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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 6, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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platform, and they make more money. >> facebook in the hot seat after a whistle-blower tells congress the social network is accountable to no one. also, mask or no mask? the possible changes some bay area counties are gearing up to address this week. it's going to be a beautiful wednesday. cooler temperatures will continue to move in. perfect for commute for california's clean air day. this is "today in the bay."
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good wednesday morning. halfway through our workweek. thanks so much for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. first, this just in, major relief for some with student loan debt for public service workers. up to 22,000ple could see their loans forgiven immediately. progressives are calling on the president to forgive up to $50,000 of student debt for all americans. facebook under fire. the social media giant is questioning the credibility of a former employee after she leveled certain allegations against the social media giant. today in the bay's chris pallone joins us from capitol hill with more on what facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg, is saying. >> good morning.
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facebook ceo, mark zuckerberg, offering a forceful response to the whistle-blower, francis hal begin's testimony before congress. this a company-wide letter he shared on facebook, he said the company's work was mischaracterized saying the heart of the accusations is this idea that we prioritize profit over safety and well-being and that's not true, zuckerberg wrote. he says the social network is accountable to no one the whistle-blower said. some, she claims, showing the company knows its instagram app could contribute to eating disorders in teen girls and she urged lawmakers to take action. >> these problems are solvable.
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a more enjoyable social media is possible. >> meanwhile, facebook says its data is being taken out of context. >> what you have here today is a former employee that did not work on these issues and was with the company just a couple years, mischaracterizing documents she stole. >> now the one thing that the whistle-blower and facebook agree on is regulation. both are calling on congress to update the laws that govern the nation's internet use. laura. >> chris, how do lawmakers really respond to the allegations? is there bipartisanship on this issue? >> you know, it's rare here on capitol hill that lawmakers from the republican and democratic party are singing out of the same song book, but they certainly were yesterday.
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both sides pummeling facebook. they appeared to find that the whistle-blower was credible, and both democrats and republicans are saying that this industry, social media, big tech companies need to be regulated. whether that translates into action, we'll have to still wait and see. >> so much more to see. thank you so much, chris pallone, from washington. and scott mcgrew will explain what caused the major facebook outage this week, and if it could happen again. and then more on the possible cause of the massive oil spill now threatening ocean life in southern california. a 13-inch split in the pipe is thought to be the source. miguel almaguer has the latest. >> they are looking at the real possibility that a cargo ship's anchor could have punctured that
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gas line. we are hoping to have new details about that. and we are finding out about what happened in the aftermath when the leak was first reported. coming up on the "today" show, we will outline the timeline in the hours and days after the oil spill and what officials say could have been done differently. i hope you can join us. >> we will, miguel. thank you. miguel is at the scene of the oil spill, as you saw, and that's coming up at 7:00, right after "today in the bay." bay area health leaders may be getting closer to dropping indoor mask mandates. >> all counties but solano require masks, and now there's criteria being looked at of when those masks can be dropped. one infectious disease expert
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said, as long as there's a target number, she agrees with it. >> without an idea of when things come in and out like mask mandates, there's an accusation of like a twilight zone, you never know what is going to happen. >> the numbers are declining in the bay area following the delta surge. council members last night approved vaccination status will have to be submitted by november. everybody who receives an exemption will have to be tested regularly. across the bay, san francisco's city worker requirement is having an affect. "the chronicle" reports 880 employees got their shots in the days surrounding the first
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deadline. there are about 1,800 unvaccinated city workers with more than 300 under reported. the workforce number, 35,000. santa clara county workers will get a pay bump after supervisors approved an retro active hero pay. other workers will receive pro rated amounts. the funds are coming from federal assistance, and they call it a big thank you for keeping the county running smoothly. and then in richmond, the toll plaza there, marking california a clean area. >> there's free transit options today. bikers and walkers want to know what they are waking up to weather-wise, kari. >> it's good that we actually have good air quality today, so it is safe to go out there and spend longer periods of time
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outside without all of the wildfire smoke coming in. all these green dots showing good air quality. for the community bike ride in richmond we will see chilly temperatures, so maybe a light jacket with a mostly cloudy sky. we will see the clouds today and as we head out around the bay for the morning commute, gusts in santa rosa reaching 70 degrees, and then looking at mid-70s in dublin and 74 in morgan hill. we have seen the signs above the roadway, caltrans signs lit up talking about today. we're talking about statewide, dozens of agencies giving free rides today. san francisco bay on that there, and petaluma, divine transit up in napa valley, and so keep it in mind. let's look at the transit status
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right now. these agencies are not giving free rides but they are free of delay, and that's good news as well. bart, and they are all talking about california clean air and how that helps with the transit. and northbound 17 cleared from the earlier closure. the overturned rig and spill is cleared. anything north of the santa cruz mountains is just fine including the altamont pass with light traffic there. no problems westbound for 37 or the bridges. back to you. >> thanks, mike. still ahead for you here on "today in the bay," at 5:25, the new message to everyone approaching the holiday season. new on wall street, really rough seas and rocky roads.
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good wednesday morning. right now at 5:12 as you are heading out, we will see a lot more clouds move in as another cold front approaches the bay area. it will drop our temperatures even more tomorrow, but it will keep it cloudy today. we will talk about the changes
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ahead and our microclimate forecast coming up. and then the san mateo bridge westbound, the taillights on the bridge there. the drive is going just fine. happy wednesday to you, happy unless you have a lot of money in the stock market. it's looking rough again. the futures, the best traders make on the open show we are going to have losses on the open today. if the markets feel up and down lately, that's because it is up and down. we are seeing the biggest volatility since the early days of the pandemic. once again money moving out of the stock market and into government bonds which are paying more than they used to. a reminder in the grand scheme of things, money never gained or loss, it just moves from place to place. chris pallone was telling us about the facebook testimony, and we are getting a big idea as to what caused the big outage.
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facebook said it was the update, and when it went wrong the update itself prevented anybody from fixing it, because it knocked all the tools off-line and could not send the important message out telling the update to stop. alex hearn is the reporter for "the guardian." when the servers were booted off the internet, it booted off the ability to send up the need to log into the system, and the ability to the smart car door lock on the front door to the building that contains the servers and controls the system, and the messaging system that contacts security that they need to get to the datacenter with a key to unlock the smart lock
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door. most catastrophic mistakes happen this way, from airplane crashes to power plants. it's not the first mistake, it's minor. it's the second mistake, where you can't turn back. what is interesting donald trump dropped off a list altogether, and trump has a lot of investments in real estate. "forbes" says if he would have divests when he was president, he would not have lost the money because he would have sold off all the real estate. >> there we have it. a little bit of history. >> thank you. it's quarter after 5:00 right now.
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california is now one of the first states to ban a type of hazardous chemical in baby and children's products. it's known as tfa, and it has been linked to cancer and other problems. the fda banned food packaging products. a new may displaying the recycle logo, and that's usually the giveaway to use your green recycle bin. sorting out the falsely labels materials could impact garbage rates. 5:16. would you like ketchup with that? another bill signed by the
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governor may soon leave you miss hearing that in the drive-throughs. they can no longer give out single utensils and condiments unless the customer asks for it. the single use utensils top the list of collected trash items. trending for you, bone appear ataet. this year's list of the 50 best restaurants in the world is out and there are three right here in the bay area. >> the list is put together by a group of 1,000 culinary experts. two of the restaurants are in san francisco. the three-star farm restaurant in hillsborough came in at number 37. good luck trying to get
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reservations. >> and marcus said they are not giving away ketchup packets at those restaurants. >> if they did, that would be an issue. we are starting to cool down, kari? >> yes, it's going to feel like fall. make sure you keep that jacket close by. we know the temperatures rise and drop off quickly. as this front moves in we will see much cooler temperatures today, but most of all cloudy and then by tomorrow we will see cooler temperatures settling in. by the weekend, it does come up a few degrees as the sunshine returns. the 7-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. as you head out in berkeley, making plans early in the morning is going to start out in the upper 50s. notice the clouds lingering throughout much of the day as our high temperatures reach into the low 70s for cupertino.
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morgan hill heading towards 74 degrees. also 74 in east san jose. for the east bay we are looking at highs reach into the mid-70s for our warmest spots. a nice cooldown, breezy winds and mostly cloudy skies and reaching 72 in palo alto. san francisco, low to mid-60s. for north bay highs, we'll top out about 73 degrees. as we go into our forecast, look at all the clouds just streaming in and even the possibility of spotty showers for the sierra on friday, but for us here in the bay area we're still missing out on all of the rain, but at least our air quality is better. all the smoke from the kmp fire is moving to the north and west, and that's good for us as we get more green and that's good for us and good to spend time outside. inland areas will reach in the
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upper 60s for tomorrow as friday. now the weekend, once that sunshine returns, we do come up a few more degrees, and overall we are keeping the fall-like weather. no major spikes in temperatures, and a cool week ahead for fleet week and everything that we will be kicking off with today with the ship tours in the mid-60s. so bring a jacket if you are coming into the city. if you are going from the east bay into the city, a nice drive. taillights moving good, equal spacing there. all of the westbound routes showing at the limit right now, including highway 37 which is one of the first where we will see slowing there. antioch, you are at speed for highway 4. it's under 20 minutes for the
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drive to discovery bay here. typically it's not a big deal here. a minor crash on the shoulder at southbound 880 past 92, so everything moving nice out of san leandro. highway 17 coming in through the south county is just fine, and so is the 101. nbc bay area respdsex here on "today in the bay." >> he spent nearly 500 bucks on extra storage for his computer but only got a tiny fraction of what he paid for. i am consumer reporter, chris chmura here on bay area responds. kris sanchez picked these pictures up.
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as of 2018, 69% of all crop workers were born in mexico. you can keep up with her always on facebook, twitter and instagram. more news ahead. you're watching "today in the bay." can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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with the number of ships waiting to dock. some experts say the takeaway may be do that holiday shopping early, as retailers that ordered back in june could be ready by the holidays, but many more may not be as the backlog is expected to go well into next year. and then when a refund was held up, he called chris chmura. >> the drive on the inside had just 256 gigabytes. that is 6% of the storage he purchased. so he called best buy that set up a return. timothy then sent the drive back and they sent it back to him. no refund.
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best buy the two drives didn't match. timothy called best buy but could not get a call back so asked us to step in. a week after we contacted best buy, timothy got a credit for $485. when you make a return, companies might check the serial number on the product to make sure it's the same in the packaging, so after you buy something, take a minute to make sure those serial numbers match, and if they don't take pictures or videos and return it to the store right away. you can call us at 888-996-tips. imagine writing to your idol, and then taping messages for them only to finally be able to meet them.
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e that's the case for one super fan. since the fourth grade she has been writing to ellen in hopes of meeting her, and it finally happened. >> here is what is weird, you have been saying hi to me for years, and i have been saying hi, to you. >> hi, sarah. >> hi. >> hi, sarah. >> oh, hi! >> hi! >> how cool is that. you can catch the fool episode tonight at 4:00 followed by nbc bay area news at 5:00. >> hi, sarah. coming up next on "today in the bay," top stories we are following including encouraging news for parents. plus -- >> teachers say one of the bay area's largest school districts is not doing enough to protect students from covid.
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the rally tonight demanding change. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:30, a push for additional help. the demands east bay teachers are making to ensure safety in the classroom. plus, police forced to intervene in a south bay
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meeting. how this confrontation spilled out into the lobby. all new information raising questions about what took so long for people to learn about what happened. this is "today in the bay." good morning from wherever you are watching, if you are watching from your tv, or we are also streaming from there was a shooting near the oakland zoo. officers put down evidence markers that showed casings on the ground. oakland is experiencing a recent surge in violent crimes and the police chief has been asking for the public's help. there were 17 homicides in september, and 106 so far this year. and then the infections in
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covid continues to go down. 173,000 children were diagnosed in the weekending september 30th. that is a 16% decrease from the previous week. oakland teachers say their school district is not doing enough to protect them and students from covid. >> bob riddell is live. the number of cases in oakland schools, we thought they were pretty low? >> reporter: they are. the number is low. the teachers within the oakland unified school district acknowledge the covid cases are down. here are the latest numbers from oakland unified. 21 students and 4 staff tested positive for covid within the district. as of this morning, two classrooms are in quarantine. these numbers are low when you consider the total enrollment for oakland unified is over
5:33 am
35,000 students and 4,800 teachers and staff. in spite of this the teachers say there are safety issues that need to be addressed when it comes to covid. one teacher pointed out there are only ten testing sites throughout the entire district and those sites are open between the hours of 8:00 and 4:00. >> we won't know what the real infectious rate is until regular test something accessible at every school site. >> we have done more testing than any other district outside of los angeles. >> that spokesperson tells us the district has already tested more than 41,000 students and staff members, and points out covid tests and take home tests are running low. the district said it has used federal dollars to upgrade the
5:34 am
school's air-conditioning systems. and then in a development involving districts nationwide, the california school board sent a letter to governor newsom asking to help stop threats of violence against school boards and educators. a number of law enforcement agencies say they have helped to remove unruly parents from campuses. incidents are on the rise with parents' reaction to covid-19 protocols, mask mandates and how classrooms address race and social justice issues. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. things took a turn for the personnel during the last night's city council meeting in los gatos. police were called there after tempers flared.
5:35 am
an argument started over mask mandates, and then the speaker got personal making threats against the mayor and her son. the heated argument happened in the hallway. police had to get in between the two sides, and nobody was hurt and no arrests were made. the meeting was continued online, and the mayor was not present. a judge expected to set a resentencing date for scott peterson. it's likely a sentencing date will be scheduled for next month. the credibility of one of the prosecution's key witnesses at the center of testimony in the elizabeth holmes' criminal fraud trial. that witness, adam rosendorff,
5:36 am
testified at length, and he ultimately blew the whistle on the company's failed blood testing technology. the trial resumes later this morning. we are following every twist and turn of this trial. you can find a full debrief on who is on the trial and on what day on and then new information revealed about the massive oil spill in southern california. 144,000 gallons of oil along the orange county coastline. there are some reports that the spill may have started friday night but a new timeline is emerging about what happened saturday. the findings shower kurz received a lower pressure alarm at 2:30 saturday morning
5:37 am
indicating a potential problem. it was not until three hours later that the oil rig operator shutdown the line. according to investigators, the company waited three more hours to contact the national response center. north bay surfer expressing his thanks to people that helped save him. this is after that shark attack. >> yeah, it happened on sunday morning near bodega bay. our crew got a look at the bite marks on the surfboard out there. the surf severed a nerve in his leg and will likely need a number of surgeries, and he got away by banging the shark in the face while he was trying to drag him underwater. he was airlifted to santa rosa hospital. his recovery may take up to a year. now to a live look at the
5:38 am
golden gate bridge safely on the shoreline there. traffic seems to be moving along, and we'll check in with mike in just a moment, but first let's check in with meteorologist, kari hall. you could see rain moving into the area, kari? >> i don't think we will see any rain moving in, but we are deaf thutly seeing a lot more in the way of cloud cover. we get another wave of cooler temperatures moving in with this cold front. look where the showers are, further to the north of us and moving to the sierra as well. as we get a closer look, we are seeing clouds moving into the north bay. a lot of green dots here showing good air quality as you get ready to head out the door. that's going to stick with us for today. as our temperatures only reach in the 60s and 70s for many of the microclimates, we are heading up to 74 degrees in livermore and morgan hill. it will be 68 today in oakland. mike, how is it looking for the morning commute? >> looking great, kari.
5:39 am
if you have access to facebook at home, check it out because you have another view, marcus has it on facebook live right now. on the roadways, a little slowing on northbound 101 in san jose. the northbound side of jackson, it sounds like lanes could be affected. things were slow as there was a quick traffic break. everything sounds like it's on the shoulder on south 880. we starting to see the typical westbound build right now on the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks, mike. warriors' fans can expect all sorts of changes for tonight's pre-season game at the chase center. the arena has a new policy requiring proof of vaccination, just to get through the doors. if you are not fully vaccinated you are not attend any event with more than 1,000 people in
5:40 am
southern california. the concession stands are rolling out new food items tonight, so you will be the guinea pigs. no, just kidding. >> that looked kind of good. coming up here on "today in the bay," california employment agencies seeing more changes. why new laws assigned by the governor will likely produce one type of fraud, and the help that may be coming for legit unemployed workers. the white house suggests we may have to prepare for the very worst if congress doesn't lift the debt ceiling. we'll have the latest. and then the shark star evander kane facing new allegations. our team on, taking a growing look at the pristine blue water in lake
5:41 am
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good wednesday morning. as you are heading out the door in the east bay, let's check out fremont. you may even be comfortable wearing light long sleeves throughout the day. temperatures will be slow to rise and we will see a lot of clouds throughout the morning into the afternoon. temperatures mainly staying in the 60s at least until lunchtime. we'll get a look at all our
5:44 am
microclimates in the forecast coming up. it's california clean air day, and you will have the emissions building at the bay bridge toll plaza. a little slowing on the span, and now a backup at the toll plaza. i think the metering lights have been turned on. state attorney general vowing to appeal a federal court ruling overturning the state ban on private immigrant detention facilities. governor newsom signed that bill into law in 2019. a three-judge panel said it could not be enforced because conflicts with the authority. governor newsom signed two new laws changing policies at the unemployment department. state prisons will now be required to share with the edd
5:45 am
inmates names and social security numbers. the agency paid perhaps tens of billions in fraudulent pandemic claims, some of which went to prison inmates. another law requires the edd to provide more notification before disqualifying people from their benefits. and then changes to president biden's plan to build back better. >> the costs are getting smaller. >> with it, a number of things we could build back. politicians in washington focused on cost, understandable, but they have not been specific on which plans they want to cut to bring the costs down. we don't know. all we do know is democratic senators from arizona and west virginia want a smaller price tag and the president seems to be will be to make a cut but says the bill is best for america. >> these bills are not about left versus right or moderate
5:46 am
versus progressives, but these bills are about competitiveness versus complacency. they are about opportunity versus decay. they are about leading the world or continuing to let the world pass us by, which is happening. >> and there is another vote on raising the debt ceiling today. it's our understanding republican leadership will move to block it. the debt ceiling deals with debt we already have and not debt we may incur in the future. and then they will talk about the coming damage to the u.s. economy if the congress fails to raise the debt ceiling. treasury secretary, janet yellen, says social security checks will be one of the first things the government will stop sending out.
5:47 am
and this didn't seem like a big deal at the time, but the french feels like we stabbed them in the back. to hear a government say that about another government, that's an indication of angry our oldest allies really were. what is not happening in washington, we're tweeting about it, you will find me on twitter @scottmcgrew. the sharks are not commenting on allegations that evander kane used a fake vaccination card. he's being investigated for putting others at risk. such an act is illegal and can lead to six-figure fines and jail time. he is not taking part in the shark's training camp. today fleet week is taking
5:48 am
place in san francisco. >> today in the bay's cierra johnson is live with what we can expect the next few days. good morning. >> reporter: it's officially fleet week. it's a big week for those that not only live in san francisco but those that are coming to visit. i am on the "uss john mccain," and it's beautiful. what a sight to see. we are joined by a couple that work on the ship. thank you so much for even just waking up this early with us. i want to start off by what does this week mean for you as a member of the armed forces? >> for me it's a great opportunity to show my shipmates the great city by the bay, and the hospitality, the food, the
5:49 am
sites. >> reporter: how has the hospitality been? have you been able to interact with those in the bay area? >> yeah, it's been great, a great homecoming. >> reporter: what do you want people in town to take away from the event? >> we have a lot of missions to do. we are not just here for the fighting ability, but human tear issues. >> reporter: what do you want folks to learn about the ship? >> the capabilities of the ships are incredible, whether it's standard of control. there's an amount of work that goes into and for everybody to see that is good. >> reporter: last question.
5:50 am
you did not have anything last year, and it was a fresh start for everybody, and we we have t vaccine and everything, and how exciting is it to be back after not having the fleet week? >> well, it's a vastly different environment with covid but it's great to have everybody back. >> reporter: thank you all so much. a beautiful ship. it will be a great week. lots of folks in town. lots of individuals getting to tour some of these ships. we are also going to have a lot of activity. the blue angels begin practice today and they are performing tomorrow, i believe. a lot going on here in the bay area. we're live at the embarcadero, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> how exciting. >> yeah. onboard the boat. having a good time. thank you for getting up early this morning for us. kari, let's talk about it. the forecast for them, you know, fleet week iseoe like to get ou enjoy. will the weather is really good.
5:51 am
once again you will not see the blue angels today but you can see the ship tours and a con certain going on later this evening. 60 degrees and peeks of sunshine here and there, but we will have a lot of clouds. if you are coming from the inland areas, make sure you are wearing a nice warm jacket. as we go through the forecast, our cool temperatures continue with a mainly cloudy day across the bay area, and another cold front will move through. the temperatures continue to drop for tomorrow, and for the weekend as the sky clears we get slightly warmer temperatures. around the bay today we're up to about 74 degrees in spots like dublin and morgan hill. 71 for santa rosa, and it could feel cooler than that. as we go through the forecast, we see the clouds streaming by. unfortunately, no rain. there could be showers up around the sierra for friday if you are
5:52 am
going in that direction heading west -- or heading east, isay, see showers movingknp fires drifting up towards nevada and montana the next few days, we are looking at better air quality here because the smoke is moving away from us. we are in the upper 60s for inland areas for tomorrow as well as friday. that will be a nice taste of fall. we come back to some more early fall temperatures by the weekend, with upper 70s and sunshine. it also continues with some mild weather into next week. mike, how is it looking right now heading out the door for the commute? >> unfortunately, the commute is overall good, but somebody was hit and killed on 680 a few minutes ago. we just got the update from chp. they currently run a traffic break, and this is just off the 101, and it's 280 going the
5:53 am
other way here. we have a build here. o the roa head up right there. we are looking at a smoother flow of traffic outside the area, and we are watching that crash. outside of that everything else in the bay is standard, including the backup at the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now the fda just authorized a new 30-minute at home covid test. it's made by a san diego based company, acon laboratories. the fda says that move will soon double the nation's limited supply of nonprescription tests. where is brian laundrie? coming up, the search of the prime person in the gabby petito
5:54 am
case. you're watching "today in the bay."
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and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. welcome back. 5:56. you're watching "today in the bay." we are learning new details in the intensifying search of brian
5:57 am
laundrie. according to his family attorney, he flew to his parents' family in florida. laundrie returned to utah six days later to allegedly rejoin gabby. in september, the 23-year-old vanished after allegedly telling his family that he was going on a hike in a florida nature preserve. he has now been missing for three weeks. a north carolina sheriff's office said it invesgate a number of calls over possible sightings. >> he was talking wild. he said that his girl friend loved him and he had to go out to california to see her. he was asking me how to get to california. >> none of the sightings have been confirmed. laundrie is currently wanted on debit card charges. and then there's an engineer
5:58 am
that was hired to stop the sinking. it's on top of the full inch of sinking the so-called fix project this summer, before that work was halted. the tower is leaning 22 inches towards fremont street. there's still an ample safety margin, other investigators say if the foundation sinks one more inch, the building at the top could undermine the building's safety during an earthquake. >> what i know so far there's more guessing than really analyzing. what that is the rush? right? why not take a pause and go back and figure this thing out. >> as for now the plan calls for an engineer to have the authority to stop work if sinking exceeds predicted
5:59 am
levels. you can read so much more on this online at just click on investigative unit. san francisco supervisors reportedly shot down a development in the tenderloin that would have added 350 so-called microunits. a church wanted to build a complex with a ground floor reading room. the unit would have averaged some $3,000 a month in rent. the housing groups argue that it would not have fit the bill for affordable family housing. this hispanic heritage month we are celebrating the lgbtq and latin x people that made their mark on the world.
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including american gay liberation and transgender rights activist, sylvia riviera. >> she supports queer use. >> you can find more iconic stories on nbc lx. that's channel 11-5. or at anytime. bomb sell allegations now at 6:00. >> we spend more time on their platforms and they make more money. >> facebook in the hot seat after a whistleblower tells congress the social network is accountable to nobody. the new response from ceo, mark zuckerberg. >> the massive oil leak in southern california is capped but the impact will be felt for months to come. we're there with


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