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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  October 6, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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5:30. a challenge to clean up that major oil spill on the coast in orange county. >> we are deeply concerned about the impact to the residents, the local businesses, and the environment. >> ocean currents and storms making it more difficult to skim the oil as it spreads. plus, the strictest vaccine mandates in the entire country. the california city requiring proof of vaccination for bars or restaurants. also, keep tahoe blue. it's an unclear future. the growing concern about that pristine blue water. it is not just an environmental crisis but an unfolding legal investigation. there are new questions about the pipeline operator on the job when that pipe started to leak. patrick healy from our sister state in l.a. spent the day on a coast guard cutter and joins us
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now from huntington beach. patrick. >> reporter: good evening from huntington beach. investigation simultaneous with a cleanup operation that is still underway but definitely making progress. today we were able to see that from both on the sea and from the air. tracking spilled oil from the air, finding oil on jetties north of the newport beach peer and also telltale dark blobs in the water off huntington beach. six miles of beach have been cleared by workers that now number 350. >> by the end of the week we are targeting to have 1,500 workers. >> reporter: many of the questions at today's briefing focused on what the oil pipeline operator knew and did in the early morning hours last saturday after the first reports of trouble had surfaced. a federal letter to the company states that a low pressure alarm activated at 2:30 a.m., that the company shutdown the line 3 1/2 hours later. today the company president did not dispute the shutdown time but insisted they were not aware
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of a spill until leaked oil was found at 8:09 a.m.. >> i'm not sure if there was a significant loss of pressure, but we will fully investigate this. >> reporter: pressed further, wilshire said they are being fully transparent with investigators but publicly cannot yet go into further detail. >> we are deeply concerned about the impact to the residents, the local businesses and the environment, and we want to do everything we can to ensure that this situation and this is resolved as quickly as possible. >> reporter: this morning invited aboard the u.s. coast guard cutter, we saw dolphins frolicking but no trace of spilled oil as we motored a dozen miles through lower san pedro bay. both the federal pipeline company and a federal document give credence to the theory a boat line snagged and damaged the line. there are dozens of cargo ships anchored in the waters in the south, in some cases near platforms and undersea
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pipelines. we went as far south as the l.a. platform that is the origination point of the failed pipeline. the location of sea floor pipelines is on navigation charts and ships crossing over are not allowed to drop anchor there. we asked coast guard petty officer steve stroe mire about enforcement. >> we have a vessel traffic service that tells vessels where to park and how to wait in the queue to get in the port. >> reporter: that's the policy. the question though, did any vessels stray too close. "the l.a. times" is reporting the coast guard is investigating one cargo ship that apparently was in the vicinity last week before the oil spill became apparent, but it may have been no closer than 1,500 feet which would make anchor/pine line contact unlikely. i'm patrick healy reporting for "nbc bay area news" from huntington beach. >> thank you. los angeles leaders have approved one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the nation. the city council on wednesday
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passed an ordinance that will require proof of vaccinations at indoor spaces like bars, restaurants, shopping smalls, gyms and nail salons and hair salons. people with medical or religious exemptions for vaccines must show a negative test within 72 hours. now, as you know, san francisco passed in august similar measure for indoor restaurants, bars and venues. so it is similar, but the l.a. one is stricter. it has added more things. mayor eric garcetti is expected to sign it into law. critics of the mandate say it will be difficult to enforce and it will cause a lot of confusion with the l.a. county mandate which is less strict. so far 78% of l.a. residents have received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. this has been a long process, and finally today a breakthrough. for a century now researchers have worked to create an effective vaccine to prevent malaria and now the world health organization has endorsed one of the vaccines. mosquitos carry the paracytic
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disease which kills half a million people each year, mostly in sub saharan africa. the vaccine isn't perfect. it is 50% effective in its first year, but analysts say it could save the lives of thousands of african children each year. well, tonight a teenager is accused of shooting four people at a texas high school. that shooting happened this morning at a school in arlington just 15 miles east of ft. worth. students were evacuated to a nearby performing arts center. now, police say the suspect is an 18-year-old student. after the shooting he ran from the school, police say, triggering a manhunt. he later turned himself in after hiring an attorney. >> you know, i have seen it at other schools on the news but you never really think that you are going to have your child in a situation like this. >> there was a fight between a student and another individual in a class, and the gun was used. there are four victims.
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>> one of the victims, a 15-year-old boy, is in critical condition. the other three victims are expected to be okay. there is new information in the gabby petito case. her fiance might have been spotted in north carolina. since thursday investigators say they've received a dozen sightings of brian lawn dry but haven't found him. the 23 year old was last seen by his parents at their home in florida three weeks ago. gabby petito went missing in august after the two went on a cross-country road trip which was chronicled on social media. brian laundrie returned home without her. several weeks later her remains were found at a campground in wyoming. her death was ruled a homicide. signs of a break in the gridlock in washington. tonight on raising on the nation's debt ceil in. as nbc's jay gray reports, there's no agreement yet but it appears both sides are at least talking. >> reporter: after blocking the process for weeks, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell
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in a written statement late this afternoon now says republicans will agree to a short-term measure at a fixed dollar amount to cover current spending levels into december or expedited reconciliation process to raise the debt ceiling so the country can continue to raise its bills. the initial response from democrats --. >> why should we accept any part of a bs offer? >> reporter: the first signs of any back and forth on the issue comes as president biden sits down with some of wall street's most powerful ceos to discuss strategy and potential consequences of failing to break through the partisan gridlock on capitol hill. >> it is a meteor headed to crash into our economy. we should all want to stop it. >> reporter: analysts predicted a government default would likely trigger a recession. more than 6 million jobs could be lost, interest rates would climb, social security payments and paychecks for those serving in the military could stop. there would likely be chaos in the markets, and as much as $15 trillion in household wealth could be lost.
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>> you had a home and somebody said, guess what, your foundation is defaulted, it is basically broken, the house will rumble and the house may even collapse. >> reporter: an ominous warning with time running out. jay gray, nbc news, washington. back to where we started now. president biden is rolling back president trump's environmental rules. last year president trump reversed epa regulations for environmental reviews of major infrastructure projects such as highways and pipelines. his goal was to fast track big construction jobs. president trump was actually reversing laws signed by president nixon. now president biden is restoring those laws saying the environmental laws don't slow projects because strict reviews make projects likely to withstand legal challenges later on. the caldor fire is nearly out at lake tahoe but the impact is felt in the lake's waters.
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as we are shown, researchers are concerned about the future of keeping tahoe blue. >> reporter: tahoe is a really special lake. people know tahoe for its clarity and that incredible blue color. the pristine blue waters lake tahoe, a spiritual center for generations escaping the concrete jungle. >> i think when you start talking about water clarity there's more of an emotional value. >> reporter: that's why emotions were high as the recent caldor and dixie fires filled the basin with smoke, and that crystal clearwater -- >> wildfires are affecting the clarity of tahoe. >> reporter: if anyone has a grasp on how the fires have impacted this beloved body of water it is brant allen, researcher with uc davis's tahoe environmental research center. he studied lake tahoe's water for 30 years. >> we have our ongoing monitoring we have done for many years, but we increased the number of samples we take due to the fire activity.
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>> reporter: he and fellow researcher katie simms ramped up testing to gauge the smoke's impact on lake tahoe. >> this bucket collects whatever is falling out on to the lake surface. >> reporter: the bucket, mounted on top of a buoy, gathers ash particles falling on to the water. >> when there's heavy smoke on the lake, you could see particles and ash in the bucket. this is our disk that we use to measure the water clarity in lake tahoe. >> reporter: what you might call the smoking gun of measuring water clarity is this white disk. >> we lower it down into the lake until it disappears and then we raise it back up until it reappears. it tells us how the clarity in the lake is changing over time. >> reporter: during the fires and even now, impact from the smoke is dramatic. >> we're still seeing that 15-foot loss in clarity. >> reporter: the researchers use a second bucket to capture nutrients from the falling ash.
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>> we come and collect this bucket, take it back to the lab and we analyze the water that's in there. >> the laser in that machine count and measures all of the particles. it gives us an idea of how many particles are falling on to the lake and what the sizes are. hopefully over time we will see those particles decrease. >> reporter: but there is a bigger concern ahead. the caldor fire scorched hillsides at the southern end of the lake where two major water sheds supply 30% of its water. >> say we get some big rain events in the next couple of months this fall, that could wash a lot of the material downstream into the lake. >> i think as far as long-term effects what we do know is that climate change and forest management practices over the past 100 years have set us up for a really difficult long road ahead with these massive fires. >> reporter: the tahoe environmental research center has documented the lake's clarity since 1968.
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allen says clarity diminished over the decades until recent years when new measures aimed at protecting the water began to pay off. now it is a battle against nature's wrath that will decide the fate of one of its greatest gifts. joe rosado jr.. >> only time will tell. >> "nbc bay area news". up next, no more hidden charges. the reason doordash and other delivery companies will now have to show you the entire bill. spend nearly $500 on extra storage for his computer hard drive, but he only gets a fraction of what he paid for. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area respond next. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking some dropping temperatures. we will let you know about the cooldown for tomorrow and where the rain is headed coming up in about six minutes.
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(music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪
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(music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ some new rules for doordash and grubhub. ni law requires these disclose how much
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they're charging you and how much they're charging restaurants. the new law takes effect on january 1st. it requires these companies to show restaurants and customers an itemized cost breakdown of every transaction. it also bans the companies from charging customers more than the price the restaurant lists in the app. the apps now have to give delivery drivers their tips in full. this is all to combat the hidden fees that delivery companies were charging, causing restaurants and people to lose money. well, nbc bay area respond to an east bay man who had trouble with his hard drive he bought from best buy. >> when his refund was held up he called best buy, no luck. then he did the best thing, call chris chmura. >> we want you to try with the company first, give them a chance to make it right and then turn to us. let's talk about timothy in danville. this is the hard drive inside. paid $489 for this thing. the packaging says it is four terabytes but on the hard drive
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itself right here, you will see that it is actually listed as just bites. that's only 6% of the storage he paid for. so as raj said, he called best buy which set up a return. timothy sent the thing back. all right. he was told he was going to get a refund, it was in the works. a month later no refund. instead, they sent the bad drive back to him in the mail. best buy said the serial numbers didn't match. so here is what happened. timothy called best buy and didn't get a call back. so that's when he asked us to step in. a week after we contacted best buy timothy got a credit for $489. that's what he paid. we reached out to best buy for comment but didn't get a response. okay. all right. we don't know how this happened, but when you make a return companies might check the serial numbers and your product match the packing and receipt and all of that. maybe right after you buy something just verify it. check to make sure the serial numbers match, maybe before you
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leave the store.ste know right . if you brought it home, certainly take it right back to the store. maybe you have a refund request put on hold. let us know. go to and click the responds action from the main area or call us, 888-996-tips. i will be back at 6:00 to talk about a state demand for car insurance refunds and how you can try to get a lower rate right now. >> we like that. thanks, chris. >> you're welcome. it sounds literally like a scene from a movie. nasa planning to crash a space craft into an asteroid in an attempt to change its trajectory. the plan is to launch the space craft aboard a spacex falcon rocket to intercept the asteroid. it is scheduled for next month and it won't reach destination until september of next year. the big question, is the rock involved in this at all? >> wow. >> maybe. jeff ranieri is here. how are you doing? >> yes, we are good. a lot of folks out there are doing really excellent today.
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that fall weather you've wanted. we've got the clouds. we also have the colder temperatures. we are missing out on the rainfall, but, hey, at least we get this component of it. in san jose, 65 degrees right now. we will see the temperature goes dropping off into the low 60s as we head through the next couple of hours. now, as we head into tomorrow morning, we're going to see a second reinforcing shot here of some cold air from this system right here. so this i think at this point will be bringing us widespread 60s, rainfall unfortunately, will be staying towards the east. i can give you a better look how the rain will play out headed up towards tahoe. you will see for that region looking good here for about half to three-quarters of an inch heading to thursday and friday, and some shower activity to the south of the bay area. again right now for us, we continue to remain dry but we're still looking at pretty good rain prospects as we head towards the end of this month. so hang on, at least we've got something to look forward to here within the next couple of weeks. as we roll through tomorrow
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morning we will start off with temperatures here in the 50s and widespread cloud cover. certainly an overcast cloud. 54, south bay. tri-valley at 53. the one spot you need to bundle up is through the north bay as it will be a chilly 48. are you ready for the chilly temperatures tomorrow, the coldest weather we have seen in moves arrives tomorrow. down here in the south bay it will put us to widespread 60s here. i have you at 68 in downtown san jose. down to gilroy, 69. you will notice heading through microclimates for tomorrow, there's not going to be too many changes because the system is really going to level us out. so right here through the east bay we're also looking at the upper 60s for the inland valleys and then 65 here through oakland. we will continue with the trend from san mateo down to palo alto. san francisco has 56 in the marina, 62 in downtown. so if you are headed there for fleet week, no need for sunglasses just take the jacket as we will have temperatures remaining in low 60s through the
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day. full coverage of this at let's move it off to the north bay and up to santa rosa, 67. down to mill valley, 64 degrees. on my seven-day forecast you will see nsf will get some sunshine in here for the fleet week air show heading through the weekend. that will be spectacular. once we hit next monday and tuesday i do see some wind building in, increasing our fire danger by monday and tuesday. for the inland valleys we have 60s the next two days, go up to 79 on sunday and holding with the 70s into next week. jessica, i see you are ready for fall. i love that fall pattern on you today. >> thank you. that's sweet you. >> yesterday he said to do the wardrobe change and you did. >> i listened. >> it is en pointe. >> thank you. >> thanks, jeff. up next, 25 days and counting, but how safe is it for your little one to go out trick-or-treating this year? cdc issuing new guidance you will want to hear. a job for je. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year.
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now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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so do you have your costume
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ready? halloween officially back in action this year after the pandemic cancelled the festivities in 2020. bay aero firls are issuing guidance about how to celebrate safely. alameda county officials say best to leave the mask as home, stick to your well-fitted protective regular mask you are using all the time which should be worn by itself, not with a mask. since kids 12 and under can't be vaccinated yet, make sure to keep a safe distance from other people while out trick-or-treating. san francisco health leaders are asking people to celebrate outside and wear a mask if you are in a big crowd. all of this talk about covid, don't forget about the flu. bay area health officials urging everyone to get that flu shot. santa clara county is making it easy to get the flu shot for free at clinics across the region. you can even get your flu shot and the covid vaccine at the same time. officials say everyone 6 months and older should get the flu shot. it is especially important for people at high risk for severe flu-like the elderly, pregnant women and young children. okay. what is it going to be, jimmy g.
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it is not a quarterback controversy yet, but the 49ers are not saying who will play sunday in arizona. rookie trey lance is preparing to make his first nfl start. >> a lot of confusion here. what is going to happen?
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but jimmy g might be able to play. head coach kyle shanahan says he is just waiting to make the call. here is nbc bay area's anthony flores. >> reporter: with jimmy g not practicing because of a calf injury trey lance lined up under center today. the 49ers are preparing the rookie quarterback to possibly make his first nfl start if garoppolo is not able to play on sunday. >> regardless of which way you go, you know, there's a few different plays here and there but the quarterback still has to do similar stuff regardless of who is in there. >> reporter: lance played the entire second half after garoppolo strained his calf in the first half in a loss to the seahawks. mentally jimmy g says he is preparing to play in week five, but even if he does he will have to battle through pain to take the field. garoppolo says they might wait until right before game time before a decision is made on whether or not he can play against the cardinals. >> we've done it before up to game time, and it is really just about getting the mental reps while i can out there today, see where i'm at tomorrow and everything. but, yeah, just i don't want to
5:58 pm
put anything in stone yet. >> jimmy is ruled out, i will ruleim once the doctors tell me there's no way, i will dondlance's ability to make plays with his legs. >> what you like about him and, you know, stuff he might not be ready for you can over compensate with some of his athletic ability and to me how competitive he is and how good a football player he is. >> reporter: no matter who starts at quarterback, the 49ers will need to play good football. they're coming off back-to-back losses and they're facing the only remaining undefeated team in the nfl. >> there's a lot of season left to play, but every week if you don't have a sense of urgency you got no chance out there. so i think that's one thing that we do well here, you know, we come out to practice with the right mindset. we've got good leaders on this team that set the tone, and i think we keep doing that we will be all right. >> reporter: sunday's kickoff in arizona is at 1:25 p.m. in santa clara, anthony flores, nbc bay area. >> we got a lot coming this weekend. 48 hours until the playoffs
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start for the giants. they'll either play the dodgers or cardinals. opponent, the giants announcing today 24-year-old logan webb will be the starting pitcher. kevin gossman will get the start in game two saturday night at oracle park. by the way, the cheapest ticket we could find for friday night's game, $110 for sro. do you know what it means? >> standing room only. >> 110 bucks. >> to stand for only nine innings? >> that's really fun. >> and you have to wear sneakers. >> it is fun. right now at 6:00, he came face-to-face with a shark and survived. tonight that surfer is talking to us from his hospital bed. . >> all of a sudden just this clamp, you know, just not that fast but just this heavy, heavy clamp on my leg. and i look down and then all of a sudden we were going down. >> the one thing he did that he says saved his life. also, when can you changingn
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as tomorrow across the bay area. and the state says three major insurance companies are overcharging customers. drivers deserve a refund. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we will explain why and which companies are in the crosshairs right now at 6:00. ♪ ♪ the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. we are following breaking news at this hour. a federal judge has temporarily blocked the new abortion rules in texas. that law in texas is the strictest in the country, prohibiting women from getting an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. the biden administration has challenged its constitutionality after the supreme court allowed that law in texas to go into effect, but right now federal judge has blocked it. tonight's ruling prevents texas from enforcing the law while the case goes through the court. the other top the


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