -- we also heard that jurgen klopp was, like, a big fan. you know, the liverpool coach. >> seth: that's a fan. i mean, the coaches who have engaged with it are exactly the coaches you want to have engaged with it. >> 100 percent >> seth: and that must be the best >> oh, especially when you know, steve nash is a huge fan of soccer knows the game really, really well he really liked the commercials too. so, he's been a fan for a spell. but, like, when you have people from the soccer/football community embrace it, you know, like thierry henry - or, you know, who else oh, i just met abby wambach. her and her wife glennon -- her girlfriend -- i don't know their relationship status, but they were holding hands you know, scuttlebutt. you heard it from me [ laughter ] i don't care i'll put anybody on blast. together ladies too i mean, there you go >> seth: you're in the public eye. if people want to hold hands around you that just goes out to the public [ laughter ] >> that's right. >> seth: you have the eye of the public [ laughter ] >> but the fact that like abby gave -- glennon told me she gave
1:13 am
a standing ovation when we won i was like, "that's great. and you know so that's great when we're even pulling the wool over actual footballers' eyes. >> seth: you gave a nice shout out to our former boss, i guess my current boss, who am i kidding? lorne michaels you got out. i'm still here >> not in two weeks. you brought me right back in that son of gun. >> seth: that's true >> oh, boy >> seth: but have you heard from lorene since you -- i guess you're talking about the fact that you're going back to host you must have heard from him >> i saw him that -- after that night. but, yeah, i didn't know that was the fun thing like, bill lawerence, you know, who does the show with us was like, "when you looked over there and gestured to him did you know he wasn't there?" i go, "no, no. that was real time." like, i brain farted a few people that i wanted thank because i riffed on him not being there. i was like, "well, you know, we'll make some toilet humor make my folks proud and move on." after that he, you know, he gave some pearls of wisdom. and was just excited about -- we hadn't announced who the hosts
1:14 am
were coming up, so he was playing it cool there. >> seth: was a pearl of wisdom don't go to the bathroom when a cast mate is likely to win an emmy >> i mean, yeah you know, 2021 hindsight >> seth: exactly >> you know, he's always learning he's constantly learning he's a work in progress. he'll tell you that first and foremost >> seth: that is lorne [ laughter ] he's always like, "i'm not there, jason." >> i got so much to learn. >> seth: he always says -- yeah he goes, "i don't come into work because i know who i am. i come into work because it's 11:30. [ laughter ] hey, i've seen the trailer i'm very excited about this film that i believe is out on friday. "south of heaven." >> yeah. >> seth: very not "ted lasso." it must be fun to do something noir-ish >> yeah.
1:15 am
>> seth: because i feel like i haven't seen you do that before. >> i know. it's not really a spoiler just cause i won't tell you when i do it, or who i do it towards, but i shoot a shotgun in this movie. >> seth: right [ laughter ] >> yeah. yeah but, yeah, it's great. it's me and evangeline lily. a bunch of other folks but, yeah, it's like in that style of, like, 70s noir you know, when walter matthau felt like a bad ass in the movies in the 70s. i'm looking forward for folks to see it it is very different then "ted lasso." even though i have a southern accent in it, but, yeah, there's no soccer. and, you know, not as much hugging and forgiveness >> seth: yeah, less rewarding arcs i'm guessing the arcs are less rewarding. i'm going to come right back i'm going to talk to you, and joe, and brendan we'll be right back with all of them right after this. ♪
1:16 am
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>> me choosing not to be forthright with y'all, that was a bad choice but i can't be wasting time wishing for a do-over on all that because that ain't how choices work no, sir. no that choice and my chicago bull's starter jacket, that i let janelle rhodes borrow my sophomore year and because she spilled well, those are two things i ain't ever getting back. >> seth: welcome back to "late night. that was the clip from the emmy award-winning series, "ted lasso." we're here with jason sudeikis along with co-creators brendan hunt and joe kelly [ laughter ] look at that wow. well rehearsed, gentlemen. well rehearsed >> not bad >> seth: this is very exciting you are now rolling right out of season two, which we're getting to see the finale of this week, into writing season three. how's it going so far? >> i mean -- >> what week are we on, four >> at least. yeah
1:22 am
>> at least four i mean, the first two weeks were great because it was the lead-up to the emmys and then we won stuff at the emmys and we really just -- it was a lot of high fiving [ laughter ] and now we have to actually write. >> took the next day off that cost us a day >> that's true >> so we're figuring it out now. >> seth: joker -- right above you, joker, looks like an idea for episode 302. >> yeah. >> seth: which one -- what do you got there? >> ted dies ted dies [ laughter ] >> no wrong answers while you're blue skying a season >> blue sky, baby! >> seth: blue sky. yeah, exactly. yes. brando, this came no surprise to me, having known you, but you made some very splendid sartorial choices at the emmys you were very british early on [ laughter ] this is a guy right out of - >> did not know there were cameras on to be fair. >> just to be also completely honest, jason told me he was going to dress as batman so --
1:23 am
>> seth: okay. >> i do my penguin thing you know, we're buddies again, but rung me out to dry >> i said bruce wayne. he heard batman, for the record. >> seth: this is -- what i love about this, brendan, is if you hadn't won, you'd look like such an [ bleep ] [ laughter ] that was like the -- you went and tried it on, you brought a fake emmy to see how it'd look >> it's a long walk back to the. >> seth: and this is you late -- joe kelly, this is the brendan you met, right, in amsterdam back in the day? >> that was him. the pants are a little looser now. but that's basically him [ laughter ] >> seth: so we did all meet in the early 2000s in amsterdam working for a theater called boom chicago and the conception of this idea obviously didn't start then, but like some of the seeds were planted, maybe just insofar as you guys were finding way into soccer >> oh, for sure. well, i mean, yeah brendan, you know, fell in love
1:24 am
with the sport over there. i mean, safe to say. >> hadn't been into soccer at all. and then moved to amsterdam and caught the bug >> and then i -- i only -- i talked a bunch of people in the theater to give me 20 gilder to get playstation to play "tony hawk: pro skater", and brendan is like "you should get "fifa 2000" as well. and then we would play that. and brendan would basically explain to me the game as he's playing arsenal and i was playing manchester united. and just to sort of break down the players and it's exactly the way we ended up doing the commercial like in 2013, like you know, however -- dang-near 12 years later and the way that beard and ted would talk the way he explains the complications and histories of the game and how certain players or certain things that absolutely started in the green room or the shiny at boom chicago. >> seth: and then you guys were -- joe, you guys sniffing around this idea for years right? and sort of had it in the back pocket waiting for the right time >> well, i mean, first the nbc promos came up and they kind of broached the idea with jason and then it was kind of like, "oh,
1:25 am
we've got this let's go to london and we can do this." and kind of freaked everyone out because we refused to hand in a script or like tell them anything that we were doing. and they're really, really upset. we found this out after the fact >> yeah, we didn't know. >> they didn't say anything at the time very polite. very likeable people and then, when it was all done, they're like "that really -- that was great like, we were really freaked out! i was like, "oh my god we got this. we had a great two days in london, must have saw a soccer game it was great >> we're literally inside our trailer and they're all outside going "what's going on in there? are they writing it? what's happening?" we were playing catan. >> yeah. >> for hours >> a three person cell of catan. it really moves. 'cause you know, that's like -- that's like in paintball you know >> seth: we got to see a skill that i knew you had, brandon, of hula hooping in coach beard's big episode. obviously, joe you were aware that brendan had this hula hooping talent
1:26 am
were you worried that he had maybe -- that it degraded over the years? were you pleased that he still had it >> you're around brendan you walk by his office he's in there hula hooping reading a newspaper. so like, he's kept up with it. and i respect it >> always warm his hips are always warm >> he's ready do go. >> seth: did you discover any other hidden talents amongst your cast that you guys have exploited so far >> we -- billy, who plays the character colin, is very skilled and very knowledgeable at all of drake's oeuvre like you could give him two words and he'll know exactly what lyric you're doing, what song and then he can just do it, you know, in rhythm like in time and just, he can do that any point and we learned this all because last year during the pandemic, allotted the three of us, and then a bunch of fellows that play on the game, or play on the team on the show, all played fifa together, played pro clubs. before the show was even out, we created afc richmond we played as our players and it
1:27 am
came out in there that old billy can you know, is like an encyclopedia for drake, drake songs. >> seth: he's really helpful >> he's a drake-opedia >> that worked it's way onto our show it was a very expensive 15-second scene. [ laughter ] >> seth: well, let me tell you, buddy. what i wouldn't give for your music budget [ laughter ] >> tell me about it. >> seth: if wally hums a line of something off camera we got to shut down for a week [ laughter ] you obviously -- you met i think we always -- whenever we are together we talk about the many joys and some few shortcomings of performing to the dutch audiences we used to do they've been very happy season two having a dutch character, dutch player on the team i thought that was very nice tip of the cap to our years in amsterdam. >> yeah, that was. write what you know. >> you're a very, very honest friend >> seth: yes >> that's who they're named after. who gave us all some hard truths at one time or another
1:28 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: yes she is both the person i think thinks we're all the funniest who has also given us the most stone-faced looks. when we tried doing comedy >> got to earn it. you got to earn -- that's why you know it's real. >> yep >> seth: guys, so nice to see you. congrats i'm so happy you're working on season three and thanks for making time for us today >> thanks, man >> thank you >> thank you for having me >> seth: love you guys the season two finale of "ted lasso" premieres friday on apple tv plus. and jason sudeikis will host "snl" with musical guest brandy carlisle october 23rd we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪ dayquil severe for you... and daily vicks super c for me. introducing new vicks super c and dayquil severe convenience pack. vicks super c is a daily supplement to help energize and replenish your body with vitamin c and b vitamins. dayquil severe is a max strength medicine for cold and flu relief.
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♪ >> seth: the week is over and there's only one thing to do, which is record "corrections," the emmy-nominated segment that is only available on youtube i spend all week reading your
1:34 am
youtube comments some are wonderful some are, well they are just down right wrong and then i get to tell my side for eight to seventeen minuets a week i get the bully pulpit and then i go right back to being bullied. it's a vicious cycle, but you know what, i kind of like it check it out tomorrow. we'll be right back. ♪ (music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪
1:35 am
1:36 am
(music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests jason sudeikis, brendan hunt and joe kelly i want to thank barrett martin and the 8g band. >> hey seth. >> seth: amber are you here to get ready for the season premiere of "the amber ruffin show" on peacock tomorrow >> yes and we have a big plot change for season two now when i come out here on thursdays to make you leave, i'm not going to be so nice about
1:37 am
it >> seth: you never once have been nice about it stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. >> we love you >> seth: thank you for saying it >> we love you >> seth: i feel like when you say it like that it's insincere. >> oh no, we love you, but we mostly need me buddy, you can try all you want but my head is big as hell [ laughter ] ♪ tonight, how close is your county to making the move? we'll tell you when those masks may be coming off where you live. plus, tesla i


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