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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 7, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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after all this time, some still haven't learned, never. go. alone. universal studio's halloween horror nights. brace yourself for netflix's the haunting of hill house, the exorcist, and more. right now at 4:30, no more masks. announcement could come today in the bay area. what are the risks? we take the questions straight to the experts. sweater weather coming back. kari hall tracking a cooldown and how long it will last. this is "today in the bay."
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thursday morning. a good one to you. thanks so much for joining us. >> i'm marcus washington. we're getting a look at the commute in just a bit, but let's start with meteorologist kari hall with a look at the forecast. >> it's nice to have changes in our weather. take a look at all the clouds. even some light mist and drizzle moving in as we are tracking yet another front moving closer to the bay area. we're starting out cloudy and in walnut creek we're in the upper 50s. we are going to see temperatures continuing to cool off throughout the morning, only in the mid 50s around sunrise and seeing some peeks of sunshine for the start of the day. notice these temperatures that will only make it into the 60s for many of our micro climates, san francisco reaching 63 and 70 in clear lake.
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we'll see more weather like this tomorrow, but big changes ahead for the weekend. >> we have scattered incidents popping up on the maps throughout the south bay and tri valley. all the traffic coming out of the north bay moving slowly in toward the bay bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza, no backup. light traffic flow right now. back to you. this morning our team is moving you forward as it could be the beginning of the end for mask mandates here in the bay area. >> for many business owners it's a welcome idea, but what about covid safety? here's more. >> man, i just want to get down and look up at the sky and say thank you man, thank you.
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>> reporter: sauslito fitness club opener can't hide his joy at the thought of no more masks. >> we've lost a ton of business. >> reporter: health leaders are expected to come up with guidelines for lifting the rules. >> i expect that the masks would not be mandatory in some settings. >> reporter: people in san francisco have been masking up and covid rates are down. we came here to chestnut street in the marina district to get reaction. at woodbridge hair salon, everyone masked. one stylist has a stylish take on dropping the mandate. >> i'm excited about getting the
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mask off because i want to wear lipstick, but other than that i'll do what i got to do. >> reporter: at the juice shop, some customers have already dropped their masks. >> i think our guests would be a lot happier. >> a final decision is likely to come down to the numbers. to positivity rate in san francisco on june 15th, when the state first ended the indoor mask mandate, the city's positivity rate was at .4%. right now it is at a .6%. the other numbers we're keeping an eye on is the case rates. back in june san francisco had a rate of 1.2 cases per 100,000
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people. now it's six times as high. happening now, health leaders are urging people to get their covid and flu shots. flu season expected to be bad because the country has reduced immunity following an all-time low of flu cases last year. during the 2020 flu season there were just 2,000 cases in the united states. that is compared to an estimated 35 million cases the year before. today san mateo county will start giving pfizer booster shots to the eligible at the san mateo county event center. appointments are encouraged but not required. you are asked to bring your previous covid-19 vaccination documentation. including those 65 and older and those with underlying medical conditions and those at higher
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risk of exposure to the virus because of their job. a carjacking and a purse snatching and laptop robbery all at gunpoint. the five suspects are kids, the youngest just 11 years old. >> reporter: a possible break in the case happened here in the patio of this coffee shot on 4th street in berkeley. that's where a laptop robbery happened on tuesday. police say a witness managed to take down a license plate number of the get away car. late that night there was a purse snatching in walnut creek. >> we had a victim walking downtown and her purse was stolen and she was pulled to the ground. >> reporter: five people were involved in the attack, one of them had a weapon. >> once a vehicle description was put out there to our other agencies, it was determined that the vehicle used in this armed robbery was used in a
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carjacking. >> reporter: that carjacking happened in oakland on monday. police spotted a car in berkeley on tuesday, a pursuit ending when the car crashed into someone sitting on a bench. five juveniles were arrested ranging in age from 11 to 15 years old. according to a staff member at the youth commission in oakland nationally violent crimes are going up. that may be the reason why suspects in these violent crimes are getting younger. >> violence is often environmental. somebody who's experienced violence in their life is more likely to be a perpetrator of violence. >> reporter: more systems need to be put in place for our youth. until that happens, juveniles committing violent crimes will only continue. taking a beautiful live look outside, waiting for the sun's aarrival on this thursday morning. a nice illuminated shot of downtown san jose.
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cooler temperatures finally in the works. can we put on a sweater later? >> yes, i think so. i mean, especially this morning. you may even find yourself keeping it on today. it's nice to have these fresher breezes picking up and we've also seen some good air quality as you head out the door. 44 in santa rosa, 53 in san jose and 49 in morgan hill. with those temperatures starting out in the upper 40s and low 50s we are going to see our highs stay in the 60s for most of us today. we will get some sunshine today. a lot more changes ahead for the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. joining forces, tech company teaming up with a major athletic fashion brand t we'll tell you why.
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happy thursday. right now as you're stepping out the door in santa rosa, you may want a jacket or a sweater. it's only 45 degrees right now and it may be misting or
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drizzling with the clouds rolling by. it will be a cool start and a fairly cool afternoon. we'll get a look at the changes in our forecast coming up. oakland shows a steady flow of traffic both north and southbound. well populated, but well spaced. good morning. wall street is set to open higher after stocks staged a comeback yesterday, the dow reversing a 450 point loss to close up more than 100 points. that's the biggest turn around since last december. concerns about the debt ceiling standoff in congress eased. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell offering a short-term deal to avoid a potential default on the country's debt. reports on the number of people
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filing for unemployment and consumer credit out today. pinterest brands can now upload their catalogs and pinterest will pull items into a slide show. it will also introduce an ad format so content creators can work together more easily on paid promotions. microsoft and adidas are teaming up for the first official xbox sneakers. they're inspired by the original console and logo. this appears to be a limited edition sneaker that microsoft will use for give aways. there will be a separate sneaker available for sale later this year.ll to come, meteorologist
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ri hall is to have a little tas of fall. we're starting out in antioch at 57. a cloudy start and a very slow warmup today as most of us stay in the 60s. we'll talk about that coming up. >> i want to let you know you got to avoid road crews still out there. light traffic flow but do pay attention to everyone out there. we'll show you where they're doing some work coming up. plus, more problems with san francisco's millennium tower.
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so much goes into who i am. ♪♪ taking a live look outside oakland, it's friday eve. what else are we talking about this morning? >> a cooldown heading our way. >> fall feeling.
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>> some of these people riding in the car may have the heater on because it's so cool this morning. we have a little taste of fall with all of these clouds rolling in. we also have some spotty light sprinkles. most of us waking up to some early clouds. if you're wondering how do these temperatures compare to normal, looking at our high temperature and how that compares to where we normally are for this time in october, well, in santa rosa the average high temperature is about 80 degrees, but we're looking at a high of 67. all of these temperatures in the 60s will be much lower than what we normally experience for early october. so san jose about ten degrees cooler than average as our high temperatures reach into the upper 60s today. we're going to see that all the way down to the south county. not a lot of variation in our temperatures from the coast to the inland areas. one of the warmer spots today
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will be antioch, up to 70 degrees. we are going to see some clearing, san mateo reaching 65. in san francisco we'll see highs up to about 62 degrees downtown. 70 today in clear lake. with our temperatures cooler today, we're going to see more of the same tomorrow. some of our models are spotting some rain nearby in terms of showers and wet weather, but it looks like only san francisco gets the mist and drizzle and near the immediate coastline and then we're back to clear conditions. as we take a look at our inland forecast for the next seven days, upper 60s today in our warmest spots today as well as tomorrow. and then going into the weekend with more sunshine we are going to see temperatures in the upper 70s and we're going to keep this nice comfortable weather at least through the middle of next week. in san francisco expect temperatures that will start out in the low 60s with some drizzle today.
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clearing tomorrow for the air shows and all the fleet week activities this weekend. just make sure you're wearing a nice warm jacket. >> we have a few people out there coming across the golden gate bridge. i wanted to point out this sign flashing with the word "caution." that talks about how many lanes are open because they have gotten ready for that morning commute. when it says caution, that typically means there is a crew on the span. so do be careful. not a lot of slowing as that crew clears from the san francisco side and went up into the north bay. contra costa county just fine, alameda the same. wind advisory for the altamont not unusual. attacked by a great white
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shark and he survived sunday at salmon creek beach in bodega bay. the man says good samaritans saved his life. >> reporter: eric steinly's right leg is still in one piece even after a shark clamped its jaws over his leg. >> the shark drug me under water. >> reporter: it happened while he was surfing off salmon creek beach. >> i hit him in the nose. this thing was huge. >> reporter: once the shark let him go he got back on his chewed up surf board and screamed for help. >> it's bleeding so much, i started to black out. i'm like, you know, no, i'm going to die for sure. >> reporter: surfers and good samaritans raced to help him get out of the water and apply pressure to his would.
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>> people started running over and putting tourniquets on me with their leashes. >> reporter: in a stroke of luck, one of the beach visitors happened to be a doctor who had a medical kit in his car. steinly was air lifted to santa rosa memorial hospital where he's currently recovering in the icu. >> i don't want to lay down and get depressed. i know i have more surgeries ahead of me. >> reporter: dna samples from his bite wound confirmed the culprit was a great white shark. the curator of the shark exhibit at the california academy of sciences -- >> this time of the year is when the great white sharks come here to feed. so the sea lions and the harbor sales give birth during the summer. their pups start to grow. >> reporter: it's likely the great white shark mistook his leg for a young seal. shark attacks are rare in california. >> between october and december that's when there's more white
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sharks but i don't think it's unsafe. it's very, very rare. in some years, there's even no attacks. a new expert is advising san francisco and the millennium tower's owners whether it's safe to resume construction designed to stop the building from sinking even further. the building sank another inch over the summer from 17 inches to 22 inches toward fremont street. a drilling expert has been hired to advise the city on further testing on a safe way to install further support piles. >> if you're going to bomb the village to save it, it might turn out to be a terrible idea. >> with the outside advisor on board, engineers hope to restart testing as soon as next week. their margin of error is
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narrowing because engineers say just a few more inches of sinking in the wrong direction could make the millennium tower seismically unsafe. read more online at how does $9,000 towards a new car sound to you? this could be your reality with the help of a new program looking to clean things up. we're going to tell you what you need to do to cash in. it will soon be easier for community college students to transfer to uc and cal state schools. it streamlined the process of transfers and guarantees admission with associate's degrees.
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how does $9,000 for your old car sound? it can be yours. the bay area air quality management district relaunched a program called clean cars for all. it gives people money to retire their old cars. but you must use the money you get to buy a hybrid or electric car. you can get between $5,000 and $9,000 for your car if you're a single person earning less than $50,000 a year or a family of four making less than $106,000 a year. the car you turn in must be a 2005 or older. a federal judge stepping in to block texas restrictive abortion law. the fight isn't even close to
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being over. still ahead, the way texas is responding this morning. plus, could we be dropping the masks soon? indoor mask mandate in the bay area could be a thing of the past. the live report on the big announcement that could be coming in the next couple of hours. we'll be right back.
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your doctor gives you a prescription. let's get you on some antibiotics right away. you could have it brought right to your door, with 1-to-2 day delivery from your local cvs. or same day if you need it sooner. but at a time like this, aren't you glad you can also just swing by to pick it up? and get your questions answered. because peace of mind is something you just can't get in a cardboard box. that's healthier made easier. at cvs. no more masks, an announcement could come as early as today for some counties in
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the bay area. but are we ready and what are the risks? we take these questions to the experts. plus -- >> we would likely experience a recession. millions of jobs would be lost and the pain would endure well past the resolution of the crisis. >> avoiding a financial disaster. the vote that needs to happen today in order to avert devastating complications. and it's a rivalry as old as time. the dodgers coming to san francisco to face the giants in what could be the most epic playoff series in giants' history. this is "today in the bay." as we do every morning, we are broadcasting live on your television or streaming live at good thursday morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall tracking a little bit of a


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